Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Goodell and the NFL's Double Standard

Goodell is a spineless jerk. He chose to pander to spoiled, multimillionaire anti-American players rather than stand with our men and women in uniform. Any player not standing for the anthem should be fined and suspended. Much of the acceptance of this behavior also has to do with the NFL trying to make inroads abroad. Being patriotic Americans won't win the NFL fans

Would Goodell be defending free speech if any player offended blacks, Hispanics, gays or Muslims? Perhaps the police should protest by staying home and not providing protection for these creeps at the stadiums. I remember when football was a conservative, patriotic institution. Now this leftist poison has infected every aspect of our culture.

BTW, where was the free expression rights for the Dallas Cowboys when they wanted to honor the Dallas police officers who were murdered? Goodell and the rest of those defending Colin K are extreme hypocrites.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Snowden and Stone

Leave it to anti-American dirtbag Oliver stone to portray a traitor as a hero. Snowden committed treason, he did not do a great public service.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Never Forget

I heard the Seahawks will sit out the national anthem, today of all days. It's time we fans boycott the NFL.  I'm a Giants fan, but if they jump on the bandwagon and sit during the national anthem, I will not watch another game. I urge fans to boycott. Do not buy tickets, do not even watch on tv. Don't give the NFL ratings. Who do these overpaid, ungrateful thugs think they are?

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Brian Eno Participates in Anti-Israel Boycott

Brian Eno refuses to let Israeli dance company use his crappy music.

There's no such thing as "palestine", let alone claims of these invented people that they are being occupied.

Brian Eno sucks anyway. Who listens to his music?

Do any of these performers even consider boycotting terrorist muslim nations?


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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another Trump Tantrum

Every state Ted Cruz won, Trump claimed was rigged. His followers never questioned his accusations and became hostile to Cruz. I'll never get past the way Ted Cruz was demonized in order to build up Trump, by people who have for years claimed to be conservatives. Yet here they were, tearing down the most conservative candidate since Reagan, all for someone who is truly a RINO, more so than the other GOPers they complained were RINO's.

Trump anticipates a loss, so his strategy as it was during the primaries, is to deligitimize the process. This will go over with his angry brainwashed following, who refuse to hold Trump accountable for anything.

I contend that Trump is throwing the election. But his following won't consider they've been had, rather they'll blame Ted Cruz and his supporters.


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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trump's Friends

A must-read article. How will a trump foreign policy be any different from Hillary and Obama?

Any comparisons between trump and Ronald Reagan are a disgrace to Reagan's memory. President Reagan freed millions behind the iron curtain, trump thinks we should mind our own business. At worst, he is openly pro-Putin and financially linked to Russian oligarchs. And now Turkey's islamo-nazi thug dictator is Trump's new friend.


No Surrender to the Lynch Mob

I will not soon forget the betrayal of conservatism by those Judases who have long claimed to be conservative. They are the various talk radio hosts like Laura Ingraham et al , pundits, columnists, FOX "news" personalities and Republican politicos. They dragged a solid, principled conservative through the mud and threw him under the bus for a lifelong liberal democrat who bankrolled democrats and RINO's to defeat conservatives. Yet we are called traitors. Go figure. And not to mention that he is an amoral person with very low character. This after republicans lectured about Bill Clinton's lack of character and his immorality. We need to make them pay the price. I would love for their careers to come to a crashing end. At the same time, we must give our full support for those very few who held on to their principles and refused to join the lynch mob against Ted Cruz. People like Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck. I can hardly believe what has transpired inside the so-called conservative movement within the last year. I never would have imagined this is where we would be come election 2016, certainly not after the Tea Party movement. It wasn't that long ago that Ted Cruz and his message were very well received amongst rank and file tea party conservatives. Donald Trump turned him into a pariah. I never thought so many who I thought were on our side can be so easily led and manipulated by a narcissistic megalomaniac. I thought that is what the left falls for, as they did with Barack Obama. These traitors will ultimately be led off a cliff by this pied piper. They so deserve the crushing blow that is coming to them.

I think for some, it  is ultimately all about their obsessive vengeance against the Clintons. These people don't believe an actual conservative could win a general election . So they were willing to cast aside conservative ideals in order to beat Hillary.

Ted Cruz has nothing further to lose since he is already a pariah in the GOP and with its backers who will do everything in their power to destroy him. I would like to see him lead in the formation of a new conservative party to challenge the GOP. The GOP must be replaced and its leaders careers crash and burn.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Go To Hell GOP

I won't be fair to Trump and I have had it with the republican party. I didn't watch the speech and don't care for anything he has to say. I'm just about done with politics unless there is an alternative to the GOP. I won't be voting this fall. It's possible I might write in Ted, but that's as far as I'll go. The pile on of Ted Cruz is more than I can stomach. Hillary Clinton hasn't been attacked as badly. All the man did was to stand up for his family after they were trashed by a slimeball with no character and who refused to apologize. Character and integrity matter, which is why I won't vote for Trump or any of the degenerates who piled on Ted Cruz. They aren't fit to shine Ted's shoes.

I'm totally disillusioned with the republican party. All the clowns who have attacked Cruz wouldn't put a fraction of the effort to pressure trump into apologizing to Ted and his family. No standards are expected for Trump. The onus is on the guy who's loved ones he slandered. Trump can do and say anything with impunity because the republican party has no standards, no morals, no principles. This is not a party I can support any longer. I won't march in lock-step. God bless Ted Cruz and his family. The GOP can rot in hell.

Little Bitch Ann Coulter

Is there a lower form of life than "little bitch" Ann Coulter? Yes that's the term the skank used for Ted Cruz. Recall, this is the tramp who said she'd vote for Hillary over McCain in ' 08, and he's more conservative than trump. Yet we are expected to worship at trump's feet no matter how reprehensible his behavior,  his attacks on opponent's families.

Ted stands tall while the GOP is revealed as a party of low life's with NO CHARACTER, NO INTEGRITY, NO STANDARDS, NO CONVICTIONS, NO VALUES, NO PRINCIPLES, just like their standard bearer. Trump and the GOP deserve each other. May they rot in hell.