Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trumpsters Alternate Reality

I'm so disgusted about how brainwashed and confused trumpsters are. They accuse Ted Cruz of things that Trump is actually guilty of, from adultery to being one of the establishment. And why are they talking like leftists? They go on about Ted's borrowing from Goldman Sachs and the fact that Heidi works for them. So what? Why are they running against capitalism? Besides, trump borrowed from Goldman Sachs, then declared bankruptcy so as not to pay back the loan. How messed up in the mind do you have to be to believe a NY real estate developer doesn't have intimate ties to Wall Street or is not an entrenched part of the Washington establishment? He's been donating to politicians for years, MOSTLY DEMOCRATS, at that.  But Cruz is the bad guy? Cruz is the flip flopping liar who's part of the establishment and not really conservative? This is the trumpbots alternate version of the 2016 campaign. But it's the complete inversion of reality.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Dangerous Ignorance of the Trump Movement

I've been confronted with antisemitism from trump supporters to a greater degree than with other republican voters. It concerns me that trump is bringing these people into the party and giving them disproportionate power. Trump voters are generally not conservative, they are nationalists, particularly white nationalists and populists. These used to be the fringe, now it's conservatives who are the fringe of the GOP.

I don't know how Ted Cruz was viewed as part of the establishment. He stood on the Senate floor calling members of his own part, liars for renaging on their promises. He filibustered to try to stop obamacare with no backup from fellow GOPers.  OTOH, trump is more RINO than the politicians republican voters have been complaining about. Worse than that, he actually donated to democrats: Pelosi, Reid, Schumer etc. How he fooled so many into believing he's an anti-establishment outsider is beyond me. He's spent a lifetime cultivating relationships in DC.

As for people being tired of apology tours and other countries telling us what to do, Ted Cruz would have been much better. Cruz doesn't have business interests abroad. For all of his jingoistic posturing and pandering, Trump  has his products made in China.

Trump's has higher negativity ratings than Hillary.

I know people aren't going to like this, but it would be better for conservatives and the long term future of this nation if Hillary beats trump. If not, then conservatives will be marginalized with having no influence. Both major parties will be on the left to one degree or another. For America to survive as we know it, will take conservative policies.

Maybe the explanation for the trump phenomenon is the most obvious. Trump voters really are stupid, gullible, caught up in a cult of personality and angry to the point of being irrational.

I've tried to drive the point home that trump is part of the DC establishment, part of the corruption and cronyism, to no avail. His followers are immovable, like a creepy cult.

The Trump Cult

And what's with this creepy idea of pledging loyalty to Trump? In America, we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands. Taking loyalty oaths to leaders is fascism, not Americanism.

Hannity and Fake "Conservative" Pundits

What are conservative principles compared with exclusive membership to Mar a Lago. Any genuine  conservative still listening to Hannity is a fool. He doesn't care about your issues, only in his elite lifestyle and maintaining his elitist circle of acquaintances, such as Trump of course.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Illogic of Voting for Trump

Where is the logic in expressing your anger at the republican establishment by nominating someone even more RINO than they are? Worse than being RINO, trump donated to democrats. Excuse me for failing to make sense of this and not being able to unite behind a left wing GOP.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Who's Truly Anti-Establishment?

You can judge a candidate by the enemies he makes. Boehner and Pete King HATE Ted Cruz. They hate Cruz because he is a principled, constitutional conservative who tried to reign in big government. Cruz also called them out as "liars" on the Senate floor for reneging on the promises that got them elected, notably stopping Obamacare. Degenerate Peter King among others, are entrenched, corrupt politicians who like the status quo and Ted Cruz is a threat to their gravy train.

So, who is the REAL anti-establishment candidate? Is it John Boehner' s golfing buddy? Is it the guy who funded Hillary, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi et al, or is it Ted Cruz, the candidate that the Washington elite hate?

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Liberals, LGBT and muslims

Why  is it that liberals impose the most radical feminist and LGBT positions for us, yet simultaneously defend and even accommodate Muslim gender apartheid with things like public swimming pools?

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Played For Suckers

Trumpsters you've been played, suckers! Unfortunately we all will pay the price. The general election will be a choice between two liberals. Are you pleased with yourselves? This is what happens when you throw out principles and become swayed by sloganeering and bluster over substance.

As for Trump' s stance on Muslims,  recall he slammed Pam Geller last year for her Mohamed cartoon event. He accused her of provoking the jihadists. My feeling is that was the real Donald Trump before he decided to enter the race. Trump has a history of liberal views. I wish republican voters had looked deeper into his background instead of being taken in by clever slogans and one liners.

Along with all this, Trump has taken the most radical leftist stance on gender neutral bathrooms. A solid conservative like Ted Cruz was thrown under the bus for this. Didn't the Tea Party movement start because we wanted the republicans to be a conservative party? Trump is more liberal than the republicans who have been slammed in recent years for being RINO's. What a waste this election year has turned out to be. We've thrown away a golden opportunity.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trump is Evil

The bastard has a higher percentage of delegates than percentage of votes. But we are supposed to believe the system is rigged against him. His aim is to delegitimize this primary in case he doesn't reach the 1237. The GOP will then be in the position of either handing trump the nomination anyway, in an unprecedented breaking of the rules solely for him, or be faced with the angry mob that Trump has riled up. Trump is evil and doesn't care if he tears this nation apart for his own benefit.

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