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The Media War Against Israel

Joel Fishman has written a thorough and important essay, "The Big Lie and the Media War Against Israel", in which he discusses how nazi propaganda techniques, such as the inversion of truth and reality have been, and are still being employed by the arab world and other enemies of Israel to delegitimize and destroy Israel. This has been taking place since at least the 1960's. In fact exiled nazis throughout the Arab world, especially Nasser's Egypt, working in his secret service, were directly involved in the creation and dissemination of anti-Israel propaganda.

From the 1960s, inversion of truth and reality has been one the most favored propaganda methods of Israel's adversaries. One of its most frequent expressions has been the accusation that the Jewish people, victims of the Nazis, have now become the new Nazis, aggressors and oppressors of the Palestinian Arabs. Contemporary observers have identified this method and described it as an "inversion of reality," an "intellectual confidence trick," "reversing moral responsibility," or "twisted logic." Because Israel's enemies, for nearly half a century, have repeated such libels unchallenged, some people have begun to believe them. Since inversion of reality constitutes the basic principle of current anti-Israeli propaganda, it is important to understand what it is and how it works.

It should be noted that scholars of an earlier generation have researched different aspects of the problem,[1] but from the mid-1980s on, this subject has attracted much less attention. There are several explanations. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the East bloc (1989-1991), there was a feeling that the world was on the threshold of a new democratic era. And with the signing of the Oslo Accords (13 September 1993), many actually believed that anti-Israeli propaganda would cease. Denial may have played a part, because the persistence of intense anti-Israel and anti-Semitic agitation represented "inconvenient information." Drawing attention to the problem became politically incorrect and sometimes dangerous for those who wished to advance in the academic world.[2]

Since the subject of this essay is the history of propaganda and fabrication, it is appropriate to add a word about methodology. Marc Bloch, the eminent historian and medievalist, in his famous book, The Historian's Craft, explained that proving the existence of a falsehood is not enough. If one hoped really to learn from a lie, it would be necessary to identify the perpetrator and his motivation:

But to establish the fact of forgery is not enough. It is further necessary to discover its motivations, if only as an aid in tracking it down. So as long as there is any doubt about its origins, there is something in it which defies analysis and which is, therefore, only half-proved.[3]

The purpose of this essay is to describe the origins of the Big Lie and, to the extent possible, identify its modern derivatives.
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Why the U.S. and Israel Should Act on Our Own

The duplicitous head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Muhammad ElBaradei, is turning the purpose of this agency, which is supposed to prevent rogue regimes from acquiring weapons of mass destruction, on its head. Instead of working to stop Iran's race to build nuclear weapons, he is doing everything in his power to prevent the U.S. from taking any kind of action, not just militarily, but even in terms of economic sanctions as well. He has pulled similar stunts to protect Saddam Hussein prior to the Iraq war. Mohammad ElBaradei is, after all, a muslim. So it should come as no surprise that he cannot be trusted to work against the interests of any muslim nation.

Caroline Glick writes:

The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency Director Muhammad ElBaradei is a man of dubious integrity. In 2005 he was vaunted to the heights of the international stratosphere when he received the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel committee extolled him for his "efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes." Yet the facts indicate that the opposite is true. In his five-term tenure at the IAEA, ElBaradei has used his power to facilitate the proliferation of nuclear energy for military purposes. This he has done by working to prevent responsible states, like the United States, from taking action to prevent rogue states from pursuing nuclear weapons.

Take Iraq for example. Right up to the US-British invasion of Iraq in March 2003, ElBaradei consistently maintained that he either couldn't tell if Iraq was or was not pursuing nuclear weapons, or that he could see no evidence that Saddam Hussein was pursuing nuclear weapons. Indeed, just before the war, in an effort to scuttle US-British efforts to convince the UN Security Council to pass a new resolution approving the use of force against Saddam Hussein's regime, ElBaradei reported to the Security Council that Iraq had abandoned its nuclear weapons program.

Then, in October 2004, with the still-same object of denying international legitimacy to US operations in Iraq, ElBaradei indirectly acknowledged his previous mendacity. He announced that since the invasion, equipment and materials that could be used to make nuclear bombs had disappeared from Iraq.

As he told it, in the aftermath of the US-led invasion, entire buildings related to Saddam's nuclear weapons programs had been dismantled without any record being made of their contents. High precision "dual use" items such as milling machines, electron beam welders, and high strength aluminum all turned up missing.

Suddenly, the same ElBaradei who had insisted that Iraq had no nuclear program warned, "The disappearance of such equipment and materials may be of proliferation significance." In the months ahead of the US-led invasion - months which ElBaradei spent buying time for Saddam by prolonging inspections that could be relied on to never end conclusively - then prime minister Ariel Sharon warned that satellite imagery had shown large truck convoys of suspicious materials moving from Iraq to Syria. Former IDF chief of General Staff Maj.-Gen. (res.) Moshe Ya'alon later reiterated Sharon's claims...

...WHILE DISMISSING as non-threatening Iraqi, Iranian, Libyan and Egyptian nuclear activities, ElBaradei has repeatedly expressed deep concerns about one Middle Eastern country's nuclear program. In July 2004 ElBaradei paid a visit to Israel. At the time he visited, Iran was defying his call to end its uranium enrichment activities and Western intelligence agencies believed that Iran would achieve a nuclear break-out capacity within a year.

ElBaradei used his visit as attempt to place Israel in the same category as Iran and insisted that Israel open its Dimona nuclear site to IAEA inspection and control. The next month, during a home visit in Cairo, ElBaradei proposed convening a conference on establishing a "nuclear-free zone" in the Middle East whose aim would be Israeli dismantling of its presumptive nuclear arsenal.

Indeed, ElBaradei has been unrelenting in his attacks against Israel. Over the weekend he gave an interview to Austrian television in which he harshly criticized the US decision to increase its military assistance to Israel by $30 billion over the next ten years claiming that the assistance could lead to a regional arms race.

Since Iranian opposition forces first exposed Iran's illicit nuclear weapons program in August 2002, ElBaradei has been Iran's primary international defender. Knowingly acting in breach of the IAEA's charter, ElBaradei used his office to repeatedly stall US bids to refer Iran's nuclear program to the Security Council...

And Europe wonders why we take unilateral action. There are people in this country as well, who insist on us taking a multilateral approach to world crises, and act in conjuction with international institutions which cannot be trusted since they act to undermine us and protect our enemies.

Here's another example which brings home the point on why its necessary for us to act unilaterally. U.S. allies such as Europe, Turkey, India, Japan and South Korea continue to make lucrative trade deals and offer credits to Iran. These countries don't care whether Iran has nukes because they don't perceive it as a threat to themselves. They don't care that Iran supports terrorism or the horrible way it treats its own people. None of these things matter as long as doing business with Iran remains profitable. Our allies insist we work with them and use means other than militarily to avert Iran from going nuclear, and yet when it comes down to it, they don't bother to cooperate. When we inevitably are forced to launch military strikes on Iran, who's fault will it be?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Terrorists Use of Children

Cowardly jihadist scum make cynical use of children by sending them to areas where qassam rocket launchers are located and sending them to collect weapons, in hopes they get killed in order to provoke rage against Israel by the Palestinian masses, as well as international villification of Israel. As a result three kids were killed when the IDF shelled a rocket launcher.

However a relative of the children who were killed isn't so easily manipulated. Surprisingly he or she does not blame Israel:

A member of the Abu Ghazallah family who witnessed the airstrike said a rocket launcher was near the area where the children were playing. The relative, who declined to be named for fear of reprisal, said the launcher belonged to Islamic Jihad, an armed movement responsible for much of the rocket fire into Israel.

"I hold the Islamic Jihad responsible for the killing of these children," the relative said.
Hat tip Backspin

The Beginning of the End for CAIR?

Is the precipitous demise of CAIR in sight? Recent events have seen the unraveling of the organization's public facade as a moderate muslim civil rights group. CAIR has now been exposed as a radical, terror-supporting group that many have been warning about for years, but were dismissed as bigoted islamophobes who were themselves accused of being extremist. The change in CAIR's public image has come about thanks to the ongoing Holy Land Foundation terror trial in Dallas, in which CAIR has been named as a co-conspirator. Among the revelations being reported about the trial is that documents produced by prosecutors prove CAIR was part of the muslim brotherhood's palestine committee, and CAIR co-founder Nihad Awad was placed at a meeting of hamas supporters. Awad said in 1994, “I am in support of the Hamas movement.” Perhaps now politicians and other government officials will be less inclined to do speaking engagements at CAIR functions. In another good sign that the group may be on its last legs, its membership has declined considerably.

...CAIR Chairman Parvez Ahmed was dismissive, however, of the idea that CAIR had anything to do with Hamas. “That’s one of those urban legends about CAIR. It’s fed by the right-wing, pro-Israeli blogosphere.”

Unfortunately for Ahmed, however, the Holy Land trial itself was making this position ever more difficult to sustain. One document that has come to light at the trial sets out goals for the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, “whose members,” according to AP, “included some of the Holy Land leaders now on trial.” The memo urges Brotherhood members in the U.S. to “understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

Of course, CAIR would deny having any such agenda. CAIR officials have met with Presidents Clinton and Bush, and have long had the ear of the mainstream media. It has even conducted sensitivity training seminars for FBI agents. But the troubling aspects of its record are becoming increasingly well known. Shortly after 9/11, CAIR’s website called for donations for the Holy Land Foundation (under a photo of the burning World Trade Center towers), the same charity that is now on trial for funneling money to Hamas.

Consistent also with the Brotherhood memo is the now-notorious and controversial statement of CAIR’s cofounder and former Board Chairman Omar Ahmad. In 1998, he told a Muslim audience that “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant…The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” Although Ahmad now denies saying this, the reporter who witnessed his speech stands by the accuracy of her story. CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper has himself said something similar: “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.”

Several CAIR officials, including its Community Affairs Director, Bassem Khafagi; a Board member of CAIR’s Texas chapter, Ghassan Elashi; a communications specialist and civil rights coordinator for CAIR, Randall Todd Ismail Royer; and fundraiser Rabih Haddad have been convicted of various terrorism-related offenses. No current CAIR official has ever explained how these people were able to find work with the organization in the first place if it is really the moderate civil rights organization it claims to be.
Hat tip Israpundit

Iran's Thuggish Ruler Claims to Have Nukes

The evil, repugnant, little pipsqueak who rules Iran is boasting that his country has become nuclear. This creature needs to be silenced permanently, I'm sick of his blather. Some say he resembles a monkey, but that is a terrible insult to monkies and other primates. It's way past time to destroy this regime and strike at its nuclear facilities. What are we waiting for?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reiterated Tuesday that Teheran has achieved full proficiency in the nuclear fuel cycle and warned the West that dialogue and friendship - not threats - were the right way to deal with Iran.

"Today, Iran is a nuclear Iran," Ahmadinejad told a press conference in Teheran. "That means, it fully possesses the whole nuclear fuel cycle."

Ahmadinejad, however, said his country was committed to a "peaceful path" in pursuing its controversial nuclear program.

Ahmadinejad's comments followed an announcement Monday by the International Atomic Energy Agency which said that Teheran was offering some cooperation in the agency's probe of an alleged secret uranium processing project linked by US intelligence to a nuclear arms program.

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Eurabia Holding Secret Talks With hamas

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that EU officials have been holding secret talks with hamas leaders in the Gaza strip for the past few weeks. The EU denies that any such meetings have taken place. But despite its denials, I believe the story to be true. I refuse to give Europe the benefit of the doubt considering its track record of treachery against Israel and its penchant for appeasing terrorists. The EU simply cannot be trusted, especially when it comes to the Middle East. Therefore the onus is on Europe to prove otherwise. I expect them soon to end the boycott of hamas and pressure Israel to negotiate with it.

EU security officials have been conducting secret talks with Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip over the past few weeks, Palestinian Authority officials told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

The PA officials did not reveal the identity of the visitors, except to say that they belonged to three EU intelligence services.

The Europeans are said to have met with top Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar, as well as Ahmed Yusef, political adviser to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

Sources close to Hamas confirmed that EU officials had visited the Gaza Strip recently for talks focusing on security-related issues.

According to the sources, the Hamas leaders urged the EU representatives to work to end the boycott of the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip, and to pressure Israel to reopen the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

"We hope these talks will be the first step toward ending the boycott of Hamas, which came to power in a free and democratic election," the sources told the Post. "There is growing awareness among the Europeans of the fact that Hamas can't be ignored as a major player in the Palestinian arena."

In response, Christina Gallach, spokeswoman for EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana, told The Jerusalem Post that she was unaware of any such meetings. On a separate note, she said that Solana was due to visit the region this weekend and would be in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Jordan.

Barak Again Placates Syria

Defense Minister Ehud Barak has ordered the redeployment of Israeli troops away from the north and says war with Syria is "unlikely". This is on the heels of Barak's decision not to distribute gas masks to Israelis because Syria might consider such a move as a provocation to war.

...Barak ordered the redeployment from the Golan Heights following months of training exercises and a steady stream of rumors among Israelis that war with Syria would break out in the course of the summer months.

Maariv newspaper quoted Israeli defense officials claiming that, with the IDF’s decision to redeploy, Syria has also lowered its readiness for war. The officials refused to outline what steps Syria had taken, saying they were classified, but Defense Minister Barak halted the refurbishing of the country’s gas masks last week for fear that Syria would see the step as a sign of war-preparation..

IDF standing army troops and reservists who are scheduled to engage in exercises and war games in the north will now be redirected to Israel’s south. Regularly stationed IDF forces will remain along the northern border at a full state of readiness.

Though IDF intelligence acknowledges that Syria continues to develop and improve its military capabilities, particularly long-range missiles and anti-aircraft weapons, intentional leaks to Israel’s state-run media are conveying the message that war with Syria is now “unlikely.”

...Harsh Criticism From Opposition
Opposition members criticized Barak for lowering his guard on the Syrian border and said Israel must not be fooled by the superficial calm.

“To note that the Hizbullah has rearmed and at the same time claim that Syria is no longer a threat is like the man who jumps from a 21 floor building and at the 16th floor says 'So far so good',” said MK Effie Eitam (National Union-NRP), a Golan Heights resident.

Warning From a Former Islamist

An insider into the radical, murderous culture of the wahhabi death cult, Ed Husain, has written a book "The Islamist", warning the west about the dangers we face as well as criticizing the naivete of British authorities in their approach to the islamist threat. Husain had been one of these crazed fanatics until he came to reject the killing of innocents and all that he had been indoctrinated with. Will the west heed his warnings?

On April 30, 2003, Asif Hanif, 21, achieved the notorious feat of becoming Britain's first suicide bomber, killing Ran Baron, Dominique Hass and Yanai Weiss and wounding 60 others when he detonated his explosives to murderously shatter the mellow peace of Mike's Place, the Tel Aviv beachfront blues bar.

Ed Husain knew Hanif, and remembers him as "a teddy bear of a character: generous, kind, selfless and committed."

Both men had been studying Arabic in Damascus not long before the bombing. But while Husain was in the process of reeducating himself and rejecting Islamic extremism, Hanif was plunging ever deeper into violent radicalism.

"The Asif I knew did not believe in killing innocent civilians in Britain or any other country, but Islamist rhetoric had convinced him that Israelis, without exception, were not innocent but occupiers of the Palestinian homeland," Husain writes in his frankly horrifying book The Islamist. "Asif's recruitment to suicide bombing came about against a backdrop of increasingly radicalized young Muslims in communities across Britain," the author notes. "The qualities that made Asif a great Muslim host - selflessness and commitment - were the same traits that, when corrupted, transformed him into a suicide bomber."

Had Husain not so starkly changed course, he might have wound up as murderously transformed as Hanif. For Husain had traveled along the same route to indoctrination. He too had been well on the way to persuasion, over years of deepening immersion in the prevalent victim-aggressor culture of perverted Islam, that it was God's will, Allah's will, for his soldiers to kill the infidels - Jews, Christians, even nonextreme Muslims - to establish an all-powerful Islamist state.

Husain's book, recently published in the UK and yet to appear in the US, is horrifying precisely because it documents so candidly the smoothness with which Husain was recruited to such misguided ruthlessness. He was gradually drawn into ever more intolerant circles, and became prominent within them - helping to galvanize the process by which the racist, misogynist and thuggish ideology came to dominate various colleges in East London a decade or so ago.

Husain himself was thus instrumental in the trend that saw Islamist separation politics rise and thrive; hatreds inculcated among thousands of recruits against nonbelievers and against Britain; the adoption of Islamic clothing by female students on campuses, open confrontation with utterly overwhelmed and impotent college authorities and, in what was for Husain a climactic, epiphanic incident, a murder just outside the grounds of his own Newham College for which he holds himself partially, indirectly responsible. "It was we who had encouraged Muslim fervor," he writes, "a sense of separation from others, a belief that Muslims were worthier than other humans."
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BBC and Sky contributor would celebrate the nuking of Israel

Abd Al-Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper which is published in London, stated during an interview on Lebanese television that he would dance with delight in Trafalgar square if Israel was hit with an Iranian nuclear bomb.


Talking about Iran's nuclear capability on ANB Lebanese television on June 27, Abd Al-Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, said, "If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight."

"If a war breaks out, where will the Iranians retaliate? If Iran is able to retaliate, it will burn the oil wells, block the Strait of Hormuz, attack the American bases in the Gulf and, Allah willing, it will attack Israel, as well," Bari Atwan continued.

This vile, subhuman creature happens to be a frequent guest on Sky and BBC tv. The fact that this arab nazi demon is considered respectable enough to appear as a contributor to these British media outlets just goes to show that the British media establishment is riddled with Jew haters and is sympathetic to islamic terrorism, especially that which is perpetrated against Israel. I would guess the degenerate lowlifes who run the Sky and BBC networks would also like to see Israel struck with an Iranian nuke. I've come to the conclusion that people in this profession are among the lowest forms of life. Just as a generality, they exploit others misfortunes and suffering, they lie and propagandize, as we have seen done by that bitch, Christiane Amanpour. I just have no respect for most people in the media. That's why I felt it was poetic justice when Alan Johnston was kidnapped, I would have shed no tears had he been killed by his terrorist friends. In fact I wish he would have been killed. Hat tip Backspin

Another Olmert Concession

In yet another abomination to come out of the Olmert-Abbas meeting Tuesday, the terrorists who were exiled from Judea and Samaria following the five-week stand-off with the IDF at the Church of the Nativity in 2002, may be allowed to return.

...On April 2, 2002, armed Palestinians forced their way into the church in Bethlehem, taking priests and nuns hostage, in order to escape from IDF troops in the midst of the anti-terrorist Operation Defensive Shield. The gunmen refused to surrender their positions inside the Church for over five weeks.

Under a heavily-mediated agreement to end the stand-off, 26 of the Palestinians from the Church of the Nativity were to be exiled in the Gaza Strip. Thirteen others were to be deported abroad.

According to Jaara, in the upcoming days the two sides will begin discussions regarding the return of those Palestinians who were exiled to Gaza. "The goal of the discussions is to ensure the safety of the exiles in Gaza and to ensure they won't be trailed or arrested by Israel," he said.

Following these discussions, additional meetings will take place to determine the fate of the 13 Palestinians (11 from Fatah and two from Hamas) who were deported to Europe. These 13 are considered terrorists by Israel, and the state had originally wanted to try them.

On May 10, 2002, at the conclusion of the stand-off, IDF forces entered the Church of the Nativity in order to search for weapons inside the church at the request of the priests. In addition to weapons, soldiers found 40 explosive charges that were hidden within walls and in corners of rooms. Several improvised explosives were found hidden behind closets.

Olmert Plans to Give Away the Store

Israel's totally corrupt, incompetent, feckless Prime Minister has every intention of selling out his country and handing over vital parts of the Jewish homeland to Israel's sworn enemies. Teams representing Olmert and Abbas met in Jerusalem ahead of a private meeting between Olmert and Abbas. The Israeli team proposed shared control of the Temple Mount among Jews, Christians and Muslims. They offered to cede control of Arab neighborhoods in Eastern Jerusalem to the PA. Policing of Ramallah, Jenin and Nablus would be handed over to the Palestinians. Also, in exchange for large settlement blocks Israel wants to keep, it would turn over to the palestinians unsettled land equal in size. Honestly, I don't understand the passivity of the Israeli public in the face of this betrayal.

In a related story, Israeli Arab MK, Mohammad Barakeh had a meeting with Abbas on Saturday in which Abbas told him he opposed a final status accord where areas containing Arab Israelis would become part of a future Palestinian state. This was Barakeh's reaction:
MK Barakeh praised Abbas' remarks and said: "Israeli Arab citizens are not Israeli real estate to be negotiated over in order to validate the evils of the occupation."

I find his response quite interesting. Why does Barakeh, who thinks Israel is such an evil, repressive state for Arabs, object so strongly to Arab areas of Israel becoming part of the future "Palestine"? Why does he still want to remain a citizen of the hated Jewish state? It's quite obvious, although he and other Arab Israeli leaders would never dare publicly admit it, they prefer the freedom of Israel rather than to live in what they know will be another repressive Arab state. They are fully aware they have more freedom in Israel then they would ever have under any Arab state. Barakeh and his ilk want their cake and eat it too, standing in solidarity with their Arab brethren abroad against Israel, while enjoying freedom as citizens of Israel. Barakeh and other Arab MK's commit acts of treason for which they would be executed if committed in an Arab country.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Fallout From "God's Warriors"

MSNBC's Dan Abrams excoriates Christiane Amanpour for pro-muslim advocacy, portraying muslims as victims while demonizing pro-Israel Christians and Jews. Click here for the video. Here is a short excerpt from "Live with Dan Abrams":

DAN ABRAMS: For the past week, CNN has been proudly promoting and then celebrating its series called God's Warriors, presumably a look at radicals of different religions willing to fight for their cause. My take: I think it's fair to say it was not what it claimed or promised to be.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: So we're not here lobbying for or advocating for or drawing conclusions, either political, religious or ideological-

ABRAMS: Oh, yes they did. CNN should have called it what it was: a defense of Islamic fundamentalism and the worst type of moral relativism. For each of three nights, CNN devoted two hours to the, quote, "warriors" of each religion: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. But rather than distinguish between Islamic terrorists who utilize fierce violence to achieve warped goals, and the merely fiercely religious or even just those who fiercely believe in the state of Israel, Christiane Amanpour avoided getting bogged down in objectivity. Christians and Jews, for example, who support Israel's strategy for self-defense are just as much God's warriors, according to Amanpour, as the Islamic radicals who blow themselves and others up in an effort to destroy the world as we know it. A handful of the most radical of the Jews and Christians who can almost all be identified by name are highlighted. The violent Islamic fundamentalists are, quote, "understood," with no comparable effort to "understand" the evangelical Christians or Israelis. Amanpour even offers an explanation for the angry radical Islamists. She blames the warrior Jews.

Also, see Camera for a point by point refutation of "God's Warriors"
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Also read Robert Eisenmen's counter to Amanpour, in which he details the history of the so-called "occupied" territories and the legality of Jewish "settlements" that Amanpour claims, with no basis in fact, are "illegal".

Israeli ingenuity

While the Arabs seethe and wallow in their culture of victimhood, and fight centuries old tribal wars between Sunnis and Shiites, as well as focus on destroying Israel, the Israelis themselves on the other hand are producing and achieving technological and scientific advancements to create a better quality of life for all of mankind. Perhaps the Arabs can learn from this little oasis in the desert, born of the most victimized and persecuted people in history, yet rather then wasting their lives immersed in anger, hatred and resentment, they contribute remarkable accomplishments. Perhaps the Arabs may also learn from the Japanese for example, who shortly after the country's defeat and devastation during WW2, went on to become a top economic, industrial and technological power. Rather than gaining "honor" through the bloodshed of the other tribe, sect, religion, etc, as well as the murder of its own daughters, wives and sisters, the Arab-muslim world would do well to gain honor through technological, scientific and other such achievements.

Anyway, getting to the point of this post, an Israeli company, Seambiotic, has developed a way to produce biofuel through algae.
There may be a revolution blowing our way: The Israeli company Seambiotic has found a way to produce biofuel by channeling smokestack carbon dioxide emissions through pools of algae that clean it. The growing algae thrives on the added nutrients, and become a useful biofuel.

For the last two years, the company has done something that other alternative fuel companies have dreamt about and are only starting to do now: they've tested their idea with an electric utility company - a coal-burning power plant in the southern city of Ashkelon operated by the Israel Electric Company (IEC).

Looking high into the sky, it is far too obvious how badly power plants and factories are polluting our environment. One of the most worrying gases produced by power plants today is carbon dioxide, which is believed responsible for global warming.

In Israel, as in the US and the rest of the world, it is estimated that power plants produce about 40% of all greenhouse gases. By employing tactics designed by nature, however, Seambiotic believes it can lock up carbon dioxide emissions through a process called biofixation. And they have employed a slimy plant from the algae family to do the job.

Algae are marine-derived plants that thrive on carbon dioxide and sunlight.

"Algae grow fast and continuously," says Seambiotic CEO Amnon Bechar. "An algal pond can produce oil 365 days a year and much more oil per hectare of land than traditional plant crops."

Studies have shown that algae may be one of the world's most promising biofuels. It is capable of producing 30 times more oil per acre than the current crops used for the production of biofuels; algae biofuel is non-toxic, contains no sulfur, and is highly biodegradable.

The company's prototype algae farm in Ashkelon uses the tiny plants to suck up carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. Seambiotic's eight shallow algae pools, covering about a quarter-acre, are filled with the same seawater used to cool the power plant. A small percentage of gases are siphoned off from the power plant flue and are channeled directly into the algae ponds.

Justice Department Sponsoring Islamic Convention

What the hell are they thinking? The Justice Department is co-sponsoring a convention being held by the Islamic Society of North America, which has been named as a co-conspirator in a terrorist financing case. Justice Department lawyers are obviously not pleased about this, in fact they are furious, fearing it will undermine the case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.

..."There is outrage among lawyers that the Department of Justice is funding a group named as a co-conspirator in a terrorist financing case," said a Justice lawyer who spoke to The Washington Times on the condition of anonymity.

According to an e-mail from Susana Lorenzo-Giguere, acting deputy chief of the Voting Rights Division, the sponsorship will involve sending government lawyers to man a booth for the Labor Day weekend event in Illinois.

"This is an important outreach opportunity, and a chance to reach a community that is at once very much discriminated against, and very wary of the national government and its willingness to protect them," Mrs. Lorenzo-Giguere said in an e-mail obtained by The Washington Times.

"It would be a great step forward to break through those barriers. And Chicago is lovely this time of year," Mrs. Lorenzo-Giguere said.

ISNA is one of more than 300 unindicted co-conspirators in a case against the Holy Land Foundation, whose top officers are accused of raising money for Hamas.

Justice spokesman Erik Ablin said the agency participates in the annual convention to educate Muslims about their civil rights.

"The Civil Rights Division will have a table at the ISNA convention over Labor Day weekend to hand out literature and answer questions about the division's work. The ISNA convention attracts more than 30,000 American Muslims every year, and the division has had tables at the convention in previous years," Mr. Ablin said.

The Justice Department declined to say how much the sponsorship will cost.

"This is just staggering, it's outrageous," the lawyer said. "Lawyers from the Civil Rights Division traveling to Chicago on the federal dime. This will cost thousands of dollars."

Indeed it IS outrageous, along with the other myriad ways our government continues to pander to the muslim community by reaching out to radical, pro-terrorist groups such as this one and CAIR, when they should be shutting them down and imprisoning their members.

PA Forces Save IDF Officer

Believe it or not, PA police officers prevented a lynching of an IDF officer by a pack of hateful, wild beasts. The IDF officer who mistakenly entered Jenin was rescued by Palestinian security officers after a mob hurled rocks at his car, forced him out and beat him. Moments before his car was torched, Palestinian security officers pulled him away from the mob. Naturally, islamic jihad was not happy about this. They are quite upset about being denied the chance to satisfy their lust for Jewish blood.

Now I'm sure there are those who will argue that this action proves Israel has a moderate peace partner in Abbas' PA. I'm grateful the soldier was saved, however make no mistake, it was simply a matter of the PA not wanting anything to deter the talks in which the Israeli leadership is prepared to surrender vital territory of its own volition.

An IDF officer was rescued Monday afternoon by Palestinian Authority police officers after he mistakenly entered Jenin.

The officer, a major serving in the army's Central Command, was on his way to the Mevo Dotan settlement in the northern West Bank but accidentally drove into Jenin, located seven miles northeast of the settlement.

Local Palestinian residents who noticed the officer driving into the city hurled rocks at his car, forced him out and began beating him.

A Palestinian policeman spotted the angry mob and called for backup. The security officers struggled to reach the battered officer and several shots were apparently fired before they managed to extract him from the crowd moments before his vehicle was set aflame.

The officer was then taken to the Jenin Muqataa compound to contact the IDF and afterwards to the Jalame security crossing north of Jenin and into Israel.

The officer was not in need of medical attention and was later taken for questioning. He said was driving without a firearm but the matter is being investigated as the Palestinian police said they confiscated the major's weapon.

'They shouldn't be defending occupation soldier'
Shortly after the incident the Islamic Jihad angrily accused the PA Preventive Security forces of thwarting an attempt by the organization to kidnap the officer in the heart of Jenin.

"After taking control of the officer our fighters were surprised to see the Preventive Security closing in on them and taking the uniformed soldier. Within minutes four Israeli military jeeps arrived and the Israelis were given the officer by the Preventive Security.

"The Palestinian security forces must defend our fighters and the Palestinian people from the weapons of the occupation, not defend the soldiers of the occupation from the weapons of the resistance," said the group in a statement issued later in the afternoon.

Sarkozy: Nuclear Iran Unacceptable

In his first major foreign policy speech French president Nicholas Sarkozy says that a nuclear armed Iran is unacceptable, and warned that unless world powers work to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power through such actions as increasing sanctions, we would be faced with the prospect of having to choose between bombing Iran or an Iranian bomb.
..."This initiative is the only one that can enable us to escape an alternative that I say is catastrophic: the Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran," he said, adding that it was the worst crisis currently facing the world.

He also had harsh words for Russia:
...Sarkozy criticized Russia for its dealings on the international stage. "Russia is imposing its return on the world scene by using its assets, notably oil and gas, with a certain brutality," he said.

"When one is a great power, one should not be brutal."

Energy disputes between Russia and neighbors such as Belarus and Ukraine have raised doubts in Europe about Moscow's reliability as a gas exporter. It supplies Europe, via its neighbors, with around a quarter of its gas demands.

Sarkozy had warm words for the United States, saying friendship between the two countries was important. But he said he felt free to disagree with American policies, highlighting what he called a lack of leadership on the environment.

Unfortunately though, Sarkozy expressed a preference for appeasing Syria:
...Breaking with the policy of his predecessor Jacques Chirac, Sarkozy said he was prepared to hold high-level talks with Syria if it backed French efforts aimed at ending the political crisis in Lebanon. "If Damascus committed itself to this path, then the conditions for a Franco-Syrian dialogue would be in place."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Israel to Buy Advanced Missiles from U.S.

Israel intends to buy advanced U.S. made Patriot PAC-3 missiles capable of intercepting Syria's long-range missiles and aircraft.
...The IAF is currently using the PAC-2 system, manufactured by Lockheed Martin. In the new system, each launcher is equipped with 16 missiles instead of four; each missile weighs 320 kilograms and is 5 meters in length.

The advanced PAC-3 system is capable of intercepting aircraft, rockets and cruise missiles.

The decision to acquire the new system was based on the progress made by Syria and Iran in the field of fighter jets, and on the fact the Syrian army has recently obtained longer-range missiles.

While Israel is currently working on developing anti-ballistic missiles, the system is only expected to be operational in five years.

The IAF will need to modify and upgrade the PAC-2 missile launchers and radar system to accommodate the PAC-3.

Why is the U.S. Protecting fatah Terrorists?

The U.S. security coordinator for the palestinian authority is policing Israel to make sure it is not pursuing the 178 fatah terrorists it agreed to grant amnesty to. It is now quite obvious that it was the U.S. government which ordered Israel to make this deal in the first place. That, however does not excuse Olmert's weakness in acquiecing to those demands. I'd like to know who is going to police the freed fatah terrorists?

The U.S. security coordinator for the Palestinian Authority is checking whether Israel is upholding its agreement to stop pursuing Fatah militants in the West Bank, Haaretz has learned.

A senior Western diplomat said that officers from Keith W. Dayton's team have been meeting with Palestinian security officials in several West Bank cities.

"This is part of the activity to help the Palestinian security forces institute law and order," the diplomat said.

On Tuesday, a group of Canadian officers visited Nablus, which is considered home to the largest concentration of wanted Fatah militants. The officers met with some Palestinian security officials there.

Israel has agreed to stop pursuing 178 activists of Fatah's Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades. Some of the activists are suspected of shooting attacks and working with Hezbollah to organize terror attacks on Israel.

The team is expected to draft an opinion on the Palestinians' request to expand the amnesty list.

Countering Walt and Mearsheimer

A must-read superb and thorough refutation of Walt and Mearsheimer, from Dore Gold. He explains the ways in which Israel has been a strategic asset to the U.S., spanning decades, a fact which has been acknowledged by those in the military and intelligence establishment themselves.
...The value of this intelligence for the U.S has been enormous. General George F. Keegan, a retired U.S. Air Force intelligence chief, told Wolf Blitzer in 1986 that he could not have obtained the same intelligence "with five CIAs."26 He went further: "The ability of the U.S. Air Force in particular, and the Army in general, to defend whatever position it has in NATO owes more to the Israeli intelligence input than it does to any single source of intelligence, be it satellite reconnaissance, be it technology intercept, or what have you."27

Because many elements of the U.S.-Israel security relationship are normally kept secret, it is difficult for academics, commentators, and pundits to provide a thorough net assessment of the true value of U.S.-Israel ties. Thus, Israel is left working shoulder-to-shoulder with the U.S., even while finding itself caricatured by outside commentators as a worthless ally whose status is only sustained by a domestic lobby.

Israel cannot refute these claims by leaking sensitive aspects of intelligence cooperation with the U.S. to the New York Times; it might score points by doing so in American public opinion, but it would undermine the trust that the defense establishments of both countries have developed over the years.

And far from false and scurillous charges that Israel gets America to fight wars for her, the exact opposite is true. Unlike other U.S. allies, such as Germany, Japan and South Korea, which rely directly on the U.S. military for protection, Israel insists on using its own military to defend itself and fight its wars.

On the other hand, one must ask, as Dore Gold does, what have been the benefits of our relationship with Saudi Arabia? In fact Saudi Arabia has been a liability, a country which has been the very source of funding for terrorist groups and the mosques and madrassas which breed terrorists through the preaching of hatred and incitement to violence against us. Yet our support of that country, and what motivates it, is not open to scrutiny as far as Walt and Mearsheimer are concerned. Gold goes on to suggest, as I have, that a probe of Saudi lobbyists and their influence on U.S. Mideast policy is far more appropriate.
Ask About the Saudi Lobby and U.S. Dependence on Middle East Oil

Does Israel have supporters in the U.S. that back a strong relationship between the two countries? Clearly, networks of such support exist, as they do for U.S. ties with Britain, Greece, Turkey, and India. There are also states like Saudi Arabia that have tried to tilt U.S. policy using a vast array of powerful PR firms, former diplomats, and well-connected officials. The results of those efforts have America still overly dependent on Middle Eastern oil with few energy alternatives. Given the ultimate destination of those petrodollars in recent years (the global propagation of Islamic extremism and terrorism), a serious investigation of those lobbying efforts appears to be far more appropriate than focusing on relations between the U.S. and Israel.

Indeed, Saudi Arabia is really in conflict with vital U.S. interests. Bush administration officials admit privately that of an estimated 60 to 80 foreign fighters who enter Iraq each month to fight U.S. and coalition forces, roughly half come from Saudi Arabia.28 In August 2003, Undersecretary of State Richard Armitage admitted that funds from private Saudi charities were funding insurgents in Iraq.29 Senior officials hint that such connections continue to this day. There is a striking irony in the way that Walt and Mearsheimer complain about the influence of pro-Israel groups in Washington, and yet both academics were prepared to appear at the National Press Club in August 2006, at the invitation of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization that has received financial support from Saudi and other foreign benefactors abroad and lobbies on behalf of various Middle Eastern causes throughout the United States.30

Some Saudi benefactors still have very problematic connections. One of the largest Saudi charities, the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO), had two branches in Indonesia and the Philippines which were designated by the U.S. Treasury Department on August 3, 2006, as entities that were "bankrolling [the] Al Qaida network."31 IIRO was not a private charity nor an NGO, but was part of the Muslim World League, that had official Saudi governmental involvement. Today, massive U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia are being proposed in Washington while the U.S. Treasury Department is complaining that the Saudis are "not holding people responsible for sending money abroad for jihad."32 Walt and Mearsheimer did not probe Saudi influence in Washington the way they went after pro-Israel lobbying.

And finally, Gold goes on to counter the charge that Israel is to blame for driving us to war in Iraq:
...Bob Woodward of the Washington Post has written one of the most thorough journalistic accounts of the Iraq War. He describes a "top secret" Bush administration memo entitled "Iraq: Goals, Objectives and Strategy," which specifically states that one "key goal" was "to minimize disruption in international oil markets." Woodward details a conversation between Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador to Washington, and President Bush in which Bandar seeks to get Bush to finish off the historic step begun by his father in 1991, by getting rid of Saddam. A letter from Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah was delivered at the same meeting with the same request.34

Moreover, Richard A. Clarke, a subsequent Bush administration critic who was exposed to internal White House thinking about the Iraq War until March 2003, has concluded that most of the rationales for the decision to go to war reflected "a concern with the long-term stability of the House of Saud."35 This Saudi angle has not been probed at all in public discourse. Blaming Israel for the Iraq War is easy and perhaps satisfies a need by some to explain away one of the most difficult military engagements that the U.S. has ever undertaken in its history, but it does not stand up to any rigorous standards of evidence that would be expected in the academic world.

This article should be read thoroughly and saved for future reference in case any nitwits uncapable of thinking for themselves, whine to you about our support for Israel, and how that relationship is the cause of terrorism against us, and the reason we are at war in Iraq, as well as being at war with islamic terrorism in general.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hamas' Damascus Leaders Order Mega Terror Attack

Hamas leaders in Damascus have given the order to carry out mega terrorist attacks inside Israel. Next time war breaks out Israel needs to attack Syria directly. But that won't happen unless new, competent leadership takes over.

Yahiya Moussa, a member of the Hamas parliament in Gaza, said the organization did not change its policy regarding suicide attacks, Israel Radio reported Sunday evening.

He said reports aired in Israeli media earlier Sunday were meant to "set the ground for renewed Israeli violence against the Palestinians."

Moussa added, however, that Hamas was not in complete control over its activists and that "pressure against activists in the [West] Bank could lead bring about an explosion."

A Palestinian source in Ramallah contradicted Moussa, and confirmed that the leadership in Damascus had indeed instructed West Bank Hamas members to carry out a large-scale attack.

Earlier Sunday, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) deputy director said at the cabinet meeting that Hamas leaders in Damascus have told the group's loyalists in the West Bank to carry out a large-scale terrorist attack inside Israel.

Due to Hamas's current frustrations, he said, there was an increased chance it would become more actively involved in carrying out attacks here and abroad.

Hamas, the official told the ministers, was irritated it had not been able to break out of its international isolation and had been unable to create a mechanism that would bring about dialogue with Fatah. The organization, he said, was also finding it increasingly difficult to effectively govern the Gaza Strip.

In addition, he said, there were increasing signs of economic separation between Gaza and the West Bank, with the economic situation in Gaza getting worse, while recently there had been some improvement in the West Bank's private economic sector.

"There is no real threat to Hamas in Gaza," the Shin Bet official added. "Its situation is stable."

He said Hamas was continuing to smuggle large quantities of arms and explosives from Egypt. In the two months since it took control of Gaza, he said, some 40 tons of explosives had been smuggled in, representing half of the amount of explosives smuggled since Israel left Gaza in 2005.

The Shin Bet official said there had been a recent decrease in Egyptian efforts to stop the smuggling.

He said there had been an increase in attacks, with 56 cases of Palestinian small-arms fire or Kassam attacks over the past week, compared to 43 the previous week.

Iran claims to have designed "smart bomb"

Iran's insane, genocidal mullahs claim the country has developed a 200 pound "smart bomb", named Qased, meaning messenger. They say it has a guidance system and is operational and can be dropped from F-4 and F-5 jets.
...Iran still uses planes, like the F-5, that were supplied by the United States to the government of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who was ousted in the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

The two countries are embroiled in a deepening standoff over Iran’s nuclear program, which Western governments suspect is aimed at making atomic bombs, a charge Iran denies.

Iran’s government often says it has built new or upgraded weapons, but it rarely gives enough details for analysts to determine their power. Although much of its weaponry is outmoded, analysts say Iran has become proficient at modifying such arms.

Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said last year that Iran had designed the Qased bomb but had not yet tested it. He said that only a limited number of countries possessed the technology of “smart and guided weaponry.”

The nature of the Qased’s guidance system and its level of sophistication remain unclear.

The United States says it prefers a diplomatic resolution to the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program but has not ruled out military action. Iran has threatened to hit back at American interests in the region if it is attacked.

More dead terrorists

IDF troops killed three more islamic jihad terrorists including the group's local leader from Jenin. Another job well done by Israeli soldiers. If only Israel's political leadership wasn't hindering its military, the terrorists could be extinguished.
Ala Abu Srour, the local leader of the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank city of Jenin, was killed when undercover IDF troops opened fire on his car, Saturday, Palestinian security forces said.

Another Islamic Jihad gunman was wounded in the incident but was in a stable condition after hospital treatment, the sources said. An Israeli military spokeswoman in Tel Aviv confirmed such an incident, saying that three gunmen had been killed.

According to the spokeswoman, Israeli soldiers and paramilitary border policemen, in a joint operation, killed all three gunmen who were travelling in a vehicle. She said the Israeli force later found two additional assault rifles and ammunition clips in the vehicle.

Israel says raids against Palestinian militants help to foil attacks against its citizens. Palestinian leaders in the West Bank, where the Fatah movement of President Mahmoud Abbas holds sway, say such operations harm chances for peacemaking.

Israel recently stopped pursuing hundreds of wanted Fatah fighters in the West Bank in a bid to boost Abbas after the Islamist Hamas movement seized control of the Gaza Strip in June.

But it has carried on targeting Islamic Jihad, a group that has mounted numerous attacks against Israelis since the start of a Palestinian uprising in 2000 and opposes Abbas' efforts to revive peacemaking with Israel.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Islamo-Fascism Awareness

The David Horwitz Freedom Center is sponsoring "islamo-fascism awareness week", which is to be held on more than 100 college campuses across the U.S. during the week of October 22-26. However the radical, pro-terrorist "muslim student association" is seething over the event, with its members depicting it as hateful and intolerant. But of course its the hatred and intolerance of islam itself which islamo-fascism awareness week has been created to protest. Why we have allowed thousands of hostile muslim "students" into our country in the first place is anyone's guess. We generously open our doors to them where they receive a superior education in our universities, where they have unlimited freedom, unlike in their own repressive countries, and in return they use our freedoms to preach hatred and violence against us.

...The goals of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week are:

· TO EXPLAIN WHO THE ENEMY IS -- not “terror,” but a fanatical religious movement associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and the sponsors of the Muslim Student Association; it is a movement including al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades -- whose common goal is the creation of a global Muslim empire ruled by an Islamic “pope” or caliphate, to be based in Iraq, once America is defeated.

· TO COUNTER THE LEFT’S BIG LIE -- that “George Bush created the war on terror,” and to do this by means of campus demonstrations, guest speakers, and documentary films. The speakers will include former Senator Rick Santorum, Robert Spencer, Christopher Hitchens, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Frank Gaffney, Cliff May, Phyllis Chessler and Ibn Warraq. The films will include Obsession; Suicide Killers; Border; Islam vs. Islam; and Islam: What the West Needs to Know.

· TO PROTEST THE VIOLENT OPPRESSION OF WOMEN IN ISLAM -- the “honor killings,” arranged marriages, child brides, and second-class citizenship of Muslim women.

· TO STRENGTHEN THOSE ON CAMPUS WHO REJECT THE ANTI-AMERICAN CURRICULUM OF THE TENURED LEFT which teaches that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, imperialist “Great Satan” whose little Eichmanns deserve what they get at the hands of Medieval religious fanatics armed with the latest technologies of death.

· TO TEACH AN ALTERNATIVE CURRICULUM THAT WILL ARM AMERICA AGAINST THE RADICAL JIHAD – This curriculum will teach that Islam, as currently practiced in Muslim states, oppresses women, gays, Christians, Jews and atheists. It will teach that “Islamo-fascists hate us not because we are oppressors but because we are Christians, Jews, atheists, gays, and liberated women, and because we are tolerant, generous and free."

In a related measure calling upon “all campus political, cultural, ethnic and religious groups to [oppose] all forms of religious supremacism, violence and intimidation,” the David Horowitz Freedom Center has drafted an Islamo-Fascism Petition affirming four major principles:

· “the right of all people to live in freedom and dignity”

· “the freedom of the individual conscience to change religions or have no religion at all”

· “the equality of dignity of women and men”

· “the right of all people to live free from violence, intimidation, and coercion”

The petition states descriptively and unequivocally: “Islamic Jihadists around the world have declared war on America, Israel and the West” and seek nothing less than “world domination” and “the suppression of all Infidels” -- among which they enumerate homosexuals, Christians, Jews, and all non-religious people.

The Freedom Center is calling on the Muslim Student Association to sign the petition and to reject the hateful agendas of its sponsors, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

IDF Clashes with Terrorists in West Bank, Gaza

Israeli security forces kill terrorists in two separate incidents in the West Bank and Gaza after coming under fire. Nice work guys.

Four Palestinians were killed Friday by Israeli forces after gunmen opened fire at troops operating in the West Bank and outside Gaza. Among those killed is an 11-year-old boy, a relative of a wanted Islamic Jihad member who was apparently caught in the crossfire.

In the village of Seida northeast of Tulkarm a special joint IDF, Border Police and Shin-Bet force conducting an arrest operation came under fire from Palestinian gunmen as they approached the home of a wanted man and a gunbattle ensued.

Palestinians said one of those killed is an 11-year-old boy. The army confirmed it had killed a wanted Islamic Jihad gunman but said it did not know the identity of the second fatality. A second wanted gunman was seriously wounded and evacuated to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

One Border Police officer was lightly wounded from shrapnel and recieved medical treatment at the scene.

Troops also uncovered two AK-47 assault rifles and ammunition at the scene.

Palestinian media reported the boy's name as Mahmoud Ibrahim Karnawi and said he was the half-brother of Sadiq Mahmoud Odi, the wanted gunman who was wounded by the IDF.

Neighbors said the boy was inside the home at the time of the shooting and hit in the crossfire. Relatives said the boy lived in Israel with his parents - a divorced Palestinian woman who remarried an Arab Israeli. The family was visiting relatives in the West Bank at the time of the shooting, the relatives said.

Several additional Palestinians were taken into custody during the operation.

Now we know Israel will be condemned for the death of this boy, however no one will bother to ask why the islamic jihad terrorist fiends intitiated a firefight with Israeli soldiers in the presence of an 11-year-old child. It's obvious that a dead palestinian child in these circumstances serves the terrorist's purposes. It's quite possible that the child was deliberately shot by one of the jihadi terrorists so they can blame Israel. What's one more child shahid to them so long as his death can be used to stir up anger and create propaganda for the global media to exploit and harangue Israel with?

...Also Friday evening an IDF force patrolling the security fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip came under fire from two armed Palestinians, just north of the Karni crossing.

The troops then crossed some 330 feet into Gaza and killed the two gunmen after a short exchange of fire. No IDF casualties were reported. The soldiers recovered AK-47 assault rifles from the gunmen's bodies.

Officials within the Gaza battalion said the gunmen had apparently been waiting for an IDF patrol to pass by in order to attack it.

"This incident proves that there is never a moment of quiet along the border and that there are many attempts to harm the forces securing it or infiltrate into Israel and carry out an attack there," said military sources.

Delusional Elites Endanger America

In her latest column, Caroline Glick takes on those she refers to as "fantasists", those dangerously out-of-touch elites; former government officials, intelligence analysts, academia and other so-called foreign policy "experts", who rather than basing their views on how the world actually is, base their views on sheer fantasy of how the world should be. It's ironic that these are the people who the media refers to as "realists".
...But even before the fires were put out in Lower Manhattan, voices from two quarters were already claiming that the US should stay in Dreamland. First, there were the radical leftists like Susan Sontag and Michael Moore who wrapped themselves in the banner of the human rights of the wretched of the Earth. They claimed that al-Qaida was simply giving Americans their comeuppance for dominating the world through McDonalds and Levis.

Next there were people like former presidents Carter and Bush's national security advisers Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft, assorted university professors, and CIA analysts who wrapped themselves in the banner of realism. They claimed that American support for Israel is what brought the Islamic world to hate the country and kill thousands of its citizens by flying hijacked airplanes into buildings.

In both cases, the fantasists ignored completely Osama bin Laden's declarations that his goal is to conquer the world in the name of Islam. They disregarded the political and cultural milieus marked by inexhaustible envy towards the West and the US that gave rise to al-Qaida and its sister organizations. Rather than acknowledge the reality of real war with real enemies, both camps of fantasists argued that instead of slaying these twin dragons, the US should appease them by serving them Israel for lunch.

These voices were relegated to the margins of public debate until the lead up to the 2004 presidential elections. Ahead of those elections, backed by George Soros's financial muscle, the fantasists had an enormous impact of the debate in the Democratic Party. Politicians who until then had supported the war generally, and in Iraq particularly, clamored to decry it.

THIS WEEK, two leftist institutions - the Center for American Progress and Foreign Policy magazine - published a survey of conservative, moderate and liberal foreign policy experts. The results of the survey show clearly that while still a minority, the fantasists are far from marginal today.

Fourteen percent of those surveyed believe that Israel is the US's least helpful ally. While unfortunate, this is far from the survey's most troubling result.

The Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group's report, which was released last December, recommended that the administration sell Israel off in order to buy Iranian, Syrian and Saudi cooperation in Iraq that could pave the way to an orderly American retreat from the country. Uber fantasists James Baker and Lee Hamilton asserted that if the US forces Israel to surrender the Golan Heights to Syria and Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem to the Palestinians, all will be well with Iraq. Eighty-eight percent of the foreign policy experts surveyed agreed with them.

Fifty-three percent of the experts (38% of the conservatives, 59% of the moderates and 59% of the liberals) believe that the US should recognize Hamas. Forty-seven percent (29% of the conservatives, 49% of the moderates and 61% of the liberals) believe that the US should recognize Hizbullah.

As for Iran, 68 percent of the survey's participants think that the Iranian threat can be contained through negotiations. Only 10 percent think that the US should attack Iran's nuclear facilities. Indeed, a significant minority is of the opinion that the world stands to benefit from a nuclear-armed Iran. A quarter of the conservatives, 29% of the moderates and 41% of the liberal experts claimed that Iran will behave more responsibly if it acquires nuclear capabilities. Only 32 percent think that Iran will attack Israel with nuclear bombs. Only 24 percent think it likely that Iran would transfer nuclear devices to terrorists.

These poll results are astonishing. I can't believe anyone could actually hold these views. What world are they living in? It's simply amazing that people who are supposed to be so intelligent and sophisticated can be that far out-of-touch with reality. These so-called foreign policy "experts", such as those represented in the Iraq Study Group gravely imperil America, not to mention Israel. They certainly would throw Israel to the wolves if given a chance.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The farce that is the UN

Here's more evidence of why the UN is a sick joke. Iran, a country who's vile dictator denies the holocaust while repeatedly threatening a new holocaust against the Jewish people, and developing the nuclear weapons to give that country the ability to carry out these threats, has been selected by the UN for a leading position on its anti-racism committee. That's not to mention the horrendous and oppressive treatment of its own people, especially non-muslims and non-Persians. This committee is planning the 2009 UN world conference against racism, which should be a repeat of the anti-Semitic abomination that took place in Durban in 2001. Oh, and this sham of a committee will be made up of an inner circle of 20 UN member states to be headed by that other paragon of human rights, Libya. The UN has become a parody of itself, and makes a mockery of freedom and human rights. We need to cut off its funding and create a new organization consisting of only free nations.

...Bayefsky explained that the structure of the UN's Human Rights Council has effectively been taken over by the countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), allowing Iran and Libya access to key roles.

"The states were selected by the UN Human Rights Council and the Council is controlled by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The majority of seats on the Council are held by the African and Asian regional groups and the OIC has a majority of seats on each of these groups. Western states do not have the votes to block this outrage and it is another example of the hijacking that has occurred of the UN's lead human rights agency," she said.

Reacting to the statements of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of the Geneva-Based UN Watch organization, said that the UN had failed to explain how Iran had ended up on the planning council.

"I think they are basically dodging the question," Neuer said. "To ask why Iran should be a member, and then to be answered that Iran is a member, is not an answer," he added.

"This conference is turning into a wolf in sheep's clothing. The United Nations’ government and diplomats do not think the way regular people think. They treat every country equally and do not use common sense principles. That attitude is contrary to the UN charter, which says members who act contrary to the charter's principles of supporting peace should be expelled," Neuer explained.

"According many diplomats, this will be a fiasco in the making. And it should be noted there are African states that care about legitimate issues concerning racism and want those to be addressed. It's a shame that the Islamic states are intending on subverting this conference as they have done with the Human Rights Council and numerous other UN bodies," Neuer added.

"The High commissioner (Louise Arbour) has to speak truth to power. The high commissioner should express her concern that once again a leading human rights entity at the UN is being headed by Libya with Iran in a leadership position, whatever the UN may say. It undermines any last vestige of moral credibility," he said.

Terrorist Day Parade

Get ready for a fun-filled day of "celebrating" the culture of jihad, suicide bombings and sharia at the 22nd annual "muslim day parade" in New York City. This travesty is being run by the "muslim foundation of America" and will feature assorted radical groups and speakers with links to terrorists, and speeches threatening America. To add insult to injury, the parade will be held two days before the 6th anniversary of 9/11. It's an abomination that instead of rotting in prison, enemies of America are able to boldly flaunt their hatred for us and openly plot our destruction. At the end of the article there is a link to contact the mayor of NYC and let him know that we do not want this celebration of islamic terrorism to take place. We must confront our leaders who continue to betray us by acquiecing to the islamists demands.

...The Grand Marshal for the 2006 parade was Siraj Wahhaj, a Brooklyn imam who is known for his fiery speeches, including those that have been considered threatening to the United States. In February of 1995, Wahhaj was named – along with such people as Osama bin Laden and bin Laden’s mentor, Abdullah Azzam – as a potential co-conspirator to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Another Grand Marshal of a past parade was Muzzamil Siddiqi, the former President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a mosque umbrella organization that was recently named a co-conspirator to the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas. Siddiqi, like Wahhaj, has also verbally threatened the United States, stating in October of 2000, “America has to learn. If you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of G-d will come.” There are pictures of Siddiqi speaking at the parade, on the MFA site.

Also pictured at the parade are:

Ashrafuzzaman Khan, the ex-Secretary General of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), which is one of the sponsors of the parade and a top donor to a Pakistani charity that has been providing tens of thousands of dollars to the head of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal. Khan is accused of being a death squad leader for Al-Badr, the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan’s former paramilitary wing, during the 1971 massacre that led to Bangladesh’s independence, believed to be personally responsible for the murders of seven Bengali teachers at Dhaka University.
Dhabah “Debbie” Almontaser, the former Principal designate of the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA), a controversial Arabic-language children’s school that is set to open its doors less than a week before the parade. Almontaser resigned from her position with KGIA, after it was discovered that a group she was affiliated with – the SABA Association of American Yemenis – had a connection to t-shirts calling for an intifada (violent uprising) in New York City. Almontaser defended the shirts by saying that they were an expression of solidarity with New York.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

CNN's Propaganda Special

I didn't have the stomach to watch Christian Amanpour's CNN special "God's Warriors", an absurd, politically correct documentary giving evenhanded treatment of Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions, as though they are all equally extremist and violent. To her convoluted way of thinking Jewish "settlers" are morally equivalent to hamas terrorists. Here are some others' analysis of the first segment of the series "Jewish Warriors":


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Freelance Radical

Arabs love Jewish porn

I usually focus on serious topics, but I found this particular story interesting. Apparently Arab men are secretly horny for Jewish women. Or perhaps they just like to see Jewish women degraded. Operators of Israeli porn sites report that between 2% and 10% of their users come from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority. As a result some sites are offering their services in Arabic. They especially like themes involving female soldiers, policewomen and Mossad agents.
...It turns out there is a high demand for such content even in countries that are defined as "enemy sates." The most popular video clip among Arabs, "Code name: Deep investigation," is described as "a parody dealing with the Vanunu affair with agents investigating the affair using erotic means."

In the past several months we see an increase in traffic from countries that have no diplomatic ties with Israel including Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt," Shahar said.

Due to the demand, Shahar added an Arabic version of the site. "We received many thank you messages from Arab surfers. Many of whom asked if the female soldiers really serve in the IDF," he said.

Looking at photos

"We get hundreds of hits from surfers that live in countries where porn is prohibited," said Gil Naftali owner and operator of another Hebrew sex site, SexV. "We don't have an Arabic version because users log in to watch photos and video clips that require no explanations."

According to site statistics, last month there were over 2,000 hits from Riad, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The average time a Saudi surfer spends on SexV is 17:23 minutes.

Data also shows that 10 percent of the visitors to the most popular sex site in Israel, Domina, are Arabic speakers. "That is because we offer content in their language," said Tzahi who operates the site.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Peres set to betray Israel

During an interview with al jazeera, Israeli president Shimon Peres revealed he had a secret meeting with Palestinian PM, Salam Fayad, in which he presented a plan to surrender nearly all of Judea and Samaria, as well as several arab majority Israeli cities located within territory that is undisputably Israel's, even by the standards of the international community. Peres also presented the plan to the EU, Olmert and top aids to PA president Abbas.

...Peres' plan calls for Israel to hand 97 percent of the West Bank over to Abbas, with Israel retaining a small number of the territory's Jewish communities. In exchange for Israel keeping some land, the Jewish state will give the PA control of Arab Israeli cities north of Tel Aviv which, together with the evacuated West Bank territory, would amount to the equivalent of 100 percent of the West Bank.

It will be far too difficult for Olmert, weak as he is, to resist international pressure for an agreement with the palestinians, so it is likely that Olmert will also surrender the Temple Mount, since the palestinians will not agree to any deal that doesn't give them sole possession of it.
...Palestinian negotiators drafting the agreement behind the scenes with Olmert's office have made clear they will not accept any final peace deal with Israel unless the Jewish state forfeits the Temple Mount, said a chief Palestinian negotiator, speaking on condition of anonymity.

According to a report in Israel's Yediot Aharonot daily last week, Olmert is willing to discuss joint Israeli-Palestinian control over the Temple Mount complex. The report didn't state the positions of the Palestinian side on the issue.

Asked by WND whether Olmert is willing to forfeit the Temple Mount in an agreement with the Palestinians, David Baker, a spokesman for the prime minister, had no comment.

The president of Israel is supposed to be merely a ceremonial role, but Peres is using the office to advance his destructive foreign policy agenda. This arrogant and dangerous man has a history of taking it upon himself the role of Israel's prime minister, conducting his own foreign policy against the wishes of the majority of Israelis who don't subscribe to his agenda of appeasement and surrendering strategic and historically vital territory to its enemies.
...During Peres' acceptance speech last month, he called for Israel to retreat from the West Bank. The next day, he called for direct negotiations with Syria, which is hosting top Palestinian terror leaders and supporting the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, which last summer launched thousands of rockets into Israeli population centers. Syrian President Bashar Assad warned several times the past few months his country is preparing for war.

Peres, Israel's longest standing Knesset member, was considered the driving force of the 1993 Oslo Accords. The Peres Peace Center, headed by the new president, advocates the division of Jerusalem and Israeli withdrawals from the strategic West Bank and Golan Heights.

Peres repeatedly has come under fire by critics for policies and plans many say would greatly undermine Israel's security if implemented.

An official biography of the elderly statesman released earlier this year, entitled "Shimon Peres," revealed a draft agreement he hammered out with West Germany in 1961 to allow the creation of German military bases on Israeli soil less than two decades after the Holocaust.

The biography also detailed a controversial plan Peres concocted to lease French Guyana from France and create an Israeli colony there at a time when the nine-year-old Israel was desperate for immigrants and struggling to establish itself.

U.S. training was crucial to success of intifada

American taxpayer dollars were spent training terrorists who went on to kill Israeli soldiers and civilians. As reported by Aaron Klein exclusively for the NYSun, it turns out, according to a top fatah terrorist, that the American training which fatah received, was instrumental in the "success" of the second intifada. Nevertheless, this minor inconvenience won't prevent the State Department from once again training abbas's Force 17, training which is supposed to be used to fight hamas, but which will be used to slaughter Israelis.
..."I do not think that the operations of the Palestinian resistance would have been so successful and would have killed more than one thousand Israelis since 2000 and defeated the Israelis in Gaza without these [American] trainings," a senior officer of President Abbas's Force 17 Presidential Guard unit, Abu Yousuf, said.

America has longstanding training programs at a base in the West Bank city of Jericho for members of Force 17, which serves as de facto police units in the West Bank, and for another major Fatah security force, the Preventative Security Services.

This weekend diplomatic security officials announced that the State Department will begin training Force 17 again this year in an effort to bolster Mr. Abbas against Hamas, which took over the Gaza Strip in June when the terror group easily defeated American-backed Fatah forces in the territory.

...Speaking during an interview for the upcoming book "Schmoozing with Terrorists," Mr. Yousuf said his American trainings were instrumental in attacks on Israelis. "All the methods and techniques that we studied in these trainings, we applied them against the Israelis," he said.

"We sniped at Israeli settlers and soldiers. We broke into settlements and Israeli army bases and posts. We collected information on the movements of soldiers and settlers. We collected information about the best timing to infiltrate our bombers inside Israel. We used weapons and we produced explosives, and of course the trainings we received from the Americans and the Europeans were a great help to the resistance."

Mr. Yousuf said the training included both intelligence and military tactics.

"In the intelligence part, we learned collection of information regarding suspected persons, how to follow suspected guys, how to infiltrate organizations and penetrate cells of groups that we were working on and how to prevent attacks and to steal in places," he said.

"On the military level, we received trainings on the use of weapons, all kind of weapons and explosives. We received sniping trainings, work of special units especially as part as what they call the fight against terror. We learned how to put siege, how to break into places where our enemies closed themselves in, how to oppress protest movements, demonstrations, and other activities of opposition."
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Muslims take over Sikh Temple

Islamosupremicists in Pakistan take over a Sikh temple and claim it as their own. The intolerant, hateful bastards won't simply leave others alone to worship in peace as they please. Everywhere muslims constitute either the majority population or even a significant minority, there is inevitable conflict and violence against the others. The koran and hadith instruct muslims to make war on the infidels. Contrary to what many claim is a fringe minority of extremists acting against true islam, the reality is that jihad, that is, holy war, IS the essence of islam.
An 18th century Sikh temple at Naulakha Bazaar in Lahore [Images] has been taken over by a Muslim group, which has replaced the gurdwara's religious symbols with Islamic slogans, a Pakistani daily reported Tuesday.

"They have taken over our temple, claiming it as their own. They have stopped us from entering the premises for the past two months," the Daily Times quoted Dr Mampal Singh, a representative of the Sikh community, as saying.

He also claimed that the Evacuee Trust Property Board -- which controls the Bhai Taro Singh Jee gurdwara -- was supporting the intruders on their claim and not taking any action against them.

"We have written to ETPB on July 8 for the restoration of the temple to us and the officials told us they would act on the application within a month. But they haven't done anything yet and the intruders are tightening their grip on our worship place," Dr Singh said.
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Unholy Alliance

The National Council of Churches will have a powwow with the terrorist sympathizing Islamic Society of North America for “reflecting and learning together”. Doesn't this give you such a warm and fuzzy feeling? Do you think the NCC will bother to bring up the issue of Christians being persecuted in islamic countries?

It sounds so nice, so brimming with hope and cheer: “Christians will join with more than 35,000 Muslims for fellowship and conversation.” Thus says the National Council of Churches’ (NCC) announcement that its Interfaith Relations office will sponsor an Ecumenical Study Seminar for “reflecting and learning together” at the 44th annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which will be held in Rosemont, Illinois at the end of August.

You may reasonably ask, of course, exactly what ISNA is. Could it possibly be, as the foregoing announcement seems to imply, a group of genuinely moderate Muslims that finally has stepped forward to collaborate with a Christian organization in a spirit of mutual acceptance and respect?

Not on your life.

Established in 1963 by the by the Saudi-funded Muslim Students’ Association of the U.S. and Canada, ISNA calls itself the largest Muslim organization on the continent. Its annual convention draws more attendees -- consistently over 30,000 -- than any other Islamic gathering in the Western Hemisphere.

Islam scholar Stephen Schwartz describes ISNA as “one of the chief conduits through which the radical Saudi form of Islam passes into the United States.” The organization’s raison d’etre, he explains, is to provide Wahhabi theological indoctrination materials to a large percentage of the mosques in North America. (Wahhabism, which emerged in 18-century Saudi Arabia, has been described by one Somali journalist as “the austere and closed school of thought” that “sows hatred and rancor even among Moslems,” and as “the sect that produced 15 of the 19 suicide bombers of Sept. 11.”)

Many American mosques were recently built with Saudi money and are required, by their Saudi benefactors, to strictly follow the dictates of Wahhabi imams -- an edict that affects the tone and content of the sermons given in the mosques, the selection of publications available in mosque libraries and bookshops, and the policies governing how dissenters from congregations should be treated. Through its affiliate, the North American Islamic Trust -- a Saudi government-backed organization created to fund Islamist enterprises in North America -- ISNA reportedly holds the mortgages on 50 to 80 percent of all mosques in the U.S. and Canada. Thus it can freely exercise ultimate authority over these houses of worship.

According to Sufi leader Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani’s testimony before a State Department Open Forum on January 7, 1999, extremists have taken over “more than 80 percent of the mosques in the United States ... This means that the ideology of extremism has been spread to 80 percent of the Muslim population, mostly the youth and the new generation.” Kabbani based his statement on his personal investigation of 114 American mosques. “Ninety of them,” he said, “were mostly exposed, and I say exposed, to extreme or radical ideology, based on their speeches, books and board members.” This is largely due to the efforts of ISNA.

According to terrorism expert Steven Emerson, ISNA “is a radical group hiding under a false veneer of moderation”; “convenes annual conferences where Islamist militants have been given a platform to incite violence and promote hatred” (for instance, al Qaeda supporter and PLO official Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi was invited to speak at an ISNA conference); has held fundraisers for terrorists (after Hamas leader Mousa Marzook was arrested and eventually deported in 1997, ISNA raised money for his defense); has condemned the U.S. government’s post-9/11 seizure of Hamas’ and Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s financial assets; and publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Islamic Horizons, that “often champions militant Islamist doctrine.” Adds Emerson: “I think ISNA has been an umbrella, also a promoter of groups that have been involved in terrorism. I am not going to accuse the ISNA of being directly involved in terrorism. I will say ISNA has sponsored extremists, racists, people who call for Jihad against the United States.”

WTHR, an Indianapolis television station located close to ISNA’s Plainfield, Indiana headquarters, recently said it had found “about a dozen charities, organizations and individuals under federal scrutiny for possible ties to terrorism that are in some way linked to ISNA.”

In December 2003, U.S. Senators Charles Grassley and Max Baucus of the Senate Committee on Finance listed ISNA as one of 25 American Muslim organizations that “finance terrorism and perpetuate violence.” ISNA is known to have permitted the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (and a number of other Islamic charities with terror connections) to set up booths at its conventions, and in some cases has helped raise money for them.
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Standing up to Saudi Arabia

In response to Saudi Arabia's ban on religious symbols other than islam being brought into the country, Daniel Pipes suggests that that country's state owned airline should be disallowed from flying into western airports. However given the west's tendency to prioritize its business and economic interests over freedom and human rights, this is highly unlikely, actually it is not at all possible that this would even be considered by western governments. But Pipes does suggest that if governments aren't willing to punish Saudi Arabia, groups of private citizens can confront the saudis and force change. He suggests that a delegation of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others should board a saudi flight, openly displaying their religious artifacts, daring the saudis to confiscate them. It is high time we stopped indulging saudi arabia's religious bigotry and discrimination.
Saudi Arabian Airlines declares on its English-language website that the kingdom bans “Bibles, crucifixes, statues, carvings, items with religious symbols such as the Star of David.” Until the Saudi government changes this detestable policy, its airline should be disallowed from flying into Western airports.

Michael Freund brought this regulation to international attention in a recent Jerusalem Post article, “Saudis might take Bibles from tourists,” in which he points out that a section on the Saudia Web site, “Customs Regulations,” lists the forbidden articles above under the rubric “Items and articles belonging to religions other than Islam.”

Freund followed up by calling the Saudia office in New York, where an employee identified only as “Gladys” confirmed that this rule really is applied. “Yes, sir, that is what we have heard, that it is a problem to bring these things into Saudi Arabia, so you cannot do it.” An unnamed official at the Saudi consulate in New York further confirmed the regulation. “You are not allowed to bring that stuff into the kingdom. If you do, they will take it away. If it is really important to you, then you can try to bring it and just see what happens, but I don’t recommend that you do so.”

Responding to the Saudi ban on churches and Bibles and Stars of David, some would ban mosques, Korans, and crescent moons in the West, but that is clearly untenable and unenforceable, given the freedoms of speech and worship. The Koran, for example, is not a Saudi artifact and cannot be held hostage to Saudi policies. However closely it identifies with Islam, the Saudi government does not own the religion.

Further, as Stephen Schwartz of the Center for Islamic Pluralism points out, signs in Saudi airports warn Muslim travelers that the airport’s mutawwa’in, or religious police, confiscate Korans, other Islamic literature, and Muslim objects of non-Saudi origin. While discriminating specifically against Shiites and Ahmadis, this policy manifests a wider insistence on Wahhabi supremacism. More broadly, the Saudi leadership runs a country that the American government has condemned repeatedly as having “no religious freedom” and being among the most religiously repressive in the world.
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Whitewashing the History of Muslim Spain

Be leery of a documentary to air on PBS tonight at 9PM. It's called "Cities of Light", about Spain under islamic rule. I think its safe to say that the documentary will feature alot of PC claptrap and historical revisionism about how tolerant, enlightened and progressive things were under islamic rule in Spain. It will likely bolster the widely held belief that muslims, Jews and Christians lived in peace and harmony in islamic Spain. But of course these are lies. Islam has always been about violent conquest, oppression and holy war, known as jihad. I wonder if the documentary will bother to discuss the fact that Christians and Jews lived under dhimmitude in muslim Spain, and everywhere else islam conquered, or will we get a one-sided presentation? Judging by this interview with the executive producer of "Cities of Light", Michael Wolfe, and the website of his production company,Unity Productions Foundation, it doesn't look promising. It's just more propaganda from the extreme left to indocrinate the average person who has no knowledge of islamic history.

See Andalusian myth, Eurabian reality for a true history lesson of muslim Spain.