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Iran's Dictator Calling For the Final Solution

Iran's vile, little pipsqueak, genocidal dictator is still making threats against Israel with impunity. He referred to Israel as the "filthy Zionist entity" and said Israel will sooner or later fall. It's way past time that this little twerp and his mullahcratic regime will itself be made to fall, sooner rather than later. Why do we continue to allow this hideous creature to exist? It is mindboggling that clueless foreign policy "realists" recommend we conduct a dialogue with this demented, homicidal nazi, even though he and his entire regime deserve nothing less than massive numbers of US and or Israeli missiles raining down upon them. It's time to take out the trash.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, has once more threatened Israel, declaring that the "filthy" Jewish state's days are numbered and that it will collapse.
Uncertain World: The threats facing the globe

In a speech given in the southern Iranian city of Bushehr, carried live on state-run television and directed at world leaders, Ahmadinejad advised listeners to "abandon the filthy Zionist entity which has reached the end of the line."
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, has once more threatened Israel

"It has lost its reason to be and will sooner or later fall," he went on. "The ones who still support the criminal Zionists should know that the occupiers' days are numbered."

Ahmadinejad has made his hostility to the nation of Israel clear on several occasions, threatening it with annihilation repeatedly since becoming president of the Islamic republic in 2005 and denying that the Nazi holocaust ever took place.

Iran has viewed Israel, together with the United States, with great hostility since Ayatollah Khomeini declared Israel an "enemy of Islam" during the build-up to the country's Islamic revolution in 1979.

The two countries have since suspended all diplomatic relations.

The news comes at a sensitive time in Iran's relations with the West as it comes under pressure to reveal information about its nuclear programme.

In the same speech Ahmadinejad refused to stop pursuing nuclear technology.

"Iranians... will not back down one iota in defence of their rights," he said. "The nuclear issue was the most important challenge since the revolution but with the help of God and your resistance, it is ending in favour of the Iranian nation."

Obama's Nation of Islam Connections

Debbie Shlussel is reporting that a former insider of Barack Obama who held a key position in his campaign and who is in no way affiliated with the Clintons nor is he a disgruntled employee, says that Obama has employed and continues to employ nation of islam members in high positions in his Illinois and US Senate campaign and office staffs.

Among those are Cynthia K. Miller, as treasurer of his US senate campaign. There's also Jennifer Mason, who is Obama's Director of Contituent Services in his US Senate office and in charge of selecting his interns. Shakir Muhammad, who held an important role in Obama's state senate campaign.

With regards to Israel, when Obama first ran for the US senate, he told the Chicago Jewish News that Israel's fence which he called a "wall" was a "barrier to peace". Then once this response was circulated to the Jewish community, Obama claimed the answers were not his true positions and he blamed a low-level intern and subsequently changed his answers. According to this former Obama insider, that was a lie and that in fact the answers were the work of his Policy Director Audra Wilson. Also, Debbie's source told her that Obama blamed the Mideast conflict on the Jews, saying the Jewish community was too inflexible.

A palestinian islamist, Ali Abunimah, was a close friend of obama and attended an Arab fundraiser where the keynote speaker was the late Edward Said with the Obamas in attendance. Abunimah wrote an article proclaiming Obama changed his views on Israel in order to get Jewish financial support.

Unfortunately, many prominent and wealthy Jews have fallen under Obama's spell and are contributing to his campaign, including AIPAC officials.

Debbie's source also claims that Obama attempted to get Tony Rezko a Syrian, who is currently under federal indictement, a contract to build a nuclear power plant in the new Iraq.

All in all, Barack Obama, contrary to his media-driven image as a unifier who's positive, genuine, trustworthy and moderate, is in fact a divisive radical and one of the most two-faced, deceitful politicians around, and that's saying alot. He is someone who will tailor his beliefs to whatever audience he is addressing at a given moment. Getting back to his denying his originally stated views on Israel, this is not the only time he's done this. I have read that when confronted on a particular vote he casted in the senate, he actually said he didn't mean to vote that way, he claimed to have pressed the wrong button! Read further details of Obama and the NOI over at Debbie Shlussel.

A Five-Step Plan For Mideast Peace

Victor Davis Hanson brilliantly expresses the hypocrisy of the international community when it comes to the numerous demands it places on Israel. He has come up with a five-step proposal for Middle East peace, suggesting we resolve a number of the world's other disputed capitals, occupied lands, the right of return for various refugee populations who were forcibly expelled from their homes, such as the ethnic Germans of Czechoslavakia, Jews who were forcibly expelled from Arab countries, the forced exchange of the muslim and Hindu populations as a result of the creation of Pakistan, which btw given that Pakistan was established the same year as Israel, and the fact that Pakistan is a terrorist breeding ground and has been in conflict with India over Kashmir, should we question its right to exist? Certainly if the very existence of a free and democratic Israel can be up for debate, then most definitely it ought to be debated whether the creation of Pakistan was a mistake. Also there is North Korea, a dangerous rogue state which was created as the result of the Korean war stalemate. And finally Hanson suggests, when all of these problems around the world have been successfully resolved, they could be used as the model to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
There seems to be a growing renewed animus against Israel lately. Arun Gandhi, grandson of the purported humanist Mahatma Gandhi, thinks Israel and Jews in general are prone to, and singularly responsible for, most of the world’s violence. The Oxford Union is taking up the question of whether Israel even has a right to continue to exist. Our generation no longer speaks of a “Palestinian problem,” but rather of an “Israeli problem.” So perhaps it is time for a new global approach to deal with Israel and its occupation.

Perhaps we ought to broaden our multinational and multicultural horizons by transcending the old comprehensive settlements, roadmaps, and Quartet when dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, a dispute which originated with the creation of Israel.

Why not simply hold an international conference on all of these issues — albeit in a far more global context, outside the Middle East?

The ensuing general accords and principles could be applied to Israel and the West Bank, where the number of people involved, the casualties incurred, and the number of refugees affected are far smaller and far more manageable.

Perhaps there could be five U.N. sessions: disputed capitals; the right of return for refugees; land under occupation; the creation of artificial post-World War II states; and the use of inordinate force against suspected Islamic terrorists.

In the first session, we should try to solve the status of Nicosia, which is currently divided into Greek and Turkish sectors by a U.N. Greek Line. Perhaps European Union investigators could adjudicate Turkish claims that the division originated from unwarranted threats to the Turkish Muslim population on Cyprus. Some sort of big power or U.N. roadmap then might be imposed on the two parties, in hopes that the Nicosia solution would work for Jerusalem as well.

In the second discussion, diplomats might find common ground about displaced populations, many from the post-war, late 1940s. Perhaps it would be best to start with the millions of Germans who were expelled from East Prussia in 1945, or Indians who were uprooted from ancestral homes in what is now Pakistan, or over half-a-million Jews that were ethnically cleansed from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria following the 1967 war. Where are these refugees now? Were they ever adequately compensated for lost property and damages? Can they be given promises of the right to return to their ancestral homes under protection of their host countries? The ensuring solutions might shed light on the Palestinian aspirations to return to land lost sixty years ago to Israel.

A third panel would take up the delicate issue of returning territory lost by defeat in war. Ten percent of historic Germany is now part of Poland. The Russians still occupy many of the Kurile Islands, and Greek Cyprus lost sizable territory in 1974 after the invasion by Turkey. The Western Sahara is still annexed by Morocco, while over 15 percent of disputed Azerbaijan has been controlled by Armenia since 1994. Additionally, all of independent Tibet has been under Chinese occupation since 1950-1. Surely if some general framework concerning these occupations could first be worked out comprehensively, the results might then be applied to the much smaller West Bank and Golan Heights.

In a fourth panel, the international conference should take up the thorny issue of recently artificially created states. Given the tension over Kashmir, was Pakistan a mistake — particularly the notion of a homeland for Indian Muslims? North Korea was only created after the stalemate of 1950-3; so should we debate whether this rogue nation still needs to exist, given its violent history and threats to world peace?

Fifth, and finally, is there a global propensity to use inordinate force against Muslim terrorists that results in indiscriminate collateral damage? The Russians during the second Chechnyan War of 1999-2000 reportedly sent tactical missiles into the very core of Grozny, and may have killed tens of thousands of civilians in their hunt for Chechnyan terrorists — explaining why the United Nations later called that city the most destroyed city on earth. Syria has never admitted to the complete destruction of Hama, once home to Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. The city suffered the fate of Carthage and was completely obliterated in 1982 by the al-Assad government, with over 30,000 missing or killed. Did the Indian government look the other way in 2002 when hundreds of Muslim civilians in Gujarat were killed in reprisal for Islamic violence against Hindus? The lessons learned in this final session might reassure a world still furious over the 52 Palestinians lost in Jenin.

Hamas Threatens to Overrun Israel

Bolstered by having successfully broken through the border fence separating Gaza and Egypt, the hamas terror group has threatened to break through the fence separating Gaza and Israel with a horde of 500,000 palestinians. Of course in the event of such a scenario, Israel would have every right, in fact an obligation to use whatever military measure is needed to stop these savages regardless of the casualties, and screw world opinion which would undoubtedly, even in the face of this type of mass invasion, demand Israel exersize restraint and label Israelis "war criminals" and "nazis" for having the audacity not to allow themselves to be overrun by their enemies. Of course hamas and palestinian society in general have no qualms about sacrificing their own children by using them as human shields, and so we can expect they would be placed front and center of the mob breaking through the border.

...Ahmad Yousef, political advisor to the Gaza-based PA leader Ismail Haniyeh, called the fall of the barrier between Egyptian Sinai and Gaza last week a sign of the start of “a third Intifada.” Speaking with the PA's Bethlehem-based Maan news agency, Yousef said the next stage in such a campaign could involve thousands of Gazan Arabs swarming the IDF-controlled Erez Crossing between Israel and and the PA in an effort to attract international support.

Meanwhile, Hamas militia forces cooperated with Egyptian soldiers on Monday in closing one of three gaps in the security barrier in the city of Rafiah, which straddles the Egyptian-Gaza border. Barbed wire was strung across a section of the separation wall known as the Brazil Gate; however, the main gate in the area remained open, allowing Gaza Arabs to continue to enter Egyptian towns unimpeded. Last week, when Egyptian forces attempted to close the border on their own, a PA bulldozer knocked a new opening in the separation wall.

The partial border control collaboration comes after Egyptian security forces ordered all stores in El-Arish, bordering the Gaza region, to close as of Sunday. Trucks loaded with goods and supplies were prevented from leaving El-Arish towards Rafiah. The move deprived PA Arabs who had charged into the Sinai from Gaza during the past week of a central economic incentive for their having done so.

Since the border breach on Wednesday of last week, representatives of Fatah, headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, have met with Egyptian officials to discuss the situation in Gaza. Both Fatah and Hamas are asking to take control of the Egypt-Gaza crossings. On Monday, Egypt sent 6,000 soldiers to reinforce troops and police stationed in Rafiah, with several Hamas terrorists reportedly taking part in the new deployment...

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The ISM Murdered Rachel Corrie

Becky Johnson and Lee Kaplan discuss the death of International Solidarity Movement activist Rachel Corrie, who was accidently run over when she kneeled in front of an Israeli bulldozer in March of 2003. Corrie and her comrades in the ISM were there trying to prevent the Israelis from destroying a home which was hiding a tunnel used by terrorist groups to smuggle weapons. Contrary to their stated mission, the purpose of the ISM is not to promote peace, but rather it's true purpose for existing is to aid palestinian terror groups in their ongoing war to annihilate Israel. There's ample reason to believe that the ISM, along with the terror groups, deliberately set up Rachel Corrie to be killed in order to use her death as propaganda in the hope that there would be an anti-Israel backlash in the US upon seeing a young student being killed by the Israeli army. The ISM launched a campaign trying unsuccessfully to convince the public that Rachel was murdered by the Israelis. Fellow ISM activist Joseph Smith who was present at the time of Rachel's death, rather than act to save her life, was busy shooting photos of her being crushed by the bulldozer. And he has been quoted as saying: "The spirit that she died for is worth a life. This idea of resistance, this spirit of resisting this brutal occupying force, is worth anything. And many, many, many Palestinians give their lives for it all the time. So the life of one international, I feel, is more than worth the spirit of resisting oppression." It's seems pretty clear by his actions that he valued scoring propaganda points against Israel over the life of his "friend". Also, an Israeli soldier in the video explained that the ISM activists were playing chicken with the bulldozers the whole time. Lee Kaplan also brings up the despicable behavior on the part of Rachel's parents, who, rather than speaking out against those who used their daughter and got her killed, and warning others not to be used as pawns of the PLO, they instead have gone around the world speaking out against Israel and advocating replacing it with "palestine".

A little backgrounder on the ISM. It was founded in August of 2001 by Adam Shapiro Huwaida Arraf; Ghassan Andoni, and George Rishmawi to recruit westerners to obstruct Israeli security measures. It supports the "liberation" of "palestine" by any means necessary, including "armed struggle", ie terrorism against Israeli civilians. Go here for more info on the ISM.

Hat tip Israpundit

Obama's Anti-Israel Advisors

As if its not bad enough that Barack Obama has the virulent anti-Israel former Carter administration official Zbiegnew Brzezinski as one of his top foreign policy advisors. This abysmal failure and downright disaster helped facilitate the downfall of the Shah of Iran and the rise of the ayahtollas, much of the reason for our problems in the Mideast today. He also supported the Walt-Mearsheimer thesis of a pro-Israel lobby manipulating American Mideast policy. Brzezinski is someone who ought to stay in retirement and be left in the dustbin of history. Yet here is Obama bringing this man back to advise him on the Middle East. This tells us all we need to know about this would-be president's judgement. There is also his top fundraiser, George Soros, well-known for funding anti-Israel causes, has blamed Israel for the worldwide increase in antisemitism, and has said he wants to break the US-Israel bond.

Well there's another advisor to Obama that has Israeli officials very concerned. He is Robert Malley, a sypathizer of hamas and hezbollah, who has written a number of articles, many of which were co-written with a former advisor to arafat, where he calls for US and Israeli dialogue with the genocidal hamas terror group. He has also blamed Israel for the collapse of the Camp David negotiations in 2000, contrary to what other participants have said, including president Clinton and Dennis Ross, who put the blame squarely on arafat. After hamas won the palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006, Malley wrote an editorial advocating international aid to hamas. This is what Malley had to say about the reason for the palestinians electing hamas:
"anger at years of humiliation and loss of self-respect because of Israeli settlement expansion, Arafat's imprisonment, Israel's incursions, Western lecturing and, most recently and tellingly, the threat of an aid cut off in the event of an Islamist success."

Malley's father, Simon, was a personal friend of arafat who supported so-called "liberation" struggles throughout the world, including of course the palestinian cause.

Yet despite all of his anti-Israel advisors, Obama expects the Jewish community to believe he really is pro-Israel. On Monday he spoke to Jewish and Israeli newspapers where he told them that anti-Israel accusations against him are unfounded. He told Haaretz there was a virulent campaign being waged against him to weaken his support within the Jewish community. He skirted around the farrakhan and jeremiah wright issues however, saying he never heard wright make antisemitic statements and also that he disagreed with the church's honoring farrakhan, yet he remains a member. All in all, Obama is a man not to be trusted. Contrary to his positive veneer as a candidate representing hope, an image driven by a smitten media, he is cynical, manipulative and divisive. Read more about Robert Malley here. Hat tip Israpundit

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MSM Are Willing Tools of hamas

Honest Reporting critiques how the msm were willing propaganda tools for hamas in its engineered crisis in Gaza. From failing to report the context in which Israel's meager cut-off of fuel supplies and blockade of Gaza occured. Which of course was the result of rockets and mortars being fired incessantly since hamas took over Gaza. Staged power outages featuring published photos of hamas pretend meetings by candlelight with the curtains drawn although daylight can visibly be seen behind the curtains. Reporting about the supposed "spontenous" breakdown of the wall separating Gaza from Egypt although terrorists had been using blow torches to cut along the bottom of the wall for weeks. And there were the reports of the fake "humanitarian crisis" with palestinians being "starved" by the evil Zionists. Yet a palestinian official said hamas ordered bakeries to be closed to prevent people from buying bread even though there was enough fuel and flower to keep the bakeries running for two months. Also hamas stole most of the fuel in Gaza to fill their vehicles. This is a small sample among the myriad of ways that the western media, all too eager to demonize Israel, has gladly chosen to repeatedly be used as propaganda outlets for Israel's enemies. You would think the media would be wise to such tactics by now, but the repetition of such incidents proves the western media are willing participants in these pallywood productions. They can't be so ignorant as to be continuously fooled over and over again.
Images of Gaza plunged in darkness alongside pictures of Palestinians streaming across the border to Egypt provided Hamas with a significant public relations victory last week. It wouldn't have been possible without the complicity of major media, all too happy to invoke the usual narrative of Israel as the "bad guy" and the Palestinians as "the victims."

While Israel's image undoubtedly took a mauling, the bigger picture is starting to emerge - one that shows how Hamas was able to pull off a sophisticated operation before the eyes of the mainstream media (MSM).

A 'cycle of violence'?

Most media presented the Gaza crisis in a manner similar to the AP:

It started last week with what Israel says was the inadvertent killing of a son of Gaza strongman Mahmoud Zahar in an Israeli arrest raid. Hamas retaliated with rocket barrages on Israel, and Israel struck back by sealing Gaza hermetically and cutting off fuel shipments. Several days later, Gaza militants blew down the border wall with Egypt, effectively ending the Israeli blockade, which had been tacitly backed by Egypt.

Why did the media fail to add the vital context? Since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in mid-June 2007 until the end of December 2007, 475 missiles and 631 mortars were fired at Sderot and the surrounding region. Since January 16, 2008, well over 200 Qassams and mortars have been fired by Palestinian terrorists from Gaza.

Despite this, most media chose to attribute Israeli security measures as the cause of the Gaza situation rather than the continuous Palestinian terror that necessitated an Israeli response.

Interview With Dr. Wafa Sultan

Arlene Peck interviews Dr.Wafa Sultan, a psychiatrist and activist who immigrated to the US from Syria where she was raised as a muslim and indoctrinated to hate Jews. She began to question islam when she witnessed the murder of her college professor by the muslim brotherhood. She gained notoriety from debating an imam on Al Jazeera TV and confronted him about islam's oppression of women and defended Jews and Israel. Naturally she has been receiving death threats as a result of that appearance. She continues to speak out against the horrors perpetrated in the name of islam and for the freedom of those suffering under islamic oppression.
hat tip Israpundit

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Hospital Jihad

Here is an eyewitness account of muslims laying seige to a hospital in Sydney Australia in order to prevent the doctors from performing blood samples and other forensic testing on the body of a muslim who was killed in a car accident. This procedure is routinely performed on accident victims to find if any drugs or alcohol was present in the body. But of course, according to the crazed fanatical muslim gangsters laying seige to the emergency room and intimidating and frightening medical personel, a muslim would NEVER ever use alcohol or drugs because such activity is forbidden by islamic law. To even suggest this might have been a factor in the automobile accident is an insult to muslims. As you may have guessed, eventually the authorties surrendered to the demands of the muslim mob. Parts of Australia, like Europe, are on the way to becoming sharia enclaves. This is what happens when you are timid in the face of threats to western freedom, culture and way of life. This is what happens as the result of westerners devalueing our own culture and elevating the status of a barbaric medieval "culture" in the name of political correctness and a misguided sense of guilt. What will it take for the west to close the door to muslim immigration and deal harshly with the thugs and terrorists already here who are bent on violently forcing their way to power and subjugating the rest of us.
Featured here are some illustrations as to how Australia is being irrevocably changed, this transformation isn't taking place because of immigration per se, it's occurring because an Islamic Shari'a Template is being indelibly drawn slowly though assiduously across the Australian landscape, Australian law and custom it would seem can't stand up to Islam, it's erroneous to say otherwise, as a boldly encroaching de facto Islamic Shari'a Law surfaces,. Suffice to say multi culturalism is the poisoned chalice plied by an empowered Islam, ensuring them success upon success that leaves an apprehensive populace in complete bewilderment.

The Cronulla protest, rally that turned nasty was a huge wake up call to Australians, the drunken yobo's who hijacked the rally gave the worlds media the chance to portray Australians as racist, neglecting in their news items the legitimate claims of the protest organisers who were demanding action from the authorities to protect their young against premeditated attacks by roaming packs of Muslim men, sexual harassment on young women, a ruse at times to set up their male companions (the real targets) for vengeful assault, it is public knowledge that these forays had been going on for a number of years and culminated with the attempted protest rally. The revenge attacks by the Muslims in contrast, were conducted in military fashion by armed Muslim men. It was a miracle that no lives were lost as they blitzed the Eastern seaboard suburbs through to Cronulla in convoy, two men were feloniously injured and the property damage was immense, houses and cars damaged, innocent citizens were attacked and fled for their lives when they attempted to venture out to see what the commotion was about, it was not unlike and approaching the scale of the Paris intifada uprisings.

Now however another Islamic induced maelstrom, Jihad albeit staged as a demographic sortie, this Islamic action is unprecedented within Australia, we might call it the "Siege of Liverpool Hospital"it's indicative of where all Muslim societies have an obligation to live by divine law Shari'a, to push for that outcome, with an added bonus that it predisposes the rights of all others, displacing the existing order of the infidel, to heel in conformity as to Allah's will.

A Morally Depraved Opinion Piece

A demented editorial by Matt Mccarten of the New Zealand Herald calls Israel a terror state, accuses it of keeping the palestinians imprisoned behind walls, dismisses the qassam rockets as merely a "nuisance" and in fact calls the firing of qassams as acts of public defiance. He also equates Israel to the nazis:
After this week, does anyone doubt that Israel is a terrorist state? Our televisions couldn't hide the truth last week that 1 1/2 million civilians are imprisoned behind walls Israel has built around them. The entire Gaza population is cut off from the world, with no one permitted to leave or enter their compound. All goods, including oil, have been cut. The entire population is starving and without electricity.

This imprisonment follows a decision by Israel to collectively punish Palestinian civilians. The reason is that members of the Gaza resistance - mainly Hamas militants - have been causing a nuisance by lobbing home-made missiles over the prison wall into Israel. Damage is minimal but the Israeli Government and its military are embarrassed by these acts of public defiance.

Those so-called "walls", which are actually fences, wouldn't need to be there if there wasn't the threat of terrorism. The population of Gaza voted the hamas terrorists into power because they support its ongoing war to annihilate Israel. Whatever suffering they endure is of their own making. Anyway hamas faked the blackout and manufactured a humanitarian crises. These supposed poor and "starving" palestinians crossed into Egypt and purchased necessities such as electronic goods. Why doesn't he discuss the humanitarian crises in Sderot where children have to dodge qassams on their way to school and have 15 seconds to find shelter from the oncoming rockets? Or the fact that hamas and other terror groups deliberately aim rockets at schools and hospitals. Are these not human rights violations and war crimes? Or how about the numerous instances of post traumatic stress disorder of Sderot children? Is the situation in Sderot not a humanitarian crises? Not according to this son-of-a-bitch McCarten. He wouldn't be so blase' if the rockets were being fired at his neighborhood. To this morally depraved individual an act of war such as firing missiles is an act of "public defiance".

This sick man goes on to compare the Gaza situation to nazi occupied Poland:
One of the chilling crimes committed by the Nazis when occupying Poland was walling off a large part of the city of Warsaw, forcing all Jews into it.

Inside these walls there was a Jewish resistance that ran attacks against its jailers. The Nazi occupiers took retaliation by carrying out collective punishment against the civilian population, which included shelling, assassinating their leaders and cutting off supplies.

What's the next move for Israeli leaders? They could have to follow the example of the Nazis who in the end massacred everyone inside the compound...

This is mindboggling. Comparing Gaza terrorists to the Jewish Warsaw ghetto uprising, and comparing the attempt to prevent terrorism with fences in Gaza, to the walls the nazis put up for the purpose of rounding up Jews in order to be sent to death camps. This man is truly unbalanced. He has no concept of the moral difference between terrorist groups waging war against Israel, to innocent victims of the nazis. The Germans weren't being terrorized by the Jews of Poland while threatening to annihilate their country.

He then claims the Iranian threat to US ships was a hoax:
In the final days of Bush's presidency he is desperate to do something right. During his recent visit to the Middle East he said he was there to help win a peaceful outcome for Israel and Palestine. It's a lie of course. His rhetoric was all about rarking up the leaders of the Western client states to try to get their support for bombing Iran into oblivion.

He released a tape of the Iranian Navy threatening US warships on the eve of his visit, but within days it was proved to be a hoax. That didn't stop Bush claiming Iran was now the real evil that had to be destroyed. It's not lost on anyone that the only threat to Israel for hegemony in the region is Iran.

And finally:
The truth is Israel is a terrorist state and is able to wage crimes on an innocent people because it is funded and abetted by the world's only superpower. Watching the television images of the Palestinians breaking through to freedom surely must make everyone in the world realise we are being sold a great lie about Israel wanting to negotiate peace.

The last place to have a wall that imprisoned a people was Berlin. The then US President Ronald Reagan created a defining moment in world history when he called for the wall to come down.

What we have now is a US president helping fund the Gaza wall. It's an atrocity.

These are not innocent people, as I have said, they voted for a terror group and support its ongoing war against Israel. Let them wallow in the misery of their own making. The palestinians ongoing terror is funded and aided by the EU. These people have the highest per capita foreign aid of any other people in the world. Why are they supposedly starving? Where has this money gone? No, this is most certainly NOT the Berlin wall. The Berlin wall was put up to prevent East Germans from fleeing from the communist state. Israel has put up barriers to protect its citizens against constant terrorism. All in all this was a hideous, vicious and nasty article, full of lies and misinformation. One which could only have been written by a mentally disturbed individual or an antisemite. What is it with these subhumans in the western press who support the jihadists; hamas, hezbollah and Iran against Israel and America?

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The Latest Edition of Haveil Havalim

Edition #151 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Jack's Shack this week.

Standing Up For Free Speech

Ayaan Hirsi Ali discusses Geert Wilders new film about islam with Laura Ingraham. Ali is constantly under threat from fanatical muslims and had to flee the Netherlands for her own safety. She now works in the US with a think tank. she continues to bravely speak out about the barbarities islam inflicts on women, children and non-muslims. I don't know whether it is supposed to be featured in this particular film, but I read that Wilders is going to burn the Koran. The authorities in Holland are very nervous, fearful of hordes of muslims going on a murderous rampage. These people riot at the slightest offense. But we cannot let these sorts of threats prevent us from exercizing our right to free speech and expression. Muslims insist they be treated special but we have to let them know loud and clear, muslims do not get preferential treatment, that in a free society everything is open to criticism, there is nothing sacrosanct. In fact we should go out of our way to offend muslims just to drive that point home to them. If they don't approve they can always return to any one of the sharia ruled countries they came from.

Dhimmitude in the Heartland

Islamization is infiltrating nearly every facet of western civilization, including right here in America. Everything from the universities to the federal government, intelligence, the military, state and local governments are making accommodations to muslims. Even surprisingly in the most rural of places in America such as Iowa, a place you would not expect to find muslims. The Iowa legislature last week began a session with a muslim imam giving the opening prayer. Many people were understandably upset about the words contained in this "prayer". The imam prayed for "victory over those who disbelieve", an obvious reference to non-muslims and "protection from the great satan", an obvious reference to the US. It's bad enough we let millions of hostile muslims enter into this country unimpeded, but then we grant them a great deal of political power far disproportionate to their numbers. Once again in a foolish attempt at showing tolerance and diversity, we give voice to someone seeking our destruction. What is this compulsion to accommodate foreign cultures at the expense of our own? This is the biggest weakness of western countries. We are diversifying ourselves out of existence.
The Iowa Legislature started just over a week ago and some people were upset before the first issue was every addressed.
When the session began, a Muslim Imam began the prayer in the Iowa Legislature. This is where the controversy begins.
The prayer asked of "Victory over those who disbelieve," and "Protection from the great Satan" among other things.
Pastor Steve Smith of the Evangelical Free Church in Albert City is among those concerned about the Muslim prayer. Rev. Smith admits that he doesn't know about all the levels of Muslim but knows that the Jihadists believe those in the U.S. are the great Satan.
Rev. Smith also wants to point out the mention of "victory over those who disbelieve." He feels "this is a request in the Iowa Legislature for God to grant the Muslims victory over every non-muslim. Not a request for salvation." Smith takes it as a gesture not of prayer but more as a political statement, especially with the wars that have been going on in the Middle East.
"I'm not concerned about a Muslim Imam opening the Legislature in prayer but it concerns me with the statements that were made. He interpreted this prayer from his understanding of Islam."
Here is the text of the opening prayer, as transcribed by Radio Iowa:
Imam Muhammad Khan of the Islamic Center of Des Moines spoke first in Arabic.
"I seek refuge in God against the accursed Satan in the name of God, most gracious, most merciful," Khan said in English. Khan made no specific mention of the war in Iraq or foreign affairs, but he called God the "master of the day of judgment" and asked for "victory over those who disbelieve."
"As we begin this new a world with trials and tribulations, we ask you to open the hearts of our legislators and policy makers to make the right decisions for the people of Iowa," Khan said. "...We ask that you guide our legislators and give them the wisdom and knowledge to tackle the difficult problems that face us today in order to eliminate the senseless crimes on humanity. Help them, Lord, to solve the complicated problems in the State of Iowa so that we can be a model to the world."
Khan's prayer lasted about four minutes and he closed with a few words for legislators.
"On behalf of the Muslim community of Des Moines and Iowa, I wish you all the success in this year for making the right decisions for us," Khan said. Khan was the guest of State Representative Ako Abdul Samad of Des Moines, who is also a local Muslim leader.
Rev. Smith has urged others who may be concerned to contact their representative.
When asked about the prayer, Senator Steve Kettering replied in an e-mail that he had not heard the prayer, which did not take place in the Senate chambers.
"I cannot tell you what was said. I have received e-mail regarding this, but since it did not occur on the Senate side I do not have much information," Kettering said. " I should point out that the senate had a Catholic priest for their opening."
Representative Gary Worthan of Storm Lake said that he agrees with the concern being shown over the Muslim prayer.
He said that he has registered his concerns with the proper authorities.
As the father of two sons who have fought terrorism in the military, Worthan said the phrases mentioned earlier also jumped out at him and he said he shares concern for the same reasons as the constituents he is hearing from.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Religion of Child Sacrifice

Britain continues its slide into islamization. A particularly barbaric Shiite ritual of self-flagellation is being imported into Britain, where children as young as toddlers are being encouraged to beat themselves with knives at the end of chains. The police in Britain are reluctant to prosecute this hideous and sickening child abuse, prefering instead to work within the Shiite muslim community to end the practice. What kind of a depraved religion and culture finds it acceptable to inflict such pain and suffering upon even its own children? And why are there still so many who turned a blind eye and insist islam is really a religion of peace and muslim parents want the same for their children as we do? Can we really expect to live in peace and coexistence with those who don't even value the lives of their own children? Western liberals need to stop fooling themselves and face the harsh reality of what kind of enemy we face. Such inhuman medieval rituals are unacceptable in modern western societies or certainly should be. But in the name of a perverse tolerance and multiculturalism, western elites look the other way at any sort of depraved behavior on the part of muslims. Islam is incompatible with western values and they must either completely assimilate or be thrown out and the doors should be closed to any further muslim immigration.
A man has been charged with child cruelty after two teenage boys allegedly took part in a religious ceremony involving flagellation.

Syed Mustafa Zaidi, 43, of Station Road in Eccles, is due before magistrates in Manchester on Friday (today).

Greater Manchester Police said the charge relates to the treatment of two boys, aged 15 and 13, at a traditional Ashura ceremony.

The ceremony took place at a community centre in Levenshulme, police said.

Hat tip Cumbrian Patriots

Israel's Arab Fifth Column

Haim Misgav correctly argues that Israeli Arab leaders who promote the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state and cavort with its enemies have no business being in Israel and should be kicked out. A number of Arab Knesset members have visited the leaders of Iran, Syria, hezbollah and hamas and reject Israel as a Jewish state. This goes for ordinary Arab citizens as well who share these beliefs. If they hate Israel so much they ought to be living amongst their Arab brethren in any of the 21 Arab states. They will see how much those countries tolerate criticism of the government let alone acts of treason. Of course they know they would not have nearly as good a life in any of those countries as they do in Israel. Where else would they be able to publicly repudiate a country while at the same time serve in positions of power in that country and live a life of priviledge?

Of course self-hating Jews and other left-wing crackpots will consider the idea of expelling Arab enemies as racism and ethnic cleasing. However to these same people, its perfectly ok for the palestinians to have a state which is Jew-free. Arabs who are loyal to Israel and accept it as a Jewish state are perfectly welcomed to stay.

In the warped leftist mindset, democracy and free speech should extend to allowing treasonous behavior, and to punish said behavior amounts to a denial of rights. Also to these people, any measures Israel may take for its own self-preservation is inherently evil because they also believe that the very existence of Israel is an original sin.
A total of 120 Knesset members, every single one of them, were elected to serve in the parliament of the Jewish State. This is the state that was established by the Jews in 1948 to serve as their national home.

By examining the Israeli Arab protests at Gaza’s Erez crossing we can understand that Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi, as well as Ra’ed Salah and his comrades in the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, a body holding anti-Jewish positions, do not think that the Jewish people deserves its own state; at least not in this part of the world, which in their view was always meant to be the home of the Palestinian people.

In their view, the immense Arab nation, on all its states, cannot make to with the national entities that already exist in the Middle East, based on an arbitrary division that followed World War I, and therefore everything should be done in order to take away even the little left for the Jews.

I don’t know how the founding fathers of the Jewish State would have acted at the time, if they were presented with the horrific scenario whereby the Arabs who stayed in the country in the wake of the War of Independence will be a hostile body seeking the state’s destruction from within.

In any case, we can certainly assume that some of the founders of the State of Israel would have considered doing what would have seemed to be the required step: Population exchange. Even by force – as was done at the time in many locations across the world following the allied victory over the Germans. All across Europe, and not only there, it was understood that the attempt to connect ethnic entities cannot succeed. These sort of hybrids always, and I mean always, come to a bitter end.

It may be that now it is already too late for radical solutions. Yet we should weigh the issues carefully – and without exaggerated passion. Those who wish to stay and be part of the Jewish state should know that their loyalty lies only with this country. They cannot protest on behalf of those who wish to destroy it. All the others, such as Ra’ed Salah and Ahmad Tibi, must decide where they want to live. If they think that another “Palestinian state” should be established here, instead of the State of Israel, they should get up and leave. They can fight us – but from the outside. Not from within us, and not at our expense.

In a related story, an internal Shabak document has concluded that Israel's Arab population is a long-range strategic danger to the Jewish character and existence of Israel. Not only do many Arabs express solidarity with hamas, hezbollah and the palestinians, but also many are actively working with the terror groups. A number of Israeli Arab terror cells have been uncovered in recent years.
...Though many believe that Iran is currently Israel's greatest danger, the General Secret Service believes that the worst threat may actually come from within. An internal General Security Service document says that Israel's Arab population is a "genuine long-range danger to the Jewish character and very existence of the State of Israel."

A recent meeting in the Prime Minister's office presented Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with worrisome data in various spheres, including increasing Israeli-Arab solidarity and identification with terrorist elements, Hizbullah and the Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority.

The GSS has found that in the year 2006, 21 Israeli-Arab terror cells were uncovered, involving 24 Arab citizens. In 2005, the numbers were 17 terror cells involving 22 Arabs.

Arabs of Israel are generally recruited into terrorist gangs based on their family or business ties with Arabs of Judea and Samaria (Yesha), usually those of Samaria. The terrorists in Yesha find it easier to transport weapons using the services of Israeli-Arabs who are not bound by restrictions at checkpoints and the like.

For instance, in November 2006, a smuggling cell of ten Israeli-Arabs was found to be active in smuggling weapons from pre-1967 Israel to Judea and Samaria.

In the Negev, as well, Bedouin Arabs help out in smuggling weapons - to Gaza. Six such smuggling gangs were cracked open in 2006.

Involvement of Hizbullah in Israeli-Arab terrorist initiatives has also been long noted. In July 2006, an Israeli-Arab was arrested who admitted to his interrogators that during the recent war with Hizbullah, he transmitted information to a Lebanese Hizbullah drug-dealer regarding IDF forces, military plans, and location of rocket hits...
Hat tip Israpundit

Friday, January 25, 2008

UN Watch Delivers Smackdown of Israel's Enemies

UN Watch's Executive Director Hillel C. Neuer delivers a brilliant testimony to the UN Human Rights Council exposing the hypocrisy of Israel's enemies and the moral inversion of the UNHRC. This is in response to yet another resolution proposed by the block of brutally oppressive dictatorships and terror states condemning Israel for the imaginary crime of deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza, which of course Israel does not do.

In response to being confronted with the truth, Cuba lashed out by threatening UN Watch and accusing it of being funded by the CIA. Once and for all this useless cesspool of an institution needs to be denied US taxpayer money and subsequently shut-down. There is no purpose for the continued existence of the UN, which only gives aid and comfort to all of the enemies of the free world.

Two More fatah Attacks

Two more attacks were perpetrated by Israel's fatah "peace" partners yesterday. Terrorists fired at border guard officers at the entrance to the Shoafat refugee camp, killing one of the officers. Likely from weapons the foolish and dangerous Olmert government provided for fatah. This was an open checkpoint thanks to an absurd High Court order.
A Border Guard police officer was killed and three people were injured Thursday evening in two simultaneous terror attacks which took place in the Jerusalem area.

Two Border Guard officers were shot at the northern entrance to the refugee camp of Shoafat, north of Jerusalem. Twenty-year-old Lance Corporal Rami Zuhari of Beersheva was critically injured, and later died of his wounds despite paramedics' attempts to resuscitate him. Another female officer sustained moderate to serious wounds and was evacuated to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in the capital.

An initial investigation into the incident revealed that two terrorists had approached the northern entrance of the refugee camp by foot. They fired at two Israelis and fled the scene. Police began combing the area with the help of a helicopter in a bid to locate the terrorists.

One of the officers' weapons was missing, and police were looking into the possibility that the terrorists snatched the weapon.

Fatah's military wing, the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, claimed responsibility for the attack and said that the cell members behind it had the officer's weapon. A Fatah spokesman told Ynet that the organizations "Black September" activists carried out the attack.

Speaking at the scene of the attack in Shoafat, Jerusalem District Commander Aharon Franco said that the terrorists fired at the checkpoint. "We don't have a clear picture of what took place. We know that one terrorist or more arrived at the checkpoint. The officers didn't manage to respond and they fired at them. We began searching the refugee camp for suspects and eyewitnesses..."

Another attack was carried out by two terrorists who broke into a Yeshiva in Kfar Etzion wearing uniforms and armed with a gun and knife. Fortunately two of the instructors shot the savage mutants to death.
Simultaneously, two terrorists broke into a yeshiva in the settlement of Kfar Etzion, located between Jerusalem and Hebron, armed with a gun and a knife and dressed in uniform.

The terrorists threatened the students and the instructors with the weapons before being shot to death by the yeshiva's instructors, two of whom were lightly injured while struggling with the terrorists.

The injured were evacuated to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital by an MDA crew. IDF forces began searching the area for additional terrorists.

Shaul Goldstein, head of the Gush Etzion Council, arrived at the scene of the attack and was briefed on the incident.

After speaking with the yeshiva students, he told Ynet, "I told them that I love them and that they should remember that Jews have no fear. When the coward terrorists arrive, we fight them and defeat them."

According to Goldstein, the fact that the incident did not end with worse injuries was pure luck. "Thank God it ended like this, and we should praise the yeshiva instructors for their courage and resourcefulness in doing the job and killing the terrorists," he added...

Hamas Candlelight Exhibition

Palestinian journalists reveal unsurprisingly that hamas staged scenes of blackouts on two different occasions where they were conducting pretend meetings sitting around a table with candles burning although it was daytime. They had closed the curtains in order to block out sunlight so that the images on tv would make it appear there was a power outage. And that of course was supposed to make the world rise up in condemnation of the evil Zionist entity for causing palestinian suffering. The western media consistently falls for these Pallywood tricks.
On at least two occasions this week, Hamas staged scenes of darkness as part of its campaign to end the political and economic sanctions against the Gaza Strip, Palestinian journalists said Wednesday.

In the first case, journalists who were invited to cover the Hamas government meeting were surprised to see Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and his ministers sitting around a table with burning candles.

In the second case on Tuesday, journalists noticed that Hamas legislators who were meeting in Gaza City also sat in front of burning candles.

But some of the journalists noticed that there was actually no need for the candles because both meetings were being held in daylight.

"They had closed the curtains in the rooms to create the impression that Hamas leaders were also suffering as a result of the power stoppage," one journalist told The Jerusalem Post. "It was obvious that the whole thing was staged."

Another journalist said he and his colleagues were told to wait for a few minutes before entering the chamber of the Palestinian Legislative Council so that each legislator would have time to light his candle. He said that when he saw that the curtains had been closed to prevent the light from entering, he realized that Hamas was trying to manipulate the media for political gain.

EU Official Defends Israel

Perhaps its wishful thinking, but just maybe the EU is becoming more sympathetic to Israel as the result of its own internal muslim problem. European Commissioner for Justice Freedom and Security, Franco Frattini, speaking at the Herzliya conference, says that Israel has the right to defend itself against qassams, and that the measures it has taken against hamas in Gaza are not war crimes. He also is sorry about the EU's excessive, disproportionate and unfair condemnation of Israel since the start of the second intifada.
...“There has been a large misunderstanding in recent years between Europe and Israel. And Israel is justified in its concerns. For too long, Europe has put too much blame on Israel for lack of peace with the Palestinians. We, as Europeans, should have understood Israel's concerns sooner,” said Frattini.

The European official also noted that “as friends, it was our duty to criticize when we felt criticism was needed, but we did it too often and unfairly. We asked you to take risks and often we didn’t provide you with assurances that you wouldn't stand alone if things went badly.”

Frattini continued to say that, “Europe's attitude towards Israel is changing, and Europe better Today, Europe better understands the complexities of the Middle East landscape.”

Commenting on the rising tide of Anti-Semitism throughout Europe, which has often led to marked tension between Israel and various European nations, Frattini maintained that “We are strongly fighting against Anti-Semitism in Europe. This kind of prejudice has no place in Europe today and never will. We will not tolerate Anti-Semitism and we take it very seriously.”

The European commissioner also congratulated Israel on the Annapolis peace summit, calling it “a new opportunity in terms of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which we must not let slip through our fingers. To make 2008 the year of Israeli-Palestinian peace, we must remember the lessons of the past and move forward,” he concluded.

Former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, also speaking at the Herzliya conference, said there's virtually no chance president Bush will authorize military action against Iran and that it is now up to Israel to decide whether or not to act militarily against Iran. Why is it that people with moral clarity such as Bolton are treated as pariahs and regarded as lunatics?
...Bolton harshly criticized US policy towards Iran, and said that there was a "close to zero percent chance that the Bush administration will authorize military action against Iran before leaving office.”

He also noted that the US “used to have a policy on Iran and recently there was a new push to create a new policy but, sadly due to the direction American Policy is going, it seems that for the next few years the United States will be a bystander to the process.”

The former ambassador consequently stated that it is now Israel’s hour to consider military action against Iran, noting that “the question now comes to Israel, whether it will use military force to stop Iran.”

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fatal Step

Here's a story that had me laughing my ass off. A would-be Afghan suicide bomber fell down a flight of stairs and blew himself up on his way to carrying out an attack.
It was the second such incident in two days, with another man killing himself and three others on Tuesday when his bomb-filled waistcoat exploded as he was putting it on in the southern town of Lashkar Gah.

Yesterday's blast was in a busy market area of the eastern town of Khost, a deputy provincial police chief said.

The would-be attacker tripped as he was leaving a building apparently to target an opening ceremony for a mosque that was expected to be attended by Afghan and international military officials, said Sakhi Mir.

"Coming down the stairs, he fell down and exploded. Two civilian women and a man were wounded,'' Mir said.

Suicide attacks are regular feature of an insurgency led by the extremist Taliban movement that was in government between 1996 and 2001. The most deadly was in November 2007 and killed nearly 80 people, most of them school students.

Canada to Back Out of Durban II Hate Fest

Canada is showing moral clarity by backing out of the Durban II conference scheduled for next year over expectations that it will be every bit as vile as the viciously antisemitic Durban "anti-racism" conference held back in 2001, just prior to 9/11. It was there that the block of muslim nations along with their extreme left allies promoted the "final solution" for Israel. "Anti-racism" is certainly an Orwellian name for a conference reminiscent of the Nuremberg rallies. I hope we and other western countries will also opt to back out of this islamo-supremicist hate fest.
UNITED NATIONS -- Canada is poised to become the first country to significantly distance itself from a major anti-racism conference the United Nations is planning for next year.

Maxime Bernier, the Foreign Minister, is expected to announce as early as Wednesday Canada is dropping out of planning for the Durban II Conference, which the UN is billing as a global follow-up to its 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa.

Insiders say the government feels the new conference is shaping up to be like the anti-West and anti-Israel free-for-all that critics said the initial gathering quickly turned into.

But the move is bound to spark accusations Ottawa is not serious about combatting racism around the world.

The Conservative government is expected to counter any criticism by stating Canada remains committed to anti-racism principles. But it will also argue planning for Durban II veers from those principles, making Canada's participation impossible.

"At the moment, much of the planning for the conference suggests it will focus little on denouncing racism wherever it occurs, and a lot on advancing some countries' agendas against Israel and the West," said one insider familiar with the new policy.

"The government feels that taking a stand against the gathering will do more in the long run for combatting racism than joining in."

Thought Crimes in Canada

Ezra Levant was hauled before the Orwellian named Alberta Human Rights Commission for having published those Danish mohamed cartoons two years ago in his now defunct Western Standard magazine. Syed Soharwardy, a radical muslim imam was the one who complained to the Alberta Human Rights Commission after having failed to get Levant arrested. Amazingly enough, in Canada, a radical muslim who incites hatred and violence against non-muslims is not only protected by the law, but is able to make a complaint to a human rights commission to squelch the free expression of anyone criticizing ideas such as the ones he holds! Ezra was actually asked by his interrogator what was his intent when he published the cartoons. In other words he may have committed a "thought crime". This is truly something out of "1984". Mark Steyn is also in hot water over publishing excerpts of his book about islam in an article. Western governments are selling out their countries in service to the muslim umma. Ezra gives a summary of what is happening with his case and has video clips of his interrogation:
1. Two years ago, the now-defunct Western Standard magazine reprinted the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. I was the publisher.

2. In response, a radical Muslim imam named Syed Soharwardy asked the Calgary Police Service to arrest me. They didn't, of course. So Soharwardy complained to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, a government agency. Here's his hand-scrawled complaint; here's my reply. For two years, using government lawyers and taxpayers money, they have been pursuing me, infringing on my natural rights of free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

3. On January 11th, a government "human rights officer" interrogated me for 90 minutes. Instead of bowing my head, I used the opportunity to challenge the moral and legal basis of the complaint, and the human rights commission itself.

4. I recorded the interrogation and posted video clips to YouTube. In the past week, they have been viewed nearly 400,000 times and were at one point the fifth most watched videos on all of YouTube. Though Canadian talk radio shows and op-ed columnists have covered the story well, I have seen only one newspaper report on the subject. I can't understand why mainstream reporters and editors do not think it's newsworthy that a publisher can be summoned by a government bureaucrat, and grilled as to his political thoughts. I'm pleased, though, that the support from pundits has come not just from the right, but from the enlightened left.

5. I've got some ideas of what people can do. Although my case is being prosecuted by the hapless, lame-duck provincial government of Alberta, it is politically more likely that change will come first to the federal Canadian Human Rights Commission. That commission is currently hounding columnist Mark Steyn on similar thought crime charges.

6. The blog posts below expand on various details of the case. If you are interested in the videos, they are all posted below, with commentary. Here are three of the more popular clips:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Future Without Oil?

An Israeli electric car project aims to wipe out oil by 2020. Imagine a glorious time in the not-too-distant future when the Arabs are rendered impotent and powerless. Then Israel will finally be able to live in peace without being under constant threat and the west will no longer have a reason to kowtow to the gulf sheikdoms. Funding for the wahabbi mosques and schools and muslim "charities" which front for terrorism will be dried up thus keeping America and the west safe from the spread of islamosupremicism.
Israel today announced backing for Project Better Place, intended to switch motor transportation from oil to electric, and by a massive coincidence one of the project's prime movers, Shai Agassi of Better PLC, was evangelising at the DLD (Digital Life, Design) show in Munich. His objective, he says, is to "take one country off oil in a way that is repeatable." Israel is that country.

And the model is the mobile phone. Really. The point of choosing Israel, says Agassi, is that doing it in a chaotic country is important, and he claims Israel is the most chaotic nation he knows. Plus there are helpful limits to how far you can drive in Israel - the endurance of a electric car on one 'fill up' is about 200km, and that easily covers the furthest you can go within Israel.

New Movie About Islam

An excerpt from Geert Wilders upcoming film about islam. This segment features parts of speeches by president Bush and former PM Tony Blair falsely claiming islam to be a religion of peace and that those who perpetrate terrorism are actually acting against their religion. Western leaders continue to spout such nonsense, no matter that islam has a long and brutal history of perpetrating jihad against infidels and carrying out the violent conquest of non-islamic lands for centuries.

Hat tip najistani

Israel's Internal Enemies

The watchdog group Israel Academia Monitor, has been documenting a disturbing trend of anti-Israel and even antisemitic activity amongst many of the country's self-hating Jewish professors. There have been comparisons of Israel to nazism, false accusations of Israel being an apartheid state, some professors have been encouraging soldiers not to serve in Judea and Samaria. Why are these mentally disturbed individuals even being allowed to teach impressionable young people? Even Israel's current education minister, Yuli Tamir, who was appointed by Olmert in 2006, is an extreme leftist who perversely approved a text book which teaches the nakba(tragedy)version of Israel's founding to the country's Arab school children. Yet she believes Orthodox women are "too right wing" to be employed through National Service institutions as teachers. What future is there for zionism when Israel's current educational system is denigrating the very idea of a Jewish state, placing a guilt trip over being an Israeli Jew and replacing the teaching of Zionist values with the perspective of Israel's genocidal enemies? This politically correct version of Israeli history is detrimental to the country's survival. And what a wonderful propaganda coup it must be for Israel's many enemies to hear prominent Israelis publicly and viciously malign Israel and falsely accuse it of horrible crimes. Israel will be destroyed by its radical leftists from within before the Arabs will ever have the chance.
JERUSALEM – Israeli college professors who label their country a Nazi apartheid regime, teach that the Bible is full of myths, urge the downfall of the Jewish state, and speak at conventions calling for the boycott of Israel?

Universities in Jerusalem that give awards to academic papers complaining Jewish soldiers don't rape enough Arab women and encourage students to protest the antiterror policies of the Israeli military?

These trends are rampant across college campuses here, according to one website – Israel Academia Monitor – which has been documenting what it calls the anti-Israel, at times anti-Semitic behavior of the senior staff at major Israeli universities.

Some 20 to 25 percent of the humanities and social sciences staff in Israel's universities and colleges have "expressed extreme anti-Zionist positions," according to Israel Academia Monitor.

"In addition [the university staff] have engaged in public demonstrations, prepared and signed petitions addressed to Israeli soldiers to disobey their commanders' orders and not serve in Judea and Samaria, and have been active in encouraging academic organizations abroad to boycott Israel Universities and academics," states a new Monitor position paper made available online.

In one of hundreds of recent documented examples, Israel Academia Monitor's website lists Dan Bar-On, a psychology professor at Israel's Ben Gurion University, who penned an article in a Palestinian journal this past April arguing alleged Israeli "aggression" against Palestinians is morally equivalent to the Holocaust.

"Some of the aggression that the Jews did not exercise against the Germans, they are expressing against Palestinians," stated Bar-On.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Israeli Doctors Save Third World Children

The evil racist Zionist entity provides free medical care to patients in the third world, even from enemy countries. There is such a stark contrast between Israel's humanitarian, civilized values compared to her barbaric enemies who have no value for life, not even of their own children. Yet none of these humanitarian contributions by Israel alters how it is treated in the international arena where it is consistently demonized in international forums and by leftists as being a brutal state. Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), an Israel-based humanitarian organization, will perform its first open heart surgery on a child from Kenya at the Wolfson Medical Center (WMC) in Holon Monday. The patient is a seven-year-old child with a large hole between the two main chambers of his heart, making even simple activities strenuous.

Kenya has been rocked by violence since elections two weeks ago that opposition leaders say was rigged.

SACH provides Israeli expertise free-of-charge to children with heart malfunctions around Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Many patients come from enemy countries, including the Palestinian Authority and Iraq.

Hamas to Blame For Gaza Crisis Says Arab Editor

Its funny that while the western media is blaming Israel solely for the situation in Gaza, an Arab editor as well as PA officials, are blaming hamas.
A prominent Arab editor on Monday blamed Hamas for the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip, saying the Islamist movement had acted "stupidly" by firing rockets at Israel.

A masked Palestinian gunman stands next to a burning tire during an IDF operation in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis.
Photo: AP

Meanwhile, sources close to Hamas said some of the movement's leaders had instructed all Palestinian factions to stop firing rockets and mortars at Israel.

According to the sources, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was one of those behind the decision to halt the attacks.

However, other Hamas leaders, including Mahmoud Zahar, Said Siam and Ahmed Ja'bari, commander of Hamas's armed wing, Izaddin Kassam, have rejected the decision, the sources added...

PA Information Minister Riad al-Malki has said that the crises is the result of hamas trying to create an islamic republic in Gaza. And another PA official accused hamas of deliberately creating a humanitarian crises for the purpose of rallying the Arab and muslim masses against the PA and Israel. How strange is it that at least on this particular story there is more evenhanded coverage coming from some of the Arab press than the western press, and more truthful statements from some in the PA than among western leaders.
...A top PA official in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that Hamas was "holding more than 1.5 million Palestinians hostage" in an attempt to rally the Arab and Muslim masses against the PA and Israel.

"Of course, we strongly condemn the Israeli measures against the residents of the Gaza Strip, but Hamas is also responsible for what's happening there," he said. "Unfortunately, the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are paying a heavy price for Hamas's irresponsible actions."

The official also accused Hamas of ordering owners of bakeries to keep their businesses closed for the second day running to create a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. "Hamas is preventing people from buying bread," he said. "They want to deepen the crisis so as to serve their own interests."

The official said that contrary to Hamas's claims, there is enough fuel and flour to keep the bakeries in the Gaza Strip operating for another two months. "Hamas members have stolen most of the fuel in the Gaza Strip to fill their vehicles," he said.

Palestinians Attack News Crew

Dramatic footage of a news crew being fired upon by palestinian snipers. This news crew was covering the incident of the Ecuadoran Kibbutz volunteer murdered by palestinian snipers, and shortly afterward themselves became the targets of these palestinian terrorists.

The Media's Consistent Anti-Israel Bias

The media, as usual, is giving a contorted picture of the situation in Gaza. This time by falsely reporting that Israel has cut off all electricity in the strip. In actuality nearly three quarters of Gaza's electricity supply, which is provided by Israel and Egypt, has not been interrupted. In fact hamas is the one who shut down Gaza's only power plant which provides 30% of its electricity. Some media outlets ignore altogether the qassams being fired from Gaza which forced Israel to cut off fuel supplies. Reporters don't give a damn about providing their readers or viewers with accurate and factual information when it comes to the Middle East. They only look to spin their coverage to whatever scenario proves the most damaging to Israel's image. The media consistently gets it wrong when it comes to reporting about Israel vis a vis the palestinians or any of its other enemies. There is no interest on their part whatsoever to correct themselves. It's all very frustrating to see Israel demonized and blamed over and over again for situations which they are not at fault for causing.
Today's headlines include the LA Times's "Gaza dark amid Israeli blockade" and The Guardian's "Gaza plunged into darkness as Israeli fuel blockade takes effect". Similar headlines appear in many media outlets. You could be forgiven for thinking that Israel has cut off the entire electricity supply to the Gaza Strip.

Despite ongoing Qassam attacks from the territory, Israel has not switched off the electricity. In fact, Hamas itself shut down Gaza's only power station after inviting the media to watch it do so.

The mainstream media ultimately assisted Hamas in creating the impression of a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The fact is Israel has restricted fuel supplies in response to the terrorism emanating from Gaza but continues to provide the Palestinians with electricity.

The Times of London omits this vital fact altogether in a story headlined "Darkness falls on Gaza as Israel takes revenge for rocket attacks". AFP, while quoting Israeli officials, also omitted the facts leaving readers with the impression that Israel is simply denying responsibility.

While Gazans are undoubtedly suffering, the dark picture painted by the mainstream media is different from the reality. As the Israel's Foreign Ministry notes, the supply of electricity to Gaza from the Israel and the Egyptian power grids (124 Megawatts and 17 Megawatts respectively) has continued uninterrupted. These 141 Megawatts of power represents about three quarters of Gaza's electricity needs.

Israel Electric Company workers' committee chairman Miko Zarfati goes further:

"This is Palestinian spin. No one has stopped the supply of electricity to the Strip," Zarfati told Ynet. He claimed that his employees worked day and night in a power plant in Ashkelon while putting themselves in danger of being hit by Qassam rockets falling in the area.

The Gaza power plant only produces 30% of the electricity consumed in the Strip while Israel supplies the rest.

"It is simply offensive and arrogant for them to claim that there is shortage," Zarfati said....

"The situation is totally absurd. We're continuing to supply them electricity despite the (demand) overload for electricity in Israel and despite the fact that Israeli residents and Electric Company workers that are being sent to Gaza Vicinity communities are under threat from Qassam rockets," Zarfati railed.

Ha'aretz also reports that despite the blackout in Gaza City, southern and central Gaza - which receive electricity from Israel and Egypt directly - were not affected by the shutdown.

Hamas manipulation of the media is evident in an AP story that reported "Children marched through dark streets holding candles, an angry Hamas TV announcer shouted at the camera "We are being killed, we are starving!"

Once again, the mainstream media has wittingly or unwittingly fallen into the Hamas trap. By plunging Gaza into darkness, the terrorist organization has managed to shift the story away from its own responsibility for the Qassams and terror on Sderot. Instead, Israel's image is taking a beating for a perceived humanitarian crisis of Hamas's own making.

Islam is Incompatible With Western Civilization

Here is an excellent counter argument to those who foolishly insist terrorism directed at America is a response to American policy in the Mideast, support for Israel, imperialism, colonialism, etc., and the entire litany of supposed grievances the muslim world has against us. The fact is that America has had conflicts with the muslim world since its independence. During the time of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and John Adams, the barbary pirates would terrorize and hijack American merchant ships and enslave their crews. In fact the U.S. navy was formed for the very purpose of protecting American shipping from the barbary pirates, who were the muslim terrorists of that time. The barbary leaders considered piracy as justifiable jihad. So the bottom line that western elites and liberals refuse to get through their thick skulls, is that islamic terrorism is motivated not by anything we do, but by the incompatibility of islam with western civilizational values of tolerance and freedom. Muslims believe it to be their religious duty as written in the koran and hadiths to wage jihad until a worldwide islamic caliphate is established and to subjugate and enslave infidels under their barbaric medieval- minded rule. We are not to blame, it is muslim hatred and intolerance toward Christians, Jews and all other non-muslims which is the cause of terrorism.
The fundamental premise of much scholarly examination and public discourse is that grievances with U.S. policies in the Middle East motivate Islamist terrorism. Such assumptions, though, misunderstand the enemy and its nature. In reality, the conflict is sparked not by grievance but rather by incompatibility between Islamist ideology and the natural rights articulated during the European Enlightenment and incorporated into U.S. political culture. Acquiescing to political grievances will not alter the fundamental incompatibility between Lockean precepts of tolerance and current interpretations of Islam: Only Islam’s fundamental reform will resolve the conflict.

Many scholars mark the post-World War I partition of the Ottoman Empire as the origin of Islamist opposition to the West.[1] The idea that the Middle East would be a tolerant, prosperous contributor to the global environment today if World War I victors had left intact the Ottoman Empire is a premise in the literature accompanying the rise of twentieth-century jihadism. Historian David Fromkin argued in his influential A Peace to End All Peace that present day Muslim unrest is the direct result of Winston Churchill’s early twentieth-century decisions.[2] British journalist Robert Fisk also holds British officials responsible although he prefers to blame Arthur Balfour, foreign secretary between 1916 and 1919.[3] Both authors are wrong, though, to base their theories of grievance on such arbitrary demarcation of eras. The roots of jihadism and its opposition to the United States as part of the non-Muslim West were cast long before World War I erupted. The interaction between the United States and Muslim states and societies dates back to American independence.[4] Contemporary jihadism is not the result of accumulated grievance; rather it has for cultural reasons been an integral factor in Islamic societies’ interaction with the United States.
ContinueHat tip Israpundit

Monday, January 21, 2008

Israel's Cannibalistic Enemies

According to hezbollah terror leader hassan nasrallah, hezbollah possesses body parts of Israeli soldiers left on the battlefields of south Lebanon during the summer 2006 war. He made this claim speaking before thousands at some annual savage medieval shiite ritual. This is the only "religion" who's idea of a celebration is to scream for bloodshed and boast of human body parts as trophies.
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, making a rare public appearance, said on Saturday his guerrilla group possessed body parts of Israeli soldiers left on southern Lebanon's battlefields during the war in 2006.

Addressing hundreds of thousands of cheering Shi'ite Muslim followers in southern Beirut during the annual Ashura religious rally, Nasrallah also said he would respond to Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty if they did not cease.

That's funny since the very existence of hezbollah, an Iranian and Syrian proxy, violates the sovereignty of Lebanon.

..."Oh Zionists your army is lying to you ... your army has left the body parts of your soldiers in our villages and fields," the black-turbaned leader said in a live speech transmitted to the crowd on a huge screen.

"Our mujahideen used to fight these Zionists, killing them and collecting their body parts. I am not talking about regular body parts. I tell the Israelis, we have the heads of your soldiers, we have hands, we have legs."

Nearly 1,200 people in Lebanon, mainly civilians, and 157 Israelis, mostly soldiers, died during the 34-day war.

"There is even a near-complete body, a half or three-quarters of a body, from head, to chest to the torso," said Nasrallah, who earlier walked among the Ashura procession. He last appeared in May at the opening of a book fair in Beirut...

This type of talk about the severed body parts of Jews sends these cannibals into sheer ecstasy. These are the psychotic mutants which Israel is expected to treat with civility as though they are actually human. The next war, and hopefully by then Israel will have real leaders in place, hezbollah cannot be allowed to continue existing. And hopefully head turban nasrallah's own body parts will be left on the battlefield.

...Earlier crowds of men, women and children dressed in black massed in Beirut's southern suburbs, punching their fists in the air and beating their chests in unison as they chanted "We serve you Hussein," as a sign of grief at the killing of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Latest Haveil Havalim

This week's edition of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is featured at Soccerdad.

Another Bizarre Idea from the UK Government

No longer will islamic terrorists be referred to as islamic terrorists by the UK government. From now on terrorism committed by muslims will be referred to by the Orwellian term as having carried out "anti-islamic activity".
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said that extremists were behaving contrary to their faith, rather than acting in the name of Islam.

Security officials believe that directly linking terrorism to Islam is inflammatory, and risks alienating mainstream Muslim opinion.

Actually they are behaving exactly as their faith commands. So according to the British government, acknowledging the obvious, that terrorism is linked to islam, is infammatory, not the incitement and violence perpetrated by the muslim terrorists themselves. And why aren't these mainstream muslims alienated from the psychotic, murderous behavior of their co-religionists rather than the authorities or other British citizens who use the correct phrase, "islamic terrorism"? It's funny about the muslim community which is so hypersensitive to and gets so enraged by the most trivial matters pertaining to cartoons, muhamed named teddy bears and the word "terrorism", yet no such fury about the mass murder, beheadings, stonings, genital mutilation of women, "honor" killings and the like within their own culture. Perhaps these mainstream muslims which the UK government goes out of its way to avoid offending their fragile sensibilities, are not the kind of peaceful members of society which could be trusted to work with authorities to weed out terrorists amongst them.

...In her first major speech on radicalisation, Miss Smith repeatedly used the phrase "anti-Islamic".

In one passage she said: "As so many Muslims in the UK and across the world have pointed out, there is nothing Islamic about the wish to terrorise, nothing Islamic about plotting murder, pain and grief.

"Indeed, if anything, these actions are anti-Islamic'.

Another section referred to enlisting the Muslim community against "anti-Islamic activity".

Her words were chosen to reflect new Government strategy on labelling the terrorists and their recruiting agents.

The shift follows a decision taken last year to stop using the phrase "war on terror", first adopted by U.S. President Bush.

Officials were concerned it could act as a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, which is determined to manufacture a battle between the values of Islam and the West.

The strategy emerging across Government is to portray terrorists as nothing more than cold-blooded murderers who are not fighting for any religious cause.

Al Qaeda inspired terrorism is instead being described by key figures as "more like a death cult".

Last night the Home Office stressed that no phrases have been "banned".

But senior Whitehall sources have made it clear that the "war on terror" and "Islamic extremism" will not be used again by people at the top of Government or those involved in counterterrorism strategy...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Israel Successfully Tests Missile

Israel successfully tested a long-range nuclear capable ballistic missile as a show of strength to the genocidal Iranian mullah regime.
It was launched from the top-secret Palmachim air base south of Tel Aviv, home to a number of highly sensitive Israeli weapon systems including the Arrow anti-missile defence battery.

Israeli officials declined to comment publicly about the launching, but unnamed officials quoted in the Israeli press expressed satisfaction at both the launch and its impact across the region.

"There was great joy after the results of the test became clear," one security source said. "Whoever is watching what is happening in Israel will understand what he has to understand."

Regional defence experts said Israel has begun a programme to extend the range of its existing Jericho-2 ground attack missiles.

The Jericho-3 is planned to have a range of 2,500 miles which brings all of Iran within range.

Iran is currently under international sanctions for failing to comply with inspectors into its developing nuclear programme. America, Israel and much of the international community suspect Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons.

While Israel has never confirmed it has nuclear weapons, it is the worst kept secret in the Middle East that the Jewish State acquired them years ago.

A recent article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said American intelligence concluded as early as 1974 Israel had stockpiled nuclear weapons, and that the early Jericho ground-to-ground missile system was designed for nuclear warheads.

"Everybody can do the math and understand that the significance is that we can reach with a rocket engine to every point in the world," Isaac Ben-Israel, a retired army general and Tel Aviv University professor who is now an MP, said.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, often hints at the destruction of Israel and in his latest speech, given before news of the test launch, he again attacked the Jewish state.

"The Zionist regime ... would not dare attack Iran," he said, "The Iranian response would make them regret it, and they know this."

The Israeli test was regarded as a technological breakthrough for Israel Aerospace Industries, manufactures of the missile system, as it showed the missile could be fitted with a dual-stage engine.

One Israeli commentator suggested the launch was ordered by the government to detract worsening public criticism of its inability to stop rockets hitting Israel fired by Palestinian militants inside Gaza.

The Manchurian Candidate

The guy who I will refer to as the manchurian candidate, that meglomaniac, barack obama, is not only bad for America, but is also bad for Israel. There's a reason why he has the overwhelming support of the Arab-American community. Despite his speeches and what he may proclaim publicly regarding Israel to AIPAC and other Jewish groups, obama has a penchant for associating with antisemites and haters of Israel. To briefly summarize:

Of all the churches he could have joined, he chose the Trinity United Community Church. The church is headed by Jeremiah Wright, also Obama's closest confidant and supporter of racist, antisemite louis farrakhan, who the church honored with its most prestigious award. Although Obama publicly repudiated farrakhan's views, nevertheless actions speak louder than words, and the fact that Obama remains a member of the church which honored him is more significant than anything he has said critical of farrakhan. It tells me he really doesn't have a problem with the vicious bigotry spewed by farrakhan. And of course the fact that he is close to another racist and antisemite, Jeramiah Wright also shows where his true feelings lie. Here is what Obama's closest confidant, Jeremiah Wright is all about. He has falsely accused Israel of illegally occupying "palestinian" lands. He has compared Israel to apartheid era South Africa and has advocated that businesses should divest from Israel and accused it of racism. Wright has also traveled to Libya with farrakhan to visit gaddafi.

George Soros is Obama's largest financial contributor. Soros is well known for his anti-Israel positions and has blamed Israel for the increase in worldwide antisemitism. He has also called for concessions to hamas. He expressed a desire to end American support for Israel.

Obama also attended a fundraiser held at the home of former Knicks basketball player Allan Houston, who has proclaimed that Jews have Jesus' blood on their hands. The Obama campaign refused to return campaign contributions made by Houston.

Among Obama's foreign policy advisors is the viciously anti-Israel and former Carter administration official Zbigniew Bzrezinski. This was an administration which not only presided over, but facilitated the fall of the Shah of Iran and the rise to power of the ayatollah khomeini and the islamic revolution. The Carter administration was an overall foreign policy disaster. Do we want to revert back to the Carter era appeasement approach to the Middle East? Yet despite this massive failure, Zbigniew Bzrezinski fancies himself as this brilliant foreign affairs expert. Bzrezinski has defended and agrees with Walt and Mearsheimer's assessement of a vast Jewish lobby shaping American policy towards the Middle East. He has also written a letter demanding dialogue with hamas. He has written many article over the years vilifying Israel and blaming it for all the troubles in the Middle East. He critized Israel for defending itself against hezbollah after its soldiers were kidnapped and murdered by the group in the summer of '06. Brzezinski's son, Mark is also an advisor and he has advocated America forge ties with Iran. There are also a number of other foreign policy advisors hostile to Israel and in favor of American appeasement of its enemies. Obama himself wants a dialogue with the genocidal mullah regime in Iran. And he has excused attacks against American troops in Iraq by saying we have provoked it through our invasion.

What has enabled Barack Obama to come so far so fast? Is he indeed the real life Manchurian candidate? Despite his lack of experience he actually believes he is the most qualified and has the best judgement over all of the other far more experienced candidates. Read the entire analysis of how Obama is bad for Israel, in the American Thinker