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Putin Projects His Own Behavior onto U.S.

Russia's dictator Pootie poot has accused the U.S. of doing what he himself is guilty of, which is orchestrating the Georgian conflict with an ulterior motive in mind. He has accused the U.S. of encouraging Georgia to attack South Ossetia all for the benefit of getting John McCain elected. I have read about Obama worshippers repeating this absurd charge. Why is our government even dignifying this accusation with a response? Anyway as is quite obvious, Russia itself orchestrated its South Ossetia proxies to attack Georgia in order to provoke a military response from Georgia, which in turn would provide Russia with an excuse to invade Georgia and take control of Caspian energy resources and destroy a pipeline built for the purpose of bypassing Russia and Iran which would bring oil to Europe.

SOCHI, Russia (CNN) -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of orchestrating the conflict in Georgia to benefit one of its presidential election candidates.

Russian PM Vladimir Putin has accused the U.S. of orchestrating the conflict in Georgia.
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In an exclusive interview with CNN's Matthew Chance in the Black Sea city of Sochi on Thursday, Putin said the U.S. had encouraged Georgia to attack the autonomous region of South Ossetia.

Putin said his defense officials had told him it was done to benefit a presidential candidate -- Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama are competing to succeed George W. Bush -- although he presented no evidence to back it up.

"U.S. citizens were indeed in the area in conflict," Putin said. "They were acting in implementing those orders doing as they were ordered, and the only one who can give such orders is their leader." Watch Putin accuse the United States »

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino blasted Putin's statements, saying they were "patently false."

"To suggest that the United States orchestrated this on behalf of a political candidate just sounds not rational," she said.

U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Robert Wood concurred and labeled Putin's statements "ludicrous."

"Russia is responsible for the crisis," Wood said in an off-camera meeting with reporters in Washington on Thursday. "For the Russians to say they are not responsible for what happened in Georgia is ludicrous. ... Russia is to blame for this crisis, and the world is responding to what Russia has done."

The Islamization of Britain Rolls On

I cannot for the life of me, fathom why a once great country would deliberately facilitate the destruction of its own culture and way of life. But that is exactly what Great Britain is doing, self-destructing before our very eyes, willingly allowing a barbaric medieval death cult to take over the country and its most cherished political and cultural institutions. Brits have apparently no will to fight, so demoralized have they become. In the not too distant future, England will be unrecognizable as will the rest of Europe eventually.

Two recent stories showcase England's decline.

Members of the Huddersfield planning subcommittee granted permission to turn a historic sports club into a mosque.

CONTROVERSIAL plans to turn an historic sports club site into a mosque have been given the green light by councillors.

Hundreds of people objected to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s plan to transform The Pavilion at Fartown into a mosque and community centre.

But yesterday, members of Huddersfield’s planning sub-committee granted permission, agreeing that the association’s plans would breathe new life into the site off Spaines Road and be of huge benefit to the community.

Munir Ahmed, president of the Huddersfield branch of the AMA, told the Examiner that he was thrilled with the decision.

He said: “We are delighted, particularly as it was a unanimous decision by the council and they understood exactly what we aim to achieve with the site.

In another development concerning the islamization of Britain, Islamosupremacists have commanded that ALL elected members of Left-wing Tower Hamlets Council in East London must follow the strict islamic dietary laws during ramadan, regardless of whether they are muslim or not. From sunrise to sundown during ramadan, they must abstain from food, drink, gum chewing, tobacco and any kind of sexual contact. This is what occurs when you give muslims power, they will enforce their will and way of life upon the rest of us. WILL THIS MESSAGE FINALLY GET THROUGH TO WESTERN LIBERALS? Will they finally throw off the shackles of political correctness and acknowledge that multiculturalism has been a disaster, that all cultures are not equally worthy and that islam does not belong in the west and that its ok, even necessary, to favor and preserve our own culture and loudly and proudly say that western civilization is superior to all others?

Councillors have been ordered not to eat during town hall meetings while Muslim colleagues fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

All elected members at Left-wing Tower Hamlets Council in East London have been sent an email asking them to follow strict Islamic fasting during September no matter what their faith.

As well as restricting food and drink until after sunset, the authority's leaders have decided to reduce the number of meetings throughout the month so they do not clash with the requirements of Ramadan.

The seven remaining meetings scheduled to take place will also include special prayer breaks to accommodate Muslim councillors.

But some members of the Labour-run council say the demands favour one religious group over the others.

Dr Stephanie Eaton, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said she would ignore the restrictions.

She said: 'The Liberal Democrats have enormous respect for the contribution of all faith groups and cultures to the life of the community of Tower Hamlets.

'But we fervently believe that the rules of any one religion should not be imposed upon others.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Match Made in Hell

Iran and neo-nazi thug Hugo Chavez are plotting to have Jewish businessmen traveling to Venezuela abducted and smuggled to Lebanon. Hezbollah and Iranian revolutionary guard terrorists have been deployed in Venezuela to carry out such an operation. But anti-Zionism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism so we are told. Chavez and Ahmadenijad, these two wannabee hitlers, are a match made in hell and an ongoing threat to the security of America and Israel. Both of these regimes need to be taken out ASAP.

Agents of Hizbullah and Iran's Revolutionary Guard have deployed special forces in Venezuela intended to kidnap Jewish businessmen and smuggle them to Lebanon, Israel Radio reported Thursday.

An expert on counter-terrorism warned in an interview with The Los Angeles Times that Iranian-backed agents have managed to recruit collaborators among Venezuelan citizens living in the capital Caracas.

The collaborators are supposed to observe traffic at the Caracas airport and around it in order to collect information on Jewish travelers there.

Hizbullah has strengthened its grasp of Venezuela following the warm relationship that grew between Venezuela and Iran.

Experts quoted by the Times warned that Venezuela might become a base out of which Hizbullah could carry out terror attacks.

More Obama Hypocrisy

Obama, in his coronation speech gave a plea for a new brand of politics. This coming from a guy who is a product of the OLD style corrupt gangster politics of the Chicago Daley machine. This is the only reason he has come so far in such a short period of time with a scant amount of experience.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

She seems like a good choice, and by making the daring choice of a woman, McCain not only has targeted Hillary Clinton voters, but has stolen Hussein's thunder the morning after his big coronation spectacle, complete with a replica of a Greek temple and fireworks. I didn't watch it, as I am not a mashochist. Anyway, I wonder how that egomaniac is handling the fact that the spotlight has been taken away from him today after all the money and effort put into that tacky show? Because to simply have made his acceptance speech in the convention hall as is traditionally done, was not good enough for a megalomaniac such as Barack Hussein Obama. Go McCain!

But can you believe that already the Obama-worshipping media is wondering if she has the experience to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, and the Obama campaign itself actually has the chutzpah to say that Governor Palin has "zero" foreign policy experience. Do they really want to go there considering the guy who would actually BE president should the democratic ticket win, can claim as the extent of his foreign policy experience, that he attended grammar school in Indonesia? I sincerely do hope the Obama campaign is foolish enough to make experience the issue in this campaign .

There is No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Contrary to the claims of anti-Israel propaganda groups such as Free Gaza, gasoline and tons of humanitarian aid, food and medicine is being allowed through the Erez crossing. The bottom line is, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. On the Gaza side of the border, tunnels are built to smuggle weapons. The crossing itself has been used for terrorist attacks against Israel.

Russian-Backed War Crimes

South Ossetian war criminals with the backing of Russian army are ethnically cleansing Georgian villages in the Russian created buffer zone just north of Gori. They are torching houses, beating elderly people and murdering civilians, looting, raping and deliberately starting forest fires. The Russians always have been and continue to be barbarians. During the cold war, conservatives assumed Russian behavior was a product of its communist system and that when communism was defeated, so too, they believed, was the end of the evil empire. But Russia's monsterous behavior was then and is now, a product of the Russian character and culture. It is still not a democracy and is still a place where political opponents and reporters who criticize the regime are being assassinated. Putin and the Russian army should be tried as war criminals.

Russian-backed paramilitaries are “ethnically cleansing” villages on Georgian soil, refugees and officials told The Times yesterday.

South Ossetian militiamen have torched houses, beaten elderly people and even murdered civilians in the lawless buffer zone set up by the Russian Army just north of Gori. The violence, close to the border with the breakaway republic recognised by Russia this week as independent, has prompted a new wave of refugees into Gori, 40 miles north of Tbilisi.

People who had started to return to their villages in the area are now fleeing for a second time, joined by many elderly people who had refused to leave their homes when the Russians invaded two weeks ago.

A straggle of refugees gathered yesterday at the feet of a giant statue of Josef Stalin, Gori’s infamous native son, to register with the local authorities and the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, for emergency supplies and accommodation in three tent cities being built near a football stadium.

“They had no uniform — I think they were Ossetians,” said Siyala Sereteli, 73, who fled her village of Irganeteye the previous day when irregular forces arrived. Weeping, she lifted her sleeve to show a deep bruise inflicted by a blow from a rifle stock. “They took everything they wanted, even the fans. They beat up a man using sticks and a chair and then threw him in the river,” she said.

Other refugees were clustered in the shabby city hall, trying to glean news of relatives still inside the buffer zone, which Russia said it had established to prevent Georgian attacks on South Ossetians, many of whom hold Russian passports. A look of deep shock froze the face of Oliko Gnolidze when she managed to make contact on her mobile phone with an uncle, Nodari Jashiashvili, in Tkviai, about a 20-minute drive away.

“There is panic here, they are burning houses,” came the crackly voice of her uncle. “I don’t know what to do. Ossetians are in the village.” Ms Gnolidze, 38, said that in earlier conversations her uncle had told her that only a few people remained in the village, with Ossetian irregulars looting under the noses of Russian troops, described by Moscow as “peacekeepers”. She said the Russians had forced her uncle to cook a meal for them, after which he had fled and hidden in nearby woods.

Shorta Kharadze, a 45-year-old lorry driver, returned to Gori from Tbilisi, where he had sheltered during the fighting, after his mother’s neighbours from the village of Megheverizkevi told him that she had been murdered by South Ossetian militiamen.

Looking gaunt, Mr Kharadze said the neighbours had telephoned him to say that two men in uniform had come to the home of his 77-year-old mother, Oliya, and demanded to know why she hadn’t left the village. She had been wounded in the arm during the fighting in the area but had refused to leave.

“They beat her with an axe handle. There’s a pond in our yard — she fell near it and they pushed her in. I don’t know if she was still alive when they pushed her in or if she drowned,” Mr Kharadze said.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biden has Ties to Pro-Iran Regime Groups

An expose' on Senator Joe Biden's ties to pro-Iranian regime lobbying groups. I expect any day now for the release of a book by Walt and Mearsheimer detailing how FAIRPAC- the Foundation for American Iranian Rapprochement and IAPAC-Iranian-American Political Action Committee, and wealthy Iranians, are using their power to negatively impact America's policy towards Iran and the Middle East, influencing our government to act against America's best interests. I am also waiting for like-minded groups and individuals who hysterically rant about the pro-Israel lobby, to warn Americans of these Iranian groups. As it turns out, the Israel lobby actually pales in comparison to the lobbying power of its enemies. Yet you would never know that from the disproportionate focus AIPAC receives compared to the virtually non-existent attention given to very powerful lobbies representing not only the Iranian regime but repressive Arab terror regimes such as saudi Arabia. The existence of these lobbying groups do not bother leftists, nor do their nefarious activities.

Because of the money these groups have provided to Biden, he has opposed economic sanctions on Iran, voted against declaring Iran's revolutionary guards a terrorist organization, and advocates a policy of rapprochement with the mullah regime which has threatened to annihilate Israel and has been responsible for killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq and provides money, arms and training to hamas and hezbollah.

This also tells us all we need to know about what kind of a policy toward Iran we can expect from an Obama administration with Biden's influence as Vice President.

Sen. Barack Obama and his newly-picked running mate, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, may have sparred during the primaries. But on one issue they are firmly united: the need to forge closer ties to the government of Iran.

Kaveh Mohseni, a spokesman for the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran, calls Biden “a great friend of the mullahs.”

He notes that Biden’s election campaigns “have been financed by Islamic charities of the Iranian regime based in California and by the Silicon Iran network,” a loosely-knit group of wealthy Iranian-American businessmen and women seeking to end the U.S. trade embargo on Iran.

“In exchange, the senator does his best to aid the mullahs,” Mohseni argues.

Biden’s ties to pro-Tehran lobbying groups are no secret. But so far, the elite media has avoided even mentioning the subject.

Just recently, Biden was one of 16 U.S. senators who voted against a bill that would add Iran’s Revolutionary Guards corps to the State Department’s list of international terrorist organizations, because of its involvement in murdering U.S. troops in Iraq.

Rather than sanction those in power in Tehran, Biden and Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel have argued that the United States should offer Tehran a greater role in Iraq’s domestic affairs.

At a March 2002 conference in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the American-Iranian Council (AIC), Biden made the case for closer U.S. ties to the government of Iran. “I believe than an improved relationship with Iran is in the naked self-interest of the United States of America," Biden said.

At that same meeting, top Bush administration official Zalmay Khalilzad – today, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations –poured cold water on Biden’s hopes.

"We had hoped that after the 11 September attacks, the Iranian regime would end its support for terrorists", Khaliazad said. "But Iran did not stop its support for terror. Indeed, the hard-line elements of the Iranian regime facilitated the movement of Al-Qa’eda terrorists escaping from Afghanistan” and sheltered them in Iran.

Biden offered to sponsor a meeting of Iranian and American parliamentarians in Washington - or any place else, if the Iranians had problems coming to the United States. No one in Iran ever took up his offer.

Several Congressional Democrats attempted to travel to Tehran last December to meet with Iranian parliamentarians, but were denied visas by the Iranian regime, one of the Members of Congress involved in the initiative told Newsmax.

Olmert Government Afraid to Defend Israel

The Olmert government, wanting to exempt itself of the responsibility for the defense of Israel, is trying to make it appear that Washington is preventing it from launching a military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. They are claiming that the U.S. has offered to deploy the X-band missile defense system, which can detect incoming missiles from 500-600 miles as opposed to Israel's current Arrow system which can only detect missiles from 100 miles out, in exchange for Israel not to attack Iran without U.S. permission. The U.S. has denied there was a quid-pro-quo and in fact has implied it would stand behind Israel, should it attack Iran.

Israel cannot survive with such infantile, weak-willed leaders at the helm. If this government is too squeamish and feckless to accept the responsibility of defending the country and chooses instead to behave like frightened children waiting for the U.S. to protect it or blame the U.S. for its own inaction, these useless non-leaders should step down and allow Israel to be run by those who have the will and strength to lead it. Leaders like it had in the past during the six day war and the Yom Kippur war or when it bombed Iraq's Osirak nuclear plant.

Caroline Glick explains the situation in another one of her brilliant articles:
The Olmert-Livni-Barak government is apparently maneuvering to stand down on Iran, and they’d like the US to be blamed for their timidity. A careful reading of a bizarre article in Sunday’s edition of Ha’aretz brings this point home clearly.

The report details Israel’s recent agreement with the US to deploy the X-Band high powered early warning radar system in Israel. The system will be manned by a team of three US military personnel from a trailer somewhere in the Negev.

The US’s willingness to deploy the system is largely the consequence of ardent lobbying efforts by US Congressman Mark Kirk. Kirk’s successful push for the deployment of the X-Band system in Israel is a great boon for the country’s defensive capabilities. The X-Band system can detect incoming
missiles from 500-600 miles. Currently, Israel’s early warning system is only able to detect missiles from 100 miles out. The earlier detection capacity means that in the event of an Iranian attack, Israel’s Arrow missiles will be able to intercept and destroy incoming missiles before they reach Israeli territory and so even their debris will fall outside the country.

BUT ACCORDING to unnamed Israeli “defense officials” who spoke with Ha’aretz, the price that Israel will be forced to pay for this increased defensive capacity is prohibitive. Those “defense officials” claim that the US forced Israel to agree that in exchange for the X-Band system, Israel will not attack Iran either preemptively or retroactively without US permission, because were Israel to attack Iran, the three American guys and their trailer could become a target for an Iranian missile.

If Ha’aretz and the “defense officials” are right, then that means that Defense Minister Ehud Barak - who concluded the deal with US Defense Secretary Robert Gates during his visit to Washington last month - agreed to concede Israel’s right to take whatever action it deems necessary to prevent
its national destruction. Barak conceded Israel’s right to prevent its own annihilation in exchange for three guys and a trailer and the capacity to live with a greater sense of security under Iranian nuclear threat. This sense of security will last for as long as Iran doesn’t develop satellite-based warheads or for as long as Iran doesn’t prove the X-Band radar or the Arrow 3 missiles incapable of actually intercepting incoming nuclear warheads.

Since Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and all their colleagues in the government have been silent on the deal, it can be assumed that they back Barak’s move. So again, acting on the authority of the entire Kadima-Labor-Shas government, according to “defense officials,” and Ha’aretz, Barak just agreed to give up Israel’s right to attack Iran’s nuclear installations. And the Americans made him do it.

THE HA’ARETZ report did not include any mention of attempts to verify the “defense officials” claims with the Americans. And in a telephone interview with The Jerusalem Post on Sunday night, Kirk vociferously denied their allegations.

“There is no quid pro quo,” he said.

“You mean that the US did not say that in exchange for deploying the X-Band system Israel needs to receive US permission to attack Iran?”

“No, the US made no such demand,” Kirk said.

“The basic idea is that a US ally getting nuked is a bad thing. The X-Band system increases the likelihood that such an attack would fail,” he continued.

Moreover, far from sending a message that the US would work to block an Israeli preemptive attack against Iran, Kirk argued that the deployment of the X-Band system manned by a US crew “will send a message to Iran, that Israel has powerful political support from its ally against any Iranian threat.”

Kirk also argued that the US will support a decision by Israel’s government to attack Iran. As he put it, “If the Israeli government makes the difficult decision [that it must launch a preemptive attack against Iran], that is when Israel will need its allies the most. And that is when the US will be
called in to show what it means to have us as an ally.”

The Truth About the Bosnian Civil War

Just as in the case of Israel, the Serbs have also been the victims of a global media propaganda campaign demonizing them, when in fact the Serbs were and continue to be the VICTIMS of muslim atrocities. Dutch solders stationed in Srebrenica during the Bosnian civil war have offered to testify that the Serbs DID NOT commit war crimes against muslim civilians as they passed through their villages which Dutch soldiers were securing. The Dutch soldiers also say that they had to protect themselves from Bosnian muslims rather than protect the muslims from the Serbs.

Some 15 Dutch soldiers of the former Netherlands battalion stationed in Srebrenica during the Bosnian civil war came to Belgrade on Wednesday, offering to testify in the Hague tribunal on behalf of Dr. Karadzic, a member of Radovan Karadzic's defense team Milivoje Ivanisevic told Vecernje Novosti.

"We talked about their possible testimony. They stressed that the Serbs did not commit war crimes against the Muslim civilians when they were passing through several dozen of their villages [in Srebrenica municipality] the Dutch soldiers were securing. They came over at their own expense and said they will testify and invite more of their fellow soldiers to testify too. They left Belgrade on Thursday," Ivanisevic said.

To see how relevant their testimonies would be, Ivanisevic talked to each Dutch soldier who came to Belgrade, individually, about when and where he was and what was he doing. Asked by Vecernje Novosti why haven't they showed up before to say what really happened in Srebrenica, Ivanisevic said he didn't pose that question, but added that Dutch soldiers complained there is a complete repression against them in Holland that had lasted for the past 10 years because they are blamed for allegedly "failing to protect Srebrenica".
It has been more than a decade since the Bosnian civil war and nearly a decade since the Kosovo war, yet the truth is still being buried about what actually happened, as the Serbs are still viewed as the aggressors and muslims the victims when the reality is the reverse. But to speak of this is to be a voice in the wilderness. Its very frustrating to hear clueless people talk about Serbian war crimes since this is the only side of the story they have ever been allowed to hear, the Serbian voice being completely silenced with no one to speak for them and tell their side of the story, no media outlets interested in their plight. Such is the sophistication of muslim PR coupled with a pro-islamist western media.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Secret Talks Over Severing Jerusalem

Condi Rice is pressuring Israel to sign an agreement by the end of the year that would give the Palestinians a state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza as well as eastern Jerusalem. Israeli leaders have got to learn to say no. Israel should start acting like a sovereign nation and not let foreign governments determine if and how she should be carved up, including Judaism’s holiest site. As much as I am disgusted with Rice, I have absolute contempt for Olmert for lacking the fortitude to reject these demands. Furthermore I fail to see how creating another islamic terror state is in America's interest, that motivates secretary Rice to so hastily push this plan.

JERUSALEM – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, completing a visit to the region today, has been pressing Israel to sign a document by the end of the year that would divide Jerusalem by offering the Palestinians a state in Israel's capital city as well as in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, according to top diplomatic sources involved in the talks.

The Israeli team, led by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, has been negotiating the division of Jerusalem – despite claims to the contrary – but would rather conclude an agreement on paper by the end of the year that would give the Palestinians a state in the West Bank, Gaza and some Israeli territory, leaving conclusions on Jerusalem for a later date, the informed diplomatic sources told WND.

The sources said the Palestinian team has been pushing to conclude a deal by January on all core issues, including Jerusalem, and has been petitioning the U.S. to pressure Israel into signing an agreement on paper that offers the Palestinians eastern Jerusalem.

Rice, the sources said, has asked Israeli leaders to bend to what the U.S. refers to as a "compromise position," concluding an Israeli-Palestinian agreement by the end of the year that guarantees sections of Jerusalem to the Palestinians. But Israel would not be required to withdraw from Jerusalem for a period of one to five years.

The diplomatic sources said the plan is that once an Israeli-Palestinian deal is reached on paper by January, Bush would issue an official letter guaranteeing that the U.S. supports the conclusions of the document.

Any Israeli-Palestinian paper agreement is to finalize a process that began at last November's U.S. backed Annapolis conference, which seeks to create a Palestinian state, at least on paper, before Bush leaves office.

One Palestinian negotiator speaking to WND described as "crazy" the intensity and frequency of Israeli-Palestinian talks in recent weeks, saying both sides have been meeting on a daily basis, usually at the highest levels. The negotiator said Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Chief Palestinian Negotiator Ahmed Queri have been leading the talks.

The negotiator said Jerusalem is being discussed by both sides and that the two teams are "closer than ever" on coming to an agreement on the status of the city.

This claim was verified to WND by other diplomatic sources involved in the negotiations.

The Palestinian negotiator said Jerusalem would be divided along the framework of the 2000 U.S.-brokered Camp David accords. He said the general philosophy for dividing Jerusalem would be "Arab for Arab and Jew for Jew," meaning that most Arab-majority eastern sections of Jerusalem would be granted to the Palestinian Authority while Israel would retain Western, Jewish-majority sections.

Settlement Construction on the Rise

Some good news being reported by Peace Now. Housing construction in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria have nearly doubled this year. Of course from the point of view of the folks at Peace Now this is terrible news since they believe that Jews should not be allowed to live in certain areas and advocate the ethnic cleansing of Jews who are already living in Judea and Samaria. These people have nothing to say about illegal Arab building in Jerusalem and Arabs squatting on Jewish owned land, which the police refuse to act upon because of fear throwing them off will provoke Arab riots.

Like Israel's enemies, these self-hating Jews of Peace Now don't really believe in a two state solution but rather an Arab-Muslim state free of Jews and a binational state in place of Israel where eventually muslims will completely take over.

More than 2,600 housing units are under construction in West Bank settlements, including units in more than 1,000 new buildings, Peace Now contends in its semi-annual report.

Basing its conclusions on aerial photographs and field visits, the organization says that slightly more than half of the new structures are going up east of the separation fence, and in several places construction is encroaching on the boundaries of Palestinian towns, such as Ramallah and Bethlehem.

National Bureau of Statistics data shows that construction in settlements jumped from 240 housing units between January and May 2007 to 433 housing units during the same period this year. Housing and Construction Ministry projects account for 64 percent of all building starts cataloged. Advertisement

Peace Now reports an increase of 550 percent in the number of tenders for construction in the settlements: 417 housing units compared to just 65 in 2007; 125 new buildings at outposts, including 30 permanent structures.

The report also addresses construction over the Green Line within Jerusalem's municipal boundaries, an area in which 200,000 Jews now live. East Jerusalem saw an increase in tenders for construction of housing units to 46 this year, from 38 during January-May 2007.

The upshot of its latest report, says Peace Now director Yariv Oppenheimer, is that "Israel is erasing the Green Line through intensive construction intended to create territorial continuity between settlement blocs and isolated settlements in the heart of the West Bank, with this construction approaching Palestinian cities such as Bethlehem and Ramallah."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The New Democratic Party

This may not be an exaggeration considering that president of the jihad supporting Islamic Society of North America, Dr. Ingrid Mattson, will have a major role at the Democratic national convention in Denver by representing the muslim community at the first interfaith prayer service at a democratic nominating convention. The ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization which has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial. This obviously doesn't matter to the democrats who then wonder why they have been given a reputation as weak on national security at the very least, and at worst seen by some as traitorous.

This is what the modern democratic party has come to and who they now represent. All the while they purge themselves of those working and middle class "bitter" folks who cling to guns and the bible. Because by the standards of today's democratic party, evangelical Christians are considered too extreme, intolerant and hateful, however radical muslims are just fine and welcomed into the party fold.

It should come as no surprise that Ingrid Mattson received a standing ovation. Welcome to the new democratic party.

Muslims See Obama as One of Their Own

As much as Barack Hussein Obama would like to hide his muslim background from American voters and falsely claim he has NEVER been a muslim, the islamic world itself views him as either a muslim or an ex-muslim. According to islamic law, having been born to a muslim father is all that is needed to make someone a muslim and his school record from Indonesia has him listed as a muslim. So to point out that Obama was raised a muslim is not a smear, but simply the truth.

Thus, an Egyptian newspaper, Al-Masri al-Youm, refers to his “Muslim origins.” Libyan ruler Mu‘ammar al-Qaddafi referred to Obama as “a Muslim” and a person with an “African and Islamic identity.” One Al-Jazeera analysis calls him a “non-Christian man,” a second refers to his “Muslim Kenyan” father, and a third, by Naseem Jamali, notes that “Obama may not want to be counted as a Muslim but Muslims are eager to count him as one of their own.”

A conversation in Beirut, quoted in the Christian Science Monitor, captures the puzzlement. “He has to be good for Arabs because he is a Muslim,” observed a grocer. “He’s not a Muslim, he’s a Christian,” replied a customer. Retorted the grocer: “He can’t be a Christian. His middle name is Hussein.” Arabic discussions of Obama sometimes mention his middle name as a code, with no further comment needed.

“The symbolism of a major American presidential candidate with the middle name of Hussein, who went to elementary school in Indonesia,” reports Tamara Cofman Wittes of the Brookings Institution from a U.S.-Muslim conference in Qatar, “that certainly speaks to Muslims abroad.” Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times found that Egyptians “don’t really understand Obama’s family tree, but what they do know is that if America — despite being attacked by Muslim militants on 9/11 — were to elect as its president some guy with the middle name ‘Hussein,’ it would mark a sea change in America-Muslim world relations.”

Some American Muslim leaders also perceive Obama as Muslim. The president of the Islamic Society of North America, Sayyid M. Syeed, told Muslims at a conference in Houston that whether Obama wins or loses, his candidacy will reinforce that Muslim children can “become the presidents of this country.” The Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan called Obama “the hope of the entire world” and compared him to his religion’s founder, Fard Muhammad.

BBC Presenter Sympathizes With Taliban

As our soldiers battle the jihadis abroad, among the greatest obstacles they have to overcome in the war effort is the western media, which has effectively taken the side of our islamic jihadist enemies, acting as their public relations arm.

A correspondent for BBC news, Lyse Doucet astonishingly complains that tv reporters are not covering the humanity of the taliban! I would suggest Lyse Doucet spend some time living in Afghanistan amongst the taliban and discover just how humanely they treat women and girls. What alternate universe does she reside in? This woman must be crazy. Does she have to undergo a clitorectomy by the taliban before she faces the truth?

A BBC presenter has attacked coverage of Afghanistan's ongoing war, claiming TV reporters are not covering the 'humanity of the Taliban'.

Lyse Doucet, a presenter and correspondent on BBC World News, was speaking at a discussion of TV reporting of the war in the country.

Doucet, who has been at the BBC since 1983, also spoke out against the nature of the reports on Prince Harry's deployment in Afghanistan.

The veteran correspondent and presenter, who played a key role in the BBC's coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2001, told the Edinburgh International Television Conference: 'What's lacking in the coverage of the Afghans is the sense of the humanity of the Afghans.

'In the Prince Harry coverage for example, there were all these people out there but you never really saw them.

'You knew that the bombs were dropping in that direction and the guns pointing in that direction but you never got a sense of how Afghans are as a people.'

Asked what was missing in British coverage, she added: 'It may sound odd but the humanity of the Taliban, because the Taliban are a wide, very diverse group of people.

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Islamic Horror Stories

Check out this slide show of Pakistani women who were victims of acid attacks which are commonplace in the depraved, cruel and brutally misogynistic culture of islam where "men" expect complete subservience from women and where women are not even treated as human and are nothing more than the property of men. One 16 year old girl was burned by her father when she was 5 while sleeping, because he didn't want another girl in the family. Muslim "men" are a sick lot, extremely insecure about their masculinity, emotionally, mentally and sexually dysfunctional. They are brainwashed into this misogynistic death cult their entire lives, causing them to become severely mentally ill. Islam poisons the mind and spirit. The tables should be turned on these monsters and they should be castrated, perhaps burn off their genitals. These women need to be freed from the hell of islam and the world will be a much nicer place if islam was destroyed. We can read horror story after horror story about islam yet there will still be those who refuse to accept that islam is inherently evil.

LAHORE, Pakistan - Saira Liaqat squints through her one good eye as she brushes a woman's hair. Her face, most of which the acid melted years ago, occasionally lights up with a smile. Her hands, largely undamaged, deftly handle the dark brown locks.

A few steps away in this popular beauty salon, Urooj Akbar diligently trims, cleans and paints clients' fingernails. Her face, severely scarred from the blaze that burned some 70 percent of her body, is somber. It's hard to tell if she's sad or if it's just the way she now looks.

Liaqat and Akbar are among Pakistan's many female victims of arson and acid attacks. Such tales tend to involve a spurned or crazy lover and end in a life of despair and seclusion for the woman.


Pro-Terror Flotilla Arrives in Gaza

Boatloads of anti-Israel pro-hamas agitators arrived in Gaza Saturday. BTW, I'm sick of the msm referring to these moral degenerates as peace activists. They are not peace activists, they are pro-terrorist, pro-islamic jihad loving scum who's purpose is the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state. I would have shed no tears had the entire crew sunk, including the vile anti-Semite Yvonne Ridley, the British journalist who was captured by the taliban and converted to islam. I would suggest the bitch really express her loyalty to allah by volunteering to allow the jihadis to cut off her clitoris. BTW the Free Gaza movement was created by the International Solidarity Movement, renowned for actively aiding palestinian terrorists and physically interfering in IDF anti-terror operations. The group has actually harbored and protected palestinian terrorists from Israeli authorities. If the Israeli government wasn't so feckless it would treat them as enemy combatants. Instead Israel caved and allowed them to enter Gaza.

However Gaza residents were disappointed because the group didn't bring enough food. So much for this so-called "humanitarian" mission. Of course its true purpose was political and "Free Gaza" are nothing more than exhibitionists. And like most of these far left "peace", "human rights" and "humanitarian" "activists", they really couldn't care less about the people they purport to be helping. They are motivated by hatred, hatred for Israel, America and western civilization.

Palestinian disappointment: A Gaza activist told Ynet Saturday that local residents were disappointed by the small quantities of food brought in by two boats carrying international leftist activists.

"Many people thought these boats will make a significant contribution to break the siege, not only politically but also in terms of brining in goods, equipment, food, and medicine," he said. "However, once it turned out these boats contain too little food and mostly activists…some people left the beach disappointed."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #179 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is featured this week at Yehuda.

Crazed Jihadis Force Christian Students Off Campus

In the "moderate", western-allied country of Indonesia and the country where Barack Hussein Obama spent part of his childhood, hundreds of Christian theology students are having to live in tents because a mob of crazed fanatics representing the religion of peace stormed their campus last month wielding bamboo spears and tossing molotov cocktails.

The incident comes amid growing concern that Indonesia's tradition of religious tolerance is under threat from Islamic hard-liners.

In talks since the attack, the Arastamar Evangelical School of Theology has reluctantly agreed to shut its 20-year-old campus in east Jakarta, accepting an offer this week to move to a small office building on the other side of the Indonesian capital.

"Why should we be forced from our house while our attackers can walk freely?" asked the Rev. Matheus Mangentang, chairman of the 1,400-student school.

Because islamosupremacists say no other religion is allowed to be practiced and you either must convert or accept paying the jizya and live as a dhimmi under islamic rule.

The government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, which relies on the support of Islamic parties in Parliament, is struggling to balance deep Islamic traditions and a secular constitution. With elections coming next April, the government seems unwilling to defend religious minorities, lest it be portrayed as anti-Islamic in what is the world's most populous Muslim-majority country.

The July 25 attack, which injured 18 students, was the culmination of years of simmering tensions between the school and residents of the Kampung Pulo neighborhood.

Senny Manave, a spokesman for the Christian school, said complaints were received from neighbors about prayers and the singing of hymns, which they considered disturbing evangelical activity.

Of course muslims in non-islamic countries are being allowed to do the muslim call to prayer over loudspeakers five times a day and if you complain, you are a bigoted islamophobe. So long as the muslim world does not reciprocate, muslims should no longer be allowed mosques and madrassas in non-islamic countries.

The government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, which relies on the support of Islamic parties in Parliament, is struggling to balance deep Islamic traditions and a secular constitution. With elections coming next April, the government seems unwilling to defend religious minorities, lest it be portrayed as anti-Islamic in what is the world's most populous Muslim-majority country.

The July 25 attack, which injured 18 students, was the culmination of years of simmering tensions between the school and residents of the Kampung Pulo neighborhood.

Senny Manave, a spokesman for the Christian school, said complaints were received from neighbors about prayers and the singing of hymns, which they considered disturbing evangelical activity.

Several neighbors refused to comment, saying they feared that could further strain relations. A prominent banner, signed by scores of people, has been hung over an entrance to the neighborhood.

"We the community of Kampung Pulo demand the campus be closed and dissolved," it says.

The assault began around midnight, when students woke to the crash of stones falling on their dormitory roof as a voice over a loudspeaker at a nearby mosque cried "Allah Akbar," or "God is great" in Arabic.

The unidentified speaker urged residents to rise up against their "unwanted neighbors," said Sairin, the head of campus security, who goes by a single name.

The attack followed a claim that a student had broken into a resident's house, but police dismissed the charge.

Uneasy relations date to 2003, when neighbors began to protest the school's presence. Last year, residents set fire to shelters for construction workers to try to stop the campus from expanding deeper into the neighborhood. Some also questioned the legality of the school's permit.

Christian lawmaker Karol Daniel Kadang accused property speculators of provoking last month's incident to clear the land for more profitable use, after the school refused to sell out.

He also blamed the government for failing to build interfaith relations, which he and others believe are beginning to fray.

"People are still tolerant, but there is a growing suspicion among Muslims of others," said Prof. Franz Magnis-Suseno, a Jesuit priest who has lived in Indonesia for half a century.

He added that the police have failed to prevent both attacks on minorities and the forced closure of Christian churches and nontraditional mosques by mobs incited by radical Muslims.

"The state has some responsibility for this growing intolerance, namely by not upholding the law," he said.

A mob stormed a church service last Sunday in another east Jakarta neighborhood, forcing dozens of Christian worshippers to flee, said Jakarta Police Chief Col. Carlo Tewu. No arrests have been made.

Since being driven from campus, nearly 600 female students have been sleeping under suspended tarps at a nearby scout camp, where they had to dig trenches to keep water out during downpours. Classes are held with megaphones in the sweltering summer heat, under trees or the tarps. A similar number of male students live in a guesthouse. The remainder have returned to their families.

Food, water and school supplies are donated by church groups and community charities.

"We feel like refugees in our own country," said Dessy Nope, 19, a second-year student majoring in education. "How can you study here? I only followed 20 percent of my last lesson. It's difficult to concentrate."

Christians have not been the only targets for Muslim hard-liners, who this year set fire to mosques of a Muslim sect, Ahmadiyah, that they consider heretical.

In June, the government ordered members of the sect to return to mainstream Islam, sparking concern among activists who fear the state is interfering in matters of faith and caving in to the demands of radicals.

"We're living in a country where there are many religions, but the government cannot prevent the actions of fundamentalist groups," said Manave, the school spokesman. "The government cannot protect minorities."

To anyone who has ever complained about my criticism of islam, are you still going to tell me that it's all lies and that the extremists are only a fringe minority and that the vast majority of muslims are peaceful and tolerant? When even a country considered moderate by the west has these attacks on Christians taking place, clearly the peaceful and tolerant muslims are actually in the minority. Are you still going to deny that islam poses a unique and dangerous threat which has no equivalent in any other religion? Do you still intend to spew such pap as "there's extremism in all religions", as though Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus are just as likely to behead, fly planes into buildings, stone women to death, perpetrate "honor" killings, genital mutilation and are equally guilty of waging a global jihad and committing mass murder in every region of the world? Perhaps not every single solitary muslim on Earth supports these horrific practices however there's no question that a very large percentage does and muslims to a far greater degree than any other religion are inspired to violent fanaticism, hatred and intolerance. Why is it so difficult to get some people to acknowledge the obvious, even as we read and hear about muslim atrocities on a daily basis? Why do they keep on insisting that we are the ignorant bigots and believe themselves to be enlightened as they look away from the truth and bury their heads in the sand? These are people who are making the west more endangered.

Israel's Public Relations Problems

This article discusses the Israeli government's lack of effort or interest in making Israel's case to the world and how its media, academia and courts undermine Israel's cause. In a decent world, it should be blatantly obvious who has the moral high ground between Israel and her enemies. But alas, this is an insane, topsy-turvy world where evil is rewarded and Israel and America are demonized.

For many, both in Israel and abroad, the failure of Israeli diplomacy and public relations (Hasbara) is difficult to understand. After all, the Jewish State has many features that, prime facie, should bestow on it the unqualified support of Western democracies: Free fair (and frequent) elections, general gender equality, religious freedom, an open press, tolerance of sexual preferences and so on. Even if in everyday practice there are flaws and imperfections in some of these areas, they are certainly far closer to the desired ideal than in any of its Muslim adversaries and certainly more so than the areas under Palestinian rule (or misrule.)

In fact, the explanation of the failure is very simple – although it may not be easy to accept. For the truth of the matter is that Israel is losing the battle for world opinion because…it simply has no desire to win! At first glance this explanation seems inconceivable. However, an even a cursory examination of the facts will suffice to provide solid evidence to support it.

Or because most of the nations of the world see it in their interest to take the side of the Arabs whether out of the need for oil or out of fear. And yes, even anti-Semitism. What is just and morally right is not in their self-enlightened interests. I’m not sure any significant hasbara effort on the part of the Israeli government would make a difference in world opinion. That however doesn’t mean I think they shouldn’t make the attempt.

In assessing the motivation and resolve of an organization to achieve a certain goal, one of the most significant measures is the quantity of resources that it allocates for that purpose. In the case of Israeli Hasbara, the official budget ranges from “pathetic” to “ludicrous” and is barely the equivalent of what a medium-to-large commercial corporation would allot for advertising.

The reason for this excessive thrift cannot be attributed to lack of funds. After all, whenever the government of Israel wishes to implement some unbudgeted project, somehow it always manages to find the financial resources to do so. For example, when the decision was taken to construct the “security barrier”, the billions of shekels required were made available without great difficulty. Likewise, when the “Disengagement” from Gaza was decided on, the billions of dollars needed for its implementation were not considered a significant impediment. Moreover, when the proposed “Convergence” from Judea and Samaria was being seriously considered, the fact that tens of billions of dollars would be necessary for its execution did in anyway not deter its enthusiastic proponents.

The regrettable, but unavoidable, conclusion must therefore be that for national policy makers, Israel’s international image and the promotion of its case abroad is not an important priority on the national agenda – for if it was, far more resources would surely be devoted to this objective

This course brings us to the “$64,000 question”: Why does the official Israeli establishment display such lethargy, such passivity, such impotency, such defeatism on the media front and in the battle for the hearts and minds in the of the public – both at home and abroad. The answer to this is rooted in the structure of Israeli society and in the identity of the groups who actually wield the power to shape events here, to mold opinions and to determine what processes should be set in motion and which should not. In this regard, it turns out that in many - if not most aspects – the results of Knesset elections have little relevance.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Comic Relief

Check out this hilarous music video tribute to Hussein Obama featuring various empty-headed, dimwitted celebrities singing about him as if he were a God-like figure who will transform the world and bring about peace. They even put their hands together as if praying. The only hope Hussein Obama represents is hope for the world's islamic jihadis who are praying to allah for the election of a weak, inexperienced American president.

Running Mates

Reports have come out that a secret service detail is headed to Joe Biden's house, the congressman from Delaware, indicating he is going to be Hussein's running mate. Why anyone would want to demean themselves by being Hussein Obama's puppet is beyond me, especially someone who has years more experience than Hussein himself. Biden obviously has no self-respect. But then again, the democrats are a complete disgrace and lack any regard for the good of this country by having this empty suit as its candidate. I don't see Biden doing anything to boost Hussein's flagging campaign.

Another report has surfaced that McCain is choosing Romney.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lawsuit Against Obama

A motion has been filed in federal court for the eastern district of Pennsylvania, requesting a temporary restraining order to prohibit Barack Hussein Obama from running for president on the grounds that he may not be a natural born American citizen, making him constitutionally ineligible to be president. I seriously doubt anything will come of this since Obama has a knack for escaping any serious damage regarding any of the numerous scandals which have come forth since the primaries, from Jeremiah Wright to Ayers, Rezko, his radical islamist connections in Kenya and so on. I don't think there's any chance that a judge will step in and actually prevent Obama from continuing to run. But kudos to those bloggers who are doing the job of vetting and investigating Obama, which the msm refuses to do. At the very least, perhaps it will draw wider attention to the mystery of Obama's birth and why he is refusing to release his birth certificate.

Huckabee Rejects Two-State Solution

Former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential primary candidate Mike Huckabee rejects the notion that there should be a palestinian terror state carved out of Israel and believes that the severing of Jerusalem, Judaism's holiest site and also important to Christians, is "unimaginable". Any islamic claim of the right to hold sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem is a hoax which the west, anxious to appease the Arab-muslim world for the sake of oil or out of fear, has disgracefully bought into. It is a breath of fresh air to hear a politician with the courage and moral clarity to publicly reject the Arab-muslim narrative and defend Israel's right to sovereignty over all of Eretz Israel. Huckabee has also said that if there is to be a palestinian state it should be elsewhere in the Middle East, in any of the numerous Arab states which possess vast swaths of land. These bold statements should cause the left conniptions. Huckabee's name has been bandied about as a possible running mate for McCain.

JERUSALEM – The division of Jerusalem is "unimaginable" while a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the "wrong answer," former Arkansas governor and vice-presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee told WND.

"Israel is surrounded by nations in various states of war with the Jewish state. Because of the limited footprint of real estate they have, it's not practical for Israel to give up any land. The two-state solution is no solution, but will cause only problems," said Huckabee, who is completing a two-day fact-finding tour in Israel.

The former Republican presidential candidate said he cannot understand how Jerusalem could be divided.

"It's unimaginable. The city must remain under Jewish sovereignty," he said yesterday.

Huckabee suggested creating a Palestinian state elsewhere in the Middle East:

"There is only one place on earth where the Jewish people could have a homeland that is consistent with their roots, whereas the Palestinians can create their homeland in many other places in the Middle East, outside Israel," he said.

Huckabee told WND that Israel should "have the right" to do "whatever is necessary" to counter Iran's nuclear program.

Jihad on Campus

A must-see video presentation put out by the Terrorism Awareness Center and produced by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. It is about the widespread pro-jihad activities taking place on college campuses right here in America, sponsored by the Muslim Student Association. Why on Earth do we allow our enemies to freely and openly conduct subversive activities? These scum have taken over our colleges and universities with the acquiescence of radical left faculty who support their hideous cause to islamize America and destroy Israel.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obama Blogger Rejects Israel's Right to Exist as a Jewish State

Another anti-semitic blog entry was discovered on Barack Hussein Obama's campaign website and has been there since February. How is it that for six months such postings could remain there if the Obama campaign did not find it acceptable? This individual believes that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state. I don't buy the notion that anti-Zionism is separate from anti-Semitism. Why is Jewish nationalism less legitimate than any other nationalism? Why are Arab states which were carved out of the ottoman empire after WW1 more legitimate than Israel? For that matter why is Palestinian nationalism, a people not at all distinct from any other Arabs, legitimate, but Jewish nationalism is not? Furthermore, why is it acceptable that these so-called Palestinians can have a state free of Jews, but yet Israel, which gives equal rights to its non-Jewish citizens, is the one regarded as a racist apartheid state? It only makes sense if you are a muslim or extreme leftist. Undoubtedly anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism. I won't be convinced otherwise.

Israel’s “RIGHT” to Exist : What Does This Mean
By Dr Levant - Feb 27th, 2008 at 11:36 pm EST
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Part of the difficulty in discussing politics of the middle east is that certain terms are used that mean a range of things to different people.

This is an attempt to open discussion of the hot issue of Israel’s RIGHT to Exist.

In politics and in this campaign support for “Israel’s right to exist” has been seen as the litmus test of reliability for jewish interests and fairness according to “supporters of Israel” (another term that probably needs clarification.

But let’s get past the WORDS to the meaning…


No one questions whether or not Israel exists. The fact that it exists is just that a fact not open to debate.

What does it mean to talk about any country or states RIGHT TO EXIST?

The truth is with few exceptions the question is not whether the PEOPLE of Israel have a right to exist at all. The question is


That is , a state which privileges jewish culture, holidays , ideas and rights are given official status over any other citizens.

I suspect many who SAY they support the Right of Israel to exist simply mean the right of jewish people to celebrate their own religion and culture in peace. If that is what is meant I am right there with them

BUT if they mean the RIGHT of Israel to give some people rights because they are jews and deny these to others who are not…

Well then I do not support Israel’s right to exist

And neither should Obama. A Jewish State of this sort can no more be a Democracy than an Islamic State

(I hope this opens a good, intelligent discussion of agreements and differences. I deliberately started us out with the question of what we mean when we say Israel has a RIGHT to exist as this will sharply clarify commonalities , differences and concerns)

Yes we can..But if we don’t…He Won’t

Should we take it that this individual advocates that every muslim country should cease to exist? Somehow I doubt it, hypocrites that anti-Zionists are. H/t Israpundit

An Interview With Brigitte Gabriel

Undeterred by death threats, Brigitte Gabriel continues to defend American values, speaking out forcefully against the global islamic jihad. She was interviewed in the NYTimes magazine this past Sunday and typical of snakes on the left, the interviewer, Deborah Solomon, attempted to paint a picture of Brigitte as the hateful extremist, even using the inflammatory title "The Crusader". She even asked Brigitte if she was an agent of the U.S. government or if she was underwritten by the CIA. I'm sure these are muslim and left-wing talking points put out to discredit Brigitte. But of course Brigitte speaks from personal experience, having grown up in Lebanon during its civil war and experiencing the horrors perpetrated by the jihadis against her family and other Christians. Apologists for islam often accuse those who speak out against the hatred and violence of islam, of being hateful themselves. How is it that speaking out against hatred and intolerance itself amounts to being hateful? How does one not see the irony of making such an accusation? Islam is not like other religions, it is not merely a personal faith, it is also a political ideology, and thus speaking out against it does not make one a bigot any more than speaking out against fascism or communism. I'm tired of people who treat islam as if it were a racial or ethnic group rather than a belief system. Brigitte held her own during the interview, discussing her background and warning about the threat of islamization in the west.

As a Lebanese-Christian immigrant who spent her girlhood amid the bloody devastation of the Lebanese civil war, you have lately emerged as one of the most vehement critics of radical Islam in this country. Are you concerned that your new book, “They Must Be Stopped,” will feed animosity toward Muslims? I do not think I am feeding animosity. I am bringing an issue to light. I disapprove of any religion that calls for the killing of other people. If Christianity called for that, I would condemn it.

What about all the moderate Muslims who represent our hope for the future? Why don’t you write about them? The moderate Muslims at this point are truly irrelevant. I grew up in the Paris of the Middle East, and because we refused to read the writing on the wall, we lost our country to Hezbollah and the radicals who are now controlling it.

In your new book, you write about the Muslim presence in America and bemoan the rise of Islamic day schools and jihad summer camp. Is there really such a thing? Yes. Instead of taking lessons on swimming and gymnastics, the kids are listening to speakers give lectures titled “Preparation for Death” and “The Life in the Grave.”

You also lament the public foot baths that have been installed at the University of Michigan and elsewhere to accommodate Muslim students. I lived in the Middle East for the first 24 years of my life. Never once did I see any foot-washing basins in airports or public buildings. So why are they pushing them down the throats of Americans?

I can’t get upset if people want to wash their feet before they pray. This is the way they are taking over the West. They are doing it culturally inch by inch. They don’t need to fire one bullet. Look what is happening in Europe. Do we want to become like “Eurabia”?

But relatively few Muslims live in this country — about three million, or 1 percent of the population, whereas Amsterdam, for instance, has been estimated to be as high as 24 percent Muslim. They started as guest workers in Europe; they grow at a much faster rate than any other religion.

Your last book related the story of your childhood in southern Lebanon, where you hid out in a bomb shelter for seven years after your house was destroyed by a Muslim militia. Were you surprised it became a best seller? No, I was not surprised. Anyone can relate to a story about human suffering inflicted by radicals.

Are your parents still in Lebanon? I became an orphan at the age of 23. Both my parents are buried in Israel, on Mount Zion, with Oskar Schindler.

Why did you bury them in Israel? I wanted to honor my parents. After all, it is the Holy Land. And I wanted to ensure that both my children will know where my loyalty lies — with Israel, because Israel for me represents democracy, respect and human rights, something that no other country in the Arabic world offers.

Are you an agent of the U.S. government? No.

Are you underwritten by the C.I.A.? No. Are you kidding? In 2000, I voted for Al Gore.

But I see that R. James Woolsey, a former director of the C.I.A., serves on the board of American Congress for Truth, your educational foundation. We also have John Loftus, a staunch Democrat and former Justice Department prosecutor. We are not Red or Blue.

Where do you live? I do not share that information because of the death threats I receive.

Threats from anyone we know? Al Qaeda mentioned my name on their top Internet sites and recently sent a press release about my work.

If you are worried about death threats, why would you put a glamorous photograph of yourself on the cover of your new book? In Lebanon, we were raised to be glamorous, feminine and sensual. It’s the only good thing we inherited from the French.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Modern Day Nazis

How ironic that the modern day practitioners of nazi ideology would so frequently accuse Israel of being a nazi state.

A Crazy Woman's Rant

Perennial whackjob and obnoxious loudmouth Rosanne Barr or whatever she calls herself these days, is not happy with Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt because they don't sufficiently worship the messiah, Hussein Obama, and can't decide whether to vote for him or McCain. Of course I cannot understand how anyone could be undecided between an empty suit and a naval hero, nevertheless at least they show a capacity to think for themselves and think things through instead of jumping on the Obama bandwagon as much of Hollywood has done. Then again, Hollywood is filled with shallow nitwits who, like high school kids, simply go along with the crowd and along with the latest trends without bothering to consider who is the candidate they are backing for president. Others are left-wing ideologues, and regardless of the fact that Obama lacks the experience and knowledge to be president, will vote for him simply because he carries the Democrat party label.

According to Rosanne's bizarre logic, because the couple has adopted children from Africa, they should be supporting the black candidate. Obama followers frequently say his race shouldn't be an issue, yet Obama backers are the only ones who have consistently made his race the issue. This is the only thing Obama's followers seemingly have to fall back on, the fact that he is half black and thus can use that to blunt any criticism of him simply by calling critics "racist" or implying as such. Or perhaps simply guilting Americans into believing that it is time to have a black president who will supposedly have a better understanding of the third world, unlike those "evil, warmongering, white guys" who have been running the country.

"Evil spawn Angelina Jolie and her vacuous hubby Brad Pitt make about forty million dollars a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more," Roseanne writes.
"Also Miss Jolie says she likes McCain too and hasn't decided who to endorse....huh? Aren't you supposed to be somewhat enlightened, or do you not know that the African daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the Republican party's worldwide economic assault on Africa over the last few decades since Reagan?" she adds.

She has no clue as to what the hell she is talking about. The reality is that president Bush has been treated as a hero in Africa because of his President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief, which has saved the lives over a million Africans with HIV.

"Or that matter, the Thai and Vietnamese sons you are photo'd with weekly too!!!? Who's pictures you sell to raise money to help the poor? Their families are victims of America' s right wing military incursions too," she continues.
"It might be good for your Asian and African children's self esteem to know you support [Barack Obama] for the leader of the free world," the comedienne finishes.

This is the same woman who, in a sick, perverse rant against Israel, said she is sick of Israel and Zionists and actually praised the Arabs as being the ones protecting the holy sites in Israel, and said that the Arabs don't invade other countries. I guess she has already forgotten saddam hussein's invasion of Kuwait and attack on Iran, or is unaware of Libya's invasion of Chad, Syria's years long occupation of Lebanon, not to mention all the wars the Arabs started against Israel. All the while she accused Jews of being the extremists who practice genital torture and who raise their kids to be suicide bombers. In what parallel universe does this insane woman reside in? Her hateful characterization of Judaism actually applies to islam. Anyway, I've spent far too much time discussing this worthless individual.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama Cannot Run From His Pro-Palestinian Past

Barack Hussein Obama may try to hide from the American voters his pro-Palestinian affiliations, however Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada explains that he has known Barack Hussein Obama for years and that Obama used to attend pro-Palestinian events in the Chicago area, spoke out in favor of their cause and opposed Israel. He also recalls personally introducing Obama on stage at a major palestinian community fundraiser in 1999. Not that this will matter with the many leftist Jews supporting Obama since they too support the Palestinian cause against Israel. I think it would bother them more that Obama has seemingly thrown Abunimah and his ilk under the bus in order to win this election. But make no mistake about where Obama's loyalties lie when it comes to the Middle East. His many past associations make that abundantly clear.

h/t Soccerdad

Obama Amateur Hour

We cannot hand over the security of this nation to an unaccomplished, know-nothing like Barack Hussein Obama, who has a paper thin resume to be commander in chief in a very dangerous world with threats looming to our national security. Just as in the primary debates, Obama reveals to all that he is not equipped to be president, an amateur who has no understanding and knowledge of the issues. Even the normally fawning pro-Obama media is saying that McCain did a far better job in that appearance the two of them had at the evangelical forum. Without a prepared speech this guy reveals himself to be an empty suit. Why would any sensible American prefer him to a man who has served more than two decades as senator and had been a naval aviator. If obama actually cared about America and wasn't such a selfish, power-hungry megalomaniac, he would not be running for president, at least not at this time, knowing he is not prepared to lead this nation. But he cares more about power than about what's good for America. Here is an excellent article about Obama's lack of accomplishments.

One of the knocks on Barack Obama is that his résumé is, so to speak, paper-thin. But that is not entirely accurate. Obama, in fact, has held some major job titles which are noteworthy all by themselves: United States Senator, Lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, Harvard Law Review President-each of these titles puts him in rarefied company. Tack on a few Illinois State Senate terms, and his resume actually appears solid. Yet, in spite of these prestigious positions, Obama has increasingly resorted to making claims of accomplishment that are so patently inflated that even his cheerleaders at CNN and the New York Times are taking notice. Why?

It seems that Obama recognizes that while his résumé titles are impressive, his actual accomplishments are weak. It's as if he were jockeying to be the next company CEO with little to show for his prior high-profile management positions. So, he does what anyone else does who has spent years coasting on charisma without doing any heavy work: he pads his résumé--stretching the truth here, stealing credit there, and creating the illusion of achievement during his lackadaisical, undistinguished tenure in previous jobs.

A few examples? Take Obama's first general election ad. We are told that Obama "passed laws" that "extended healthcare for wounded troops who'd been neglected," with a citation at the bottom to only one Senate bill: The 2008 Defense Authorization Bill, which passed the Senate by a 91-3 vote. Six Senators did not vote-including Obama. Nor is there evidence that he contributed to its passage in any material way. So, his claim to have "passed laws" amounts to citing a bill that was largely unopposed, that he didn't vote for, and whose passage he didn't impact. Even his hometown Chicago Tribune caught this false claim. It's classic résumé-padding--falsely taking credit for the work of others.

Or take one of Obama's standard lines: his claim of "twenty years of public service." As pundit Michael Medved has pointed out, the numbers don't add up. Shall we count? Three years in the US Senate (two of which he's spent running for President), plus seven years in the Illinois State Senate (a part-time gig, during which time he also served as a law professor) equals, at most, ten. Even if we generously throw in his three years as a "community organizer" (whatever that means, let's count it as public service), that still adds up to just thirteen.

This Week's Haveil Havalim

I forgot to post this week's edition of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim #178 posted at Rechovot.

The West's Feebleness

Through the French brokered ceasefire between Russia and Georgia, the west, including the U.S., has effectively thrown Georgia to the wolves, acquiescing not only to Russia's takeover of Georgia but also its control over Central Asian oil supplies. Sarkozy has turned out to be the same morally depraved coward as his French predecessors were. The west would much rather be at the mercy of Russia and the Arab/muslim world for that matter, than to risk any sort of confrontation. Russia knows how feeble the west is, therefore it has no fear of projecting its power in the most ruthless and brutal manner. This cowardly betrayal of Georgia comes despite the fact that Georgia has been a loyal U.S. and western ally, who contributed troops to Iraq and the fact that the provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia are indisputably Georgian territory in which Georgia was within its rights to act militarily against separatist attacks. What does this say to other vulnerable U.S. allies or potential allies?

Israel had better heed the warning from the west's response to Russia's rape of Georgia. Israel is on its own and can only depend on itself for its security and not trust the lip service coming from western leaders about not compromising Israel's security as a consequence of the fraudulent "peace" process. Israel therefore should make no concessions to the palestinians and it must make a unilateral preemptive military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. What makes Israel believe the west will respond any differently to an Iranian attack on Israel than it has to Russia's vicious assault upon Georgia?

From Caroline Glick:

In their statements Wednesday on Russia's invasion of Georgia, both US President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice openly acknowledged that Russia is the aggressor in the war and that the US stands by Georgia.

This is all very nice and well. But what does the fact that it took the US a full five days to issue a clear statement against Russian aggression tell us about the US? What does it say about Georgia and, in a larger sense, about the nature of world affairs?

Russia's blitzkrieg in Georgia this week was not simply an act of aggression against a small, weak democracy. It was an assault on vital Western security interests. Since it achieved independence in 1990, Georgia has been the only obstacle in Russia's path to exerting full control over oil supplies from Central Asia to the West. And now, in the aftermath of Russia's conquest of Georgia, that obstacle has been set aside.

Georgia has several oil and gas pipelines that traverse its territory from Azerbaijan to Turkey, the main one being the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. Together they transport more than 1 percent of global oil supplies from east to west. In response to the Russian invasion, British Petroleum, which owns the pipelines, announced that it will close them.

This means that Russia has won. In the future that same oil and gas will either be shipped through Russia, or it will be shipped through Georgia under the benevolent control of Russian "peacekeeping" forces permanently stationed in Gori. The West now has no option other than appeasing Russia if it wishes to receive its oil from the Caucasus.

Russian control of these oil arteries represents as significant a threat to Western strategic interests as Saddam Hussein's conquest of Kuwait and his threat to invade Saudi Arabia in 1990. Like Saddam's aggression then, Russia's takeover of Georgia threatens the stability of the international economy.

While Russia's invasion of Georgia is substantively the same as Saddam's attempt to assert control over Persian Gulf oil producers 18 years ago, what is different is the world's response. Eighteen years ago, the US led a UN-mandated international coalition to defeat Iraq and roll back Saddam's aggression. Today, the West is encouraging Georgia to surrender.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Jews Accused of "Lynching" Obama

Here is yet another anti-Semitic posting on Barack Hussein Obama's campaign website which had been on site since April but was scrubbed once it appeared on Free Republic:

"Post from Alien Nesby’s Blog: Rev. Wright April 28th NAACP speech Commentary

By ?:
I have it on good authority that radicals within the powerful rightwing Jewish Lobby including [AIPAC] American Israel Public Affairs Committee are vexed, frustrated and displeased with Barack Obama’s refusal to accept special interest money and consequentially seek his crucifixion. The concern is that the Senator’s policy prevents them from exerting influence or extracting favor from his administration should he become the next President in these United States of America. In an effort to allay their fears, Senator Obama has offered his assurance that if elected, an Obama administration would not be a foe- yet this does not seem to halt their resistance to his candidacy. Reportedly, Senator Clinton’s campaign saw an opening to exploit the Jewish community’s apprehension and began stoking the anti-Obama fire behind the scene."

"In collaboration with the Clintons, they [the Jewish Lobby] dispatched a number of “candidacy assassinators” including former Clinton special counsel, Lanny Davis, Florida congress woman, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, California congress man, Brad Sherman, CNN news anchor, Wolf Blitzer [vis-a-vis Lou Dobbs], Independent Senator, Joseph Lieberman, the far right crippled Washington Post Journalist, Charles Krauthammer and others to torpedo Obama’s nomination bid. The above mentioned Jews were mandated to fan the flames of hateful passion against the Illinois Senator using demagoguery and nefarious spin of the Reverend Wright issue to toxify the American voters. Their mission is to convince the public that Obama would be unelectable in November due to his optics and alleged third party association to Rev. Farrakhan. This while simultaneously promoting Hillary as the only friend of Israel. It is also reliably reported that Democratic Jews are being counseled to vote for John McCain as a penultimate option should Senator Clinton not get the nomination."

One need not fan the flames since Obama does an adequate job himself of fanning the flames of hateful passion against him. This could not be an issue if obama did not associate with the likes of Jeremiah Wright, Khalidi, the nation of islam and other anti-Semites.

"Additionally, the Jewish Lobby has tremendous financial reach and political clout. For decades they have been able to effectively manipulate the Holocaust to keep politicians beholden to their agenda. Those who resist or oppose are targeted with the anti-Semitic or Bigoted label [as evidenced by President Carter] in order to gain compliance."

This blogger is projecting obama followers very own behavior. The fact is that anyone opposing obama is immediately targeted with the racist label. As if there could not possibly be any other reason to oppose their messiah.

"Some feel they run the risk of overplaying their hands in this instance though. Their chief Obama “Hit-Man”, Lanny Davis is causing tremendous concern at the great lengths he goes to decapitate the Illinois Senator’s chances of ever ascending to the Presidency and his conduct is described as vilely snake-like. The argument is that public opinion can boomerang if blacks are able to expose hypocrisy in what many now view to be a Jewish lynching of Senator Obama. Some posit that Jews have a historical pension for betraying visionary men who promise sweeping changes to the status quo. Coincidentally, it was they [Biblical Jews] who betrayed Jesus to the Romans so he could be crucified."
h/t Israpundit

Israel Hands Over Church Property to Russia

The Israeli government will transfer ownership to Russia of the Jerusalem property on which St. Sergius Church is located.

The government plans to transfer ownership of the land on which the capital's St. Sergius Church stands to Russia in the coming weeks, a Foreign Ministry official said Wednesday.

The issue, which has been under negotiation since then-Russian president Vladimir Putin claimed the site in Jerusalem's Russian Compound and others nearby as property of the Russian Orthodox Church four years ago, is extremely delicate as Israel is concerned over the precedent that might be set for other churches' properties in the capital.

For example, the Greek Orthodox Church owns the land on which the Knesset and the Prime Minister's Residence are located.

The premises of St. Sergius, which are currently used by the Agriculture Ministry and environmental protection organizations, will remain in Israeli possession for the next few years, with the exact period to be determined in ongoing negotiations with the Russians, said Foreign Ministry official Eitan Margalit, who headed a ministerial committee on the issue.

Negotiations continue over the handover of a second property that is already listed as Russian-owned and houses the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court, Margalit said.

The decision to transfer ownership of the St. Sergius site comes after a Jerusalem court approved transferring ownership of the property from the Custodian General to the government, the last legal move required ahead of the transfer to the Russians, officials said. A few more properties are reportedly being claimed by Russia as well.

The government's decision was condemned this week by Jerusalem opposition leader Nir Barkat, as well as by an attorney representing the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, which aims to safeguard a Jewish presence throughout Israel. The forum has vowed to petition the High Court of Justice to stop the move.

"I believe that this move represents a dangerous precedent of transferring properties in the heart of Jerusalem and is in violation of the city's interest, since this is not the only property being contested by foreign sources," Jerusalem mayoral candidate Barkat wrote in a letter to Olmert on Tuesday.

"It is unclear what the purpose of such a move is, how it advances the national interest and strengthens Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, and what the government of Israel is getting in exchange for such a large and central piece of property in the capital," Barkat wrote.

He added that the legal status of an exchange of telegrams between the two governments on the issue was uncertain since the Olmert-Putin agreement was never approved by the Knesset.

Attorney Itzhak Bam, representing the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, said Wednesday that the agreement was illegal.

"This is not an ordinary real estate deal, but an international agreement, done for diplomatic reasons," Bam wrote in a letter to Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on August 5.

He added that the "near-secret" agreement had neither been ratified by the government nor presented to the Knesset.

"This is not permissible in a democratic society," Bam said.

The two church properties were bought by Israel from the Khrushchev government in 1964 for a shipment of citrus fruit, in what became known as the "orange deal." However, the validity of that agreement was later disputed by the Russan government.
h/t Israpundit

The land should be confiscated by the Israeli government. I’m beyond disgusted and enraged by the current Israeli “leadership”, if that’s what you want to call the Olmert government. There is no semblence of Jewish pride and self-respect amongst them. They just let Russia and the Arabs treat Israel as a doormat, giving away the country piece by piece to it's enemies. The Arabs need not bother with physically attacking Israel, since Israel is voluntarily relinquishing its sovereignty.

IDF Not Responsible For Death of Reporter

Reporters Without Borders does not accept the findings of Israel's investigation into the death of Reuters reporter Fadel Shanaa. The IDF found that there was no malicious intent on the part of an Israeli tank crew who accidentally fired upon Shanaa.

Israeli enquiry unsurprisingly decides not to punish soldiers who killed Palestinian cameraman

Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the findings of an Israeli investigation into the death of Palestinian cameraman Fadel Shanaa, clearing the soldiers involved of any responsibility. The Israeli military advocate-general, Brig. Gen. Avihai Mendelblit, notified Shanaa’s employer, the British news agency Reuters, of the results of the probe in a letter today.

Gen. Mendelblit said the Israeli tank crew that fired shells at Shanaa and soundman Wafa Abu Mizyed during an incursion into the Gaza Strip on 16 April respected the rules of engagement and will therefore not face legal action. Mizyed sustained only minor injuries.

“The tank crew was unable to determine the nature of the object mounted on the tripod and positively identify it as an anti-tank missile, a mortar or a television camera,” the letter said. “In light of the reasonable conclusion reached by the tank crew and its superiors that the characters were hostile and were carrying an object most likely to be a weapon, the decision to fire at the targets was sound.”

Gen. Mendelblit claimed that the soldiers were too far away to see the “Press” lettering on the car and flak jackets of Shanaa, 23, and Mizyed, who were filming the Israeli army incursion.

Reporters Without Borders said: “The findings of the Israeli investigation are confusing and offer no convincing explanation of the circumstances that led to the Reuters cameraman’s death. The Israel Defence Forces never want to admit they are wrong in such cases. Israeli soldiers enjoy an impunity that endangers many journalists covering their operations.

“Only an impartial analysis of what happened would be able to prevent this kind of tragedy from recurring. Instead of reassuring the press, the Israeli military is fostering an unacceptable climate of fear and danger.

“If journalists are wearing flak jackets, keeping a reasonable distance from the belligerents and clearly displaying press markings, there should be a change in the behaviour of the soldiers in areas where civilians, including journalists, are present.”

Shanaa and Mizyed were about 1 kilometre from the tank that fired shells at their car. Their flak jackets were not effective against the steel flechettes released by one of the Israeli shells.

This may sound terrible, but it is this kind of press attitude toward Israel which makes me feel not the least bit remorseful about the death of any of their ilk, especially in this type of instance. In fact, given that this local stringer is likely pro-terrorist, pro-jihadist, I think it poetic justice and I am quite glad that he was killed by the IDF. Israel should conduct no investigations or issue any apologies in this type of incident. The press has chosen to operate in a battle zone, therefore they take the risk of their reporters being hit, so tough shit if any of them are killed. And since they take the side of the terrorists, whatever happens to them they deserve. I would suspect there is more to this story than meets the eye and that Fadel Shanaa was more than just a photographer and may have been involved in the fighting against Israel. h/t Soccerdad

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Son of Hamas Terrorist Discusses His Conversion to Christianity

Masab Yusef, son of hamas terror leader hassam Yusef, renounces hamas and speaks out on his conversion to Christianity and leaving his family. He now lives in California and calls himself Joseph.