Friday, April 30, 2010

Bibi Caves and Agrees to Stop All Jewish Construction

Israel granting concessions with no reciprocity on the part of the PA? This has been par for the course since Oslo. I find it very believable that Bibi has agreed to this. Hussein obama is more determined to create an islamic terror state of “palestine” than he is about stopping Iranian nukes.

Decision on Jerusalem made under intense pressure from U.S., ’satisfies’ Palestinians

By Aaron Klein, © 2010 WorldNetDaily

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to quietly halt all Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem as a “confidence-building gesture” toward the Palestinian Authority as demanded by the Obama administration, a top PA official told WND.

The PA official said Netanyahu will not make a public declaration on the subject for fear of upsetting his nationalist coalition, which would be forced to respond to any public Jewish construction freeze in Jerusalem. The official said while the Jerusalem freeze would not be announced, no new Jewish construction in the eastern sections of the city will be approved by the local municipality.

Local municipality should defy Bibi.

The official said the agreement, brokered last week by George Mitchell, Obama’s envoy to the Middle East, satisfies the PA’s precondition for beginning direct negotiations with Israel aimed at creating a Palestinian state.

The official also said Mitchell extracted a pledge from Netanyahu that he will extend a 10-month halt to all Jewish construction in the West Bank that he implemented in November, also as a so-called confidence building gesture to the PA demanded by the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, the PA has not been asked to make any major gestures to Israel to jumpstart talks. The U.S. has not demanded the PA recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Netanyahu’s spokesmen could not be immediately reached for comment regarding the report of a de facto freeze in Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem.

On the ground, there have been almost no new building projects in eastern Jerusalem for more than a month.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper two weeks ago reported staff members of the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee have been instructed by Netanyahu’s office to halt their work. The order followed a public spat with the Obama administration after housing was approved for 1,600 new homes in an already-existing Jewish community during Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel in March.

At the time, the White House slammed the construction approval as an “insult” and an impediment to peace.

Terrorism and incitement to terrorism against Israel however are not impediments to peace?

UK Catholic School Submits to islam

Another nail in the coffin for Great Britain. Even Catholic schools are submitting to islam. A mother is refusing to grant permission for her daughter to attend a class trip to a Liverpool mosque in which she would be required to conform to islamic dress codes for females. The school says the trip is mandatory. Mosques in the Beatles hometown of Liverpool. How depressing. England is losing its culture.

Ellesmere Port mother’s anger after daughter told trip to mosque is ‘compulsory’
MOTHER is keeping her daughter off school after refusing to give her permission to take part in a trip to a Liverpool mosque.
Michelle Davis, of Bodiam Court, Ellesmere Port, claims she was left with no choice but to keep 14-year-old daughter Amy Owen at home after Ellesmere Port Catholic High School’s headteacher Peter Lee tried to encourage the pupil into participating.
Miss Davies said: “I objected to Amy being made to dress like a Muslim girl, the original letter from the school gave a dress code for the visit, including long skirts, leggings or tights and covering up her head.
“She's been brought up in the Catholic faith and religion. Amy is not a Muslim and shouldn’t be told to dress like one.”
Miss Davies handed in a letter setting out reasons why she wouldn't be attending and the school asked if it was a problem with payment.
She said: “I asked them not to patronise me, it's £3 to cover the cost of the bus.”
Despite requesting that any further communication about the proposed Year 9 trip, part of the students’ religious education class, be conducted strictly between her and Mr Lee, Miss Davies was upset to hear that Amy had been pulled out of her lessons and told the mosque excursion was ‘compulsory’.
Miss Davies, who knows a number of other parents who have refused permission, also received a letter from Mr Lee, further insisting that Amy attend.
She said: “At the end of the letter, underlined, it says: ‘I must require your child to participate in this trip’.
“This is an infringement of her human rights.”
In a written statement, Mr Lee refused to comment on the compulsory nature of the trip,

Miss Davies added: “I'm all for her being educated in all areas of religion but she's not Muslim and she shouldn't have to dress like one.

“I can guarantee that if there were ten Muslim girls coming to our school it would adhere to what they wanted, because that's their faith, their religion, their dress code.”

This is just sickening. Good for Miss Davies and the other parents that refused to allow their children to participate in this abomination. These people didn't place their children in a Catholic school in order for their kids to be indoctrinated into islam.

Another Campus Caters to muslims

A California college has a center for students to learn about islam. Isn't it just a little ironic that people from the most repressive and intolerant culture are going to teach us about tolerance? Shouldn't muslims be the ones to be taught tolerance?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iran May Get a Seat on Women's Rights Body

You can't make this stuff up. This isn't a satire from the Onion but a real story. The Iranian regime, which beats women on the streets for dressing un-islamic and rapes them in prison, is vying for a seat on a UN women's rights body. The UN has become a parody of itself.

Iran Drops Bid for Human Rights Council Seat, Eyes Women’s Rights Body Instead

April 26, 2010

CNS News
By Patrick Goodenough

( – Iran has confirmed it will no longer run for a seat on the Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights Council. Instead, it aims to become a member of an international women’s rights body.

Iran’s bid to win one of four HRC seats earmarked for Asia had drawn strong opposition from rights campaigners already critical of the presence of countries with poor rights records – including China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia – on the 47-member body.

Iran’s withdrawal means that the remaining candidates for the four Asia seats – Qatar, Malaysia, Thailand and the Maldives – are all but assured of success when the full 192-member U.N. General Assembly on May 13 elects 14 HRC members.

Iran made the decision to end its candidature after discussions with other members of the U.N.’s Asia group, Tehran’s foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said Sunday.

Hinting at a quid pro quo, he said that Iran would instead be a candidate for an international women’s rights body – “and all Asian countries will support our membership.”

It was not immediately clear which body he meant. Iran’s ILNA news agency quoted Mehmanparast as saying the “Women’s Human Rights Council” while IRNA quoted him as saying the “International Commission for Protection of Women’s Rights.”

There are two main U.N. bodies relating to women’s rights. The 23-member Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) holds elections in June for 11 vacancies, but the nomination list closed in March and Iran is not on it. The 45-member Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) will have two Asia seat vacancies early next year, when Pakistan’s and Cambodia’s terms end.

Whatever the case, the prospect that Iran – with the support of other Asian states – will take a seat on a body charged with promoting the rights of women is certain to stoke controversy.

“Putting fundamentalist Iran in charge of a women’s rights commission is like putting a pyromaniac as chief of the fire department,” Hillel Neuer, director of the Geneva-based U.N. Watch, said late Sunday. “It’s an outrage, and completely unacceptable.”

Among the reasons Iranian and other human rights advocates gave for urging governments to block Iran’s HRC candidacy was its treatment of women.

In a letter to U.N. member states last week one of Iran’s most prominent rights advocates, the exiled Nobel peace prize laureate Shirin Ebadi, urged them to reject the candidacy of a country “which has been violating human rights for years.”

Ebadi gave examples of discrimination faced by Iranian women, including the fact that “blood money” – the prescribed amount paid to the heirs of a murder victim – for a woman is half the sum of that for a man.

“The testimony of two women is equivalent to the testimony of one man,” she wrote. “A man is permitted to have four wives and divorce any of them without giving any reasons.”

Ebadi said that women in Iran who seek equal rights are charged with conspiring to overthrow the Islamic Republic. More than 100 such women currently faced criminal charges.

Another letter sent to U.N. members last week urging them to block Iran’s HRC bid came from 12 top Iranian human rights activists, who said women in the country were treated as “second class citizens.”

The State Department’s most recent international human rights report, released last month, noted that Iranian women face discrimination even in the administration of some of the most controversial shari’a punishments, such as stoning for adultery.

“The law provides that a victim of stoning is allowed to go free if he or she escapes,” the report said. “It is much harder for women to escape, as they are buried to their necks, whereas men are buried only to their waists.”

Iran’s withdrawal from next month’s HRC election followed behind-the-scenes lobbying by the U.S. and other Western members.

The decision drew widespread praise from human rights advocates and others, and U.S. officials characterized it as a sign the council was moving in the right direction....

The last time Tehran stood for a seat on the HRC was 2006, when the council was established to replace the U.N. Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR). Iran was one of 18 countries competing for 13 Asian seats and got the second lowest number of votes, with only Iraq doing worse.

Since that first election, the amount of competition for seats has fallen sharply.

Barring any last minute entries, on May 13 neither Asia nor any of the other geographical groups – Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Western group – will offer any contest. All have “closed slates” – the same number of candidates as there are available seats.

Human rights organizations have argued that a lack of competition has helped violators to get seats.

Neuer of U.N. Watch drew attention Sunday to the likelihood of Libya winning a seat next month.

Although an official U.N. list of candidates does not currently include any African country, diplomats say Libya is one of four African candidates for four available African seats.

“Libya persecutes its two million black African migrants, for which it has been denounced by the U.N. itself,” Neuer said. He also cited the torture of a Palestinian doctor and Bulgarian nurses accused of deliberately infecting Libyan children with the HIV virus, and Libya’s incarceration of a Swiss businessman after Muammar Gaddafi’s son was arrested in 2008 and accused of assaulting personal staff at a Geneva hotel.

Neuer drew a contrast between Western opposition to Iran’s HRC bid and Libya’s.

“Western states are doing nothing about this because they now buy Libyan oil, and because Gaddafi has for now sworn off terrorism, and is in a kind of post-rogue recovery program,” he said.

“Western states who are on the council know that Libya will be elected, and fear the impact this could have on the perceived credibility of the council.

“Regrettably, they have more fear about the PR consequences – how the people will view what the foreign policy elites are doing in Geneva – than they do of the actual damage that Libya’s presence on the council will cause,” Neuer added.

Libya was not only a member of the now defunct UNCHR, but in 2003 it was nominated by the African group to chair that body.

The Bush administration opposed the move and for the first time in the commission’s history, the U.S. forced a vote, breaking with the tradition of filling the chairmanship “by acclamation.”

Libya won by 33 votes to three (it was a secret ballot, but the three votes were understood to have come from the U.S., Canada and Guatemala). Another 17 UNCHR members – including European Union nations – abstained.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I have no Use for Comedy Central

Besides caving to muslim threats there's another reason I will never watch Comedy Central ever again. On their website features an anti-Israel game called Israel Attack. When it comes to Israel, it's open season where any kind of hatred expressed is acceptable, but don't ever dare criticize islam in any way.

Double Standard in Holland

So this sums up the current situation in Holland. If you are a muslim you are free to engage in true hate speech, but a non-muslim will be prosecuted for truthful criticism of islam‬ under the guise of violating hate speech laws.

The criminal proceedings against Geert Wilders will continue in October of this year.‬

MP Geert Wilders will go on trial for inciting hatred and discrimination in October, not June as first thought, the Volkskrant reports on Tuesday.

Amsterdam court said it had been forced to make the change because of scheduling problems. The court says it needs five days to hear evidence in the case.

The MP faces five charges religious insult and anti-Muslim incitement. In January, the public prosecution department extended the prosecution case to include inciting hatred of Muslims, Moroccans and non-Western immigrants.

The PVV wanted to be part of the next cabinet, Wilders said: 'Without the PVV in government, the Netherlands will further slide into the swamp of politically-correct inaction.'

The Crazed, Hysterical Left

The city of San Francisco is going to boycott Arizona because of the new law cracking down on illegal aliens. Despite the fact that it is actually a relatively weak measure which only allows police to look into whether someone is an illegal alien if they have been taken in for committing some other crime first and that it forbids racial profiling, nevertheless, the lunatic left is attacking the bill in the most hysterical manner. They are of course comparing it to nazi Germany.

I say screw San Francisco. We have the right to control our borders just like any other nation. Try illegally entering another country and you will be arrested. The rest of America should boycott SF. It's a beautiful city but most of the people are frankly nutjobs.

Obama's Summit With muslims

This disgusts me. Instead of conducting an entrepreneurial summit for Americans and to boost the American economy, he has one for the muslim world with the help of dhimmi business leaders.

Many Muslims are especially disappointed by Obama's failure so far to advance Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking despite promising in his first days in office to make it a high priority.

Why is it always framed in this matter by the media? The muslim world isn't disappointed by the lack of peacemaking, but by obama's failure so far to bring about the annihilation of Israel.

He announced a series of efforts, including exchange programs for women in technology and for high tech leaders from Silicon Valley to share their expertise, said his global technology and innovation fund would "potentially mobilize" more than $2 billion in private capital.

This is all we need. To share our technology with the muslim world so they can use it against us.

Obama is not the president of the United States, he sees himself as leader of the muslim world. That is where his loyalties and affinities lie.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Time to End the Peace Process Farce

When is it going to become clear that there is no peace to be had with genocidal Jew-hating fanatics?
The Palestine Peace Distraction
Announcing a comprehensive plan now—one that is all but certain to fail—risks discrediting good ideas, breeding frustration in the Arab world, and diluting America’s reputation for getting things done.

By RICHARD N. HAASS, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, WSJ

President Obama recently said it was a “vital national security interest of the United States” to resolve the Middle East conflict. Last month, David Petraeus, the general who leads U.S. Central Command, testified before Congress that “enduring hostilities between Israel and some of its neighbors present distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests.” He went on to say that “Arab anger over the Palestinian question limits the strength and depth of U.S. partnerships with governments and peoples . . . and weakens the legitimacy of moderate regimes in the Arab world.”

What moderate arab regimes? Moral degenerates are telling us we must throw Israel under the bus in order to placate those non-existent arab “moderates”.

To be sure, peace between Israelis and Palestinians would be of real value. It would constitute a major foreign-policy accomplishment for the United States. It would help ensure Israel’s survival as a democratic, secure, prosperous, Jewish state. It would reduce Palestinian and Arab alienation, a source of anti-Americanism and radicalism. And it would dilute the appeal of Iran and its clients.

Bullshit. Nothing would reduce “palestinian” and arab alienation. Their source of anti-Americanism and radicalism comes from the koran and hadiths and would NOT be quelled by creating another islamic terror state carved out of Jewish land.

So even someone generally critical of hussein obama’s Mideast policy has bought in to this false narrative.

The Palestinian leadership remains weak and divided; the Israeli government is too ideological and fractured; U.S.-Israeli relations are too strained for Israel to place much faith in American promises. The West Bank is the equivalent of a fragile state at best. What is needed are sustained efforts to strengthen Palestinian economic, military and governing capacities on the West Bank so that Israel will come to see the Palestinian Authority as a partner it can work with.

What ideology forms the current Israeli government? The “right wing” PM Bibi has publicly come out in support of two states. His coalition consists of Labor party members like Ehud Barak.

Jihadist Tariq Ramadan

Stealth jihadist tariq ramadan on why he was barred by the Bush administration from entering America:

The Bush administration denied Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan a visa six years ago, forcing him to turn down a tenured position at the University of Notre Dame. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit and fought successfully on his behalf. In January, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revoked a ban, allowing the Swiss-born Ramadan and another Muslim scholar to visit the U.S. On his first trip back, Ramadan, now a professor at Oxford University, gave a keynote address this month at a fundraising dinner for the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. He also sat down with the Chicago Tribune.
Q: Why do you think you were banned from the United States?

A: I gave money to many organizations and two were blacklisted in the United States. (The Bush administration) said you gave the money so you should reasonably have known that these organizations were connected to Hamas, or allegedly connected to Hamas. The problem for (the Bush administration) was that they made a mistake because I gave the money between 1998 and 2002, before these organizations were blacklisted in the States, while they were never blacklisted in Europe where I lived. This was all a pretext for keeping me outside (the U.S.). It was an ideological exclusion. [...]

Just because Europe lacks any semblance of moral clarity doesn't mean there is any doubt about hamas being a terrorist gang.

Q: You've been criticized for double-speak, saying one thing to Muslim audiences and another to Western, non-Muslim audiences. Right-wing blogger Robert Spencer has called you a "stealth jihadist." Are you a stealth jihadist?
A: No. They all know that. These are people who have a problem with the Muslim presence. They are scared our presence in the West is going to change Western policies to something which is more open, for example, toward Palestinian rights, more critical toward the unilateral support of the States toward Israel.

What they are concerned about regarding the muslim presence in America is terrorism and the implementation of sharia law which is taking place in Europe due to massive muslim immigration.

As for western policies, when has the west ever given unilateral support to Israel? Europe has for decades favored the arabs and has been blatantly hostile to Israel. Even America gives money and military aid to arab states such as Egypt and saudi arabia. Even the PA has received billions in U.S. aid over the years. American troops have given their lives defending arab countries, but we never have done so for Israel. America also has numerous times prevented Israel from defeating its enemies, and saved arab countries from total defeat; from the Sinai to the six day war and the Yom Kippur war, the first and second Lebanon wars and Gaza. The U.S. even under Reagan condemned Israel for bombing Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor and defying Israeli protests, sold planes to saudi arabia. Not to mention we refuse to place our embassy in Jerusalem and condemn Israeli communities in eastern Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria, referred to as "settlements".

The notion that we have always been one-sided in support of Israel is one of the great myths of our time.

NSA Advisor Makes anti-Semitic Joke

The hussein obama administration is now being openly anti-Semitic. General Jones makes a joke about greedy Jews. He would not dare to make a joke about muslims. If anything, government officials go out of their way to avoid the slightest offense to muslims, even going so far as to deny the obvious fact that islam was the motivation for the Fort Hood massacre. So while the administration reaches out to and caters to muslims, it's open season on Jews. No matter that islam is responsible for massive bloodshed around the world.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pro-Israel Rally in NY

Thousands turn out in NYC to protest Obama's anti-Israel policies.

The Left's Double Standard

Ultra-leftist David Corn defends the decision of the Pentagon to disinvite the Reverend Franklin Graham.

Imagine if a leading American imam decried Christianity as an “evil” religion and then was invited to participate at a National Day of Prayer event at the Pentagon. How would conservative pundits, shouting heads, bloggers and politicians react? There would be denunciations, calls for rescinding the invitation, demands for explanations from the Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and questions hurled at the Obama White House. Fox News execs could only be happier if this occurred during sweeps weeks. But if a prominent Christian evangelist described Islam as an “evil” religion and subsequently received a similar invitation, would the same thing happen?

In fact muslim clerics who have called for violence against Christians, Jews and America, and are actually linked to terrorists have spoken before government agencies, Congress and have been to the White House and Pentagon.

Here’s Imam Wahhaj:

“In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing, and the only thing that will remain will be Islam,” Wahhaj said in one of his sermons.

Wahhaj, imam of Al-Taqwa mosque, is a former member of the Nation of Islam and was the first Muslim to give an invocation at the House of Representatives.

Brooklyn imam who has been linked to various terror plots to destroy landmarks is targeting New York City passengers in 1,000 subway cars with a new campaign to draw people into Islam.

The campaign has been approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and is set to run four weeks in September during Ramadhan

So David Corn hasn't got a clue as to what he's talking about as is typical of the left.

Illegal Aliens

Good for the governor of Arizona for cracking down on illegal aliens. There is nothing wrong with profiling. By sneaking into America those illegal aliens broke the law in the first place. How can obama claim that going after them is unjust? He's full of crap and is inverting reality. If any American entered into Canada or Mexico illegally, they would be arrested. We have the right, in fact an obligation to safeguard our borders like every other nation and I'm tired of the cries of "racism" directed at anyone who calls on our public officials to control and protect our borders or against anyone in public office who actually does so. The president is supposed to act in the interest of the United States and our justice department is supposed to be upholding American law. Yet here they are taking the side of foreigners who broke our laws. This is infuriating. We have a president who considers himself a citizen of the world rather than an American and his priority is acting in the interests of the international community ahead of serving the interests of America.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #264 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Blog d' Elisson.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Afghanistan's Dancing Boys

Afghan "men" use young boys as sex slaves. Our soldiers did not join up to fight in Afghanistan in order to preserve the depraved practices of a primitive culture.

Islamic Homosexual Pederasty and Afghanistan’s “Dancing Boys.”
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Frontline’s Documentary about the “Bacha Bazi.”

Last week, in Quetta, Pakistan, a homicide bomber attacked a prominent Shiite bank manager—and when his friends and relatives followed him to the hospital emergency room, another bomber attacked them, killing eight. The police assume that this was a “sectarian” (Muslim Sunni vs Muslim Shia) attack. This is nothing new; this is the template, the pattern. For example, also in 2009, in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan, a Shiite Muslim leader was shot down; the next day, at his funeral, a homicide bomber killed himself and 28 mourners. Again, the police described this as “sectarian” violence. In 2008, in the same town, after the shooting death of a Shiite Muslim cleric, both the hospital and the funeral were subsequently attacked either by a homicide bomber or by a “planted” device. These Muslims take no prisoners. Yesterday, the deputy mayor of Kandahar, in Afghanistan (123 miles away from Quetta), was shot to death while he was praying in a mosque.

What mercy might such people show to infidels, women, or children, including their own?

None. None at all. Westerners are so confused about this—not only because they are brainwashed and do not want to be called “racists,” but also because these people tend to have such charming and “sincere” faces.

Last night, I watched the saddest little movie, a brave Frontline documentary about the “Bacha Bazi,” the underage “dancing boys” of Afghanistan. These children are sex slaves to older, powerful Afghan men–in this instance, former Northern Alliance warlords, who have purchased them from their impoverished families or, as orphans, simply taken them off the street. When they try to escape, they are found and punished—or they are murdered.
Continue reading

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pentagon Caves to CAIR

The Pentagon disinvites Christian evangelist Franklin Graham for simply telling the truth about islam.

WASHINGTON – Christian evangelist Franklin Graham says the Army has withdrawn an invitation for him to appear at a special Pentagon prayer service.

In a statement Thursday, Graham said he regrets the Army's decision and will continue to pray for the troops.

Graham, the son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, in 2001 described Islam as evil. More recently, he has said he finds Islam offensive and wants Muslims to know that Jesus Christ died for their sins.

Islam IS evil and DOES enslave its adherents, especially women who are often the victims of brutality and extreme violence. Also non-muslims living under islamic rule are enslaved, persecuted, oppressed and are the victims of violence. In fact the word "islam" means "submission". Muslims say they are offended by Graham's words, well I am offended by the cruel and inhumane practices of islam. It's time we stopped treating it as just another religion and acknowledged that islam is a brutal, regressive, totalitarian and violent political movement.

Comedy Central's Dhimmitude

Comedy Central censors the word "mohammed" in an episode of South Park due to threats from muslims. Why aren't the ones who are making the threats put in jail? And why the silence from free speech advocates in the entertainment industry and the arts who spoke out in defense of artists and entertainers who insulted Christianity? If you'll recall the crucifix in urine and the scene from Larry David's show.
South Park’ Episode Is Altered After Muslim Group’s Warning
A message posted on, the Web site of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s production company.
3:36 p.m. | Updated
An episode of “South Park” that continued a story line involving the Prophet Muhammad was shown Wednesday night on Comedy Central with audio bleeps and image blocks reading “CENSORED” after a Muslim group warned the show’s creators that they could face violence for depicting that holy Islamic prophet. Revolution Muslim, a group based in New York, wrote on its Web site that the “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker “will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh” for an episode shown last week in which a character said to be the Prophet Muhammad was seen wearing a bear costume. Mr. Van Gogh was slain in Amsterdam in 2004 after making a film that discussed the abuse of Muslim women in some Islamic societies.

The new episode of “South Park” on Wednesday night tried to revisit this character, but with the name and depiction of the character blocked out. It was unclear how much of the bleeping was Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker’s decision. In a message posted on their Web site,, they wrote that they could not immediately stream the new episode on the site because:

After we delivered the show, and prior to broadcast, Comedy Central placed numerous additional audio bleeps throughout the episode. We do not have network approval to stream our original version of the show.
On Thursday morning, a spokesman for Comedy Central confirmed that the network had added more bleeps to the episode than were in the cut delivered by South Park Studios, and that it was not giving permission for the episode to run on the studio’s Web site.

On Thursday afternoon, Trey Parker and Matt Stone released the following statement:

In the 14 years we’ve been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn’t stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We’ll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we’ll see what happens to it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Support Sarah Palin

To those who believe Sarah Palin lacks substance or knowledge of vital issues, nothing could be further from the truth. She has plenty of knowledge on significant issues, especially when it comes to energy. With regard to foreign policy, she would support America’s allies and not appease our enemies. She has moral clarity, something those foreign policy “experts” with ivy league degrees are sorely lacking in. These supposedly brilliant people have made a mess of things, have strengthened the world’s tyrants and islamic terrorists and endangered the free world with their pathetic failed appeasement policies and yet they continue dispensing the same failed policy advice which has brought the crazed Iranian mullahs to the brink of obtaining nuclear weapons and brought the jihad to our own shores.

And the best thing about Sarah is that she stands on principle and doesn't seek the approval of the media and other liberal elites. That's another reason why they hate her.

Palin was elected Governor against all odds

Conservatives4Palin has an excellent take down of an article by Quin Hillyer in the American Spectator in which Hillyer attacks Palin. I was particularly impressed with the following rebuttal. I hadn’t realized how formidable her victory for Governor was.

Our fourth problem with Quin’s problem is that he minimizes her political accomplishments. He characterizes Palin’s victory over Frank Murkowski as “not too hard.” Oh really? What Quin fails to tell his readers is that Palin is one of three people to have defeated an incumbent Governor or Senator in a primary and to have won the subsequent general election in the last twelve years. She did it in an election year when Republicans across the country suffered record losses. She did it with the Republican Party establishment opposing her candidacy and openly threatening her on the phone should she dare cross them. She did it without the political consultants upon which too many in our party foolishly rely. The liberal Anchorage Daily News wrote the following about her campaign:

Still, no national consultants have been brought in to hone Palin’s message or protect her frontrunner status with carefully scripted appearances.

“It’s the most remarkable campaign I’ve ever seen,” said Babcock. “She’s just running as Sarah Palin and talking about what comes up.”

What seems to drive the Beltway, as well bloggers like Quin, crazy is the fact that she neither seeks nor needs their assistance. The bloggers over at Hillbuzz met Governor Palin over the weekend in Peoria and she expressed her thoughts about the political chattering class to which Quin belongs quite succinctly: “Oh, I got their number.”

Victory Over CAIR

A defeat for the gangsters at CAIR and a victory for free speech and freedom of religion. Pam Geller and Robert Spencer's legal situation with Miami Dade transit has been settled and their "leaving islam" bus ads will be allowed after all. Read the whole story.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sharia Law in Indonesia

We need to dispense with the notion that there is a moderate islam or moderate islamic nations. In Indonesia, one of those islamic nations the west refers to as "moderate", a law banning blasphemy has been upheld.

Law Banning Blasphemy Is Upheld in Indonesia NY Times

Several fundamentalist Islamic groups, which have gathered during hearings since the court took up the case in November, rallied outside the courthouse again on Monday as 600 riot police officers looked on.
The Islamic Defenders Front, a militant group that has attacked religious pluralism rallies in the past, attacked lawyers seeking to repeal the law during the final hearing last week.
“This is a setback for Indonesian democracy,” said Uli Parulian Sihombing, a human rights lawyer and part of the team that filed the challenge. Supporters of the law say it is necessary to prevent conflict among religious groups.

Obama's Dangerous Mideast Gambit

What are the lives of Israelis worth compared to hussein obama getting credit for a foreign policy “achievement” on paper and currying favor with the arab-muslim world, or so he thinks? These scoundrels are gambling with the lives of Jews in Israel and for that matter Americans as well, but what do they care, they aren’t the ones who will pay the ultimate price for their failed experiment in the Middle East.

Obama's Next Big Push: "Solving" the Middle East Crisis

Evidence is mounting that President Barack Obama will unveil a new Middle East peace plan in the coming months. While a desire for peace is indeed admirable, such a move should only be welcomed by the enemies of America.

Not only would this attempt inevitably fail, but it would directly harm U.S. security by shifting our national focus away from very real—and far more dangerous—threats in the region.

Nearly two weeks ago, both the New York Times and the Washington Post reported on the same day about a high-level meeting two weeks beforehand in which National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones had lobbied Obama to craft an American peace plan. Last Monday, J-Street, a left-wing Jewish group with close ties to the White House, ran a full-page ad in the New York Times urging Obama to impose “concrete plans for a two-state solution.”

Obama himself further signaled something is in the works by stating at the close of a press conference last Tuesday that resolving the Middle East conflict was “a vital national security interest of the United States.” Likely at the prodding of White House officials, the New York Times ran a front-page story two days later suggesting that an Obama Peace Plan could be drafted over the next few months and introduced this fall.

But the strongest indicator of an upcoming peace initiative is Obama’s own track record to date.

Health care became the defining issue for Obama’s domestic policy, and the Middle East is the logical global corollary. Far from being content to fiddle around the edges, Obama has an appetite for broad, sweeping change. And the Middle East is quite a tableau.

When he encounters resistance, Obama redoubles his efforts. Witness his resolve after Scott Brown’s stunning victory in Massachusetts. In other words, if Obama has already set his mind to achieving transformational change in the Middle East, the odds he will be dissuaded are quite low.

Should Obama embark on the Quixotic quest of Middle East “peace,” there will be no oxygen left in the national discussion to focus on threats far more insidious to U.S. national security, such as the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, a teetering democracy in Iraq, an ascendant al Qaeda in Yemen, and most significant, the Iranian mullahs’ nuclear ambitions.

The argument in favor of putting all hands on deck for striking an Israeli-Palestinian deal is that it will be the first domino that will rally the Arab states to prevent Iran from obtaining nukes and somehow pacify our enemies elsewhere to realize they had misjudged America.

This is absurd. Arab dictators already want to stop Iran, as they fear the political dominance the mullahs will achieve across the region should they acquire nukes. As for Islamic extremists battling our soldiers, it’s patently naïve to think that a peace deal would convince them to lay down their arms.

Jews Who Regret Voting for Obama

Some Jews who voted for obama are now expressing shock at his anti-Israel and marxist agenda. Were they asleep during that campaign?
Prominent Jews Express Obama Outrage

By: Pat Boone

“I’m so embarrassed, Pat. I’m ashamed. I believed in the man and thought he’d be good for the country. Sure, I’m a Democrat, somewhat liberal, and felt it was time for an able black leader to be president. So I voted for Obama.

But now that I see what he’s doing to the country — to the economy, taking over banks and car companies, appointing these unconstitutional ‘czars’ to run everything, reporting not to Congress but to him — I’m afraid of what’s going to happen to us. He seems more and more delusional, but determined to ram all this down our throats, whether we like it or not.

“And now, he’s lording it over Israel, telling them what he wants them to do, siding with her enemies, and seeming more and more like the Muslim he was raised to be. I love Israel as much as I love America — and he really doesn’t seem to love either one.

“And I voted for him! I can’t believe I didn’t see the signs, didn’t find out more about him and his complete lack of any real qualifications!”

The man saying these things to me is our family doctor, a real friend and a devout Jew.

Every time we talk, he and his wife seem to be almost in shock, as each new day brings another revelation about the president’s agenda, his “executive orders” circumventing due process, the spiraling deficits and new fantastic commitments to more spending for all kinds of liberal programs and entitlements that the United States simply cannot afford.

“Look,” he said last night, “we didn’t care for George Bush. We thought he was way over his head and couldn’t seem to put two good sentences together. He ran the budget through the roof, too, and he’s a Republican.

“So when this Illinois senator, well-spoken and obviously intelligent, talked about ‘change’ and ‘transforming America,’ we bought into it. We had no idea.

How could he have had no idea? Hussein’s relationships with anti-American, anti-Semites jeremiah wright, rashid khalid, bill ayers and bernadine dorn were all very well publicized despite the msm. Where was the good doctor during that ‘08 campaign? Anyone who claims they did not know who obama truly was, was not living on this planet. They just chose to ignore it because they are dyed-in-the-wool demorats and probably assumed that being in the White House, hussein wouldn’t actually dare to attempt to pull off a radical agenda.

“I mean, we didn’t know that much about him. The media didn’t divulge much . . . but we wanted something better than what we had. And now we’ve got worse! This man thinks he’s an emperor, a dictator, and nothing can stop him.

“The Congress seems afraid of him, or they’ve been bought off somehow. What are we gonna do? What can we do?”

This question is being asked by a dramatically growing number of Jewish Americans. And many of these are leaders, very influential in their respective professions; they are speaking out loudly, publicly, and angrily.

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch, a prominent Jewish leader who supported Obama’s campaign, expressed his outrage April 12, when he wrote: “I weep today because my president, Barack Obama, in a few weeks has changed the relationship between the U.S. and Israel from that of closest of allies to one in which there is an absence of trust on both sides.

“Our closest ally, the one with the special relationship with the U.S., has been demeaned and slandered, held responsible by the administration for our problems in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

“The plan, I suspect, is to so weaken the resolve of the Jewish state and its leaders that it will be much easier to impose on Israel an American plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, leaving Israel’s needs for security and defensible borders in the lurch.

“I believe President Obama’s policy is to create a whole new relationship with the Arab states of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt, and Iraq as a counter to Iran, the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Muslim world, which we are now prepared to see in possession of a nuclear weapon.

“If throwing Israel under the bus is needed to accomplish this alliance, so be it.”

Fellow American, we cannot — we must not — succumb to this overarching plan to drastically undercut and destroy the very foundations of this country we love. This great, unprecedented experiment in freedom and self-government we call America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Yes, right out of the Bible.

As scholar David Barton has pointed out, in the 15,000 writings by our founders archived and studied by political science professors, there were 3,154 quotes, and 34 percent of them were straight out of the Bible, mostly from Deuteronomy.

Simply and truly put, our whole system of law and government was based on Mosaic Law, given by God, and recognized as supreme and perfect by our founders. And it provided religious and secular liberty to all — Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists . . . and atheists.

We who believe in God and his word still are a large majority in this country. Our best and only hope to recover what we’re rapidly losing is to rally and unite under one banner: One Nation Under God.

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” — 2 Chronicles 7:14

That’s the healthcare we desperately need.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bubba Shills for the Arabs

Bill Clinton backs obama's policy towards Israel, praises the arabs and blames Israel for the troubles in the region.

Discussing the Middle East peace process on ABC’s This Week, host Jake Tapper asked former President Bill Clinton whether he thought it was “time for President Obama to put a peace plan on the table,” as has been reported the administration is considering. Clinton responded that, while he was “reluctant to give him public advice,” if President Obama “decides to do it I will support it”:

CLINTON: Let me answer you this way, because I don’t want to do anything to foreclose their options. The argument against doing that is that the current Israeli government, with its current coalition, would almost certainly reject it. And the argument is that this makes us look weak. But I think they [the Israelis] may decide it’s more important to have clarity. And to do something that may be an action-forcing event that would bring them back to the table, if he [President Obama] decides to do it I will support it. And I think that if he decides to do it he should acknowledge that they may come up with a deal that’s slightly different from the one he proposes. But we need to do something to deprive both sides of any excuse not to engage in serious negotiations.

Watch it:

President Clinton also described how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in addition to driving extremism in the Middle East, tends to crowd out other, more positive developments in the region. “Half of the energy coming out of all this organization and money-raising for terror comes out of the allegations around the unresolved Palestinian issue,” Clinton said. “If there were a Palestinian state working in partnership with the policies Mr. [Salaam] Fayyad is following in the West Bank, it would be a whole different world”:

CLINTON: All the Arabs would identify with Israel, they’d have a political and economic partnership, the whole economic basis of the Middle East would shift from oil to ideas. Look at what the Saudi Arabians are doing, they’re building six new towns. The UAE wins the international competition for the clean energy agency, and they’re gonna build a carbon-neutral city. In the UAE. And nobody thinks about this — Dubai is the only country with huge amounts of imported workers that’s actually passed legislation to give these immigrant workers a better deal in the Middle East, they have women in the government, they have a joint public-private decision making process — nobody knows anything about. Why? Because of the Palestinian-Israeli thing.

How could the Syrians stay out there alone, cooperating with the Iranians and letting Hezbollah people travel through Syria, and doing all the things they do? If there were a peace for the Palestinians, they would have to come along with the rest of the Arab states, and there would be a peace between Israel and Syria. This is a huge deal. So the fact that the president is putting new energy into this and taking personal responsibility for it, and trying to get them back to the table, that’s the most important thing.

So to translate: according to bubba, the arab-muslims are really just peaceful, freedom-loving people who merely want to get along with the global community. And everything would just be honkey-dory in the Middle East, it would become a region of peace, freedom and prosperity if not for those stubborn Jews on that tiny strip of land who insist on self-preservation.

The thing that's most despicable about this is that clinton knows full well from his own experience as president spending 8 years pushing the failed, fraudulent "peace" process, that Israeli concessions were never met with any reciprocity on the part of the "palestinians", that the arab-muslims have no intention of ever peacefully coexisting with Israel, that they will never accept the existence of a Jewish state.

Hindus in Bengal Viciously Attacked by muslims

Yet another violent muslim mob attack ignored by the msm. This time against Hindus in Bengal. Wherever muslims become a majority or a significant minority, oppression and bloodshed follow.

Eyewitness report: Muslims Attack on Hindus in Murshidabad, Bengal

From 14th April Communal Riot started in Panchthupi village and surrounding area of the village under BURWAN Police Station of Kandi sub division of Murshidabad district.
It started from a petty quarrel between Hindus and Muslims.But, within hours it took ugly turn. Hindus were attacked and tortured. Many Hindu houses and shops were looted. Many people from both community injured. Seriously injured persons are admitted to nearby Kandi Hospital.

Today (Aril 6, 2010) , one Sujit Ghosh has been brutally murdered.

Police encircled the Hindu villages where mainly Yadavs/Ghosh reside. They are fighting caste.In this, the District Magistrate (D.C.) Mr. Parvez Siddiqi is playing a dirty role to misuse administration in favour of Muslim hooligans.

This Parvez Siddiqi is a most communal govt officer. Since he joined as D.M. in this 67%(projected) Muslim majority district, his behaviour is extremely partisan and communal. He has made it a point to offer Namaz every Friday noon in different Mosques of the Baharampur town and Murshidabad dist. He particularly chooses those mosques which are not visited by many Muslims. His intention is to popularise that mosque and to give encouragement and inspiration to the Mullahs and Imams of those unpopular mosques. His effort became successful. Hindus are very much apprehensive that so long this man will remain at the helm of administration here, how much damage will be done to the Hindus by him.Out of total 26 Blocks of this predominantly Muslim majority (63.67% in 2001 census), only this Burwan block is Hindu majority block with 59.66% Hindu in 2001. Rest 25 Blocks are Muslim majority in 2001.
Today morning the Dak Bunglow Market, about 6 km distant from Panchthupi village, was attacked by the Muslim miscreants. A number of shops owned by the Hindus were destroyed and looted.
Hindus are extremely scared as they know that they live in a de-facto Pakistan. In fact, in 1947, since 15 August, Pakistani Flag hoisted for three days in this district. Every Hindu of this district knows their fate and future. But a total hopelessness and killer passivity are the identity marks of the Hindus here. Till now the Panchthupi incident is a small one considering the overall scenario of West Bengal. Everyday, I repeat everyday, a few dozens of such Hindu Muslim clashes are held all over West Bengal. In most of the cases, those are one sided. The most unfortunate part of those incidents are : the total black out / silence of the media. They are instructed not to report those. They are indoctrinated that reporting those incidents will only help to spread those clashes. So, to keep mum will help to achieve communal harmony.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Day Old Baby "Honor" Murdered

A muslim family murdered a two-day old baby girl because the mother gave birth out-of-wedlock. This is the evil and monstrous "religion" obama and the liberals say we must respect and treat as equal to our own culture. According to this sick ideology, a muslim male's depraved sense of "honor" and that of the family is far more important than the very life of a new-born infant. This occurred in the "moderate" muslim nation of Turkey. There is not a decent islamic country.
Two-day-old girl killed in 'honour killing'

Turkish police on Friday detained an unmarried mother and six other people near Istanbul for their suspected role in the so-called "honour killing" of a 2-day-old baby girl, state news agency Anatolian said.
The baby was suffocated by her grandmother after the family learned the 25-year-old mother became pregnant out of wedlock, Anatolian said.

"My family decided to kill my baby," the mother told the police, according to Anatolian. "My 55-year-old mother choked the baby with a cloth. Then, my brothers buried the baby in a hole in the garden and covered the hole with cement."

Police found the body after receiving an anonymous phone call.

Among those detained were also a doctor and the doctor's secretary, They allegedly had agreed not to register the baby's birth in return for an undisclosed amount of money.

The baby's father is doing his military service and was not involved in the incident.

"Honour killings," or crimes carried out against women seen to have tainted the family's name, are not uncommon in mainly Muslim Turkey, particularly in poor and rural areas.

The European Union, which Turkey has applied to join, has repeatedly urged Ankara to take a tougher stance against such crimes.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Haveil Havalim

Edition #263 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Simply Jews.

Gaddafi Loves Obama

And why shouldn't he since they share the same worldview. First castro praised the passage of obamacare and now Libya's dictator gaddafi has also praised hussein obama and described him as an African from arab descent and muslim descent. Doesn't it make you so proud that our president has the enthusiastic approval of castro and gaddafi? It should sure make every American feel good about the current state of our nation.

Libyan leader praises US president: 'He is of Muslim descent, his policy should be supported, as he now leans towards peace'

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi considers the US president a blessing to the Muslim world. In a speech published in London-based al-Hayat newspaper on Saturday, Gaddafi praised Barack Obama, called him a "friend" and said there is no longer any dispute between his country and the US.

Speaking in the Libyan city of Sirt at an event marking the 24th anniversary of an American attack on Libya, he said, "At the time, we were the target of the American cannon, the American navy challenged us in the gulf of Sirt and attacked us all along Libya's shores. America tested Libya, and the Libyan people resisted the large country, but today, thank God, the difference is great."

He said, "Now, ruling America is a black man from our continent, an African from Arab descent, from Muslim descent, and this is something we never imagined – that from Reagan we would get to Barakeh Obama."

Gaddafi stressed that Obama's presidency is "a major historical gain" and said, "He is someone I consider a friend. He knows he is a son of Africa. Regardless of his African belonging, he is of Arab Sudanese descent, or of Muslim descent. He is a man whose policy should be supported, and he should be assisted in implementing it in any way possible, since he is now leaning towards peace."

He continued, "I urge all peoples to give him this chance and to support this policy, because America is a country that, when its policy is bad – harms the world, and when it is good – it helps the world."

The Libyan leader also expressed hopes that, "the dream that Obama has for a world free of nuclear weapons will come true. This is something that no previous American president has proposed. Obama is a man who opposes wars that previous American presidents were entangled in; he has declared that he will withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq – something which has never been proposed before."

Despite the warm sentiments towards the American leader, he stressed, "The Arabs hate America, there is no doubt. There is not an Arab that loves America, and even the leaders who the United States considers allies or friends – hate it. The external love is merely hypocrisy or pragmatism. The reason for this is clear – Palestine."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miami Dade Transit Bows to Islamic Lobby

When are we going to have politicians who stand up to the islamic lobby and tell CAIR to shove it? Why are they always compelled to succumb to muslim demands?

Pam Geller and Robert Spencer bought ads to be placed on buses in Miami which show former muslims who are being threatened for leaving islam, where they can get help. This was done in response to ads which were placed on buses proselytizing for islam. However Miami Dade Transit caved in to pressure from the islamic lobby and pulled the ads. Now Pam and Robert are suing. Good for them.

Looks like Muslims and apostates who want to be free are in desperate need of the SIOA bus ads. Miami Dade capitulated to Muslim Brotherhood bullying and supremacism and killed the ads, and we are suing.

Today a young girl was attacked with acid for converting out of Islam. Why isn't President Moebama making the world safe for this little girl? Why didn't President Moebama speak of the persecution of Christians, converts and apostates when he bloviated and burped taqiya at his speech to the ummah in Cairo June 2009?
Read the rest.

Hillary Clinton and Israel

What a witch Hillary Clinton is. Israel has been spending more than 60 years bending over backwards trying to make peace with genocidal Jew-haters. Every gesture towards peace has been met with increased terrorist attacks and declarations of war against the Jewish state and calls for its obliteration by islamic jihadists. Under the “moderate” fatah regime, incitement to hatred and murder of Jews in mosques, media and in schools continues unabated. Yet hillary clinton has the audacity to claim Israel is the intransigent party. There was a time when she actually condemned this incitement, but that was when it served her political interests as NY senator and needed the Jewish vote. She needn’t have bothered to pretend being pro-Israel since the Jewish liberals in NY would have voted for her anyway.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday urged Israel and the Palestinians to restart peace talks, but laid the bulk of the blame for the fact the peace process has not advanced on the Jewish state.

Speaking at the opening of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace in Washington, Clinton insisted Israel needs to make many more gestures and concessions to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in order to improve his image and encourage a final status peace settlement.

“We encourage Israel to continue building momentum toward a comprehensive peace by demonstrating respect for the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians, stopping settlement activity and addressing the humanitarian needs in Gaza,” said Clinton.

The secretary also appeared to directly blame Israel for the fact that Palestinians have increasingly turned to the more ideologically-rigid Hamas terrorist organization to represent them in their conflict with Israel.

If Israel fails to further bolster Abbas, said Clinton, “there is no doubt his support will fade and Palestinians will turn to alternatives – including Hamas.”

Like many other US leaders before her, Clinton failed to acknowledge that the Palestinian Authority, both under Abbas and Yasser Arafat before him, has had over 15 years to demonstrate the ability to effectively govern and promote an atmosphere of peace and coexistence, but has failed to do so.

For most Israelis, however, that is the true obstacle to peace

Britain Today

This is modern day Britain and this will become America's future if we don't halt muslim immigration and if we continue to succumb to islamic demands. It's way past time for the non-muslim world to form a ruthless resistance against the global jihad.

Hey you liberals, would you like these guys to be your neighbors? Be honest with yourselves. If this video disgusts you then you have discovered you are human and harbor normal prejudices and realize that not all cultures should be equally valued and respected and that ours is infinitely superior and we should fight to preserve it. We need to put an end to destructive political correctness and multiculturalism. If wanting to maintain our own civilization and wanting to prevent it from degenerating into a third world cesspool or islamic hellhole is considered bigoted or xenophobic, then so be it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Britain's Latest Anti-Israel Outrage

One of Judaism's holiest sites, the Western Wall, is not considered part of the Jewish state according to England's Advertising Standards Authority. Someone needs to explain to them that eastern Jerusalem was annexed by Israel after having been acquired through a war of self-defense against Jordanian aggression. And for the upteenth time, Jordan had illegally occupied eastern Jerusalem between 1948-1967 and ethnically cleansed the Jews and stole their property and destroyed their synagogues. Again I ask by what right to the Arab people know as the "palestinians" deserve sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem? I'm so sick of England and its constant flagrant and disgusting display of anti-Zionism. All of the countries of the free world ought to stand with Israel. Israel's enemies are the same ones targeting the west. What is wrong with these people? Why haven't they gotten the message yet that throwing Israel to the wolves and placating murderous jihadis is not making them secure? If anything, it further endangers them.

Obama and NASA

Obama is purposely setting out to bring about the decline of America. The latest is cutting back on our space program, among America's greatest and proudest achievements. And now we will be a third rate nation in terms of space exploration and the benefits that come along with it, if we wind up being involved at all. He is just destroying everything great about America.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Elbaradei Supports Terrorism Against Israel

This mohammed elbaradei was the skunk who was given responsibility for preventing nuclear arms proliferation. The fox guarding the henhouse. Of course he used his position to make sure nothing stood in the way of his muslim brothers in Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. The question is why the west would allow a muslim jihadi to head the IAEA. Naturally this defender of evil who made it safe for terrorist regimes to acquire nuclear weapons, won the nobel peace prize, following in the footsteps of the mass murderer of Jews, yassir arafat. A really proud legacy for the Nobel prize committee.

ElBaradei - violence is the only language Israel understands (Guysen.International.News)
Former IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei, who is considering contending in Egypt’s presidential elections next year, expressed his support for the “Palestinian resistance” while slamming Israel. In a report published Tuesday, the experienced diplomat said that Palestinian violence was the only path open to the Palestinian people, because “the Israeli occupation only understands the language of violence.”

CAIR Waging Jihad Against McDonald's

Hamas front group, CAIR, is suing McDonalds on behalf of a muslim woman who applied for a job and was told she couldn't wear her head scarf. I would bet that this was another set-up by CAIR.

Wearing the hijab is a political, not a religious statement. It's time to say enough of this crap, enough caving in to islamic demands. If we don't nip this in the bud now, the demands will grow as is happening in Europe. It won't be long before muslim women doctors and nurses will demand to be allowed to violate hygiene rules by refusing to expose their arms, under the guise of preserving their modesty. This already is occurring in England and they are in fact being accommodated! These people need to go back to the sharia ruled countries where they came from. We must not allow sharia to be brought to our shores.

Hamas-linked CAIR declares jihad against McDonald's
Once again the thugs at CAIR demand that non-Muslims change their practices to conform to Islamic sensibilities, rather than calling upon Muslims in the United States to adapt to American culture. Do they really expect anyone to believe that McDonald's didn't hire this woman because it is "Islamophobic"? Their opposition to the hijab is, I am certain, entirely hygienic, and in a restaurant, that is something I am glad to see.

"Mich. McDonald's Accused Of Discrimination," from WWJ, April 13:

Rochester Hills (WWJ) -- The Michigan Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is accusing McDonald's of religious and ethnic discrimination. CAIR has filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint against a McDonald's Restaurant in Rochester Hills. The complaint was filed on behalf of a Muslim woman who applied for a job at the restaurant. During the interview, she says that one of the restaurant managers informed her that wearing an Islamic head scarf, or hijab, would be a problem.
In 2008, the EEOC issued new guidelines on accommodating religious beliefs and practices in the workplace.

The guidelines offer protection for workers who wear religious attire such as a headscarf.

"We urge McDonald's to take immediate action to bring its hiring policies into compliance with long-established legal guidelines on reasonable religious accommodation in the workplace," said CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid.

Walid noted that in 2008, CAIR-MI raised concerns with McDonald's regarding two similar incidents in which Muslim women alleged being denied employment because of hijab....

Syria Gives Scuds to hezbollah

Our enemies are increasingly emboldened to act aggressively because this president projects weakness. Yet this administration won't change course.
Syria Gave Scuds to Hezbollah, U.S. Says
JERUSALEM—Syria has transferred long-range Scud missiles to the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, Israeli and U.S. officials alleged, in a move that threatens to alter the Middle East's military balance and sets back a major diplomatic outreach effort to Damascus by the Obama administration.

Israeli President Shimon Peres on Tuesday publicly charged President Bashar Assad's government with transferring Scud missiles to Hezbollah's forces inside Lebanon. Syria and Hezbollah both denied the charges. But the allegations already are affecting U.S. foreign policy: Republicans pressed on Capitol Hill to block the appointment of a new American ambassador to Damascus, according to congressional officials. The White House said it was pressing ahead.

Of course they are. What else can we expect from the obama administration but to reward enemies and their aggressive behavior.

"President Barack Obama has made engaging Mr. Assad's government a cornerstone of his Mideast policy, hoping to woo Damascus into a regional peace process and lure it from a strategic alliance with Iran".

Reaching out to the muslim world and their terrorist-sponsoring regimes is working out real well.

"The Bush administration had increased sanctions on Damascus and pushed a United Nations-backed investigation into the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri; Mr. Obama's aides said these measures just drove Syria closer to Iran".

Blame Bush in order to whitewash the failure of obama's own appeasement policy towards Syria.

So according to the logic of the obama administration, the way to deal with a tyrant like assad is to simply allow him to get away with murder lest we push him to become even more of a terrorist. This is the logic of liberals in dealing with islamic terrorists as a whole, which is not to fight them because doing so would only anger them into committing further terrorism. Assad of course was already close to Iran.

"A senior U.S. official involved in Mideast policy said Washington was uncertain why Mr. Assad would escalate tensions with Israel. But in recent months, Israeli and Syrian officials have publicly charged each other with preparing for war. The U.S. official said Syria's arms transfer could have been meant as a form of deterrence".

So according to the obama administration Israel is the aggressor and Syria is simply preparing to defend itself. Revolting. This sums up the perverse world view of obama and his cohorts. I'm sure they really believe that Iran is only developing nukes to protect itself from Israel.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Throwing Israel Under the Bus Won't End the Jihad Being Waged Against Us

About those ignorant and uninformed people who believe that ending our support for Israel will make us safe. They believe this because they have absolutely no knowledge of the history and ideology of islam and they listen to the tripe coming from the
msm. When you take into consideration all of the historical revisionism of Israel and the "palestinians", the use of loaded terms like "occupation", settlements", "east Jerusalem" and even the word "palestinian" itself in reference to the arabs of Gaza and Judea and Samaria, speaking of which has come to be known as the west bank only since 1950 when Jordan changed the name, it's amazing that Israel has such strong support in America. This is due to the moral clarity and Christian faith of the majority of Americans who to their credit reject the widespread anti-Israel narrative that Europeans so easily fall for.

More insanity from the left

Does anyone doubt that liberalism is a mental disorder? First of all an elementary school was going to have boys dress as girls to mark women's history month.\

And I also heard that in Maine, students will no longer be classified by gender. There won't be separate boys and girls bathrooms or locker rooms.

Is it any wonder why parents want to home school their kids or send them to private schools? In fact I think the whole school system ought to be privatized.

Galloway Attacked by muslims

This couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Karma has come to British anti-Semite and hamas supporter george galloway as he was attacked by the very islamic jihadis that he has long defended.

Three Muslim extremists charged after attack on Galloway Saturday 10th April 2010

George Galloway was set upon by a group of Muslim extremists while campaigning in East London this afternoon. Three men, believed to belong to the extreme sect Islam4UK, the latest name for Al-Muhajiroun, were arrested and subsequently charged with public order offences.
Galloway, who is standing in the Poplar and Limehouse constituency, was with a party of supporters in Watney Market around 3pm when he and his colleagues were first abused and then attacked by the group.

"They called me a filthy Kaffir" said Galloway, "and shouted that no one should shake the 'filthy Kaffir's hand'. This lot are the latest incarnation of the banned group Al-Muhajiroun. They don't want Muslims to vote, they don't believe in democracy, and because I encourage Muslims to vote and take a full part in our society they hate me. My party, Respect, is the antidote to these despicable extremists."

Galloway's assistant Kevin Ovenden had his phone smashed in the incident and other supporters were abused and jostled.

Galloway was also attacked, held hostage and received death threats from Al-Muhajiroun, then called Al-Gourabaa, in the 2005 General Election.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

British Government Has Gone off the Deep End

If you think we've lost our marbles with political correctness and surrendering to islam, England is even much further gone than we are. Here are two recent stories which show how England has gone off the deep end.

Latest Lunacy from Abroad: Children Firing Teachers

Met Allows islamic protesters to throw shoes because its a form of ritual protest. Will they allow stoning and flogging women, female genital mutilation and "honor" murders because they are islamic rituals?

Will a "palestinian" islamic Terror State be Forced Upon Israel?

The EU says it will use the example of Kosovo if the PA unilaterally declares a "palestinian" state. This is ominous. There's a real possibility that just as NATO used military force against the Serbs under the guise of "ethnic cleansing" which turned out to be a hoax, it will use military force against Israel to enforce such a PA declaration of statehood. The idea of a unilateral declaration in 2011 keeps coming up in many articles I have read. And Obama advisor Samantha Powers is on record as favoring a U.S. invasion of Israel on behalf of the "palestinians". Another obama advisor zbignew brzezinsky has suggested America shoot down Israeli planes if Israel attempts to take out Iran's nuke facilities. Imagine America actually shooting down Israeli pilots in order to protect Iranian nuclear weapons factories. It boggles the mind. Also brzezinsky and Steven Solarz' article about imposing a two-state plan, said that any party objecting to the plan (meaning Israel) would be dealt with. All of these signs point to military force being used against Israel by the west.

EU mission head in Israel: Kosovo experience to be used if Palestine proclaims its independence Trend News

The European Union intends to use the experience of Kosovo if the Palestinian Authority decides to proclaim a Palestinian state unilaterally.

"Yet we do not have a clear position on the independence of Palestine, but the EU has the experience of Kosovo, which we plan to introduce in this case," the head of the EU office in Israel Andrew Standley told journalists in Tel Aviv on April 12.
Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority Salam Fayyad said last week that in 2011 the "world will witness the birth of an independent Palestinian state".

Israel, as always, rejected these statements and believes that a Palestinian state can be created only within the "roadmap", which envisages a solution to the problem of two states - Palestine and Israel.
Kosovo, an autonomous province in Serbia, mostly populated by Albanians, in February 2008 declared itself an independent republic with its capital in Pristina. Official Belgrade authorities have not recognized the unilateral proclamation of Kosovo, while most European countries, as well as the U.S. supported it. In February 2009, the number of countries that recognize Kosovo's independence reached 54.

The EU representative also said that the role of Brussels in solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict remains a minor, as a central place is reserved for the United States, having great potential.

"The EU supports the U.S. efforts in this regard, and seeks the ways to assist the Obama administration in resolving this conflict, which must be resolved on the basis of international law," said Standley.

Brussels, he said, made it clear to Israel that it opposes any blockade, and calls for an immediate lifting of the economic and humanitarian blockade of the Gaza Strip.

"The blockade of the Gaza Strip is not productive and in any case not in the interest of economic development of the enclave. Our position is clear and exact - we oppose any blockade," said Standley
The blockade of Gaza was launched after the Palestinian movement Hamas gained control over the enclave in June 2007. The blockade was strengthened after a series of rocket attacks on southern Israel by Palestinian groups from Gaza.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The EU Turns on Switzerland

Here is one of the reasons why we need to drill, drill, drill right here in America. It's either that or become like the craven, pandering cowards of Europe who grovel and cater to a vile dictator like qadaffi and his worthless sack of shit of a son who is given free reign to cavort around Europe and get away with beating the crap out of women or anyone else he feels like.

Switzerland as the New Israel - Diana West

Switzerland as the New Israel: ”

How high is Libya’s Gaddafi riding? How low are the EU and the US grovelling? And how did Switzerland ever become what I have to describe (below) as the new Israel — the new fountainhead of ‘Arab anger’? Paul Belien has the jaw-dropping details.

From Brussels Journal, ‘The New Neutralism: US and EU Abandon Switzerland in Conflict with Libya’:

March was a good month for Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. He received high-profile apologies from both the United States and the European Union. The apologies were at the expense of Switzerland, the country against which Gaddafi has officially declared “holy war.” Switzerland has a tradition of neutralism in international conflicts, but could not avoid a nasty conflict with Libya. Trying to remain “neutral” in the Swiss-Libyan conflict, the US and the EU grovel before the Libyan despot.

The conflict between the Alpine republic and Libya began in July 2008, when Hannibal Gaddafi, the then 31-year old son of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, savagely beat up two of his servants in the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva. The Swiss police arrested Gaddafi jr.; he was released on bail after two nights in a cell. In retaliation, Libya took two Swiss businessmen as hostages, imprisoning them for “visa violations.”

Switzerland soon dropped the charges against Gaddafi’s son, but Libya kept the businessmen under house arrest. One year later, in August 2009, Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz traveled to Tripoli. To secure the release of the hostages, he apologized to Gaddafi for the brief detention of his son. Gaddafi released one of the hostages, the Muslim Swiss citizen Rachid Hamdani, but refused to accept the Swiss apologies. Libya kept the other businessman, the ethnic Swiss Max Göldi, in prison.

The November 2009 referendum, in which 57.5% of the Swiss voters approved a ban on the construction of new minarets in Switzerland, made Libya even angrier. Libya announced a boycott of Switzerland, and called for the dissolution of the country. On February 24, 2010, Gaddafi declared jihad against the “faithless” Swiss.

In an attempt to downplay the terrible implications of Gaddafi’s appeal for unlimited violence against Switzerland, US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said that the call for jihad against Switzerland was “lots of words … and not necessarily a lot of sense.” Instead of defusing the situation with his “joke,” Crowley made matters even worse. Gaddafi took the comment as a personal insult and threatened that there would be “negative repercussions” for American oil companies in Libya. On March 10, both Crowley and the American government offered their apologies to the Libyan dictator. He accepted them, and said that Tripoli would resume relations with Washington “in a manner of mutual respect.”

The unfortunate Max Göldi, meanwhile, has been moved to a damp, smelly windowless cell in the wing of a Tripoli jail where he is imprisoned with 90 of the most dangerous criminals of Libya.

Last November, following Gaddafi’s call for the dissolution of Switzerland, Bern drew up a blacklist of 188 extremist Libyans, including Gaddafi and his son, who would “for reasons of public and national security” no longer be allowed to enter Switzerland. Since Switzerland is a member of the so-called Schengen zone – the borderless travel zone grouping the EU countries (minus Britain and Ireland), plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland – a Swiss ban also affects all the other Schengen zone countries. The terms of the Schengen agreement oblige all members to refuse visas to citizens of third countries blacklisted by fellow Schengen group nations.

In retaliation for the Swiss blacklist, Libya stopped issuing visa to citizens of all Schengen member states. Instead of backing the Swiss, as they are obliged to do under the Schengen treaty, the EU countries threatened to expel Switzerland from the Schengen zone unless it drop the blacklist against the 188 Libyans.

In late March, the Swiss gave in to EU pressure. Tripoli hailed the decision as a victory over Switzerland. The Swiss feel snubbed by the EU. Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Foreign Minister of Spain – which currently holds the EU presidency – flew to Libya to apologize on behalf of the EU for the imposition of the travel ban. “We regret and deplore the trouble and inconvenience caused to those Libyan citizens. We hope that this move will not be repeated in the future,” he told Gaddafi.

Mr. Moratinos was joined by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Berlusconi’s come a long way (down, down, down) since lauding Western civilization over Islamic civilization in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

Of all the EU countries Italy has the closest ties to Libya and had been pushing hard for the expulsion of Switzerland from the Schengen group if Bern did not repeal the blacklist.

The EU apology to Libya has reinforced anti-EU feelings in Switzerland, even in traditionally pro-EU circles. Swiss parliamentarian Mario Fehr, a Social-Democrat, called it “a regrettable collective gesture of boot licking.” The Tribune de Genève newspaper wrote that “the EU caved in shamefully.” The Zurich-based Tages-Anzeiger wrote that the EU bears a huge responsibility. “This conflict is more than a row over the fate of a Swiss hostage. …”

Meanwhile, Gaddafi’s son continues to cause mayhem wherever he goes. Two weeks ago, a photographer waiting for Gaddafi at a nightclub in Istanbul was attacked by the Libyan’s bodyguards. Last December, British police had to intervene at Claridge’s, one of London’s top hotels, when Hannibal Gaddafi hit his 29-year old wife, a former model, in the face and broke her nose. The British police did not arrest him, however, but allowed him to go to the Libyan embassy. In 2005, Hannibal Gaddafi had been arrested in France after beating his pregnant girlfriend at a Paris hotel. He was later given a four-month suspended prison sentence for the assault.

Thus, Switzerland has become the Israel of Europe — a bone of Islamic contention the other Europeans are craven enough to hand over in serial acts of appeasement that signal weakness and decadence. And don’t be surprised one day to hear a US military commander of EUCOM sit before the Senate Armed Services Committee and say, Petraeus-like:

The enduring hostilities between Switzerland present distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests in the Euromed area … The conflict foments anti-American sentiment, due to a perception of U.S. favoritism for Switzerland. Arab anger over the Libyan question limits the strength and depth of U.S. partnerships with governments and peoples in the Euromed and weakens the legitimacy of moderate regimes in the Arab world. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda and other militant groups exploit that anger to mobilize support. …

This is what is known as dhimmitude.

Muslim Militias Operate Inside Our Borders With Impunity

It’s much worse than our government simply refusing to take action against islamic militias operating within our own borders, but they are actually complicit with the islamic jihadists. And this while cracking down on relatively harmless “Christian” or right wing militias. Like the governments of Europe, our own federal government has been compromised and is collaborating with those who want to replace our constitution with sharia. What to do when there is treason at the highest levels of government? Agencies which are supposed to be responsible for our security are allowing the enemy inside. Most Americans are not even remotely aware of what is going on. Anyone sounding the alarm is marginalized and demonized as a paranoid bigot.

Obama Administration turns Blind Eye to Muslim Foreign Militia in Pennsylvania

By Paul Williams, PhD, Family Security Matters

Christian militias have been raided in Michigan and Ohio, their members rounded up and tossed in prison and their caches of weapons confiscated.

But a well-armed Muslim militia – comprised not of American citizens but foreign militants – operates under the noses of federal and state law enforcement officials.

If you don’t it, pay a visit to Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, in the heart of the Pocono Mountains.

“These guys use fully automatic weapons – AK-47s – for target practice,” one local businessman says. “We called the FBI but nothing has been done to stop them.”

The Muslims have been here for years,” another resident says. “They’ve been engaged in training for guerilla warfare.”

The Muslims in question are Turks who occupy a 45-acre compound that is owned and operated by Fethullah Gulen.

Entrance to the compound is forbidden to outsiders.

Sentries remain on duty – day and night – at a hut before the wide metal gate. Within the hut are high definition televisions that project images from security cameras.

Residents complain of a low flying helicopter that circles their community in search of any unwanted intruders to the property. At the heart of the compound is a massive chalet that serves as Gulen’s residence. Gulen has been identified as one of the world’s richest and most powerful Muslims – and also as the most dangerous.
From his base in Pennsylvania, he has been responsible for the replacement of the secular government in Turkey with an Islamic regime.

With assets in excess of $30 billion, he has wielded political allegiances in Washington that have resulted in the placement of Turkish Muslims in the CIA, NSA, FBI, and other national security organizations.

He has created well-heeled lobbies to promote the cause of Islam and to develop Islamic candidates for political office.

He has formed close friendships with Bill and Hillary Clinton, former Secretaries of State James Baker and Madeleine Albright, and George W. Bush.

He has also established over 90 Islamic schools (madrassahs) throughout the United States, where studentsare indoctrinated in the tenets of political Islam. These charter schools are funded by American taxpayers.

One school – Tarek ibn Zayed Academy (TiZA) in Minnesota – has been so radically Islamic and subversive in nature that the Minnesota Department of Education issued two citations against it and the American Civil Liberties Union is suing it.

The purpose of every Gulen school, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, is train Muslim students to become lawyers, accountants, and political leaders so that they can take an active part in the restoration of the Ottoman Empire and the Islamization of the Western World.

Gulen also imports thousands of graduate students from Turkey – at the expense of U.S. taxpayers – to study at American universities. More foreign graduate students in the U.S. hail from Turkey than from any other country.

Several of these students live at the compound and serve as guards and paramilitary officials. They do not wear skullcaps or Islamic garb but rather business suits with white shirts and ties.

One, encountered by this reporter on a recent visit, attended Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania; another studied at East Stroudsburg University, several miles from the compound.
Gulen’s stated dream is to restore the Ottoman Empire and a universal caliphate.

He fled Turkey in 1999 to escape arrest for creating a terrorist organization – the Fethullah Gulen Community.

He received protection from high-ranking officials of the Clinton and Bush administrations, who believed that Gulen could play a decisive role in the struggle over Central Asia’s oil and gas wealth. This belief was based on the premise that Muslims within the newly created Russia republics could be swayed away from the influence of Iran
and Shiia Islam by Gulen’s doctrine of Sufi Ottomanism.

With CIA aid, Gulen established hundreds of madrassahs and cemaats (Islamic communities) not only in his native Turkey but such places as Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Gulen’s triumph over his secularTurkish foes came with the election of November 3, 2002, when the Justice and Development Party (a party which he created from his base in Pennsylvania) gained control of the Turkish government.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a Gulen disciple – as is Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul.

Thanks to such Islamists, Turkey has transformed from a secular state into an Islamic country with 85,000 active mosques – one for every 350 citizens – the highest number per capita in the world, 90,000 imams, more imams than teachers and physicians – and thousands of state-run Islamic schools.

Despite the rhetoric of European Union accession, Turkey has transferred its alliance from Europe and the United States to Russia and Iran. It has moved toward friendship with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria and created a pervasive anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and anti-America animus throughout the populace.

Gulen presents himself as a humanitarian, a moderate Muslim, and a proponent of interfaith dialogue.

But a visit to the compound provides an opposite impression. The property is off-limits to all visitors and intruders; it is guarded by radical Turks who seek to establish a universal caliphate whose jurisdiction will include the USA, and the Golden Generation Worship and Retreat Center, which supports interfaith relations, is a sentry hut.

But Gulen is a master of deception.

In one of his directives to his followers, Gulen proclaimed that in order to reach the ideal Muslim society “every method and path is acceptable, [including] lying to people.”

In the past five years, several attempts have been made by The Department of Homeland Security to deport him. But in 2008 a federal court ruled that Gulen was an individual with “extraordinary ability in the field of education” who merited permanent residence status in the U.S.

Strange to say, Gulen lacks any formal education and three of the letters attesting to his “extraordinary ability” came from CIA agents.

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The Latest Haveil Havalim

This week's edition of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is being hosted by Frume Sarah.

Israel Haters Encouraging Obama to Impose a Plan

A tiny revolting cabal of anti-Zionists consisting of the likes of zbigniew brzezinski and brent scowcroft think they have the right to hand over parts of Israel to islamic terrorists. What gives these wicked men the right to impose their will upon a free and sovereign nation?

I’d also like to know by what right do the “palestinians” have to sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem? The only reason eastern Jerusalem became an arab majority is because the Jordanian army in 1948 kicked out the Jews, confiscated their property and destroyed synagogues. So why should the fact that arabs make up the majority of the population of eastern Jerusalem be accepted as a basis for muslim sovereignty over it?

To achieve Mideast peace, Obama must make a bold Mideast trip

By Zbigniew Brzezinski and Stephen Solarz, WaPO
Such an effort [visit the ME as Sadat visited Jerusalem] would play to Obama’s strengths: He personalizes politics and seeks to exploit rhetoric and dramatic settings to shatter impasses, project a compelling vision of the future and infuse confidence in his audience.

The basic outlines of a durable and comprehensive peace plan that Obama could propose are known to all:
First, a solution to the refugee problem involving compensation and resettlement in the Palestinian state but not in Israel. This is a bitter pill for the Palestinians, but Israel cannot be expected to commit political suicide for the sake of peace.

Second, genuine sharing of Jerusalem as the capital of each state, and some international arrangement for the Old City. This is a bitter pill for the Israelis, for it means accepting that the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem will become the capital of Palestine.

Third, a territorial settlement based on the 1967 borders, with mutual and equal adjustments to allow the incorporation of the largest West Bank settlements into Israel.

And fourth, a demilitarized Palestinian state with U.S. or NATO troops along the Jordan River to provide Israel greater security.

[..] For the Israelis, who are skeptical about the willingness of the Palestinians and Arabs to make peace with them, such a bold initiative by Obama would provide a dramatic demonstration of the prospects for real peace, making it easier for Israel’s political leadership to make the necessary compromises.

[..] Finally, for Obama himself, such a move would be a diplomatic and political triumph. Bringing Arab leaders and the Quartet with him to Jerusalem and Ramallah to endorse his plan would be seen as a powerful example of leadership in coping with the protracted conflict. Since it is inconceivable that the Israeli government would refuse Obama’s offer to bring Arab leaders and the Quartet to its capital, most of the American friends of Israel could be expected to welcome the move as well.

Accordingly, the administration must convey to the parties that if the offer is rejected by either or both, the United States will seek the U.N. Security Council’s endorsement of this framework for peace, thus generating worldwide pressure on the recalcitrant party.