Sunday, October 31, 2010

The UN's Pro-Jihad Agenda

If I didn't know any better I would think this was satire. But the UN Women's rights division has selected Iran and saudi arabia to its executive board. These two islamic fascist states are of course among the world's worst violators of the human rights of women. There is no justification for American taxpayer dollars to be spent on an organization which gives free reign to the OIC and third world tyrannies and terror states while condemning Israel and America. The UN exemplifies everything that is the complete opposite of American values of liberty and individual rights.

via Atlas Shrugs:

UN Lunacy Outdoes Itself: IRAN to Become Member of Women’s Rights Group The Undhimmi (hat tip PV)

… shortly to be joined by Saudi Barbaria. The credibility death knell surely sounds for the already ineffectual, beyond-its-sell-by-date United Nations:

(Video above: the formidable Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, ripping into the UNHRC in a speech they subsequently expunged from their records. Looks like he’s set to be even busier soon. You can support UNW by signing up for newsletters and making a donation here – they do splendid work.)

Iran, where a woman convicted of adultery has been sentenced to death by stoning, is poised to become a board member of the new United Nations agency to promote equality for women.

The move has sparked outrage from the US and human rights groups. Some rights groups are also upset that Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to drive and are barred from many facilities used by men, is also trying to join the governing body of UN Women.

The General Assembly resolution adopted in July that merged four UN bodies dealing with women’s issues into a single agency with greater clout to represent half the world’s population calls for a 41-member executive board, with 35 members chosen by regional groups and six representing donor nations.

The Asian group has put forward an uncontested 10-nation list that includes Iran, UN diplomats said, and Saudi Arabia has been selected for one of two slots for emerging donor nations.

The 54 nations on the UN Economic and Social Council are expected to elect the UN Women’s board on November 10 and it is possible that other Asian nations or emerging donor nations could become candidates, though diplomats said that is not likely.

Mark Kornblau, spokesman for the US Mission, said Iran’s membership “would send the wrong signal at the start of this exciting new initiative”.

“UN Women is a vital new agency tasked with promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment worldwide,” he said. “We and many other countries are concerned by the negative implications of Iran’s potential board memberships, given its poor record on human rights and the treatment of women. continue

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Jihad Candidate

Joe Sestak goes much further than signing pro-hamas letters. A leader of the hamas front group CAIR hosted a fundraiser at his home for Sestak. Sestak then went on to lie about having been at this CAIR jihadist’s home. His pro-jihad leanings make Sestak a traitor and a clear and present danger to America and he therefore must be defeated. It’s a travesty that a politician will sell out his own country for muslim money. I don’t expect the MSM to cover this scandal. In the first place they back the democrats and in the second place they don’t see any problem with CAIR.

2nd Sestak scandal days before election
Unindicted terrorist co-conspirator leader claims
to have hosted home fundraiser for Democrat

By Art Moore, WorldNetDaily

Since his election to the House in 2006, Democratic Senate candidate Joe Sestak has fended off strong criticism of his relationship with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a federally designated terrorist co-conspirator shown by FBI evidence to be a front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Now in a tight race with Republican Pat Toomey for Sen. Arlen Specter’s open seat, a report asserting Sestak was caught in a lie – denying that he was ever in the home of the director of CAIR’s Pennsylvania chapter for a fundraiser on his behalf – has resurfaced.

CAIR Pennsylvania’s Iftekhar Hussain affirmed to WND’s Aaron Klein yesterday in a recorded interview for Klein’s WABC radio show that he hosted a fundraiser for Sestak during the 2006 congressional campaign.

But in an April 9, 2007, radio interview with WPHT’s Dom Giordano in Philadelphia, Sestak told a caller he had never been at the CAIR leader’s home. The interview, along with a recorded excerpt of a November 2006 lecture by Hussain in which the Muslim leader referred to the event, was reported at the time by Pamela Geller on her Atlas Shrugs blog.

The 2007 radio interview took place just two days after Sestak went through with a controversial decision to speak at CAIR Pennsylvania’s fundraising banquet in Philadelphia, and the freshman congressman was seeking to minimize the depth of his relationship with the controversial group.

Giordano played the 2006 clip of Hussain on his show earlier this week, and last night he aired the portion of the 2007 interview in which a caller named Brian confronted Sestak on his ties to CAIR.

“Have you ever received any funds from CAIR or have you ever been in the home of the chairman of the local CAIR?” the caller asked Sestak.

“No, I haven’t,” the congressman replied. “I’ve been in the homes of local American Muslims lots of times. As a matter of fact, they probably have given me a number of fundraisers … as the local Jewish community has during the campaign. But, no, neither of the other two.”

“You haven’t been in Mr. Hussain’s home?” Brian asked again.

“No, I honestly don’t think I have,” Sestak said. “I don’t even know where he lives.”

Sestak’s spokeswoman April Mellody told Klein yesterday she didn’t recognize Hussain’s name and was not aware of the congressman ever having been in his home. She promised to inquire further but has not responded.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Democrats Treachery

The Democrats don’t care that they are turning America into a banana republic. The only thing that matters to them is maintaining their power at all costs, even at the expense of democracy and free and fair elections. In fact I would go further in saying that the Democrats with the help of their enablers such as ACORN and SEIU are actively seeking the end of our republic as we know it and turning it into a marxist one-party dictatorship. They are treasonous.

Demo-Coup Alert: They are Stealing the Election

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs

It’s hard to feel anything but contempt for this man. Notice the uptick: Obama’s rhetoric is increasingly radical. Obama thinks he’s back in some third world country where banana republic dictators steamroll over the little people and the fat cat corruptocrats rule. Not so fast, buddy.

This is something I have been discussing on various radio shows and spoke at great length about on today’s Jaz McKay show and the Caplis and Silverman show on KHOW 630 in Denver. It is not enought to win Tuesday. We must win big, by a landslide. Obama and his thugocracy have every intention of stealing the election. They cannot win on merit; they cannot do anything on merit. They steal. They have had plenty of practice — ask Al Franken. The ghost vote used to account for maybe 6-8%. There is no telling where that number is now, with Democrat criminal organizations like ACORN and SEIU gaming the system for years.

When Nancy Pelosi speaks confidently of keeping her leadership position, it’s not because she is crazy. It’s becuase she is crooked, and she knows something we don’t know. Do not underestimate the moochers and the looters. They will do anything to illegally hold on to the reins of power.

Consider this, our soldiers are being denied their right to vote while they lay down their lives for us in the bloody war waged by the Islamic jihad, but the votes of felons and convicts count — as do the those of the homeless (whose benches are registered as their homes). But not our soldiers. And the Demoncrats do this every election.

Is there no rule of law? Is there no one protecting/preserving the Republic? We laid down too long. They can’t steal the country, we won’t let these thieves, carpet baggers, thugs, moochers and looters steal it — they will have to fight us first.

Ask yourself: what have I done today to save the Republic? Volunteer at the polls, volunteer for a candidate, volunteer to drive an elderly or infirm neighbor to the polls. Do something, anything.

Nevada voting machines are automatically checking Harry Reid’s name; voting machine technicians are SEIU members.

Obama's War Against Israel

Ever since she became Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is showing her true colors regarding Israel which she had to keep hidden during her time as a NY Senator. She obediently does the bidding of obama in aiding the jihad against Israel.

via Israpundit:
Obama plans to trade Israel’s support for Palestine’s

By Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Washington Times

Earlier this year, President Obama drove U.S.-Israeli relations – to use one of President Obama’s oft-employed analogies – into a ditch. Arguably, ties between the two countries were never more strained than last spring when Mr. Obama serially insulted the elected leader of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, vilified his country and tried to euchre it into making territorial, political and other ill-advised concessions to Arabs determined as ever to destroy the Jewish state. Unfortunately, what the president has in mind for Israel after the election next week will make his previous treatment of the Jewish state look like the good old days.

To be sure, ties between the United States and Israel – far and away America’s most important and loyal friend in the Middle East – have improved lately from the nadir to which Mr. Obama plunged them since he took office. That has nothing to do, however, with a change of heart or agenda on the part of the president and his administration.

Rather, it is a reflection of a cynical calculation forced upon the Obama White House by its panicked congressional allies. Already laboring under the backbreaking burden of their association with a president and his agenda that have become huge liabilities, Democrats on Capitol Hill faced wholesale defections of their Jewish constituents and funders if their party’s leader persisted in his assault on Israel. Public letters and private conversations had the desired effect: Mr. Obama began treating his Israeli counterpart with a modicum of respect and the optics of a restarted peace process – however short-lived or doomed – helped conjure up an image of a renewed partnership between the two nations.

Make no mistake about it, though: Once the 2010 elections are behind him, it is a safe bet that Mr. Obama will revert to form by once again exhibiting an unmistakable and ruthless determination to bend Israel to his will.

Worse yet, he will be able to take advantage of a vehicle for effecting the so-called “two-state solution,” no matter how strenuously Israel and its friends in Washington object. The Palestinians will unilaterally declare themselves a state and ask for international recognition, and Mr. Obama will accede to that request.

A number of the particulars involved in this gambit are unclear at the moment. For example, will the Palestinians announce the borders of their state to be the 1967 cease-fire lines, in which case large Israeli population centers (defined as “settlements”) will be inside a nation that is certain to be, to use Hitler’s phrase, Judenrein (free of Jews)? How will the Hamas-stan of Gaza be connected to the currently PLO-run West Bank – in a way that will make them “contiguous” without bisecting the Jewish state and ensuring that Hamas does not take over the rest of the so-called “Palestinian Authority?”

Also unclear is precisely how Mr. Obama will handle the sticky issue of extending U.S. recognition of Palestine. Will he want to parallel Harry Truman’s direct and immediate endorsement of the establishment of Israel in 1948? Or will he do it more disingenuously, as former U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton speculated in the Wall Street Journal last week, by having the U.S. abstain from an approving vote by the U.N. Security Council. The hope behind the latter would be that Team Obama and its partisans will somehow avoid retribution from Israel’s friends, both Democrats and others, here and abroad.

The truth is that, either way, Mr. Obama will have dealt Israel a potentially mortal blow. Without control of the high ground and water aquifers of the West Bank, the Jewish state is simply indefensible and unsustainable.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Islamic Thugs Run Rampant in Britain

This is why we need to preserve our second amendment rights here in America. These thuggish islamic invaders feel emboldened to violently attack westerners in their own countries because they rightly perceive the west as fearful and flaccid. And this mayhem is occuring while the muslim population is still a minority in Europe.

Atlas Shrugs:
No Jail for Racist Muslims who Kicked, Stabbed & Bludgeoned Lone Boy

Read this story and keep in mind the media's savaging of the EDL.

NO Jail for RACIST Muslims who Kicked Stabbed & Bludgeoned Lone Boy The Opinionator

One can truly understand this father's and mother's frustration, anger and disgust knowing the muslim perpetrators of the savage racist attack against their lone 14 year old son will not be in jail.

"Joseph Haigh, then aged 14, was savagely beaten by a gang of up to 15 Asian youths in Rectory Park, Thornhill, last October.
He was knocked unconscious with a half a house brick, stabbed in the face with a screwdriver and kicked repeatedly in the head as he lay helpless. His attackers hurled racist abuse at him, referring to the colour of his skin, then left him for dead." See article below

Also disturbing is this trial and subsequent release of the racists gang was only considered "news" in the local paper. We all KNOW had the situation been reversed it would be headline news in the major mainstream media outlets. Even The Press chose to not identify the adult perpetrator:

"The Press has decided it would be unfair to name him in the circumstances."

Would The Press been so concerned about a NON muslim violent criminal?

TheOPINIONATOR has documented numerous such attacks - by muslim gangs - undoubtedly these often racist motivated street jihad attacks are becoming commonplace in multicultural England/Britain - yet the mainstream media ignore if not outright refuse to "connect the dots" - here are some but not all:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hollywood to Honor Raving Anti-Semite

Hollywood will honor rabid nazi Jew-hating French filmaker, jean-luc godard with an honorary academy award. This is the same kind of sick, twisted world view which motivates the moral degenerates of hollywood to rally around a child rapist and to celebrate everything that is evil and denigrate all that is good. This is why they hate America and Israel and love mass murdering communists and islamic jihadists. Israel, far from being a “cancer” on the Middle East as godard referred to it, is a beautiful oasis in an otherwise backward region devoid of freedom and human rights and stuck in the dark ages of slavery, women as chattel, beheadings and amputations, stonings, floggings, FGM and “honor” murders. Is it truly necessary for one to be so messed-up in the head to succeed in the arts and entertainment industries?

And the Oscar Goes to … Racist Jew-Hater Jean-Luc Godard

by Phyllis Chesler, Newsreal Blog

It was inevitable. Given the increasing pressure on liberals, especially artists and writers, including Jewish artists and writers, to prove that they have the right/left politics–properly pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, anti-Judaism, and anti-American–Hollywood is giving an Honorary Academy Award to French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, an historically important director but a raving and unapologetic anti-Semite, a man who is obsessed with the Jews.

Godard has called a reputable French producer a “dirty Jew; Francois Truffaut broke with him over this as did Claude Lanzmann, the great French documentarian of the Holocaust (“Shoah”).

Godard has also described Israel as a “cancer on the map of the Middle East;” visually, in paired flickering images, has compared Golda Meir to Hitler in one of his films; defended the 1972 Palestinian terrorist massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich and suggested that an image of the Palestinian camps should be “broadcast before every Olympics finale;” justified Arab terrorism by describing Israel as a “paradoxical form of Nazism;” insisted that German television is “financed by Zionists,” and demanded that the Germans, instead, allow “us” to buy “weapons for the Palestinians to attack Zionists.” In one of his many films, “A Married Woman,” Godard has a character state: “ Today, in Germany, I said to someone, ‘How about if tomorrow, we kill all the Jews and the hairdressers?’ He replied, ‘Why the hairdressers?’”

In other words, Godard, in both his films, and in interviews, is an out-of-control racist and he has wielded his considerable cinematic talent and influence to legitimize a far less talented industry of exterminationist propaganda against the Jews and Israel.

In a sense, Godard is a French Leni Reifenstal. She was Hitler’s favorite actress and film director and brilliantly, visually, cinematically, glorified Nazi fascism. Reifenstal had no shame, no regrets, no sense of moral culpability and she went on to live a very long and productive life.

Like Reifenstal, Godard is some kind of monster. But, like the Nazi doctors, both filmmakers have still passed the cinematic equivalent of their medical boards.

I understand: Godard is one of Hollywood’s quintessential heroes, a man whose work they grew up on, someone who has directed the legendary Jean Paul Belmondo and Brigitte Bardot. Those in Hollywood who have voted to give him this award (43 men and women were involved) are nostalgic for their own youth. Like Michael Moore, who was one of the 43, they may agree with Godard’s views—or they may simply view his Jew-hatred as a minor and irrelevant sin which should not detract from the importance of his films.

Look: With precious exceptions too numerous to mention, these people are in the entertainment business, they are not rocket scientists or moral magicians. The fact that Hollywood now holds the entire universe captive to its hard Left views, carefully embeds such views into its Great American Dream Factory, is not a power they wield with a conscious and grave sense of responsibility. They do not view themselves as responsible for what people do after they’ve been exposed to their images and stories. They view people as having a free choice.

Hey, pornographers do not view themselves as responsible for how women are viewed in society and see no connection between pornography and the fact that women are raped or raped-and-tortured by serial sex killers. The entertainment industry believes in making money and having fun; sometimes, they subsidize inspired acting and produce quality scripts.

Jews Should Support the EDL

The much maligned English Defense League ought to be staunchly supported. The EDL has been falsely smeared as "racists" and neo-nazis. However they are resisting the true nazis of our time, which are the jihadists. Not only is the EDL simply trying to save England from becoming a sharia state, but they are great friends of Israel. Friends of Israel are hard to come by in England so therefore Jews need to get behind the EDL. The question is why do Britain's political, cultural and media elites not only don't have a problem with submitting their country to islam, but are actually facilitating such an outcome.

Atlas Shrugs:
U.S. Rabbi Joins the EDL Rally in Support of Israel, Marred by Jew-Hating Muslims and Leftists

The English Defence League (EDL) has been meeting with Orthodox Rabbi Nachum Shifren this week ahead of today's demonstration in support of Israel outside the Israeli embassy in London. This is part of the growing interaction between the EDL and the counter-jihad movement in the US that I enthusiastically support.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren is running for Senate in California. Atlas strongly endorses this candidate. Rabbi Shifren is an Orthodox Rabbi and California State Senate Candidate. Rabbi Shifren has received endorsement from the Jewish community in Los Angeles and has been praised by organizations throughout the US for his steadfast support for the American Constitution and individual rights. He has built coalitions spanning all ethnic groups (Korean-Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics). The EDL has built similar coalitions.

Support the Rabbi - go here.

According to an interview the Rabbi gave to the Guardian, "The Jewish community is paralyzed with fear, exactly what most radical Muslim agitators want. The people of England are in the forefront of this war – and it is a war. One of the purposes of this visit is to put the kibosh on the notion in the Jewish community that they cannot co-operate with the EDL, which is rubbish."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Palestinians Should be Relocated to Arab States

The arabs and the international community have no interest in solving the problem of the “palestinian refugees” and relocating them. Without the “palestinian refugees”, their greatest weapon in the war against Israel would be removed.

The Palestinian Refugees: Why Is Everyone Lying To Them?

by Khaled Abu Toameh, Hudson New York

Palestinian Authority leaders are now saying that they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state because that would mean that they would have to give up the “right of return” for millions of Palestinians to their original homes inside Israel.

These leaders are actually continuing to deceive the refugees into believing that one day they will be permitted to move into Israel.

The Palestinian Authority, like the rest of the Arab governments, has been lying to the refugees for decades, telling them that one day their dream of returning to their villages and towns, many of which no longer exist, would be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, the refugees are continuing to live in harsh conditions in their UNRWA-administered camps in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

No Arab or Palestinian leader has ever dared to confront the refugees with the truth, namely that they are not going to move into Israel. On the contrary, Palestinian and Arab leaders continue to tell these people that they will go back to their former villages and towns.

Arab and Palestinian governments are lying to the refugees because they want to avoid any responsibility toward their plight. The Arab governments hosting the refugees have done almost nothing to improve the living conditions of the refugees.

On the contrary, Palestinian refugees living in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan have long been subjected the victims of racism and other repressive and unjust measures and laws that deprive them even of basic rights. Governments such as Jordan receive a payment for each refugee, turning the refugees into nothing more than property, like stocks on Wall Street.

Since its establishment in 1994, the Palestinian Authority has also done very little to help the refugees. In the West Bank, most of the international aid is being invested in major cities such as Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem and Jenin, as well as scores of villages.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lauren Booth Becomes a Muslim

It is a natural progression for lauren booth to convert to islam in light of her pro-hamas, pro-jihad and anti-Semitic views. May she suffer the consequences of a miserable life as a subjugated muslim woman. In the not-too-distant future we will be speaking of the islamic republic of Britain anyway. She’s just getting a head start.

Lauren Booth Converts to Islam


Lauren Booth, who was named Dishonest Reporter of 2008, has converted to Islam.

She follows in the footsteps of Yvonne Ridley, who converted after the Taliban kidnapped her while she covered the war in Afghanistan.

Both are vocal critics of Israel, have sailed on Gaza flotillas, and work for Iran’s English-language Press TV, which means they’re on the Iranian government payroll.

Bottom line: nothing’s going to change.

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #288 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Isramom.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Acceptance of Anti-Semitism in Academia

It is acceptable in academic circles to make all sorts of vile anti-Semitic statements, call for the obliteration of Israel, the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Jews. However say anything remotely critical of muslims and islam and the PC crowd will have you fired. Despite calling for the destruction of Israel, muslim “professor” kaukab siddique is in no danger of losing his position at Lincoln University in PA. In fact the very reason he has that position anyway is due to the fact that he is an anti-Semite and anti-American. Academic credentials are not required if you are a whacko leftist or muslim.

Tenured Muslim Professor Calls for Destruction of Israel “if Possible, by Peaceful Means” – CBN Video Report

Freedom’s Lighthouse

“We must stand united to defeat, to destroy, to dismantle Israel–if possible by peaceful means. Perhaps, like Saladin, we will give them enough food and water to travel back to the lands from where they came to occupy other people. . . . For the Jews I would say, see what could happen to you if the Muslims wake up. And I say to the Muslims, dear brothers and sisters, unite and rise up against this hyra-headed monster which calls itself Zionism.”

Canada Supports Israel

Liberals are annoyed that the Canadian government didn’t grovel to islamic dictatorships and terror states. Stephen Harper provides moral, principled leadership. I wish we had that in the White House. That’s why I say that Harper is the de facto leader of the free world right now. Liberals have no moral compass or strength of character. They are weak-willed and fearful, so therefore prioritize being popular and going along with the crowd regardless of how morally repugnant the majority of the crowd is, rather than doing what’s morally right. Liberals act like teenagers instead of responsible adults.

Via Israpundit
Abandoning our Closest Allies

By Stephen Brown, FrontPageMag

A former official with the U.S. delegation to the U.N. revealed recently a major reason why Canada lost its bid last week to gain a seat on the Security Council [1]. Richard Grenell, a former press officer, said the American delegation deliberately sat on its hands during the run up to the vote that ended in a defeat for a staunch ally of Israel and America’s closest neighbour.
“U.S. State Department insiders say that U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice [2] not only didn’t campaign for Canada’s election but instructed American diplomats to not get involved in the weeks leading up to the heated contest,”

Grenell reported on a Foxnews website.

If true, this would be just another manifestation of the Obama administration’s anti-Israel bias. The Canadian Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper [3]is known as Israel’s staunchest ally in the West and, as a strong, unabashed ally of the Jewish state, the Harper government has steadfastly refused to “water down” its foreign policy just to please the U.N.’s anti-Israeli petty dictators and tyrants and to win the seat. To prove its commitment to its principled stance, on the day before last week’s vote Canada announced it was strengthening its trading relationship with Israel.

“The principles that underlie the policy of foreign affairs, freedom, democracy, human rights and common law, are the foundations of each of these decisions. Some would say that because of our attachment to these values, we lost the seat. If that is the case, so be it,” said Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon [4] after his country’s historic loss.

Canada has served on the Security Council in every decade since the U.N.’s founding in 1945 and had never lost a vote until last week. Portugal wound up getting the seat, designated for a Western country, after Canada withdrew its candidacy for lack of support after the voting’s second round.

Rice herself was on a tour of Africa when the vote was taken, which columnist David Frum calls “a strange thing for an UN ambassador to do at such a critical moment.” Such an unusual development was most likely not coincidental, since Grenell states that Rice “could have had her team work to Canada’s benefit. Instead she instructed her colleagues to steer clear, effectively abandoning Canada.” It appears Rice’s absence was part of the plan.

In his column on the Canadian defeat, Frum also theorizes American non-support for Canada stems from a deal between the United States and Brazil that involved Brazil supporting Colombia, America’s ally in South America, in the same Security Council vote last week. As a result, Colombia did successfully obtain a seat allotted to South America. Brazil, Frum writes, also helped the United States block Venezuela from getting a Security Council seat in 2006. The “payback” was America had to support Portugal’s bid last week over Canada’s.

“Portuguese-speaking Brazil feels a special relationship with its former metropole,Portugal,” Frum wrote. “And we know that Brazil campaigned hard for Portugal in the General Assembly vote.”

Frum admits that, despite his inquiries, he still does not know the real reason for the Canadian defeat. And while Frum’s Brazil theory is plausible, it does not take into account other major reasons for Israel’s ally not being seated around the Security Council table come January, 2011. Islamic countries, for example, are recognized as having been key in Portugal’s win.

Besides disliking Canada’s unswerving support for Israel, the Canadian newspaper, the National Post, reported the 57 countries of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) [5], according to an Islamic official, “felt snubbed” that Canada did not address these U.N. members as a group in its campaign like Portugal’s foreign affairs secretary, Joao Cravinho, did. Instead, the Canadians approached the Islamic states individually in seeking their support.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Depravity of the UN

The Obama administration wants American engagement with the UN as well as to share American foreign policy decisions with a UN which has been hijacked by the most depraved regimes on earth. The agenda of the UN is controlled by the block of islamic and third world sharia terror states and dictatorships. And a western world which lacks any moral courage and clarity goes along with the abominable charade to keep the oil flowing and not anger the jihadists. So we have a situation where Israeli self-defense and koran burning result in emergency UN sessions while gang rapes of children and elderly women in Africa are virtually ignored. There is no reason why the UN should continue to exist and certainly no reason American taxpayer dollars should be used to fund an institution which represents the antithesis of our American values of liberty and individual rights and is used to support the global jihad and the enforcement of sharia law.

Obama’s U.N. ‘Engagement’ Swindle

Ann Bayefsky, National Review

It doesn’t speak well for our foreign policy when the administration has to fabricate supposed successes.

As gross human-rights violations continue to plague much of our planet, the U.N.’s lead human-rights body, the Human Rights Council, remains fixated on Israel, leaving the Obama administration in need of a strategy for justifying its policy of “engagement,” and particularly American membership in the HRC. The new strategy of choice? Misrepresentation. The State Department has posted on its website an account, photo and all, of HRC action on an egregious human-rights violation — action that didn’t happen.

Soon after he took office, President Obama decided the United States should join the HRC. On October 1, the last day of the HRC’s most recent session, the United States’ U.N. mission to Geneva issued a press release heralding the administration’s engagement approach. Ambassador Eileen Donahoe, who chaired the finance committee of National Women for Obama during the 2008 campaign, is quoted as declaring that the council has “made historic progress . . . in advancing the rights of human-rights defenders throughout the world.” But her sales pitch depends on a serious distortion of events.

By the time this “historic” session advancing human rights had ended, the council had spent the same amount of time on its agenda item devoted entirely to Israel-bashing as on its single agenda item on all the “human-rights situations that require the Council’s attention” anywhere else in the world. Tallying all the resolutions that the Council adopted targeting any of the 192 U.N. member states, there were two resolutions condemning Israel, one resolution on “assistance” to Somalia, one on “advisory services and technical assistance” to Cambodia, and one “congratulat[ing] the Government and the people of the Sudan for . . . the April 2010 elections.” Those were the widely criticized elections that handed President Bashir another term after 21 years in office, notwithstanding that he has been indicted for genocide by the International Criminal Court.

Justifying American membership on the council and the legitimization that U.S. membership brings is, therefore, a challenge. But few would have expected that the administration would attempt to meet that challenge by leading the American public to believe the council had held a meeting to respond to a terrible human-rights violation — when in fact no such meeting had taken place.

Since late July, gang rapes have been systematically carried out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and impunity for the rapists has been standard practice. The attackers are mostly members of rebel militias, but government troops have also been implicated. Victims have included baby boys and women aged 110. U.N. peacekeepers stationed just 20 miles away, and warned of impending violence, did nothing to stop 240 rapes over a four-day period in early August. Given what we know about the council’s routine in the case of Israel, it could have held a special session, or held an urgent debate during September’s regular session, or started an investigation, or adopted a resolution condemning the atrocities and demanding that the perpetrators be prosecuted.

The council did none of the above. On September 27, two months after the attacks began, it held an “informal dialogue” on the DRC during a lunch hour. The meeting was not listed in the U.N. bulletin that is supposed to provide notice of informal meetings. The council president gave just 15 minutes’ advance notification of the event, which was deliberately organized to take place outside the council chamber. This meant there was no webcasting service, no recording of the event, and no U.N. press release summarizing it. The DRC minister on human rights and justice, who had originally indicated he would come, did not show up; thus the so-called dialogue was held without the representative of the state involved. To put it in perspective, a lunch meeting on systematic mass rapes had less status than the lunch meeting organized a few weeks earlier with plenty of notice in the U.N. bulletin on “Non-State Service Provision in Water and Sanitation.”

See also: U.S. State Department’s Duplicity at the U.N. Human Rights Council

Friday, October 22, 2010

Feminists in Solidarity with Violent Misogynists

Why self-proclaimed "feminists" want to destroy the only nation in the Middle East which provides freedom and equality to women, and instead stand in solidarity with the barbaric medieval islamic culture which subjugates women, regards them as property of men and sanctions brutal violence against them, is something a roomful of psychiatrists would have to examine.

The Palestinianization of Feminism in Montreal
2010 October 20

by Phyllis Chesler

It’s now official: Apartheid is a feminist issue. For years, I have been challenging feminists to take up this cause. Had I finally found oil, discovered gold?

I received an invitation via email, both in English and in French, which began:

Calling all feminists…We are inviting you to participate in the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sections) 2010 Conference…from October 22 to 24, 2010, artists, academics, activists…and concerned individuals will converge upon Montreal for this historic conference, which aims to consolidate and push forward the global movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israeli apartheid…”The Conference workshop ‘Israeli Apartheid as a Feminist Issue’…[will] explore ways in which feminist organizations in Quebec, Canada and beyond can contribute to the BDS movement.

Ah, for a minute there I thought the conference would actually address real apartheid, namely that which is practiced by Islam in terms of both gender and religious apartheid; and indeed, in Gaza and on the West Bank, where honor-related violence, including honor killings, normalized domestic violence, forced veiling, polygamy, arranged child marriage and Arab female illiteracy, is rife and rampant.

No such luck.

This conference, ostensibly featuring “feminists and queer artists,” will gather at University of Quebec in Montreal to compare the 1960 South African massacre in Sharpeville in which police opened fire on a crowd of black protesters killing 69 and injuring 180 with—you guessed it—Gaza and Palestine.

Didn’t Israel leave Gaza? Did I only dream that this happened?

No matter. The purpose of this conference has little to do with feminism. It is focused entirely on business as usual, namely boycott, divest, delegitimize Israel—the only democracy in the Middle East and the only country that does not persecute and torture “queers.” The conference seems carefully and specifically organized with trade union and worker support for BDS, and academic, cultural, community sector, queer sector, government, and consumer boycott support.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Israel Bashing From Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman says Israelis are ingrates:
>“First – I know this is a crazy, radical idea — when America asks Israel to do something that in no way touches on its vital security but would actually enhance it, there is only one right answer: ‘Yes.’ It is a measure of how spoiled Israel has become that after billions and billions of dollars in US aid and 300,000 settlers already ensconced in the West Bank, Israel feels no compunction about spurning an American request for a longer settlement freeze — the only purpose of which is to help the United States help Israel reach a secure peace with the Palestinians

First of all here is Friedman trying to incite Americans against Israel with this portrayal of Israel as simply taking from America and unwilling to return the favor of American generosity. As has been pointed out repeatedly here and elsewhere, U.S. "aid" to Israel isn't simply altruistic but are actually loans that the U.S. provides Israel on the condition that Israel purchases from America. Secondly the reason Israel turned down the offer is that Obama has proven he cannot be trusted since he has already not lived up to agreements made with Israel. Notably the 2004 Bush letter and the administration publicly admonishing Israel for building permits for Jewish housing in Jerusalem although the agreed upon freeze was not to include Jerusalem.
Israel today really is behaving like a spoiled child. Please spare me the nonsense that President Obama is anti-Israel. At a time when the president has made it one of his top priorities to build a global coalition to stop Iran from making a nuclear weapon, he took the very logical view that if he could advance the peace process in the Middle East it would give him much greater leverage to get the Europeans and UN behind tougher sanctions on Iran…Given what Obama has done, and is trying to do, it is hardly an act of hostility for him to ask Israel to continue its now-expired 10-month partial moratorium on settlement-building in the West Bank in order to take away any excuse from the Palestinians to avoid peace talks.”

What does it say about the moral depravity of Europe and the UN that in order to get them behind stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Israel needs to be served on a silver platter? Why wouldn't any sane person want the islamic jihadist regime in Iran to be prevented from acquiring nukes? Why must there be an incentive provided for their cooperation? Doesn't Europe at least care about its own self-preservation?

Muslims Are Not Being Victimized in the West

It is such an outrageous inversion of reality to equate “islamophobia” with anti-Semitism. But this phony narrative of muslim victimization is what muslims and their leftist apologists are promoting. As any rational person can see, the reality is that muslims are the victimizers. Far from muslims being in the position of the innocent, persecuted Jews throughout the centuries, islam is actually in the position of being equivalent to the nazis. Like the nazis, islam’s goal is the genocide of the Jews and Iran’s dictator is the 21st century’s hitler threatening to annihilate the Jews of Israel and working to obtain the means to do so. And like nazism, islam is a supremacist ideology. Even islamic jihadist groups like hamas and hezbollah have something similar to the nazi salute. So the new anti-Semitism is the same as the old anti-Semitism. And islam is at the forefront in the latest war against the Jews.

Prof. Chesler: Anti-Semitism Cannot be Equated with Islamophobia

by Professor Phyllis Chesler, Israel National News

Even as Chancellor Angela Merkel pronounces the failure of “multiculturalism” in Germany, the English-language German newspaper reporter, Marc Young, writing for the English-language German news at The Local, proclaims that “bigotry towards Muslims is the new anti-Semitism.”

As the author of a book with the title The New Anti-Semitism (with an edition in German), allow me to remind Mr. Young that one of the things that is “new” about this most ancient of hatreds is that it is pandemic in the Islamic world and in Muslim communities in the West and that the multicultural relativists in the world’s universities, media, and political leadership, are collaborating with it in the name of “political correctness.”
Thus, what both Young and those who run the state-subsidized Center for Research on Anti-Semitism at the University of Berlin have learned from the Nazi Holocaust is that Europeans should not discriminate against Muslims as they once did against Jews.
German scholar Clemens Heni strongly disagrees:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Huffington Post Abets The Advancement of Sharia in America

I maintain that the greatest threat to western civilization are the liberal useful idiots helping to advance the stealth jihad. The Huffpo and its readers are a perfect example. Face veiled stealth jihadist, Sabria Jawhar writes a column in the Huffington Post promoting the same lie which rauf makes by claiming that sharia is actually compatible with freedom, human rights and our constitution. She actually says that stonings and amputations are not sharia. Why is it that every nation under sharia law is brutally repressive and where the worst human rights atrocities are perpetrated, especially against women? We are supposed to believe that millions of muslims lack an understanding of their own religion since they believe that islamic law requires them to violently subdue women and infidels.

Niqab-Clad Puffington Ho Shills For Sharia

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs

If the left wins in their blind, deaf and dumb pursuit of an Islamic supremacist triumph, there is an upside to the sharia. Arianna Puffington Ho and the glitterati, gay and straight, will be bitchslapped by the new reality.

Jumping jack flash is a gas gas gas.

The Huffington Post hosts a niqab-clad journalist (heh) deriding the “anti-sharia” movement. Coming from a cloth coffin, no surprise there. I understand the niqab; particularly for very obese, ugly women with beautiful eyes, it makes sense. Other than that, you’re a slave.

Sabria the niqab-clothed clown writes,

Muslims may think that Osama bin Laden perverted the true meaning of Islam, but Newt Gingrich, Geert Wilders and their slavish sycophants Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller make Al-Qaeda look like amateurs in the art of deception.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Obama Administration’s Hypocritical Anti-Semitic Policy

The Obama White House is actively engaging in an anti-Semitic policy with regards to Judea and Samaria. While demanding that Jewish building be halted in order not to create “facts on the ground”, the administration is funding Arab contruction, thereby creating facts on the ground favoring the Arab occupiers. It is imperative that Israel ends the freeze and not let them get away with this diabolical anti-Jewish plot to drive Jewish communities from their lands and create an islamic terror state adjacent to Israel where it will be used to further the jihadist aim to obliterate Israel with Obama’s blessing.

ZOA Opposes Obama’s Funding Palestinian Construction In Judea/Samaria – While Demanding Israel Stop Jewish Construction

Zionist Organization of America

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has opposed the Obama Administration for funding Palestinian construction projects in Judea and Samaria while at the same time demanding and publicly pressuring Israel to stop all Jewish construction in the same areas. This is despite the fact that Israel is only building within the boundaries of existing Jewish communities, which comprise only 4%-5% of the disputed areas of Judea and Samaria.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has been financing Palestinian infrastructure projects in these disputed territories, including projects that involve the construction of PA municipal buildings, as well as roads and other infrastructure. A World Net Daily report indicates that “by aiding Palestinian construction of infrastructure in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, the U.S. has effectively been helping the PA create facts on the ground that could push disputed neighborhoods toward becoming part of a Palestinian state, including areas where the land in question is wholly owned by Jews.”

Last month the State Department inaugurated a USAID-funded Palestinian school in Beit Ijza, a neighborhood about five miles northwest of Jerusalem. Development with U.S. aid has also been extended to northern Jerusalem neighborhoods of Kfar Akeb, Qalandiya and Samir Amis, which are close to the Jewish neighborhoods of Neve Yaacov and Pisgat Zeev in Israel’s capital. (Kfar Akeb, Qalandiya and Samir Amis are located entirely within the Jerusalem municipality and were populated by Jews until the 1948 war). This represents a stepping-up of U.S. assistance to Palestinian construction projects over and above funding for Palestinian development in eastern Jerusalem over recent years.

In Kfar Akeb in Jerusalem, an official sign reads in English, ‘Ramallah-Jerusalem Road. This project is a gift form (sic) the American people to the Palestinian people in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and PECDAR. 2007.’ The sign bears the emblems of the American and PA governments and of USAID and was not present when last checked in 2006. In these neighborhoods, official PA logos and placards abound, including one glaring red street sign at the entrance to the neighborhoods warning Israelis to keep out (Aaron Klein, ‘Double-talking on Israel: U.S. aids Palestinians? Obama demands Jews stop construction while building PA foothold in same areas,’ World Net Daily, October 10, 2010).

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “It is disturbing that the Obama Administration is adopting Palestinian positions, effectively acting as the lawyer/negotiator for the Palestinian Authority, demanding that Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria be stopped in order to one day create a Jew-free Palestinian state and aiding the PA in building up its presence even in eastern Jerusalem.

“The Obama Administration itself states that Jerusalem is a final status issue to be negotiated directly between the two parties. If that is the case, then the Obama Administration should be doing nothing to bolster the Palestinian position in Jerusalem, which creates facts on the ground and therefore prejudices the outcome of those negotiations, should they ever occur.

“We note that part of the explicit rationale of the Obama Administration opposing Jewish construction is that it creates facts on the ground. Why then are they not opposing the creation of facts on the ground by Palestinians? Worse, why are they funding these efforts with U.S. taxpayer money? Consistency requires that it start opposing Palestinian efforts to change the facts on the ground and cease funding these efforts.

“The ZOA calls upon the Obama Administration to cease funding PA construction projects. We further call upon the U.S. Congress to investigate whether funding PA infrastructure developments in disputed territories is even a permissible use of U.S. funds, especially in light of continuing PA sponsorship of incitement to hatred and violence against Israel.”

Monday, October 18, 2010

The EU Should Stay Out of Israel’s Business

European officials need to stay out of Israel’s sovereign affairs. Israel DOES already guarantee rights to all of its citizens, but that is beside the point. It is not the business of the EU to comment on Israel’s proposed citizenship law or the demand that Israel be recognized as a Jewish state. Let the EU lecture muslim states on equal rights for all of their citizens. After all, they are the ones that persecute their non-muslim citizens and treat their women as property. And as Avigdor Lieberman stated, let the EU tend to their own messes. There is more than enough problems in their own back yard to keep them busy instead of haranguing Israel. However I blame the Israeli political leadership for being dormats in which foreign politicians feel free to beat up on the Jewish state with impunity. They need to get some self-respect and not put up with foreign interference in their sovereign affairs as well as not putting up with constant insults.

EU says Israel should guarantee rights for all citizens


Spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief asks for protection of minorities’ rights, saying for Israel this means “whether they are Jewish or not.”

The European Union on Tuesday urged Israel to guarantee equality for all its citizens after Prime Minister Binymain Netanyahu’s offer the previous day to continue the building moratorium in the West Bank in return for Palestinian Authority recognition of Israel as the Jewish national home, according to the AFP.

“We support the two democratic states living side by side in peace and security,” a spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton told AFP. “We also stress that the future states of Palestine and Israel will need to fully guarantee equality to all their citizens.”

“Basically in the case of Israel, this means whether they are Jewish or not,” said the spokeswoman Maja Kocijancik.

The previous day Netanyahu spoke at the opening of the Knesset’s winter session in Jerusalem, taking time to address the precarious state of peace talks with the Palestinians.

In his speech, the prime minister challenged his Palestinian counterparts to continue the peace talks by saying he would initiate a cabinet proposal to renew a settlement moratorium if the Palestinian Authority would declare its recognition of Israel as a national home for the Jewish people.

Netanyahu’s comments put an end to a couple of weeks of speculation regarding how he would deal with the moratorium issue.

He said that Palestinian recognition would be an important “confidence building measure” and would send an important positive message to the Israeli people of Palestinian intentions.

On Sunday, the cabinet called on all new citizens who are not Jewish to pledge an oath of allegiance to the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, passing an amendment to Israel’s Citizenship Law that is to go before the Knesset.

Herb Keinon contributed to this report.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #287 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Cosmic X.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Resisting Arab Aggression

Women in Green successfully resist the attempts of arab thugs to steal Jewish land and sabotage their work at Netzer in Gush Etzion. I have great admiration for Nadia Matar and her heroic efforts to defend what is rightfully Jewish land. Women in Green is a great organization which refuses to compromise on its principles and defies a hostile international movement to aid muslim terrorists in stealing Jewish land.

Friday, October 15, 2010

UK Columnist Opposes Recognition of Israel as Jewish State

So this reprehensible writer Adrian Hamilton of the Independent is an advocate of islamic supremacy. The other countries in the region are entitled to be islamic states, but Israel cannot be a Jewish state. According to this sick writer, Jews have no right of self-determination and sovereignty in their own homeland. He suggests Israel should succumb to islamic supremacism because the Middle East is a muslim majority. Never mind that the region became a muslim majority through violent conquest and forced islamization. With such moral depravity on the part of Britain’s media and political elite, is it any wonder that England itself is becoming islamized. How can you expect them to support Israel when they are so willingly surrendering their own country to islam? My contempt for the moral degenerates in the media increases daily by leaps and bounds.

Fitting Into Adrian Hamilton’s World


Adrian Hamilton, a columnist at The Independent is against recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. Here’s why:

The more closely you define Israel as a uniquely “Jewish” state, the less room there is for it to act as a co-operative member of a Muslim majority Middle East. Its role becomes that of an enclave which views itself as not just separate but in clear opposition to everyone else about it.

There’s simply no point under these circumstances in pursuing peace negotiations.

Where in Hamilton’s world can Jews go to “fit in?”

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jews Need to Get Out of Holland

Why is it that Geert Wilders is on trial for “hate speech” for criticism of islam, yet muslims can shout “Jew cancer” and openly call for the genocide of Jews with impunity? These are the modern day nazis taking over Europe. There is no excuse this time not to heed the warnings.

Darkest Anti Semitism in Holland

Prof. Phyllis Chesler, Israel National News

A new book by Abigal R. Esman, who has lived in Holland until now, is an eye opener. Prof. Chesler says it should be required reading at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.
A new book by Abigal R. Esman, who has lived in Holland until now, is an eye opener. Prof. Chesler says it should be required reading at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Holland prides itself on its religious tolerance. Indeed, it welcomed Portugese Jews and, although they forbade them to join guilds or own shops, the Jews nevertheless flourished in Holland as publishers, physicians, and diamond dealers.

Holland also prides itself on its presumably heroic role as resistance fighters against the Nazi occupation. Ah—but the truth is something darker, certainly more complicated, not always so heroic.

In my mind, Holland represents tulips, legalized marijuana, women selling sex in windows, multi-cultural tolerance, a huge Islamic problem—and the murder of Anne Frank and of almost the entirety of Dutch Jewry.

I remember spending time in the mid-1970s with the late Meyer Levin in his home in Israel; we spent hours walking on the beach as he tried to persuade me that Broadway Jewish communists (Lillian Hellman in particular) had colluded with Otto Frank, Anne’s father, to ditch Levin’s screenplay about Frank and to present a far more “universal” and less specifically Jewish Anne. Hellman and others succeeded. More, they also managed to persuade Hollywood and Broadway to focus on Anne’s “optimism,” and to bypass her growing sense of the unfolding tragedy.

Levin himself became obsessed with this “whitewashing” of the Holocaust through this use of Anne Frank. I believed him. Most others did not. I am afraid that he died a bitter and heartbroken man. Not until 1997 did Cynthia Ozick finally set the record straight in the pages of The New Yorker. She, too, found that Levin was telling the truth.

Author Abigail R. Esman would have believed Levin. She would actually have a thing or two more to tell him. An expatriate Jewish-American, Abigail R. Esman, has written an important and powerful new book, Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning Over Democracy in the West. It is set in Holland, where she has now lived for the last twenty years.

Esman is now planning to leave Holland. She no longer feels at home there. In addition to the “Muslim immigrant problem, or rather, both the far right and far left responses to it,” there is this: “Jews are not welcome in Holland. Foreigners are not welcome in Holland either.” Esman is also a Jew—and a proud one.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Left’s War On America

The left wages war against America from within by stripping us of our history, culture and demonizing American heroes in favor of third world and marxist historical narratives of American history. When I was a child Columbus day was one of the major holidays with schools being closed. Now Columbus day has almost ceased to exist and is replaced with such reprehensible ideas like “indigenous people’s day”. Meanwhile the left empathizes with history’s most aggressive, ruthless and oppressive colonialists, muslims. From the Middle East, to Africa, to the Indian subcontinent and Europe, islam has conquered and subjugated native populations, stripping them of their indigenous cultures, languages and religions as well as mass slaughtering them.

Goodbye Columbus, Goodbye America

Daniel Greenfield, the Sultan Knish

Columbus Day, once considered a major event, has been undergoing a decline in recent years. Columbus Day parades have met with protests and some have been deemphasized or outright eliminated. In Denver, the Columbus Day Parade was met by protesters holding signs, such as, “Kick cracker bums off Indian land”. John Hickenlooper, the Democratic candidate for Governor in Colorado, helped fund violent anti-Columbus Day protests, which featured multiple arrests. In Santa Barbara, a rally will featured a hanged Columbus effigy.

In California, Columbus Day has become Indigenous People’s Day, which sounds vaguely like a Marxist terrorist group’s holiday. But while it’s tempting to put that down to California’s political correctness, in South Dakota, Columbus Day became Native American Day, and that is a trend that other states are likely to follow, as protests continue to grow. And while none have thus far followed Venezuela’s lead in renaming it Día de la Resistencia Indígena, or Day of Indigenous Resistance, which actually is a Marxist terrorist group’s holiday, the whole notion of celebrating the discovery of America has come to be seen as somehow shameful and politically incorrect.

About the only factor still keeping Columbus on the calendar in places like New York is his role in the Italian-American community, which has made many Mayors and Governors reluctant to toss the great explorer completely overboard. But the very fact that Columbus’ place in history now comes down to a single ethnic group’s pride, rather than his role in the discovery and development of the entire country, shows just how fragmented, American history has become. While Ferdinand and Isabella may have brought Columbus back in chains, modern day political correctness banishes him to the darkened dungeon of non-personhood, erasing him from history and replacing him with a note reading, “I’m Sorry We Ever Discovered America.”

But this is about more than one single 15th century Genoan with a complicated life who was neither a monster nor a saint. It is about whether America really has any right to exist at all. Is there any argument against celebrating Columbus Day, that cannot similarly be applied to celebrating the 4th of July?

See also: Columbus Invades America! Establishes Settlements! Is the UN Aware of This?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Leftist Media’s Collusion in the War to Destroy Israel

The radical left media colludes with the Arabs to set-up Israel in the manner of mohammed al dura and rachel corrie incidents. They are even willing to go so far as to sacrifice the lives of the “palestinian” children their hearts supposedly bleed for, all for the purpose of politically damaging Israel. The leftist-islamic alliance presents an extremely wicked, depraved and deadly global force that must be stopped.

Our World: The rise of the suicide protests


Since 2000, there has been escalating cooperation between Israeli leftist organizations with foreign pro-jihad groups and Palestinian terror and political warfare outfits at demonstrations.

David Be’eri is either much admired or much hated, depending on how you feel about Israel and Jewish heritage. Be’eri is the founder and head of the Ir David Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to excavating, preserving and developing biblical Jerusalem, the City of David.

When Be’eri began his project in 1986, the City of David, located just opposite the Old City, was in shambles. Former excavations were hidden beneath heaps of garbage and debris.

Owing to his efforts, today the City of David is one of Israel’s most beloved tourist attractions. Some 500,000 tourists visit the site each year. Seventeen archaeological excavations have been undertaken there or are currently ongoing. Annual archaeological conferences at the site attract leading scholars from all over the world.

One of the keys to Be’eri’s success has been the close relations he has cultivated with the local Arabs. Hundreds of local Arabs have worked in the City of David on the various excavations.

But in the past few months, and particularly since the Obama administration began pressuring Israel to curb its sovereignty in Jerusalem, things have begun to change. Leftist groups including Peace Now, Ir Amim, B’Tselem, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Rabbis for Human Rights, and Emek Shaveh have begun organizing frequent protests.

According to Udi Ragones, the spokesman for Ir David, the various leftist groups collaborate openly with two Arab groups that have been formed over the past year: Silwannet and the Wadi Hilweh Information Center. Peace Now’s Hagit Ofran is often seen working with Jawad Sayam from the information center.

One of the information center’s employees also works for Emek Shaveh, an organization of anti-Zionist archaeologists.

OVER THE past month, what began as non-violent protests against Ir David turned violent. A month ago, anti-Israel activists set several cars ablaze. Local Arabs who work with the Ir David Foundation began receiving threats. The car of one such Arab was set on fire.

Two weeks ago, the demonstrations morphed into suicide protests as activists set up a roadblock in the middle of the street, ambushed an Ir David security guard and began violently attacking him. In order to fend off his attackers, the guard shot his pistol and killed one of them. Using faux footage, the protesters accused the guard of murder in cold blood. The police rejected the accusation. Channel 2 initially backed up the protesters’ claim, but later its reporter recognized he had been used.

Last Friday, the violence was ratcheted up several notches when Be’eri was targeted by an ambush. As he drove to his home in Ir David with his 13-year-old son, the car in front of him suddenly hit the breaks.

Be’eri drove around the car and was greeted by an ambush of demonstrators who attacked him with stones.

Blocked from backing away by a car that had suddenly stopped, Be’eri had to decide between opening fire and driving through the protest. He drove through, hitting two of his attackers. Both were minors. Neither sustained serious injuries and were out and about within hours of the event.

The stone throwers were not the only people who participated in the ambush. Six or seven photographers and at least one employee of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center were also on the scene. The photographers hailed from the far Left Hebrew-language Walla web portal and from several European media outlets. They filmed Be’eri running over his attackers from multiple angles. They then quickly sold the story to the world as a tale of a vicious “settler” who ran over two innocent children on their way home from the mosque, just because he is an evil settler.

But as Ragones notes, “We were actually lucky that the media were there. The photos that were supposed to frame Be’eri showed clearly that the whole thing was a setup.”

Not only does the footage show that Be’eri was ambushed, it shows that the photographers were integral members of the ambush team. The children’s role was to provoke Be’eri into killing or injuring them by attacking him with rocks. The photographers’ role was to photograph the children getting killed or hurt.

Monday, October 11, 2010

NYT Hit Piece on Pam Geller

The NYT does a hit piece on Pam Geller. Yet they will never publish anything negative about the nefarious characters behind the ground zero mosque. Make no mistake, the Times along with the rest of the msm are outright enemies of America. Why else would they shill for the likes of islamic supremacists while denigrating and demonizing American patriots?

The New York Times: Outraged, Outrageous and Unhinged

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs

As expected, the New York Times did an extraordinarily nasty and fallacious piece on me. It is full of distortions, inaccuracies and lies from beginning to end.

But one thing I can tell you is that the numbers quoted from my divorce settlement are grossly, wildly inaccurate. I don’t want to air dirty laundry in public, but there is absolutely no truth to what Anne Barnard and Alan Feuer “reported” about this. And although I do not want to get into personal matters, how do they know that my deceased ex “didn’t always agree” with what I was saying? Did they employ a ouija board? Just for knowing, this claim also is patently false.

Referring to me using terms like “socialite,” “dilettante,” and other words invoking silly, superficial, purposeless women, is downright farcicial. Show me a socialite who is fighting for American values 20 hours a day. I don’t even have lunch, let alone gala charity events. The only thing worthwhile in this piece is the actual interview, which is, frankly, all that really matters. But let’s have a cursory look at this piece, shall we?

Of course they hold up my lack of journalistic “credentials” as a disadvantage. Clearly we see how this “advantage” has rendered the New York Times and the rest of the fraternity of credentialed journalists hopelessly inaccurate and incapable of objectivity and responsible journalism. Why no piece like this on Daisy Khan, or Feisal Abdul Rauf, or Sharif El-Gamal?

Here is credentialed journalism: they say without explanation that I “posted doctored pictures of Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court justice, in a Nazi helmet.” They don’t bother to mention that the Kagan photoshop came after it was revealed that Kagan had cited in her thesis a German Marxist who became a Nazi when Hitler took power. They claim that I said that “a young Barack Obama slept with ‘a crack whore,’” without mentioning that in that post I was making a point about unfair journalists (like these Times writers), constructing a reductio ad absurdum about media bias.

Foxes Guarding the Henhouse

This is unsurprising. Our government never learns its lesson not to put its trust in cultivating muslim “allies”. Their ideology forbids them to ever befriend infidels. We will always be seen as the enemy even as our soldiers risk their lives fighting to defend muslim countries. But nevertheless, our government persists with this policy of political correctness, of reaching out to muslims, trying to win hearts and minds etc. and turning a blind eye to the true nature of islam. Our soldiers are paying the price as a result of this inanity.

Afghans Linked to the Taliban Guard U.S. Bases


WASHINGTON — Afghan private security forces with ties to the Taliban, criminal networks and Iranian intelligence have been hired to guard American military bases in Afghanistan, exposing United States soldiers to surprise attack and confounding the fight against insurgents, according to a Senate investigation.

The Pentagon’s oversight of the Afghan guards is virtually nonexistent, allowing local security deals among American military commanders, Western contracting companies and Afghan warlords who are closely connected to the violent insurgency, according to the report by investigators on the staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The United States military has almost no independent information on the Afghans guarding the bases, who are employees of Afghan groups hired as subcontractors by Western firms awarded security contracts by the Pentagon. At one large American airbase in western Afghanistan, military personnel did not even know the names of the leaders of the Afghan groups providing base security, the investigators found. So they used the nicknames that the contractor was using — Mr. White and Mr. Pink from “Reservoir Dogs,” the 1992 gangster movie by Quentin Tarantino. Mr. Pink was later determined to be a “known Taliban” figure, they reported.

In another incident, the United States military bombed a house where it was believed that a Taliban leader was holding a meeting, only to discover later that the house was owned by an Afghan security contractor to the American military, who was meeting with his nephew — the Taliban leader.

Some Afghans hired by EOD Technology, which was awarded a United States Army contract to provide security at a training center for Afghan police officers in Adraskan, near Shindand, were also providing information to Iran, the report asserted. The Senate committee said it received intelligence from the Defense Intelligence Agency about Afghans working for EOD, and that the reporting found that some of them “have been involved in activities at odds with U.S. interests in the region.”

Sunday, October 10, 2010

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #286 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Ima on (and off)the Bima.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hypocritical Anti-Semitic Academics

You have to wonder about the psychological makeup of a Jewish lesbian feminist who stands in solidarity with genocidal anti-Semites, violent misogynists and homophobes. But such is the case with this anti-Israel whackjob, Berkeley Professor Judith Butler. Of course she is hardly alone in her profession as the same academics who sign petitions to boycott Israel, refused to sign a petition opposing islamic practices such as “honor” murders, wife beatings, FGM and the discrimination of women and gays in muslim countries.

Academics Boycott the Truth

by Prof. Phyllis Chesler, Israel National News

Don’t academics seek objective truth? Read about a study that proved just the opposite.

Academics, intellectuals—even journalists—are, presumably, concerned with objective truth and trained to recognize and avoid bias or extreme distortion. In addition, a physicist is expected to know something about physics and a Women’s Studies professor is, presumably, expected to know something about women’s rights—and wrongs; in addition, he or she is supposed to “care” about the subject in a way that a physicist may not be able to “care” about sub-atomic particles.
However, this does not seem to be the case where Israel and/or Islamic gender apartheid are concerned. And, I could also be wrong about the physicist.
Take the recent survey undertaken by Dr. Fred Gottheil, a professor or Economics at the University of Illinois. (Thank you, Carol Mizrahi, for calling this to my attention). He published his finding yesterday. Last year, a professor of English at the University of Southern California, Dr. David Lloyd, managed to garner 900 academic signatories from 150 universities for his letter-petition in favor of culturally and academically boycotting Israel; last year, Lloyd sent this letter-petition to President Barak Obama soon after he took office. According to Gottheil, Lloyd’s letter petition (which cannot be found online) “was notable not only for its criticism of Israeli policy — that is standard fare among the set of academics who subscribe to a post-colonial view of the world — but rather for its demonizing of the Jewish state. His technique was anything but novel. It associated Israel with pre-Mandela South Africa. Lloyd’s South African-linking brushstrokes were many and crude, citing ‘collective punishment,’ ‘apartheid regime,’ ‘racist regime,’ ‘besieged Bantustans,’ ‘crimes against humanity,’ and ‘ethnocidal atrocities.’ These were layered on his fact-distorting canvas like icing on a poisoned cake.”

What Dr. Gottheil then did was smart. He painstakingly tracked down 675 of the original signatories and, without referring to the Lloyd anti-Israel petition-letter at all, asked these same academics who are, ostensibly, concerned with social justice issues, to sign a statement-petition which opposed the widespread abuse of women in the Middle East, including in the disputed Palestinian territories. Gottheil specifically mentioned and documented “honor-killing, wife-beating, female genital mutilation” and the systematic “discrimination against women, gays and lesbians in the Middle East.”
Guess what? According to Gottheil, less than 5% of these same academics (27 people!) signed his statement-petition. And, most shocking, (but not surprising to me), literally only five of the169 Women’s Studies academics signed his statement. As Gottheil puts it:

Pro-Muslim Bias in Schools

How can any parent be blamed for wanting to pull their children out of the public school system in view of the increasing pro-islamic indocrination going on along with the degradation and demonization of our own Judeo-Christian values. Like everything else the left-wing controls, the public school system is morally bankrupt and a failure. If parents can’t afford private schooling, they ought to home school their kids.

Biased Textbooks: Texas Gets It But Florida Does Not

By rich swier, Red County

Dr. Francis Haithcock, Chancellor of Florida’s Public Schools, is the perfect example of a Catch-22. Catch-22 is a general critique of bureaucratic operation and reasoning. The phrase “Catch-22″ is common idiomatic usage meaning “a no-win situation” or “a double bind” of any type.

Over seven months ago Aya Sewell, mother and parent with two children in Sarasota public schools, went to the School Board and requested the textbook World History: Patterns of Interaction be removed from the district approved list of instructional materials. On July 20, 2010 the School Board held an appeal hearing to consider the request. The Sarasota County School Board voted to deny the appeal in large part because the subject textbook was on the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) list of approved instructional materials. School board members recommended Aya take her case to the FDOE.

Aya did just that and guess what happened?

Aya received a letter dated September 17, 2010 from Dr. Frances Haithcock stating, “Considerations of whether a text is appropriate for a school district’s students and the decision to use a particular text remain local issues.” [Emphasis added]

Aya is now in a perfect double bind or Catch-22.

Who would have guessed. But it gets worse. According to Chancellor Haithcock, “Although your letter [to the Florida Commissioner of Education] identifies areas where you believe the content standards were not adequately addressed and areas where you believe the content standards themselves show an improper emphasis, the letter and its enclosures did not identify factual, historical inaccuracies in the textbook that would warrant an investigation pursuant to that section [of Florida Statute 1006.35].” [Emphasis added]

Friday, October 8, 2010

Whitewashing the Islamic Motivation for Terrorism

Unbelievable. How the hell could a teacher say to a student that his answer that the Times Square bomber was an “islamist motivated terrorist” is the wrong answer but that he was entitled to his own opinion? It is not a matter of opinion, it is a FACT that the Times Square jihadist was motivated by islam. He himself stated that he was a soldier for allah or something to that effect. Although I wouldn’t use the word “islamist” which really isn’t a word. The Times Square bomber was islamic, period. Even people who are on the right side of this issue still hesitate to flat out call the terrorists islamic or muslim.

Anyway, we are living in dangerous times as it is from the islamic jihad being waged against us. But what is even more dangerous is the fact that our political, media and academic leaders are engaged in attempts of outright denial of who the enemy is that we face. Liberals will continue this politically correct insanity until it destroys us.

Life in an American Fifth Grade: Political Correctness Trumps Reading Comprehension

By Barry Rubin, Rubin Reports

Clearly the teacher is much better this year than last year regarding indoctrination. His main goal seems to be avoiding trouble. And the students even learned a patriotic song, “This is my country, land that I love….”

Yet what can you say when your child reports how his fellow eleven-year-olds constantly talk about how terrible America is and how everything is “racist”? At one point he says he remarked to them, “Who’s feeding you this crap?” But we know that don’t we?

I can’t decide whether this incident is negative or mildly positive. Students were given a reading comprehension test about the Junior Scholastic magazine that I analyzed. In discussing the Times’ Square bomb incident, the magazine had called–somewhat to my surprise–the would-be bomber an “Islamic terrorist.”

When students were asked about it in class, however, the “correct” answer was that he was a “home-grown” terrorist. While there are cases like that, the Times’ Square bomber, who was given a life sentence today, was certainly not one of them. He may have been living in America but had strong connections to the Taliban and seems to have immigrated as an agent for the group, not some average joe who just got enraged by economic difficulties.

At any rate, my son wrote accurately that he was an Islamist-motivated terrorist. The teacher would not acknowledge this as the right answer, though it is true and what was written in the text. He responded that while this was the “wrong” answer, my son was “entitled to his opinion” and so he didn’t take off points.

In a sense, though, this was an exercise in learning to put ideology over evidence, perhaps the main theme of these kids’ education on social and political issues.

Bill Clinton: Jews to Blame for islamic Terrorism

The delusional and clueless Bill Clinton still does not understand the nature of islamic terror. He still does not understand that islamic doctrine commands muslims to wage war against infidels until they are subdued or convert to islam. This is not a territorial dispute going on between Israel and the arabs. Unfortunately he is not alone amongst western politicians in their inability to grasp this reality. Bill Clinton is the fool who treated islamic terrorism as crimes rather than acts of war. He never really responded to the first WTC bombing in ’93, the Khobar towers, African embassy bombings and the USS Cole under his watch. Which makes him largely responsible for 9/11. Yet he has learned nothing and still remains clueless about why muslims are waging jihad. Here is more of the disgusting, pandering speech Clinton made in Egypt. He also touched on the subject of “islamophobia”. Apparently the non-existent threat of “islamophobia” in America is a more serious issue to him than the global islamic jihad. How about muslim Judeophobia or Christianophobia. According to Bill Clinton, even as muslims are waging a global war against non-muslims, mass murdering Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, it is the muslims who are being victimized by phantom “islamophobia”. This man is becoming another Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton is thoroughly corrupt. But this is what happens when one accepts saudi money. It is safer for that scoundrel Clinton and other like-minded miscreants to scapegoat the Jews than to dare tell the truth about islam and blame muslims for islamic terrorism.

Bill Clinton: Mideast peace would undercut terror


A treaty “will take about half the impetus in the whole world for terror away,” the former US president says in Egypt.

Former US president Bill Clinton said Tuesday that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would take away much of the motivation for terrorism around the world.

He described the long-running conflict as the key problem in the region and said resolving it would have a knock on effect that could result in Syria ending its support for the Lebanese militant group Hizbullah and Iran turning back its controversial nuclear program.

“It will take about half the impetus in the whole world — not just the region, the whole world — for terror away,” he told an audience of Egyptian businessmen from the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. “It would have more impact by far than anything else that could be done.”

The founding of Israel and the dispossession of the Palestinians more than six decade ago has long been a rallying cry among Arabs and Muslims in the region and more recently is a regular recruiting tool for organizations like al-Qaida.

Clinton presided over the breakthrough Oslo Accords in 1993 that led to direct peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians over the principle of land for peace as well as a last ditch effort to negotiate a final agreement in 2000 before violence derailed negotiations.

He said both sides knew the outlines of any final agreement and said it was similar to the one he hammered out with Yasser Arafat and Ehud Barak in 2000.

“They’re not even pretending now that they are not basically going to go back and take the modernized version I authored in 2000 that Israel accepted,” he said, expressing frustration with the current impasse in the talks over settlement construction.

“They blew 10 years and complicated the problem demographically by not doing this in 2000. It must be done,” he said.

Clinton focused his talk largely on living in a more sustainable fashion to confront global issues of income disparity and climate change and urged an audience that included Cabinet ministers and diplomats to to form partnerships to confront societal challenges.

He also answered questions about US domestic issues such as the perceived rise of Islamophobia.

Weighing in on the controversy surrounding an Islamic Center being built in New York two blocks from the Sept. 11 attacks, Clinton suggested dedicating the proposed building to the 60 Muslim victims of the attacks.

“I think the decision to dedicate this center to the memory of those who lost their lives on that day would send a set of messages that would if not make this crisis go away, would dramatically reduce it,” he said.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Peace Now’s Treachery Against Jews

Exactly how do Peace Now and Obama administration officials actions differ from that of nazi Germany by spying on Jews in Judea and Samaria and documenting construction? Liberals have been falsely accusing Israel of being an apartheid state, while liberals are the ones who actually support apartheid being applied against Jews. Arabs can live anywhere in Israel, but liberals demand that Jews be restricted in where they can live. This makes liberals similar to the nazis and the cossacks.

Caught in the Act – Peace Now Escorts US Officials at Settlements

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu –

Hagit Ofran, an official of the political lobby group Peace Now, was photographed Tuesday escorting U.S. officials and taking pictures at the Jewish community of Revava in Samaria.

American officials declined to comment and referred questions to the Consulate spokeswoman, who so far has not returned a phone inquiry.

Ofran, granddaughter of the late Israeli philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowich, often travels to Jewish communities in Judea to document construction of Jewish homes, which Peace Now opposes.

She hid her face after seeing that she was being photographed by Samaria Liaison Council director David Ha’Ivri, who greeted her with a “hello.”

HaIvri also saw her with Jonathan Cullen, a political officer with the Consulate. Ha’Ivri, whose group is an official Samaria government agency, previously has traveled with Cullen to explain to him facts that had not been known to American officials, such as the relations between Jewish employers and Arab workers and the extent of Jewish industrial development in Judea and Samaria.

Ha’Ivri told Israel National News that he asked Cullen, “What are you doing—spying on us?” Cullen replied, “We are just visiting.”

Ha’Ivri said to INN, “We give the United States information they did not know” about Jewish life in Judea and Samaria, “and we have nothing to hide. Now they come back with a political group.”

INN tried to ask the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem if the same escort privileges would be granted to nationalist lobby groups, but no one was available for comment. Cullen, as well as a U.S. Embassy spokesman in Tel Aviv, referred all questions to the Consulate.

Tuesday was not the first time Ofran has had to hide her identity or her camera. Global Post’s Fredy Gareis wrote last month, “With a practiced motion, Hagit Ofran hides her camera under the seat, bringing her white SUV to a halt in front of an [IDF] checkpoint.”

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Understanding The Islamic Threat

Europeans still do not understand that muslim immigration to their nations doesn’t merely represent a clash of cultures. Islam is waging war against their very civilization and way of life. Europe’s muslim masses seek to replace their free societies with sharia law. I’m afraid Americans also do not understand the seriousness of the islamic threat against our very civilization, a threat greater than the prospect of occasional terrorist attacks. It is a threat to our very existence as we know it, to replace our constitutional freedoms with sharia. I fear we are headed down the same road as Europe. Though Americans may choose to focus on the economy and jobs, they do not have the luxury of avoiding the islamic threat. A war is being waged against us whether we choose to fight or not.

Why Europe Still Doesn’t Get Islam

Daniel Greenfield, the Sultan Knish

Like an old car starting up on a cold winter’s day, European governments have been slowly waking up to the realization that all those jolly Islamic people might be a problem after all. Unfortunately they don’t understand the dimensions of the problem. To them the riots, the bombings and the murders are only part of a culture clash, with challenges no different than any other minority group. That is why they prefer to focus on schools and burqas, while ignoring the violence. The thinking is that this is still a cultural problem that can be corrected with 3 drops of educational indoctrination, and 6 drops of enforced integration for the natives whose discriminatory attitudes are just making things worse. The problem is that their model is wrong.

The Islamic problem is not merely a clash of cultures, but also a clash of civilizations. Had it been merely a clash of cultures, Europe would only be in the same boat as America. Troubled, but not immediately fatal. Instead Europe is facing a clash of civilizations. The cultural and religious dimensions of the conflict underlie a larger perception on the Muslim side, that they are fighting to expand the borders of the Muslim East, rather than trying to be accepted in the Christian West.

As Americans are blinded to the dangers of Islam by their experience with multiculturalism, Europeans are blinded to the dangers of Islam by their inexperience with multiculturalism. Both make the mistake of assuming that Islamic violence is part of the multicultural norm, rather than the resumption of an old invasion of Europe. The chaos and confusion in a multicultural society can make it hard to spot real threats against the background noise, frustrations and raw nerves of cultural friction. It becomes easy to lump in complaints about too many Indian restaurants, with complaints about angry mosque worshipers. And it becomes all too easy for authorities to tell people to just make the best of it, while ignoring the situation. The authorities are certain that eventually a natural balance will arise a generation or two down the road. The slow realization that the native born Muslims are actually more radicalized than their fathers and grandfathers is worrying them, but not in a particularly constructive way. Instead they are torn between England’s accommodation policies and France’s integration policies, neither of which get at the heart of the problem.

Debates over swimming classes or a radical mosque here and there are only the smaller branches of a fast growing tree. Because the problem is not merely cultural differences, those can be and have been accommodated. The problem is that Muslims believe that their way of life is morally superior, and that any system or institution that does not follow those laws, is invalid. Furthermore they believe that they have a duty to impose their laws on others in the name of their religion or honor. Attempting to accommodate people who believe this, by accepting their laws in whole or in part, leads to an avalanche effect, with each concession generating demands for new concessions. There is no final point of accommodation to be had, except complete submission to Islam, because those being accommodated never recognize the inherent validity of the system that is accommodating them. Not until it becomes their system.