Monday, January 31, 2011

SEIU Aligns With International Terror Groups

Those democrat party enforcers and marxist thugs SEIU, are coordinating with jihadist and communist terrorists from abroad to undermine America and Israel.

Big Government:
Is SEIU Working With Hamas And FARC?

by Andrew Marcus

Prominent current and former members of SEIU local 73 are being investigated for their potential ties to the Hamas and FARC terrorist groups.

Late last year, their homes were raided by the FBI, and they were subpoenaed to appear in front of a grand jury for questioning.

Joe Iosbaker, Chief Steward of SEIU 73, and Tom Burke (former board member of SEIU 73) are among 9 people who are subjects in the investigation. None of them have been charged with any crimes, yet.

Two days ago, they refused again to appear in front of the grand jury.

The interesting thing about these SEIU folks is that they also belong to a violently radical group called the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. From their website:

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is a revolutionary socialist and Marxist-Leninist organization in the United States.

1) We stand for the right to self-determination up to and including secession for the African American nation in the Black Belt South.

While rejecting Zionist claims on Palestine and white supremacist claims to a white southern nation or northwestern nation, we do acknowledge the fact that the most advanced sections of the Black liberation movement, from the 1800s on, have demanded a Black Republic in the South.

It gets worse from there.

This is the same group who, along with the other subjects of the FBI investigation, takes credit for staging the 2008 RNC protest-riots.

Shockingly, SEIU leadership is supporting their accused members, and the chosen strategy of not cooperating with law enforcement.

Beginning at 6:15 in the video below, SEIU’s Matt Brandon gives the union’s full-throated support for targets of the investigation.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #302 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Just Call Me Chaviva.

The muslim brotherhood

This is what I was talking about that there can be no positive alternative to
the Mubarak military dictatorship. The vast majority of Egyptians support the implementation of sharia law, including stoning for adulterers, whippings, cutting off hands for stealing and the death penalty for those who convert out of islam. Large percentages support hamas and hezbollah and of course nearly all despise Israel and Jews. The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel will be abrogated.


An Interview on the Egyptian Revolt: I’m Worried That Others Aren’t Worried

By Rarry Rubin, GLORIA

1) How do you judge the Egyptian protests?
It is tempting to see this as a revolution that will bring down the regime. But Egypt is not Tunisia. And while the demonstrations are passionate it is not clear that the numbers of participants are huge. If the elite and the army hold together they could well prevail, perhaps by removing Mubarak to save the regime. We should be cautious in drawing conclusions.

2) Do you see the threat of an Islamist takeover by the Ikhwan?
So far the uprising has not been led by the Muslim Brotherhood. But it is the only large organized opposition group. It is hard to see how it would not be the leading force after a while. The leadership would have to decide that it is facing a revolutionary situation and that this is the moment for an all-out effort. But if it does so and fails there will be a terrible repression and the group will be crushed. It appears that the Brotherhood is joining the protests but has not made its basic decision yet. In the longer term if the regime is completely overthrown I do believe the Brotherhood will emerge as the leader and perhaps the ruler of the country.

3) Do you see any chances that Egypt will witness the same model of Iran of 1979, the democratic protests followed by an Islamist rule?
Absolutely yes. On one hand, so far they lack a charismatic leader. On the other hand, alternative non-Islamist leadership is probably weaker than it was in Iran. Remember also that the Iranian revolution went on for almost a year, with the Islamists emerging as leaders only after five or six months. Many experts predicted that moderate democrats would emerge as rulers and said an Islamist regime was impossible but that isn’t what happened. I very much hope I am wrong.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Upheaval in Egypt

Where was the Obama administration regarding the real democracy uprising in Iran? Where was the Obama administration about the persecution of the Copts enabled by the Mubarak regime? Suddenly now he is speaking out on behalf of freedom and democracy for the Egyptian people. But there is no decent, western-style democratic government to be had in Egypt or anywhere in the muslim world. What we have is the choice of the lesser evil. And Mubarak is the lesser evil to the jihadist muslim brotherhood.

Lack of American leadership, the projection of American weakness on the world stage by this president has strengthened the forces of jihad: hezbollah in Lebanon and now the muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Perhaps this is all by design and maybe Obama isn’t really so incompetent after all.

America's Secret Backing for Rebel Leaders Behind Uprising

Obama to Mubarak: Take “concrete steps” on rights

Demonstrations Continue on Saturday

Obama's Dhimmi Carter Moment

Israel Fears Radical Takeover in Egypt

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blaming the Victims

Fareed Zakaria says Russia created its own islamic terrorism problem. Of course they did as did America create our own islamic terrorism problem and Israel and Thailand and the Philippines and Europe etc. Anyone but the jihadist perpetrators of bloodshed themselves are to blame. This is typical of the mindset of elite western opinion makers and academia.

Sheik Yer' Mami:
Fareed Zakaria: Russia Created Islamic Terrorism….

by sheikyermami on January 28, 2011

Time mag’s resident Islamic agit prop blames the victims. How good is that!?

America deserved 9/11 and Russia has it coming. Brother Fareed knows who to blame. Submit, kaffirs: Allah want’s the world to be Islamic! Allahu akbar!
How Russia Created Its Own Islamic Terrorism Problem

The terrorist attack at the Moscow airport on Jan. 24 was horrific, murdering dozens of innocent civilians. It is probably linked to Chechnya or the surrounding areas in the Caucasus, from which so many such attacks have emanated. Russia has been the site of the largest number of serious terrorist attacks over the past decade (excluding Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, which are really war zones). Why? The answer to this question sheds a sorry light on Russia’s counterterrorism strategy. In fact it is a case study in how not to fight Islamic terrorism. (Read it if you can bear it)

The Russia Monitor responds:
Fareed Zakaria Doesn’t Know Anything About Chechnya

It’s now conventional wisdom that Moscow faces a brutal Islamic terrorist movement, bent on jihad, unwilling to compromise and determined to inflict pain on Russians almost as an end in itself. That’s the view presented by Russian officials and accepted by Western leaders. Over the past decade, George W. Bush and Tony Blair reacted to terrorist incidents in Russia by quickly condemning them and describing them as instances of Islamic terrorism, tied to al-Qaeda and its fanatical vision. This unthinking acceptance of the Russian narrative allowed Moscow to respond with brutal violence, often against innocent civilians and without prompting international criticism. (See pictures of the terrorist attack at the Moscow airport.)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Israel Should Keep Building

It is outrageous to scapegoat Israel for the deaths of American troops. Does mullen actually believe that the jihadis will stop shooting at and blowing up our soldiers if Israel surrenders territory? Does he believe that the Afghanis and Iraqis would otherwise have welcomed American troops with open arms when they invaded if a “palestinian” state existed?

It is also completely wrong to say that Arabs and muslims only have “palestine” on their mind? What is actually on their mind is to create a global calliphate. Is Mullen that ignorant of islamic history and current world events? Why is islam waging jihad in Africa and massacring Christians? Why is jihad being waged in Thailand against Buddhists, in the Philippines and all over the world? How about the 1400 year history of islam waging jihad and conquering and subjugating non-muslims? Is it any wonder why the free world is in such a precarious position vis a vis our enemies when we are led by such uninformed, clueless people?

Via Israpundit:
Netanyahu denies he promised not to built in E1


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly promised U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during his first visit to the White House in May 2009 that Israel would not build new neighborhoods in E1, a controversial area which connects Jerusalem to Ma’aleh Adumim.

Netanyahu’s commitment is revealed in two documents from the Palestinian Negotiations Support Unit Unit leaked to Al Jazeera TV.
netanyahu – Itzik Ben-Malki – November 19 2010

In response, The Prime Minister’s Office said that “Netanyahu did not make any commitment on the matter.”

Israel has been planning for several years to build a neighborhood called Mevaseret Adumim in E1 that would include 3,500 housing units, as well as commercial and tourism facilities, in order to create an urban Jewish contiguity between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim, bolstering its hold on East Jerusalem by enveloping it with Jewish neighborhoods.

The United States strongly opposes the construction of this neighborhood, fearing that it would block the territorial contiguity of a future Palestinian state, splitting the West Bank into two and isolating East Jerusalem from the Palestinian population centers in the territories. This, the Americans fear, would undermine the chances of reaching a permanent settlement and establishing a Palestinian state.

In late May 2009, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas visited the White House. On June 2, 2009, Saeb Erekat, the head of the Palestinian negotiating team, briefed staff in Ramallah on details of the visit.

“[President] Obama said he got Israel to commit to stop construction in E1 but nothing yet on home demolitions,” Erekat is quoted as saying in the briefing. “[U.S. envoy] Mitchell said Obama was very tough with Bibi, [and] Clinton said the same. The meeting with the Israelis did not produce anything besides the commitment to stop E1 construction, but that is secret,” Erekat is quoted as saying.

Two weeks later, on June 16, Erekat briefed a different group of advisers in the Negotiations Support Unit and repeated the message. “We gave Barack Obama a file that gave him all the details on this issue, on E1, on Ma’aleh Adumim, etc. Hillary Clinton told us that [construction in] E1 wasn’t going to happen but to be quiet. She got something from the Israelis.”

At the briefings, Erekat said that during Abbas’s meetings at the White House, Obama was highly critical of Netanyahu and said that he had given him until July 1, 2009, to make his position clear on the principle of two states for two peoples, as well as on settlement construction.

Quoting Obama, Erekat said he told Abbas that “I cannot report anything to you, what we heard from the Israelis doesn’t deserve your time.”

In late July 2009, Aluf Benn reported in Haaretz that the U.S. administration told Netanyahu that construction in E1 would be “destructive.” The Palestinian documents reveal that in response to the American message, Netanyahu promised to avoid building in that area.

But when Netanyahu launched his election campaign in Ma’aleh Adumim, he promised to move ahead with the controversial project.

“I will link Jerusalem to Ma’aleh Adumim through the neighborhood of Mevaseret Adumim, E1. I want to see neighborhoods in one contiguous Jewish construction,” he said at the time.

On the eve of the formation of his government, it was reported that Netanyahu had agreed with Avigdor Lieberman, the chairman of Yisrael Beitenu, to allow construction in E1, but this was not included in the coalition agreement.

The documents show that when Abbas returned from the visit to Washington in late May, there was a sense of euphoria on the Palestinian side about Obama’s attitude.

“The Washington I went to last week isn’t the Washington I knew before,” Erekat is quoted as saying.

In a meeting, Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Abbas that “Arabs and Muslims have only one thing on their mind: Palestine. I have 230,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and I am bringing back 10 each week draped in American flags or in wheelchairs. Because I want to bring them back home, a Palestinian state is a cardinal interest of the USA.”

Erekat is quoted as saying that Obama told Abbas “the establishment of the Palestinian state is a must for me personally.”

He also said that “Obama told [Netanyahu] that if the Israeli government coalition can’t deliver, that’s their problem. The U.S. needs an answer by July 1.”

Erekat complained that “Netanyahu is going to burn the West Bank. He will give the green light in Gaza, let Hamas run loose, while burning the West Bank to show that AM can’t deliver. Netanyahu is capable of anything.”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Israel's PR Problem in Europe

The Czech Foreign Minister offers his advise on improving Israel's PR in Europe.

Czech FM to ‘Post’: Israeli PR in Europe is ‘miserable’


Israel’s public relations in Europe are “miserable,” and the estrangement between Israel and the EU is both because Israeli politicians for whom Europe was the center of gravity are dying off, and because the Holocaust is receding into the “mist of history” for European politicians, Czech Foreign Minister Karl Schwarzenberg has told The Jerusalem Post.

Schwarzenberg, whose country is among the most supportive of Israel inside the EU, said there had been a significant shift in mood toward Israel in Europe over the last year, and “it would be nonsense to deny it.”

Schwarzenberg, who met on Monday with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, is on a two-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

“Whereas 10 or 20 years ago there was a vast majority of EU countries who were definitely for Israel, now we can really rely on two countries,” he said.

“A lot of countries are rather neutral, and some clearly have the other view.”

Schwarzenberg, sitting on the veranda of the King David Hotel in a jacket and signature bow-tie while puffing on a pipe, candidly named the Netherlands and Bulgaria as the two countries Israel could rely on.

“There are two countries who are now very supportive,” he said. “The Dutch, with their new foreign minister [Uri Rosenthal], and the Bulgarians.

The young [foreign] minister of Bulgaria [Nikolay Mladenov] is a very talented man, and he seems to be very active.”

Asked about other Central and Eastern European countries that recently joined the EU and were widely considered friendly, such as Hungary, Poland and Romania, Schwarzenberg said they were indeed pro-Israel, “but they are not so active.”

The Baltic states were supportive, but “not so much in the center of EU politics,” he said.

His own country’s voice on the Middle East, Schwarzenberg said, was heard inside the EU institutions, but was not always heeded.

Schwarzenberg responded in the affirmative when asked if the overall mood and attitude inside Europe toward Israel was something that should be a cause for worry in Jerusalem.

“I will tell you something honestly,” he said. “I think the PR of Israel in Europe during the last 10-12 years was miserable.

The public relations were really miserable.”

Saying that some of Israel’s military actions were “not really helpful” on this score, the Czech foreign minister bewailed the images coming out of the country.

“You must not forget that for the average European who is not involved in politics, who sits down with a beer and wine and looks at the news on the television, the pictures he gets from here are the war on Gaza,” he said.

This is the result of the extremely bias distortions of the European media.

“The normal man and woman who look at the television see a hi-tech, superbly armed army attacking overcrowded people living in not very good conditions. So of course the sympathy is with the people there. And, of course, they hear the news of houses pulled down – there is something here in the Old Town [the Shepherd Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah], or olive trees cut down – and this creates impressions.”

Particularly rough on European sensibilities was the West Bank security barrier, he said.

“For many Europeans, who remember the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall, this [the security barrier] brings back bad memories,” he said.

“The image of Israel nowadays is not a good one. A friend of Israel has to put it clearly: Your image isn’t good.”

Schwarzenberg, who was born in Prague in 1937 to a wealthy family in Bohemia before the German invasion of Czechoslovakia, and whose family fled to Austria after the communist takeover in 1948, said that Europeans were not swayed by Israel’s argument – that the barrier simply saves lives and is a security necessity.

“For a long time, the Berlin Wall was explained in the same way by the communist regime – to protect against the imperialist spies and devils,” he said. “It was explained in the same way.

So you see, it has limited credibility.”

Europeans, he said, “are not impressed by the danger that Israel is facing. They think that Israel is so strong, so superbly armed – a nuclear power – that they are not really endangered.”
This explanation is total bull. First of all, Israel faces actual proven threats unlike the phony ones used as an excuse for the communists to erect the Berlin wall. And in any case the Berlin wall was to keep people in not out.

The degree to which Israel is armed makes no difference when it comes to suicide bombers crossing over from Judea and Samaria. Israel’s nuclear weapons and so forth are a deterrent from attack by other states but not terrorists. The fact that America is a super power did not prevent us from being attacked internally and from illegal aliens and most likely terrorists from crossing over our borders. The Europeans aren’t impressed by the danger Israel faces because they choose not to be, because they are completely close-minded when it comes to Israel and have already made their minds up and won’t be confused with facts.

And furthermore, they must know Israel is under threat since the Europeans themselves are being subjected now to the same threat within their own countries. So I’m not buying this explanation. Israel’s PR or actions have nothing to do with Europe’s attitude. The attitude towards Israel comes from Europe’s own prejudices.

"Palestine Papers" Are Fraudulent

The so-called "Palestine Papers" are likely a huge hoax. What is claim to have been offered by the PA is actually the deal that was offered by Israel under Olmert.

SCOOP: Explaining How The "Palestine Papers" Story Is A Fabrication That Teaches Us The Truth

By Barry Rubin

The "Palestine Papers" hoax is (or, more accurately, should be) turning into the most teachable moment about the Israel-Palestinian conflict in modern history. At least, everyone has reversed what happened: The compromise position was offered by Israel; the Palestinians rejected peace. Are we going to see this story corrected?

The “Palestine Papers” have been "obtained" by al-Jazira, the Guardian, and perhaps others, in imitation of Wikileaks.

They purport to show, in the media version, that the PA made Israel a big offer of peace and Israel rejected it. Naturally, this is being accepted by these and other newspapers as true without verification or considering how these claims stack up against other information. Also claimed is that the PA was ready to accept Israel as a Jewish state and give up the demand that Palestinian refugees can live in Israel, again things it has totally opposed.

Hello? Is anyone out there actually following Israel-Palestinian issues?

Here's how the Los Angeles Times summed it up: "Al Jazeera said the documents also revealed that Palestinians were willing to divide the Old City, limit the return of Palestinian refugees to 100,000 people and recognize Israel as a Jewish state."

Wait!!! This sounds familiar. It is the ISRAELI NOT THE PALESTINIAN position. In other words, either deliberately or in the translation they REVERSED the story! It should read:

"The documents also revealed that the Israelis were willing to divide the Old City, limit the return of Palestinian refugees to 100,000 people and [asked the Palestinians to] recognize Israel as a Jewish state."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Took Place Aboard the Mavi Marmara

IDF soldiers’ accounts of the near deadly beatings inflicted upon them by the jihadist lynch mob aboard the Mavi Marmara.

Fresno Zionism:
What they faced on the Mavi Marmara

The Turkel Commission — the high-level commission appointed by the Israeli government to investigate the Turkish Flotilla affair — has released its report, which you can read here. The report is almost 300 pages in length and discusses the legal considerations surrounding Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza, whether there was a ‘humanitarian crisis’ there, and the actual events that occurred before, during and after the incident.

I’m not going to try to summarize its conclusions except to say that I am impressed by the thoroughness and honesty that surrounded this effort. But I do want to reproduce a bit of testimony that appears in it, the experiences of three of the first naval commandos that landed on the deck of the Mavi Marmara.

I’m certain that very few of you, even those who have been combat soldiers, have ever experienced anything close to what these young men did. Their bravery — after the first one hit the deck, the other 14 team members could see what was happening — and their presence of mind and strength, is remarkable.

The soldiers all testified that they expected to meet ‘peace activists’. One of them said,

During the preparation the message was passed that we were expected to encounter activists who would try to hurt us emotionally by creating provocations on the level of curses, spitting, removing face covering etc. but we did not expect a difficult physical confrontation… (note 518, p.150)

But try to put yourself in the place of the first soldier to rappel from the helicopter to the deck:

When I reached a height of 2 – 2.5 meters from the ship, people grabbed the end of the rope and pushed me to the side. Before I managed to touch my feet to the deck, about ten people jumped onto me and began brutally beating me from every direction, using clubs, metal rods and fists, and whatever they could grab. The blows were over my whole body and were concentrated mainly in the area of my face and head.

It is important to note that at this stage I was not armed – my weapon was fastened behind my back and in my vest pocket I had a taser (electric shocker) which was completely irrelevant in light of the brutal attack on me. At this stage I sensed a real and immediate threat to my life, and I tried to reach the weapon (a mini-Uzi) on my back. I only managed to open the clips that were securing the weapon but I didn’t manage to reach the weapon. At this stage I was occupied with attempts to reach my weapon while trying to protect myself as best I could from a fatal attack from the mob, and I waited for the rest of the soldiers to arrive.

The attackers pushed me toward the side of the ship. Because of the large number of attackers, I did not manage to resist. A number of attackers grabbed me by my legs and my torso and threw me over the side to the deck below, about 3.5 meters. Up until this stage, I did not see any other soldier aboard the ship, and, to my knowledge, I was the only solder who had fast-roped onto the ship.

Upon landing on the middle deck, I fractured my arm, and a mob of dozens of people attacked me and basically lynched me – including pulling off my helmet, strangling me, sticking fingers into my eyes to gouge them out of their sockets, pulling my limbs in every direction, striking me in an extremely harsh manner with clubs and metal rods, mostly on my head. I truly felt that I was about to die, way beyond what we define as life-threatening.

The behavior of the people at this stage was definitely like fighters of an enemy which has come to kill the other side, that is, me. I felt that at any moment I would take a blow to the head which would kill me. At this stage the mob succeeded in tearing my vest off of me (which included the weapon) and the weapon fell out of the vest.

I realized that I would not be able to overcome all of the attackers and in order to save my life I tried to jump into the water but: (a) I was worried that I would not fall into the water but rather onto the deck below me; (b) the mob blocked my access to the side. At a certain stage I managed to reach the weapon, I cocked it, and I shot one of the attackers in his leg. The considerations in shooting were as follows:

1) To distance the attacking mob from me and to minimize the injury to me.

2) To signal my location to the rest of the team on the ship and the fact that I was in distress and my life was in danger.

Immediately after I fired the shot, I took an extremely harsh blow directly to my head from a metal rod. This stunned me briefly, and in this second they grabbed the weapon from me. At this stage, I thought that the mob wanted to take me as a captive and use me as a bargaining chip for entry to Gaza or in general. A lot of blood began streaming down my face from the wounds to my head. The mob continued to hit me and push me forward inside the ship. — (p. 152)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Guardian More Fanatically Anti-Zionist than the PA

You would think that those who have long claimed to be for a peaceful settlement between Israel and the “palestinians” would see this as something postive, but yet it has them enraged that the PA would actually compromise. What this tells us of course is that the Guardian and other leftists organs never had an interest in a peaceful two-state solution, but instead they desire the ethnic cleansing of Jews and the eventual dismantling of Israel as a Jewish state. They are more fanatically anti-Zionist than the PA.

British Foreign office, BBC, European liberal-left devastated by leaked revelations on Israeli settlements, Guardian furious at “weak” and “craven” Palestinian leadership

Robin Shepherd Online

Game over. No way back. An entire edifice of anti-Israeli demonisation definitively consigned to the scrap heap, never to be recycled again. This is the uncompromising message that comes out of yesterday’s revelations on Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. To the horror of a European political intelligentsia which has been steadfast to the point of fanatical in its opposition to Israeli “settlements” in east Jerusalem, the Palestinian leadership itself, we now know, has long accepted that the vast majority of Israeli settlements can be considered legitimate and would become part of Israel under any reasonable peace agreement.

This is utterly devastating since it simultaneously shows that everyone from the British Foreign Office and the BBC to the European Commission and the continent’s passionately anti-Israeli NGO community have been adopting a position which was significantly more uncompromising on “settlements” than the Palestinian leadership itself, and also that that same Palestinian leadership had accepted that the so called 1967 “borders” — the gold standard for practically every anti-Israeli polemic around — are irrelevant to the prospects of a lasting peace.

In one of its most resentful leader columns for years, the Guardian was nothing short of apoplectic: not so much with Israel, but with a Palestinian leadership which has effectively blown the credibility of the Guardian’s very own mantras on the MidEast straight out of the water. The Palestinian leadership, the paper declaimed, had been shown to be “weak” and “craven”. Their concessions amounted to “surrender of land Palestinians have lived on for centuries”. And, in words that look alarmingly close to the position adopted by Hamas, “The Palestinian Authority may continue as an employer but, as of today, its legitimacy as negotiators will have all but ended on the Palestinian street.” This is sheer spite.

The Palestinian leadership accepts what any reasonable person has been able to accept for decades. The Guardian then slams them as surrender monkeys. The Guardian newspaper is more hardline against Israel than the Palestinian leadership itself. And bear in mind, as you mull over the implications of that stark and unyielding state of affairs, that the Palestinian Authority is led by Mahmoud Abbas, who is a Holocaust denier.

But it gets worse. The only conceivable way out of this for the anti-Israel community is to turn this all upside down and argue — as analysts, reporters (anyone they can get their hands on) have been doing on the BBC all day — that what this really shows is the extent of Israeli “intransigence”: the Palestinians offer all these concessions, and still the Israelis say no! This was the line adopted by Paul Danahar, the BBC’s MidEast bureau chief, who quite casually averred that, “The Israelis look churlish for turning down major concessions”. Good thing no-one’s taking sides then.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #301 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at The Jack B.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rewriting History

A disturbing report by CBN news on how American school children are being indoctrinated with an islamic centric education. Through saudi largess, history books are being rewritten to proclaim such falsities as muslims having discovered America and American Indians as having had muslim names and that Jesus was a "palestinian". There are also other anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish propaganda.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The U.S. Foreign Policy Establishment and Israel

Even in the midst of a jihadist war being waged against us, certain elements within the U.S. foreign policy establishment have responded by targeting Israel for espionage as well as engage in a witch hunt against pro-Israel lobbyists in America. The ascendency of Condoleeza Rice to Secretary of State altered what was generally an administration sympathetic to Israel to one which became hostile.

Jewish World Review:
How America treats its allies?

By Caroline B. Glick

Taken side by side, the first striking aspect of the US's fabricated Israeli spy scandal on the one hand and its massive espionage operation against Israel on the other hand is the shocking hypocrisy of it all.

But hypocrisy isn't the real issue. The real issue exposed by the documents is that the US is carrying out a deeply hostile policy against Israel in the face of massive public support for Israel in the US | Two documents reported on this week shed a troubling light on the US government's attitude toward Israel. The first is a 27-page FBI search warrant affidavit from 2004 targeting then senior AIPAC lobbyist Steve Rosen, published Wednesday in the Washington Times. The second is WikiLeaks leaked secret State Department cable from October 2008 signed by then secretary of state Condoleezza Rice directing US officials to spy on Israel. Both indicate that in certain quarters of the American government Israel is viewed as at best a banana republic and at worst an enemy of the US.

The text of the FBI affidavit directed against Rosen makes clear that the FBI had no particular reason to suspect that he was an Israeli agent or was harming US national security. Rosen's activities during his tenure as AIPAC's senior lobbyist as described in the affidavit -- meeting with government officials, journalists and Israeli diplomats -- were precisely the type of activities that lobbyists in Washington routinely engage in. Despite this the FBI followed Rosen for five years and indicted him and his AIPAC colleague Keith Weissman on felony charges under the all but forgotten 1917 Espionage Act. The FBI probe and subsequent trial harmed AIPAC's reputation, destroyed both men's careers, and did untold damage to the reputation of both the State of Israel and its American Jewish supporters. That it took five years for the Justice Department to drop these outrageous charges is a testament to the strength of the FBI's commitment to criminalizing American Jewish advocates of a strong US-Israel alliance.

And then there is Rice's secret cable. Just days before the 2008 presidential elections, the Secretary of State instructed US diplomats in Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well as the DIA and the CIA to conduct a massive espionage operation against Israel. The sought for information covered all aspects of Israel's political system, society, communications infrastructures and the IDF.

Regarding the IDF for instance, among other things, diplomats and spies were asked to gather intelligence on planned Israeli military operations against the Palestinians, Lebanon, and Syria and probe the attitudes of military commanders. They were also told to gather information on "IDF units, equipment, maintenance levels, training, morale, and operational readiness[;] IDF tactics, techniques and procedures for conducting conventional and unconventional counterinsurgency and counterterrorist operations[; and] Israeli assessment of the impact of reserve duty in the territories on IDF readiness." As for political leaders, among other things, Rice instructed diplomats and spies to provide detailed information about government plans; influences on politicians; how politicians decide to launch military strikes; what Israel's leaders think about the US and much more.

Rice also sought information about various aspects of Israeli society. Rice instructed US diplomats and spies to gather information on everything from, "Information on and motivations for any increased Israeli population emigration from Israel," to detailed information on Israeli "settlers" in Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights. Regarding the "settlers," among other things, Rice wanted information on, "Divisions among various settlement groups[;] details on settlement-related budgets and subsidies[;] settlers' relationships with the Israeli political and military establishment including their lobbying and settlement methods."

Rice expressed deep interest as well in all details related to Israel's military and non-military communications infrastructure. For instance, she directed US officials to gather information on "Current specifications, vulnerabilities, capabilities, and planned upgrades to national telecommunications infrastructure, networks, and technologies used by government and military authorities, intelligence and security services, and the public sector."

Finally, Rice wanted personal data on Israeli leaders. She asked for "official and personal phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses of principal civilian and military leaders."

Taken side by side, the first striking aspect of the US's fabricated Israeli spy scandal on the one hand and its massive espionage operation against Israel on the other hand is the shocking hypocrisy of it all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another "Expert" Opinion On Our Relationship With Israel

Another "expert" opinion on why we should extricate ourselves from Israel. Where do I begin to detail just how perverse this line of thinking is? Why does the foreign policy establishment continually fail to grasp that the global jihad is based on an ideology that’s been in practice for 1400 years? What will it take for them to finally awaken to the fact that altering our foreign policy to further appease islam and throw Israel to the wolves will not bring us safety and security. There are no alliances to be had between islam and infidels except that of our total submission to them. Europe has had an anti-Israel, pro-islam foreign policy in place for decades, at least since the Yom Kippur war, and far from guaranteeing its security, Europe is in far greater danger from jihad than we are. Yet this fact goes completely over the heads of George Freidman and so many members of the foreign policy establishment. These people need to be immersed in islamic history.

Strategy site to Obama: End alliance with Israel

World Tribune

WASHINGTON — A newsletter-publisher said to have ties with the Obama administration has called on Washington to end its strategic alliance with Israel.

George Friedman, publisher of Stratfor, has published a book that called on the Obama administration to reorder U.S. foreign policy. Friedman has argued that the key element of the proposal required the end of U.S. strategic ties with Israel and bolstering of cooperation with the Islamic world, particularly Iran and Pakistan.

“The United States must quietly distance itself from Israel,” Friedman says in his book, titled “The Next Decade.” “It must strengthen — or at least put an end to weakening — Pakistan.”

This marked the second U.S. strategist to call for a revision of Washington’s alliance with Israel. Last year, a former consultant to Obama, Anthony Cordesman, argued that the U.S. strategic alliance with Israel was harming Washington’s interests in the Middle East, Middle East Newsline reported.

Friedman’s organization includes former intelligence officials and enjoys ties with the Obama administration, Middle East Newsline reported.

Acknowledging that his proposal would be regarded as controversial, Friedman said under Obama and former President George Bush, Washington has been in a confrontation with the Islamic world, which consists of one billion people, as part of the “obsessive” U.S. war against Al Qaida.

U.S. war against al qaida? Isn't it al qaida and other jihadist groups who are waging war against us?

Instead, a U.S. withdrawal of support for Israel, which receives $3 billion a year in American aid, would restore balance in the Middle East, Friedman argued. He said Washington’s recent policy has destabilized the region as well as bolstered Indian dominance of Pakistan.

Why is Indian dominance over Pakistan considered by Freidman to be a bad thing? Why would we want to strengthen a sharia, terror-supporting state and let it be dominant over or equal to our democratic ally India? Read the rest

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Israel Responds to Time

Bibi's senior advisor Ron Dermer responds to Time Magazine's latest scurrilous attack on Israel. Time condemned Israel's reasonable proposed measures against those trying to undermine the Jewish state from within. However, contrary to Ron Dermer's claim, this sort of trash is precisely worthy of the standards of Time, which has no standards at all. Is it any wonder that the lamestream media's circulation and ratings are going down the toilet.

A Response from the Office of Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu
By Ron Dermer, Senior Advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011

Dear Mr. Stengel,

I wanted to bring to your attention a recent article in Time entitled "Israel's Rightward Lurch Scares Some Conservatives." I hope that you will agree that the article's obvious bias and numerous distortions are not worthy of the standards of your prestigious magazine.

Israel is depicted in the article as essentially sliding towards fascism. Your correspondent refers to Israel's Shin Bet (the equivalent of the FBI) as a "secret police," claims that the Israeli government "increasingly equates dissent with disloyalty," and accuses the Prime Minister of "taking a page from neighboring authoritarian states."

The evidence offered for these outrageous allegations includes a preliminary vote in our parliament that would require naturalized citizens to make a pledge of allegiance, a proposal to strip citizenship from Israelis convicted of espionage and terrorism, a motion to investigate foreign government funding of local NGOs, calls on Jews to not rent property to Arabs, and demonstrations demanding prohibitions of Arab boys from dating Jewish girls.

But your correspondent did not find it necessary to inform your readers of a few facts.

Oaths of allegiance are commonplace in most democratic countries, including the United States. Naturalized citizens in America swear an oath to its Constitution and to defend the country against "all enemies, foreign and domestic." Israel's proposed pledge would require naturalized citizens to swear an oath to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, words taken directly from our Declaration of Independence.

Moreover, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy are just some of the many countries where citizenship can be stripped for various infractions that are defined as undermining "national interests." Are these European countries not democratic?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chris Christie's Disturbing Ties

It is very disturbing that New Jersey governor Chris Christie has appointed terror supporting attorney Sohail Mohammed to a judgeship. Conservatives thought Christie was so courageous in standing up to the teacher's union while all along he was pandering to the jihad lobby. Christie is exposed as a totally feckless and corrupt fraud. There is no way he should ever be considered a presidential candidate.

Sultan Knish:
Governor Christie's Dirty Islamist Ties

New Jersey, the Garden State, has just taken its first step toward becoming the Sharia State, with Governor Christie's nomination of Sohail Mohammed, an attorney to detained terrorist suspects, to a Superior Court judgeship in Passaic County. The Sohail nomination continues Christie's unfortunate pandering to the American Muslim Union and the Islamic Center of Passaic County.

Passaic County has the second largest Muslim population in the country. And the Islamic Center of Passaic County is the state's largest mosque, and it's the only one run by an an Imam who was a member of the Hamas terrorist organization. But when the United States government attempted to deport Mohammed Qatanani, New Jersey's pols and wannabe pols like Christie, quickly came to his aid. Despite the fact that Mohammed Qatanani was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both Al Qaeda and Hamas, despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas, and despite the fact that even in the United States, he had defended a charity that provided funds to children of suicide bombers (this is done as an incentive to reassure terrorists that if they die their families will be taken care of), Qatanani was not deported.

This is less a sign of his innocence, than of the power and influence wielded by Qatanani and the American Muslim Union. There was hardly a top New Jersey public official who did not come out for Qatanani. And that included both of the major candidates in the governor's race, Governor Jon Corzine and Chris Christie. Christie called Qatanani, "a man of great goodwill" and "a constructive force" and allowed Charles McKenna, one of his associate attorneys to testify on behalf of Qatanani. Afterward Christie tapped McKenna to head New Jersey's Department of Homeland Security. McKenna had spent a good deal of time on Muslim "outreach" and made numerous statements echoing their talking points.

The pioneering terrorism researcher, Steve Emerson called it, "a disgrace and an act of pure political corruption". He stated, "I know for certain that Christie and the FBI SAC had access to information about Qatanani’s background, involvement with and support of Hamas." Defending Qatanani required Christie to pit himself against the Department of Homeland Security, which wanted him deported. But the Department of Homeland Security wasn't running for office in New Jersey. Christie was.

The first Imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, Mohammad El-Mezain, was convicted of funneling money to Hamas. El-Mezain had actually boasted of raising almost 2 million dollars for Hamas. And his replacement, Qatanani, actually was a member of Hamas. An ordinary politician might have been forgiven for not knowing this, but Christie was the US Attorney for New Jersey. It's absolutely impossible that he would not have known the background of the Islamic Center of Passaic County. Yet Christie attended a Ramadan dinner, in the same place where terrorists had fundraised, and kissed Qatanani on the cheek.

Now Christie has nominated Sohail Mohammed, Qatanan's former lawyer, to a Superior Court judgeship. Sohail Mohammed is a board member of the American Muslim Union, an organization that has interlocking leadership with groups that have fundraised for Hamas and hosted a Hamas speaker. The American Muslim Union is closely interlinked with Qatanani's Islamic Center of Passaic County.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The UN's Tolerance of Anti-Semitism

It's way past time to end American taxpayer support for the UN. It has devolved into a cesspool which not only tolerates anti-Semitic hate speech, but applauds and celebrates the dictators and despots making these hideous speeches. And Europe lacks any moral compass that their diplomats have to figure out what actually constitutes anti-Semitic hate speech before walking out.
How much anti-Semitism is too much?
01/15/2011 21:28

Recent incidents at the United Nations indicate that most UN diplomats do not know where to draw the line, letting hate speeches drag on without walking out.

Recent WikiLeaks cables reveal that diplomats at the UN are haunted by a thorny question: How much UN-driven anti-Semitism is too much? The original UN was built on the ashes of the Jewish people and owes its human rights foundations to the victims of the Holocaust. At today’s UN, we have now learned, diplomats hunker down near the General Assembly hall “listening outside with headphones on” trying to figure out the extent of the hate-speech that those on the inside should endure before walking out.

The particular subject of the WikiLeaks cable from US officials in Stockholm was a September 2009 assembly speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Sweden held the EU’s rotating presidency, and it fell upon Swedish diplomats to decide when Ahmadinejad had crossed pre-arranged “red lines.” As it turned out, some EU members walked out of the speech, while Sweden stayed put. According to the cable, the Swedes were upset by the “embarrassing lack of EU coordination” – not by the bigotry broadcast over the UN global megaphone.

What had the Europeans confused would seem to be Jewish conspiracy theory 101. Ahmadinejad had used his UN platform to describe Jews as “a small minority [who] dominate the politics, economy and culture of major parts of the world by its complicated networks, and establish a new form of slavery... to attain its racist ambitions.” Yet this roused a mere 11 of the UN’s 192 members from their seats, including the US. Israel had chosen not to attend.

Five months earlier in April 2009, Ahmadinejad had mounted another UN-provided stage in Geneva and began by denying the Holocaust, claiming that the “Zionist regime” had been created “under the pretext of Jewish sufferings.” At this “antiracism” gathering (dubbed “Durban 2”) he continued: “The word Zionism personifies racism that falsely resorts to religion and abuses religious sentiments to hide their hatred and ugly faces.” This time UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon remained glued to their chairs. Nine states, including the US and Israel, had decided to boycott beforehand, while the remaining EU states and a few others belatedly got up and left.

In September 2010 Ahmadinejad used his UN invitation to New York to suggest that 9/11 was an inside job – “segments within the US government orchestrated the attack” for the sake of “the Zionist regime.” On this occasion seven countries, including the US, headed for the doors. Israel had previously figured out it was not worth going.

PLAYING MUSICAL chairs is not the only response to UN-based anti- Semitism. The vast majority listen attentively and many applaud. Sometimes no one moves at all. On June 8, 2010, the Syrian representative lectured the UN Human Rights Council: “Israel... is a state that is built on hatred... Let me quote a song that a group of children on a school bus in Israel sing merrily as they go to school and I quote ‘With my teeth I will rip your flesh. With my mouth I will suck your blood.’”

The Obama administration, which chose to join this council, had a representative present, and neither he nor any other council member budged. UN officials, who routinely interrupt anything they deem insulting to Muslim states, said nothing.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #300 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at To Kiss a Mezuzah.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Israel's Gifts to the World

Israel continues to be a light unto the nations, sharing its knowledge and knowhow with the rest of the world, especially the third world. Yet this is the nation that the international left, in all its perversity, regards as evil and wishes to be obliterated. To accomplish their goal they align with the truly evil forces of the global jihad. The world has descended into madness when the good is excoriated and evil is celebrated.

Israeli upgrades Kenya's medical abilities

Monday, January 10, 2011 | Ryan Jones

Israel provided a major boost to the Kenyan medical system in November when a team of Israeli aid workers built the first full emergency room in the country’s third largest city, Kisumu.

The six million people that live in Kisumu and the surrounding region had until now had no facility to provide emergency medical care. A team of 10 Israeli engineers built the state-of-the-art facility in record time, and equipped it with the best medical equipment, all free of charge.

The project was undertaken by MASHAV, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Agency for International Development Cooperation. In a communique released on Monday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that it will not stop at merely providing the emergency medical care unit, but will use the new facility as a base from which to train local Kenyans in emergency medicine.

MASHAV intends to repeat the Kenyan project in Uganda and Tanzania in the coming months and years.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sarah's Use of the Term 'Blood Libel' Was Correct

The irony is that right after the Fort Hood jihad, the liberal pundits were instructing us not to rush to judgement. This despite the fact that the killer shouted “alah akbar” and his actions were directly linked to the indoctrination he received in a Virginia mosque and the imam there. But in the case of the Arizona shooter with absolutely no link whatsoever to the tea party movement or Sarah Palin, or the fact that he did NOT listen to conservative talk radio, nevertheless, the liberals have directly blamed conservatives, especially Palin for loughner’s actions.

The lunatic left can't help even picking apart Sarah Palin's video response to their libelous attacks. Sarah's use of the term "blood libel" was accurate. And Abe Foxman once again makes a fool of himself criticizing a friend of the Jewish people.

Jews Stand with Governor Palin's Use of 'Blood Libel'
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wearing her trademark U.S.-Israel flags pin

Early this morning, Governor Palin released a video address about the Arizona shooting this past Saturday.

The Governor expressed her sincerest sadness at this tragedy, her disappointment in those who have used it to promote their political agenda, and her hope in America's enduring strength. Her message was the right one and one that we are the better for hearing.

Of course, because it was Governor Palin who delivered the message, many of the same people who disgustingly seek to blame her for the actions of a lone, deranged murderer, Jared Loughner, seek to find fault in the message she delivered. Because she called them out on their irresponsible, hateful attacks on her and others on the Right, because they make their money playing partisan games with real issues that affect all Americans, and because her name is Sarah Palin, they had to find something with which to find fault. What was it this time? The use of the term "blood libel."

Their need to pick apart everything Governor Palin does and says is really getting tired, and Americans are growing weary. You'd think, after undergoing intense criticism from even some on the Left for playing politics with pain, they'd get a clue and cut out this ridiculous obsession with demonizing all things Palin. Their tactics haven't worked--except to anger all fair-minded, truth-loving Americans--but they persist.

So today the complaint is that use of the term "blood libel" is an affront to our Jewish brothers and sisters. Well, we're hearing quite a bit from some Jewish people, and they say something entirely different.

Pamela Geller commits her life to issues that affect Jewish Americans. She takes on the radical Left with unwavering fortitude and is never guilty of holding back. Would she agree with Governor Palin's assessment that what has transpired since Saturday is indeed "blood libel"? She writes (emphasis added):

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lebanon Lays Claim to Gas Fields

Once again, the Arabs seek to steal what belongs to the Jewish state. When those gas fields were discovered it was predictable that Lebanon would falsely claim Israel was encroaching on its territory.

Hariri asks UN to put ’utmost pressure on Israel’

The Jerusalem Post

By Staff

Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri on Sunday asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to put more pressure on Israel to cease border violations and exploitation of Lebanese oil and gas resources, Reuters reported.

The request came less than a week after Lebanese Foreign Minister Ali Shami sent a letter to Ban urging him to “prevent Israel from exploiting Lebanon’s oil and maritime wealth.” Israel denied all allegations that drilling had extended into Lebanese oil fields.

In a meeting with the UN chief, Hariri continued by insisting on a complete “implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1701.” Hariri continued by requesting “the utmost pressure on Israel to cease its violations in the air, on land and at sea,” a Lebanese official told Reuters.

UN Security Council resolution 1701 was approved on August 11, 2006 and was drafted in order to resolve the Second Lebanon War. The demands included Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon, Hizbullah’s disarmament, and a removal of paramilitary forces, including Hizbullah, from south of the Litani River.

Since the passing of the resolution, Israel, Lebanon, and Hizbullah representative have made claims that one side had not kept up to the demands made. On July 14, 2009 a weapons cache exploded within the village of Hirbet Selm, which lies south of the Litani River and some 20 kilometers north of the Israel-Lebanon border.

On Tuesday August 3rd, 2010 Lebanese and Israeli forces exchanged fire along the border after Lebanese forces began shelling an Israeli patrol it claimed had uprooted a tree which lied on the Lebanese side. Both then-Lebanese president Michel Suleiman and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman attested that the other country had violated resolution 1701.

A spokesman for Ban, however, said that UN resolution 1701 does not cover maritime borders or gas and oil reserves, according to the report.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leftist Smear Campaign Will Backfire

Hillary Clinton absurdly equates loughner with islamic terrorists while in Dubai. Notice how Hillary uses the plural “extremists” to refer to the shooting even though it was only one person responsible. It was a pathetic attempt on her part to equate this lone shooter with atrocities perpetrated by jihadis who represent an ideology which has millions of followers around the world and thousands of active terrorists ready to kill in its name. The ugly attempt by the left to exploit the horror in Arizona to damage conservatives and suppress their free speech rights will backfire.

The mean spirited vitriol of the left

By Melanie Phillips, The Spectator

I am rubbing my eyes in disbelief at the attempt to blame the Tea-Partiers and ‘the right’ for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the murder of six others in Arizona by a mentally disturbed individual, Jared Lee Loughner. Even more outrageously, America’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has effectively equated this mentally deranged loner with the Islamists who committed the 9/11 atrocities:

In a television broadcast filmed before students in Abu Dhabi, Mrs Clinton was asked why the 9/11 terror attacks, the work of a handful of men, had been allowed to colour American views of a whole people. ‘We have extremists in our country,’ she said. ‘A wonderful and incredibly brave young woman congress member was just shot by extremists in our country. We have the same kinds of problems, so rather than standing off of each other we should work to try and prevent the extremists wherever they are from being able to commit violence.’

The moral corruption of Mrs Clinton’s equation is not only obscene – it actively endangers America and the free world. Can it really be the case that an American Secretary of State believes that an attack upon her country that murdered thousands of people and which chalked up another marker in the holy war against the west being waged from within the Arab and Muslim world — in the defence against which America is sending its young men to die on the battlefield — has the same significance as one deranged gunman running amok? But then, who can forget Mrs Clinton’s dark imprecations, in her earlier incarnation as the President’s wife, against the

vast right-wing conspiracy

which was how she characterised opponents of the Democratic party?

It would seem that it is not just this gunman who has become wholly detached from reality but – as I have now observed many times over — a great swathe of the western intelligentsia and political class.

As soon as the bloodbath in Arizona took place, the liberal intelligentsia – led by the intellectually corrupt New York Times — leapt to blame Sarah Palin and the ‘extreme right’ for creating a climate of murderous hysteria towards Democrats such as Gabrielle Giffords. The atrocity provided the opportunity they had been waiting for to smash the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News — by accusing them all of inciting murder.

No matter that there was not a shred of evidence to link Loughner’s behaviour with any of these organisations. In the UK, the Independent pronounced that the Arizona attack represented the

fruits of extremism

by the American ‘right’. This hysteria extended beyond the left. The Telegraph declared:

Inflammatory rhetoric draws real blood;

And the Times decided that the shootings were caused by

a mean spirit

on the ‘extreme right’ — by which it appeared to mean Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shepherd Hotel

Why even legitimize the criticisms with a statement? Israel’s internal affairs are not the international community’s business. Israeli leaders need to stop justifying to the world every action taken whether militarily or on domestic matters regarding building and so forth, and start behaving like a sovereign nation. Every time the Israeli PM or any other official makes statements responding to international criticism, they give legitimacy to the notion that the international community has any say in Israel’s affairs, including the purchasing of private property by private individuals. No other country feels the compulsion to constantly justify itself and its actions, even those conducted by private individuals.

PMO: Sheikh Jarrah demolition ‘in accordance with law’


In wake of int’l condemnation, Netanyahu’s bureau defends construction of Jewish homes in e. J’lem neighborhood.

The Prime Minister’s Office on Monday defended the bulldozing of the old Shepherd Hotel in east Jerusalem that has drawn international condemnation.

In a statement, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s bureau said that actions undertaken Sunday at the Shepherd Hotel were conducted by private individuals in accordance with Israeli law. The Israeli government was not involved.”

The statement went on to explain that “there should be no expectation that the State of Israel will impose a ban on Jews purchasing private property in Jerusalem. No democratic government would impose such a ban on Jews and Israel will certainly not do so.”

“Just as Arab residents of Jerusalem can buy or rent property in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Jews can buy or rent property in predominantly Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem,” the statement added.

Earlier on Monday, Egypt and Jordan criticized Israel for the demolition, AFP reported. The two countries also warned against a violent backlash in the wake of the demolition.

The Egyptian Foreign Affairs issued a statement claiming that continuing Israeli settlement projects will cause a “new explosion of violence” in the West Bank.

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton also strongly criticized Israel for the demolition of the vacant but historic hotel in east Jerusalem, saying that the move undermines US efforts to restart stalled peace talks.

In a statement released from Abu Dhabi, where she was beginning a tour of the Persian Gulf, Clinton said late Sunday that the destruction of the Shepherd Hotel to make way for a new Jewish housing development “contradicts the logic” of Israel and the Palestinians negotiating a solution to their differences over Jerusalem, one of the most explosive issues in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. Clinton said the United States is “very concerned” about the demolition.

Demolition of the Shepherd Hotel, in east Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, began at dawn on Sunday.

It came after a long battle over construction rights that drew condemnation from US President Barack Obama and other leaders around the world over the past few years.

The hotel, which was built in the 1930s by the mufti of Jerusalem Haj Muhammad Amin al-Husseini (1921- 1948), was bought in 1985 by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz, who has bankrolled other Jewish housing projects in Arab neighborhoods in the capital. Moskowitz, partnering with the Ateret Cohanim organization, plans to turn the complex into 20 apartments for religious Jewish families.

Herb Keinon, AP and Staff contributed to this report

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Left Goes Into Overdrive Against Palin

The hateful rhetoric being ginned up by the left and media against Sarah Palin is despicable. That the left would exploit this horrific shooting to attempt to gain political advantage is beyond repulsive. This is a new low even for them. They are using the fact that Sarah had Giffords’ district pictured with a target during the campaign, to tie her to the massacre. Any normal person understood what was meant by that. Sarah cannot be held responsible for the actions of a certifiable lunatic who in any case had nothing in common with the political views of Sarah or the tea party movement and thus was not influenced by them. In fact it is indisputable that the shooter was a left wing athiest. But the liberals and media are nevertheless ignoring his true political beliefs and running with this story in order to attempt to destroy Sarah’s prospects as well as trying to destroy the tea party movement. The left wing smear machine may deprive America of a great leader and other potential great leaders. What is also a fact that’s being ignored is that Giffords wasn’t even all that liberal since she supported gun rights and was against illegal immigration. So the left were the ones who were angry at her because she wasn’t liberal enough. Pam Geller has excellent coverage of this story.

Apologists for Jihad

If you want a good laugh, check out how apologists for jihad explain what is meant when a terrorist shouts "allah akbar" just before perpetrating a massacre.
The Meaning Of 'Allah Akbar!'

Posted 01/05/2011 07:06 PM ET

Political Correctness: "Allah Akbar!" cheered Egyptian Muslims while trampling the remains of dozens of Christians eviscerated in last Friday's suicide bombing. Yet we're assured that the phrase has nothing to do with Islam.

Video taken at the gruesome scene outside a church in Alexandria, Egypt, clearly shows local rubberneckers whooping it up as they shout "Allah Akbar!" — Arabic for "Allah is greatest!" We heard the same celebratory chant from Palestinians and other Muslims around the world as the Twin Towers burned.

The list of Islamic terrorists heard shouting the phrase before launching attacks is long. The 9/11 hijackers themselves screamed "Allah Akbar!" before crashing their planes. More recently, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was heard crying "Allah Akbar!" before massacring 13 fellow soldiers at Fort Hood.

Never mind all that, say apologists intent on separating Islam from terror. The expression is benign, they insist.

"The guy who gets up on the plane and says 'Allah!' or whatever and then blows the plane up is not making a statement about his faith," American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee head James Zogby said last year, speaking to congressional staffers.

Zogby says it's more an expression of frustration, like Christians blurting out their Savior's name after accidently hammering their thumb. "Somebody says 'Jesus Christ!' they're not making a statement of faith," he explained. "They're saying, I'm really mad right now."

The comparison is absurd.

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #299 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Esser Agaroth.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arizona Shooter

Liberals are trying to put the blame on Sarah Palin for the mass murder in Arizona. Leave it to these scoundrels to exploit this horror in order to attempt to gain political advantage. They hope to use this to damage Sarah's prospects and destroy the tea party movement. Never mind that this loon is actually a LEFTIST.

Sudan Secession Vote

This article opposing the vote to split Sudan had me annoyed. I am in favor of the Christian south splitting apart from the muslim north. These Christians have been the victims of genocide. How dare anyone say they should continue to be at the mercy of the genocidal islamic regime? I rarely agree with liberal Hollywood celebrities but in this particular case Clooney and Jolie have it right and the writer is way off the mark. As to this passage in the article:

"On an O'Reilly Factor appearance last night, Scheuer made the point that the
upcoming election this Sunday that will split up Darfur will result in all the
oil resources of that area going to the new, Christian country".

I consider this a good thing. Would it be better for the oil resources to be
controlled by the genocidal islamic regime? And the article states further:

"He further explained that when that happens, it will in effect confirm what
anti-American propaganda bin Laden has been spewing for years, which is that
whenever the US or the West interferes in a Muslim land, it's usually to rob
them of land and oil-rich resources".

So we should adjust our policies to placate the paranoid rantings of a top
terrorist? Both Scheuer and the writer of the article are completely off-base. I've heard Scheuer speak before. He is of the mindset that we should hang Israel out to dry in the misguided belief that we will cease to be a target of the jihadis. There are many like him in the foreign policy establishment unfortunately who believe appeasement, leaving the victims of jihad to their fate and throwing allies to the wolves is the solution.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leftist Israeli Traitors

Leftist “peace” and “human rights” NGO’s receive foreign funding, lie, invent statistics to falsely accuse the IDF of deliberately targeting Arab civilians and collaborate with “palestinians” to stage incidents framing “settlers” for violent attacks against Arabs and their property. All of this is done in order to damage Israel’s image and undermine her cause on the world stage. Why aren’t these groups considered enemies of the state?

When Israeli leftists turn against their country with horrendous lies, the world media is only happy to disseminate them

By Caroline B. Glick, Jewish World Review

A recap of recent claims by “human rights” groups and exposing of their proven lies | On Sunday December 19, the self-proclaimed “Israeli human rights” group B’tselem disseminated a shocking story to the local and international media. B’tselem claimed that the previous day Palestinian shepherd Samir Bani Fadel was peacefully herding his sheep when he was set upon by a mob of Israeli settlers. He alleged that these kippah-clad Israelis drove up in a car and chased him away. Then they torched the pasture and burned 12 pregnant ewes alive and badly burned five others. B’tselem furnished reporters with graphic photos of the dead sheep.

While the media published the account without a shred of suspicion, the police found Fadel’s account hard to believe. Observant Jews neither drive nor light fires on Saturdays.

And indeed, when questioned by police investigators, Fadel admitted he made the whole attack up. He accidentally killed his herd himself when he set fire to a pile of bramble. Too embarrassed to admit his mistake, he decided to blame the Jews and become a local hero. B’tselem was only too happy to spread his lies.

On January 3, Channel 2 aired a video produced by B’tselem. The video purported to show residents of Yitzhar — a community in Samaria — throwing rocks at Palestinians from the neighboring village Bureen for no reason whatsoever. Channel 2 presented the footage as further proof — if anyone needed it — that the Israelis who live in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem are a bunch of lawless, hate-filled, violent fanatics.

Unfortunately for B’tselem and Channel 2, Yitzhar residents also own a video camera. And they also filmed the event. The Samaria Regional Council released the video to the media on Tuesday.

The Yitzhar video exposes the B’tselem video as a complete fraud. As it happened, on Monday afternoon a group of Palestinians joined by Israelis and/or foreigners descended on Yitzhar and attacked its residents with bricks and rocks of all sizes. Among the assailants was the cameraman who shot the footage presented on Channel 2. Not only did the videographer — who has blond hair — participate in the violent assault on Yitzhar. He staged the incident by alternately throwing rocks, filming, and directing his fellow attackers where to throw their rocks.

The Jews of Yitzhar only began throwing rocks to fend off their attackers.

This past Saturday the Palestinians’ invented what has all the trappings of a new blood libel against Israel.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Demolition of Jewish House

The Israeli government traumatizes Jewish families for the “crime” of living in Judea and Samaria. Here we see a Jewish home being demolished in the middle of the night with no prior warning. But as far as the left is concerned, the human rights of Jews do not matter. Actual ethnic cleansing and apartheid when its being done against Jews is not only acceptable but demanded by the left.

Increasing Numbers of Brits Converting to islam

Say good-bye to England as we know it. That country is facilitating its own demise and will eventually be under sharia law and join the OIC.

UK More Interested in Islam, 100,000 Have Converted

by Maayana Miskin

A study conducted by Swansea University for the British group Faith Matters has found that UK citizens are increasingly interested in Islam, with the number of converts to Islam nearly doubling in 10 years. An estimated total of 100,000 have converted to Islam, 5,200 of them in 2010.

In 2001, it was estimated that 60,000 British citizens had converted to Islam.

Of the most recent converts, two-thirds are women. Most are white and native to Britain. The average age of new converts is 27.

One in four believe there is a “natural conflict” between being devoutly Muslim and being a British citizen. More than half said they had met with a negative response from family regarding their conversion.

When asked what they believe to be the negative aspects of British society, the converts cited alcohol consumption, “sexual permissiveness,” and “unrestrained consumerism.”

Similar studies in France and Germany found that approximately 4,000 people convert to Islam each year in both countries.

Faith Matters director Fiyaz Mughal said the precise number of converts to Islam is unknown, but that it is clear that the number has “risen dramatically” over the past decade. Converts could play an important role in both British and Muslim society by helping to reconcile the two worlds, and by “disentangling cultural norms... which blur the true essence of Islam,” Mughal opined.

Britain has faced challenges integrating its Muslim population. A 2008 report showed that one-third of Muslim students justified killing in the name of religion, and a recent BBC report found that thousands of Muslim children in Britain are being taught to hate Jews, Israelis, and homosexuals.

In some cases British Muslims have actively fought Israel, by sending aid to Hamas in Gaza or by joining Hamas in Gaza.

In 2009 the government decided to combat homegrown Muslim terrorism with a program to screen Muslim schoolchildren for potential terrorists.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Consequences of Appeasing Evil

The appeasment by western governments along with the media and leftist organizations enabling the global jihad, especially the jihad against Israel, have laid the foundations for the next world war and another holocaust. Those who purport to be for peace and human rights have actually furthered war, oppression and genocide.

Fresno Zionism:
The fruit of appeasment

It’s hard to read this and not think in personal terms:

Hizbullah would likely shoot between 400 and 600 missiles a day into Israel during a future war, a senior Mossad official told a congressional delegation to Israel in 2009, according to a US diplomatic cable published on Sunday.

The cable from November 2009 summed up meetings a delegation led by Ike Skelton (D-Missouri) held with top officials from the Mossad, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the IDF. It was first published on Sunday by Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper, which received it from WikiLeaks.

According to the Mossad official, 100 of the missiles will hit Tel Aviv.

Hizbullah, the delegation was told, has 40,000 missiles as well as a number of Iranian-made Ababil unmanned aerial vehicles that have a range of 150 km. and can be loaded with explosives and sent to bomb strategic targets in Israel. — Jerusalem Post

100 missiles will hit Tel Aviv. I can only imagine what the IDF’s response will be if even one-tenth of this comes true.

This is the fruit of Western appeasement, of sophisticated Europeans and Americans turning a blind eye to murderous barbarians. This is the fruit of the process that happens at the UN, the snotty British academics, my ignorant neighbors in Peace Fresno, the churches that call for BDS, and the stupid ‘Left’ that’s taken over the perennial job of hating Jews from its previous occupants.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Blood Libel Exposed

Here we go with yet another blood libel against Israel being unravelled. This is the incident regarding the woman who supposedly was killed by teargas fired by the IDF. And as always, the western media reported the accusation unquestionably. How many times must the “palestinians” make false claims against Israel before the western media finally becomes skeptical? It can’t be that the media is so gullible as to be fooled repeatedly. So the answer lies in the fact that the liberal media isn’t interested in facts and objective truth when it comes to reportage of Israel. It’s agenda is to demonize Israel and therefore these must be considered propaganda outlets and not legitimate news sources.

IDF: ‘Dead Bil’in woman may not have been at protest’


Activist insists Jawaher Abu Rahma was at demonstration; Palestinian doctor says she died after inhaling tear gas.

A Palestinian woman, reported to have been killed by inhaling tear gas fired by IDF troops during an anti-security barrier protest on Friday, was apparently not at the protest, IDF sources said on Monday.

The IDF sources based their new assessment on medical documents that they obtained on Monday from the Palestinian Authority, which had initially refused to hand over the papers documenting 35-year-old Jawaher Abu Rahma’s death.

“The whole story is full of inconsistencies,” one senior officer said.

One example of an inconsistency was in the medical documents themselves. A lab report of blood work done for Abu Rahma showed that the blood was taken at 2:45 p.m. Friday afternoon. Another page from the report, which showed her time of admission to the hospital, put it at 3:20 p.m.

In addition, the medicine that she received, according to the reports, was medicine used to treat people suffering from blood cancer, poison or a drug overdose.

The IDF also questioned the way her death was reported. On Friday afternoon, the IDF received, like most weeks after the protest, a report that two demonstrators had been lightly wounded and were evacuated to a Ramallah hospital. By the evening, the PA updated the IDF that the two had been released to their homes.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hamas Plotted Rocket Attack During Soccer Game

A saudi official was directly involved in this latest plot to mass murder Jews. Saudi officials are directly involved in the financing of jihad and terrorism around the world and have been getting away with it for years because the west chooses to look other way due to oil politics.

Hamas Planned Rocket Attack on Jerusalem Soccer Game

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, INN

Hamas terrorists, with funds from Saudi Arabia, plotted a missile attack on a soccer game at Jerusalem’s Teddy Stadium, Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) officials disclosed Sunday.

Officials said they arrested two Jerusalem Arabs who carried out surveillance from a hill overlooking the stadium in order to find the best place to launch rocket attacks on the packed stadium, home of the Beitar soccer team.

The plot began following Israel’s counterterrorist Operation Cast Lead operation two years ago. The terrorists were identified as Muslim Brotherhood members Moussa Hamda Matzour and Bassam Omri, who bought several revolvers and attempted to buy weapons and ammunition. Officials also arrested relatives of Matzour who were involved in the purchase of the guns.

Security officials said Matzour travelled to Saudi Arabia several times to meet Muslim Brotherhood members. At one meeting, a Saudi official gave him money to buy weapons in return for gathering intelligence information on several locations in Jerusalem.

The investigation also revealed Hamas involvement on the Temple Mount, including funding of maintenance work, bringing school children to the site and subsidizing other activities. Palestinian Authority leaders have joined Arab world attempts over the past several years to claim that the holy site, where the First and Second Temples stood, have no connection with Judaism.

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in the Jewish world.

Monday, January 3, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #298 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Random Thoughts.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Relentless Jihad Against Christians

International institutions and governments remain silent as the global jihad rages and Christians in Africa and the Middle east are persecuted and slaughtered. But have Jews in Jerusalem build an extra bedroom to their home and that becomes an international crisis worthy of UN special sessions. This is an insane world.

Atlas Shrugs:
Islamic Bomb Attack Kills at Least 30 Celebrating New Years Eve in Nigeria

More Islamic slaughter while the world stays silent. SILENT! How depraved and submissive the leftist world press and political elites are. They debase themselves with their silence as they drag free men kicking and screaming to certain catastrophe.

The escalation of Muslim attacks on Christians Christmas week and New Years continues unabated, unchallenged, unanswered. Gd forgive us.

Tragic start to New Year in Nigerian capital Paris News.Net (hat tip Bill)

Officials in Nigeria say a bomb has exploded at a popular market inside an army barracks in the capital, Abuja.

Nigerian television is reporting that at least 30 people died in the explosion. Police have not confirmed that figure.

Officials say the bomb went off inside Mammy market where people were eating and drinking to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan blamed the bombing on the radical Islamist group Boko Haram.

The group claimed responsibility for Christmas Eve bomb attacks in the central city of Jos, and for attacking several churches in the northern city of Maiduguri. More than 80 people died in those attacks.

See also “The grave human tragedy of the Christians in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, has worsened dramatically”

Israel Being Pushed to Relinquish Nukes

Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd called on Israel to sign the NPT. All states in the region are not morally equivalent. Israel is a responsible free and democratic nation. Iran is a dictatorship under sharia law, a state sponsor of terrorism and has threatened to use its nukes. There’s no comparison and I’m tired of western officials, who should know better, pretending there is no distinction between Israel and its enemies. Israel should have ended this meeting the moment Rudd made that statement.

Via Israpundit:
Lieberman rejects Rudd’s calls for Israel to sign NPT

FM says Iran also signed NPT, but “cheats every day”; Rudd says Israel’s “nuclear facility should be subject to IAEA inspection.”

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Tuesday rejected calls by his Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd that Israel sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Israel Radio reported.

Lieberman said that what matters is not whether countries have joined the treaty, but rather whether they have a responsible government. He noted that Iran is also signed on to the treaty, “but it cheats every day.”

Lieberman added that responsible states like Japan, Australia and Germany are able to produce nuclear weapons within a short period of time but did not pose a threat. By contrast, Iran wastes time and misleads the world about its nuclear ambitions.

Rudd told The Australian that he recognizes Israel’s security situation, but that “all states in the region should adhere to the NPT, and that includes Israel.”

He added that Israel’s “nuclear facility should be subject to IAEA inspection.”

Rudd also told The Australian before arriving in Israel, that, “The position of the Australian government has long been clear. We do not support new settlement construction and the reason is that it undermines the prospects of the successful prosecution of peace negotiations.”

Rudd warned that there could be serious consequences if the peace process failed.

On Monday, after arriving in Israel for the third time, Rudd warmly embraced President Shimon Peres who asked him what it was like to be a foreign minister after having been a prime minister.

To take the barb out of the question, he added that he had his own experience in this respect.

“I was going to ask you for guidance,” said Rudd without missing a beat.

But treating the question more seriously, he said that he was now able to give 100 percent of his time to foreign affairs instead of 20% as he had done as prime minister.

Following their private discussion, Peres and Rudd held a Q&A session with the members of Rudd’s delegation, who participated in the third annual Australia-Israel Leadership Forum.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Israel, U.S and UK Collaborating to Stop Iranian Nuke Program

Supposedly ours and the UK's intelligence services are cooperating with the Mossad to damage Iran's nuke program. Mind you, this cooperation appears to be motivated not so much because of the danger presented by Iranian nuclear weapons, but rather to prevent Israel from militarily striking out at Iran, which they apparently view as the greater danger.

'Mossad, US, UK cooperating to sabotage Iran nukes'
12/30/2010 23:11

Sabotage acts on Iran included Stuxnet virus, explosion in missile factory, killing of scientists, reports newspaper 'Le Canard Enchaine.'

US and UK intelligence services are cooperating with the Mossad to sabotage Teheran’s nuclear program in exchange for Israel agreeing not to launch a military strike on Iran, the French weekly Le Canard enchaîné reported on Thursday, quoting French intelligence sources.

Acts of sabotage carried out in the past year in Iran were conducted by Israel with the help of the CIA and MI6, the sources said.

The sabotage included, according to the report, the introduction of the Stuxnet computer virus into 30,000 computers in Iran’s nuclear reactors and explosions in October in which 18 Iranian technicians were killed at a factory in the Zagros mountains that manufactured Shihab missiles.

According to the sources, the assassination of five Iranian nuclear scientists were also carried out by the Mossad in cooperation with the American and British intelligence agencies.

The sources said the cooperation continues, and more joint actions aimed at stopping Iran from completing its nuclear program are expected.