Monday, February 28, 2011

Clueless Conservatives Slam Beck

I didn’t think that Bill Kristol could be so pathetically naive. Neither the hideous gang rape of Lara Logan or the bloodcurdling genocidal qaradawi speech to the cheers of millions in Tahrir square has led him to question the real agenda of the “freedom” movement in Egypt. Thankfully we have someone like Beck to sound the alarm. Unfortunately forces on the left and some on the right might succeed in throwing him off the air lest the public be made aware of the islamic-leftist alliance and that the uprisings in the Middle East are not about freedom as we know it but an attempt to create a global islamic caliphate. And yes these things indeed exist and are not a figment of Beck’s imagination.

Via Israpundit
The Global Caliphate and the Universal Delusion

by Diana West, BIG PEACE

Here is what is “delusional”: the belief that American principles — freedom of religion, freedom of speech, equality before the law — have a natural place as “universal principles” in a culture grounded in Shariah principles.

I almost forgot how the Pundit Right smacked down Glenn Beck over his wholly rational concern that out of Tahrir Square a new caliphate might arise in the Islamic world until I read William Kristol’s op-ed this week.

Earlier this month, Weekly Standard editor and Fox analyst Kristol had led off the anti-Beck attack with a heated column accusing Beck of “hysteria” for his “rants about the caliphate taking over the Middle East” and connections to the American Left. Kristol was seconded by National Review editor Rich Lowry. The New York Times’ David Brooks entered the debate lambasting Beck for his “delusional ravings about the caliphate coming back” while “the conservative establishment” saw Mubarak’s fall as “a fulfillment of Ronald Reagan’s democracy dream.” (Count me out.)

For the next week or so, taunting “delusional” Beck became a regular feature on cable TV. The Pundit Left congratulated the responsible Right for “addressing” the Beck “problem.” And maybe a solution was near. “I’ve heard, from more than a couple of conservative sources, that prominent Republicans have approached Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes about the potential embarrassment that the paranoid-messianic rodeo clown may bring upon their brand,” Time’s Joe Klein blogged. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a mirror-Olbermann situation soon.”

Somehow it all slipped my mind.

And then I read Kristol’s Wednesday lament in the Washington Post over what he sees as President Obama’s dithering over what he also sees as “Arab spring.” This is a jarringly dainty euphemism for a blur of regional events that now includes: the triumphal return to Egypt of the poisonous Yusef al Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s favorite cleric who just drew 2 million Egyptians back to Tahrir Square where he prayed for the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem; panicky EU promises of billions of dollars in aid (protection money?) to its “Southern neighborhood”; emergency preparations for as many as 300,000 Islamic “migrants” washing up on just Italy’s shores any day. By the way, one disastrous effect of mass Islamic immigration (hijra) to Europe to date may be gleaned from the current political climate in which a new edition of Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel “Camp of the Saints,” the prophetic account of France’s inability to survive massive Third World immigration, is expected to land the 85-year-old author and his publisher in French court on “hate speech” charges.

But I digress, sort of. What is noteworthy about the beef against Beck is the rock-hard certitude with which his critics, Right and Left, dismiss the caliphate concept as though it were a mythological beast, not a historical system of Islamic governance still revered and yearned for by most Muslims. Speaking of Tahrir Square, a 2007 University of Maryland/WorldOpinon poll indicated that 74 percent of Egyptians favor “strict Shariah,” while 67 percent favor a “caliphate” uniting all of Islam.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Haveil Havalim

Edition #306 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Frume Sarah.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bibi Allows Himself to be Bullied by Merkel

Merkel to Netanyahu: “How dare you”

Merkel chides Netanyahu for failing to make ‘a single step to advance peace’


A crisis erupted between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. During a telephone call this week, Merkel told Netanyahu that he had disappointed her and had done nothing to advance peace, sources told Haaretz.

The prime minister tried to persuade Merkel that he was about to launch a diplomatic initiative, explaining he is making a speech in two weeks in which he will outline a new peace plan.

Bibi should have responded “how dare you interfere in Israel’s sovereign affairs”!. I am disappointed in Bibi as well, but for very different reasons than Merkel is.

Merkel ended her visit in Israel three weeks ago deeply disappointed, a German official said. While here, she told Netanyahu the situation in the Middle East, in view of the revolution in Egypt, made it necessary for Israel to create a peace initiative.

It is precisely because of the current turmoil and volatility going in the Middle East and the uncertainty these changes will bring, that Israel should not be expected to surrender territory and make any deals. We don’t even know whether the peace treaty with Egypt will stand.

When will Israeli leaders learn that the EU is perfectly willing to throw Israel under the bus to appease the muslim world and therefore should not be considered an ally. In light of this, Israeli leaders do not owe any explanations and promises to a Europe that does not have Israel’s best interests at heart.

Friday, February 25, 2011

ABA Shilling For Sharia

Why is the American Bar Association working to undermine the American legal system by siding with those pushing for sharia? Shouldn't they be in favor of upholding the American constitution?

The ABA’s Jihad Pamela Geller, American Thinker

The American Bar Association (ABA) has decided to undertake the fight for Sharia law. The ABA’s Executive Counsel “has organized a Task Force to review the legislation of 14 states -- Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming – in which anti-Sharia legislation has been introduced.”

The goal of the ABA’s Task Force is to fight against these legislative initiatives by free people, and to develop “an informal set of ‘talking points’ that local opponents of these initiatives could use to make their case in each of these states.”

Here’s the relevant extract from the ABA’s International Policies 2010: Download ABA_SIL_Official Policy Development and Positions_09-1

Oklahoma referendum related Rule of Law initiatives.

The Section’s Executive Counsel has organized a Task Force to review the legislation of 14 states -- Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming – in which anti-Sharia legislation has been introduced. The goal of the Task Force is to have a Report and Recommendation against such legislation as well as an informal set of "talking points" that local opponents of these initiatives could use to make their case in each of these states. We received a lot of interest from members and have forwarded your interest. At this point, the task force is in the planning and organizing stage. We will keep you updated as to the progress and we may call upon some of you who expressed their interest in this matter to volunteer.
In reality, Islamic law is the most radical and intolerant system of governance on the face of the earth. It denies the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and legal equality for women and non-Muslims. That’s why so many states are trying to ban it. And that’s why the ABA should be on their side. The Oklahoma ban was brilliant but poorly worded (which is why a liberal judge found it so easy to overrule the will of the people) and had 70% of voters approving of it -- it is clear that American people understand the Islamic threat to our constitutional republic.

Instead, our cultural warlords in the mainstream media, academia and entertainment strictly enforce the blasphemy laws of Islam, which command that one must not insult or slander Islam. In Muslim countries, blasphemy is punishable by death; in the West, it is your character that is assassinated. Our last line of defense was always the rule of law. So it is particularly jarring and deeply disturbing to come upon this latest initiative from the ABA, the last line of defense against sharia creep.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Left's Anti-Israel Antics

A leftist loon reporter attempted to make a citizen’s arrest of Avigdor Lieberman in Brussels under the charge of apartheid. Isn’t it the whacko anti-Israel left which actually advocates apartheid and the domination of one racial group over another with its demand that Jews be forbidden from living in certain parts of Israel? So while the jihad in Europe rages, the left remains obsessively focused on undermining Israel.

EU Observer:
Brussels reporter attempts citizens arrest of Israeli minister


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The Brussels reporter who made headlines around the world last year for attempting to place former UK prime minister Tony Blair under a citizen’s arrest has done it again, this time with the foreign minister of Israel, the hard-right Avigdor Lieberman.

David Cronin, a freelance reporter in the European capital since 1998, on Tuesday morning (22 February) called out to the minister as he entered the press room of the Justus Lipsius building, the headquarters of the European Council, for a briefing following an meeting of the EU-Israel Association Council: “Mr Lieberman, this is a citizen’s arrest. You are charged with the crime of apartheid. Please accompany me to the nearest police station.”

He was grabbed by a pair of security guards and shuffled out of the room.
“Free Palestine!” he continued as he was led away.

A spokesman for the Israeli mission to the EU told EUobserver: “This was utterly uncivilised, in bad taste. But Israel, like the EU, is very supportive of free speech. It’s just a shame that some people take advantage of that freedom sometimes.”

“He is obviously obsesssed with Israel, judging by what he’s written, a dedicated anti-Israel activist. Unfortunately this will now get an echo in the press,” he added.
“We are not going to press for tighter security from the EU institutions though.”

It is the second time that Mr Cronin, who has written for the Economist Group’s European Voice newspaper, the Inter Press Service news agency and the UK Guardian’s Comment is Free website, has attempted a citizen’s arrest of visiting dignitaries in the EU.

In March last year, he placed his arm on Tony Blair during a visit by the former UK prime minister to the European Parliament and said he was under arrest for war crimes relating to the invasion of Iraq.

At the time, he was let off with a warning and his EU press card was restored to him. Speaking to this website after he was released by EU guards at the time, he said that the head of security had told him he would not get another chance.

“He told me: ‘If you come into my house, you have to behave yourself,’” Mr Cronin recounted. “It’s a price I’m willing to pay though. Apartheid – the domination by one racial group over another – has been recognised as a crime by the UN since 1973. Israel is an apartheid state, both in the occupied territories and in Israel itself.”

Mr Cronin has recently published a book on EU-Israel relations and travelled to both Israel and the Palestinian territories for a book tour, visiting the Jimmy Carter Center, the Boycott from Within and Alternative Information Centre activist groups, as well as a series of bookshops in Tel Aviv, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

Piero Soldati, the head of press accreditation for the European Commission, which issues press cards for all Brussels-based institutions except Nato, said that he will meet with representatives of the European Parliament, the EU Council and the International Press Association (API) on Monday next week to see what action to take on Mr Cronin.

“I cannot think that there will be any changes to security though. This sort of thing does not happen very often,” he noted.

Lorenzo Consoli, a member of the board of the API, said that Mr Cronin’s card would most likely not be given back to him. “It’s not the sort of thing a journalist does,” he said, “and it’s the second time.”

The Left’s Response To Lara Logan

This is how morally bankrupt and psychotic the left has become that they label as “racists” anyone who speaks out against islamic gender apartheid, “honor” murders, stonings, floggings, rape, female genital mutilation or any of the other horrific atrocities against women which are sanctioned by islamic societies. For the modern day left, multiculturalism and anti-Americanism are paramount and those beliefs take precedence over the human rights of women and non-muslims.

Phyllis Chesler, NewsReal Blog:

We Are All Lara Logan

Thank you, Amanda Marcotte!
You have given me an opportunity to tear my hair out—yet again; indeed, you have actually driven me to “tweet” in response to your tweet.
I never tweet. You have dragged me, kicking and screaming, into the future.
Ah, Marcotte: You are too thin-skinned. Just because I’ve criticized your piece in the London Guardian about the Lara Logan tragedy does not mean that you have to insult the critic—and in so few words! Why not really take me on at length, but on the issues, not personally? Better yet: Why not consider talking to me? I’d do it.
You have expended a mere 140 characters on Twitter. This is not insulting enough. While you still credit me with being “amazing,” you also refer to me as someone who has “what was once an interesting mind.” According to your tweet, that mind has been destroyed by “racism.”
Ah, Marcotte! Where were you when I began marching for civil rights for African-Americans in the early 1960s and tutoring black children in Harlem? It’s not your fault, but you weren’t even born yet. Have you read any of my books? If you have, you cannot call me a “racist.” Read ‘em. Go on, I dare you. Read all or any of my articles about what life is like for women in the Middle East and in central Asia, read my studies about honor killings and about the work I’ve been doing on behalf of girls and women who have applied for asylum in the United States and who are in flight from being honor murdered.
These girls and women are not white women. They are all women of color. Do you believe that men of color have the right to treat “their” women barbarically? And that we are obliged to collaborate in sexism in order to be on the right side of racism?
Marcotte: Your accusation of “racism” constitutes a new and terribly fashionable McCarthyism, one that plagues our world. (Yes, I know: McCarthy was also before your time.)
Today, when real racists (think of the ethnic Arab Muslims in Sudan who have committed genocide and gender cleansing against the African Muslims and Christians in Darfur), real fascists, real totalitarians, real barbarians, want to brand, shame, delegitimize, and silence anyone who dares to expose their racism and misogyny, they simply call her a “racist.” The accusation functions as a leper’s bell around one’s neck. It is meant to keep others away, meant to warn people that if, they, too, say similar things or associate with a known “racist,” that they will also be branded as “racists.”
The accusation of “racism” is the new, politically correct version of the old accusation of “communism.” Today, those who level this accusation tend to be leftists, socialists, “progressives,” faux feminists, and real communists.
Your piece in the Guardian was written mainly to condemn, protest, the fact that CBS journalist Logan’s tragedy was something that “right wingers” might now use to make political hay. You write that “right wingers have an interest in stoking fear and loathing of Muslims.” You also write that Egyptian-style sexual harassment is common in the United States and in the West.
It is not. In 2008, the BBC reported the following statistics on sexual harassment in Egypt:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Academia and Media Shill for Jihadis

The media and academia continue to downplay or outright ignore the genocidal Jew-hatred of yusuf al-qaradawi and the muslim brotherhood. Qaradawi's speech in Tahrir Square after the fall of Mubarak was heavily edited by the msm in which his most violent and hateful rantings were left out of media reports. By doing so, the leftist media willingly makes itself a shill for the jihadi forces who are out to destroy western civilization.

American Thinker:
Qaradawi and The Treason of the Intellectuals
By Andrew G. Bostom

Last Friday (2/18/11) marked the triumphal return to Cairo of Muslim Brotherhood "Spiritual Guide" Yusuf al-Qaradawi. After years of exile, his public re-emergence in Egypt was sanctioned by the nation's provisional military rulers. Qaradawi's own words were accompanied by images and actions during his appearance which should have shattered the delusive view that the turmoil leading to President Mubarak's resignation augured the emergence of a modern, democratic Egyptian society devoted to Western conceptions of individual liberty and equality before the law.

Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi can be seen prominently behind al-Qaradawi for the duration of the latter's speech. Recently Higazi, during his Arabic-language program "Age of Glory," broadcast on the Egyptian al-Nas satellite television network, issued an unabashed call for aggressive violent, jihad. He quoted a hadith from ‘Ali, the son-in-law of the Muslim prophet Muhammad and Islam's fourth "Rightly Guided" caliph, in which ‘Ali tells his sons: "Go, fight, and please your grandfather [i.e. Muhammad]. Let him be pleased with you. Fighting is what pleases the prophet (peace be upon him)." Higazi also urged jihadists, graphically, when attacking non-Muslim infidels to "Strike and split the head, and cut it in half." Equally plain are Higazi's goals for this brutal jihadism -- the re-creation of a transnational Muslim Caliphate:

I am convinced that Islam is imminent, the caliphate is imminent. One of these days, the United States of Islam will be established. Allah willing, it will be soon. Egypt will be one state in this [United States of Islam.] Morocco and Saudi Arabia will be states as well.

And of course the requisite accompaniment to Higazi's jihadism would be a jihad genocide of Israeli Jews, as described in other media pronouncements the cleric has made, such as,

"Dispatch Those Sons of Apes [Koran 2:65; 7:166] and Pigs[Koran 5:60] to the Hellfire," and "Yes, I Am an Antisemite; If Not for the Arab Rulers, We Would Devour the Jews with Our Teeth."

Contrast the prominence afforded Higazi, with the treatment of Google executive Wael Ghonim. Upheld by a fawning Western media as the putative embodiment of Egypt's "democracy uprising," Ghonim was forcibly barred from the platform where Qaradawi spoke in Cairo's Tahrir Square. According to an Al-Arabiya report,

Ghonim tried to take the stage in Tahrir, but men who appeared to be guarding Qaradawi barred him from doing so. Ghonim, who was angered by the episode, then left the square with his face hidden by an Egyptian flag.

But notwithstanding MEMRI, and my colleague Al-Mutarjim (whose translation follows), no mainstream media outlets have reported that Qaradawi himself issued a clarion call for the jihad re-conquest of Al-Aqsa mosque, i.e., Jerusalem. This pronouncement was met with thunderous applause.

A message to our brothers in Palestine: I have hope that Almighty Allah, as I have been pleased with the victory in Egypt, that He will also please me with the conquest of the al-Aqsa Mosque, to prepare the way for me to preach in the al-Aqsa Mosque. May Allah prepare the way for us to (preach) in the al-Aqsa Mosque in safety-not in fear, not in haste. May Allah achieve this clear conquest for us. O sons of Palestine, I am confident that you will be victorious.

The media's egregious omission was hardly accidental. Qaradawi's statement immediately following this deleted jihad rallying cry -- about having the Egyptian Army open the Rafah border crossing into Gaza to facilitate "delivering aid to our brethren" -- was widely reported. The deliberate omission of Qaradawi's bellicose incitement to re-capture Jerusalem reflects a larger, sustained campaign by both the mainstream media, and the warped pseudo-academics whom they choose, selectively, to provide their background information. The poisonous fruit of this incestuous relationship has been a concerted effort to characterize as "pluralist, reform Islam" Qaradawi's obscurantist, albeit mainstream Islamic Weltanschauung of Sharia (Islamic Law)-based, aggressive jihadism, and its corollary -- virulent Jew, and other infidel hatred.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Leftist Media Downplays Islamic Violence

As to why CBS at first kept quiet about Lara Logan’s gang rape, it is because the muslims have the status of being among those groups perceived to be “victims” by the left. Therefore their actions are to be ignored or downplayed. The left cannot conceive of non-white, non-westerners as being the dangerous aggressors and white westerners and Israelis as their victims.

Lara Logan and the Media Rules

Caroline Glick, Townhall

Among the least analyzed aspects of the Egyptian revolution has been the significance of the widespread violence against the foreign media covering the demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The Western media have been unanimous in their sympathetic coverage of the demonstrators in Egypt. Why would the demonstrators want to brutalize them? And why have Western media outlets been so reticent in discussing the significance of their own reporters’ brutalization at the hands of the Egyptian demonstrators?

To date the most egregious attack on a foreign journalist in Cairo’s Tahrir Square took place last Friday, when CBS’s senior foreign correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted and brutally beaten by a mob of Egyptian men. Her own network, CBS, took several days to even report the story, and when it did, it left out important information. The fact that Logan was brutalized for 20 to 30 minutes and that her attackers screamed out “Jew, Jew, Jew” as they ravaged her was absent from the CBS report and from most other follow-on reports in the US media.

The media’s treatment of Logan’s victimization specifically and its treatment of the widescale mob violence against foreign reporters in Cairo generally tells us a great deal about the nature of today’s media discourse.

But before we consider the significance of the coverage, a word must be said about Logan and her colleagues in Tahrir Square. For some time, the common wisdom about journalists has been that they are cowards. Multiple instances of journalistic malpractice led many to conclude that reporters are prisoners of their fears.

For instance, recall the story of the Palestinian lynching of IDF reservists Vadim Nozhitz and Yosef Avrahami at the Palestinian Authority police station in Ramallah on October 1, 2000.

There were dozens of reporters on the scene that day as the Palestinian police-led mob murdered and dismembered Nozhitz and Avrahami.

But only one camera crew – from Italy’s privately owned Mediaset television network – risked life and limb to film the event.

After Mediaset’s footage was published, Ricardo Cristiani, a reporter for RAI television, Mediaset’s state-owned competitor, published an apology in the PA’s official trumpet Al-Hayat al-Jadida.

Among other things, Cristiani wrote, “We [RAI] emphasize to all of you that the events did not happen this way, because we always respect… the journalistic procedures with the Palestinian Authority for work in Palestine and we are credible in our precise work.”

Cristiani’s behavior, like that of his colleagues who failed to film the lynching, led many to believe that the international media are nothing but a bunch of cowards.

See also:Lara Logan and Egyptian Liberation

A War Crime in Cairo

Monday, February 21, 2011

Haaretz Criticizes UN Veto

Leftist rag Haaretz, Israel's equivalent to the NYT, isn't happy that America vetoed the UN's latest despicable anti-Israel resolution which would have declared "settlements" illegal. It is not the business of the international community to determine where Jews live within their own sovereign nation.

Via Israpundit:
Once again, the American superpower appeared to lose some of its prestige and international standing in order to defend the Israeli settlement enterprise, which enjoys the support of powerful patrons in Congress.

After hesitating until the very last moment, U.S. President Barack Obama decided to have his envoy veto the UN Security Council resolution condemning the settlements. The Palestinian-initiated proposal would have declared the Israeli settlement enterprise in the territories illegal. Fourteen members of the Security Council voted in favor of the resolution, and only the U.S. veto kept it from being passed.

The Palestinians lost the vote, but achieved their goal: They exposed for all to see the international isolation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration and embarrassed the U.S. administration by revealing it as two-faced.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #305 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at To Kiss a Mezuzah.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The BBC Defames Geert Wilders

The BBC further reveals its moral perversion by broadcasting a documentary defaming freedom lover Geert Wilders. In it he is equated with nazis and accused of fomenting war in Europe between muslims and non-muslims. On the other hand, the radical pro-terrorist, viciously anti-Semitic Muslim Council of Britain is presented as moderate. In reality Wilders is fighting against the modern day nazi jihadists. And it is those jihadists who are fomenting war in Europe by their refusal to assimilate and instead maintain their own sharia ruled enclaves within European societies.

The world’s most dangerous broadcaster

melanie Phillips

I have only just caught up with the BBC1 documentary on the Dutch politician Geert Wilders that was transmitted on Tuesday evening. Did I say documentary? ‘Europe’s Most Dangerous Man’ was a vicious hatchet job that was a disgrace to journalism. More than that, it could be argued that by presenting Wilders as a latter-day Nazi who was likely to foment war in Europe between Muslims and non-Muslims, it was in effect inciting violence or the murder of a politician who is already under armed guard 24/7.

There were several aspects of this programme that should have caused any responsible broadcaster to sling it straight into the trash. First and most fundamentally, it simply turned the people threatening the free world into victims and the politician who is trying to defend the free world against that threat into a fascist. Muslims were presented as universally peaceful people signed up to democracy and human rights; Wilders was the presented as the extremist threat to democracy and human rights. Yet as Wilders himself was quoted as saying – even while the script was telling us that these words were ‘extremist’ – he was defending freedom against the threat from Islamists to extinguish those freedoms.

Worse still, look at the two individuals the film-makers used to level the most inflammatory charges against Wilders – individuals who were described as democrats assigned up to human rights. The first, Ibrahim Mogra, is from the Muslim Council of Britain – described by the programme as ‘an organisation seeking to promote a distinct Muslim identity in tune with British cultural norms and values’.

Yet this is the organisation with which the British government has twice broken off relations on account of its extremism. The first occasion was when it refused to take part in Britain’s Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony. The second occasion was in response to the MCB’s deputy general secretary, Dr Daud Abdullah, signing the Istanbul Declaration, a public declaration of support for Hamas and call for violence against the British Royal Navy and Jewish communities.

The film made no mention of this whatever. Instead it used the MCB man to attack Wilders as a dangerous extremist.

The second of these ‘moderate’ individuals wheeled on to attack Wilders was Sheikh Khalid Yasin. The film described Sheikh Yasin as ‘an American Muslim teacher extremely popular among young European Muslims’ who ‘has embarked on a mission to de radicalise them.’ Yasin denounced Wilders for ‘fanning hatred’.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ron Paul Forced To Pull Anti-Israel Amendment

Just at a time when the Middle East is in turmoil and increasing provocations are coming from Iran, Ron Paul spitefully attempts to pull the rug out from under Israel when the country is at its most vulnerable. However, his efforts have been thwarted, as he has been pressured to pull back his amendment which would have eliminated Israel’s $3 billion security assistance. This is in large part due to the efforts of Pastor Hagee. Why out of all the money we provide to other countries, including unstable ones like Pakistan and Egypt, has Paul chosen to single out Israel to cut funds from?

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs:

Atlas readers, u da best! Thank you for writing. Yesterday, Ron Paul to Israel: Drop Dead but righteous Christians and Jews and freedom lovers fought back.

This just in from Pastor Hagee (love that man):

We are very happy to report that Rep. Paul no longer intends to offer his amendment! While we do not claim to understand the workings of Ron Paul’s mind, we do know that the thousands of e-mails we sent to Capitol Hill have spoken loudly and clearly. Those who seek to rupture the U.S.- Israel relationship now know that they will face the determined opposition of America’s vast Christian community. It is now clearer than ever that the great American heartland stands with Israel!

If you’ve already e-mailed your Congressman, thank you. You have made an important statement at a critical time. If you have not yet e-mailed your Congressman, we still encourage you to do so. The Paul family has certainly not abandoned its dream of ending our support for Israel. It is crucial that your Congressman understand just how strongly you would oppose such a move.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Freedom" Protesters Shout "Jew! Jew!" While Sexually Assaulting Reporter

Aren't you glad that these brutes now have greater "freedom"? The freedom to rape women and attack Jews and Christians. There is a good reason that Mubarak kept his country under military dictatorship. It is because relinquishing power would bring about the ascension of islamic supremacists and bring the country under sharia law. Islamic supremacists sanction this kind of brutality against women.

Jihad Watch:
Secular Egyptian democracy lovers shouted "Jew! Jew!" during their brutal sexual assault of "60 Minutes" reporter Lara Logan

"Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews..." -- Qur'an 5:82

"CBS reporter's Cairo nightmare: Lara Logan set upon by mob in brutal sex attack," by Michael Shain, Don Kaplan and Kate Sheehy for the New York Post, February 16 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):
"60 Minutes" correspondent Lara Logan was repeatedly sexually assaulted by thugs yelling, "Jew! Jew!" as she covered the chaotic fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo's main square Friday, CBS and sources said yesterday.

The TV crew with Logan, who is also the network's chief foreign correspondent, had its cameras rolling moments before she was dragged off -- and caught her on tape looking tense and trying to head away from a crowd of men behind her in Tahrir Square.

"Logan was covering the jubilation . . . when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration," CBS said in a statement. "It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into a frenzy.

"In the crush of the mob, [Logan] was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers....

A network source told The Post that her attackers were screaming, "Jew! Jew!" during the assault. And the day before, Logan had told that Egyptian soldiers hassling her and her crew had accused them of "being Israeli spies." Logan is not Jewish.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PFLP Member Appointed to HRW Advisory Board

Here is the latest evidence that HRW has become a front for jihad against Israel, as a PLFL terrorist is appointed to its Mideast advisory board.

Why would soros reevaluate his contributions since he contributes precisely because he agrees with HRW’s obvious jihadist agenda against Israel. Surely Gerald Steinberg isn’t naive enough to believe that soros is unaware of the true nature of HRW. Soros’ sole aim in life is to further marxism and jihad around the world.

HRW Appoints ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ to MidEast Advisory Board

Shawan Jabarin Appointment Infers Illegitimacy of Israeli Supreme Court

JERUSALEM – Signaling the continuing decline of the organization, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has appointed Shawan Jabarin, an alleged senior activist in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization, to its Middle East Advisory Board. This appointment, as first reported in the Daily Beast, is further evidence of the moral collapse and corruption in HRW, says Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, a research institution that tracks NGOs.

“This appointment ends any façade that Human Rights Watch is a moral ‘watchdog’ organization,” says Prof. Gerald Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor. “Mr. Jabarin has ties to the PFLP terror group, which specialized in aircraft hijackings and carries out suicide bombings and political assassinations. He also heads an organization, Al Haq, which is among the leaders of delegitimization campaigns targeting Israel. This appointment is a slap in the face from HRW Executive Director Ken Roth and Chairman James Hoge to terror victims, Israelis, Jews, and others who seek to uphold universal human rights.”

With this appointment, HRW blatantly disregards decisions by the Israeli Supreme Court and other countries that have affirmed Jabarin’s terror links. Jordan also has denied him exit visas because of his alleged ties to the PFLP.

As reported by NGO Monitor, the Israeli Supreme Court in June 2007 referred to Jabarin as a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” a human rights worker by day and a terrorist by night. In 2008, the Supreme Court upheld a visa denial because of his terror connections.

“By appointing Jabarin, HRW has contemptuously dismissed the widely respected Israeli Supreme Court” Steinberg adds. “The assault on the courts is a key component of the strategy of demonizing Israel, as developed at the NGO Forum of the 2001 Durban Conference. HRW played a central role in Durban, and this is another step in the organization’s implementation of this strategy.”

This appointment is the latest of numerous moral failings, scandals and biases that have exposed HRW as a political advocacy organization. In May 2009, as NGO Monitor exposed, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) division director Sarah Leah Whitson went to Saudi Arabia to raise funds, selling the message that HRW counters “pro-Israel pressure groups.” Last year, the revelation of HRW “senior military analyst” Marc Garlasco’s Nazi memorabilia obsession further damaged the organization’s credibility. (Garlasco was fired, but an investigation never occurred.)

“Unfortunately, Jabarin’s appointment is the latest and most egregious immoral act for an organization that already lost its moral compass,” adds Steinberg. “HRW founder Robert Bernstein has denounced the biases and failures of his own organization, lamenting the organization’s failure to hold accountable closed societies and oppressive regimes. The appointment of an individual with ties to terror reinforces Mr. Bernstein’s assessment of HRW.”

As donations decreased amid the scandals, George Soros rescued HRW with a 10-year, $100 million donation. Mr. Soros also funds Al Haq.

“Perhaps Mr. Soros and his cohorts should reevaluate their contributions, particularly as these groups strengthen ties with individuals linked to terror,” Steinberg adds. “This is the antithesis of advancing universal human rights.”

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Israel and the EU

I think for Israel to be integrated into the EU market would be a big mistake. This would mean a loss of sovereignty and giving the EU even greater interference in Israel’s internal affairs.

Greek PM promises to help Israel get closer to EU, at meeting with US Jewish leaders

by: EJP

ATHENS (EJP)—Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has promised to help Israel get closer ties with the European Union and gain access to European markets, in a meeting Thursday with a visiting delegation of American Jewish leaders.

The promise is another sign of the fast improvement in once cool ties between Athens and Jerusalem. It is also seen as a drive to promote investment in Greece, a country severely hit by the economic crisis.

Relations between the EU and Israel hit a low point two years ago after Israel’s operation against Hamas in Gaza. Since then, Israeli efforts to upgrade its relations with the EU were put on hold, the Europeans repeatedly denouncing construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem and linking EU-Israel upgrade to progress in the Mideast peace process.

“We see the European market expanding to the Mediterranean and certainly we would like to integrate Israel into this European market,” Papandreou told delegates of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a central coordinating body that represents 52 American Jewish organizations.

“I think this is vital for Israel’s economy but also for its strategic security,” he said.

The Greek Prime Minister also said Greece would use its influence to call on Egypt to continue to observe its peace agreements with Israel. He said Greece would urge the EU build democratic institutions, drawing on its experience in post-Communist eastern Europe.

Relations between Greece and Israel have never been better. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman both visited Athens. The two countries recently launched a series of negotiations for potential cooperation deals in tourism, agriculture, defense and hi-tech innovation. They are to hold a joint cabinet meeting in Israel in April.

Greece had traditionally close ties with the Palestinians and Arab countries and only established diplomatic ties with Israel in 1991.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Leftist Hypocrites on Regime Change

All of those liberals who were decrying the Bush doctrine and neocon policies of regime change and bringing democracy to the Arab world, suddenly now cheer on "democracy" and "freedom" in Egypt. In fact the left insisted the president interfere and help bring about regime change in Egypt. The difference is that the regimes Bush brought down were enemies of America whereas Mubarak was an ally.

Melanie Phillips:
Everyone’s a neo-con now

Jewish Chronicle, 11 February 2011

The reaction in Britain and America to the turmoil in Egypt has produced a number of astounding revelations.

The first is that everyone in the bien-pensant world is now apparently a neo-con. You really do have to rub your eyes at this very hard.

For the past seven years, western progressives have screamed without remission that George W Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Uncle Tom Neo-Con and all were criminally out to lunch to pretend that democracy could ever come to Iraq through ousting a dictator.

The neo-con article of faith, that the Arab or Islamic world could or should embrace democracy and human rights, was held up as an example of cultural imperialism, racist bigotry or insanity or all three.

Yet when the Egyptian protesters called for regime change and free elections, those very same Bush-whackers excitedly hailed this brave new dawn of Islamic freedom.

They further declared that America had been criminally obtuse in propping up the dictator Hosni Mubarak rather than promoting regime change and helping install democracy on the banks of the Nile.

What’s the difference? Saddam Hussein was an enemy of the west; Hosni Mubarak is an ally. So progressives claim that getting rid of the former was a crime against humanity, while not getting rid of the latter was a crime against humanity. Got that?

Here’s the next amazing thing. When the people of Lebanon made their pitch for democracy against the crushing oppression of Hezbollah, western bien-pensants were totally indifferent.

When the people of Iran made their pitch for democracy against the savage cruelties of the Islamic regime, the bien-pensants were totally indifferent.

But when the Egyptians took to the streets, the bien-pensants all but wetted themselves with excitement.

What’s the difference? If the Lebanese and Iranians had succeeded, the west would have been strengthened. But the Egyptian uprising would most likely install another Islamic theocracy — this time under the Muslim Brotherhood — which would further threaten the free world.

And this is the third strange and most frightening thing of all: the way in which the west has sanitised the Muslim Brothers and even – in the case of the Obama administration – actually pushed them towards power.

When it wasn’t flip-flopping over whether Mubarak should stay or go, the White House first said it wouldn’t mind if the Muslim Brothers became part of the Egyptian government.

Then it urged the inclusion of ‘important non-secular actors’ – code for the Muslim Brothers — in a ‘more democratic’ Egypt. And then it was revealed that its proposal for the immediate transfer of power called for the transitional government to include the Brotherhood.

What madness is this? The Muslim Brothers’ goal is to Islamise the world. They are religious fascists. While certainly there are millions of Muslims around the world who do want to live under democracy, the Brothers are totally against any secular rule at all and stand for an extinction of human rights.

They are fanatical Jew-haters. In the thirties they were effectively created as a political force by the Nazi Party, with which they formulated a ‘Final Solution’ for Palestine by ridding it of its Jews – an agenda continued today by their offshoot, Hamas.

Today, they are no less the mortal enemies of the free world. Their leaders have declared war on America, gloating that the US is ‘experiencing the beginning of its end and is heading towards its demise’, and that ‘resistance is the only solution’.

They support al Qaeda terrorism ‘against the Americans and the Zionists.’ They have declared that once Mubarak steps down they will dissolve the peace treaty with Israel.

They murdered Egyptian President Sadat who made peace with Israel, support Hezbollah, make overtures to Iran, and openly employ a strategy of simulating moderation to gain power though democratic means in order to destroy democracy.

If Egypt is taken over by the Brotherhood, Jordan will be next – and both will turn into Iran/Gaza in a matter of a few years. Oh – and they are also busy Islamising Britain and America.

Yet on both sides of the pond, significant elements of the political and defence establishment have decided that the Muslim Brothers are basically peace-loving, sensible, pragmatic chaps who are useful allies against the men of violence.

Has there ever been a society more bent on collective suicide?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #304 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at The Rebbetzin's Husband.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Media Thrilled Over Muslim Brotherhood Victory in Egypt

The NYT is certainly elated by the fall of an American ally and the ascension of jihadists in Egypt, as was Diane Sawyer when announcing on ABC, along with the rest of the msm. Having Egypt in the Iranian and jihad orbit brings the situation one step closer to an all out war on Israel.

Via Israpundit:
Mubarak Steps Down, Ceding Power to Military


CAIRO — President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt resigned his post and turned over all power to the military on Friday, ending his nearly 30 years of autocratic rule and bowing to a historic popular uprising that has transformed politics in Egypt and around the Arab world.

The streets of Cairo exploded in shouts of “God is Great” moments after Mr. Mubarak’s vice president and longtime intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, announced during evening prayers that Mr. Mubarak had passed all authority to a council of military leaders.

“Taking into consideration the difficult circumstances the country is going through, President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak has decided to leave the post of president of the republic and has tasked the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to manage the state’s affairs,” Mr. Suleiman, grave and ashen, said in a brief televised statement.

Even before he had finished speaking, protesters began hugging and cheering, shouting “Egypt is free!” and “You’re an Egyptian, lift your head”

“He’s finally off our throats,” said one protester, Muhammad Insheemy. “Soon, we will bring someone good.”

The departure of the 82-year-old Mr. Mubarak, at least initially to his coastal resort home in Sharm el-Sheik, was a pivotal turn in a three-week revolt that has upended one of the Arab’s world’s most enduring dictatorships. The popular protest, peaceful and resilient despite numerous effort by Mr. Mubarak’s legendary security apparatus to suppress it, ultimately deposed an ally of the United States who has been instrumental in implementing American policy in the region for decades.

His departure leaves the military in charge of this nation of 80 million, facing insistent calls for fundamental democratic change and open elections. The military, which has repeatedly promised to respond to the demands of protesters, has little recent experience in directly governing the country. It will have to defuse demonstrations and strikes that have paralyzed the economy and left many of the country’s institutions, including state news media and the security forces, in shambles.

Shortly before the announcement of Mr. Mubarak’s departure, the military issued a communiqué pledging to carry out a variety of constitutional reforms in a statement remarkable for its commanding tone. The military’s statement alluded to the delegation of power to Mr. Suleiman and it suggested that the military would supervise implementation of the reforms.

The military did not indicate whether it intended to take the kinds of fundamental steps toward democracy that protesters have been demanding. This was the second direct statement from the military in two days, and it largely stuck to the main constitutional and electoral reforms that Mr. Mubarak and Mr. Suleiman had promised to implement. It was not immediately clear whether Mr. Suleiman would retain a role, under the military council, in running the country.

State radio reported that Naguib Sawiris, a wealthy and widely respected businessman, has agreed to act as a mediator between the opposition and the authorities in carrying through the political reforms, a development that was cheered by protesters.

In Tahrir Square, the focal point of the uprising, many protesters were overcome with the emotion of achieving their unlikely but determined quest to overthrow Mr. Mubarak. More than an hour after Mr. Suleiman spoke, the din was undiminished, as the celebrants, some in tears, shouted, sang, embraced and chanted. The slogan of the revolution, “The people want to bring down the regime,” adopted from Tunisia, became, “The people, at last, have brought down the regime.”

Friday, February 11, 2011

Administration’s Dangerous Ideologically Motivated Mideast Policies

Western officials have shown themselves to be dangerously delusional and pathetic. In the midst of all the Mideast turmoil, they continue with their standard line in insisting that the answer to regional peace and stability is for Israel to surrender territory to terrorists. Someone should notify General James Jones that what would really make the world a better place and give people more hope would be to defeat the global jihad.

Also we need to cut off all aid to Pakistan since the regime essentially is holding one of our citizens hostage. But as usual, the Obama adminisration displays weakness and passivity in the face of a provocation against America.

Ideologically-driven strategic ineptitude

By Caroline B. Glick

Many believe that the Obama administration are just screw-ups. If only that were the case | In the midst of the political turmoil engulfing Egypt and much of the Arab world, last month’s revelation that Pakistan has doubled the size of its nuclear arsenal over the past four years has been largely ignored. Nuclear proliferation analysts from the Federation of American Scientists and the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) assess that since 2006 Pakistan has increased the size of its nuclear arsenal from 30-60 atomic bombs to approximately 110. That makes Pakistan the world’s fifth largest nuclear power ahead of Britain and France.

As for delivery systems, according to the Washington Post, Pakistan has developed nuclear-capable land and air-launched cruise missiles. Its Shaheen II missile, with a range of 1,500 miles is about to go into operational deployment.

Wednesday Pakistan test-fired its Hatf-VII new nuclear-capable cruise missile with a 600 kilometer range.

The Obama administration has been silent on Pakistan’s nuclear proliferation activities. As ISIS President David Albright said to the Washington Post, “The administration is always trying to keep people from talking about this knowledgeably. They’re always trying to downplay the numbers [of Pakistan's nuclear warheads] and insisting that ‘it’s smaller than you think.’”

Pakistan’s nuclear growth goes on as its economy is in shambles, its government is falling apart and a large portion of the country’s territory is controlled by the Taliban. Pakistan is the largest recipient of US foreign aid. In 2009 Congress approved a five-year $7.5 billion civilian aid package. Last October the Obama administration proposed supplementing the aid with $2 billion for Pakistan’s military.

The administration requested the supplemental aid despite criticism that economic assistance to Pakistan indirectly funds its nuclear project since Pakistan is in an effective state of bankruptcy. Moreover, a US Inspector General report published this week concluded that the $7.5 billion in assistance has achieved little.

For their part, the Pakistani government and military adhere to a radically anti-American line and Pakistan’s powerful ISI intelligence service and large sections of its military continue to maintain intimate ties with al Qaida and the Taliban.

Last month Pakistani police arrested US diplomat Raymond Davis in Lahore after he killed two gunmen who were reportedly about to rob him at gunpoint. Pakistani law enforcement officials have charged Davis with murder and refuse to release him to US custody despite the fact that he should enjoy the protection of diplomatic immunity.

Rather than attempt to quiet passions, the Pakistani government is fanning anti-American sentiments by among other things, releasing a videotape of Davis’s police interrogation.

To date, while members of Congress are beginning to threaten to curtail aid to Pakistan pending Davis’s release, the administration has limited its response to this de facto act of hostage taking by Pakistan to refusing to hold high-level exchanges with Pakistani leaders. And even this limited response has been inconsistently implemented.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Texas School District Backs Away From Mandatory Arabic Studies

If they are going to teach Arabic studies it should be an elective, not mandatory. Also if they are going to teach about Arab and muslim culture, at least teach the TRUTH. These courses tend to whitewash the violent history of islam. They teach the false narrative that it was tolerant and peaceful while demonizing Christianity. And while we are taught about western colonialism, we never hear about Arab-muslim colonialism and their violent conquest of other peoples, arabizing and islamizing them and destroying their indigenous cultures, languages and religions as well as carrying out massacres.

Via Atlas Shrugs
Star Telegram:
Mansfield backs away from Arabic studies program

The Mansfield school district has backed off plans to implement an Arabic studies program after almost 200 people showed up with questions at a parents meeting at Cross Timbers Intermediate School on Monday night.

Superintendent Bob Morrison apologized for not communicating with parents and invited them to be part of developing the curriculum.

"Nothing will be taught in the classroom until the curriculum is rolled out," said Richie Escovedo, Mansfield district spokesperson.

The Arabic studies program, funded by a federal five-year $1.3 million Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant, was to begin this semester at Cross Timbers, then spread to Davis Elementary and Howard Middle Schools in the fall and to Summit High school by the fall of 2012.

Arabic culture was to be integrated into the curriculum in elementary and intermediate schools, then offered as a language credit in the middle and high schools. Davis, Cross Timbers and Howard are feeder schools to Summit High School.

"Part of the grant language brings in targeted instruction that will be embedded in the classes," Escovedo explained. "Algebra comes from the Arabic world. You talk about things while you’re doing your lessons. Instead of a Valentine's cake, you might make a Moroccan dessert."

Parents attending Monday night's meeting ranged from supportive to upset, said Willie Wimbrey, assistant principal at Cross Timbers.

"We had people who were animatedly fearful of anything to do with Islam," Wimbrey said. "Others want their children exposed to everything. Others who say we teach about Christmas, why not other religions? All cultures and major religions are taught throughout the state."

Cindy Henderson, whose son Kolton is in the fifth grade at Cross Timbers, said she wasn't as upset about the content of the program as she was about the way it was implemented.

"The parents weren't notified," Henderson said. "We should have been told and excited about the grant. The school knew about it, but it wasn't publicized. Unless you were digging on the website, you wouldn't know about it."

Her son is excited about learning about the Middle East, but Henderson doesn't think Arabic studies should be mandatory.

"I don't think we should spend all our time on one culture," she said. "I think we should spread it around and be fair. I don't like it being stuffed down our throats."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

IDF Soldiers Save Palestinian Baby

The IDF has been unfairly demonized by the international community yet they go out of their way to save the lives of "palestinians". The reverse would never happen. This is the vast difference between Israel and her enemies in that they have a moral obligation, based on Jewish values, to save lives regardless of who they are. Israel's enemies have no such moral or ethical code.

Soldiers deliver, save Palestinian baby

Infant born with breathing problems rescued by medics alerted to Jordan Valley at 2 am

Hanan Greenberg Published:

An IDF force was alerted Monday to treat a Palestinian woman who went into labor near the Jordan Valley. The soldiers helped move the woman to a military ambulance where she gave birth.

The infant, who had difficulty breathing, was resuscitated and then evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital by helicopter. "There is a great deal of satisfaction in giving life," Sergeant Gilad Nesher, a paramedic who treated the woman and child, told Ynet.

Sgt. Nesher practices CPR (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Office)

At around 2 am the IDF received a call about a Palestinian woman in labor. A medical task force, which included a paramedic and three army medics, was led by Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner to the scene.

The soldiers said it was very dark and that at first they had trouble locating the woman, who was in a tent on high territory inaccessible by car.

The soldiers took action, handing the Palestinians a stretcher and other medical tools and the woman was brought to the waiting ambulance.

"She was relatively calm," recounts Sgt. Nesher. "We put her in the ambulance, then we performed an initial test and found she was in the final stages of labor. We had to begin the process as soon as possible."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anti-Semitism of Egyptian Protesters

Western media and governments conveniently ignore the anti-Semitic dimension of the protests in Egypt. To report on this would spoil the narrative most of the western media has given this story, which is that the Egyptian people are rising up against tyranny and demanding greater freedom and democracy as we have in the west. The anti-Semitism in the protests exposes the truth that this movement in Egypt has nothing to do with true democracy and freedom as we know it in the west, but as one which is pushing for a more islamic Egypt and an end to the peace treaty with Israel.

Pajamas Media:
Democracy or Jew-Hatred? More Evidence of Anti-Semitism at the Egypt Protests
There is massive evidence to be found in the Western media of anti-Semitism and “anti-Zionism” at the Egypt protests. But images in the flickr streams of amateur local photographers are even more shocking and unambiguous.

February 7, 2011 - by John Rosenthal

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In response to my PJM article documenting anti-Semitic imagery at the Egyptian protests, I’ve received several comments — both in public and in private — suggesting that, nevertheless, anti-Semitic and/or “anti-Zionist” sentiment among the protestors has played only a marginal role. The assurances to this effect are typically based on the first-hand accounts of Western observers or English-speaking participants with Western contacts. These accounts are supposed somehow to trump the clear pictorial evidence to the contrary.

The appearance of anti-Semitic and/or “anti-Zionist” motifs in the photos and videos of the protests is, however, simply too widespread and systematic for such assurances to reassure. Such images are to be found in video and photographic material from virtually every major Western news organization present in Egypt. This fact is all the more significant when one considers that the reports published or broadcast by these very same news organizations have as a rule outright ignored any anti-Semitic or anti-Israeli sentiment among the protestors. Indeed, as will be seen below, even more outrageous images figure prominently in the flickr streams of amateur local photographers.

Monday, February 7, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #303 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at The Jack B.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kristol is Clueless

What is Bill Kristol smoking?

Via Israpundit:
Stand for Freedom


Our friend Charles Krauthammer began his column last week by asking, “Who doesn’t love a democratic revolution? Who is not moved by the renunciation of fear and the reclamation of dignity in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria?”

Some on the right, that’s who.

It’s understandable that conservatives should be wary of people taking to the streets—even when they are entitled to do so. It’s also reasonable for conservatives to warn of the unanticipated consequences of ostensibly hopeful developments.

As Krauthammer puts it, “All revolutions are blissful in the first days. The romance could be forgiven if this were Paris 1789. But it is not. In the intervening 222 years, we have learned how these things can end.”

True enough. And Krauthammer goes on to make an argument for an American policy more focused on the Egyptian Army, less supportive of the Egyptian people, more fearful of the Muslim Brotherhood taking over this broad-based uprising, more cautious and muted in terms of the pressure that the American government can put on the regime, than we at The Weekly Standard have been recommending.

Reasonable people will differ in their analyses of rapidly changing circumstances half a world away—a fact that should make us somewhat tolerant of the Obama administration’s own stumbles. But Krauthammer does hasten to add, “The Egyptian awakening carries promise and hope and of course merits our support.” And, he writes later on, “our paramount moral and strategic interest in Egypt is real democracy in which power does not devolve to those who believe in one man, one vote, one time.”

So, whatever our differences in historical interpretation or foreign policy tactics, we agree with our skeptical comrade that the United States must support the Egyptian awakening, and has a paramount moral and strategic interest in real democracy in Egypt and freedom for the Egyptian people. The question is how the U.S. government can do its best to help the awakening turn out well.

In his column, Krauthammer refers to the French, Russian, and Iranian revolutions. They all turned out badly. But before 1789 was 1776. After 1917, there was 1989. And after 1979, there was also 2009, when the Obama administration shamefully and foolishly did nothing to help topple the most dangerous regime in the Middle East.

Furthermore, in the last quarter century, there have been transitions from allied dictatorships to allied democracies in Chile, South Korea, the Philippines, and Indonesia, to name only a few. The United States has played a role in helping those transitions turn out (reasonably) well. America needn’t be passive or fretful or defensive. We can help foster one outcome over another. As Krauthammer puts it, “Elections will be held. The primary U.S. objective is to guide a transition period that gives secular democrats a chance.”

Now, people are more than entitled to their own opinions of how best to accomplish that democratic end. And it’s a sign of health that a political and intellectual movement does not respond to a complicated set of developments with one voice.

But hysteria is not a sign of health. When Glenn Beck rants about the caliphate taking over the Middle East from Morocco to the Philippines, and lists (invents?) the connections between caliphate-promoters and the American left, he brings to mind no one so much as Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. He’s marginalizing himself, just as his predecessors did back in the early 1960s.
Beck is absolutely right and we should heed his warning about the creation of a global caliphate. Also Beck did not “invent” the connection between the left and the jihadis. That connection indeed exists.

The Obama Doctrine

Obama continues on his catastrophic path of betraying our allies, emboldening our enemies and otherwise destroying American credibility. Why isn’t this story a huge scandal in this country? There’s every reason to believe that Obama will spill secrets about Israel’s nuclear arsenal to its enemies. The Israelis would have to be insane at this point to continue with any negotiations with the PA as long as Obama or anyone in his administration act as intermediary.

Atlas Shrugs:
WikiLeaks cables: Obama secretly agreed to give up to Russia Britain’s nuclear secrets

More sedition at 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue.

You have to believe that Putin scratched his head after Obama bowed down to him and went on to abandon our Eastern European allies by giving up missile defense in Eastern Europe, and routed any American advantage by signing START…. Putin must have said, “This is too easy, it must be a trick!”

No, Putin, it’s just an enemy in the White House. Obama sold out America for START and, according to new Wiki docs, he sold out the UK, too.

Here is a real president’s take on START: John Bolton: New Start Is Unilateral Disarmament —

The centerpiece of “New Start,” the arms-control treaty that President Barack Obama signed with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in April, is its reduction in nuclear warheads. Less well-understood—but profoundly misguided—is the treaty’s return to outmoded Cold War limits on weapons launchers, which will require the United States, but not Russia, to dismantle existing delivery systems. This could cripple America’s long-range conventional warhead delivery capabilities, while also severely constraining our nuclear flexibility. We will pay for this mistake in future conflicts entirely unrelated to Russia.

Bibi Takes Orders From Tony Blair

Since when is Tony Blair the boss over Israel? And why is Israel even considering making gestures to coax the PA into negotiations in light of the turmoil in Egypt?

Via Israpundit:
Netanyahu commits to promoting Arab construction in East Jerusalem


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the international community’s Middle East envoy, Tony Blair, announced Friday a series of gestures that Israel will make to the Palestinians, including a promise to support Arab construction in East Jerusalem.

“In respect of East Jerusalem, the Government of Israel has agreed to encourage the implementation of all projects that abide by municipal regulations that will improve infrastructure there for Palestinians, including in particular housing, starting with two projects in East Jerusalem,” Blair announced.

The meeting between Netanyahu and Blair on Friday comes a day before a summit of the Quartet of Mideast peacemakers – the United States, European Union, United Nations and Russia – for whom Blair is the envoy. The Quartet is meeting to discuss the stalemate in peace talks between Israel and the PA.

The package of confidence-building measures that Israel will offer the Palestinian Authority is seen as a bid to moderate the Quartet statement at the end of its deliberations, which is expected to criticize Israel for its continued construction in West Bank settlements.

“On the West Bank, there will be an extension of Palestinian Authority security presence in Area B – with 7 towns approved in principle; an agreement to fast-track the construction or reconstruction of schools and health clinics in Area C on the basis of plans submitted by the Palestinian Authority,” Blair said.

In the end, Netanyahu’s offer did not include measure that would enable the PA to take over land required to build the new town Rawabi. Blair added, however, “5000 Gaza-registered residents of the West Bank will be given West Bank identity cards.”

Israel’s forum of seven senior ministers discussed the proposed gestures to the Palestinians last week. Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and minister Dan Meridor supported the gestures, while ministers Benny Begin, Moshe Ya’alon, Avigdor Lieberman and Eli Yishai objected.

The gestures will also ease the blockade on Gaza, permitting more items for export and permitting a limited amount of construction materials. Blair also announced the agreement to establish “mobile desalination plants to meet Gaza’s needs for clean water and approval in principle for a larger permanent desalination plant.”

Netanyahu agreed to the Palestinian Authority’s request to renew discussions on the development of an offshore natural gas field opposite Gaza’s shores, and agreed in principle for the gas to power the new power plant to be built in Gaza, which he also specifically approved.

Netanyahu said that although Israel’s natural gas needs will be satisfied by its Leviathan and Tamar gas fields in ten years’ time, it needs other sources of natural gas in the interim, and it is currently dependent upon supply from Egypt. Netanyahu pointed out that the profits from the Palestinian gas field will go to the Palestinian Authority, and not to Hamas, who rules Gaza. continue

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mark Levin Interviews Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick is always on target with her analysis. She says this Egyptian uprising resembles the Iranian islamic revolution more than the American revolution. She also says that president Obama is causing us to lose all credibility with allies. And of course things look very dangerous for Israel.

Another panel discussion on FOX featuring Robert Spencer.

I’m sick of useful idiots in the west who insist that Egyptians are moderate, modern, peaceful and therefore won’t institute sharia law. On what do they base this upon? In fact polls reveal Egyptians by an overwhelming majority support the implementation of sharia.

Neocons At Odds With Israel

The so-called Neocons are at odds with Israel regarding Egypt. They are perfectly willing to take a chance on ending Mubarak's rule and bringing "democracy" to Egypt. Of course the risk won't be their own, but instead they will be taking a chance with the lives of Israelis. This should finally dispense with the notion that the neocons are Zionist agents. In fact they have revealed themselves to have a reckless disregard for the security of Israel. Not that this will convince the rabid anti-Semites and Israel-haters who will still conflate neocons with Israel.

Via Israpundit:
Hosni Mubarak splits Israel from neocon supporters


As Israeli leaders worriedly eye the protests and street battles in neighboring Egypt, they’ve been dismayed to find that the neoconservatives and hawkish Democrats who are usually their most reliable American advocates are cheering for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s fall.

The Egyptian autocrat has kept his side of a chilly peace agreement with Israel for thirty years, permitting an era of relative stability in the Jewish state. And as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made clear in a cautious speech to the Knesset Wednesday, Israel is deeply worried what will happen to that relationship when Mubarak departs.

“We expect any government of Egypt to honor the peace. Moreover, we expect the international community to expect any government of Egypt to honor the peace. This must be clear, along with the discussions about reform and democracy,” he said.

Other prominent Israeli voices are wondering why President Barack Obama didn’t back Mubarak against massive protests that – while not focused on Israel – featured some signs depicting Mubarak with a Star of David on his forehead.

“You should have also thought about Israel before hurrying to call upon Mubarak to go,” Dov Weissglass, a former advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, wrote, addressing the Obama administration. “It is difficult to think of more serious harm to Israel’s security than the collapse of the peace accord with Egypt.”

But while a few American conservatives like former U.N Ambassador John Bolton share the same qualms as Weissglass, many of Israel’s most prominent supporters – some of whom are regularly accused of putting Israel’s interests before those of the U.S. – dismiss those worries.

In particular, neoconservatives such as Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, Bush National Security Council official Elliott Abrams, and scholar Robert Kagan are essentially saying good riddance to Mubarak and chiding Obama mainly for not making the same sporadic push for democracy as President George W. Bush.

The Times Whitewashes the Muslim Brotherhood

Another pathetic NYT article whitewashing the muslim brotherhood, which is without a doubt a terrorist group bent on waging jihad and implementing sharia. According to the high-minded folks at the NY Times, the intentions of the muslim brotherhood are unclear. But in fact the muslim brotherhood expresses its agenda quite clearly: "to destroy the west from within and sabotage its miserable house".

As Islamist Group Rises, Its Intentions Are Unclear

WASHINGTON — After maintaining a low profile in protests led largely by secular young Egyptians, the Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s largest opposition force, appeared to be taking a more assertive role on Thursday, issuing a statement asking for President Hosni Mubarak to step aside for a transitional government.

“We demand that this regime is overthrown, and we demand the formation of a national unity government for all the factions,” the Brotherhood said in a statement broadcast by Al Jazeera.

The Obama administration has spoken cautiously about the future role of the Brotherhood, which has long been banned by Mr. Mubarak’s government, saying only that all parties must renounce violence and accept democracy. But one of the few near certainties of a post-Mubarak Egypt is that the Muslim Brotherhood will emerge as a powerful political force.

The unanswered question, according to experts on the region, is whether that will prove a manageable challenge for the United States and Israel or a catastrophe for American interests in the Middle East.

The Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928, is the oldest and largest Islamist movement in the world, with affiliates in most Muslim countries and adherents in Europe and the United States.

Its size and diversity, and the legal ban that has kept it from genuine political power in Egypt for decades, make it hard to characterize simply. As the Roman Catholic Church includes both those who practice leftist liberation theology and conservative anti-abortion advocates, so the Brotherhood includes both practical reformers and firebrand ideologues.

Which of those tendencies might rise to dominance in a new Egypt is under intense discussion inside the Obama administration, where officials say they may be willing to consult with the Brotherhood during a political transition.

Bruce Riedel, a veteran observer of the Muslim world at the Brookings Institution, said the United States had no choice but to accept the group’s role.

“If we really want democracy in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is going to be a big part of the picture,” said Mr. Riedel, who was the Egypt desk officer at the Central Intelligence Agency when Mr. Mubarak came to power in 1981. “Rather than demonizing them, we ought to start engaging them now.”

Friday, February 4, 2011

Egypt Debate

The Middle East is filled with unstable and violent tyrannies, dictatorships and terror states and yet Michael Scheuer argues that what’s most detrimental to America is the one country in the region which is a free and stable democracy, Israel. How despicable and revolting not to mention a viewpoint which lacks any logic. Scheuer’s analysis of the Mideast cannot be taken seriously in view of his blind hatred for Israel. Robert Spencer completely eviscerated him though.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Even Some Conservatives Are Clueless

These three gentlemen from PJTV's Trifecta are completely wrong regarding the Egyptian uprising. The rioters in the streets of Cairo aren't clamoring for freedom as we know it, but for Egypt to be a more sharia compliant state. Polls reveal the overwhelming majority of Egyptians support stoning for adultery, chopping off the hands of thieves and the death penalty for muslims who convert to another religion. They also support islamists over modernists. It goes to show that even conservatives can be clueless. Whittle, Ott and Green need to wake up to the fact that not everyone around the world shares our values. I'm quite surprised at the naive idealism displayed by these three men, especially considering their otherwise intelligent take on all other issues.

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Egypt: The American Debate Has Gone Stark, Raving Crazy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Administration is Backing the Muslim Brotherhood

It is becoming more apparent that the Obama adminstration is behind the Egyptian uprising in support of the jihadist muslim brotherhood. The president has sent a clear message to the world that he will throw America’s allies to the wolves and pave the way for the global jihad. Should the muslim brotherhood take control of Egypt there will be another major Mideast war with multiple Arab countries attacking Israel, and if Obama is still in the White House, Israel can expect to be on its own while under attack.

U.S. ‘held secret meeting with Muslim Brotherhood’

Discussed fall of Egypt with group dedicated to Islam’s global spread

By Aaron Klein


JERUSALEM – The Egyptian government has information a diplomat at the U.S. embassy in Cairo secretly met yesterday with a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the nation’s major Islamist opposition group, WND has learned.

The topic of the meeting was the future of Egypt following the “fall” of President Hosni Mubarak, an Egyptian intelligence official told WND.

The claim comes amid charges from Cairo that the Obama administration has been encouraging the protests rocking Egypt and targeting the rule of Mubarak, a key U.S. ally in the Middle East.

The Egyptian intelligence official told WND his government has information of a meeting that took place yesterday between Issam El-Erian, a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Frank Wisner, a former U.S. ambassador to Egypt.

The Obama administration dispatched Wisner to Egypt this past weekend to report to the State Department and White House a general sense of the situation in the embattled country.

The Egyptian intelligence official speaking to WND said the meeting took place inside the American embassy in Cairo

The U.S. State Department would neither confirm nor deny the report.

The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to spread Islam around the world, in large part using nonviolent means. Hamas and al-Qaida are violent Brotherhood offshoots.

The latest information is not the first charge by the Egyptian government that the Obama administration has been working with or encouraging the opposition to Mubarak.

Last week, a senior Egyptian diplomat stated the Egyptian government suspects elements of the current uprising there, particularly political aspects, are being coordinated with the U.S. State Department and Obama administration.

The senior Egyptian diplomat told WND the Mubarak regime suspects the U.S. has been aiding protest planning by Mohamed ElBaradei, who is seen as one of the main opposition leaders in Cairo.

ElBaradei, former International Atomic Energy Agency chief, has reinvented himself as a campaigner for “reform” in Egypt. He is a candidate for this year’s scheduled presidential elections.

ElBaradei arrived in Cairo just after last week’s protests began and is reportedly being confined to his home by Egyptian security forces.

He is seen as an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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A democratic Egypt or a state of hate?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Global Jihad Advances

As I have been emphasizing repeatedly, the Egypians revolting in the streets do not seek freedom and democracy as we know it in the west, but rather the creation of a more islamic state. The people on the streets are not friends of America or Israel and we should not be rooting them on. As to president Obama, while he remained silent as Iranians were being slaughtered on the streets by the islamist regime in Tehran, he appears to be on the side of the people on the streets of Cairo. I’m not so sure that recent events regarding islamic uprisings are due to administration incompetence or perhaps by design.

The global Islamist revolt is here

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily

In case you didn’t notice, and few have, there is a global Islamist revolution under way.

The world’s press doesn’t see it.

The talking heads on cable TV don’t see it.

Washington doesn’t see it.

It’s a case of not noticing the forest for the trees.

With revolts going on in Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon and Jordan, most of them clearly orchestrated from Iran, it’s easy to believe these are unrelated, disconnected uprisings.

But if you have been observing the Muslim world like I have been for 35 years, what’s happening right now is as big a development – maybe bigger – than what happened in 1979 when backers of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, with a push from Jimmy Carter, overthrew Iran’s Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi in one of the most tragic and unfortunate international developments of the late 20th century. We, in the West, have been paying the price for it ever since.

This is the work of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the aid and encouragement of Tehran. And the ripple effect of what we’re seeing is hard to overstate.

As the leader of Jordan’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood, Hammam Saeed, warned over the weekend, the unrest in Egypt will spread across the Mideast and Arabs will topple leaders allied with the United States.

I’ve done my part to alert the public to the insidious work of the Muslim Brotherhood, including right here in the U.S. But, again, most Americans don’t get it. They’ve been hoodwinked by the media and government school system into believing there is no active conspiracy for a worldwide caliphate, and certainly no threat to the U.S. from what the brotherhood refers to as the Muslim Mafia.

An amazing book by the same name, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” was published more than a year ago by WND Books with the intention of exposing the secret international cabal working on behalf of Saudi-style Shariah law right here in America. Again, the book, a work of daring and courage and enterprise got a collective yawn from the politically correct establishment news media.

Now, as Rev. Jeremiah Wright would say, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Imagine if Egypt falls.

Hosni Mubarak is nothing but a dictator, it’s true. But he is a dictator who is holding the line on Islamic radicalism. If his regime goes, it will be replaced by something similar to what we see in Iran today – a government run by zealous mullahs hell-bent on bringing about a worldwide Islamic revolution.

Egypt is the largest and arguably most important Arab country in the Middle East. For decades now it has been at relative peace with its neighbor, Israel. How long will that last if Mubarak is replaced with a Muslim Brotherhood leader? Keep in mind it was the Muslim Brotherhood that assassinated Mubarak’s predecessor, Anwar Sadat, for making peace with Israel.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is still in the midst of a quagmire in Afghanistan, while still engaged in Iraq. It can ill afford an explosion of violence and revolution and instability through the Middle East and the Islamic world.

But that appears to be just what is coming.

The U.S. is also mired in deep recession. Try to imagine how that economic dislocation will be exacerbated by a disruption of the flow of Middle East oil, as happened in the 1970s.

Remember, the U.S. and Israel are the primary targets. Europe has already capitulated to Islam. Israel and the U.S. stand virtually alone, and the U.S. is in denial of the threat.

What you see happening around the Islamic world today is big. It’s dangerous. It’s explosive.

If you think America, which has arrogantly and ignorantly refused to develop its own energy sources, is somehow immune, you are in for a rude awakening.