Sunday, July 31, 2011

Herman Cain and Sharia

Some conservatives are becoming just as big a problem as liberals when it comes to
discussions over islam. If speaking forthrightly about the threat of sharia is taboo even amongst conservatives, then we are in even greater danger than I thought. Herman Cain has been attacked for saying he would not appoint a muslim to his cabinet. Is it wrong to question whether one can be a devout muslim and at the same time protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America which is antithetical to islamic law? There is a very good reason why there are no free islamic countries. Sharia law is not compatible with freedom, individual liberty and human rights. Islam is not simply a personal faith but a totalitarian political ideology which seeks to dominate and subjugate us. This is an issue that must be discussed and shame on those conservatives who would silence any such discussion for fear of being called names and being accused of "racism" and bigotry. You are part of the problem and are doing damage to this country by succumbing to political correctness. All one has to do is look to Europe to see what can be our own future. Unfortunately Herman Cain seems to have caved.

Sultan Knish:
Lynching Herman Cain Herman Cain is being lynched for taking a stand. And the people doing it are Republicans and self-proclaimed conservatives. Commentators who complain about the "race card" are eagerly laying down the "bigot card" because Cain did what few candidates are ready to do. He clearly spelled out the problem with Islamic involvement in American public life.

If as some insist, Cain's campaign was brought down by his statements about Islam-- then Republicans have accepted the Dhimmi Principle that the viability of a candidate depends on taking a moderate position on Islam. A moderate position being skeptical, but not particularly confrontational. A position that easily leads back to that old "Handful of Extremists" saw.

All this comes down to is an Islamic vetting of presidential candidates. And everyone attacking Cain over it has given CAIR their victory.

All the little condescending pieces on how Cain was a good candidate until he went a little too far off the reservation deserve a head pat from a black gloved hand. What better victory for the Islamists than to have conservative pundits falsely attribute Cain's campaign problems to his opposition to Islam?

What did Cain say that was so wrong? He questioned how Muslims could reconcile a theocracy with participation in American public life. And he came out on the side of communities fighting back against mosque projects. And that's bigotry. Don't ask why it's bigotry. It is. And if you don't believe me, go ask CNN or the Washington Post.

Playing the bigot card is cheap and easy. It's free. And value free.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Barak Says Israel Should Apologize to Turkey

Obviously the Obama administration did some arm-twisting to a frightened and feckless Ehud Barak. He really has no business being defense minister. Turkey perpetrated an act of war against Israel last year when it sent the Mavi Marmara with the jihadist IHH aboard for the very purpose of provoking a confrontation. So therefore it is Turkey which should be apologizing to Israel and its Turkey which the Obama administration ought to be strong arming. But as is ALWAYS the case, muslims are never expected to take responsibility for their actions or apologize or acknowledge wrongdoing. It makes no difference how horrible their actions and how obviously in the wrong they are. The west consistently indulges this infantile attitude on the part of muslims.

Via Israpundit:
Barak: We must apologize for flotilla errors
Yitzhak Benhorin, YNET

WASHINGTON – Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Friday, following meetings with US administration officials, that Israel must reach a compromise with Turkey – even if this meant the Jewish state would have to apologize for the deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla last year.

“I’m not talking about an apology for the blockade or an apology for the flotilla, but about saying that if any errors were made during the operation – we regret them,” he explained.

“I don’t like it,” the defense minister admitted in a press briefing, “but it’s not a bad thing to have reasonable relations with Turkey in a region which has instability in Egypt, downsizing in Saudi Arabia and a hostile Iran.”

According to Barak, senior legal experts in the Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry believe Israel must reach an understanding with Turkey if it wishes to defend its soldiers.

Barak met Thursday with US Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and National Security Advisor Tom Donilon.

This series of meetings reinforced the defense minister’s view that the conflict with Ankara must be resolved. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, on the other hand, is strongly opposed to any apology on Israel’s part.

On Friday, Barak is expected to meet with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to discuss the Palmer Report probing the flotilla raid.

“On the one hand, the report includes very important conclusions for Israel, which put Turkey in the corner in terms of the justification for the blockade, the justification for stopping the flotilla and the justification for using force,” Barak said.

“On the other hand,” he added, “there is a problematic element dealing with what happened during the operation. We don’t agree with some of things, but we must make a choice between a problematic report and reaching an understanding with Turkey, so that the things that bother us are clarified and there are no lawsuits across the world on the part of Turkey and Turks against Israel and against officers and commanders.”

Preparing for September

Barak and the Obama administration officials also discussed Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to the defense minister, if Israel reached an understanding with the European Union and the United States on a formula, the Europeans and Americans would try to dissuade the Palestinians from asking the UN to recognize an independent Palestinian state.

“If the Palestinians are unwilling to accept such a formula,” the defense minister explained, “Europe will be with us and that would largely empty the Palestinian accomplishment at the UN General Assembly.”

He warned, however, that if Israel failed to reach an understanding with the Europeans, “some of them will vote with the Palestinians, and a very problematic process as far as Israel is concerned will begin – even if it won’t have immediate outcomes.”

Barak also found the time to address the housing protest sweeping Israel. “The protest is real and legitimate,” he said. “We are talking about the backbone of Israeli society. These are people who work, pay taxes and serve in the reserve forces. A couple has to work for 10 years for an average apartment.

“Indirect taxes in the State of Israel are among the highest in the world,” Barak added. “I have been saying this for a long time, and I believe this is real and requires fixing. I hope that we, as a government, will deal with these things as fast as we can.”

Friday, July 29, 2011

"Palestinian" Refugees in Arab Countries

I'll be waiting for all the fake and phony champions of "palestinian" rights to speak out about the horrendous treatment of "palestinian" refugees in Arab countries and their denial of basic human rights and also to launch flotillas on their behalf. Of course this will never happen because the "palestinian" statehood movement is only for the purpose of bringing about the obliteration of Israel.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liberal Media Jackals

Besides the islamic jihadists, the media is America's greatest enemy. These
jackals are giving aid and comfort to our enemies whenever they defame and smear
those who take a stand against jihad and sharia. As Pam Geller says, Anderson Cooper
would be executed for his lifestyle under sharia law, yet he carries water for the
jihadists. According to the liberal media, the threat of islam is only a
"perceived" threat perpetuated by those crazy "right wing" bloggers. Try telling that to the Coptic Christians of Egypt, the Christians of Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. and the few remaining Christians and Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh, Hindus in India, the Buddhists in southern Thailand and Catholics in the Philippines. Not to mention the more than 17,000 islamic jihad attacks around the world. Geller and Spencer are the real danger, don't you know?

Atlas Shrugs:
Media Freakshow: CNN Smears, Defames Human Rights Activists, Christians and Patriots for Norway ShootingThu Jul 28, 2011 01:41 from Atlas Shrugs by Pamela Geller.Skip to minute 3:35 -- it's all Geller and Spencer - one reference to me in a 1,518 page rant (and a couple of links to news stories at Atlas), and Cooper prostrates himself to the very ideology that would hang him in the public square for his "alternative" lifestyle. And notice they only focus on Spencer and me -- but never have us on. So afraid are they that people might be swayed by the truth. UPDATE: At 3.57 in this CNN video Lars Gule comments on Breivik. Lars Gule was in 1977 arrested on a Lebanese airport with explosives in his rucksack, on his way to Norway to get a new passport so that he could enter Israel without the visum stamp from Lebanon. The 'Palestinian terror organisation" DFLP provided the explosives which were intended to be used to blow up either a pedestrian underpass in Tel Aviv, President Hotel in Jerusalem or a gas tank facility outside a residential area. For those of you who read norwegian: (thanks to lysmann)

Contact CNN and ask them why they do not pursue the tens of thousands of jihad attacks across the world.

The relentless pro-jihad propagandists cannot get off the crack. They can't help themselves, no matter how devoid their perception is of reality.

Anders the barbarian began planning in this in 2000. He cited John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin. Are they responsible?

We have consistently stood for human rights, the rule of law, the dignity of the human person, free speech, the free conscience, and equality of rights for all. There is no incitement to violence in our work. This is my treatise on how to fight supremacism.

This is an attempt to destroy the resistance to jihad by claiming that that resistance leads to murder. Yet no one ever calls Islamic imams who really do incite to violence for their real calls to kill. (Qaradawi, who called for all Jews to be killed, Nasrallah of Hizballah, who said that it was good that the Jews were in Israel so they would be spared the trouble of hunting them down elsewhere, etc.)

CNN, why aren't you rabid in your pursuit to uncover what inspired the Muslim bomb plotters in the NYC synagogue attack, who were quoted as saying, “I hate Jews,” “I want to kill them”?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Norway Ambassador Justifies Terrorism Against Israel

Norway's ambassador to Israel distinguishes between the terrorist attack in his country and "palestinian" terrorism against Israel. He justifies terrorism against Israel as being due to "occupation". Occupation of its own country? What a cretin. This is morally reprehensible. But then again Norway and most of Europe lacks any moral compass. Nothing will alter Norway's vehemently anti-Israel attitudes. Perhaps he should consider that the islamic invasion of Norway and the leftists enabling of it is what drove this guy to mass murder. Perhaps some introspection on the part of Norway and its liberal multicultural policies is in order and for them to understand what the far left Norwegian government has done to breed the likes of Breivik. Let's take a page out of the liberal playbook and discuss the "root causes" of his anger.

Atlas Shrugs:

Norway's Ambassador to Israel: Murdering Norwegians Bad, Murdering Israelis GoodTue Jul 26, 2011 18:25 from Atlas Shrugs by Pamela Geller.He says that both are "morally unacceptable," but then he turns around and justifies the "Palestinian" attacks on Israeli civilians as a response to the "occupation" and says that Hamas has to be given legitimacy and a place in the "negotiations."

Envoy contrasts terror in Israel, Norway JTA July 26, 2011 (hat tip Gateway)

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Norway's ambassador to Israel drew distinctions between the Oslo and Utoya massacres and Palestinian terrorism.

Svein Sevje said in an Israeli newspaper interview Tuesday that while the Norwergian bomb and gun rampages that killed 76 people and Palestinian attacks should both be considered morally unacceptable, he wanted to "outline the similarity and the difference in the two cases."

Palestinians, the ambassador told Maariv, "are doing this because of a defined goal that is related to the Israeli occupation. There are elements of revenge against Israel and hatred of Israel. To this you can add the religious element to their actions."

Yes, a "religious element" that wants to destroy the Jewish state and initiate a new genocide of the Jews.

"In the case of the terror attack in Norway, the murderer had an ideology that says that Norway, particularly the Labor Party, is forgoing Norwegian culture," Sevje said, referring to suspect Anders Breivik, a Christian nativist who is opently anti-Islam and anti-immigration.

Unlike European Union states, Norway has engaged Hamas and often been fiercely critical of Israel, to Jerusalem's dismay.

While Sevje voiced sympathy for Israeli terror victims, having experienced "the inferno" of such attacks during his posting, he saw little chance of Norway reviewing its Middle East policies.

"We Norwegians consider the occupation to be the cause of the terror against Israel," he said. "Those who believe this will not change their mind because of the attack in Oslo."

He added, "Can Israel and the Palestinians solve the problems without Hamas? I don't think so."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally Israel Asserts its Rights

It's long past time that Israeli officials focused on the rights of the Jewish people to Judea and Samaria and the entirety of Jerusalem. I'm tired of the world indulging a culture of Jew-haters who are constantly being indoctrinated in their schools, mosques and media to hate and kill Jews. A culture where parents celebrate their children perpetrating suicide bombings against Jews and where the butchering of Jewish infants and children is celebrated in the streets by passing out candy. And no there are no such people or nationality as "palestinians" because there had never been any such nation of palestine that ever existed. The people referred to as "palestinian" are indistinguishible from the other arabs in the region. The only thing many people are being taught about this issue is the lies and historical revisionism leftist propaganda outlets tell them to believe. Liberals are being told they must hate Israel to be considered "progressive", so like the mob mentality of the left, they simply go along with that narrative.

There has never been a palestinian people. Palestine is not even an Arabic word. Before 1967, the arabs of Judea and Samaria never referred to themselves as "palestinian" but simply Arabs. Even the term "West Bank" only came about in 1950 when Jordan changed the name of Judea and Samaria to the "west bank". Jordan started a war to eradicate the newly born Jewish state in 1948 and then confiscated and illegally occupied Judea and Samaria and eastern Jerusalem and kicked the Jews out. The land never belonged to the arabs referred to as "palestinians". The entire "palestinian" cause is nothing more than about destroying Israel.

Via Israpundit:
Ayalon Video Drives Palestinians Nuts
Jonathan S. Tobin, Contentions

For far too long, Israeli diplomats have spent much of their time trying to avoid the basic arguments about the Middle East conflict. Rather than take every possible opportunity to hammer home the facts about why Israel is in the West Bank and the right of Jews to live there, the country’s foreign ministry has instead often concentrated its energies on smoothing over differences. It has also sought to avoid the arguments entirely with well-intentioned but largely pointless efforts to “brand” Israel in such a way as to make people think about pretty girls, beaches and scientific innovations.

But Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon has ignored this convention and created a clever and informative six-minute YouTube video answering the question of “The Truth About the West Bank.” This is driving the Palestinian Authority up the wall.

PA negotiator Saeb Erekat issued a statement last week claiming that by asserting Israel’s historical rights to the West Bank and debunking the conventional wisdom that claims the territory is “illegally occupied,” Israel is pursuing a “pro-conflict agenda.” Erekat went on to assert Ayalon’s video is filled with false information showing Israel is “denying the Palestinian people their inalienable right to self-determination.”

But all Ayalon does is tell the basic truth about the history of the last century. Israel did not capture the West Bank in 1967 from the Palestinians but from Jordan in a war of self-defense. Jordan had illegally occupied the area as well as half of Jerusalem in the course of its participation in a war to destroy the newborn state of Israel in 1948. Ayalon also says something that is indisputably true but almost never mentioned in the mainstream media: Jews were guaranteed the right of settlement in the West Bank by the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine.

To assert the Jewish state’s rights is not the same thing as saying Israel should never retreat from an inch of the West Bank. The borders between Israel and a future Palestinian state can only be determined by negotiations. But for too long, Israel and even most of its defenders in the United States have been so intent on trying to appear reasonable, they have appeared to concede the Palestinians’ false charge the land was stolen from them. That’s the problem for those who worry about the nation’s image and media coverage. If the West Bank is stolen property then it should merely be returned to its owners and not be a subject for talks. By rightly putting forth Israel’s claims, Ayalon is buttressing his country’s negotiating position, not undermining it.

So long as the Palestinians talk of rights and the Israelis speak of security, the Palestinians will win the argument every time. Thus, it’s no surprise Erekat and the Palestinians are so exorcised by Ayalon’s video. If it becomes, as it should, the model for a new Israeli diplomatic offensive, the deputy foreign minister’s mantra that the terms “illegal occupation” and “67 borders” are “simply not politically correct” will become an effective talking point for the country’s defenders.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Media Bias and Double Standards

Big media has no qualms about boldly and repeatedly labeling the Norweigan shooter as a "Christian" despite no evidence that he was any kind of devout Christian whatsoever. Yet till this day the same vile liberal media will not refer to the Fort Hood jihadist as muslim or emphasize the islamic motivation behind the shooting. Neither does government reports on the jihad attack. Yet there was ample evidence that hasan was a devout muslim who massacred our soldiers in the name of islam. He shouted allahu akbar during the shooting spree, he gave out korans on the morning of the attack, he wrote "soldier of allah" on his business cards and he gave a lecture to other doctors that non-muslims should be beheaded, set on fire and have boiling oil poured down their throats. The same dynamic was at work with the Times Square jihad bomber. The media will mention that he's a Pakistani, but refuse to emphasize that he is muslim and was motivated by islam. The liberal media even tried to laughably imply that perhaps he was motivated by anger over his house being foreclosed. This is why the American public increasingly distrusts and is disgusted with the liars and scoundrels of the mainstream media and is fed-up with their blatant bias and double standards.

The same liberals who lecture to us not to judge all muslims despite the tens of thousands of islamic jihad attacks around the world, have no trouble using this isolated case to go after the entire anti-jihad movement in the west. They have scurrilously and falsely tried to tie this guy to Pam Geller and Robert Spencer. Leave it to liberals to use a tragedy to attempt to gain political advantage. Sick! No matter what one's political views are they should oppose the imposition of sharia in America. But instead, liberals are abetting the stealth jihad. And no doubt they will use this massacre in Norway to attempt to shutdown and silence any individuals or groups who are fighting to preserve our freedom and the constitution.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Obama's Outreach Program to the Fakestinians

I really resent American taxpayer money going for aid and outreach to genocidal anti-Semites.

Obama launching appeal to Palestinians
Media blitz to promote U.S. role in 'building' future state

Posted: July 23, 2011
1:00 am Eastern


The Obama administration is launching a media- and public-outreach program to improve Palestinian opinion of U.S. policy – a project that also seeks to promote the U.S. role in financing "Palestinian development and building the future Palestinian State," a federal contracting document reveals.
The U.S. Agency for International Development, through its Development Outreach and Communications Office, is overseeing U.S. State Department efforts to change its image among Palestinians
USAID's strategy includes the delivery – carried out by a private-sector contractor – of U.S. government-approved feature articles and video productions to media outlets and to pass them off as news coverage.
The selected contractor primarily will be tasked with influencing Palestinian, pan-Arab and, to a lesser degree, international news organizations, while also directly engaging Palestinians via "community" events.
The agency recently released a draft Request for Proposals, solicitation #RFP294-2011-210, seeking comments from potential contractors on the viability of its preliminary plan.
(Story continues below)

Until fairly recently, according to the RFP, few Palestinians knew that USAID since 1995 has "provided more than [$]3.4 billion in assistance to the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza."
USAID points to a comparison of 2009 and 2010 poll results, which indicate an 8 percent jump in the number of Palestinians "who have heard of both USAID and the U.S. Agency for International Development" and a corresponding rise in the percentage of those who recognized the USAID logo.
Likewise, whereas in 2009 only 31 percent of Palestinians were aware that USAID was implementing projects in their area, the level of awareness rose to 44 percent by 2010, according to the RFP.
USAID attributes that heightened consciousness of U.S. efforts to previous communications outreach programs, but it says many Palestinians nonetheless remain wary of U.S. intentions.
There is a growing percentage of the population that has flat-out refused U.S. assistance, a development that otherwise contrasts elevated USAID name and logo recognition, the agency laments in the document.
"Despite this growing awareness, the 2010 survey indicates that the number of Palestinians refusing aid from the American people increased to 33 percent from 27 percent in 2009," the agency acknowledges. "Also, a majority of Palestinians (54 percent) believe that the motive behind aid from the United States Government is political rather than humanitarian."
USAID, therefore, is reaching out to contractors capable of stemming the negative perceptions.
The selected vendor will carry out various media and public awareness activities, ranging from the cultivation of relationships with regional and global news outlets to the distribution of USAID-branded "visibility items."
The RFP stops short of calling for the exclusion of journalists who are not overtly sympathetic to USAID and Palestinian causes. The document, however, explicitly advocates a reporter-filtering process to accommodate U.S. government needs.
Indeed, the RFP calls on the contractor to selectively, "Identify friendly or potentially friendly journalists and organize visits to USAID projects for Palestinian and international journalists and community representatives, as per the instructions of the Outreach Office."
The media outreach segment of the project entails the traditional acquisition of print, billboard and broadcast advertising of USAID endeavors.
But the plan also calls on the contractor to create and successfully place "news" products for public consumption – products that are distinct from ads and public service announcements:
"In coordination with the Outreach Office, the contractor will produce and publish or broadcast at least 6 success stories and project features a year in local newspapers, on local radio and TV, as well as design at least once a year special paid newspaper ads or inserts to showcase USAID's assistance activities."
The contractor, likewise, must produce video news releases, or VNRs, for broadcast via Arab satellite stations.
A corollary component of the initiative will assess the "internet and social media habits of Palestinians and the Arab world."
The goal of that effort is to enable USAID and the U.S. Mission to more effectively leverage platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
The selected contractor will be responsible for monitoring overall media coverage of USAID in the West Bank and Gaza, the provision of English translations and statistical analysis of that coverage to agency officials, and subsequent advisement on how to counteract negative reporting.
"In addition to providing monitoring, it is expected that the contractor shall make its own assessments of the coverage and suggest communication strategy modifications in order to improve the volume and tone of media coverage of USAID activities," the RFP says.
Public outreach events will target "marginalized communities" with a particular focus on Palestinian women and girls as well as all youth from 16 to 30 years of age.
"These events include, but are not limited to, Palestinian Mothers' Day celebrations, International Youth Day events, community sports events, school outreach activities, and trainings and contests in the fields of sports, arts, IT, and media."
Finally, the project will involve buying, stocking and distributing "high-quality visibility items branded with the USAID logo."
Possible items include basketballs, baseball caps, notebooks, pens, schoolbags, soccer balls, tee shirts and even computer USB cords.
USAID expects to award a two-year base period contract followed by a two-year option and an additional one-year option period. The agency did not disclose an estimated cost of the project.
USAID, which provided a five-day comment period on the draft RFP ending July 15, expects to release a formal RFP in the coming weeks.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Attack in Norway

The liberal media is gleefully reporting that the bombing and shooting massacre in Norway was perpetrated by who they term a right wing "Christian". And liberals are feigning outrage that people dared to assume the attack was perpetrated by al qaeda. As if there was no reason to suspect that was the case based on numerous such incidents. There have been 20,000 global islamic terror attacks in the past decade. The fact that one out of 20,000 turned out not to be islamic is supposed to prove... what? That islam really isn't a threat? That "Christian" extremists are just as likely to be a terrorist threat? Liberals need to get real and put this into perspective. This one aberration does not change the reality of the world we are living in today, which is that islamic terror is routine and that the global jihad is the greatest threat to the free world.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Witch Hunt Against Murdoch and FOX

It’s clear that Soros ought to be the one investigated.

The left has a virtual monopoly on big media. But the one station that actually allows non-leftist voices to be heard is just too much for these totalitarian fascist leftists. So it must be destroyed.

Soros machine steps up assault on Murdoch’s empire Using U.K. phone hacking scandal to go after Fox News Channel

By Aaron Klein, WND

A slew of organizations funded by billionaire George Soros have been utilizing the alleged News of the World phone hacking scandal in the U.K. to call for investigations of News Corporation’s U.S. interests, particularly Fox News Channel.

The Center for American Progress, heavily financed by Soros, said it gathered 12,000 signatures demanding to know whether News Corp. reporters violated U.S. law by obtaining phone records in the U.S.

The center is reportedly highly influential in helping to craft White House policy. It is led by John Podesta, who served as co-chairman of Obama’s presidential transition team.

Podesta this week told reporters his group wants the U.S. division of News Corp. probed for other possible offenses, including violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which prosecutes for bribery of foreign officials.

“We’ve called attention to the fact that – News Corp. is a U.S.-based corporation; that could implicate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” he said.

Already, Podesta’s signature drive was cited in part for Democratic Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Barbara Boxer sending a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder requesting an investigation into claims News Corp. may have hacked the phones of 9/11 victims.

The center’s offshoot, Think Progress, has been leading Twitter and Facebook campaigns calling for investigations into Rupert Murdoch’s U.S. media empire.

Think Progress even alleged News Corp. could have been involved in the November 2009 email hacking of a climate research institute that showed climate scientists conspiring to rig data in the direction of so-called global warming.

“But we still don’t know who hacked the emails!” contended Think Progress in an article entitled “News Corp and the Hacked Climategate Emails: Time for an Independent Investigation.”

Podesta’s center is also going after the Wall Street Journal., a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, this week published an article entitled “Connecting the Dots from News Corp Scandal to the Lies of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.” Think Progress also published the piece.

“There is a cancer on the U.S. media,” began the article. “That cancer is the disinformation machine aimed at spreading and endlessly repeating the most absurd falsehoods on a host of vital issues to the health and well being of Americans.”

I couldn't agree more. Although it is Soros, his organizations and the rest of the leftist media which is that cancer.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glenn Beck's Speech to CUFI

Thank G-D for righteous gentiles like Glenn Beck. One of him is worth all of the leftist anti-Zionist “Jews”.

We must stop using the enemy's terminology. It isn't the "west bank", its Judea and Samaria. There is no "occupation", Judea and Samaria IS part of the nation of Israel. There are no such people as "palestinians", they are Arabs who are occupying Israel. Enough of allowing the lies and historical revionisms to perpetuate.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Cain Doctrine

Herman Cain shows his moral clarity regarding the issue of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and its threat to Israel. He also shows moral clarity and common sense with regard to jihad and economics. When addressing the issue of whether he would appoint a muslim to his cabinet, I’m glad Cain's response wasn’t politically correct and explained why appointing muslims would be a problem. I think Americans are tired of phony politicians and politically correct tripe. Although Cain did put his foot in his mouth about Romney’s Mormon faith.

We have a Secretary of State who has an assistant who’s mother is involved with the muslim brotherhood. But no one is supposed to talk about this. It is not PC to suggest that someone from a devout muslim family which has connections to an international islamic movement may not be loyal to America. And this is going on throughout our government. But should anyone discuss it they are immediately decried as bigots.

Cain: I Would Attack Iran to Protect IsraelBen Birnbaum – The Washington Times, July 18th, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain says he would attack Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons or to respond to aggression against Israel. Asked if he agreed with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton’s contention that the “only realistic alternative … is to use force preemptively against Iran’s nuclear weapons program” since diplomacy has failed, Mr. Cain said he did, with one caveat.
“There would be some other pieces of information I would need before I gave that order, but I’m saying that would be Option B,” Mr. Cain said during an interview with editors and reporters at The Washington Times. “Option A is, ‘Folks, we are not going to allow you to attack Israel’ … If they call my bluff, they already know — they will know — what Option B is.”

Mr. Cain said that, as commander-in-chief, he would “make it crystal clear [that] if you mess with Israel, you’re messing with the United States of America,” but stressed that his “Cain Doctrine” would not be a “blank check” for Israeli military action.

“There will be a set of conditions and circumstances that I will work with Israel on for them to understand that they cannot abuse that doctrine,” said Mr. Cain, a former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. However, if Israel is ever attacked first by Iran, he said he is “not going to sit back and get a vote from the United Nations as to what we ought to do.” “If they [Iran] start lobbing rockets and stuff over at Israel, then we’re going to shoot back with Israel,” he said.

Mr. Cain dismissed the notion that an attack on Iran is unrealistic: “First of all, we have the most capable military power in the world,” he said. “Air, ground — although we won’t have to use ground for this — submarines, ships, that would be strategically placed in that part of the world.”

Mr. Cain has questioned President Obama’s commitment to the Jewish state, saying during his candidacy announcement that Mr. Obama had thrown “Israel under the bus” by calling for negotiations with the Palestinians to be based on Israel’s borders before the 1967 war. “The problem we have today is that, I believe, that [Iran] would test this president’s intention to help protect Israel,” he said. Mr. Cain was interviewed at The Times after he had met Monday morning with Israel’s ambassador to U.S., Michael Oren.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Truth About Judea and Samaria

Countering the lies and historical revionisms by the muslims and the international left who are collaborating in waging war against the Jewish people and trying to steal their homeland.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Herman Cain on Islam

It's refreshing to hear a politician talking frankly about islam. Herman Cain opposes the building of jihadist muslim brotherhood run mosques and correctly defines islam as a political system which doesn't separate religion and state. I always find it amusing and ironic that liberals who purport to defend the rights of gays and women, slam those who attempt to block the implementation of sharia law in America as "bigots".

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The War Against the "Settlers"

I would expect Europe to comply with the demand to deny Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria from entering Europe. The terrorist fatah gang however is welcome in Europe. What exactly is meant by "violent" settlers anyway? Would that be Jews in Judea and Samaria who defend themselves against arab attackers?

Fatah Calls to Ban Violent Settlers from Entering Europe
> Date : 16/7/2011 Time : 14:38
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> RAMALLAH, July 16, 2011 (WAFA) – Fatah movement’s spokesman in Europe, Jamal
> Nazzal, Saturday called on the European Union state members to ban Israeli
> settlers involved in violence from entering European territories.
> In a press release by the movement’s Information and Cultural Commission,
> Nazzal praised the Cooperation for Peace organization’s call to deny
> settlers from access to Europe, and described it as “Europe’s finest
> response to Israel’s deportation of European peace activists.”
> Nazzal also called on Europe to use the European Representative Office (ERO)
> recommendations in 2010 as a reference to deal with the Israeli policies.
> ERO recommendations in December 2010 call to consider East Jerusalem a
> capital of the Palestinian state, and urge not to hold any meetings between
> European and Israeli officials in the occupied East Jerusalem, said the
> statement.
> Moreover, Nazzal called on European officials not to accept Israeli security
> escorts, to avoid sleeping in Israeli hotels or using Israeli transportation
> in the occupied city, in accordance to the spirit of 2010 recommendations.
> Fatah additionally called to halt any visits to Israeli settlers’ excavation
> sites in East Jerusalem and any other place, as well as to exclude
> settlements products from trade agreements with Israel.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anti-Zionist Mob Shouts Down Pro-Israel Debaters

The fascist, totalitarian left rather than respond to any points being made, instead shouts down their opponents because the arguments being made eviscerates the left’s vicious lie that Israel is an apartheid state along with all of their other hideous lies. So they must not be allowed to be heard. The entire fakestinian movement and the attempts to delegitimize Israel are built on a foundation of lies and historical revisionisms. Therefore the truth must be drowned out and people who tell the truth must be intimidated, bullied and threatened in order for the truth to remain hidden.


British Jews and Israel
Carol Gould, one ot the participants to this debacle, wrote to me as follows “It has taken me four days to recover from this ordeal. At one point I really felt that I would be murdered before leaving the building on Sunday night. What appalled me was the South Bank giving a free dinner afterwards to about forty members of the audience of hecklers — almost all Jews.”

Carol’s website, the CurrentViewpoint, has her own report.

By Marcus Dysch, Jewish Chronicle

Earlier this week I attended three events, on consecutive evenings, which revealed much about British Jews and their relationships with Israel.

One discussed the rising boycott and delegitimisation campaign (Omar Barghouti, Jonathan Freedland, Carol Gould and Seni Seneviratne) debate the value of cultural boycotts at the 2011 London Literature Festival , another looked at support for Israel from the left, and the third was something altogether different, and, thankfully, more positive.

On Sunday I watched my JC colleague Jonathan Freedland bravely attempt to argue the case against cultural boycotts despite overpowering anti-Israel fervour which at times bordered on outright antisemitism.

Although Jonathan and his “opponent” on the night – Palestinian boycott activist and author Omar Barghouti – tried to keep the atmosphere on the panel as friendly as possible, the make-up of the audience meant Jonathan’s case was doomed to failure from the start of the debate – in fact even from before the start.

Taking my seat in the Southbank Centre I watched as familiar faces from the anti-Israel circuit showed up. Piling in one after another were the likes of Tony Greenstein and Deborah Fink, flanked by dozens of anti-Zionist supporters.

Meanwhile I saw barely a single recognisable pro-Israel face in the auditorium. My suspicions were proved right when the Q&A got underway after the panellists’ impressive opening statements for and against the motion on cultural boycotts.

The bombardment unleashed against Jonathan – who had already spoken out against the West Bank occupation and various aspects of Israeli government actions – was as ferocious as any I can recall against a Jewish panellist in recent years. The response to almost every word uttered by his fellow panellist, American author Carol Gould, was just as vitriolic, with the audience laughing, mocking, shouting and at times even hissing as she spoke.

What really struck me – and seemingly shocked Jonathan too – was how little interest the pro-boycotters had in any form of rational debate whatsoever. Practically every audience intervention was less question, more a direct attack on him and/or Israel. Not on Bibi’s administration per se, but on Israel herself.

They were vicious, argumentative, rude, and revealed views which were absolutely and utterly entrenched, without the slightest prospect of yielding as much as a millimetre to the anti-boycott panellists.


Friday, July 15, 2011

The Coming Economic Downfall of Israel's Enemies

I for one am gratified over the coming economic collapse of the arab world and Europe. And at the same time Israel's economy is thriving. This will greatly increase Israel's power while considerably dimishing that of her enemies.

Column One: Caution: Storm approachingBy CAROLINE B. GLICK
No doubt millions of Arabs are upset about freedom deficit in Arab lands. But the fact is that economics has played a decisive role.

It was seven months ago that Mohammed Bouazizi, a vegetable peddler in Tunisia, set himself and the Arab world on fire. The 26- year-old staged his suicidal protest on the steps of the local city hall after a municipal inspector took away his unlicensed vegetable cart, thus denying him the ability to feed his family of eight.

Most depictions of the Arab revolutions that followed his act have cast them as struggles for freedom and good government. These depictions miss the main cause of these political upheavals. No doubt millions of Arabs are upset about the freedom deficit in Arab lands. But the fact is that economics has played a decisive role in all of them.

In Bouazizi’s case, his self-immolation was provoked by financial desperation. And if current trends continue, the revolutionary ferment we have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, the political whirlwind will not be contained in the Middle East.

Most of the news coming out about Egypt today emanates from Cairo’s Tahrir Square. There the protesters continue to demand ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s head on a platter alongside the skulls of his sons, business associates, advisors and everyone else who prospered under his rule. While the supposedly liberal democratic protesters’ swift descent into bloodlust is no doubt worth noting, the main reason these protesters continue to gain so much international attention is because they are easy to find. A reporter looking for a story’s failsafe option is to mosey on over to the square and put a microphone into the crowd.

But while easily accessible, the action at Tahrir Square is not Egypt’s most important story. The most important, strategically consequential story is that Egypt is rapidly going broke. By the end of the year, the military dictatorship will likely not only default on Egypt’s loans. Field Marshal Tantawi and his deputies will almost certainly be unable to feed the Egyptian people.

Some raw statistics are in order here.

Among Egypt’s population of 80 million, some 32 million are illiterate. They engage in subsistence farming that is too inefficient to support them. Egypt needs to import half of its food.

As David Goldman, (aka Spengler), reported in Asia Times Online, in May the International Monetary Fund warned of the impending economic collapse of non-oil exporting Arab countries saying, “In the current baseline scenario the external financing needs of the region’s oil importers is projected to exceed $160 billion during 2011-13.” Goldman noted, “That’s almost three years’ worth of Egypt’s total annual imports as of 2010.”

Since Mubarak was overthrown in February, Egypt’s foreign currency reserves have plummeted from $36b. to $25b.-28b. Last month, Tantawi rejected an IMF loan offer of $3b., claiming he would not accept any conditions on the loans. Instead he accepted $4b. in loans from Saudi Arabia and another $2.34b. from the Gulf states.

And still, Egypt’s foreign currency reserves are being washed away. As Goldman explained, the problem is capital flight. Due in no small part to the protesters in Tahrir Square calling for the arrest of all those who did business with the former regime, Egypt’s wealthy and foreign investors are taking their money out of the country.

At the Arab Banking Summit in Rome last month, Jordan’s Finance Minister Mohammed Abu Hammour warned, “There is capital flight and $500 million a week is leaving the Arab world.”


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Israeli Contributions to America's Military

To all those skunks who claim Israel is a burden upon America, here are just a couple of instances in which Israel is a strategic, military and economic asset to America. And there are many, many more examples. These are people who think we should be more "evenhanded" in the Middle East, codespeak for dropping our alliance with Israel altogether.

Video: Israel Teaches US Marines Counter Terror
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
Follow Israel news on and .

The IDF has released a video of U.S. marines learning from Israelis. “We are learning new techniques. I love it. We want to come back,” says one marine. The video below shows Israelis teaching the Americans how to use the new made-in-Israel Tabor rifle.

The video is from a training exercise in Israel last year but was released this month in honor of American Independence Day.

“It’s always fun to learn something, even with the language barrier. You can’t beat it,” said an American. “We have strong relations with Israel, and we come over and improve them. It places a stronger bond between two allies.”

The U.S. Marines trained under the guidance of the IDF Counter Terrorism School, the unit responsible for training IDF forces in counter terrorism tactics and measures.

This past May, U.S. Army photographers traveled to Israel in order to take a “Combat Camera” course administered by the IDF, regarding various photo-taking techniques in the field during combat operations.


US Army using Israeli surveillance tech to protect troops
07/14/2011 05:21

Large hot-air balloons will be used to protect American soldiers deployed in operations. in Afghanistan.
Talkbacks ()
The United States Army began using Israeli reconnaissance equipment in Afghanistan this week with the delivery of three tactical aerostat systems – large hot-air balloons – that will be used to protect American soldiers deployed in operations.

The delivery this week was of three Skystar-180 tactical aerostat systems which the US Army said it intended to use to protect troops operating in southern Afghanistan. An additional three systems are scheduled for delivery in August.


The Skystar-180 is a small tactical aerostat system which carries an advanced electro-optical sensor called T-STAMP which is comprised of a daytime camera and a nighttime sensor providing an operator with 360° real-time coverage from altitudes up to 1,000 feet.

Once airborne, the payload is operated from a portable control unit displaying the real-time imagery and the exact coordinates of any object of interest.

The Skystar family has a target detection range of 4 kilometers from the balloon and can be assembled and launched within 15 minutes.

The Skystar-180 is towed into an area of operations by a light military vehicle and can be easily redeployed to alternate locations with a small crew of just two operators.

Skystar systems are in use by the IDF, Canadian Forces in Afghanistan, the Israeli police, and other militaries around the world for operations ranging from border protection, intelligence operations and homeland security.

The use of Israeli surveillance systems in Afghanistan is not new. In 2010, five NATO member countries were operating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) produced in the Jewish State in anti-Taliban operations, including Germany, Australia, Spain, France and Canada.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


If the fakestinians declare statehood in the UN then all bets are off. Israel should annex Judea and Samaria.

Palestine: EU bid to avoid UN vote on independence has failed

Today @ 09:27 CET

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Palestinian leaders have declared that an EU-led attempt to revive Arab-Israeli peace talks has failed, leading them to go full-speed ahead for UN recognition instead.

Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas made the statement in Ramallah on Tuesday (11 July) following a meeting with his Greek counterpart, President Karolos Papoulias.

East Jerusalem: control of the city, a holy place for Arabs and Jews, is at the centre of the conflict (Photo: Hadar)

"We will go to the United Nations and we hope the United States will not use its veto, but that we will go with its agreement ... The fact that there is no statement from the Quartet is a negative indication that there is deep division between them," he said.

His remarks come after the Quartet - the EU, Russia, the UN and the US - met on Monday in Washington at foreign minister level to establish parameters for new negotiations, such as the EU idea that a two-state solution should be based on borders before the 1967 war.

The Quartet did not issue a communique as expected.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obama Policies Encouraging Hezbollah Aggression Against Israel

I think Caroline is being far too diplomatic in describing Obama's motivations here. He is guided not simply by appeasement ideology but by his hostility toward Israel. And the administration hasn't refused to take sides but has essentially sided with hezbollah and Iran against Israel regarding the territorial waters which contain natural gas discoveries.

The path to the next Lebanon WarBy CAROLINE B. GLICK
The three lessons of the Second Lebanon War taught us to be wary of appeasers both here and in the US.

Five years ago this week, Iran’s Lebanese proxy opened war with Israel. The war lasted 34 days, during which Hezbollah launched more than 4,000 missiles against Israel. Now five years later, under US President Barack Obama, America is pushing a policy that drastically escalates the chance that a new war between Israel and Iran’s Lebanese army will break out again in the near future.

Back in 2006, Israel’s response to Hezbollah’s aggression was swift but incompetent. While Israel scored some blows against the Iranian proxy force, the war ended with Hezbollah still shooting. Israel failed to defeat the terror army. And because Hezbollah survived, it won the war.

This truth is exposed in all its ugliness by the political and military realities five years on. Today, Hezbollah is not simply in charge of Israel’s former security zone in South Lebanon.

It is in charge of all of Lebanon. The Hezbollah-controlled government controls all aspects of the Lebanese state that it wishes. These include the military, the telecommunications networks, and the international borders, airports and sea ports, among other things.

Today, Hezbollah has not merely refilled its depleted missile arsenals. It has tripled the size of its missile arsenals. In 2006, IAF strikes in the first 24 hours of the war knocked out all of Hezbollah’s long-range missiles. Today, not only have those stocks been replenished, Hezbollah’s arsenal includes missiles with ranges covering all of Israel, with larger payloads and many with guidance systems.

The lessons of the war are easy to see. And the Israeli public, which learned them five years ago, still hasn’t forgotten them.


Monday, July 11, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #321 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Esser Agaroth.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Dispute

I knew this was going to happen. As soon as I read about these gas discoveries I knew it wouldn’t be long before the arabs with the backing of the international community would try to take it away from Israel by claiming it wasn’t in her territorial waters. The global assault on Israel and its sovereignty is unending.

Via Israpundit:
U.S. backs Lebanon on maritime border dispute with Israel Amid rising tensions over gas reserves, Israel to submit proposal to UN on where maritime economic border with Lebanon should be over next few days; U.S. endorsed Lebanon’s proposal submitted to UN in August.
By Barak Ravid, HAARETZ

In the next few days Israel will submit to the United Nations its take on where its maritime economic border with Lebanon should be, as the two countries scramble for gas reserves estimated to be worth billions of dollars.

Israel’s position is due to be approved by the cabinet on Sunday; Jerusalem argues that Lebanon’s proposal includes major areas belonging to Israel.

Last August, Lebanon submitted to the United Nations its version of where the maritime border should be – the exclusive economic zone. In November, it submitted its version of its western border, with Cyprus.

The Lebanese proposal does not include the large Tamar and Leviathan gas prospects, operated by Delek Energy and U.S. company Noble Energy. But the National Infrastructure Ministry found that the proposal contains reserves with a potential value in the billions of dollars.

The Lebanese also sent their version to the United States, which conducted an expert review and endorsed the document. A senior Foreign Ministry official told Haaretz that the American diplomat in charge of the issue was Frederic Hof, who was responsible for Syria and Lebanon under the former U.S. special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell. Hof has kept the Israel-Lebanon brief despite Mitchell’s resignation two months ago.

In April, Hof began shuttling between Beirut and Jerusalem. A senior administration official told Haaretz that Hof’s main goal was to prevent the border from becoming a source of tension between Israel and Lebanon, which could give Hezbollah a pretext for targeting Israeli gas installations.

Beyond the political and diplomatic interest, the United States has an economic interest in keeping the parties calm, not least because American companies are involved in the search for gas an oil in Israel, Lebanon and Cyprus. Hof told his counterparts in Jerusalem that Israel should cooperate with setting the maritime border to prevent the creation of an “underwater Shaba Farms,” referring to a contested area on the Israel-Lebanon border.

The Foreign Ministry official said Israel had asked the Americans to relay a warning to Lebanon on the matter. Foreign Ministry officials told Hof that Israel would not allow a provocation on the matter or an attack on Israeli gas installations. They said Israel would consider such an attack an attack on its sovereign territory and would retaliate “strongly” against Lebanon.

Hof responded by suggesting that Israel submit to the United Nations its own outlook on the border and try to launch a dialogue. Hof asked Israel not to turn the issue into a political spat but to see it as an economic and technical matter that could benefit all parties.

Israel rejected indirect talks via the United Nations, calling on Lebanon to begin negotiations on all border issues, not just the maritime border. The foreign and infrastructure ministries believe that Lebanon is claiming vast offshore territories that belong to Israel under international law.

“It’s important to provide the UN with the Israeli version of the border as soon as possible, to react to Lebanon’s unilateral move,” a senior Foreign Ministry official told Haaretz. “Not responding could be interpreted as a tacit agreement. We must act fast to ensure Israel’s economic rights in these areas.”
Israel has become even more concerned about the positioning of the border after learning recently that a Norwegian company has begun searching for gas in the area. The search is due to be completed within months, and the Lebanese government hopes to use the findings to license international energy companies to probe areas that could be in Israel’s exclusive economic zone.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Reason for the Popularity of the Fakistinian Cause

The reason real humanitarian crises around the world are being neglected while the fakestinian cause captures the attention of the world has everything to do with Jew-hatred. It doesn't matter that the fakestinians are not suffering, that they are undeserving as well as lacking any legitimate claims to statehood. Yet their cause is considered the most paramount issue on the global agenda and they are the world's largest per capita welfare recipients.

Fresno Zionism:
Why the world loves the anti-Jews
Here’s something to think about over the weekend:

The Palestinian Authority is facing a budget crisis. It has reached its borrowing limit and has a 585 million dollar deficit. So naturally its leaders are asking the West for another handout…

But do “Palestinian People” really need billions more in aid? The World Bank report for 2011 found that only 16 percent of the West Bank under PA control was living below the poverty line.

How serious is a 16 percent poverty rate? It’s better than the poverty rate in Washington D.C. which hit 18.9 percent. That means that politicians in Washington D.C. are diverting money that could have been used to help needy Americans a few miles from their offices, to help the comparatively better off terrorist populations in the West Bank…

Last month the PA passed a law putting all imprisoned terrorists, even members of Hamas, on its payroll. Now the Palestinian Authority is having payroll problems and expects foreign donors to bail it out– so it can continue paying money to convicted murderers. — Daniel Greenfield, “The Palestinian Muslim Money Hole“

Read the article to find out what else your money is buying for the Palestinian Arabs.

Now, everyone knows that Greece, whose poverty rate is 20%, has suffered a massive economic crisis, and the harsh terms of its bailout are likely to push that number even higher. But after all, these are the Greeks, a real people in a real country, with a real, albeit struggling, economy.

Palestine, Greenfield suggests, has become a failed state before it’s been declared.

So the question is, why is it so important that these particular Arabs, who have given the world so much — airline hijacking, suicide bombings with rat-poison laced shrapnel, the Qassam rocket — should have a state of their own?

Indeed, why is it seen as an enormous problem that they presently do not have a state, since they turned down several past opportunities?


Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Attempt At Provocation Against Israel Stopped

It must be frustrating for the Jew-hating jihadists and leftists this summer. Plans to provoke Israel into a violent confrontation causing worldwide outrage against the Jewish state have failed to materialize. First the jihad flotilla fizzled thanks to the efforts of Greece and now attempts on the part of Israel-hating agitators from Europe to board planes flying into Ben Gurion airport have been thwarted. Israel not only has the right but the responsibility to keep out any foreigners who are only going there to cause trouble.

200 pro-Palestinian activists stopped from entering IsraelBy JPOST.COM STAFF
Paris activists refuse to leave terminal after airline blocks them from boarding flight; "flightilla" leader: "Charles de Gaulle Airport is under Israeli occupation"; police preparing for further arrivals at B-G airport.

Around 200 pro-Palestinian activists were denied entry to Israel or were prevented from boarding flights to the country as part of an "air flotilla," Israel Radio said on Friday.

Earlier Friday, fifty pro-Palestinian activists arrived at the Lufthansa terminal at Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport hoping to board a flight to Israel, and then refused to leave the terminal after they were denied from boarding the plane, according to Israel Radio.

The German airline refused to let them board the flight to Israel via Frankfurt after the activits' names appeard on a blacklist submitted by the Interior Ministry. The list detailed the names of activists which may potentially attempt to cause provocations.

Olivia Zemour, leader of the EuroPalestine organization that is arranging the "air flotilla," said that the blacklist includes names of 347 activists.

"Charles de Gaulle Airport is under Israeli occupation. We are peaceful people and have no interest in causing disorder at Ben Gurion Airport," Zemour was quoted by Israel Radio as saying.

Another activist at Paris's airport said that the activists will remain there until Lufthansa agrees to give them a signed documnet saying the airline refused to let them board flights to Israel.

In Geneva, EasyJet also refused to let 30 acitivists on board a flight to Israel.

Overnight Thursday, two pro-Palestinian American activists were denied entry to Israel after they landed at Ben Gurion Airport from Athens.

The two told border officials that they had originally planned to take part in the Gaza sea flotilla, but due to delays, they opted to join the "air flotilla."

As a result, authorities refused to grant them entry and the two were forced to return to Greece.

Authorities had decreased the amount of forces operating at the airport overnight Thursday after being notified that the number of pro-Palestinian activists set to arrive in the flotilla was smaller than initially expected. However, security forces were again increased early Friday morning in preparation for further arrivals expected throughout the day.

The Interior Ministry had told foreign airlines they were required under Israeli law to remove “pro-Palestinian radicals” from flights bound for Israel.

The ministry sent the letter in advance of the anticipated “Flightilla,” in which about 700 pro-Palestinian activists, mostly from Europe, were expected to arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport on Friday on routine flights throughout the day.

Already on Thursday, Malev Hungarian Airlines barred around 20 activists from boarding a flight from Paris to Budapest on the first leg of their journey to Tel Aviv, according to French activists involved in the “Welcome to Palestine” event on Friday.

A letter from the Interior Ministry to the airlines provided to The Jerusalem Post by the activists said that “due to statements of pro-Palestinian radicals to arrive on commercial flights from abroad to disrupt the order and confront security forces at friction points, it was decided to refuse their entry in accordance with our authority according to the Law of Entry to Israel 1952... In light of the above-mentioned, you are required not to board them on your flights to Israel. Failure to comply with this directive would result in a delay on the flight and their return on the same flight.”

Tovah Lazaroff, Herb Keinon, and Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Audacity of Dopes

A hilarious parody of the flotilla jihadists and their latest failed mission from the folks at Latma. This kind of ridicule, derision and scorn is exactly how these malcontents deserve to be treated.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fly-In Jihad

Thanks to Greece, the jihad flotilla to Gaza has been largely thwarted. However that has not stopped jihadists and left-wing jihad sympathizers to move forward with their relentless assault against Israel's sovereignty and existence. There are plans for these neo-nazis to fly into Israel to create trouble for the Jewish state. Europeans apparently don't have worthwhile lives since they are so obsessed with destroying Israel instead of bettering themselves.

Aharonovitch: Fly-in 'hooligan' activists will be deportedBy JPOST.COM STAFF
Public security minister sends clear message to pro-Palestinian activists set to arrive at B-G Airport: We won't allow public incitement.

Pro-Palestinian "hooligan" activists who will try to provoke and disturb the peace in the expected fly-in set for Ben-Gurion Airport on Friday will be turned back and deported to their home countries, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said on Tuesday.

"The same hooligans who tried to break the law and disrupt the peace will not be allowed into Israel and will return to their home countries," Aharonovitch said.

"In the coming days hundreds of radical activists from Europe are expected to arrive in order to cause provocations, to demonstrate illegally and to damage our legitimacy in our country," he continued.

"I want to make it clear that as a sovereign, democratic country, we will not allow public propaganda, incitement and illegal demonstrations to occur, not at the airport and not in any other place," Aharonovitch said.

He asked to make the message to the activists "clear and to the point - understand that your paths will not succeed and you will do good if you decide not to arrive in Israel. The state of Israel will be glad to host you as tourists, so you can see the country's beauty and its wonderful residents."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Europe's Irrational Hatred of Israel

European civilization may be dying and their countries going bankrupt, but they still find the time to obsess over anything to do with Israel. Let Europeans seethe with hatred of Israel all they want. Meanwhile Israel is getting stronger with a booming economy and being a world leader in science, technology and medicine. The Jewish state is even soon to emerge as a world power in energy production.

Pajamas Media:
Europeans Are Major Force Behind Second Gaza Flotilla

Posted By Soeren Kern On July 2, 2011 @ 4:36 pm In England,Europe,France,Germany,Greece,Spain,World News | 9 Comments

The so-called Freedom Flotilla 2, a convoy of about ten ships hoping to break an Israeli naval blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, has been off to an inauspicious start. With two vessels disabled due to alleged “sabotage” and other boats held up in a port in Athens by the Greek government, the flotilla will not set sail for at least another few days and may be called off altogether.
Whatever its fate, the flotilla has considerable public support in Europe, where opposition to Israel often crosses the line into anti-Semitism [1]. Although a handful of Americans, Canadians, and Middle Easterners (as well as a few Aussies and Kiwis) are among the 500 pro-Palestinian activists hoping to sail with the flotilla, the majority of its organizers, supporters and actual participants are from Europe, which has become “ground zero” in the global campaign of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.
The Gaza flotilla is, in fact, an integral part of a growing European movement to delegitimize the state of Israel [2]. It is rooted in the program of political warfare to achieve the “complete international isolation of Israel [3]” that was launched at the UN conference against racism in Durban, South Africa in 2001.
European charities linked to left-wing and pro-Palestinian causes have raised an estimated €10 million ($14.5 million) to fund the flotilla. Many European politicians and members of the European Parliament as well as media outlets have expressed strong support for it in public. The flotilla has been organized from Britain and the main operational hub is in Greece.
Eight out of the ten vessels comprising the flotilla are European. They include the “Dignity” and the “Louise Michel” from France, the “Saoirse” (Gaelic for freedom) from Ireland, the “Stefano Chiarini” from Italy, the “Guernica” from Spain, the “Juliano” from Sweden, and two Greek cargo ships carrying 3,000 tons of supplies. The two other ships are the “Tahrir” from Canada and “The Audacity of Hope” from the United States.
The European Freedom Flotilla [4] website has pooled information on flotilla campaigns in the various European countries. Some of these include: Belgium to Gaza [5], Free Gaza Denmark [6], Ship to Gaza Greece [7], Freedom Flotilla Italia [8], Ship to Gaza Netherlands [9], Ship to Gaza Norway [10], Free Gaza Scotland [11], Ship to Gaza Sweden [12], and so on.
Other pan-European groups directly or indirectly involved in the flotilla include the Brussels-based European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine [13], the London-based Palestinian Return Center [14], and the Oslo-based European Network to Support Rights of Palestinian Prisoners [15].
Britain has hosted much of the organizing apparatus of the flotilla, which is being coordinated out of London by Mohammad Sawalha [16], a senior Muslim Brotherhood operative closely linked to Hamas and who was granted asylum by Britain in 1990.
Sawalha — together with Zaher Birawi, another Hamas activist living in Britain — is a director of Britain2Gaza [17], a coalition of left-wing and Islamist organizations participating in the flotilla that includes groups like: the British Muslim Initiative, the Friends of Al-Aqsa [18], thePalestinian Forum in Britain [19], the Palestine Solidarity Campaign [20], and the Stop the War Coalition [21]. Sawalha is also the vice chairman of the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza [22], a British-based group that coordinates the Miles of Smiles land convoys to Gaza.
Britain is also home to the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign [23], the Palestine Solidarity Campaign [24] (which is working to “build a mass anti-Apartheid movement for Palestine”), Interpal [25], Freedom for Palestine [26], A Just Peace for Palestine [27], Stop Arming Israel [28], Oxford-Ramallah Friendship Association [29], Reading-Palestine Solidarity Campaign [30], Viva Palestina [31], Medical Aid for Palestinians [32], theScottish-Palestine Solidarity Campaign [33], and many more.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #320 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Frume Sarah.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Leftist/islamic Mob

Obama is subordinating American interests, policy and sovereignty to the global islamic/leftist lynch mob.

Unmasking the ‘international community’ By CAROLINE B. GLICK, JPOST

While emptily mouthing slogans of tolerance, adherents to the rule of the “international community” embrace the agenda of the most violent, intolerant, totalitarian forces in the world.

For many years, the Left in Israel and throughout the world has upheld the so-called “international community” as the arbiter of all things. From Israel’s right to exist to climate change, from American world leadership to genetically modified crops, the Left has maintained that the “international community” is the only body qualified to judge the truth, lawfulness, goodness and justice of all things.

Most of those who uphold this view see the United Nations as the embodiment of the “international community.”

US President Barack Obama has repeatedly made clear that his chief litmus test for the viability or desirability of a foreign policy is the support it garners in UN institutions.

Obama is so averse to acting against the will of the UN that he is trying to strong-arm Israel into making suicidal concessions to the Hamas-dominated Palestinian Authority. Obama claims that if Israel agrees to accept indefensible borders, then he will be able to convince the Palestinians not to ask the UN to endorse Palestinian sovereignty in September. Since the success of the Palestinian initiative is entirely dependent on the US Security Council veto, by acting as he is, Obama is showing that he prefers sacrificing Israel’s future viability as a nation-state to standing up to the “will of the international community” as embodied by the UN.

Furthermore, in a bid to maintain faith with the UN Security Council resolution permitting the use of force in Libya to protect civilians, Obama has refused to articulate a clear goal for the US military involvement in Libya. The fact that the Security Council resolution essentially dooms NATO’s military intervention to strategic incoherence stalemate that can lead to the break-up of Libya is unimportant to the US president.

The only thing that is important is that the US abides by the limitations dictated by the UN Security Council resolution.

As to Libya, Obama’s decision to send US forces to Libya without congressional permission makes clear that from his perspective, the UN Security Council, rather than the US Congress, is the source of authority for US military action. To the extent that Congress calls for the president to act in a manner that is contrary to the UN Security Council, as far as Obama is concerned, it is the duty of the president to disregard Congress and obey the Security Council.

GIVEN THE totemic stature of the UN in the minds of the American president and the international Left, it is worth considering its nature.

A glance at UN affairs in recent days is revealing.

Last week UN members elected Qatar President of the General Assembly and Iran one of the body’s vice presidents. Both countries’ representatives will use their platform to advance their regimes’ anti-American, anti-Israel and anti-Western agendas.


Friday, July 1, 2011

School Enforcement of Islamic Supremacism

Non-muslim students, in an act of defiance, should just enter the cafeteria during these islamic prayer times. It is reprehensible that a public school cafeteria would essentially be turned into a mosque and that non-muslim students would be forbidden to enter. What will it take for westerners to revolt against the imposition of islamic supremacism on our societies? This was in Canada but you can be sure it is coming here.

Blazing Cat Fur:
Islamic Ritual Prayer Conducted At Toronto District School Board Middle School

I received this e-mail from Mark Harding. I phoned Valley Park Middle School, who in a panic directed me to call the TDSB directly. The TDSB "Communications Dept." is so far incommunicado -they are away at a meeting.

"Islamic ritual prayers are done in my 13 year old daughter's middle school on every Friday.

Every Friday my daughter's school cafeteria changes into a mosque as dozens of Muslim boys and their imams (Islamic preachers) lead Islamic ritual prayers and no one else can even walk through the cafeteria.

Some imams (Islamic preachers) come from the outside of the school and lead Muslim students in the Islamic prayer and this happens at the school Cafeteria after the lunch on Fridays. All other non-Muslims are in classes in the afternoon when they are using the cafeteria as mosque. There is a mosque nearby but the Muslim kids pray in the school

School administration take part preparing the Cafeteria and making it into mosque every Friday and no one but Muslims can use the Cafeteria during the Islamic prayers on Friday.

And there are a number of other incidents involving Islam and other anti-Christian issues that I complained about, including a white convert to Islam who was a supply teacher and who openly promoted Islam and bashed Christianity last year!"