Monday, October 31, 2011

Smearing Herman Cain

These allegations against Herman Cain are contrived BS. Meanwhile there is a book out about how terrible women in the Obama administration have been treated and it has received no publicity from the bias media.

The liberal media and democrats are terrified of a strong black conservative just as they are terrified of strong conservative women. We saw this in the treatment of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. The left succeeded in derailing their chances, now it's Herman Cain's turn. If a woman or black Republican candidate were to be the nominee, this may cause a huge base of democrat voters to shift over to the Republicans next year.

Obama cannot run on his record given the economic mess and the further mess he created in the Middle East. So the strategy is to make the voters fear and or dislike the GOP candidate more than Obama so that they will reelect Obama by default.

UNICEF Money Going to Aid Jihad

UNICEF masquerade's as an organization dedicated to helping poor children around the world. But it has been hijacked by jihadists who use the money to indoctrinate children to hatred and genocide against Jews.

It's Halloween! No Money for UNICEF Jihad

This Halloween PLEASE DON'T GIVE ANY MONEY TO UNICEF !! Yid with Lid

On Sunday, millions of children across America will be putting on their scariest costumes and going door to door asking for candy. Its that Halloween time of the year again. Whether you are a parent or not, or whether your children go "trick or treating" or not, I guarantee that your house is going to be swarmed by lots of little ghosts, goblins, spider-men and Teletubbies. Many of the visitors will be carrying the little orange UNICEF boxes. But please rembember when you see them give up the candy, but please DON'T GIVE ANY MONEY TO UNICEF !!

UNICEF money goes to things like Palestinian Summer Camps that train kids to be Homicide Bombers, Production of Anti-Semitic literature, it is trying to stop inter-country adoptions of kids in Guatemalan orphanages, it has written materials praising the oppressive north Korean regime, and created anti-Semitic advertising. In short your pennies are being used to support terror and hatred.
Don't blame the little kids just refuse politely--they are totally unaware as is their parents. Give them an extra Kit-Kat bar and send them on their merry way. The world will be better off.

For example, here is a recent example from this past March.


Obama's Libya Fiasco

The First African-American president helps bring jihadists to power in Libya who torture, mutilate and murder black Africans.

Atlas Shrugs:

Obama's War: Post-Qaddafi Libyan Retribution *GRAPHIC*from Atlas Shrugs by Pamela GellerObama and his proxy, NATO, ended airstrikes in Libya after Qaddafi's brutal sodomy and murder by pro-sharia jihadists. Obama has maintained air patrols. The seventh-month billion-dollar campaign destroyed 5,900 military targets through 9,600 strike sorties. 30,000 shoulder-to-arm missiles have been looted, many showing up in the hands of the Jew-hating ghazis in Gaza. So what has Obama's war wrought?

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO. You have been warned.


UN Votes to Make "palestine" Full Member of UNESCO

Fittingly on Halloween the ghouls, monsters and vampires in the UN have voted for the terror entity of "palestine" to become a full-fledged member of UNESCO. It's time to cut the UN off. No American taxpayer money for annihlationists.

Palestine becomes member of UN cultural body Associated Press PARIS (AP) — Palestine became a full member of the U.N. Cultural and educational agency Monday, in a highly divisive move that the United States and other opponents say could harm renewed Mideast peace efforts.

U.S. Lawmakers had threatened to withhold roughly $80 million in annual funding to UNESCO if it approved Palestinian membership. The United States provides about 22 percent of UNESCO's funding.

Huge cheers went up in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization after delegates approved the membership in a vote of 107-14 with 52 abstentions. Eighty-one votes were needed for approval in a hall with 173 UNESCO member delegations present.

"Long Live Palestine!" shouted one delegate, in French, at the unusually tense and dramatic meeting of UNESCO's General Conference.

While the vote has large symbolic meaning, the issue of borders of an eventual Palestinian state, security troubles and other disputes that have thwarted Middle East peace for decades remain unresolved.

Palestinian officials are seeking full membership in the United Nations, but that effort is still under examination and the U.S. Has said it will veto it unless there is a peace deal with Israel. Given that, the Palestinians separately sought membership at Paris-based UNESCO and other U.N. Bodies.

Monday's vote is definitive. The membership formally takes effect when Palestine signs UNESCO's founding charter.

The U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO, David Killion, said Monday's vote will "complicate" U.S. Efforts to support the agency. The United States voted against the measure.

Israel's ambassador to UNESCO, Nimrod Barkan, called the vote a tragedy.

"UNESCO deals in science, not science fiction," he said. "They forced on UNESCO a political subject out of its competence."

"They've forced a drastic cut in contributions to the organization," he said.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton last week called UNESCO's deliberation "inexplicable," saying discussion of Palestinian membership in international organizations couldn't replace negotiations with Israel as a fast-track toward Palestinian independence

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bibi Won't Stand Up to Obama

My feeling is that the so-called “palestinians” have no right to a damn thing from the Jewish state. Let their arab brethren accept them into their own countries where land is plentiful. That is what the west should be demanding. The west should be demanding that the arab countries absorb them. That is the only real solution.

As for Abe Foxman, we will not be silent regarding Obama’s anti-Israel policies. It has become clear that the ADL’s agenda under Foxman has been more about shilling for the democrat party rather than as a Jewish advocacy group.

Obama holds Netanyahu at “gunpoint”
By Ted Belman

Before forming the present government PM Netanyahu stood for the following

- no two state solution
- no Shalit trade as was then being negotiated
- no construction freeze and
- no presentation of an Israeli plan for its borders
Since taking office he violated all these supposed redlines. He gave a speech in which he accepted “two states for two peoples”. He made the Shalit trade he previously had opposed. He imposed a 10 month freeze for nothing in return and in many ways imposed a de facto freeze.

And now, it appears he has agreed to present, “comprehensive proposals” for resolving key aspects of conflict within three months.

By agreeing to this and not rejecting the peace process, Israel is accepting negotiations which aim to bridge the gap. Netanyahu has thus crossed another redline.

Netanyahu inherited the Shalit negotiations and once complained that he was dealt a lousy hand as though he couldn’t have started all over again. Similarly, he is not prepared to start all over again on peace negotiations and is prepared to play with the hand he was dealt. It too is a lousy hand.

By Netanyahu formally agreeing to present such proposals, he confirms that he is following Olmert and Barak. This is something Bibi has repeatedly said he would not do just as he has always said he is against the Shalit deal.

This goes way beyond playing rope-a-dope to buy time. This shows a seriousness about negotiations and an intention to really negotiate along the dictates of Obama and his proxy, the Quartet.

Netanyahu has to ask for more than he expects to get, yet on the other hand, if he asks for too much the Quartet will say he is not serious and penalize him/Israel for it. Not for a moment, do I believe that this was his idea or that he willingly went along.

The article Knesset visitor blasts Obama and Netanyahu advises that MK Eldad accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of buckling under intense pressure from President Barack Obama, who wants to prevent any Israeli retaliation against the Palestinian Authority in its bid to win recognition as a state from the United Nations.

He (Eldad) charged that Obama was holding Netanyahu “at gunpoint” – the gun being the U.S. threat to go back on its promise to veto the Palestinian statehood bid in the UN Security Council.

Specifically, Obama has demanded that Netanyahu and Israel’s supporters in the United States pressure Congress to abort two pending resolutions to penalize the Palestinian Authority (PA) if it pursues its bid, Eldad claimed.

One would shut off U.S. aid funds to the Palestinians and a second would support Israel’s right to annex the West Bank. The legal justification for such actions, cited by many Israeli officials, would be that the unilateral statehood request would be a direct violation of the 1993 Oslo Accords.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Muslims Complain About Presence of Catholic Symbols at Catholic University

Of course it makes no sense to choose to go to a Catholic university and then complain of the presence of crosses and other Catholic symbols. That is what you would expect to see in a Catholic college. Unless of course the true purpose of these muslim students is to turn this Catholic university stealthily into an islamic one. Just as it makes no sense for muslim immigrants to leave their sharia ruled homelands only to come to western countries to establish sharia enclaves. That is unless, of course, their very purpose for coming is not for a better life and freedom, but as hostile invaders out to transform our western democracies into islamic states.

Muslims Want Catholic School to Provide Room Without Crosses
Catholic University has been accused of violating the human rights of Muslim students by not allowing them to form a Muslim student group and by not providing them rooms without Christian symbols for their daily prayers, according to a complaint filed with the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights.

The 60-page complaint said Muslim students “must perform their prayers surrounded by symbols of Catholicism – e.g., a wooden crucifix, paintings of Jesus, pictures of priests and theologians which many Muslim students find inappropriate.”

Patrick Reilly, the president of the Cardinal Newman Society, an organization that promotes Catholic identity among Catholic schools, seemed stunned by the complaint.

“I don’t know what the attorney wants them to do – if he wants them to actually move the Basilica or if the Muslim students can find someplace where they don’t have to look at it,” he told Fox News. Catholic University, he said, is a Catholic institution.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Former Soviet Confronts Clueless OWS Socialists

You must watch this. An emigre from the former Soviet Union confronts #OWS protesters. The level of ignorance of these protesters is astounding.
Perhaps the young guy could be forgiven for his extreme ignorance, since the colleges and universities teach a revisionist version of history. He actually told this guy that he must have been one of the wealthy that were kicked out of the Soviet Union because he was robbing the people. The two senior citizens however, ought to know better. Imagine telling this Soviet emigre who experienced life under communism, that he is the one that "doesn't know shit". And the woman actually claimed that people in North Korea are better off than people in South Korea! Are these people for real? How is it that more than 20 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, and the spectacular failure of communism revealed, that this issue is still open to debate?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ohio Campus to Accommodate islamic Supremacist Demand for Footbaths

So since ritual washing of the feet is only a one time a day requirement, this can be done in private at home before or after classes just as the prayers can.

Doesn't the university understand that they are being suckered into imposing islam upon non-muslim students? This holds true for any college or business that allows islamic prayer and installs footbaths.

Atlas Shrugs:

Muslim students push for ritual sinks on campus The Independent Collegian

When Omar Subei would perform wudu, the Islamic cleansing ritual before praying, he often felt uncomfortable when other people would walk into a public bathroom on and see him putting his foot over the sink.

"You have to raise your foot and put it on the sink and as you're taking your foot off the sink, your leg is dripping water," Subei said, a senior majoring in biochemistry.

Wudu involves an individual washing their hands, feet and face before engaging in prayer. They must perform the ritual one of the five times they pray during the day.

Subei said Muslims felt this was disrespectful to non-Muslims and the watery mess left over on the sinks would leave a bad impression on how non-Muslims saw them.

To solve this, Subei and other Muslims have been looking to install a small sink that would allow them to perform wudu cleanly.

Legislation was passed by Student Government to install the new sinks on the third floor of the Student Union near the Muslim Prayer room Tuesday.

The legislation states that two small sinks with drains at the bottom would be installed in both the men and women's restrooms. It calls for construction during winter break with the sinks completed by spring 2011.

Student Government President Matt Rubin said he was working with Tom Trimble, former director of the Student Union, to install these sinks.

"We noticed that paper towels were always running out and still [are]," Rubin said regarding the bathrooms on the third floor of the Student Union.

An extra dispenser was installed, but Rubin said this still was not accommodating.

"We've been asking so many questions about it and trying to find out what to do. We worked with Tom Trimble last fall to try to find ways to do it but there wasn't enough money," Rubin said.

Subei is not sure how much the project costs, but said he is first trying to get the plan finalized before costs are calculated.

Subei said this is something Muslim students have been wanting for a long time.

JStreet Attacks Pro-Israel Jews

JStreet is at it again, blatantly lying that they represent the viewpoints of Jewish Americans and attacking Jewish supporters of Israel. .

Majority of Jewish Americans Support J Street’s Views, Not ECI’s says

This is certainly a crock. Did JStreet poll their own members to come to such an absurd conclusion?

There’s a part of our community – represented by the Emergency Committee for Israel – whose supporters led the charge to war in Iraq, who ally with the Christian Zionist movement, and who affiliate with the Tea Party.

And thank G-d we have them to counter the anti-Israel, pro-jihadist JStreet.

This part of the community sees nothing wrong with unlimited settlement expansion and no need to actively pursue a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

There is nothing wrong with Jews living anywhere in their own homeland and opposing the creation of another genocidal islamic terror state.

There’s another part of our community – for which J Street speaks – that believes that Israel’s security and survival depends on ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a two-state solution and that is deeply committed to American leadership in helping that to happen. We think settlement expansion is wrong, demonization and slander of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims should be condemned, and that core Jewish values argue for reaching a just and peaceful two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We don’t equate love of Israel with support for the policies of its government – particularly when those policies are damaging to Israeli and American interests and counter to basic Jewish and democratic values.

Why no condemnation from JStreet of the hatred, slander and demonization of Jews and Israel by fakestinians in their media, mosques and schools? Israel’s security and survival depends upon preventing the creation of another genocidal, Jew-hating, jihadist state.

To JStreet, Jewish self-defense is right wing extremism and an obstacle to "peace". In the name of "peace" JStreet advises the Jews of Israel to willingly march into the gas chambers again.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LA Times Acts as Useful Idiot for Jihad

The LA Times' McManus whitewashes the danger presented by the muslim brotherhood.

Many of the Islamists aren’t liberal pluralists at heart. They want Islam to be their countries’ official religion. They want some form of Sharia to be the basis of civil law. They don’t like Israel, and they don’t like U.S. policy on Israel.

All that has made many Americans identify the Islamists as an outcome to the revolutions that we can’t live with. Some members of Congress have suggested that U.S. aid to Egypt be cut off if the Muslim Brotherhood wins a majority in the country’s parliament.

But there are three problems with that kind of thinking: The Islamists are a legitimate political force, they’re likely to win in free elections, and they’re not going away.

Then we should have no relations with these countries.

The new Arab democracies have Islamist parties for much the same reason that Israel has Jewish religious parties and Italy has a conservative Catholic party: Some voters want to see their religious beliefs reflected in their country’s politics. In the United States, though they don’t have a separate party, many Christian conservatives might embrace that sentiment too.

Another revolting moral equivalence. There is no comparison between the totalitarianism of islamic law and Jewish parties in Israel and Catholic parties in Italy.

The problem with Islamists, unlike those other religious politicians, is that in some places, when they have gained power, they have shut democracy down, denying secular parties a chance to compete. That’s what happened in Iran. But in Turkey and Iraq, it hasn’t.

Thousands of Christians have had to flee Iraq. The ruling Turkish AKP islamic party has cracked down on the opposition and imprisoned members of the secular armed forces on trumped-up charges.

And there’s broader evidence that over the long run, Islamic parties aren’t the threat to democracy that many believe. Two researchers at the University of North Carolina, Charles Kurzman and Ijlal Naqvi, have studied 160 elections in the Muslim world in which Islamist parties competed. They found that Islamists tended to score highest in “breakthrough” elections, the first votes held after a revolution. But after that, secular parties tended to gain strength.

“In general, the more routine elections become, the worse Islamic parties do,” they found. “In those Muslim-majority countries where elections were freest, Islamic parties performed worse.”

Moreover, they found that over time Islamic parties often liberalize in order to win support from more moderate voters. That may already be happening in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood has said that it believes non-Islamist groups, including Christians, should get a voice in writing a new constitution, and where the leader of one major Islamist faction has called for a new and more tolerant “Islamic liberalism.”

Egypt’s Ibrahim, for one, believes the practice of democracy could temper the Islamists’ ideology. “The only way the Islamists can gain legitimacy is to turn into democrats,” he said. “We should give them a chance.”

Is the LA Times actually falling for such an absurd claim that the muslim brotherhood wants Christians to have a voice? Is that why the Coptics are being increasingly persecuted? “islamic liberalism” is a contradiction in terms. This Ibrahim is certainly playing the LA Times like a fiddle and getting the paper to act as useful idiots for the jihadists. Read the rest

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The World's Hypocritical Stance Toward Israel

There are countries which have obtained territory through wars of aggression but are not being required to return those territories to those they stole it from. Yet Israel acquired territory through a war of self-defense and yet is being told by the “international community” that it must surrender that territory to an invented people who it never belonged to in the first place for the purpose of creating a 22nd arab state. The Kurds have a far greater claim to statehood, but the “international community” does not recognize their claims and sides with Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq in putting down Kurdish freedom fighters.

The “international community” is antisemetic Stephen Kruger, a lawyer, wrote a major article about National interests and territorial integrity in which he deals with two-state solutions which are routinely rejected in the world except when it comes to Israel. After writing how such a solution is a non-starter in the rest of the world he writes,

Denial of Jewish sovereignty

Creation of a “Palestine” was made possible by denial, by the government of Israel, of Jewish sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and Aza. Denial created the condition precedent for entry of some other sovereignty there.

A population was needed. Creation of “Palestinians” was made possible by denial, by the government of Israel, of the right of Jews to live everywhere in the Land of Israel.

Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi and Jordanian Arabs live in Judea and Samaria. Egyptian Arabs live in Aza. Joan Peters, From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine (1984). The government of Israel connived with those Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Jordanian and Egyptian Arabs to apply to them the label “Palestinians,” a term which theretofore never connoted a national identity. With further connivance of the government of Israel, those Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Jordanian and Egyptian Arabs manufactured the potential other sovereignty of “Palestine Authority.”

Like a Dr. Frankenstein, the government of Israel engendered the monster of “Palestine.” That monster, through “Palestinians,” turned and wreaked vengeance on its creator. Vengeance included thousands of murders of civilian Jews at the hands of Arabs; thousands of killings of military-service Jews at the hands of Arabs. Unlike the fictional monster, the Arab monster will express no remorse, and will not immolate itself.


The Absurdity of the Shalit Deal

While Israeli leaders are willing to endanger the entire country by releasing a thousand terrorists to rescue a single soldier, why is it that these same soldiers are sent into combat with rules of engagement which put their lives at risk in order to spare the lives of enemy civilians? Why is it that it is unacceptable to sacrifice an Israeli soldier for the greater good of the nation, however its ok to sacrifice their lives to save enemy civilians in Gaza or Lebanon?

Greenfield gets to the heart of the Shalit matter [This is a very insightful analysis. I totally endorse it and wish I could have written it. Ted Belman]

No Victory But Defeat

By Daniel Greenfield

The most common justification for the Shalit deal is to wear it as a perverse badge of moral nobility. “What other country would exchange a thousand terrorists for one man.” This is a close cousin of the argument that says the United States treating terrorists with kid gloves proves that it is nobler than them. Both of these insufferable arguments are symptoms of the moral decline of civilization.

If the life of a single soldier is more important than the battle, then why have battles or soldiers at all? We don’t send soldiers out to fight because we think that their lives are worthless, but because the objective of war is to save even more lives than those that will be lost in fighting it. Or to preserve that liberty and independence from enemy oppression which are the qualities that make life worthwhile.

There is nothing to be proud of in a moral confusion that puts the soldier before the battle. Even less in a country whose commanders and politicians think nothing of sacrificing soldiers in order to preserve the lives of enemy civilians. [I have often written to this effect. TB]

All the kvelling over Gilad Shalit would be a trifle less dishonest if the pundits, politicians and generals did not believe that sending a dozen boys like Shalit into battle without air and artillery support to avoid harming enemy civilians was also evidence of moral superiority.

If the moral equations say that the life of Gilad Shalit is worth a major national defeat and that the life of a Gilad Shalit is worth less than that of an enemy civilian, then it’s no wonder that the terrorists are thriving. Israel’s own idiot elites have laid out a formula under which the IDF must lose every battle to preserve the nation’s morality. It’s Masada as practiced by left-wing lunatics.

This peacenik logic makes it appearance at rallies protesting against terrorism when someone breaks out into another round of, “Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu”, to show that we really want peace. Whom do we want peace with? The people killing us. The people we are protesting against. But like teachers’ pets we have to keep reminding the teacher that we really are good students.

Armed pacifism is a contradiction in terms. Reluctant warriors who believe that peace is the ideal state are forced to blame the lack of peace on someone else. “We would love to put flowers in our guns and let the birds nest in our cannons, but those people over there keep shooting at us.” It’s true, but it’s also besides the point. Expediency is a weak and unconvincing argument against an ideal.

If you view war as an unfortunate response to violence, while the enemy views war as a moral act– then the moral weight of the argument will always be on their side.


References to islam Removed From Terror Training Manuals

We have insane people running our government and they are a clear and present
danger to the American people. How can you defend against a threat when you
refuse to even acknowledge what motivates those who attack America?

There is no such distinction between "islamist extremism", and islam. Certainly muslims make no distinction. And islamist is not even a real word, but a western invented term that politically correct western politicians and pundits hide behind as a way to avoid criticizing islam itself. They would be called names such as "islamophobe" if they did so.

Obama administration pulls references to Islam from terror training materials, official says
Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole confirmed on Wednesday that the Obama administration was pulling back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive.

“I recently directed all components of the Department of Justice to re-evaluate their training efforts in a range of areas, from community outreach to national security,” Cole told a panel at the George Washington University law school.

The move comes after complaints from advocacy organizations including the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and others identified as Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the 2004 Holy Land Foundation terror fundraising trial.

In a Wednesday Los Angeles Times op-ed, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) president Salam al-Marayati threatened the FBI with a total cutoff of cooperation between American Muslims and law enforcement if the agency failed to revise its law enforcement training materials.

Maintaining the training materials in their current state “will undermine the relationship between law enforcement and the Muslim American community,” al-Marayati wrote.

Multiple online sources detail MPAC’s close alignment with CAIR.

In his op-ed, Al-Marayati demanded that the Justice Department and the FBI “issue a clear and unequivocal apology to the Muslim American community” and “establish a thorough and transparent vetting process in selecting its trainers and materials.”

Specifically, al-Marayati called for a new “interagency task force” to review the training materials — a task force including representatives of the Islamist organizations the FBI is tasked with monitoring.

Some believe the Obama administration’s Justice Department will go even further.

“The Attorney General has announced what sounds like reprogramming if they find people who have actually received training” that Islamist groups find objectionable, Center for Security Policy president Frank Gaffney told The Daily Caller. Gaffney is co-author of a report, published by the Center, titled “Sharia: The Threat to America.”

Dwight C. Holton, the U.S. Attorney in Oregon said he had spoken with Holder directly about the issue of the terror training materials. Holton is the federal prosecutor who announced the arrest of so-called “Christmas tree bomber” Mohamed Osman Mohamud in 2010. That announcement made no mention of Mohamud’s Muslim faith.

“I want to be perfectly clear about this: training materials that portray Islam as a religion of violence or with a tendency towards violence are wrong, they are offensive, and they are contrary to everything that this president, this attorney general and Department of Justice stands for,” Holton said Wednesday. “They will not be tolerated.”

Such training materials “pose a significant threat to national security, because they play into the false narrative propagated by terrorists that the United States is at war with Islam,” he added.

In a Sept. 12 letter to White House counterterrorism chief John Brennan in September, Democratic Senate Homeland Security committee chair Joe Lieberman and ranking Republican member Susan Collins called for “meaningful standards” to govern counterterrorism training materials.

“Proper training about violent Islamist extremism is absolutely essential for our law enforcement personnel in order to empower them to identify and understand this grave threat, and then protect the American people from it,” the senators wrote. “Part of this training must be an understanding of the clear and profound difference between Islamist extremism, which is a totalitarian political ideology that is at war with us, and Islam, which is a religion practiced by more than a billion people around the world, including millions of law-abiding and loyal Americans.”

FBI analyst William Gawthrup is one of several experts on Islam whose training materials arouse the ire of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups. At the beginning of a videotaped presentation showing one of his training modules, Gawthrup makes exactly the same distinction demanded by Sen. Lieberman. The video was published online in June.

“Understand that what we are going to be doing is looking at Islam as an ideology, not as a religion,” Gawthrup says in the video.

“What’s the difference? Religion is man’s relationship to his deity. In the United States, we protect it under the first amendment. We’re going to set it aside. We are not going to discuss religion. We are going to discuss Islam as an ideology — man’s relationship to other men.”

Obama Policies Leading to Arab Annihilationist War Against Israel

I do not believe that it is by accident or incompetence that Obama administration policies in the Middle East have, at every turn, empowered the jihadists to rule their respective countries and thus placing Israel in greater peril.

Gaffney: Rise of Sharia Law Will Bring War to the Middle East
Monday, 24 Oct 2011 06:56 PM

By Martin Gould and Kathleen Walter

More ways to share... Mixx Stumbled LinkedIn Vine Buzzflash Reddit Delicious Newstrust Technocrati Share: More . . . A A | Email Us | Print | Forward Article 13
inShare inShare13 War is on its way in the Middle East as Muslim countries are determined to force a showdown over the future of Israel, Ronald Reagan’s assistant defense secretary Frank Gaffney warned in an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview.

“I’m afraid there’s a war coming, a very serious, perhaps cataclysmic regional war,” he said. “It will be presumably over, at least in part, the future existence of the state of Israel. It may involve all of its neighbors, as they have in the past, attacking Israel to try, as they say, to drive the Jews into the sea.

“It may involve the use of nuclear weapons,” Gaffney predicted. “But whatever form it takes and whenever it occurs, it is unlikely to be contained to that region, and we must do everything we can to prevent freedom’s enemies from thinking they have an opportunity to engage in that kind of warfare.”

That means standing “absolutely, unmistakably” as one with Israel and doing everything to prevent Iran getting its hands on nuclear weapons.

Gaffney, who now heads up the nonprofit Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., was speaking on the day that the “moderate” Islamist party Ennahda claimed victory at the ballot box in Tunisia and the day after Libya’s new rulers declared that country will be run on Islamic principles and under Sharia law.


See also: The Jihadist Vision of Tunisia's New `Democratic' Leader

Monday, October 24, 2011

France 2 Slanders Israel Again

France 2, which orchestrated the al dura hoax, creates a propaganda film slandering Israel with more vicious lies to promote a fakestinian terror state. Since the station is state owned, this incitement against the Jewish state should be considered the policy of the French government.

American Thinker:
France 2 TV Markets a 'Palestinian State'
By Nidra Poller

Eleven years after the al Dura hoax -- produced and broadcast by state-owned France 2 TV -- the same outfit treats us to a ludicrously staged Palestinian State promotional film. Was the 2½ -hour "documentary" aired on October 3 in the geopolitical magazine Un �"il sur la planète (an eye on the world), a chef d'oeuvre in the campaign to destroy the Jewish State or a last gasp of shopworn Palestinianism1?
Looking at the world through keffieh-colored glasses, MC Etienne Leenhardt disingenuously asks: "Is the creation of a Palestinian state still possible?" First stop, Ramallah. Chic, modern, bustling with business and a humming bureaucracy that maintains law and order...everything you need to make a state. How did Ramallah get so shiny and peaceful? What keeps it from tumbling into the maw of the Islamists who rule Gaza? Who is financing its prosperity, and what does the "wall" have to do with it? Don't ask. Leenhardt and cohorts know why the Palestinians don't have the state they've been yearning for since the days of Adam and Eve: it's because the cruel, heartless, murderous, land-grabbing, gun-slinging Israelis colonize their land!
One brief scene sums it up. A Palestinian in the West Bank (Judea-Samaria) points to a clump of trees in the near distance and laments: "You see that fertile land over there? That's what the colonists [Israelis] took for themselves. They left us this arid stuff."
The indictment builds and incriminates. The Israelis/Jews stole the land, siphon off the water, erect a wall between a man and his fields, expropriate the very holiness, and, one could assume, took all the fertile intelligence for themselves, colonizing the Nobel prizes and leaving the Palestinians with nothing but bile.
Actually, this docu-hoax could be used to help the Zionist cause. It is so grotesque, so crudely fabricated, so false and so dishonest that it sheds light on the subtle twists of more sophisticated products that weave their way through public discourse, gradually bending minds and condoning atrocities. We who have been working tirelessly to expose the Mohamed al Dura hoax can take some comfort in observing that this long-drawn out genocidal hate speech exercise doesn't seem to have the electrifying effect of the September 2000 blood libel. Unfortunately, this does not rule out a potential increase in thuggery against French Jews.
Intuitively avoiding the fact-check trap, I followed the film without noting one by one the lies, fibs, half-truths, distortions, misconceptions, and twists that would have distracted from a cogent analysis of the overall enterprise. The five-part broadcast, presented as the work of globetrotting reporters who gathered the facts at ground level, was a total fabrication -- so much so that Uzi Landau, granted a short minute to say that no sovereign nation would give free rein to an entity determined to exterminate it, seemed unreal, even when you know him personally.

Afghans Would Side With Pakistan Against America

Why are our soldiers dying for these people? And what does Walt, Mearsheimer and the rest of the bilge who lie about America fighting wars for Israel, have to say about Americans fighting and dying in wars to help muslims who, when push comes to shove, would side with their fellow muslims in a war against us?

Afghanistan would side with Pakistan in war with US, says Hamid Karzai

President says Afghans 'will never betray their brother' in TV interview aired days after Kabul visit by Hillary Clinton Guardian

The Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, has said he would side with Pakistan in the event of war with the US in a surprising political twist that is likely to disconcert his western allies.

"If there is war between Pakistan and America, we will stand by Pakistan," Karzai said in a television interview. He put his hand on his heart and described Pakistan as a "brother" country.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jihadists at Occupy Wall Street

I wonder if the democrat party and liberals are proud to be aligned with communists, nazis and jihadists? But then again, the "progressives" have a history of enabling evil; whether it be hitler, stalin, mao, pol pot, castro etc.

Here we see signs inciting murder. While liberals and the media have spread lies accusing the tea party of inciting violence, they ignore this.

Muslim Brotherhood Hamas-Linked CAIR's Anti-American Prayers
at #Occupy Wall Street

Hyatt Succumbs to CAIR Demand to Cancel Tea Party Event Featuring Geller

The Hyatt finds it ok for Iran's genocidal dictator to stay at its hotel, but finds it objectionable for Pam Geller to speak there.

Hyatt quislings cave to Islamic supremacists
Posted: October 20, 2011
3:26 pm Eastern

© 2011
Free speech, the cornerstone of our constitutional republic, is in serious jeopardy. Under the Shariah, criticism of Islam is blasphemy (punishable by death in Muslims countries living under the Shariah). This is the death of free speech in the continuing Islamization of America, as I saw vividly Tuesday night when I spoke in Houston, Texas. But free people and free speech ultimately prevailed, despite the best efforts of Islamic supremacists to crush them. Hyatt's cancellation of a tea-party event at which I was to speak, and the reaction of freedom lovers to it, best illustrates why I wrote my book "Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance": to show what Islamic supremacists are doing in America today, and how we must fight back.

I was scheduled to speak Tuesday evening for the Sugar Land Tea Party at the Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land. But Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) thugs intimidated the hotel where the event was scheduled to take place into canceling the event altogether. Giving Tea Party organizers little time to find a new venue, the Hyatt Place in Sugar Land caved to Islamic pressure and agreed to enforce the blasphemy law under the Shariah.

The cowards and dhimmis at Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land received a couple of threatening calls, and they surrendered to Islamic supremacists without even firing a shot. Hyatt spokesman Jamie Zimmerman said: "Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land respects the various opinions expressed by our guests and visitors. In this particular situation, the changing security needs required for the safety of our guests and others on the hotel property and to avoid business disruption prompted us to ask the organizers to move it to an alternate location. We are pleased that the organizers were able to identify a venue better equipped to provide services to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved with the event."

But the Hyatt doesn't really respect "various opinions" at all. Mind you, where does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stay and entertain his murderous comrades when he comes to New York? The Hyatt. And remember also that billionaire Penny Pritzker owns the Hyatt, and was also the national finance chair for Barack Obama when he ran for president in 2008.

The quisling cowards at the Hyatt Place Sugar Land caved to intimidation, but that didn't stop freedom lovers from coming to hear me speak. The event was held at the Sugar Land Community Center, and the house was packed. Hundreds came out to hear what the Shariah forbids: the truth. It was an amazing evening. I was struck by the number of apostates (former Muslims) in the house. Gd bless Texas!


This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #335 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at The Rebbetzin's Husband.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Christian Boy Beheaded in Somalia

The same horror stories wherever islam reigns.

Via Atlas Shrugs:

Islamic Extremists in Somalia Behead 17-year-old Christian Compass Direct
Al Shabaab militants monitored home Bible studies of boy’s family.
NAIROBI, Kenya, October 19 (CDN) — Militants from the Islamic extremist al Shabaab beheaded a 17-year-old Somali Christian near Mogadishu last month, a journalist in the Somali capital told Compass.

The militants, who have vowed to rid Somalia of Christianity, killed Guled Jama Muktar on Sept. 25 in his home near Deynile, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Mogadishu. The Islamic extremist group had been monitoring his family since the Christians arrived in Somalia from Kenya in 2008, said the source in Mogadishu, who requested anonymity.

The Islamic militants, who are fighting the transitional government for control of the country, knew from their observations of the family that they were Christians, the source said.

“I personally know this family as Christians who used to have secret Bible meetings in their house,” he said.

Based on talks with the boy’s parents and their neighbors, the source said al Shabaab members arrived at Muktar’s home at 6 a.m., when his parents, whose names are withheld for security reasons, were already at work at their retail space at the Hamarweyne market on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

The extremists found Muktar as he was preparing to go to school, he said.

“The neighbors heard screaming coming from the house, and then it immediately stopped,” the source said. “After awhile, they saw a white car leaving the homestead.”

The neighbors informed the parents, who hurriedly returned home from their market stall. They buried their son’s body quickly, fearing the militants would kill them as well, returned to their market space and then fled to an unknown destination, the source said.

“When the incident happened, the parents called to tell me that their son had been killed and that they feared for their lives,” the source said. “Since then, I have not heard from them.”

On the outskirts of Hudur City in Bakool region in southwestern Somalia, a kidnapped Christian convert from Islam was found decapitated on Sept. 2. Juma Nuradin Kamil was forced into a car by three suspected Islamic extremists from the al Shabaab terrorist group on Aug. 21, area sources said. After members of his community thoroughly combed the area looking for him, at 2 p.m. on Sept. 2 one of them found Kamil’s body dumped on a street.


“It is usual for the al Shabaab to decapitate those they suspect to have embraced the Christian faith, or sympathizers of western ideals,” the leader said.

With estimates of al Shabaab’s size ranging from 3,000 to 7,000, the insurgents seek to impose a strict version of sharia (Islamic law), but the government in Mogadishu fighting to retain control of the country treats Christians little better than the al Shabaab extremists do. While proclaiming himself a moderate, President Sheikh Sharif Sheik Ahmed has embraced a version of sharia that mandates the death penalty for those who leave Islam.

Al Shabaab was among several splinter groups that emerged after Ethiopian forces removed the Islamic Courts Union, a group of sharia courts, from power in Somalia in 2006. Al Shabaab has been designated a terrorist organization by several western governments.

In the Lower Shabele region of Somalia earlier this year, two Muslim extremists murdered a member of a secret Christian community, sources said. An area source told Compass two al Shabaab militants shot 21-year-old Hassan Adawe Adan in Shalambod town after entering his house on April 18.

In Warbhigly village on the outskirts of Mogadishu, a mother of four was killed for her Christian faith on Jan. 7 by Islamic extremists from al Shabaab, a relative said. The relative, who requested anonymity, said Asha Mberwa, 36, was killed when the Islamic extremists cut her throat in front of villagers who came out of their homes as witnesses.

Following the Oct. 13 kidnapping of two Spanish aid workers from a refugee camp in Dadaab, on the Kenyan border with Somalia, and the kidnapping and murder of foreigners at tourist sites, Kenya on Sunday (Oct. 16) began air strikes on al Shabaab territory in southern Somalia. Kenya Television reported yesterday that Kenyan armed forces had killed more than 100 al Shabaab militants in Kismayo in southern Somalia.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hertz Fires islamic Supremacist Drivers

Shame on the teamsters union thugs who are taking the side of the islamic supremacists who are demanding special privileges from Hertz. Good for Hertz for not letting the muslim drivers get away with abusing Hertz' misguided gesture of granting them prayer time. Once you accommodate islamic supremacists, the demands only increase.

Seattle Times:
Hertz fires 25 Muslim drivers who refuse to clock out Seattle
Hertz has sent termination letters to 25 drivers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport after they refused to agree to clock out for daily breaks, during which they normally pray. The workers — all Somali Muslims — were among 34 employees suspended Sept. 30 for failing to clock out before breaks.

Hertz has sent termination letters to 25 drivers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport after they refused to agree to clock out for daily breaks, during which they normally pray.

The workers — all Somali Muslims who drive the company's rental cars to and from the airport for cleaning and refueling — were among 34 Hertz employees suspended Sept. 30 for failing to clock out before breaks.

The rental-car company at the time said some of the workers were taking longer than the 10 minutes allowed. The workers usually take two paid breaks during a regular eight-hour shift.

Nine of the 34 suspended drivers signed the agreement and have returned to their jobs, the company said.

Officials with Teamsters Local 117, which represents the workers, said the two sides had tried to negotiate an agreement that would have allowed the workers to return to their pre-suspension status, under which they wouldn't have to clock out to pray.

But they were unable to agree.

Paul Zilly, spokesman for the union, said the workers were given an ultimatum to sign the document to clock out.

"They were debating, going back and forth," he said. "They all felt it was a contractual violation." He said that if Hertz believed certain employees were abusing the break policies, then it should have dealt with them individually, rather than penalizing an entire group.

"There may have been some taking longer than 10 minutes, but why single out the entire group based on their religion?"

A Hertz spokesman said many of the workers had been with the company for 15 years, and Hertz went out of its way to accommodate all of them, setting up a prayer room at the airport site.

The company had made it clear to the suspended workers that if they wanted to be reinstated they needed to agree to the clock-out conditions by the end of the day Thursday, said spokesman Rich Broome.

"We're disappointed that the rest of the transporters did not take us up on what we thought was a reasonable resolution of this matter — reserving their right to pray during paid breaks," Broome said.

"We felt clocking out is a fair way to maintain order while keeping our operations running smoothly."

The Teamsters represents about 79 Hertz drivers who earn between $9.15 and $9.95 an hour. Most are Muslim.

The union has filed grievances against Hertz with the National Labor Relations Board and said it's filing religious discrimination charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Broome said the company and the workers had reached an EEOC settlement two years ago, in which workers agreed they would clock out for their two breaks.

The company had been informing workers that they needed to clock out for some time before finally posting a notice to that effect on the day they were suspended.

Those who clocked out on that day were not suspended, the company said.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Thoughts on Libya

qaddafi wasn't any worse than the barbarians that killed him and will replace
him. There are no freedom-loving democrats in the entire muslim world, which consists of seventh century minded brutes. So qaddafi will only be replaced by worse savages. The way the jihadist-enabling msm is reporting the death of qaddafi, you would think that Libya will become some sort of western style democracy rather than a sharia-ruled hell-hole which will become the latest haven for al qaeda. So why are the same people who condemned Bush's overthrow of saddam, celebrating this? The "rebels" we aided in Libya are not our friends, they are linked with al qaeda. In recent years, qaddafi had become nothing more than a loon we found amusing, rather than remotely representing any kind of a threat to us. So why was he targeted by NATO? And why were we so quick to oust longtime ally Mubarak? And why have we done nothing against the real threat posed to us by the genocidal regime in Tehran which is on the brink of aquiring nuclear weapons.? When Iranians rose up against ahmadinejad and the mullahs in June of 2009, we could have used that opportunity to help them achieve regime change but we did nothing. Is it simply a coincidence that at every turn the Obama adminstration's Mideast policies have wound up aiding the muslim brother jihadists?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UN Concerned About the Fate of Terrorists Released by Israel

Leave it to the anti-Semitic skunks at the UN to invent something, anything, to find fault with Israel over, even regarding the release of hundreds of terrorists. They just cannot help themselves. Condemning Israel is a reflex action. It wasn't enough that Israel released hundreds of murderers from prison. The UN is upset because the terrorists weren't given a choice as to where they can go upon their release.


UN concerned at fate of Palestinian detainees


GENEVA: The United Nations voiced concern on Tuesday that some of the Palestinian detainees released in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit may have not have been given any choice on where to go, which could constitute an illegal forced transfer.

The office of Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, welcomed the release but cited reports that some of the Palestinian prisoners from the West Bank may be released to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip or abroad.

Under international humanitarian law, it is illegal to forcibly transfer war detainees or deport them to another country against their will.

Israeli soldier Shalit returned home to a national outpouring of joy on Tuesday after five years in captivity, and hundreds of Palestinian prisoners exchanged for him were greeted with kisses from Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip.

“It was with a sense of great relief that we have received news of the agreement to exchange prisoners. We do however have concerns regarding reports that hundreds of Palestinian prisoners from the West Bank may be released to the Gaza Strip or abroad,” Pillay’s spokesman Rupert Colville told Reuters in response to a query.

“If in some cases this has been without the free and informed consent of the concerned individuals, this may constitute forced transfer or deportation under international law,” he added. “We are not sure to what extent they consented to this.”

Most of the prisoners were returned to the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas, an Islamist group that is classified as a terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States. It was not immediately clear whether some of those transferred to Gaza were loyal to Fatah, a rival Palestinian faction ruling the West Bank and led by President Mahmoud Abbas.

Many of the prisoners were convicted of deadly attacks.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Amnesty International's Disgusting Moral Equivalence

Amnesty International long ago lost all credibility. It comes as no surprise that these moral degenerates would make a moral equivalence between hamas' barbaric treatment of a Jewish soldier they abducted and terrorists prisoned in Israel for committing murders. Far from these murderers being mistreated, Israel provides them with creature comforts, free education and health care. It's even worse than moral equivalence since AI spent more time commenting on false tales of Israel's supposed mistreatment of the terrorists than on hamas' treatment of Gilad Shalit.

Amnesty International are lying sons-of-bitches
By Ted Belman

Amnesty International issued a press release today.

Israel-Hamas prisoner swap casts harsh light on detention practices of all sides

Gilad Shalit was held captive for five years by Palestinian armed groups

The prisoner exchange involving Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and 477 Palestinian prisoners highlights the need for the humane treatment of all detainees in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), Amnesty International said today.

Obviously it wants to show equivalence. God forbid it should criticize only Hamas. It was not a “prisoner exchange”. It was an outrageous ransom paid for a hostage. It only mentions the 477 terrorists that were released calling them “prisoners” rather than terrorists. What about the other 550? Then it lumps them all into “detainees” in the OPT which I surmise includes Gaza.

“This deal will bring relief to Gilad Shalit and his family after an ordeal that has lasted more than five years. Many Palestinian families will feel a similar sense of relief today when they are reunited with their relatives, many of whom have spent decades under harsh conditions in Israeli detention,” said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director.
While it describes what Shalit went through as an “ordeal”, it describes the pAlestinian’s detention under “harsh conditions”. No mention of the conditions for Shalit. And no mention of a very basic difference, Shalit was a hostage, the Arabs were convicted murders. Surely the families would have different expectations given that difference.

“However, more needs to be done to protect the rights of thousands of others who remain in detention. The Israeli authorities, the Hamas de facto administration in Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank must seize this opportunity to ensure respect for the rights of all prisoners and detainees in their custody.”
They assert that rights must be protected without giving evidence of such need.

Gilad Shalit was captured by Palestinian armed groups from Gaza in a cross-border raid on 25 June 2006. Since then he has been allowed no contact with his family, who have campaigned relentlessly for his release. Nor was he allowed access to the International Committee of the Red Cross, despite repeated appeals by Amnesty International and other organizations, which made it impossible to verify the conditions of his captivity.
Shalit wasn’t “captured”, he was abducted. There is a difference. And don’t forget that two of his comrades were murdered.


Gilad is Home

I am glad that Gilad Shalit is finally home and out of the hands of his barbaric hamas captors. On the other hand this was a terrible deal in which Israel will eventually pay a very heavy price for in the long run for short term gratification.

Gilad Shalit returns to Israel

'Gilad Shalit is home' says IDF spokesman Mordechai as Shalit enters Israel after 1,941 days in Hamas captivity. Egyptian TV footage shows Shalit walking in terminal escorted by Egyptian security officers as he appears in good health. Ahmed Jabari, head of Hamas' military wing, was one of those seen leading Shalit in the video (left of Gilad in the image above). Watch live broadcast

YnetLatest Update: 10.18.11, 11:18 / Israel News

After 1,941 days in Hamas captivity, Gilad Shalit has returned home: IDF soldier Gilad Shalit entered the Kerem Shalom crossing just before noon on Tuesday and was greeted by Israeli army officers. He is seen walking with the officers as they conversed with him.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Racial Slurs at Occupy Rally

The left has the audacity to call the tea party racist. Meanwhile the N word was used against Obama at an al sharpton rally. No tea party rally ever used the N word. And of course no mainstream media outlet is reporting this, but they falsely reported over and over again that there was spitting and racial slurs at black members of Congress during a DC tea party rally. Till this day, no evidence has ever emerged that any such incidents took place. Yet here we clearly hear the N word being used at a left wing rally, but the media remains silent.

Here is that putrid punk, Sean Penn outrageously accusing the tea party of wanting to lynch Obama. No Sean, your side are the ones spewing racism and anti-Semitism, all of which are clearly captured on video. You are the ones who support a movement backed by neo-nazis. Penn and his ilk ought to be called out on this.

Democrats and Leftist Celebrities Back Jew-Haters

The hypocritical and lying democrats and leftists have been falsely accusing the tea party movement of racism, despite not a shred of evidence of racism on display at a single tea party rally. It is however the democrats and the left who are actually backing an anti-Semitic hate movement supported by neo-nazis, Occupy Wall Street. The next time any of these skunks accuse tea partiers of racism, it is our obligation to throw the open displays of Jew-hatred at the Occupy rallies right back in their faces and accuse them of being anti-Semites for supporting it.

Another point to make is that the democrats support of the occupy movement is to deflect blame for the financial crisis away from themselves. The financial crisis was caused by the democrats disasterous social engineering policies through the use of Freddie and Fannie. They would prefer the American people not realize that and instead channel their anger at Wall Street.

Yid With Lid:
DNCC Chair, Rep. Israel Adds Occupy Wall Street to the List of Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic Causes He Supports

Occupy LA Protester

The Chairman of The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) Steve Israel, who is supposed to be representing NY’s 2nd Congressional District, never met a Progressive anti-Semitic or anti-Israel group that he did not embrace. The Long Island Congressman’s latest “love affair” is with Occupy Wall Street whose members have displayed a hatred of both the Jews and the Jewish State.
The DCCC run by Israel features a petition supporting Occupy Wall Street which is looking for 100,000 signatures in support of Occupy Wall Street

Its hard to believe that Congressman Israel hasn’t seen any of the news reports of hatred coming out of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

For example this New York Protester who claims that one small minority controls the banks, the judiciary, American Politics, and represent over 50% of all billionaires in the country. (if you cannot see video below please click here)

“The Jews who represent only 2% of the population…have pooled their money together an now control all the the finances of America”

When Michael Moore was covered by MSNBC as he spoke from an Occupy Wall Street protest, he was joined by anti-Israel protesters.

Michael Moore From Occupy Wall Street

This little clip came from the Los Angeles version of the protests Steve Israel is supporting. Meet Patricia McAllister who is not only an Occupy Wall Street protester, but she also works for the LA Schools:

“I think that the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government… they need to be run out of this country.”

As reported by Carl in Jerusalem in his blog Israel Matzav one of Occupy Wall Street’s organizers, Kalle Lasn, has a history of anti-Jewish writing.

Back in 2004, he wrote a highly controversial Adbusters article entitled “Why Won’t Anyone Say They Are Jewish?” which peddled some of the more feverish theories about American Jews, neoconservatism, and the Bush administration


Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #334 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at To Kiss a Mezuzah.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celebrities Who Embrace islam

The thing that gets me is that liberal celebrities will bash America and
Christianity over gay marriage and other social issues. But on the other hand
they will embrace and celebrate a culture which executes gays and brutally represses women. Liberals are hypocrites on so many levels.

Atlas Shrugs:
Cultural jihad: B-Dash! Burka'ed Kim Kardashian
It's not important how many millions K-Dash was paid to go shop in Dubai. Who cares? What is important is that instead of being a role model and standing for free, empowered women, she donned the cloth coffin and went around looking like a a sack of potatoes. What an ass.

Does this tool understand what that garb means? Perhaps Kim can take in a local caning or lashing....

UPDATE: Headslap! K-dash is Armenian. She dons the garb of the ideology behind the genocide of millions of her people. Kardashian wearing the burka is akin to me wearing the swastika.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Anti-Semitism on Display at Occupy Wall Street

Attacks against “Bankers” and “Wall Street” have a long history of being code for Jews. But in this video, the anti-Semitism is blatant. And the Democrats are supporting this hideous communist movement.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Leeches

Who are the truly greedy ones? Those that have worked their whole lives to
accumulate wealth or those that think they have the right to other people's
money without having to work for it? The anti-Wall street protesters are far
more greedy. They want things for nothing.

The communist system caused the creation of black markets where people were able
to get goods that could not be produced in abundance under communism. Greed and
the desire for things is a product of human nature, not of capitalism.

> _Greed & Hippies Properly Understood_

About the only thing these hippies, hipsters, senior citizens who never
> grew up, and college trust funders out protesting can agree on is that greed
> is bad. They want the whole capitalist system pulled up by the root and
> replaced with something else because of greed.
> What they either do not understand or choose to ignore is that greed is
> not a capitalist invention. Greed exists because people do. Greed exists in
> capitalist societies, socialist societies, and communist societies.
> All men are created equal and all men are born into this world as sinners.
> One of those sins is greed.
> The few people who claim to be without greed are typically greedy for the
> praise of others or full of pride at not being greedy. Pride is a far worse
> sin than greed because pride is the root of most every sin.
> But of all the varieties of greed out there, what the hippies do not seem
> to understand is that greed in a capitalist society is far less pernicious
> than the greed in the systems they advocate, be it socialist or communist.
> Greed in a capitalist system takes the form of money â€" lust for it, the
> acquisition of it, and the hoarding of it.
> Greed in socialist and communist systems takes the form of power. Just as a
> CEO has a house in the Hamptons while his workers make vastly less than he
> does, the Politburo member has a dacha on the Black Sea while his
> constituents wait in a bread line half starved.

See also: The Occupy Wall Street Mob Is Not the 99%

They are greedy leeches who want to drain the lifeblood from the productive classes of America

Bilingual Ballots

This is an outrage. If they are here long enough to have become citizens, they should know how to speak English. Immigrants of the past, our grandparents and great grandparents, were not catered to, they were not given voting ballots or anything else in the language of the countries they came from. They had to make their own way, assimilate and learn English. I've had enough of this entitlement bullshit. If everyone who came here had kept their own language, we would be speaking hundreds of different languages in this country and America would have ceased to exist as we know it, long ago.

Bilingual voting ballots ordered in 25 states
By Hope Yen October 12, 2011 12:40 pm Text Size: A A A WASHINGTON (AP) - In the run-up to the 2012 elections, the federal government is requiring that 248 counties and other political jurisdictions in 25 states provide bilingual ballots to Hispanics and other minorities who speak little or no English.

That's down from the previous list compiled a decade ago after the 2000 census, which covered 296 counties in 30 states.

The federal Voting Rights Act mandates bilingual material if a Latino, Asian-American, American Indian or Alaskan minority group is unable to speak or understand English well enough to vote in elections.

Combined with other provisions of the voting act, more than 1 in 18 jurisdictions must now provide bilingual material, effective this week.

The Census Bureau compiles the list based on population growth and survey data on educational attainment and English proficiency.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jihad Against Egypt's Coptic Christians

Reading and listening to the reportage regarding the muslim attacks on the Coptic Christians in Egypt, you would think it was the Coptics who were the aggressors. This is the same way they report on Israel, falsely portraying it as the aggressor all the while Jewish civilians are being attacked by muslim “palestinians”. In every instance, the western media sides with the muslim aggressors over their victims. At best, the msm makes a moral equivalence with their “sectarian strife” BS. There is no sectarian strife, it is an islamic jihad being waged against Egypt’s Coptic Christians, period. That this is not made clear, makes the western media directly complicit with the global jihad and is directly responsible for the increase in bloodshed committed in the name of islam around the world. The media is just as much our enemy.

The Egyptian Military’s Crimes Against Humanity by Raymond Ibrahim, Hudson New York

Sunday, the Egyptian military opened fire on thousands of Christians protesting in Maspero, Cairo. In the words of one Christian eyewitness, armored vehicles “came at great speed and drove into the crowds, going backwards and forwards, mowing people under their wheels. The most horrible scene was when one of the vehicles ran over a Copt’s [Christian's] head, causing his brain to explode and blood was all over the place. We got a clear message today that we are no first class citizens.”

Various numbers of casualties have been given; AINA asserts that at least 35 Christians were massacred, many beyond recognition, and over 300 wounded; hundreds are still missing. Graphic pictures of some of the slain can be seen here.

Of course, you would not know any of this following the Western mainstream media (MSM). Conditioned to always appear “fair and balanced”—especially when the incidents being reported are neither—the MSM is giving the impression that the conflict consisted of equal violence and intolerance from both the military and “militant” Christians—or, to use the MSM’s favorite, and increasingly meaningless, euphemism, “sectarian strife,” conjuring up images of equally armed, equally militant factions fighting for supremacy.

Meanwhile, the MSM avoids the most obvious aspect of the conflict: religion, as Muslims—yet again—mow down infidel minorities for all to see.

While the military dictatorship cleanses Egypt of its Christian minority, the Egyptian media only depict images and “information” that comport with that agenda—all, of course, while naïve, gullible, or lazy Western reporters lap it up. State news, for example, asserted that armed Christians were on the offensive, killing three soldiers, injuring twenty, and burning state property—wanton lies, according to many eyewitnesses—yet perfectly in line with the MSM’s obsession never to portray Muslims as aggressors.

Accordingly, these distortions were unhesitatingly regurgitated by the MSM. The BBC’s headline was “Egypt troops dead after Coptic church protest in Cairo” [since changed]—as if that was the relevant news; the report’s opening sentence highlighted Christian protesters “clashing with security forces, with army vehicles burning outside the state television building,” again, portraying the protesters as the aggressors.

Even Fox News had its readers sympathizing with Egypt’s military, even as the latter was busy massacring Christian citizens: the report told of an Egyptian soldier “collapsing in tears” as Christians “attacked” a fellow soldier. Of course, watching nearly 20 members of the police beating, dragging, and kicking a Christian for protesting the burning of his church—all while shouting slogans like “You infidel son of a bitch!”—might counterbalance Fox News’s weeping soldier.

A new CNN article titled “Egypt’s Tensions Explained” does anything but that. After asking “Why have we seen an upsurge in sectarian violence this year?” it states that “the reasons are not clear”—code for “the reasons are not politically correct”—and blames “those opposed to democratic changes” and “efforts by extreme Islamist groups to resist attempts by the Copts to establish more churches”—again, careful to portray the Copts as somehow equally responsible as the Islamists who murder them.

And, as usual, while mentioning the numbers of dead and injured, the MSM devoutly refuses to indicate who the dead are: after all, the overwhelming majority are Christians, and that fact would throw a wrench in their “balanced” portrayal of equal culpability.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, where objectivity is not at the mercy of ingrained relativism, political correctness, or the chronic need always to depict Islam in a positive light, eye-witnesses are describing these events as “war crimes” perpetrated by an Islamist-inclined regime against the nation’s native Christians. Dr. Imad Gad, for instance, Strategy Expert at the Ahram Center, denounced the military’s “crimes against humanity,” which he witnessed firsthand during a live phone interview.

What sparked these latest crimes against humanity in Egypt? Why were Christians protesting in the first place? The answers to these questions only further validate the notion that Muslim persecution of Christians—whether perpetrated by the local mosque or the state—is a fact of life in Egypt.

Days ago, thousands of Muslims attacked and destroyed yet another church, in Edfu—following the New Year church attack, which left 23 dead, the destruction and desecration of the ancient church in Sool, and the Imbaba attacks, which saw several churches set aflame. In all of these wanton attacks, not a single Muslim perpetrator was prosecuted by the Egyptian regime.

In the recent Edfu church attack, security forces “stood there watching”; the Intelligence Unit chief of the region was seen directing the mob destroying the church. The governor himself appeared on State TV and “denied any church being torched,” calling it a “guest home”—a common tactic to excuse the destruction of churches. He even justified the incident by arguing that the church contractor made the building three meters higher than he permitted: “Copts made a mistake and had to be punished, and Muslims did nothing but set things right, end of story.”

The grotesque irony is that Christians went to demonstrate in Maspero because that is where Egyptian media are located, and they sought to get the world’s attention, highlight the nonstop abuses they are suffering. Not only were they massacred for their trouble, but they were portrayed as the “aggressors” by the same media they vainly hoped would reveal their predicament to the world.

Meanwhile, the international community sits idly by. Despite the fact that the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom recommended that the U.S. government classify Egypt as a “country of particular concern”; despite the fact that several Egyptian churches have been destroyed with impunity in the last few months; despite the fact that any rational person could have read the writing on the wall—despite all this, the State Department failed even to cite Egypt as a “country of particular concern” in its recent religious freedom report.

Such journalistic and international dereliction of duty makes them complicit in the crimes, accessories to the massacres, and violators of the very notion of human rights they obscenely claim to advance.

Raymond Ibrahim, a widely published Islam-specialist, is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

Gilad Shalit to be Released in Prisoner Swap Deal

On the one hand its great that Gilad Shalit is coming home, but this deal has ensured future kidnappings and murders of Israelis. When push comes to shove, politics takes precedence over principles and common sense and Bibi is no exception.

Deal is approved by a large majority, though three government ministers voted against the proposal.
By Barak Ravid and Haaretz

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet voted early Wednesday morning to approve a prisoner swap that will see Gilad Shalit, the IDF soldier who has been in Hamas captivity for the last five years, return to Israel.

Twenty-six ministers voted in favor of the deal, and three ministers – Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau of Yisrael Beiteinu and Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon of Likud – voted against the proposal.

According to the agreement framework presented by Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen, the deal Netanyahu brought before the cabinet included, at first, the release of 450 Palestinian prisoners, including 280 with life sentences.

110 prisoners will be released to their homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, out of whom 55 are Hamas men, with the rest belonging to Fatah and the other Palestinian groups.

According to the deal, 131 Gaza residents will be released back to the coastal Strip, many of whom are reportedly top Hamas operatives. Another 203 prisoners will be expelled from the West Bank, 40 of whom will be deported overseas and the rest to Gaza.

In addition, 6 Israeli Arab prisoners who have been serving for many years will also be released to their homes. The deal also specifies the release of 27 female inmates: terrorists Ahlam Tamimi and Amna Muna will be deported, with the rest of the female inmates are expected to be released to their homes.

The second wave of releases will take place in two months time, at which point Israel will release 550 prisoners of its choosing.

In a briefing with reporters, the Shin Bet chief indicated that senior Hamas West Bank operatives the militant group demanded be set free – such as Abdullah Barghouti, Ibrahim Hamed, Abbas Sayed, and others – will not be released from jail.

Ahmed Saadat, secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, will also remain in prison, as well as Fatah strongman Marwan Barghouti.

About half of those released to the West Bank will live under restrictions that include prohibiting them from exiting the West Bank and, in some cases, the towns in which they live.

Cohen added that the Shin Bet supported the newly signed deal since releasing Shalit by means of military operation was deemed impossible.

“The security establishment finds this release very difficult,” Cohen said, adding: “It’s easier for me to be tough. We had no possibility or better way of releasing Shalit, so we backed the deal.”

“It’s not a good deal, but, on the other hand, it’s the only way if we want to bring him home,” the Shin Bet chief said, adding: “Hamas had to show flexibility as we did. What happened in Syria created instability and a need for Egyptian backup.”

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Joy Behar's Stupidity

Behar is so full of crap or is completely ignorant of American history. It was the
DEMOCRATS in the south who came up with the Jim Crow laws, the KKK were
comprised of DEMOCRATS. It was the Republicans who ended slavery and voted for
the civil rights act. It was the southern DIXIECRATS(DEMOCRATS) who opposed
civil rights. The DEMOCRATS were the party with the history of racism and
segregation, not the GOP.

Behar to Cain: GOP Hasn’t Been ‘Black Friendly’ for CenturiesFiled under 2012 Election, PoliticsComments (495)

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain made an appearance on ABC’s The View this week and had to deflect staggering ignorance from host Joy Behar. Discussing Cain’s assertion that some blacks are “brainwashed” not to consider any conservative ideas, the very first sentence out of Behar’s mouth was “The Republican Party hasn’t been black friendly over the many centuries in this country.”

Sadly, the coffee klatch program is what passes for as “intelligent” conversation on TV these days. Behar’s blather is ignorant in a million ways and indicative of the historical illiteracy of the far left in this country.

First, of course, this county hasn’t even been a country for “many centuries.” We are only about 235 years old as a nation! Most people don’t claim two as “many,” but only as “a couple.”

Second, the Republican Party has also not been around for “many centuries in this country.” The party is only about 155 years old.

Third, when the party itself was started it was derisively called the “Black Republicans” by Behar’s beloved Democrats because it was so friendly to America’s blacks. The party was founded with a pro-black agenda, its primary goal being the abolition all blacks from slavery and assuring them civil rights. In fact, for many decades after the Civil War and on into the 1900s most black Americans were Republicans, not Democrats. The very first blacks elected to Congress ran as Republicans. Blacks being Democrats is a relatively new development in our history.

Koch Fisks Kristof

Kristof is an anti-Israel degenerate and Ed Koch does a great job eviscerating his arguments. In his article, Kristof blames Israel solely for everything from the stalled faux "peace" process to severed relations with Turkey. Kristof does not hold the annihilationists of hamas and fatah responsible for the lack of peace. Kristoff says nothing about the incitement to genocide in the fakestinian media, mosques and schools and the ongoing terror war against Jewish civilians, including children and babies, in Israel. To Kristof and his repugnant ilk in the leftist media and academia, Jews building homes and living in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, all parts of the Jewish people's historic homeland, is an evil exceeding fakestinian muslims slitting the throats of Jewish babies. And nowhere does Kristof mention anything about Turkey sending IHH terrorists aboard the Mavi Marmara in order to attack IDF commandos carrying out their duty to enforce the legal blockade of Gaza. Yet despite that, according to Kristof, Israel is to blame for the deterioration in its relationship with Turkey. And Kristof justifies his double standard on the basis of Israel receiving money from the U.S. But as Koch points out, the fakestinians and Egypt receive American aid and Turkey is a member of NATO. But nothing is ever expected of them.

Kristof is an enemy of Israel
By Ed Koch, JWR

I read the op ed of Nicholas D. Kristof in The New York Times of October 6th with its headline caption, “Is Israel Its Own Worst Enemy?” I concluded on finishing that article that it is Nicholas Kristof who is truly an enemy of Israel.

As is fashionable nowadays, Kristof blames Israel for the lack of progress in the peace process with the Palestinians, claiming, “Nothing is more corrosive than Israel’s growth of settlements.” Why? One million, five-hundred-thousand Muslims live in Israel. Why do the Palestinian Authority and its supporters like Kristof believe that the West Bank should be “Judenrein” or that Jews may not live in a part of Jerusalem when they have lived in all parts of Jerusalem for 3,000 years until the Jordanians drove them out in 1948? Why, when a two-state solution comes into being and borders are agreed upon and Jews are located on the Palestinian side, shouldn’t Jews have the choice of remaining on as Palestinian citizens or resident aliens or leaving?

Nothing offended me more and showed Kristof’s true colors and antagonism to Jews than his claim that the Obama administration “humiliated itself” at the U.N. by making it clear that it will veto any effort to create a Palestinian state outside of direct negotiations between the parties. What is humiliating about insisting that the Palestinians recognize the state of Israel and negotiate all of their differences? Is Kristof implying that Obama is being pressed into taking that stance against his will, or against the will of the American people? Is he implying that the Jews forced him into taking that position?

Kristof calls for the pre-1967 borders with land swaps. Does he tell us how that is possible when Hamas (half of the Palestinian Authority the Quartet, U.S., Russia and European Union label as a terrorist organization) believes it is entitled to occupy Tel Aviv and its charter states every Jew entering Palestine after 1917 must be expelled. Has Kristof ever criticized Hamas’ charter and its numerous acts of terrorism intended to accomplish this goal?

Kristof criticizes the fact that Israeli citizens have become more conservative on “border[s] and land issues.” Why shouldn’t they? Former Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Barack and Ehud Olmert offered to settle borders giving the Palestinian state 97 percent of the West Bank which they rejected. Many supporters of Israel believe Palestinians are not interested in a two-state solution, one Jewish and one Palestinian, but seek instead a return of Palestinians to Israel so as to ultimately overwhelm the Jewish state and make it a Muslim state. Has Kristof ever addressed that outcome?

The criticism that Kristof lodges against Hamas is “And Hamas not only represses its own people, but also managed to devastate the peace movement in Israel. That’s the saddest thing about the Middle East: hardliners like Hamas empower hardliners like Mr. Netanyahu.” As Ronald Reagan once said, “There he goes again,” equating terrorists with Israeli “hardliners.” Surely, Kristof knows the difference.

The Israelis have concluded, and I agree, the Palestinian leadership does not want peace. Within the last two weeks, the Quartet asked both parties to go back to the negotiation table and negotiate without preconditions. The Israeli Prime Minister immediately said “anywhere, anyplace.” The President of the Palestinian Authority said “no” unless Israel agrees to a settlement freeze and negotiates based on indefensible 1967 borders. Has Kristof criticized Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority for his refusal?

In his column, Kristof urges Palestinian women to engage in civil disobedience which could, he knows, end in violence and be met, he says, with “tear gas and clubbing,” ending with “videos promptly posted on YouTube.” So there we have it. Kristof wants a physical confrontation or have the state of Israel and its military lay down their arms and submit to threats of violence rather than defend their people. What an outrage. I have no doubt he is repelled by the deaths of innocent civilians in Syria at the hands of the Syrian army, but expresses no qualms at what would follow to the Jews of Israel were the Arab armies or terrorists to enter a vanquished Israel.


How about urging “palestinian” or muslim women in general to engage in civil disobedience towards their oppressive muslim male masters?

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This Week's Haveil havalim

The latest edition of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Liberty's Spirit.

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Class Warfare

Grossly overpaid and under worked government bureaucrats who have become rich at the expense of the taxpayer, believe that private sector wealth should be redistributed.

Roseanne Barr believes that anyone having over $100,000,000 should either spread their wealth or be beheaded. Well how about anyone making over $50m, $10m or $1m? Aren't those amounts enough to live on? Who is to determine how much wealth should be the limit? Presumably that cow chooses that particular number of $100m because she has under that amount of wealth, but above those other amounts. Why doesn't she redistribute her own wealth? Why is she deserving of the extraordinary amount of money she has, but decides its wrong for others to be so wealthy? I've really had enough of these hypocritical marxist celebrities. I've had enough of the democrats waging class warfare and dividing America in order to maintain their power. And I've had enough of these Soros funded marxist movements out to destroy America as we know it.

Daniel Greenfield article: Soak the Rich

Soak the Rich

Posted: 08 Oct 2011 08:20 PM PDT

"You're either one of the 99 percent of one of the 1 percent," reads a sticker on a lamppost near my house. The implication being that if you're not one of the 1 percent, you should be packing your class warfare kit of cardboard signs, camping gear and iPods loaded with a copy of Paranoid Android and head on over to Wall Street.

Soak the rich isn't an original slogan, but in this age of NGO's and a massive white elephant civil service, who are the rich exactly?

Elizabeth Warren explained that the rich are people who build factories but aren't grateful enough to pay their fair share. Whatever that fair share might be. Warren has good reason to be outraged by business owners who just aren't paying enough. She's the one they're paying the money to.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau refused a Freedom of Information Act request to release her salary, but we do have the salary ranges for two assistant directors of sub-offices at the CFPB.

The Assistant Director at the Office of Financial Empowerment, whose job is "developing and implementing policy and programs that empower low and moderate income and underserved consumers to make better informed financial decisions" has a salary range of 185,000 to 247,000 dollars.

The Assistant Director at the, Office of Older Americans, (apparently senior citizens is now politically incorrect) also has a salary range of 160,000 to 235,000 dollars (apparently senior citizens also matter 25,000 to 12,000 dollars less than "underserved consumers") and his or her job involves "Working with the Associate Director and Deputy Associate Director of Consumer Education and Engagement, as well as senior leaders from across CFPB." (That's senior leaders who make a lot of money, nor leaders who are seniors.)

Just how many senior leaders, directors, associate directors and deputy associate directors are there at a single consumer agency? When you find out let me know. But the CFPB has offices in four major cities, pays relocation costs and promises "a highly competitive compensation and benefits package".

Does the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau really exist to protect consumers or to provide six figure jobs to reliable political allies like Liz Warren?

Here's a hint, the Dodd-Frank bill didn't just establish the CFPB, it also created the Office of Financial Research with a neat little caveat exempting them from pay schedule limitations

"COMPENSATION- The Director, in consultation with the Chairperson, shall fix, adjust, and administer the pay for all employees of the Office, without regard to chapter 51 or subchapter III of chapter 53 of title 5, United States Code, relating to classification of positions and General Schedule pay rates."

In case you happened to miss that, it was only somewhere around the 1000th page under Section 152 D (2 ) right behind the case reading, "Beware of the Barney". It's an ironic note in a bill that fusses a bit about executive compensation when they're private sector executives, but creates an organization with open ended salaries for government employees.

Oh and if you're still worried whether Elizabeth Warren has enough to eat, her Harvard salary was around 632,000 dollars. Her workload? Teaching a class on contract law twice a week. It's not exactly shoveling coal in a coal mine. Class warfare it turns out is a game for the rich.


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The Fakestinian Lie

Pat Condell is a refreshing and rare voice of reason and truth in Great Britain.