Saturday, February 4, 2012

BBC Sympathizes With Terrorist Who Murdered Jewish Children

The BBC reveals its total disregard for the lives of Jews, even Jewish children, and its absolute hatred of the Jewish state, in a revolting article which attempts to evoke sympathy for a terrorist who brutally murdered Jewish teenagers. Where is the article focusing on the families of the victims and what they have had to endure; their pain, grief and loss? I can feel nothing but utter contempt for the BBC. Bastards!

Disgusting BBC piece sympathizing with a child-killer terrorist Elder of Zyon

The BBC's idea of a hero:

A two-bed flat not far from the cornice in Qatar's capital, Doha, is now home for 47-year-old Ibrahim Shammasina from Ramallah.

His new living room is twice as large as the cell in the Israeli jail where he spent 19 years.

"A minute of freedom is worth more than all the possessions in the world," says Shammasina. "Prison, it's a grave - as if you're in a grave but still alive."

Shammasina was sentenced to 23 years in jail for his role in the 1990 murder of three Israelis and a further 20 years for planning a kidnapping. Despite spending almost half his life in prison, he does not regret his actions.

"When there is an occupation, you're forced to," he says. "It's your duty, the duty of every Palestinian, to resist the occupation. If I didn't resist, I would just have surrendered."

Out of one of the bedrooms steps Ibrahim's frail 85-year-old mother, Tamam. While he was in prison, Ibrahim's brother, father and wife all died.

His mother, who peppers every sentence by giving thanks to God, could not see her son for years.

Understandably, she has now decided to come to Qatar to be with him.

Despite the time they spent apart, she supports what he did.

"No, I don't regret it. I don't regret it," she says simply.

Also visiting Shammasina for a few weeks is one of his two sons, 24-year-old Iyad.

His father has been in prison for most of his life, but he says that he does not feel any anger towards him, although they do not have a typical relationship.

"He's more my friend than my dad," says Iyad.
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