Sunday, November 11, 2012

Allen West Gets Screwed

And ultimately America gets screwed out of having such a great patriot and a great man serving in Congress. The thing that really gets me is that the GOP establishment has done nothing to help Col. West, in fact they deliberately undermined him. They wanted him out. Michelle Bachmann won reelection despite the GOP establishment denying her any funds. And recall how the GOP attacked her for questions she raised about Huma Abedin. The GOP establishment wants to rid itself of the tea party wing, especially those who speak the truth about islam. And then they wonder why they lose and subsequently take all the wrong messages from that loss and foist more RINO candidates on us.

Allen West Election, Still Waiting for Overseas and Military Ballots; Update: “New York” Piece Chimes In; Update II: Officials Order Partial Recount

Alan West, like Sarah Palin, got screwed by the Bushies 

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Anonymous said...

CAIR (the Council for American Islamic Relations) led the fight against Allen West, btw, and crowed with victory when he was defeated.