Friday, November 23, 2012

Disgusting Bias From Pro-jihad Media

This is why the enemedia cannot be trusted. Compare the misleading story from NBC to what actually happened.

Israeli forces kill Gaza man despite cease-fire

The real story:

The IDF stated that a group of about 300 Palestinians approached the border
fence in the southern Gaza Strip and held a violent disturbance along the

A number of the Palestinians attempted to break through the border fence into
Israel. IDF soldiers initially fired shots into the air, but when warnings were
not heeded, shots were directed at the suspects' legs, according to th IDF.

One armed Palestinian was apprehended in Israeli territory after having crossed
the fence and was returned to Gaza by soldiers, the IDF stated.

A Hamas spokesman accused Israel of violating the Egyptian-mediated truce and
said the group would complain to Cairo.

Medics said Anwar Qdeih, 23, was hit in the head by Israeli gunfire after he
approached the security fence that runs along the Gaza frontier -- an area that
Israel has long declared a no-go zone for Gazans.

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