Thursday, November 22, 2012

Germany to Aid Gaza (hamas)

Who's fault is it that that life isn't normal in Gaza? And who cares? Life in Israel isn't normal with rockets raining down. Does Germany give a crap. Let the fakestinians wallow in misery. They should be allowed to suffer since they have chosen to wage endless jihad against the Jewish state, raise their children on Jew-hatred, support genocide against Jews and revel in the massacre of Jews. The fakestinians should be pariahs in the free world and yet they are given unlimited funding with no conditions. The islamization of Europe is poetic justice for their long history of and continuing treachery against the Jews. Not even the islamic threat to their own nations has caused any introspection on the part of Europe. Instead, they have doubled down on appeasement of islam and hatred of Israel.

Atlas Shrugs:

German FM pledges 1.5m. euros to Gaza for medical aid JPOST.COM 11/22/2012 (thanks to Shy guy)
German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle pledged 1.5 million euros for humanitarian assistance in the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

Speaking in Berlin, Westerwelle welcomed the cease-fire agreed to by Israel and Hamas, calling it "a first move in the right direction," and discussed the need for emergency medical aid for the injured in Gaza.

"Life for people in the Gaza Strip is far from normal. Germany is therefore making available 1.5 million euros for emergency medical treatment there," Westerwelle stated.

"We consider this as yet another contribution towards giving people in the Gaza Strip the prospect of a real future, without which peaceful coexistence will not materialize,” he added.

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