Thursday, November 15, 2012

Global Jew-Haters Out in Full Force

To all the nazi Jew-haters around the world protesting or complaining about Israel, perhaps you should be forced to live with rockets being fired at your homes,  children's schools etc. Then you can talk. I'm so sick of the double standards of those who wouldn't put up with a single rocket let alone months of bombardment. There are only complaints when Jews fight back but never when Jews are being murdered by jihad terrorists.

I'm beyond sick of the double standard applied to the Jewish state. Only the Jewish state is supposed to put up with constant terror attacks while England and France for example, bombed Libya for no reason. That country was no threat to them.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Jews have always been persecuted and we are being persecuted now, by Hamas with their deadly rockets and by the rest of the world with the lies they tell. We do nothing wrong, we only defend ourselves!

Please watch this film, it is made by a good Israel citizen about our history. It proves we are good people!


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