Thursday, November 29, 2012

Iranian muslims Cut Jewish Woman in Half

This is the lethal and deadly consequence of islamic rule.

Jewish Woman in Iran Cut in Half for Refusing to Turn Over Her Home to a Mosque

Islam is the religion of peace. Mosques are places where peaceful worshipers gather. And no one should ever be concerned about a mosque going up near their home. Never.
A Jewish woman in Isfahan, Iran, was murdered and cut in half by Muslim extremists who wanted to take over her home, Israel Radio reported on Thursday.
Relatives of the woman said she had lived next to a newly built mosque, and worshippers had demanded that she and her family leave their home so the mosque could be expanded.
The woman submitted a complaint to authorities about the efforts to take over her home. On Monday, a group of thugs came to her house, murdered her, and, according to reports, cut her body in half.
The event left the Jewish community in Iran, estimated to be around 25,000 people, worried and fearing escalating violence against it.
But remember, Jews and Christians in the Muslim are “protected”. They pay protection money in the form of Jizya. And they’re not persecuted too much, unless they don’t make way for a mosque or unless Islamists take over.
This is your life. This is your life under Islam.

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