Monday, November 19, 2012

Pro-hamas Media

The Crescent News Network strikes again, reporting from the hamas perspective. I happen to come across Crescent News Network coverage from Gaza this morning. The anchor mentioned an article by Ariel Sharon's son in which he justifiably blamed the population of Gaza for electing hamas. So when asked about it, the reporter on the ground in Gaza, speaking for the "palestinians" responded that the people there don't agree (no kidding) and believe they have the right to "defend" themselves. Yes, and the Germans under nazi rule believed they were "defending" themselves too. The "palestinians" are about as innocent as those Germans during nazi rule. These are people who ween their children from birth on genocidal Jew-hatred and who celebrate and pass out candy whenever Jews are murdered.  But we are supposed to see them as innocent victims who have no responsibility whatsoever for their own situation. So no surprise that you get this type of coverage from that network.

Hamas Killed the Baby, Egyptian FM Kissed the Dead Baby, CNN Blamed Israel

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