Saturday, November 17, 2012

RINO Christie Attacks Romney

This makes it perfectly clear that christie deliberately sabotaged Romney in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. He resented not being chosen as his running mate. How petty and childish. And he is still sticking it to Romney. Christie has no convictions, his only concern is for his own political ambitions, hence his cozying up to the muslim brotherhood, despite their threat to America.

Romney was not divisive, Obama was. Romney told the truth that Obama basically bought the votes of young people who were enticed by government handouts.

Christie must be stopped from getting the 2016 GOP nomination at all costs. We need a candidate with convictions, not someone compromised by America’s jihadist enemies. Christie thwarted Romney, therefore Christie must be thwarted.

Christie Slams Romney: ‘You Can’t Expect To Be a Leader of All the People and Be Divisive’

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