Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Savage From Gaza Attempts to Murder Jewish Woman

We have Obama, Hillary and Bibi to thank for making it easier for genocidal savages to murder or attempt to murder Jews.

Atlas Shrugs:

#savage Muslim breaches Gaza security fence, knifes Jewish woman in her home in front of her four children

Part of Obama's forced hudna on the Jewish state includes relaxation of restrictions of the Gaza-Israeli border. Why the hudna with savages?
Palestinian breaches Gaza fence, attacks Israeli woman (thanks to FGM) DEBKAfile November 26, 2012, 9:24 PM
The woman was alone with her four children at home in Moshav Sdeh Avraham close to the Gaza border, when a Palestinian cut through the border fence and tried to knife her. She fought back and put him to flight. The IDF promised to investigate the incident.
DEBKAfile reports that the Palestinian, believed to be from the Gaza town of Khan Younes, was enabled to cut through the fence by the easing of Israeli restrictions on Palestinian movements up to the Gaza-Israel border in the wake of the Nov. 21 ceasefire.
Military sources say that the new rules are a recipe for more terrorist attacks and attempts to kidnap Israeli soldiers.

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