Friday, November 16, 2012

The Media's Disgusting Bias

WAPO and the rest of the big media are an abomination and I'm looking forward to the day they are all run out of business.

They are not simply bias, they are evil and are in open collaboration with islam's war against the Jews. Out of all the photos, WAPO chose to place a photo of Gazans on the front cover cradling a baby. For all we know, that photo could even have been staged. Why not show photos of Israelis killed or running for cover? Because they are siding with hamas. It's that simple.

Israel does not have a public relations problem. The problem lies in the media's unwillingness to report the facts due to its ideological inclination to side with the fakestinians. I don't see what Israel can do to counter ingrained Jew-hatred.

Atlas Shrugs:
The Washington Post’s front page this morning:
In the photo, a Palestinian stringer for BBC cradles his son, who was reportedly killed during Operation Pillar of Defense. The corresponding story briefly mentions the Hamas rocket attacks, but focuses mainly on Israel’s “intense air offensive” that could “paralyze the Gaza Strip” and result in “all-out conflict.”
Innocent casualties of war are a tragedy, and this is especially true when they are children.
But what the Washington Post doesn’t emphasize in its corresponding story is that the Israeli military launched this operation specifically because its citizens in the south, including children, live under constant threat from Hamas rocket fire — hundreds can rain down in a single day. These attacks regularly result in injuries and deaths, and recently forced more than a million Israelis into bomb shelters. While these stories may get a blurb on page three or four, they are rarely given front page coverage.
There are terrible casualties on both sides; three Israeli civilians were killed this morning by Hamas missile attacks. The difference is that Hamas aims for civilians, and Israel does not. And the Washington Post’s front page seems almost intended to give readers the impression that the Israeli military randomly decided to go into Gaza this week because it felt like killing children. Continued

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