Friday, November 30, 2012

The War on Christmas

I'm shocked that a judge actually ruled that nativity scenes cannot be displayed
on the front lawns of churches in Santa Monica! This is astounding even coming
from a liberal judge. Churches should simply ignore this preposterous ruling.
It's bad enough that such displays are banned on public buildings, but churches
as well?! It defies logic. Are they going to ban the display of crosses on
churches next?

Meanwhile terrorist sponsored mega mosques are being built across America with
the shrill call to prayer blaring out for all to hear. And when residents in the
area object to these mosques going up, they are attacked as "racist" and judges
always rule in favor of the muslims for their "right" to build mega mosques in
residential areas, creating a nuissance for the residents. Only muslims in
today's America have religious rights, or I should say special privileges.

Liberals mock conservatives for saying there is a war on Christmas, but
clearly there is.

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