Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why I Hate the Media

I saw part of an interview with a pro-hamas propagandist on the Crescent News Network. She went on about how we have to prevent malnutrition in Gaza. Excuse me, but there is no one starving in Gaza. The fakestinians are the highest per capita recipients of foreign aid in the world. Gaza has luxury hotels and restaurants and an abundance of food and material goods. Then this tool said that Israel should recognize hamas. Right, Israel should recognize a terror group dedicated to its annihilation. Why don't we recognize al qaeda? How about this for a concept, why doesn't hamas along with the rest of the Arab/muslim world recognize Israel? Fat chance of that happening. The entire reason for being of hamas is the obliteration of Israel, it is in its charter.  It would never occur to these bloviating talking heads to ever put the onus for peace on the "palestinians" even though it is they who foment genocidal Jew-hatred and war and refuse to accept the existence of a Jewish state.   The left-wing media is an enemy of Israel and America, as it willingly acts as PR for the jihadists.  But despite the media's pro-hamas coverage, 59% of Americans believed Israel was justified in its offensive against hamas in Gaza.

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