Monday, December 3, 2012

America's Real Cultural Problem

About that Kansas City Chiefs player, once again the liberal media exploits a tragedy to denounce America's 'gun culture' and call for stricter gun control laws. They are even blaming football itself, saying his actions were due to head injuries even though there is no evidence of this. Thousands of guys past and present have played in the NFL and are not violent. The real cultural problem in America is the culture of lacking personal responsibility, no moral standards, out-of-wedlock births, children growing up without fathers, welfare dependency, inner city neighborhoods controlled by
drug gangs and violence. I would guess that is the environment that this football player grew up in. This is an issue the liberal media won't address because to do so would make people realize the catastrophic consequences liberalism has had on our society So they deflect attention onto guns and
football, things that have been part of American culture forever. And also in doing so, they can lay the blame on conservatism and away from themselves.

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