Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Clueless Tool for the Fakestinians Speaks Up

So for this ignorant, bigot, Jews building houses in their own homeland is an act of "bullying". What would she call firing rockets, suicide bombings, slitting the throats of infants and children etc. which is what the "palestinians" have done to Israelis?

As for the comparison between "palestinians" and American Indians, the Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. There was a Jewish presence in Israel thousands of years before the Arab conquest. That would make the "palestinians" the occupiers. Why should Israel recognize these usurpers who have no basis for any territorial claims? Why should Israel recognize a people who have declared they seek Jewish genocide?

No more taxpayer money should be given to these marxists, Jew-haters and perverts on PBS.

'Sesame Street' Star Calls Israel 'Bullies,' Thinks Palestinians Shouldn't 'Recognize' Jewish State


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3 Dec 2012277post a comment

This episode in moral relativism is brought to you by the letter "M" - for Maria.

Sonia Manzano, who plays Maria on the long-running PBS series "Sesame Street," is bashing Israel via her Twitter feed.
The actress sent out two pro-Palestinian messages relating to the latest unrest in the Middle East, first calling Israel bullies and then comparing the Jewish state to early American settlers who wiped out Native Americans.
Israelis retaliate the simple recognition of Palestinians by UN by deciding to build 3,000 more settlements. Bullies!
Why do Israelis need to be "recognized" by Palestinians. Did Native Americans need to "recognize" their tormentors?

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