Thursday, December 13, 2012

Feminists Ignore the Real War on Women

Sandra Fluke and other feminists are not concerned with actual oppression against women at all. What they are concerned about is their own selfish, hedonistic personal interests, like making others pay for their abortion and birth control, so they can carry on without having to accept personal responsibility for their lifestyle choices. They couldn't care less about women who are truly suffering.

Atlas Shrugs:

Islam in America: Forced marriage on the rise "it is a growing problem"

It's not coming to America, it's here. And those who should be on the vanguard of this gender terror, the feminists, are dangerously silent. Sandra Fluke, call your office, you fraud.
"Forced Marriage in America: many women don't know their rights, fear to claim them" Trust Law, Nov. 19, 2012NEW YORK - To many in the United States, forced marriage sounds like an ancient and alien practice, something that might happen in remote corners of India or Pakistan, not in the heart of 21st century America.
But it is indeed occurring in the United States, and “it is a growing problem,” according to Manon DeFelice, executive director of the New York-based AHA Foundation, which protects and defends the rights of women and girls in the West from oppression committed in the name of religion and culture.

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