Friday, December 21, 2012

Israel Needs to Stand Strong in the Face of Pressure Over Settlements

Again I ask, what is the basis for eastern Jerusalem to be the capital of a “palestinian” state or for that matter for such a state to be created at all? I’ve said this a number of times that to declare eastern Jerusalem not part of Israel is to retroactively legitimize Jordan’s illegal 1948 invasion, occupation of the area and the ethnic cleansing of Jews. Other than between 1948-1967 Jerusalem was never a divided city. If Jordan’s occupation was not considered legitimate in 1948 by most of the world, why is it retroactively being legitimized now?

UN steps up pressure on Israel over settlements

It is imperative that Israel not back down…no matter what. A victory by Israel in this matter will take the wind out of the anti settlement postures of the Europeans and the US. As a result, Israel will have more freedom to build in the future. Unfortunately, Israel stresses that she is only building homes in settlements that everyone knows will remain with Israel. That implies that where we are not building, we’re not keeping.
[Save for the probability of an American veto, the UNSC would have passed a resolution condemning Israel's settlement construction plans. The UNSC, without an American veto, can call settlement construction, a threat to peace, rightfully or wrongly, thereby justifying sanctions or military intervention.]
Similarly, Israel keeps stressing she won’t compromise her security needs in any deal. This implies that the kind of deal represented by Olmert’s offer or Obama’s ’67 lines with swaps is acceptable by Israel so long as she is satisfied with the deal on the security side. Ted Belman
By Yitzhak Benhorin, YNET
The four European members of the UN Security Council – France, Britain, Germany and Portugal are criticizing Israel and demanding an immediate halt to new settlement construction.
Representatives of the 14 council members stepped to the microphone outside the chamber after their monthly Mideast briefing Wednesday to denounce the Israeli settlement plans, which they warned is threatening a two-state peace settlement with the Palestinians. The council president said they did so because efforts to get all 15 members to agree on a resolution or statement had failed, almost certainly because of US opposition.

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