Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jew-Hater Hagel For Defense Secretary

How come there's no resentment of the arab or muslim lobbies? Or the China lobby, Turkish, Pakistani, Mexican lobbies etc.? Why is it that only the Israel lobby is controversial? In fact muslim brotherhood operatives have infiltrated every part of government, and not only isn’t it controversial, but is welcomed. And anyone who does warn about the muslim brotherhood influence on our government is branded a racist.

Say “no” to Chuck Hagel as Secr’y of Defense

My thesis about Hagel
By Paul Mirengoff, POWERLINE
Politico reports that President Obama, having just backed down from one major Senate confirmation fight, may be running headlong into another one, as “some in the Jewish community and other Israel backers are reacting with alarm to reports that Obama is preparing to nominate former Sen. Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense.” Politico adds that “Obama will have to assess how big a furor pro-Israel forces will raise and whether the White House wants to deal with it.”
My thesis about Hagel is that Obama wants to nominate him precisely because it will upset “some in the Jewish community and other Israel backers.” This is a fight Obama is confident he can win, since Hagel is a former Republican Senator. And by winning it, Obama believes he will cut the Jewish lobby down to size.
That the Jewish lobby needs to be cut down is axiomatic among a certain type of Washington pol. The Politico article makes this clear.
Acknowledging that Hagel has been a leader among those who denounce the supposed power of the Jewish lobby, Politico turns to David Kurtzer, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel, for an explanation:
    Anybody who has ever talked to senators or congressmen behind closed doors knows you hear a lot of that,” Kurtzer said. “A lot of people won’t talk about that publicly, but Hagel talks about it in public. One can question whether it’s good politics from his standpoint, but it’s not a view that’s foreign on the Hill.”
Can anyone doubt that Obama falls within the substantial circle of politicans that bitterly resents the Israel lobby? This is the man who spiritually followed the rabidly anti-Israel Rev. Wright; who gave a tribute to former PLO operative Rashid Khalidi so explosive that it has never seen the light of day; who has never visited Israel during his time in office, despite having been as close as thirty minutes away in Egypt, and managing to go to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iraq; who told Jewish leaders in July 2009 that he was deliberately adopting a policy of putting daylight between America and Israel; and who snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington DC and complained to Nicolas Sarkozy about having to deal with the Israeli prime minister. Continue

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