Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reprehensible Roger Waters and His Obssessive Hatred of Israel

I’ve had it with scumbags like Waters and their lies and hatred of Israel. Israel is NOT an apartheid state and I am sick of that scurilous and false charge. Arabs are full citizens of Israel with the right to vote, run for office. Arabs and Jews go to schools together and work and are patients at hospitals together etc. Waters ought to get his facts straight before repeating propaganda. On the other hand every other country in the Middle East IS an apartheid state which persecutes its non-muslim and non-Arab populations.

When will roger waters demand that muslim countries memberships in the UN should depend on their ending persecution of non-muslims and women? When will Waters demand these countries end their apartheid and oppression? Waters is a filthy liar, hypocrite and antisemite. He should be boycotted. Let him focus on his own mess of a nation, England. This degenerate is beneath contempt. The UN Its an orwellian organization controlled by the block of despotic and terrorist states of the Arab League and the OIC who stand in judgement of free nations. These Brits love attacking America and Israel even as their own country is a total mess.

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