Monday, December 10, 2012

Rock Throwing Mob Forces IDF Retreat

Such rules of engagement only project extreme weakness and cowardice and therefore encourage more violence against the IDF. If soldiers are given orders not to defend themselves without approval, they ought to quit the military. It is criminal for a government to deploy soldiers in hostile areas and leave them as sitting ducks. This goes for our own armed forces as well. The Israeli government as well as our own, are more concerned with how they look in the media then they are about protecting the soldiers defending us. This situation exists because we have a treasonous media in the first place that will always report on the response of the soldiers and never on what the savage enemy has done to provoke them. No matter, the government’s responsibility is to protect the troops serving under them. Atlas Shrugs:
VIDEO: Unable to Respond, Israeli Soldiers Attacked by Muslim Mob Sustain Injuries This is shameful. The idea that the IDF must retreat against violent “Palestinian” Muslims is patently ridiculous on its face, and everyone knows it. America suffers from this same moral corruption. We force our soldiers to fight with their hands bound and tied…. Israel and the US are “not allowed” to use the proper measures and force.

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