Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Degenerate UN

This is yet the latest example of why the UN is a sick joke which we should have long ago stopped funding.

I'll be waiting to hear from the Congressional Black Caucus and any number of other black and "progressive" individuals and groups who are constantly attacking conservative Americans for imaginary racism. Why the silence on actual racism and slavery coming from Arab and muslim countries?

Atlas Shrugs:

Human Rights Day at the UN: Election of Islamic Slave-holding Mauritania as VP of UN Human Rights Council

The monsters at the UN strike again. Slavery under Islam is encouraged, and it is still very much alive and legal in Mauritania. Modern-day slavery and the silence of black leadership in the country exposes these demagogues for what they really are: ghouls. The word for slave in Arabic is black. Robert Spencer wrote:  Continued

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