Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Left Wing Lynch Mob

We have a media that is worse than pravda. There's a lynch mob out to get Wayne La Pierre and the NRA that even that child murdering monster's father isn't experiencing. Why isn't anyone talking about his responsibility in this? Why isn't anyone talking about anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs? The reason is because those issues don't fit with the agenda of those tyrants going after the NRA.

There has been a pattern lately of exploiting crises and tragedies in order to whip up a frenzy against some conservative target that has nothing to do with it and then use it as an excuse to crack down on our constitutional liberities.

The Gaby Giffords shooting resulted in a lynch mob against the tea party and Sarah Palin where they absurdly claimed that her using the image of a target in the congressional election campaigns was responsible. Then there was the lynch mob against George Zimmerman where they used that to sew racial conflict. It turned out he was acting in self-defense. Then we had the Colorado movie theater massacre in which the tea party again was initially blamed. Then there was Benghazi where a mohammed movie was falsely blamed and then used to justify crackdowns on the free speech rights of Americans. It turned out that the Obama administration itself was at fault. And now we have the horrific school massacre of precious little children in CT. As a result, a lynch mob has come out against Wayne LaPierre and the NRA and is being used to crack down on the second amendment. They used the economic crisis that again the left itself was responsible for in order to whip up a frenzied lynch mob against the wealthy and using it to crack down on our economic liberties. This is all classic Alynsky and Cloward-Piven strategies at work.

Every tyrannical dictator or movement in history from hitler to stalin to mao has exploited or created crises in order to deprive the citizenry of their liberties and usher in a totalitarian state. The tyrannical left in America is following the same pattern. 


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