Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Pile On Against the NRA

The pile on against Wayne La Pierre and the NRA continues. Ray Kelly and Gaby Gifford's husband express "disappointment" over the NRA's response. Translation: they wanted them to surrender on gun control. This is just more pile on the NRA from the media and eiltes. I'm sick of the scapegoating of millions of responsible, law-abiding gun owners across America, many of who are members of the NRA.

A woman shown on the news was hollering over La Pierre's remarks because she has or had  two sons who were shot. She wanted to know why he opposes any gun restrictions. I have no way of knowing, but I would bet that they were gang bangers. What are the chances that two sons would have been randomly shot? Of course such a fact won't be revealed by an agenda driven media. To do so would reveal there are issues other than guns that account for all the violence in society. For those feigning outrage over La pierre's remarks about armed guards at schools, many others had suggested that prior to him and were not attacked. So why are so many pretending as if this is so ludicrous an idea? Because its just an excuse to further pile on. If you want to know how to fund the armed guards at schools, why not take taxpayer money that goes for the bloated salaries of politicians and their health care benefits and pensions and use that to protect the children instead. The children are far more important.  The scapgoating and demonizing of the NRA reminds me of how the left have scapgoated and demonized the "rich" for the nation's economic crisis which the left itself is responsible for. The same Alinsky dynamic is at work with regard to guns and the second amendment.

Why else condemn the NRA unless you want to disarm responsible, law-abiding citizens of which the NRA represents? So don't believe proclamations from politicians that they support the second amendment but only want to ban "assault" weapons.

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