Saturday, March 31, 2012

State Department's Hostility Toward Israel

Given Judaism's 3000 year deep historical connection to Jerusalem and being Judaism's holiest city, it is an outrage that the U.S. government would deny it the status of Israel's capital city and deny that it is even a part of Israel at all. There is absolutely no basis for Arab-muslim claims to sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem and no basis for Jerusalem to be the capital of an Arab-muslim "palestinian" state. In fact there is no basis for the creation of a state of "palestine". Jerusalem has never in history been the capital of any Arab or muslim state, and islam's claim that Jerusalem is its third holiest city is a fraud since Jerusalem is not mentioned in the koran. Victoria Nuland's refusal to even say what the capital of Israel is, is consistent with our Arabist State Department's long history of deep hostility toward Israel.

The State Department's Jerusalem Syndrome

Caroline Glick

Mar 31, 2012

I went to the US Consulate this week to take care of certain family business. It was a thoroughly unpleasant experience. I think it is ironic that two days after my extremely unpleasant experience at the consulate, State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland refused to say what the capital of Israel is. It was ironic because anyone who visits the consulate knows that the US's position on Jerusalem is in perfect alignment with that of Israel's worst enemies.

Last time I went to the consulate was in 2007. At that time the building was located in the middle of an Arab neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem. It was unpleasant. In fact it was fairly frightening. Once inside the building I couldn't shake the feeling that the Americans had gone out of their way to make Israeli-American Jews feel uncomfortable and vaguely threatened.

But then, I was able to console myself with the thought that the US has been upfront about its rejection of Israel's right to assert its sovereignty over eastern Jerusalem. By treating Jews as foreigners in their capital city and behaving as though it belongs to the Arabs by among other things hiring only Arabs as local employees, the US officials on site were simply implementing a known US policy. True, I deeply oppose the policy, but no one was asking me, and no one was hiding anything from me.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Nazi March to Jerusalem Fails

The jihadis and their worldwide leftist collaborators attempt to have hundreds of thousands of Jew-haters breach Israel's borders, fizzled.

Land Day, “Global March on Jerusalem” pass relatively quietly

JERUSALEM (JWN)—A day of Palestinian protests inside Israel and the West Bank—and joined by several thousand demonstrators “marching to Jerusalem” from beyond Israel’s borders—passed with few disturbances and no serious injuries.

In a roundup of incidents:
•Several protesters were lightly injured by tear gas inhalation in Hebron, when soldiers dispersed a demonstration that had become unruly.
•Dozens of Palestinian protesters approached the closed Erez crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip as part of demonstrations for the Global March on Jerusalem. IDF soldiers drove most of them back with warning shots, but one Gazan was shot and lightly wounded in the leg.
•Several hundred Palestinians gathered near Jerusalem’s Nablus Gate, some carrying Palestinian flags. The crowd attempted to stage an illegal procession—a march that was already in Jerusalem, but not global—and was prevented by police. Several protesters were arrested.
•Lebanese news sites reported that foreign and Palestinian protesters were making their way toward the Beaufort Castle near the border with Israel, under the understanding that they would proceed no further toward Israel.
•Protests took place across the West Bank in Kalandiya, Bethlehem, Hebron, Nabi Saleh, Budrus, and other villages.
•At the Kalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem, Palestinian protesters threw rocks and firebombs at security forces and set tires alight. Security forces used tear gas, stun grenades, noise weapons, and foul-smelling water to disperse the protesters, many of whom had arrived at the checkpoint from Ramallah. A number of protesters were lightly injured and taken to local hospitals for treatment.

The Israel Defense Forces had raised its alert level ahead of the anticipated protests at Israel’s borders and West Bank checkpoints during Land Day, which was being joined by the much ballyhooed “march on Jerusalem” from outside the country. IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz toured the West Bank and Syrian border Friday morning ahead of the planned protests.

The Israeli-Arab community marks Land Day to commemorate the killing of six demonstrators killed by police in clashes on the first Land Day in 1976, in a protest against land confiscation by the government.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama Leaking Info to Undermine Israel

This is such an outrage that the Obama administration is actively undermining any potential Israeli attempt to conduct a military strike on Iran. We have a subversive administration in the White House acting to protect an enemy from our ally. Should Israel decide to launch a preemptive strike on Iran, it is imperative that they do not let the Obama administration know in advance. They will tip off Iran. There is no other conclusion one can take from the behavior of the Obama regime regarding Iran and Israel other than at the very least they don't care if Iran acquires nuclear weapons and don't care if Israel's very existence is endangered.

Via Israpundit:

Baku granted Israel access to airbases for Iran strike’ By JPOST.COM STAFF

‘Foreign Policy’ article quotes senior US officials as saying “the Israelis have bought an airfield and the airfield is called Azerbaijan”; Obama administration reportedly unhappy about J’lem-Baku relationship.

Azerbaijan has granted Israel access to airbases in its territory along Iran’s northern border for potential use in a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, a report published Wednesday in Foreign Policy magazine quoted senior US administration officials as saying.

“The Israelis have bought an airfield,” an official said, “and the airfield is called Azerbaijan.”

Even if Israel doesn’t use the fields for a direct airstrike on Iran, Azerbaijan could still prove useful for Jerusalem’s interests in the region. The bases could be used as a jumping point for IDF search-and-rescue units, the report quoted a US intelligence official as saying.

According to the Foreign Policy report, the Obama administration believes the Jerusalem-Baku relationship is raising the risk of an Israeli strike on Iran. Senior US officials have said that Israel’s military expansion into Azerbaijan is complicating US efforts to defuse Israeli-Iranian tensions. “We’re watching what Israel is doing in Azerbaijan. And we’re not happy about it,” one official said.

This relationship between Israel and the predominantly Muslim country sitting on Iran’s northern border is believed to be robust. The Foreign Policy report quoted a 1995 article in The Jerusalem Post as saying that bilateral relations started in 1994 and had blossomed ever since. “Strauss ice cream, cell phones produced by Motorola’s Israeli division, Maccabee beer, and other Israeli imports are ubiquitous [in Azerbaijan],” the Jerusalem Post article stated.

The unlikely bilateral relationship has taken center stage in the media this year.

In January, Azeri authorities implicated an Iranian citizen in a plot to kill Jewish teachers at a Jewish school in Baku.
A report published last month in The Times of London stated that Azerbaijan is teeming with Mossad agents working to collect intelligence on the Islamic Republic of Iran, quoting an unnamed agent as saying that Baku was “ground zero for intelligence work.”

Later in the month, Israeli officials confirmed a $1.6 billion defense deal with Baku that will see Jerusalem supplying the formerly soviet country with unmanned aerial vehicles and missile defense systems.

Earlier this month, Azerbaijani police arrested 22 people, including one Iranian citizen, suspected of plotting attacks against US and Israeli targets across the country. Baku tied the plot to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


After the 1973 Yom Kippur war, Europe made a conscious decision to create an alliance with the Arab world against Israel to keep the oil flowing. They agreed to let in millions of muslims as part of the bargain. Europe is now increasingly under islamic rule and native Europeans are dhimmis. Even though Europe's foreign policy positions have been anti-Israel for decades, islamic supremacists are still waging jihad against it. Those Americans who think that cutting off ties to Israel will make us safe should keep the European example in mind.

Europe’s Islamic Future Has Arrived by Soeren Kern, GATESTONE INSTITUTE

In country after European country, the post-modern charade of the bliss of multiculturalism — the idea that all cultures are equal and can coexist peacefully side-by-side in any given country, and that Muslim immigrants should be allowed to keep their cultural traditions rather than integrate into wider European society — is unravelling.

Consider just a few of the following Islam-related controversies that jolted Europe during March 2012, a month that not only exposed the deadly consequences of decades of politically correct multiculturalism, but also brought into stark relief the moral confusion that now reigns supreme among much of Europe’s political class.

In France, a 23-year-old Islamic jihadist named Mohamed Merah confirmed the threat of homegrown Muslim terrorism. Merah, a French citizen of Algerian origin, killed three French paratroopers, three Jewish schoolchildren and a rabbi with close-range shots to the head. He filmed himself carrying out the attacks that began on March 11 to “verify” the deaths. Merah later died in a hail of gunfire on March 22 after a 32-hour standoff with police at his apartment in the southern French city of Toulouse.

In an extraordinary display of moral callousness, an indifferent Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s ‘Foreign Minister’ and member of the British Labour Party, declared that “what happened in Toulouse,” — the deliberate murder of the Jewish children — was morally equivalent to the accidental war deaths of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. Then, in a clumsy effort to blunt the outrage engendered by Ashton’s spectacle, her spin doctors released a statement to “clarify” her remarks by amending the official transcript of her speech.

Ashton made her contentious comments at none other than a pro-Palestinian activists’ conference in Brussels, the self-styled “Capital of Europe” and also the most Islamic city in Europe. She hosted the event, entitled “Palestine Refugees in the Changing Middle East,” in an attempt to convince the world that the European Union is an “honest broker” in the Middle East. Not surprisingly, the Hamas terrorist group applauded Ashton, saying “she deserves thanks, appreciation, and support in the face of Zionist attempts to terrorize and pressure her.”

Meanwhile, in Geneva, Switzerland, the United Nations Human Rights Council on March 19 extended an invitation to Hamas’s very own Ismail al-Ashqar to speak to the 19th regular session of the body. The UN reluctantly rescinded al-Ashqar’s invitation at the last minute on fears that his appearance might further undermine its own credibility.

True to form, the Human Rights Council considered five resolutions on Israel and the Palestinians, including four resolutions submitted by Palestine, even though no such state exists. One resolution called for the council to appoint an international fact-finding committee to investigate Israeli “settlements” on the West Bank and their impact on Palestinian life.

The measure was adopted by a vote of 36 in favor, 1 against and 10 abstentions. Voting in favor were: Austria, Belgium, Norway and Switzerland. Not surprisingly, no European country opposed the measure (the United States cast the only ‘no’ vote).

In Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, the head of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD) and a possible candidate for German chancellor, on March 14 described Israel as an “apartheid regime.” Posting on his Facebook site, Gabriel wrote: “I was just in Hebron [under the Palestinian Authority's control, not Israel's, at the Palestinian Authority's request - the editors]. That is a lawless territory there for Palestinians. This is an apartheid regime, for which there is no justification.”

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Traitor Dennis Kucinich

It's a good thing that wretched little traitor Dennis Kucinich lost his seat. He sold his soul to muslim brotherhood front groups and sold out this country for votes and political power and in a case of poetic justice is now out of power. Unfortunately there are many other muslim brotherhood shills to take his place. These are politicians who don't care about what nefarious forces they are unleashing by facilitating the infiltration of mb front groups into positions of power and influence within our government. It only matters to them their shortsighted goal of acquiring and maintaining power for themselves even at the expense of America. The collusion of governments and politicians is how islam has taken over Eurabia.

Dennis Kucinich, Lefty for Radical Islamby Daniel Pipes
Investigative Project on Terrorism
March 26, 2012

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Keith Ellison and Andre Carson receive considerable attention as the first two Muslims to serve in the U.S. Congress. The novelty of their presence, however, should not obscure the fact that Congress includes other representatives, invariably on the left wing of the Democratic party, who also carry water for Islamist interests and causes.

Not themselves Muslim, their relative obscurity attracts less attention to them and may make them more effective. For example, When the U.S. House voted 390-5 in 2009 in favor of a resolution concerning Israel's right to self-defense against Hamas, Carson voted for the resolution and Ellison voted "present." In contrast, Dennis J. Kucinich, Gwen Moore, Ron Paul, Nick Rahall, and Maxine Waters cast the "no" votes. In addition to those five, their ranks also include Cynthia McKinney, Gregory Meeks, and James Moran.

Kucinich (in the middle) meets with ten members of the CAIR staff including Nihad Awad, executive director of the national office.

Kucinich, 65, a representative from the Cleveland area since 1996 whose recent primary loss signals the probable end of his political career, offers the single best example of this phenomenon, having gone further down this path than any other national elected official and receiving more attention for it, particularly during his campaign for president of the United States in 2004.

Kucinich's far-left positions on a range of topics (most memorably, a promise to establish a Department of Peace) did not exactly burn up the campaign trail then but his platform did resonate among more than a few Democratic voters in a fractured race; he won 8 percent of the vote in Utah and Washington state, 9 percent in his home state of Ohio, 16 percent in Maine, 17 percent in Minnesota, and an impressive 26 percent in Hawaii. (Comparable efforts in a 2008 campaign for president fell flat, with him nowhere winning over 2 percent of the vote.)

This respectable showing brought considerable news coverage to his 2004 campaign that in turn uniquely exposed the candidate's positions and activities vis-à-vis Islamism.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Jew-Hatred in Morocco

The illusive "moderate" muslims of Morocco hold a huge protest against Israel. There are hardly any moderate muslims to be found and certainly no moderate muslim nations exist.

Israeli Hayom:

Israeli diplomat evacuated from Morocco following anti-Israel protest

Security forces rescue Israeli delegate to the European Parliament, David Saranga, from Moroccan parliament building in Rabat after tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets burning Israeli flags • Demonstration follows smaller protests days earlier calling for Saranga’s expulsion from Morocco • Saranga tells Israel Hayom: No countries that want to be a part of EUROMED can deny any other member.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #352 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Ima 2 Seven.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

UK Sides With Syrian Position Over Golan Heights

I'm so sick of this crap. The Golan Heights is part of Israel. Syria started a war with Israel in 1967. Syria was shelling Israelis from atop the Golan Heights when it was in control. Israel won the Golan Heights in a war of self-defense against Syrian aggression. Therefore the Golan Heights rightfully belongs to Israel. How dare the British treat this situation as though Israel is an unlawful occupier and aggressor and Syria the nation that was wronged? This is a complete inversion of the truth. This is why I feel nothing but contempt for Europe. The repeated lies and historical revisonism about Israel from the European media and governments has directly contributed to the reemergence of murderous antisemitism in Europe. There has been no introspection since the murder of those Jewish children in France. They continue pressing on with these lies, always accepting false Arab territorial claims over the rightful claims of the Jewish state. This is why I said European media and governments have the blood of murdered Jews on their hands.


UK Bans Ad Promoting Northern Israel
The UK has banned advertising promoting a book that includes a map showing the Golan Heights as part of Israel.
By Chana Ya'ar
First Publish: 3/23/2012, 12:31 PM

Vacationing in the Golan Heights.
Flash 90
The UK has banned advertising promoting a book on northern Israel that includes a map showing the Golan Heights as part of Israel. The ad, which also includes parts of “Judea” and “Samaria” on the map, was published in November and produced by Israel's Government Tourist Office.

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority claims it has received 350 complaints about the ad, “including from supporters of Palestinians,” according to a report by the Associated Press.

The agency ruled Wednesday that the ad cannot reappear in its current form. The ad reportedly cannot imply that any territory restored to Israel in the 1967 Six Day War has been internationally recognized as part of the State of Israel, nor can it imply universal acceptance of “contentious claims.”

The British agency used similar language in a nearly identical ruling on an ad promoting holy sites in Jerusalem two years ago, acting on an complaint whose source it never disclosed. The agency claimed the ad was misleading because it implied that the part of Jerusalem in which the holy sites are located – the Old City -- are part of the State of Israel.

The Old City was restored to the state, and reunited with the rest of the Israeli capital immediately following the 1967 Six Day War. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat branded the ruling at the time a “shameful accusation showing a complete ignorance of history.”

Before the Six Day War, when Syria attacked Israel and lost, the Syrians bombarded Israeli communities constantly from the vantage point of the Golan Heights. Children grew up sleeping in shelters every night in the kibbutzim around the Sea of Galilee.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Administration Undermines Israeli Self-Defense

The administration did not consider the consequences to Israel when it unnecessarily bombed Libya or aided in the ouster of Mubarak, thereby unleashing jihadist forces to rule those countries. Yet here they have the nerve to warn that a potential Israeli military strike against Iran will draw America into war with Iran. Israel's very existence is at stake if Iran acquires nuclear weapons capability. Yet this cold and calculating administration is doing everything in its power to avert an Israeli operation against Iran to save itself from a nuclear holocaust.

An 'Internal Look' at the Aftermath of an Israeli Strike

IsraelDefense, March 20, 2012

Pictured left - F-18 taking off the aircraft carrier USS Truman (Archive: U.S. Navy)

"A war is no picnic," stated Minister of Defense Ehud Barak in an interview with Israel Radio in November. "But if Israel feels itself forced into action, the retaliation would be bearable…the State of Israel will not be destroyed."

The US conducted a classified war simulation this month to assess the implications of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities; the results estimate that such an attack could precipitate a regional war and draw the US into a conflict it is desperately trying to avert. The simulation was designed to evaluate inter-branch coordination and communication in the midst of a highly realistic, plausible scenario.

The two-week exercise, called “Internal Look,” simulated a narrative in which the US found itself pulled into the conflict after an Iranian missile attacked a US Navy warship in the Persian Gulf, resulting in approximately 200 casualties. The strike was followed by US retaliation with independent strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities.

US officials emphasized that the simulation was not a rehearsal for an American military operation and that the results obtained are not the only potential outcome of a real-world situation, especially considering the unpredictable actions of the Iranian regime in the event of a conflict....

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eurabia, Leftists Have Blood on Their Hands

The blood of that Rabbi and those three precious children are on the hands of the leftist media, academia, western governments and the various NGO’s and other anti-Israel, pro-fakestinian activists, BDS movements, campus anti-Israel hatefests throughout the western world. They all have collaborated in disseminating blood libels, vicious lies, historical revisionism regarding the Jewish state. Whether it be for political ideology, geopolitical or economic purposes, various forces in the west have collaborated in spreading the big lie that the Jewish people are usurpers, colonialist occupiers in their native land which they have a 5000 year history in. To keep the oil flowing, the west chose an unholy alliance with the Arab-muslim world, made the Jewish state a sacrificial lamb and unleashed a global jihad and the prospect of another holocaust against the Jewish people. Yet still the treachery continues as Israel is pressured to make more concessions to genocidal enemies and the west continues to allow the massive influx of muslims into their countries, endangering its citizens lives and destroying their freedoms with the introduction of sharia and blasphemy laws. The blood of the Rabbi and those three children are on the hands of those who have welcomed the savages into their countries in the name of multiculturalism and tolerance. Tolerance towards those who harbor genocidal hatred. And the blood of those victims is on the hands of those who continue to deny that islam is at war with us and politicians who proclaim that islam is a peaceful religion which has been hijacked by a few extremists. This is pure nonesense and they must know that. No one can be that oblivious. It is not "extremist" or "radical" islam nor is it "islamism", a phony term if there ever was one. A word wholly invented by westerners who want to avoid being called islamophobic or racist so therefore pretend there's a distinction. There is only islam. And that murdering jihadist monster in France simply carried out the acts prescribed by authentic islam.

Laying the groundwork for the Toulouse massacre

Anti-Zionists must now hang their heads in shame over French Jewish school shooting

The New Nazis

The True Perpetrators of The Antisemitic Attacks

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toulouse Murders Carried Out by Jihadist

The media had initially blamed this atrocity on the “right wing” and even displayed photos of some suspected neo-nazi punks who were in the French military. However, this monstrous act had all the hallmarks of an islamic attack. The worst neo-nazi punks resort to are acts of vandalism against synogogues, Jewish schools and other Jewish targets. They rarely if ever take their hatred this far. But muslim Jew-haters do. Islam's genocidal war against the Jews is global.

Toulouse murderer said to be al Qaeda 3 French police injured in Toulouse shootout

TOULOUSE, France – A gunman suspected of killing three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school wounded three police officers in a shootout at a house in Toulouse in southwestern France on Wednesday and said he was a member of al-Qaida. Police believe the suspect to be holed up in the building.

French Interior Minister Claude Gueant said the man targeted in the raid was a 24-year-old man who had visited Afghanistan and Pakistan, and had shot dead the four out of revenge for France’s military involvement abroad. He is also suspected by authorities of having killed three soldiers of North African origin last week.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, campaigning for re-election in a presidential poll in five weeks time, has blamed racism for Monday’s school attack. His handling of the crisis could be a decisive factor in determining how the French people vote.

“He claims to be a mujahideen and to belong to al-Qaida,” Gueant told journalists in Toulouse, referring to the gunman.

“He wanted revenge for the Palestinian children and he also wanted to attack the French army because of its foreign intervention.”

France has troops in Afghanistan as part of NATO forces.

Gueant did not say how they had tracked the man down, but that police were talking to his brother at a separate location in connection to the killings.

His mother had also been brought to the scene to help negotiate with the man, who is holed up in a small apartment building in the leafy neighborhood.

Heavily armed police in bullet-proof vests and helmets cordoned off the area where the raid was taking place, in a suburb a few kilometers from the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school where Monday’s shootings took place.

Reuters witnesses heard several shots at about 0440 GMT.

A police source said the police could launch an assault if the standoff lasted for some time. “There are more and more people around, so this creates a dangerous situation.”

Gueant said Sarkozy had been informed of the raid which began at 3:00 a.m. (0200 GMT). When he was the mayor of a upmarket Paris suburb, Sarkozy helped negotiate the end of a hostage crisis involving several children. It has been credited with boosting his political career.

Immigrants and Islam have been major themes of the campaign as Sarkozy tried to win over the voters of far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Analysts say the shootings could transform the election debate and possibly tone down the populist rhetoric.

Jean Marc, a 56-year-old restaurant owner in the city who declined to give his last name, said he believed the crisis would benefit the far right or Sarkozy in the election.

“The Socialists don’t talk about this stuff and it shows they don’t know what they are doing,” he said. “They (the police) need to get this guy.”

Earlier on Wednesday, police sources told Reuters that a man had been arrested at a separate location in connection with the killings.

Authorities believe that the gunman in the school shooting was the same person responsible for killing three soldiers of North African origin in two shootings last week in Toulouse and the nearby town of Montauban.

The same Colt 45 handgun was used in all three attacks and in each case the gunman arrived on a Yamaha scooter with his face hidden by a motorcycle helmet.

Meanwhile Wednesday morning, a French military airplane carrying the bodies of the four victims of the shooting attack landed in Israel.

The victims were set to be buried in Jerusalem at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anti-Israel Groups Hijacking Israel Day Parade

This is an outrage. These are Israel-hating infiltrators who should be barred from the parade. Anyone supporting BDS is an enemy of Israel. This is all part of the twisted deception of anti-Israel activists portraying themselves as being pro-Israel. This deceitful orwellian tactic was started with the creation of J Street.




A coalition of community Jewish organizations urgently calls on all friends of Israel to make their voices heard. The UJA-Federation and Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) have granted permission to extremist anti-Israel organizations to march in the Celebrate Israel Parade on June 3rd in New York. These groups encourage Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, seeking to delegitimize and economically weaken the Jewish State.

We call on all supporters of Israel to contact the UJA-Federation and JCRC and ask them to reverse their misguided decision.


•Last year, the New Israel Fund (NIF) was allowed tomarch in the parade . Other groups marched with the New Israel Fund, displaying their individual banners, including B’Tselem, Partners for Progressive Israel and Rabbis for Human Rights.

•This year, New Israel fund is slated to march again, and we expect B’Tselem and the other groups will once again join NIF, displaying their banners.

•New Israel Fund finances numerous Israeli NGOs (non-governmental organizations), some of which promote Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.

•For instance, five grantees of the New Israel fund (Machsom Watch , Coalition of Women for Peace, Women Against Violence, Social TV, and Mossawa) signed a letter to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, urging it to divest from Israel.

•Partners for Progressive Israel (also known as Meretz USA) prominently displays on its website, under the heading “boycott these Settlement products sold in the US,” a list of Israeli products that it wants Jews to boycott. These products include Ahava cosmetics, SodaStream products, and wine from nine Israeli vineyards.

•The chair of B’Tselem’s board, Oren Yiftachel , has publicly called for “effective sanctions” against Israel. B’Tselem is a major grantee of the New Israel Fund.

•B’Tselem produced the Video that was shown at the infamous “Israel Apartheid 2012″ events held at Universities and Colleges worldwide.

•Despite New Israel Funds stated opposition to Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), their continued funding of these groups shows their actions are not in line with their statements.

We urge everyone to raise your voices and call the UJA-Federation and the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). Urge them to stop these groups from marching in the Israel Day Parade and hijacking a pro-Israel event for their anti-Israel purposes. While the JCRC runs the Parade, the UJA-Federation has effective control over the JCRC, as they appoint Board members as a right and contribute the major portion of JCRC funding.

Richard Allen, a member of the Committee for a Pro-Israel Parade and founder of stated: “It is not surprising that the UJA-Federation is pushing these bash Israel groups to march in the June 3, 2012 Israel Parade. Published reports show that the UJA-Federation’s Chief Executive Officer, John Ruskay, worked with Noam Chomsky in one of the first political bash Israel groups; CONAME (Committee On New Alternatives in The Middle East). The reports stated the group CONAME specialized in attacking Israel. John Ruskay also gave over 1 million ($1,000,000) of UJA-Federation Jewish Charity Dollars to the political George Soros funded group, Jewish Funds for Justice. The community must make its voice heard by calling and writing The UJA-Federation and demand that Jewish community charity funds not be used for these divisive purposes.”


Tell John Ruskay and Jerry Levin of the UJA-Federation of New York:

NOT ONE DIME to Legitimize the De-Legitimizers of Israel!

STOP groups that work to Delegitimize Israel from Hijacking the Israel Parade!

Call and write the Board of the UJA-Federation of New York.

Tell the UJA Federation you do NOT want your Jewish Charity Dollars Going to Support John Ruskay’s Political Agenda. Call: 212-980-1000.

Email the UJA-Federation CEO John Ruskay:

Email the UJA-Federation Board: President Jerry W.

Email the Jewish Community Relations Council board: Rabbi Michael Miller, or call 212-983-4084.

Committee for a Pro-Israel Parade

(Committee in formation)

Richard Allen

Founder of

Rabbi Steven Axelman

Whitestone Hebrew Centre

Helen Freedman

Executive Director, Americans for a Safe Israel

Beth Gilinsky

Executive Director, National Conference on Jewish Affairs

Eli E. Hertz

Founder “Myths and Facts”

Rabbi Eluzer (Eli) Kowalsky

Pro-Israel Activist

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

President, Z Street

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

Congregation Ohab Zedek

Antisemitism and the Abolishment of Israel Lies at the Heart of the BDS Movement

In a region marked by the islamic persecution and slaughter of Christians, the oppression and brutality against women, regimes massacring their own citizens; these colleges and universities, churches, unions, NGO’s in the west have chosen to target the Jewish state as the one too beyond the pale to engage in commercial interaction with. This can only be explained by raw Jew-hatred on the part of the BDS movement.

Via Israpundit:

Manipulation and Deception: The Anti-Israel “BDS” Campaign
(Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions)

Alan Baker and Adam Shay

•One of the weapons presently being used in the campaign to delegitimize Israel in the international community is the so-called “BDS movement,” targeting and manipulating social society and the general public at the grass-roots level to act against Israel in academic, commercial, social, and cultural fields.•This movement, inspired and generated by the infamous 2001 Durban UN Conference against Racism, bases itself on a number of very basic, general, and widely used political slogans, deliberately couched in terminology reminiscent of South Africa’s apartheid regime and oft-repeated anti-Israel slogans prevalent in resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the Durban NGO Plan of Action. Such slogans include accusations that Israel is an “apartheid and colonizing state,” a “discriminatory occupation regime,” a violator of international law, a “repressive occupier,” and the like.
•The nature of the campaign is such as to appeal to the genuine humanitarian sentiments of the grass-roots groups to whom they direct their efforts – whether these are students on campuses, members of the general public frequenting stores and supermarkets, attendees at cultural events, performers, or commercial entities trading with Israel. The aim is to manipulate these people, who are generally unfamiliar with the intricate details and history of the issues in the Middle East, by instilling into their minds an inherent bias against, and hostility towards, Israel. This targeted audience can easily and sincerely identify themselves with and support any movement that ostensibly opposes apartheid, discrimination, inequality, and colonialism.
•This movement is composed of a relatively small number of full-time, well-financed, anti-Israel activists, who are inspired and encouraged by senior figures in the Palestinian public, including Omar Barghouti, Mustafa Barghouti, Nabil Sha’att, and others. They organize events mostly throughout Europe and in North America, raise funds, and arrange seminars, conferences, and demonstrations in support of isolating and boycotting Israel in every way possible. They claim to enjoy the support of hundreds of Arab, Palestinian, and other non-governmental organizations signatory to their basic documentation. However, upon examination, many of these NGOs appear to be either fictional, non-existent, and even, in some cases, front-organizations for Hamas and other terror groups.
•Their mode of operation includes stalking members of the general public on the streets and arranging seminars intended to “brainwash” activists with factually inaccurate, misleading, and false information and accusations regarding Israel. It also includes threats of action against companies, suppliers, stores, academic institutions, as well as performers, unless they disassociate themselves from any Israel-related connection. In many cases this constitutes blatant harassment of the general public, and arbitrary denial of basic rights to freedom of choice, freedom to use public areas in shopping malls and streets, freedom to enter stores, freedom to purchase, freedom to conduct commercial relations, and freedom to choose cultural and artistic events. The BDS campaign thereby abuses democratic rights and freedoms in the social, cultural, commercial, and educational spheres of those countries in which it is conducted.
•From the substantive point of view, the BDS campaign feeds on and demonstrates a blatant and deliberate ignorance and denial of the basic issues involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The oft-repeated use of such slogans as “apartheid” and “colonialism” and the like with respect to Israel demonstrates total ignorance of the significance of the terms used, and an acute lack of familiarity with the democratic character of Israel and the actual situation in the area.
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Elle Macpherson Announces She Loves Obama Because She is a Socialist

Are these celebrities ever aware of the irony of embracing socialism while being massively wealthy and living extravagant lifestyles? Or do they just spew such ignorant left-wing comments that they don't really believe in order to remain accepted by their peer group and maintain their careers? Or is Elle Macpherson just another bimbo supermodel who has no clue what she is talking about?


Supermodel Elle Macpherson Loves Obama: 'I’m Socialist - What Do You Expect?'
By Noel Sheppard | March 17, 2012 | 18:02

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Supermodel Elle Macpherson told shock jock Howard Stern Tuesday that she's pulling for Barack Obama to be reelected.

"I’m living in London and I’m socialist," she told her host. "What do you expect?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Read more:

Ashton's Repugnant Moral Equivalence

Catherine Ashton is a horrible, wicked woman. It is far more apt to compare yesterday's slaughter of Jewish children in France to the situation of Jewish children in Israel such as the Fogel family massacre.

FM: Ashton comments ‘inappropriate’Lieberman hopes for a retraction of comments comparing Toulouse murder victims to children killed in Gaza By ILAN BEN ZION and GABE FISHER March 20, 2012, 8:25 am 1EmailPrintShareIsrael's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman meets with Catherine Ashton, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem on Jan 25, 2012. (photo credit: Kobi Gideon/Flash90)RELATED TOPICSAVIGDOR LIEBERMANCATHERINE ASHTONTOULOUSE SHOOTINGForeign Minister Avigdor Lieberman strongly condemned, on Tuesday, statements made by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton during a Monday UNRWA event. Ashton had made comments likening the morning’s slaying of three Jewish children in Toulouse to the ongoing death of children in areas around the world, including those killed as a result of IDF actions in Gaza.

Calling Ashton’s statements “inappropriate,” Lieberman defended the IDF: “The Israeli army is the most moral army in the world, whose poor soldiers work to minimize civilian casualties … despite having to fight terrorists operating within a civilian population.”

Lieberman, who is currently visiting China, said he hoped Ashton would review her comments and retract them, adding that he would like to hear her opinion on the Israeli children living in fear of rocket attacks from Gaza.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #351 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at To Kiss a Mezuzah.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Warped Priorities of the JCC in Manhattan

Islam is on the warpath around the world, slaughtering Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. The islamic regime in Iran is threatening the Jewish state with a nuclear holocaust. And other jihadist groups regularly call for the genocide of Jews. You might think that a Jewish community center would hold a symposium on the rampant antisemitism sweeping the world or the global jihad. But instead, they chose to conduct an event on "Combating islamophobia". A wholly imaginary problem. Pathetic. These are the leaders such as Rabbi Schneier with which the Jewish community in the diaspora has the misfortune to be represented by. They certainly don't speak for me. Interfaith outreach is just another islamic swindle and Jewish liberals consistently allow themselves to be played for suckers.

New York City "Islamophobia" Event Ignores What We're Afraid ofby Phyllis Chesler with Fern Sidman
March 16, 2012

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Be the first of your friends to like this.As Islamist terrorists are being arrested in Baku for a plot to attack both the American and Israeli Embassies; as Muslims torture, murder, and exile Christians from their native Arab lands; as Hamas constantly bombards Israeli civilians with rockets launched from Gaza; even as Iran is threatening to send many "caravans of tens of thousands" of hostile Iranians to march on Jerusalem—guess what subject drew 225 eager audience members and the media to an upper west side Jewish Community Center?

The subject du jour was:"Combating Islamophobia," which featured panelists Rabbi Marc Schneier and Imam Shamsi Ali. The moderator: None other than former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Why are Jews confusing "Islamophobia" with anti-Semitism? One understands why Muslims who are used to feeling superior to all other religions, would want to assume whatever remains of Jewish victimhood and make it their own in order to gain sympathy for real and imaginary slights and for terrorist aggression—but why are Jews enabling them to do so?

In 2008, the FBI found that 66.1% of religious hate crimes in America targeted Jews, but only 7.5% of religious hate crimes targeted Muslims. Another 2011 study shows that religious bias crimes against Muslim Americans have remained relatively low with a downward trend since 2001, and are significantly less than the numbers of bias crimes against Jewish victims.

Nevertheless, Islamists claim that Muslims are suffering far more than Jews in America.

Are Rabbi Schneier and his partner, Imam Shamsi Ali the leaders we need?

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Israeli MK Denied Visa to Enter U.S.

While actual jihad terrorists are given visas to enter the United States, an elected member of Israel's parliament has been denied a visa for entry into the U.S. on the grounds that he is a "terrorist". His "crime" is his support of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. Its within acceptable discourse to advocate for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria and parts of Jerusalem, but its considered "terrorism" to merely be a follower of the man who advocated for transporting the Arab-muslims living there based on their unwillingness to live in peace with Jews.

OUTRAGE! Obama Denies Visa to Israel Parliament Member; Israeli Legislative Trip to US CanceledBy Debbie Schlussel

Michael Ben-Ari is an elected Member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. But the Obama adminstration is denying him a visa to the United States. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their minions are calling this man a “terrorist,” even though he’s never been a member of a terrorist group and never participated in a terrorist attack. Instead, he’s a respected elected official in Israel, who commands the respect of members of all parties along the ideological divide. And, yet, this is the second time (2009 was the first) that Dr. Ben-Ari has been denied entry here.

Yet, admitted Jew-killers and terrorists like Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas a/k/a “Abu Mazen,” who was the paymaster of the Munich Olympic terrorists, are welcome guests not only in the U.S. but at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Unlike Ben-Ari, Abbas has not faced a democratic election in some time, and if he were to face one today, he’d lose to HAMAS.

So, what is Ben-Ari’s “crime”? What has he done that is so offensive and noxious to the Obama border police who will let all of the scum of the earth into the U.S. but not this man who grew up in liberal Tel Aviv, has a Ph.D., and served in the Israeli Army with honor?

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Cameron Opposes Israeli Strike On Iran

Cameron, please spare us your claim of friendship to Israel. I just love it when western officials proclaim their great friendship with Israel and their belief in Israel's theoretical right to defend itself and then demand it remain passive while Iran threatens it with a nuclear holocaust. Cameron or any other western leader who opposes Israel launching a preemptive military strike against Iran to save its very existence, is no friend of the Jewish state.


Cameron: UK would not support Israeli strike on Iran By YONI DAYAN 03/16/2012 11:37 "I don't think as we stand today military action by Israel would be justified" British PM says in interview with NBC; adds that he understands Israeli sentiment on Iran, and he will not take options off the table. By Screenshot
The UK would not support an Israeli strike on Iran, British Prime Minister David Cameron said in an interview with NBC published Thursday.

"I don't think as we stand today that military action by Israel would be justified." Cameron said. "I don't think the Israelis should take that action now, we've told them they shouldn't, and we've said that we wouldn't support it if they did."

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In a bid to dispel the idea that there might be a rift in Israel-UK relations, Cameron added that "we are a friend of Israel. Israel has a right to exist as a democratic state. It's very important that Israel knows it has strong allies like America and like the United Kingdom."

That said, Cameron stressed that sanctions remain the preferred tactic for ending the Iranian regime's nuclear program. "I don't support action now because, frankly, we've got more road to run in putting in place sanctions, in putting in place tough measures against the Iranian regime."

Related: •US doubling its minesweepers in the Persian Gulf•Netanyahu: I don't think war with Iran is inevitable"They can have civil nuclear power," he said. "If they give up their mission of having military nuclear power, they can have a future as a country that has normal relations with the rest of the world."

Asked whether he believes a policy of containment can and will work, Cameron responded with "I'm not arguing for containment. What I am arguing for is massive pressure."

Iran's economy has been hit by rounds of European and US sanctions, causing instability in Tehran's currency, the rial. On Thursday, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), which facilitates most international money transfers, announced that it would cut off Iranian banks to its system.

Despite heavy international sanctions, Tehran has shown no signs of reassessing its nuclear drive.

Cameron also said that a nuclear armed Iran would trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. He added that he understands strong Israeli sentiment regarding the Iranian nuclear program, and said that he sympathizes with it.

"We will not take any option off the table," Cameron said.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Muslim Women in Support of a Caliphate

And what sort of family values does islam offer as an alternative to the west? Multiple wives, marriage to first cousins and little girls being forcibly married off to middle aged and old men and rape victims being ordered by a court to marry their rapists?

Via Israpundit:

Hizb-ut-Tahrir [HuT] “Caliphate is the Answer”
by Anna Mahjar-Barducci, STONEGATE INSTITUTE

“What liberties are offered by the western secular system? The liberty of disintegrating the family? The liberty of being homosexual? ‘Oh Caliphate! Help!’”

Even though in Tunisia the Islamist party Hizb-ut-Tahrir [HuT] — Party of Liberation — is officially banned, it was able to organize a large international conference, entitled “The Caliphate, Bright Example for the Rights and Political Role of Women.”

During the women-only conference — men apparently did not have the right to participate in this symposium — members of HuT stated that Democracy has failed and that it is now time to build an Islamic Caliphate. “We want the Caliphate system, which has been historically tested and which is the system that can give a better future to Muslim women,” said Nasrin Nawaaz, the British spokeswoman of the Islamist party, during the event.

As reported by the Tunisian media outlet Tunisia Live, around 500 women supporters of the Islamist party came to Tunisia from all over the world — Arab, European and Asian countries — to discuss the benefits of an Islamic state for Muslim countries.

Even though the party is banned, Hizb-ut-Tahrir had the freedom to organize an international conference in a luxurious Tunisian hotel, and the freedom to spread its own political agenda. It is then clear that, though banned, the party is completely tolerated by the new Tunisian government, led by the Islamist party Ennahda.

The following are excerpts from an op-ed that appeared in the Tunisia media outlet, Business Week:

“The organizers of the event wore bright pink scarves, the participants had flowered veils and just few women wore black niqabs. And, above all, smiles and endless speeches to convince the audience about the beneficial effects of the Caliphate, the only political system with a future for Muslims, according to the women of Islamist party Hizb Ettaharir. […]

“In the large conference hall, in a luxurious palace in Gammarth, in the northern outskirts of Tunis, rented at an undisclosed price by the Tunisian branch of Hizb Ettaharir, the women activists watched attentively a movie, claiming that ‘the world is in great need of Islam’.

“The movie than [sic] showed some footage of recent world’s events: the Arab Spring, European demonstrators repressed by the police, the fall of Arab dictators […] Then the movies’ [sic]commentator asks the following question: ‘What sort of liberties are offered by the western secular system? The liberty of disintegrating the family?The liberty of being homosexual?’ The movie ended with images of galloping knights, waving the banner of Islam and a plea: ‘Oh Caliphate! Help!’

“[…] Melek and Asma, two good-looking British participants, in their thirties, the first one being a professor and the latter one a housewife, insisted that with their views they are not doing any ‘western-bashing’ (i.e. denigration of the West). ‘We live in Europe, and we simply realized that the capitalist system has failed. The Caliphate is a unique economic system that does not forbid ownership or richness, but which provides for an equitable redistribution and circulation of goods’, Melek explained. ‘Jews and Christians can live in a Caliphate under the status of ‘dhimmi’ [a tolerated, second-class citizen who has to pay a "protection" tax, called a jizya], called […]“, added Asma, anxious to convince her interlocutors.

“The two young women explain that in a Caliphate, women will have the right to work, to have a political role, even though their main mission remains to raise children and look after the family. They added that the Caliphate does not forbid elections and that the role of the Caliph will be assumed by the best Islamic scholar among all. A woman, however, cannot become a Caliph. ‘The Muslim world is nowadays at a crossroad, looking for answers. The Caliphate is the answer’ said Iffah Rohma, Indonesian representative of Hizb Ettahrir”.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hollywood's War Against Christians

The media and Hollywood are waging war on America and our Christian-Judeo values
while at the same time treating islam with reverence. They defame, mock and
malign Christianity. They whine about its supposed evils whenever Christians
merely oppose legalization of gay marriage. Meanwhile the image of muslims is to be protected and islam treated with respect no matter how many stonings, female genital
mutilations, "honor" murders and executions of homosexuals take place. This is
why there can be a show about Good Christian Bitches while the muslims get a
positive program like All American muslim, which was mercifully cancelled. Americans are sick of the double standard where islam gets protected status and all other religions, especially Christianity, are fair game.

GCB’ - Desperately Un-Christian Housewives30 Separate attacks on Christianity in new ABC show.
Published: 3/6/2012 10:27 AM ET
Subscribe to Lauren ThompsonBy Lauren Thompson
Author Archive
Email15ShareThis136In just over 40 minutes ABC managed to degrade Christianity 30 times in its sex-and-sin filled pilot episode of “GCB,” which is anything but Christian. The episode also included an agenda of mocking Texans and conservatives.

The first glimpse of the show reveals the main character’s husband involved in an extra-marital affair. The cheating pair tries to make a hasty getaway, and amidst their flight the other woman performs oral sex on her lover while he is driving. Predictably, this does not end well, as the immoral twosome’s car catapults over a cliff as a result of their stupidity. This is only in the first 50 seconds.

From this moment on “GCB” is an avalanche of depravity, but would anyone expect less from a show originally titled “Good Christian Bitches?” But although the title has changed, an early scene shows the star’s picture in a yearbook labeled “Bitch,” just to underline what the title really means.

The main characters are bleached-blond, plastic surgery tramps who debase the values that are common among Texan women – faith, family and friendship. The show completely twists conservative morals, insinuating that Christian, Texas women are God’s own hypocritical mean girls.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NY Slimes, MSM Wage Jihad Against Israel

The subversive NY slimes and the rest of the msm continue to wage a propaganda war against the Jewish state. The distorted reporting about Gaza is the latest in a years long campaign to delegitimize Israeli self-defense. The objective is not to bring news stories to the public, but to forward a false narrative of Israel as the aggressor and the fakestinians as the victims of Israeli aggression. So Israeli victims are left out of reporting, the fact that Israeli military operations have the lowest civilian to combatant casualty ratio in the world is not mentioned, and the terrorists that Israel killed are not to be described as terrorists but simply palestinian "people". This gives the impression that they were all civilians when just about all of those killed were terrorists. And Israel is blamed for initiating this round of fighting by rightfully killing a top terrorist who was about to carry out an attack against Israelis.

Via Israpundit:

At NY Times, the only photo of Gaza fighting that’s fit to printLeo Rennert, AMERICAN THINKER

On March 12, after three days of fighting between Israel and rocket-firing terrorists in Gaza, the New York Times had ample choices to run one or more pictures to illustrate these events.

The Times could have featured pictures of Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committee terrorist launching some of the 150 rockets from amidst civilian areas in Gaza. Or pictures of the rockets flying in the direction of Ashdod, Beersheva, Ashkelon, or Yavne. Or pictures of frightened Israeli tots cowering with their parents in bomb shelters. Or funerals of the 16 Gaza rocket-firing terrorists killed by Israeli airstrikes. Or hundreds of truckloads of food supplies and other necessities still crossing from Israel into Gaza.

The Times, however, ignored all these obvious pictorial subjects and chose a quite different picture — a four-column photo of a 12-year-old Gaza boy killed while playing outside in northern Gaza. The headline over the picture: “Gaza Fighting Continues, Claiming a Boy’s Life.” (full size image here)

Since this was the only picture in the March 12 edition, it gives exactly a false impression of the actual fighting — i.e. that the salient point about the fighting involves civilian casualties in Gaza, when the opposite is true. In the first three days of the Gaza flare-up, Israeli airstrikes killed 16 Palestinian terrorists belonging to Islamic Jihad and the PRC. The only collateral casualties were the boy in the Times photo and a guard of an orchard.

Rarely in the annals of military combat has any army used as much caution and precision targeting as the IDF in its retaliatory airstrikes so as to minimize collateral civilian damage and casualties. And the IDF has managed to do this while Gaza rocket-firing terrorists are deeply embedded in heavily populated areas.

The Times, however, is so determined to stick it to Israel that it abandons all journalistic objectivity, proportionality and fairness.
Leo Rennert is a former White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief of McClatchy Newspapers

See also Media Distort Reality of Rocket Attacks

Monday, March 12, 2012

UN Official Tweets Fake Gaza Photo

This happens time and time again. I lost count of how many fake photos and
stories have been disseminated around the world about alleged Israeli "crimes".
And yet the media still fails to question any claims coming from the fakestinians. We should at least expect the western media to be responsible. This proves that they are not interested in providing news, but instead they have an agenda of slandering Israel. To further this nefarious agenda, the media will run with any story that shows Israel in the most negative light, the truth is irrelevant.

Honest Reporting:

EXPOSED: UN Media Official Responsible for False Photo Tweet
March 12, 2012 16:22
by Simon Plosker
Our guest post from the IDF revealed how a photo, allegedly depicting the results of Israeli air strikes in Gaza in recent days, has been proven false.

The offending photo was originally tweeted by Khulood Badawi.

Read Top Tweet on Gaza Proven False for the full story on how this photo was exposed.

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Liberal Apologists for Jihad

As usual liberals believe the problem lies with America and that we must reform our image. They just don’t get it that islam is inherently hostile to us. They don’t hate us because we did something to them, but rather because their religious doctrine commands them to wage jihad against us until we are subdued.

HuffPo’s Pro-Jihad Propaganda By Pamela Geller, AMERICAN THIN KER

John Feffer, co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus, has written a curious apologia for the irrational murders and riots taking place in Afghanistan in response to the inadvertent burning of Qurans at Bagram Airfield. In “America’s Image Problem in Afghanistan” in the Huffington Post, Feffer says that “the United States definitely sends mixed messages to the Muslim world.”

The messages don’t seem mixed. Obama’s abandonment of our allies, his alienation of Israel, and his deference and submission to the Muslim world: bowing to the Saudi king; groveling to the Muslim world at Al-Azhar University in June 2009; ordering NASA to extol the contributions of the Muslim world; giving vocal support to the reviled Ground Zero mosque at his Iftar gala; the administration’s endless apologies for the Quran-burnings; his $800 million in aid to the Muslim Brotherhood for their Islamic Spring; his silence on the Egyptian hostage crisis; his billet doux to Iran’s Khamenei; his gift of our drone to Iran; his scrubbing of any mention of jihad, even when jihadists discuss it themselves, from law enforcement counter-terrorism materials; his partnering with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the suppression of free speech (i.e., the enforcement of Islamic blasphemy laws in the West) — all this doesn’t send any mixed message at all.

Feffer is, of course, referring to the burning of Qurans. He says: “You’d think the U.S. army would be a little more careful. Last April, when members of the Dove World Outreach Center burned a Quran after putting it on trial, riots broke out in Afghanistan and left scores of people dead, including seven UN staff.”

Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center didn’t kill those people; Muslims did. Our soldiers didn’t desecrate those Qurans at Bagram Airfield; Muslims did when they wrote messages of killing and jihad inside them and used them for jihad plotting. What’s more, why should we be bound by sharia rules regarding treatment of the Quran? That is not our holy book. It will never be our holy book.

Yet Feffer nevertheless says that “the United States obviously has a serious image problem.” The United States’ image problem is freedom. It is a problem for those who wish to impose the most radical and extreme ideology on the face of the earth on the rest of us. Feffer notes that “the Pentagon takes great pains to avoid charges of Islamophobia,” but where is the cultural training for the Muslim world? Where is the sensitivity training for the Muslim world? When do they learn to play well with others? Jihad is cutting its bloody swath across free and not-so-free countries, and hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims and non-practicing Muslims are paying the horrible price. Ferrer can’t ascribe all that to “Islamophobia.”

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #350 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Esser Agaroth.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Israel Bombarded By Jihad Rocket Attacks

One of the terrorists released in the Shalit deal was among those killed by an Israeli airstrike. Perhaps the extremely lopsided Gilad Shalit deal was beneficial for Israel after all. Instead of Israeli taxpayers supporting this terrorist, now he has been eliminated.

Gaza escalation leaves at least 8 Israelis injured, 12 Palestinians dead DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 10, 2012, 8:15 AM

Death of terrorist planner Zuheir al-Qaisi

Palestinian terrorist organizations shot more than 65 Grad and Qassam missiles into a dozen southern Israeli towns and villages in a non-stop barrage Friday night and Saturday morning (March-9-10) in reprisal for the death of Zuheir al-Qaisi, head of the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza. At least 8 Israeli civilians were injured by missiles and another ten Palestinians killed in ongoing Israeli air strikes against missile teams and terrorist targets. Fifteen missiles were intercepted by Iron Dome batteries.

The ”Committees” chief was wanted for his role in setting up the August 2011 Eilat Highway ambush which killed eight Israelis. He was known to be planning a repeat operation in the same part of the Israeli-Egyptian border as the first, which has kept this main artery in the southern half of Israel closed to civilian traffic for six months.

Muhamad Ahmad al-Hanani, who was among the jailed Palestinians Israel swapped for Gilead Shalit, was killed by the missile that struck the Al-Qaisi car in Gaza City Friday night.

Among the eight civilians injured in Israel were three Thai workers, one of whom was seriously hurt, two people in a vehicle pileup in Ashdod caused by a falling Grad and three people who tripped as they ran for shelter.

The missiles hit Beersheba, Ashkelon, Kiryat Malachi, Netivot, Ofakim, Gan Yavneh, Kfar Azza and the Eshkol and Shear Hanegev villages and kibbutzim. Lacking sufficient Iron Dome anti-missile batteries, the Israeli Air Force went into action to pinpoint the missile launchers, killing at least eight Palestinian, all members of the Iran-backed Islamic Jihad.

This group took responsibility for avenging the deaths of the “Committees” chief, announcing that the “truce was dead” and they would keep up their missile offensive against Israel. I
smail Radwan, spokesman of the Hamas faction which governs the Gaza Strip, said, “The Palestinian people has the right to self-defense.” This verbal support was apparently backed by supplying some of the missiles fired Friday night from Hamas stores.

The IDF command expects the Palestinian missile offensive to continue and has advised more than a million civilians within range of the Gaza Strip to stay close to shelters. On orders from the army, the public Purim festival events ready to take place in a dozen southern towns Saturday were cancelled, especially the masked parades of children and adults in fancy costume.

The Eilat Highway 12, which was to have reopened for traffic after six months, remains closed to traffic in case of further terrorist attacks from neighboring Egyptian Sinai.

The Latest Battle Plan in the Jihad Against Israel

The so-called global march to Jerusalem is the latest plot in the relentless leftist-islamic war to obliterate the Jewish state. The organizers know exactly what they are unleashing and that is precisely the objective. They hope to force Israel to use deadly force by sending tens or hundreds of thousands to overwhelm Israel's borders and incite violence against the IDF. Naturally the entire world will blame and condemn Israel for the consequences as it always does. The savages are never held accountable for the mayhem they create and the jihad they are waging against the Jewish state.

Are the organisers of the Global March to Jerusalem able to control the events they are unleashing?The organisers of the Global March to Jerusalem can hardly fail to realise that the march, however peaceful in theory, could easily turn violent and they must bear the responsibility

June 2011: Syrian rioters, marking the 44th anniversary of the Arab "downfall" By David Lewison 9 March 2012 at 9am
total rating of 5.00
1Sponsored Message:Numerous anti-Zionist organisations have come together to promote The Global March to Jerusalem, which is planned for Friday March 30th, 2012.

At a conference of these bodies in Beirut on January 17th, former Lebanese Prime Minister Dr. Salim AlHoss referred, in the restrained terms typical of such events and those who address them, to “the arrogance of the Zionist occupation and its strategy aimed at Jerusalem, Palestine, and the obliteration of the Arab, religious and historical identity through escalating acts of murder, destruction, displacement, occupation, demolition, Judaization, dislocation, confiscation, colonization and ethnic cleansing.”

According to the conference’s official communiqué, those participating will march en masse fromneighbouring Arab countries towards Jerusalem “or to the nearest possible point to it”. The communiquéemphasized “the peaceful nature of the march, expressing [the conference’s] hopes on the responsible authorities in all countries concerned, on the provision of facilities envisaged for the success of the march and to achieve its noble objectives.”

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Is This What Our Soldiers Died For?

Our soldiers gave their lives so that Iraq could be placed under sharia law where kids are stoned to death for their hairstyles and women stoned to death for being uncovered and Christians slaughtered.


Sharia: Dozens of Iraqi teenagers stoned to death for "emo" haircuts
Obama say, "respect it!"

And the left is fighting for this, the most radical and extreme ideology on the face of the earth -- think about that. Every freak on the left would be stoned, whipped, slaughtered for their eccentricities and/or lifestyle choices. Is it any wonder that the ummah thinks so little of the West?

And for those who believe that "it's just a few fanatics," "those few fanatics" have taken over Iraq, Egypt, and Libya, with Tunisia, Thailand, Algeria, and Morocco in their sights.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The West is Frantic to Stop Israel not Iran

It looks like western powers are more committed to preventing an Israeli preemptive strike on Iran than preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. I’ll say this much. Bibi will not nor will any other Israeli leader allow its nation and citizens to be annihilated because launching a military strike against Iran may create an economic inconvenience for westerners. Does anyone really expect Israel to place the petty geopolitical and economic interests of the west over the very lives of its citizens? Israel will strike Iran and save itself without any concern over angering those who already despise them. And those who are true friends of Israel should surely understand that a preemptive strike had to be done and will applaud it.


Phony talks intended to delay bombing New Iran Talks Puts Obama’s Window of Diplomacy to the Test
Jonathan S. Tobin, COMMENTARY

the main thing is so long as these negotiations are ongoing, Israel is highly unlikely to use force to forestall an Iranian nuclear program
There may have been some in Tehran, as well as in Washington, who viewed Monday’s announcement that European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton had accepted an offer to resume face-to-face negotiations with Iran with relief. While the Europeans have failed repeatedly in previous attempts to entice the Iranians to stand down from their bid for nuclear weapons, the new talks would at least accomplish one very important thing. As far as the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China — the nations that Ashton has the brief to represent in the talks — are concerned, the main thing is so long as these negotiations are ongoing, Israel is highly unlikely to use force to forestall an Iranian nuclear program that represents an existential threat to the existence of the Jewish state. It is this specter of an Israeli strike that has driven the EU and the United States to threaten Iran with an oil embargo.

President Obama and many of his European counterparts, not to mention his even less enthusiastic partners in Russia and China, would not have gone so far with their sometimes half-hearted push for sanctions if they were not convinced that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not hesitate to act on behalf of his country’s security. But as long as someone is talking to the Iranians, the reasoning goes, the Israelis would not dare to attack Iran, even though they rightly believe the ayatollahs haven’t the slightest intention of giving up their nuclear ambitions no matter how much the West offers in return. Yet the problem for Iran in this strategy is that they must do everything they can to drag out the talks because their failure will make it difficult if not impossible for Obama to continue to argue that the window for diplomacy must be kept open.

Israeli officials have made plain their skepticism about this latest initiative. As Shabtai Shavit, a former director of the Mossad, was quoted as saying yesterday in an interview with Israel Radio:

In the past, every time the Iranians agreed to talk, the reason for their agreeing was in order to buy time in order to advance the development of their nuclear program. They didn’t invent this ruse, they learned it from the North Koreans.

Only the most naïve diplomats can believe the Iranians have any other objective in mind in agreeing to such talks other than playing for more time for their nuclear program to get closer to weaponization.

But by agreeing to negotiations so soon after President Obama’s plea for more time to allow diplomacy to work, the Iranians have set a trap for themselves. The talks will provide a clear test for Obama’s theory about the window of diplomacy. If, after the threats of an oil embargo and tighter sanctions as well as the president’s vow that he will not be content to “contain” a nuclear Iran, these new negotiations are seen to have failed as ignominiously as past efforts, then Obama and others who have argued that Israel’s demands for action are too hasty will be put in an embarrassing position.

Once the Iranians play Ashton and her clients for fools, as they have before, the notion of a diplomatic window that must be left open will be seen for what it is: merely an excuse to avoid action to avert the peril of a nuclear Iran.

Iran may think it can string along its Western dupes for a few more months and then perhaps think of some other ruse to put off a confrontation. But unlike the North Koreans, the Iranians need to understand that Israel will jump on the next failure of diplomacy as a justification for the use of force, and President Obama will, despite his own reluctance to come to grips with the imperative for action, be left with little wriggle room if he is to make good on his own promises to put a halt to Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. In agreeing to these talks, the ayatollahs may have unwittingly cleared the path for an Israeli attack.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jew-Hatred and Bullying Sanctioned at U of C

A tearful reaction to jihadist bullying is pathetic. Jewish students need to toughen up and stand proud and strong. This display of fear and timidity is why Jewish students are targeted for bullying and intimidation. Bullies target those they know are timid.

As for the jihadist and leftist savages on campus who interupt, shout down and use physical intimidation to attempt to shut-down pro-Israel speakers, this signals that they are aware that their morally bankrupt ideas, their lies, their blood libels and historical revisionism don’t have a leg to stand on and so they must prevent people from being exposed to the truth. One who is confident that they are in the right is not afraid of opposing views.


Freedom of Speech and Jews under threat at U of C
Dear President Yudof: U of C

Last week, two shameful events occurred on University of California campuses that made Jewish students feel targeted, intimidated, harassed, and unsafe. We charge the UC administration with failing in their basic responsibilities: to protect Jewish students from a hostile environment and to ensure their rights to freedom of speech.

On February 27 at UC Davis, Jewish student groups sponsored the presentation of talks by two Israelis, one Jewish the other Druze. The speakers were repeatedly interrupted by hecklers, whose intent was clearly to disrupt the proceedings. Not only did a heckler hurl outrageous accusations against one of the speakers, calling him a “rapist” and “child molester,” but the heckler brazenly stated: “I will stand here and heckle you until you leave…My only purpose is that this event is shut down.” The heckler also told audience members that he was paid $50 by “Muslim students” to disrupt the event.

Twenty-four hours before the Jewish students’ event, members of the UCD Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) sent a communication to SJP supporters outlining a two-pronged strategy for shutting down the event: they would pack the room with pro-Palestinian students who would leave en masse in the middle of the event, and some students would remain to continuously heckle the Israeli speakers. Both parts of the strategy were carried out at the event, as you can see HERE, and the event ultimately had to be curtailed because of the disruption.

Besides illegally conspiring to disrupt a lawful meeting and thereby suppress the freedom of speech of the Jewish students and their speakers, members of the SJP and their supporters created a physically and emotionally hostile environment for the Jewish students. According to one eyewitness:
“As fear of physical altercations mounted, several “911″ calls were made. The campus police appeared but refused to remove, reprimand or otherwise take any action against the disrupters. The police stated they were given “orders” not to take action against the disrupters, but instead, to close down the program if it got out of hand.”
Shockingly, and in stark contrast to your repeated assertions that the University is committed to protecting the rights of free speech and ensuring the safety of all students, the campus police did nothing, and even refused to take the names of disrupters. In addition, at least two high-level UC Davis administrators were present at the event, and they, too, refused to respond to these egregious violations of University policy and state law, which left Jewish students feeling unsafe and violated.

A few days later, on February 29, SJP students at UC San Diego brought to the Associated Students Council for the third consecutive year a resolution asking the University of California to engage in a secondary boycott of Israel by divesting from American firms that do business with the Israeli Defense Forces. The resolution was defeated after seven hours, but the Jewish students and faculty who supported Israel were harassed and bullied by pro-Palestinian supporters and falsely accused of racism.

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Of course the pro-"palestinian" crowd are the actual racists.

Where Are Liberals When it Comes to Women Who Are Truly Suffering?

Liberals idea of fighting for women's rights is to provide free contraceptives
to promiscuous college girls. Yet they are nowhere to be found when it comes to fighting for women who are actually suffering and dying from brutal repression and subjugation in islamic countries.


Obama's War on Women: Afghan Women's Rights Lost In Taliban 'Peace' Deal

Under the sharia, women are always thrown under the bus, unless you want $9,000 worth of contraception under the Catholic Church's health plan.

Funny how busy Obama is congratulating Sandra (of the 8 condoms a day) Fluck for her "bravery." Funny how Obama plays the "Republican hates women" card at his puff press conference yesterday. But truly oppressed women? O says, screw 'em, and you won't need birth control for that.

This best illustrates the left. They make women into whores and call it empowerment, while ignoring the oppression, subjugation and slavery of women.

Another bloody, oppressive "peace" deal with Obama's peace partners.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

State Dept. Advancing Stealth Jihad in Europe

How about promoting tolerance from muslims for women who choose not to wear face-covering veils or head covering?

This whole program is an outrage. The highest levels of our government are actively undermining American interests and national security by promoting the agenda of our jihadist enemies here and abroad. How dare the current White House and State Department claim to be acting on behalf of the American people with these subversive activities? They do not speak for me or the vast majority of Americans.

Via Israpundit:

U.S. State Department Actively Promoting Islam in Europe by Soeren Kern, STONEGATE INSTITUTE

The United States ambassador to Spain recently met with a group of Muslim immigrants in one of the most Islamized neighborhoods of Barcelona to apologize for American foreign policymaking in the Middle East.

U.S. Ambassador Alan Solomont told Muslims assembled at the town hall-like meeting in the heart of Barcelona’s old city that the United States is not an “enemy of Islam” and that U.S. President Barack Obama wants to improve America’s image in the Middle East as quickly as possible by closing the “dark chapters” of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan.

“There are things that the United States has done badly,” Solomont said at the February 28 gathering organized by a non-profit organization called the Cultural, Educational and Social Association of Pakistani Women. “But now the Obama government wants to improve relations with Muslims,” he promised.
During the one-and-a-half-hour question-and-answer session, Solomont asked those in attendance simple rhetorical questions, including: “Did you know that the United States sends a lot of money to Pakistan?” and “Did you know that the decision to destroy Osama bin Laden’s house was made by the United States?”

After responding to queries about the “Talibanization of Pakistan due the war in Afghanistan” and the “demonization of Islam in the West,” Solomont said Obama wants to end the long-time American practice of establishing alliances with dictators in the Middle East, a strategy which he said has failed to prevent the rise of “the bearded ones” [radical Islamists], this according to the Barcelona-based newspaper La Vanguardia, which also interviewed Solomont on the sidelines of the event.

The Barcelona meeting, which was held in a Muslim ghetto called Raval (a.k.a. Ravalistan because Muslim immigrants now make up 45% of the barrio’s total population), is an example of the Obama administration’s so-called Muslim Outreach.

The U.S. State Department — working through American embassies and consulates in Europe — has been stepping-up its efforts to establish direct contacts with largely unassimilated Muslim immigrant communities in towns and cities across Europe.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sbarro Jihadist Given TV Show

The monster who massacred Jewish children at Sbarros and then was freed in the Shalit deal, has been given her own TV show in Israel's "moderate" neighbor, Jordan. And Israel is expected to compromise with an enemy bent on genocide, that celebrates as heroes the savages who murder Jewish children.


Sbarro terrorist gets TV show

Ahlam Tamimi, Hamas operative freed in Shalit deal, hosts weekly show about Palestinian prisoners

Elior Levy Published: 03.01.12, 19:49 / Israel News

Ahlam Tamimi, the Hamas terrorist who drove a suicide bomber to the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem where 15 people were consequently killed, has gotten her own television show, Ynet has learned.

Tamimi, who was sentenced to 16 life terms in Israeli prison, was freed in October as part of the swap that bought IDF soldier Gilad Shalit's freedom. She was deported to Jordan, where she appears to have launched a television career.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #349 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at A Soldier's Mother.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Wretched IAW is Upon us Again

Behind the sanitized academic phraseology lies the endorsement of the islamic goal of the genocide of Israel’s Jews. That in essence is what the hideous spectacle of Israel Apartheid Week comes down to.

As for hasbara, the conflict comes down to a very simple explanation. The Arab-muslim world wants the obliteration of the Jewish state and the Jewish people from the Middle East, and the Jewish state simply wants to continue to exist. This is clearly a black and white issue, there are no two sides to the conflict and there is no possibility of compromising with those who’s end goal is genocide. Anyone who does not recognize this fact is lacking a moral compass and is antisemitic.


Into the Fray: Israel’s Pearl Harbor?

Unavoidably, as frustration with the two-state principle increases, the quest for alternatives will begin. By Richard MillettAnti-Israel hatred on campus crests each year during an event called “Israel Apartheid Week.” With this ominous name and programs that thrive on ignorance and blind disregard for the facts, tens of thousands of college students are urged to rise up against Israel
– Dore Gold, February 23, 2012

Israel is completely outclassed and outmaneuvered on a battleground it doesn’t even understand it is on
– Melanie Phillips, January 9, 2011

Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) is once again upon us. Described on its official website as “an annual international series of events held in cities and campuses across the globe,” its aim is “to educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system and to build Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns as part of a growing global BDS movement.”

Traditionally, IAW includes events (lectures, films, rallies, poetry readings, art exhibitions and so on) spanning anything from 60 to 90 cities from Albuquerque to Zurich.

This year, however, a new condiment has been added to spice up the noxious brew of deceit, distortion, and disinformation on the IAW menu.

Harvard’s harbinger hate-fest
This weekend a conference will be held at Harvard University, organized by a slew of pro-Palestinians student organizations, to discuss prospects for the implementation of a one-state solution for the resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

In the words of the organizers, “our conference will help to expand the range of academic debate” in which to date “the only Israel/Palestine solution that has received a fair rehearsal in mainstream forums has been the two-state solution.”

Although the conference is not officially part of IAW activities, there is little daylight between the two, as a demonstrated by an IAW poster which prominently features it under the heading of “Other Palestinian Events” taking place in Boston under IAW auspices.

The goals of the conference are “to educate ourselves and others about the possible contours of a one-state solution and the challenges that stand in the way of its realization.”

The two-day program includes six sessions with a list of about 20 speakers, almost all with distinctly anti-Zionist/anti-Israel credentials.

A cursory glance at the sessions reveals the thrust of the conference.

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Libyan muslims Smash Jewish and Christian Headstones

So much for the vaunted "Arab spring". We brought down qaddafi through months of bombing raids, and in return, Libyan muslims desecrate the graves of Jewish and Christian servicemen from WWII. We keep helping muslims and they keep responding with hatred and violence against us. Yet we never get the message.

VIDEO: Libyan mob smashes Christian, Jewish headstones

Footage from YouTube shows mob, presumably incensed by Quran burnings in Afghanistan, desecrating and destroying tombstones of fallen World War II soldiers at cemetery in Benghazi.

Israel Hayom Staff

An image from the YouTube clip which apparently shows Libyans desecrating Jewish and Christian graves |Photo credit: YouTube

An image from the YouTube clip which apparently shows Libyans desecrating Jewish and Christian graves |Photo credit: YouTube

Fury over the accidental burning of Qurans in Afghanistan seemed to spill into Libya last month when an angry mob descended upon Benghazi Military Cemetery and smashed dozens of Christian and Jewish graves.

On Feb. 20, U.S. servicemen inadvertently destroyed a number of Qurans which had been dumped into a garbage pit along with other literature at Bagram Air Field near Kabul, inciting violent and murderous riots. On Feb. 25, five days later, this mob -- likely enraged by the event -- ambushed the military cemetery and began destroying headstones commemorating British and Allied servicemen killed during World War II. One of the shattered headstones had a Star of David, and one of the men can be heard shouting, “There’s Israeli writing, Hebrew!”

Libya’s National Transitional Council has condemned the actions of the mob and pledged to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Anti-Israel "Christians"

True Christians are passionately pro-Israel. How can those proclaiming to be Christian stand at odds with Evangelicals who support Israel? The answer is that they are pro-jihadist and radical leftist infiltrators, not real Christians in any sense.

Israel Hayom:

Who’s the heretic here?

Evangelical Christians see Israel as an ally of the U.S. and a democratic country that offers freedom of worship to all faiths. This fact is a thorn in the side of many segments of the “old-school” Christian establishment.

Dror Eydar

Chrstian pilgrim visiting Qasr Al-Yahud, the site of Jesus' baptism. |Photo credit: Lior Mizrahi

Chrstian pilgrim visiting Qasr Al-Yahud, the site of Jesus' baptism. |Photo credit: Lior Mizrahi

Completely by coincidence, the same week that Jews will be celebrating the holiday of Purim, an international Christian conference entitled “Christ at the Checkpoint” will be taking place in Bethlehem. The goal of the conference, according to its organizers, is to raise “proper awareness of issues of peace, justice, and reconciliation in the context of the realities on the ground in the Palestinian Territories.” It sounds perfectly innocent. Indeed, even the Van Leer Institute, a Jerusalem-based center for interdisciplinary study and discussion, is assisting the conference despite vigorous protests from the city’s B’nai B’rith leaders.

A closer look reveals some harsh things about the conference. One has only to consider its title to understand its actual goals. The title could be rendered “Jesus at the Roadblock,” referring to the issue of the roadblocks in Judea and Samaria. The conference’s logo depicts a church beside the separation fence. This is how the conference organizers have turned the Palestinians into Jesus crucified by the Jews once again. The checkpoints, of course, are, symbolically speaking, the Via Dolorosa upon which the wicked Israelis force the innocent Palestinian lambs to walk.

This is no insignificant conference. Well-known Christian leaders from all over the world will be attending. Among them are Pastor Tony Campolo, Bill Clinton’s former “spiritual adviser,” and Pastor Joel Hunter, who heads an empire of tens of thousands of adherents, was a “spiritual adviser” to Barack Obama and a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Polls have shown that the majority of evangelical Christians are enthusiastic supporters of Israel not only for religious reasons but also for moral and practical reasons. They see Israel as an ally of the United States and a democratic country that offers freedom of worship to all faiths, something that does not exist in neighboring Arab countries. This fact is a thorn in the side of many segments of the “old-school” Christian establishment.

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