Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jihad Against Sikhs

And to think that there are people in the west who proclaim islam to be a religion of peace and tolerance. This includes our soon to be head of the CIA John Brennan, who made a jaw-dropping speech about having traveled to Indonesia in the 70's when he was a hippie and how tolerant and accepting of diversity muslims are. I don't think the Coptic Christians in Egypt or the Christians in Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, the Sikhs and Hindus of the Indian subcontinent, the Buddhists of Thailand and Jews of Israel etc. would agree.

Atlas Shrugs:

#MyJihad in Pakistan: Devout Muslims Brutally Murder Two Sikhs

While Islamic supremacists exploit the killings of Sikhs to advance their own bogus victim narrative (using Sikh deaths as proof of "islamophobia" and robbing the Sikh commumity of their rightful grief), the Muslim slaughter of Sikhs continues unabated.
The Sikhs have long been a target of devout Muslims in Pakistan. In 2010 Muslims beheaded three Sikhs for refusing to convert to Islam. Economic Times reported that "a sizeable number of Sikhs lived in the tribal belt, particularly Aurakzai Agency, till the Taliban imposed jiziya or religious tax on them in 2009." Jiziya, or jizya, is the tax specified for non-Muslim dhimmis in Qur'an 9:29.
Two Sikhs Brutally Murdered in Pakistan. United Sikhs January 9 Continue reading

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