Monday, January 21, 2013

Jihad Rally in England

This is why Europe should support Israel which has for decades been on the front line of the jihad. But they refuse to do so. Instead they increase the pressure on Israel to surrender land to genocidal jihadists and threaten boycotts over "settlements", that is Jews who dare to live beyond the green line in what the international community deems to be territories belonging to the invented "palestinians". Throwing Jews to the wolves will not make Europe safe. #myjihad Wild Video: Muslims Protesting in England: "What do we want?" JIHAD!" "When do we want it?" "NOW!"
British Islamist: The call for the shari’a is a global call. It is a choice that these governments in the West will have to face up to. The shari’a is an inevitability. Therefore, you had better accept the shari’a, otherwise you will find us on your own doorsteps, outside your own embassies.
Islamist (in French): What is happening today in Mali is an act of terrorism launched by François Hollande against the Muslims. This is an act of terrorism, launched by François Hollande, against the nation of Muhammad. Allah warns us in the Koran that the Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with the Muslims until they embrace their religion. What François Hollande is doing is exporting prostitution to Muslim lands, exporting homosexuality to Mali, exporting the exploitation of women to the Muslim lands. What we are saying to François Hollande is that the Muslims throughout the world will not rest until Islam dominates France, until Islam dominates the entire world. Islam will not dominate only Mali, Afghanistan, and Africa, but also France, Paris, and England. François Hollande, you must understand a few facts of life: You are a son of Pharaoh. The blood of Pharaoh courses through your veins.

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