Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kick Turkey Out of NATO

This is among the reasons that Turkey should be kicked out of NATO. Why is the west defending a country that sees us as the enemy and has aligned itself with jihadists?
Why were German soldiers 'attacked' in Turkey? The recent attack on German soldiers by a group of Turkish nationalists in Iskenderun reveals the distrust some Turks feel toward the West, NATO and the US. It seems likely that more protests will follow. For the German soldiers deployed in Turkey to work on Patriot missile installations, there's good reason to feel a bit confused. First the Turkish government demanded the assistance of NATO allies to defend itself against potential rocket attacks due to the turmoil in neighboring Syria. Yet barely had German soldiers set foot on Turkish soil when they were met by protests and physical attacks by Turkish citizens. For weeks now, a colorful smattering of political groups, made up of nationalists, communists and Islamists have been protesting against the installation of Patriot missiles in Turkey. The attack on German soldiers in Iskenderun this week was the culmination of those demonstrations.
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Anonymous said...

Turkey should never be a NATO country since the very beginning of NATO.