Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dhimmi Spain Amends Adoption Laws to Comply With Sharia

A cruel society which has thrown away these children wants to dictate and have control over how they are raised. Morocco demands that Spanish couples who adopt Moroccan children be raised as muslims. Spain complies like good dhimmis. It takes foreign non-muslims to adopt these children because those in their home country lack any humanity and compassion. The Europeans are sick and pathetic dhimmis to comply with this. While Spain prostrates itself before their islamic overlords by implementing cruel and inhuman sharia law, Spanish trade unions call for boycotting Israel. This is the morally depraved state of Europe.

#myjihad in Spain: Adoption Jihad

Adoption Jihad: Want to Adopt A Child? Convert to Islam Atlas Shrugs, May 2011

Spain has just agreed to amend its adoption code for children born to Muslim parents. Islam doesn't follow the Western tradition of adoption, in which the adoptive parents have total control of the child and how he/she is raised once the adoption is finalized. Instead, Islamic adoption is essentially a form of legal guardianship. The courts are supposed to monitor that the child is being raised correctly as a Muslim. France has already amended its adoption laws to accommodate Muslim-born children. I would not be surprised to see the rest of Europe follow this path to Sharia through the backdoor. I pray that the USA won't change our laws. If it stops adoption from certain countries, then those countries should take their own orphans. Yes, a foreign adoption is probably in the child's best interest, but only if it is done under current laws. We don't need to Shariaize our adoptions laws. (thanks to Danielle)
Instead of helping these children escape the most brutal, extreme and misogynistic ideology on the planet, Western governments are forcing the adoptive parents to convert to Islam. Sick. Continue reading

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