Wednesday, February 27, 2013

J Street Kvells Over Hagel Confirmation

J Street is kvelling over the Hagel vote. They accuse Hagel opponents of a smear campaign, but all they did was simply use Hagel's own words against him.  We essentially have no opposition party in Washington, the Republican establishment is worse than useless. Jewish democrats choose party over doing the right thing and unanimously vote in favor of Hagel.

Hagel wins, Israel loses, J-street cheers

JStreet – The political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans
It’s official: the hawks have lost again.
Despite an unprecedented smear campaign leading to the first-ever
filibuster of a Defense Secretary nominee, Senator Chuck Hagel has been
confirmed by a vote of 58 to 41.
Over the last few months you have stood with J Street in supporting
Senator Hagel’s nomination. From our activities on Capitol Hill, to our
work in the community, and of course our “Smear a Bagel, not Chuck
Hagel” campaign, together we’ve made the pro-Israel, pro-peace case for
Sen. Hagel’s fitness to lead the Pentagon.

Groups and individuals like Bill Kristol’s Emergency Committee for
Israel, Elliott Abrams, Jennifer Rubin and /The Weekly Standard/ have
thrown everything they have — and then some — at efforts to derail
Hagel’s nomination because he doesn’t ascribe to their narrow, hawkish
views of what ‘pro-Israel’ should mean.
*Thank Senators [...] for voting yes on Chuck Hagel’s nomination and
proving there’s a better way to be pro-Israel.
You should know how far your support went. J Street was the first
pro-Israel organization to back Senator Hagel’s nomination and you
provided a critical counterweight to the smears, lies and distortions
that groups like ECI spent hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting.
We are glad to see a bipartisan majority of Senators reject the spurious
accusations, outright lies and fear-mongering the far-right has
employed. Just like in November, the hawks have turned every screw they
could, trying to keep the old rules on pro-Israel advocacy in play. And
just like November — it didn’t work.
Secretary Hagel knows the only way Israel can remain a democratic
homeland for the Jewish people is through a two-state solution. And,
most importantly, he isn’t afraid to say so. As part of President
Obama’s national security team with Secretary of State John Kerry, he
has an opportunity to make real progress in reaching a two-state
solution on Israeli-Palestinian peace over the next few years.
*Join me in sending Sens. Warren and Cowan a quick thank you for voting
for Secretary Hagel’s confirmation.
Thank you,
Dylan Williams
Director of Government Affairs

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