Saturday, March 16, 2013

Conservatives Finding Common Cause With the Far Left

Now some "conservatives" have resorted to passing around an article from the leftist Glen Greenwald and the Guardian which attacks the war on terror and claims terrorists abroad who happen to be "American" citizens are still subjected to constitutional rights. That's BS. Charles Krauthammer is correct on this. Somehow the war on islamic terrorism has become wrong since a democrat is in the White House? Where once conservatives were bashing Clinton for treating terrorism as a law-enforcement issue rather than acts of war, now they have suddenly done a 180.  Do they believe the key to victory is aligning with the likes of Glen Greenwald, Van Jones, Code Pink and CAIR on national security?

Meanwhile Ted Cruz speaking at CPAC persisted on the issue of drone strikes, praising his "friend" Rand Paul. Cruz is such a dick on this issue. If this is supposed to be a counter to the GOP establishment, I see no improvement. If standing for giving due process to terrorists waging war on America and plotting to murder Americans en masse is the new conservative position, count me out. It seems the Tea Party wing of the GOP is just as clueless when it comes to confronting the jihad.

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