Thursday, January 31, 2013

NY Slimes Editorial Instigates "Palestinians" to Take Israel to the ICC

Not surprising that the vile NY slimes would egg on these annihilationists. Leave it to the NY slimes to always side with the Jewish state’s would-be executioners. Israel has far greater justification to sue the “palestinians” for war crimes.


No self respecting international lawyer would agree with this NYT article

By Ted Belman
Why Palestine Should Take Israel to Court in The Hague published by the NYT, is predicated on this statement: “The I.C.C. could prosecute major international crimes committed on Palestinian soil anytime after the court’s founding on July 1, 2002.” But that statement is totally erroneous for the following reasons:
There is no “Palestinian soil”,
According to E Kantorovich:
- The ICC prosecutes people not countries; thus no immunity.
- the ICC can only act when the home state refuses to investigate; that is not the case for any Israeli acts in Gaza, etc.
- “ICC has never prosecuted a case referred by a country against nationals of a non-member state. Such an action would terrify US officials and permanently sour American relations with the Court, as it would expose U.S. military and civilian officials to liability for U.S. armed action anywhere in the world, and particulalry for the controversial drone strikes program of Pres. Obama.
- The ICC has never even played with taking a case that does not involve killing and personal violence; a settlements suit would be far outside the kind of things they’ve dealt with
- The relevant actions would have to be on the territory of Palestine, which is a problem since they do not have defined territory, and most of what the oped talks about precedes their nominal statehood, so would be out of bounds.
- The ICC would also have jurisdiction over all Palestinian war crimes

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rabbi Criticizes Anti-Jihad Subway Ads

The ads are a great idea. G-d bless Pamela Geller. Rabbis should concern themselves with rampant islamic genocidal Jew-hatred rather than attacking proud Jews who draw attention to that hatred.

Rabbi criticizes Pam Geller subway ads.

Europe's War Against the Jews

The Europeans are moral degenerates. Even as the continent undergoes rapid islamization and the myriad of social problems along with it, they persist in attacking the Jewish state. While Europe has all these phony ceremonies commemorating Holocaust Rememberance Day, they are busy financing the next potential holocaust against the Jews, even with their numerous economic problems. One has to conclude that antisemitism is in Europe's cultural DNA.

Op-Ed: "Exposé: How Much Does the War On Israel Cost Europe?

Published: Monday, January 28, 2013 10:05 AM
The EU has become the largest single donor to the Palestinians, contributing about €500 million ($720 million).Europe also channels an ocean of money to the anti-Israel NGOs. And don't forget the textbooks.

Over the past year, the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism monitored incidents worldwide. In 2012, 6 oof the 10 worst anti-Semithic attacks took place in Europe (the rest are shared among Iran, Yemen and United States).
Even more frightening are the new statystics about the popular feelings about the Jewish people in Europe.

Amid the rise in hate crimes in France, the World Zionist Organization calculated the level of anti-Semitism among French citizens. The survey revealed that more than 40% of the French population holds anti-Semitic beliefs. The survey also found that 47% of the population believes that "French Jews are more loyal to Israel than the country where they live."

The Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project found that 46% of Spanish residents held an unfavorable view of Jews. Meanwhile, 47% of Germans are of the opinion that “Israel is exterminating the Palestinians,” according to a poll undertaken by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, affiliated with the German Social Democratic Party.
44 % of Italians are prejudiced or hostile toward Jews, according to a study recently issued by the Italian Chamber of Deputies’s Committee.

You can find the same trend all over Europe. Half of the population holds deep anti-Jewish feelings.

Britain has just included Israel on a list of 28 countries whose human rights record is of "concern" to the government. It's the same Britain that in 1989 refused to sell gas masks to Israel because they could be used for "offensive purposes". In 1991 a subsidiary of Thames Water Plc., the British company that supplies water and sewage services to most of London, refused to do business with Israel because it has "many and valued Arab clients".

How much is Europe investing in Israel's destruction? By financing the Palestinian war and sponsoring the Arab rejectionist anti-Semitism, Europe is reawakening the centuries-old beast of Judeophobic bigotry. European taxes are used to fund anti-Semitism of an intensity unseen since Nazi Germany. Continue reading
See also: A Lib Dem MP gives voice to Britain's national sickness

Monday, January 28, 2013

Special Privileges For muslims in MD Public School

This is infuriating. The public school system, which forbids Christian prayer or nativity scenes during Christmas or even the mention of God, makes special accommodations for muslims. Where are the liberals and the ACLU who always scream about separation of church and state? I guess combining mosque and state is perfectly acceptable. We as Americans need to protest this outrageous double standard. The public schools have no business promoting islam.

Atlas Shrugs:

Mosqueing the Public School: Muslim High School Students Demand Prayer Accommodations in Md Public School

Imposing Islam on the public square, and in this case, the public school. This is an Islamic pattern to impose sharia, Islamic supremacism on the infidel. I write about it extensively in my book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.
Muslim students in the Parkdale High School in Riverdale, MD, a public school, want Muslim prayer space for congregational prayer (they already get individual Muslim prayer time).
Nowhere mentioned in this article is the fact that a Muslim can also pray later if he or she is unable to pray at the scheduled time for any valid reason.
Mind you, requests for prayers are have all been granted, says Cheryl Logan, the principal of Parkdale High School.
All parents who had given written permission received this good news on January 13, 2013. On Monday, January 14, 2013, students will be directed to a location to pray Dhuhr prayer in jam'ah from 12:45 to 1:00. They will be excused from class 10 minutes early so that they can fulfill this obligation. Continue reading

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Times Blood Libels the Jewish State

Antisemitism is rampant in England. And this is happening at a time when that country is undergoing rapid islamization. You would think that the Brits would actually sympathize with the Jewish state at this point in time, but just the opposite is happening. So spare me the phony European holocaust memorial ceremonies. As long as the European media, academia and government officials perpetuate these disgusting lies, historical revisionisms and blood libels against the Jewish state, and so long as European Mideast policies enable the modern day nazis in Tehran, Gaza, Ramallah, Cairo etc. against Israel, their words honoring holocaust victims and proclamations of "never again", are completely meaningless. Atlas Shrugs:
A Blood Libel against the Jews on International Holocaust Memorial Day This is the next level of the norming of Jew-hatred and the relentless propaganda war against the Jews. Where have we seen this before? Nazi Germany, of course, and all across the Muslim world. The horror. The British media elite have taken off their mask and outed themselves. It is consistent with their anti-semitic history. Balfour, Churchill et al were an anomaly in British history. The depiction of the security fence (below) was erected in response to daily homicide bombings targeted to kill Jews. This cartoon is a bloody lie, inspired by the nefarious propaganda campaigns of Joseph Goebbels. These grotesque messages of antisemitism and hatred of Jews continue to be transmitted by Muslim media in the Middle East as well (here).
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Kick Turkey Out of NATO

This is among the reasons that Turkey should be kicked out of NATO. Why is the west defending a country that sees us as the enemy and has aligned itself with jihadists?
Why were German soldiers 'attacked' in Turkey? The recent attack on German soldiers by a group of Turkish nationalists in Iskenderun reveals the distrust some Turks feel toward the West, NATO and the US. It seems likely that more protests will follow. For the German soldiers deployed in Turkey to work on Patriot missile installations, there's good reason to feel a bit confused. First the Turkish government demanded the assistance of NATO allies to defend itself against potential rocket attacks due to the turmoil in neighboring Syria. Yet barely had German soldiers set foot on Turkish soil when they were met by protests and physical attacks by Turkish citizens. For weeks now, a colorful smattering of political groups, made up of nationalists, communists and Islamists have been protesting against the installation of Patriot missiles in Turkey. The attack on German soldiers in Iskenderun this week was the culmination of those demonstrations.
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Antisemitic Comment From British MP

The only thing the Liberal Democrat party regrets is that Ward publicly expressed what nearly the entire British establishment believes and says amongst themselves about Jews. I have come to loathe England. Atlas Shrugs:
UK: Liberal Democrat MP David Ward says "the Jews" have not learned from the murder of six million in the Holocaust And the left hits bottom and keeps digging. Once again we see the lies of the Muslim world advanced by their puppets and useful idiots on the left. If, for one day, the Muslim world would treat Israel the way Israel has treated the Muslim world and the Muslims in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, there would be peace. But that will never happen, because Jewish genocide is commanded in the Quran. The very existence of the Jewish state is offensive to the Muslim world. This is the big lie. The big Jewish blood libel. The National Socialists (Nazis) in Germany did this, too.
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Liberal Rabbi Siding With the Enemies of Jews

We have more than our fair share of Jewish liberals, including Rabbis, with a screw loose who can always be counted on to attack proud Zionist Jews and stand up for the enemies of Jews. Dhimmi of the Week: Rabbi Sid Schwarz Against Human Rights
Last week, I was one of several rabbis from a range of religious denominations who met with a senior Israeli diplomat at the Israeli Embassy. We were there to deliver a letter asking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel plans to construct a new settlement in the E1 zone. Such a new settlement would not only create a major obstacle to a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict, but would exacerbate tensions between Jews and Palestinians and inevitably lead to the violation of the human rights of Arabs living in that area. The letter was signed by more 700 rabbis and cantors representing well over 100,000 American Jews.
How exactly is the building of Jewish housing a violation of the human rights of Arabs? Barring Jews from living anywhere however is clearly a violation of the human rights of Jews.
And just last fall, I joined a rabbinic-led campaign that stood up to anti-Muslim hatred with a true Jewish message. What spurred us into action was the fact that Jewish “activist” Pamela Geller had raised money to place an ad in the New York and Washington subway systems that read: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.” It continued, “Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” Now it is hard for me to be ashamed by an ad that ends with “support Israel,” but I was more than ashamed; I was outraged. Within weeks a counter ad appeared that read: “In the choice between love and hate, choose love. Help stop bigotry against our Muslim neighbors.” The “love” ad made New York magazine’s 2012 list of Fifty Reasons to Love New York.
Rabbi, how about you stand up to muslim Jew-hatred or any other muslim hatred of non-muslims? That would take true courage and moral clarity as opposed to attacking Pam Geller.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

England As We Know It Is Finished

There is a recent video out showing sharia enforcers in the streets of London. Enjoy your bright future under sharia law, Britain. You have chosen millions of jihadists who wish to destroy your country over civilized, law-abiding, productive and peaceful Jews. How’s that workin' out for you, Brits? You deserve everything you are getting.
Bye, Bye, London By Caroline Glick, FPM In an interview with Haaretz in November 2010, British novelist Martin Amis said the following about discussions of Israel in his motherland: I live in a mildly anti-Semitic country, and Europe is mildly anti-Semitic, and they hold Israel to a higher moral standard than its neighbors. If you bring up Israel in a public meeting in England, the whole atmosphere changes. The standard left-wing person never feels more comfortable than when attacking Israel. Because they are the only foreigners you can attack. Everyone else is protected by having dark skin, or colonial history, or something. But you can attack Israel. And the atmosphere becomes very unpleasant. It is traditional, snobbish, British anti-Semitism combined with present-day circumstances. After participating last week in a debate in London about Israeli communities beyond the 1949 armistice lines organized by the self-consciously pretentious Intelligence Squared debating society, I can now say from personal experience that Amis is correct. The public atmosphere in England regarding Israel is ugly and violent. The resolution we debated read: “Israel is destroying itself with its settlement policy. If settlement expansion continues Israel will have no future.” My debating partner was Danny Dayan, the outgoing head of the Yesha Council. We debated Daniel Levy, one of the founders of J-Street and the drafter of the Geneva Initiative, and the son of Lord Michael Levy, one of Tony Blair’s biggest fundraisers; and William Sieghart, a British philanthropist who runs a non-profit that among other things, champions Hamas. Levy has publicly stated that Israel’s creation was immoral. And Sieghart has a past record of saying that Israel’s delegitimization would be a salutary proces and calling for a complete cultural boycott of Israel while lauding Hamas. We lost overwhelmingly. I think the final vote tally was something like 500 for the resolution and 100 against it. A couple of impressions I took away from the experience: First, I can say without hesitation that I hope never to return to Britain. I actually don’t see any point. Jews are targeted by massive anti-Semitism of both the social and physical varieties. Why would anyone Jewish want to live there? As to visiting as an Israeli, again, I just don’t see the point. The discourse is owned by anti-Israel voices. They don’t make arguments to spur thought, but to end it, by appealing to people’s passions. For instance, in one particularly ugly segment, Levy made the scurrilous accusation that Israel systematically steals land from the Palestinians. Both Dayan and I demanded that he provide just one example of his charge. And the audience raged against us for our temerity at insisting that he provide substantiation for his baseless allegation. In the event, he failed to substantiate his allegation. At another point, I was asked how I defend the Nazi state of Israel. When I responded by among other things giving the Nazi pedigree of the Palestinian nationalist movement founded by Nazi agent Haj Amin el Husseini and currently led by Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, the crowd angrily shouted me down. I want to note that the audience was made up of upper crust, wealthy British people, not unwashed rabble rousers. And yet they behaved in many respects like a mob when presented with pro-Israel positions. I honestly don’t know whether there are policy implications that arise from my experience in London last week. I have for a long time been of the opinion that Israel shouldn’t bother to try to win over Europe because the Europeans have multiple reasons for always being anti-Israel and none of them have anything to do with anything that Israel does. As I discuss in my book, these reasons include anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, addiction to Arab oil, and growing Muslim populations in Europe. I was prepared to conduct a civilized debate based on facts and reasoned argumentation. I expected it to be a difficult experience. I was not expecting to be greeted by a well-dressed mob. My pessimism about Europeans’ capacity to avail themselves to reasoned, fact-based argumentation about Israel has only deepened from the experience. One positive note, I had a breakfast discussion last Wednesday morning with activists from the Zionist Federation of Britain. The people I met are committed, warm, hardworking Zionists. I wish them all the best, and mainly that means, that I hope that these wonderful people and their families make aliyah. While their work is worthwhile, there is no future for Jews in England.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

French Hypocrisy on Fighting Terrorists
Algeria has been fighting a war against militants for two decades and refuses to negotiate with terrorists. French President Francois Hollande gave his backing to Algeria's tough tactics, saying they were "the most adapted response to the crisis." "There could be no negotiations" with terrorists, the French media quoted him as saying in the central French city of Tulle.
Except for the Israelis, right Hollande. Not only do you demand they negotiate with terrorists, but they are required to surrender territory and create a state for the terrorists as well. For France and Algeria, using tough tactics against terrorists is the right approach, but for the Israelis it amounts to a "disproportionate" response.

More Obama Hypocrisy

Obama speaks of gay rights in his inaugural address. Meanwhile Obama is empowering jihadists across the Middle East, helping the muslim brotherhood gain power in one country after another where they are instituting sharia law, which certainly is lethal for gays. Liberals are so clueless to think Obama actually cares about women and gays. You can't support women and gay rights and embrace islam at the same time. Liberals need to make a choice.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's inaugural address on Monday marked the first time a president used the occasion to praise progress on gay rights, an indication of shifting public attitudes on the issue. In the speech marking the start of his second term, Obama placed the struggle for gay rights squarely in the pantheon of two other defining civil rights movements in American history: those for blacks and women. "The most evident of truths - that all of us are created equal - is the star that guides us still," he said. "Just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall."

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jihad Rally in England

This is why Europe should support Israel which has for decades been on the front line of the jihad. But they refuse to do so. Instead they increase the pressure on Israel to surrender land to genocidal jihadists and threaten boycotts over "settlements", that is Jews who dare to live beyond the green line in what the international community deems to be territories belonging to the invented "palestinians". Throwing Jews to the wolves will not make Europe safe. #myjihad Wild Video: Muslims Protesting in England: "What do we want?" JIHAD!" "When do we want it?" "NOW!"
British Islamist: The call for the shari’a is a global call. It is a choice that these governments in the West will have to face up to. The shari’a is an inevitability. Therefore, you had better accept the shari’a, otherwise you will find us on your own doorsteps, outside your own embassies.
Islamist (in French): What is happening today in Mali is an act of terrorism launched by François Hollande against the Muslims. This is an act of terrorism, launched by François Hollande, against the nation of Muhammad. Allah warns us in the Koran that the Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with the Muslims until they embrace their religion. What François Hollande is doing is exporting prostitution to Muslim lands, exporting homosexuality to Mali, exporting the exploitation of women to the Muslim lands. What we are saying to François Hollande is that the Muslims throughout the world will not rest until Islam dominates France, until Islam dominates the entire world. Islam will not dominate only Mali, Afghanistan, and Africa, but also France, Paris, and England. François Hollande, you must understand a few facts of life: You are a son of Pharaoh. The blood of Pharaoh courses through your veins.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #395 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Esser Agaroth.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christie Spouts Off Against the NRA

Governor Krispy Kreme, it was Obama and the democrats who dragged people’s children into the gun debate. It was Obama who surrounded himself with children when he had his little press conference on his gun control measures. Why didn't you criticize him? You have finally exposed yourself to be the RINO that I have said you were all along. I hope fawning conservatives will finally wake up to who you truly are. If this issue doesn't convince them then nothing will.

Kristof’s Antisemitic Tweet

Why isn’t kristof the pig upset about the muslim and arab lobbies? Why do we never hear of their influence on our government, which makes AIPAC look like child’s play?

Kristof the antisemitic pig obviously has no problem with muslim brotherhood operatives in the White House, State Department, Defense Department, Justice Department etc. shaping policy. Only the pro-Israel lobby is controversial to the leftist Jew-hating pigs.

NY Times Columnist Kristof Tweets – Pro-Israel Group AIPAC Are Pigs

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, January 17, 2013, 6:35 PM

Nicholas Kristof thinks AIPAC = pigs.
Apparently, NY Times Nicholas Kristof thinks the pro-Israel group AIPAC are pigs. At least that’s what he retweeted. He also is not a fan of the NRA and the pro-business Chamber of Commerce. No wonder they love him at the Times. Israel National News reported:
A New York Times columnist has come under fire after retweeting a controversial message that referred to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) as “the 2 most pig like lobbies” in America.
According to Adam Kredo of The Washington Free Beacon, Columnist Nicholas Kristof on Wednesday afternoon retweeted the message written by longtime Israel critic M.J. Rosenberg, which recalled the recently unearthed statements by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi that referred to Jews as “pigs.”
“OBAMA told the 2 most pig like lobbies, AIPAC & NRA, to drop dead in same month. Next: Chamber of Commerce,” wrote Rosenberg, who was recently fired by the liberal Media Matters for America for his use of borderline anti-Semitic language.
Rosenberg has gained notoriety within pro-Israel circles for regularly espousing anti-Israel and often anti-Semitic beliefs.
NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof cheered Barack Obama for taking on the two most pig like lobbies including pro

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Double Standard When it Comes to Fighting Terrorists

As I have said before, the French are extreme hypocrites as is the rest of the world. Had the Israelis fought hamas until hamas was wiped out, the world would be screaming "genocide" and "war crimes". But Israel merely launched tit for tat air strikes against hamas rocket launchers and even this limited measure was castigated. And Israel had far more justification given that hamas was firing rockets directly into Israel. Keep in mind that Britain's PM Cameron angrily threatened Israel that it would lose Britain's support if it launched a ground war in Gaza. Meanwhile France has ground troops in Mali. What's good for other nations is wrong for Israel. I'm sick of the obscene double standard the Jewish state is subjected to.

And also this is getting limited media attention in contrast to Israel being held under a microscope over every one of its military operations, regardless of how limited. American and Israeli military actions are treated as terrible but military intervention is ok if its done by the French. 

France pledges to fight until Mali's Jihadists rebels are wiped out #myjihad

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shameless Exploitation

How low can you sink to push a nefarious agenda of disarming law-abiding Americans? The democrats have no shame or sense of decency. They are vile opportunists exploiting tragedy to push their political agenda. And that agenda is to dismantle our constituion and deprive us of individual liberties.

Obama is going to have children by his side during tomorrow's press conference on gun control. By doing so he hopes to intimidate Republicans into submission by making it seem that opposing his gun-grabbing agenda means they don't care about the safety of children. But how many children have been saved by law-abiding citizens with guns? This we will not hear the White House and media discuss.

This Week's Haveil Havalim

Edition #394 of the Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim is up at Bat Aliyah.

France Launches Airstrikes in Mali

I am not so willing to credit the French for this as other conservatives are. This is because of France's blatant hypocrisy when it comes to fighting terrorists. Why is it ok for the French to launch airstrikes in Mali but wrong for Israel to strike at hamas terrorists in their own backyard who were firing missiles into Israel? Once again we see a double standard applied to the Jewish state.

Furthermore, it does no good to fight terrorists abroad when you are allowing your own country to be conquered by islam from within.

'Leading From Behind,' Part II: France Strikes in Mali After U.S. Strategy Collapses


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14 Jan 2013470post a comment

France has expanded its assault on Islamists in northern Mali, pounding rebel positions with four days of air strikes and bringing additional troops into the country through the capital, Mali. France did not wait for UN approval, and it tired of what even the New York Times acknowledges was the reluctance of the United States and the international community to do anything about the seizure of half a country by Al Qaeda-linked forces.

Call it “leading from behind,” Part II.  continued

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fences and Double Standards

The article states that there are 50 fences around the world but only Israel's fence causes controversy and is regarded as oppressive. This is just typical of the world's vile double standards applied to the Jewish people. Worse yet is that by taking this position, the Vatican is enabling the mass murder of Jews.

The Vatican Slams Israel's Right to Life

What does the Vatican want? Hard to believe that they have gone back to blaming
the Jews.

By Giulio Meotti, Arutz Sheva

"Mandated by the Vatican, a special delegation of Catholic bishops from Europe
and North America pledged to press their governments to act against the
"injustice" of "Israel's West Bank separation barrier".

Eight high ranking prelates visited Christians in the Gaza Strip, Bethlehem and
Beit Jala. The Vatican envoys called the world to address the "tragic situation"
faced by Palestinian Christian Arabs of Beit Jala, not because of Islamist
threats, but because Arabs were "displaced" by the Israeli barrier, despite the
fact that in constructing the security barrier no land has been annexed by
Israel, no houses have been demolished, and no-one has been required to leave
their home.

In fact, the bigger truth ignored by the Western press and the Churches is that
Israel's barrier helped restore calm and security not just in Israel, but also
in Bethlehem. The Church of the Nativity, which terrorists defiled in 2002 to
escape from the Israeli army, is now filled again with tourists from around the

The bishops also met Daniel Sherman from the anti-Israel organisation B'Tselem.
According to the Vatican news agency, the bishops saw evidence of "the abuse
taking place in the West Bank where two and a half million Palestinians live
under Israeli military occupation".

Giuseppe Lazzarotto, the Pope's ambassador in Israel, also declared: "The
material walls can be cut only if you tear down the walls of the spirit. That is
the essential thing. As long as you do not break down the walls that each of us
carries within, you can not shoot down other walls, even if you build new ones,
which is even worse".

This was the most important mission in Israel for the Catholic Bishops since
last year, when eight Catholic bishops from Europe and North America, including
UK Archbishop Patrick Kelly and French Archbishop Michel Dubost, visited Gaza
under Hamas control. "I asked prisoners in the largest prison in Europe (in
Evry) to pray for you," Dubost told Gazans. The inference is clear: The poor
Palestinian Arabs are living in a big prison and terrified by Israel.

Today there are 50 fences in the world. Bill Clinton gave the US the wall with
Mexico; Spain built fences to keep out Moroccans; India is walling off Kashmir;
South and North Korea share the most heavily fortified border in the world; the
wealthy Arab sheikhdoms are closing the border with dirt-poor Oman; Cyprus is
divided by walls; Belfast is a fenced city of brick, iron and steel barriers,
and even the ultra-liberal Netherlands built a fence around the Hook of Holland.

But only Israel's barriers have been condemned by the Vatican, only Israel's
fences have received round-the-clock coverage on Catholic media and front page
stories on L'Osservatore Romano (the Vatican official newspaper) and only
Israel's checkpoints are turned into the meccas of Christian activists.

While foreign fences keep out refugees from neighboring countries, only Israel's
fences and checkpoints have a truly humanitarian reason: to secure the civilian
population's right to life. Only in Israel barbed wire, patrol roads, sand
tracking paths, cameras and electronic sensors are used to prevent a restaurant,
a shopping mall or a hotel from being turned into carpets of human bodies.
Jewish bodies.

None of the other fenced countries have infiltrators with the "holy" purpose of
killing people. Tijuana, the symbol of the wall dividing US and Mexico, is not
Qalqilya, a Palestinian Arab city 15 kilometers from Tel Aviv, ringed by a
fence. It's Qalqilya, not Tijuana, that has been called the "Paradise Hotel",
because the city was used by suicide terrorists as the jumping off point into
Israel. It's from Qalqilya, not Tijuana, that terrorists can bomb Tel Aviv's
Azrieli towers, which can be seen from the city's hills.

The fences are Israel's most vital counter-terrorism instrument. Unlike
Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, which is a monument to the defiance of the
oppressed, Israel's checkpoints are a symbol of life. According to the IDF, some
30% of Israel's counter-terrorism arrests took place at the roadblocks.

Israel improved the quality of life at the checkpoints with bathrooms and shaded
areas. But Palestinian Arab terrorists then deliberately took advantage of
Israel's consideration. In 2004, a Palestinian woman killed four Israelis at a
checkpoint in Gaza by pretending to be disabled. Because of her condition, the
soldiers performed their security checks without first using a metal detector.
She then detonated her explosive device.

There are 63 crossing points along the barrier known as "gates", and
"obstructions", such as roadblocks, piles of dirt, iron gates and trenches.
Palestinian Arab terrorists found it difficult to obtain weapons when the army
encircles every town.

When messengers or operatives get stuck at the checkpoints, they phone. This
enables Israeli intelligence to intercept a call and helps to locate the
network. In the past, Israeli intelligence learned about an attack while it was
already in progress. With the checkpoints, the army shut down movement of
terrorists from the PA. That's why the checkpoint of Kalandia, between Jerusalem
and Ramallah, resembles an international border.

The Vatican "ignores" that there have been numerous incidents involving
terrorists in the Bethlehem region and a number of suicide bombers have come
from the area. That's why Israel needs to build a fence. That's why the IDF said
that it considers the fence and the hill essential as an "observation point".
The barrier near Cremisan shields the Israeli community of Gilo.

Gilo is a special symbol of the Jewish resistance during the Intifada, when Arab
snipers fired at Jews from Beit Jala, mainly populated by Christians. Gilo was
turned into another Ireland. Jewish residents began to evacuate. Fear and rage
dominated streets and homes. Belatedly, the Israeli government provided barriers
and bullet-proof glass to protect the neighborhood's residents. Gilo was the
laboratory where terrorists sought to discover whether they could force Jews
into abandoning their homes. They failed. Now the Vatican is reviving this goal
by "peaceful" means.

Without checkpoints, fences and roadblocks, Israel would never be able to exist.
If the Arabs disarm, there will be "peace"; but if Israel disarms, there will be
a new genocide. Is this what the Vatican wants? Another looming Holocaust?

The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column
for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched the
personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing
has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and
Commentary. He is at work on a book about the Vatican and Israel.

Europe Continues to Meddle in Israeli Affairs

Such hubris on the part of the EU to decide how to carve up Israel. Unfortunately Israelis have given them every reason to believe they can consistently bully Israel with impunity since Israel’s political leaders fail to exert Israeli sovereignty.  If Israeli officials have any pride or self-respect, they will tell Europe where to go.


EU working on new Mideast peace plan. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ISRAEL?

British, French FMs preparing plan to restart talks between Israel, Palestinians to be presented in March. ‘It will drive us into a corner,’ say Israeli officials
Itamar Eichner, YNET
The European Union is working on a detailed plan meant to restart Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and establish an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital, Yedioth Ahronoth quoted Israeli diplomatic sources as saying.
The plan will set a clear timetable for a discussion on all core issues over the course of 2013. It will likely be presented in March after a new Israeli government is formed.
According to the plan, Israel and the Palestinians will enter peace negotiations after a brief interval. The plan will likely also include a demand to freeze settlement construction.

The initiative is promoted by the British and French foreign ministers, and has the support of Germany.
Efforts are being made to internationalize the plan: The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton is examining the possibility of making the plan an all-European proposal.
Similar efforts have been made in a Quartet meeting in Amman, Jordan, where the EU’s representatives have asked to discuss their proposed peace plan. However, the US requested to delay the discussion until after the Israeli elections and the Obama inauguration.
An awkward position
Several reports revealed that the plan will also include a basis for a regional Middle Eastern committee with the participation of Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf states.
Such a committee will marginalize Israel, but a refusal to join it will be perceived as a general rejection of the peace process. [We have already rejected the same deal coming from Obama.] The Palestinians have already said they will accept the invitation if issued.
“There is great movement behind the scenes,” a senior Israeli official said. “The Europeans can’t force Israel to enter into an agreement, but they can certainly put us in an awkward position.
“They are drafting a document which will present the principles of the future peace accord, putting it on the table as a challenge. It is likely the Palestinians will accept it and that Israel will have some difficulty. It will drive us into the corner.”
Hatnua Chairwoman Tzipi Livni commented on the plan Friday and said: “In March the world will present us with a peace plan – either it will be forced upon us or we come up with our own plan.
“If we form an Israeli plan we could renew the alliance with the region’s moderates and will be able to better deal with the extremist front. It is therefore important to have a government which promotes a real peace process.”
Meanwhile the Palestinians are trying to initiate a special UN Security Council meeting on January 23, a day after the Israeli elections, to discuss settlement construction and particularly Israel’s area E1 construction plan.
They demand that the discussion include foreign ministers so that Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki will be able to attend it for the first time as a representative of the “State of Palestine.”
Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon met with UN Director General Ban Ki-moon over the weekend and expressed Israel’s objection to the discussion.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Arabs Bully Hareidi Jews

We are constantly told how oppressed and brutalized the arab muslims of Israel are, yet they are somehow emboldened enough to attack Jews in the streets of Jerusalem while the Jews passively take it.

The islamic supremacists know they can bully Jews and other kaffirs even in the kaffirs own countries with impunity, because nobody stands up to them.

Don't Let the Door Hit Ya, Chan

Jackie Chan attacks America while being an apologist for the Chicoms. China outdoes us by far in the corruption department as well being a repressive, totalitarian state which denies its citizens basic freedoms.

I really have had it with foreigners who come here for opportunity because their own countries suck, make a fortune here and then insult us and put us down.

Don't let the door hit you, Jackie. No one is forcing you to stay in our allegedly most corrupt country. You can go back to China and speak out against that regime. See how that works out for you.

Jackie Chan slams US as the 'most corrupt' country in the world

19 hrs ago
Jackie Chan's coffers might be lined with plenty of American fans' gold, but that’s not going to buy his affection. During an interview on Chinese TV, the action hero called the U.S. the most corrupt country in the world, while defending China's government after they censored a reform-minded newspaper. Chan said, "Our country's president also admits they have the corruption problem, and some other stuff, but we are making progress. … If you talk about corruption, the entire world, the United States, has no corruption?" His interviewer then said "America," and Chan drove his point home: "The most corrupt in the world." To be fair, Chan presumably spent most of his time in the U.S. working in Hollywood, so his perspective may be a little skewed.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jihad Against Sikhs

And to think that there are people in the west who proclaim islam to be a religion of peace and tolerance. This includes our soon to be head of the CIA John Brennan, who made a jaw-dropping speech about having traveled to Indonesia in the 70's when he was a hippie and how tolerant and accepting of diversity muslims are. I don't think the Coptic Christians in Egypt or the Christians in Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, the Sikhs and Hindus of the Indian subcontinent, the Buddhists of Thailand and Jews of Israel etc. would agree.

Atlas Shrugs:

#MyJihad in Pakistan: Devout Muslims Brutally Murder Two Sikhs

While Islamic supremacists exploit the killings of Sikhs to advance their own bogus victim narrative (using Sikh deaths as proof of "islamophobia" and robbing the Sikh commumity of their rightful grief), the Muslim slaughter of Sikhs continues unabated.
The Sikhs have long been a target of devout Muslims in Pakistan. In 2010 Muslims beheaded three Sikhs for refusing to convert to Islam. Economic Times reported that "a sizeable number of Sikhs lived in the tribal belt, particularly Aurakzai Agency, till the Taliban imposed jiziya or religious tax on them in 2009." Jiziya, or jizya, is the tax specified for non-Muslim dhimmis in Qur'an 9:29.
Two Sikhs Brutally Murdered in Pakistan. United Sikhs January 9 Continue reading


Have you noticed how things seem to happen at the most opportune times for the obama administration? Too many coincidences and too many shootings in such a short period of time even as weapons have always been available.

Have you also noticed that the far more frequent incidents of people being saved as the result of being armed never make the news?

Jew-Hating Hungarians

Behind the veneer high culture and sophistication, the eurotrash are savages. This type of thing is unheard of at American sporting events, but occurs with regularity at European soccer matches. As to the laughable claim that antisemtic chants at the Israeli team is due to Israel government policies, no such chants are heard against teams from islamic countries who's regimes commit horrific human rights atrocities. Their target of hatred is against the only free, civilized country in a region of unspeakable barbarity.  This is the perverse and morally depraved mindset of Europeans. Is it any wonder that islam has easily gotten such a foothold on the continent. Eurpeans can't even muster the wherewithal to defend themselves. As to the waving of Iranian flags, the Hungarians and the rest of the eurotrash haven't got the message that these islamic supremacists will have their nukes aimed at them as well.

'Racist chants at Israeli players due to Israel government policies'
Federation of International Football Associations bans Hungarian fans from World Cup qualifying game between Hungary and Romania for waving Iranian flags and chanting anti-Semitic insults during game with Israel last year • Head of far-right party Jobbik accuses FIFA of interference.
Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff
Israel's Omer Damari is challenged by two Hungarian players during a friendly soccer match in Budapest last August.
Photo credit: AP
Israel's Omer Damari is challenged by two Hungarian players during a friendly soccer match in Budapest last August.
Photo credit: AP

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jihad Against Spain

To those Europeans who demand Israel surrender territory to the "palestinians", be careful what you wish for because you are next. muslims consider Spain to be islamic territory because it was once conquered by islam. If you think they have the right to any part of Israel, then they have the right to Spain (al andalusia).

#myjihad Moderate Egyptian Muslims Vow To Recapture Spain

No To Christie

I am disturbed about this poll conducted of Republicans which revealed that
Christie is favored amongst GOP voters for 2016. So even Republican voters are
clueless, completely unaware of his islamophilic views and his all around RINO leanings. I
saw other polls which showed Christie polling second to Rubio. 

I've had enough of these compromised, establishment RINO's. It's time for principled and patriotic candidates to step forward.

Here's a more recent poll showing Christie in the top three.\

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hagel and Brennan

Obama could appoint farrakhan and Jewish democrats would twist themselves into knots to explain how it shows Obama is a great friend of Israel.

And Brennan who's favorite city is "al qods", said hezbollah is not a terrorist group but a political party and believes jihad is a peaceful inner struggle, is to head the CIA.

Jewish Response to Hagel Nomination Tepid to Furious
The best most pro-Israel leaders were willing to do was downplay the policy-making role of the secretary of defense.

As expected, yesterday, January 6, U.S. President Barack Obama nominated former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NB) for the position of Secretary of Defense.
The confirmation process ahead may be a bruising one, although many in the mainstream and “progressive” media are trying to paint the tepid announcements and refusals by centrist Jewish groups to officially oppose Hagel for the position as akin to a hecksher. But not so fast.
In a Twitter world occupied by liberal media-types, the same people repeatedly retweeted each other’s statements with tepid comments about Hagel’s acceptability to Jewish Democrats, in an effort to create the appearance of a groundswell.
In what amounted to news for some, Jewish organizations widely viewed as almost entirely peopled by Democrats issued statements harshly criticizing Hagel’s positions and statements on Israel and on Jews, but refraining from directly confronting their party leader by officially opposing the Hagel nomination.
For example, the press release issued by the Anti-Defamation League was a study in pretzel-twisting. While recounting the many reasons why the ADL is unhappy about the nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense, the organization pulls back at the brink and does not officially oppose the nomination. Here’s part of their release:
Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, said:
Senator Hagel would not have been my first choice, but I respect the President’s prerogative.
I trust that the confirmation process will provide an opportunity for Senator Hagel to address concerns about his positions, which seem so out of sync with President Obama’s clear commitment on issues like Iran sanctions, isolating Hamas and Hezbollah and the president’s strong support for a deepening of U.S. Israel strategic cooperation.
I particularly hope Senator Hagel will clarify and explain his comments about the “Jewish Lobby” that were hurtful to many in the Jewish Community.
The League previously expressed concerns with the Senator’s record on Israel and Iran, and said of his record relating to Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship that it was “at best disturbing and at worst, very troubling,” citing his remarks about the Jewish lobby and his voting record on Israel and Iran.
It seems as though the best most pro-Israel leaders who are reluctant to cross President Obama on his “prerogative,” were willing to do was to downplay the policy-making role of secretary of defense. The National Jewish Democratic Council, which had also publicly criticized Hagel’s positions on Israel in the past, was willing to rely on their great faith in President Obama’s support and concern for Israel to let the Hagel nomination pass without an objection. The NJDC statement:
“President Barack Obama’s unprecedented pro-Israel credentials are unquestionable, and setting policy starts and stops with the president. While we have expressed concerns in the past, we trust that when confirmed, former Sen. Chuck Hagel will follow the president’s lead of providing unrivaled support for Israel — on strategic cooperation, missile defense programs, and leading the world against Iran’s nuclear program.” Continue reading
See also:  Kicking the Jews in the face

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Energy Independence

Hypocrites like Gore and Hollywood, although they speak out against capitalism
and endorse socialism are actually not only capitalists when it comes to their
own personal financial benefit, but the most ruthless of all. They have no compunction about selling
their souls to America's enemies for profit. Gore as you know sold out to al
jazeera, and hollywood gets funding for some of their movies from the UAE to
spread anti-fracking propaganda so that we continue to be dependent on arab oil
instead of being energy independent.

How about simple love of country? The left doesn't even have that.

There is an anti-fracking movie starring Matt Damon coming out or it already has
been released, which was funded by the UAE.

I have said previously that Arab money is behind the environmental movement. It
is not about the environment but about weakening America economically and
perpetuating our dependence on Arab oil and the continued financing of the global jihad.

Once we become energy independent and the arab states are made bankrupt, this
will also bring us victory over the islamic war being waged against us.

Fracking Found Safe In New York; Let Revolution Begin
Posted 06:40 PM ET

Though the public is learning about it just now, New York officials said nearly a year ago that fracking is not necessarily a hazard to public health. With that question answered, the state should clear the way for the fracking boom that is already a material economic driver to produce even greater gains.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly has been long aware of the February 2012 research compiled by state officials, who concluded that hydraulic fracturing could be performed safely in New York. Yet amid political pressure from the environmentalist lobby, he buried the findings. The report became public in recent days when a copy was leaked to a newspaper.
When Cuomo campaigned, he indicated he was open to approving the process, which has been shut down in New York since a 2008 moratorium. But he's apparently nervous about crossing those opposed to it.
We suggest Cuomo stiffen his spine. The benefits of fracking are phenomenal.
Fracking uses fluids injected under pressure to shatter rock and release oil and natural gas. It is not a new process. But it has been modernized and is taking energy output to new heights.
In 2008, the U.S. produced only 6.9 million barrels of oil per day, a significant drop from the 10 million produced during the 1980s. Thanks in part to fracking, output rose to 8.1 million a day by the end of 2011. By 2020 it could reach 11.1 million, the International Energy Agency says. That's 500,000 more barrels a day than Saudi Arabia is projected to produce at that time.
Fracking has also lifted natural gas output. As the Los Angeles Times reported last fall, in less than a generation the U.S. "has soared to world leadership in extracting natural gas from shale formations" through fracking.
Robert Samuelson, writing on IBD's Issues & Insights pages last month, noted the trend. "Since 2000, U.S. natural gas production has risen by a quarter, with the increase coming mostly from shale gas," he wrote. "From 2000 to 2012, its share of production zoomed from less than 2% to 34%."
If not for the thriving oil and gas business, the country's job climate would be in far worse shape than it is. From January 2008 through August 2012, job growth in the oil and gas industry climbed 27.5% while total payroll employment fell 3.4%.
Cheap and plentiful energy also expands wealth. Robust production of shale gas will increase the average American household's yearly income by $2,000 by 2035, resource economist Steve Sexton says. "Shale gas alone drives incremental GDP growth through 2020 and annually contributes between $100 billion and $230 billion to the U.S. economy by 2035," he said.
Low-cost energy also provides an advantage to legacy American industries that have lost their luster in recent years. A PricewaterhouseCoopers report in December 2011 projected that "U.S. manufacturers could employ approximately 1 million more workers by 2025" due to the abundance of shale gas.
U.S. News & World Report calls fracking a "game changer." It says it "has the potential to fundamentally change the nation's role in the energy security conversation." Former Shell Oil CEO John Hofmeister believes it can "revitalize the entire economy."
"We could be on a wave of new prosperity for everyday people," he said recently on Fox Business News. Fracking can create "jobs in counties that haven't seen job creation in decades."
It's not just "drillers who succeed," he said, "it's landowners, it's the people who make the equipment. In all 50 states, we have such a boom opportunity."
If Cuomo fails to re-open his state to fracking, Hofmeister will have to amend his words. One state will be missing the kind of boom opportunity already playing out in places like Pennsylvania.
In Pennsylvania, each well in the Marcellus shale formation — which extends into New York — creates $5.5 million in direct economic benefits and 62 jobs, says a Manhattan Institute report.
A good governor would be less intent on pleasing a radical element than on making the most rational decision for his state.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hagel to Be Chosen as Defense Secretary

Obama is going to pick Israel hater Chuck Hagel for defense secretary. Obama is open and brazen in his hatred of Israel.  As you would expect, Zbignew Brzezinski supports Hagel. Brzezinksi is the guy who suggested we bomb Israeli planes out of the sky if Israel tries to take out Iran's nuclear facilities. This is a really treacherous, evil being. Actually both are. All bets are off. Israel needs to annex and build in Judea and Samaria and bomb Iran.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Al Gore: Greedy Traitor, Liar and Hypocrite

A traitor for selling out America to muslim interests and admitting he has more in common ideologically with this jihadist network then with patriotic Americans like Glenn Beck, who he refused to sell the station to on the grounds that Beck doesn’t share Current’s ideology. But obviously al jazeera does. What does that tell us about Gore and his partners? Al gore, a liar who made millions on the global warming hoax. A hypocrite for making sure the sale occurred by Dec. 31 so that he would not be subjected to the capital gains tax increase even as he has advocated the wealthy pay their “fair share”. And finally an antisemite for helping promote a steady stream of vicious anti-Israel lies and propaganda to American viewers that will assuredly be featured on the al jazeera owned Current TV.

Al Gore TV Becomes Al Jazeera TV

January 2, 2013 By Comments (23)

So smoothly does the transition of a liberal propaganda cable news network that no one watched proceed to an Islamist propaganda cable news network that no one watches.
Al Jazeera is a propaganda network for the Qatari tyranny which has a hand in backing every Islamist terrorist group from Hamas to Al Qaeda.
Qatar has enough money to burn that it’s decided that it wants a finer control over the liberal message with its own ‘left of left’ news network. Considering that Current TV was meant to appeal to lefties in that sweet spot between MSNBC (too right wing) and RT (too crazy), this is a tricky balancing act.
Al Jazeera is finalizing a deal to take over Current TV, the low-rated cable channel that was founded by Al Gore and his business partners seven years ago.
If the deal is completed, Current will provide the pan-Arab news giant with something it has sought for years: a pathway into American living rooms. Current is available in about 60 million of the 100 million homes in the United States with cable or satellite service.
Rather than simply use Current to distribute its existing English-language channel, called Al Jazeera English and based in Doha, Qatar, Al Jazeera will create a new channel based in New York, according to people with knowledge of the deal negotiations. Potentially called Al Jazeera America, roughly 60 percent of the programming will be produced in the United States while the remaining 40 percent will come from Al Jazeera English.
Al Jazeera may absorb some Current TV staff members, according to the people, who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. But Current’s schedule of shows will most likely be dissolved in the spring.
The plan will bring Al Jazeera, which is financed by the government of Qatar, into closer competition with CNN and other news channels in the United States.
I don’t see this as competition so much as Al Jazeera creating its own RT and PressTV, except with a bigger presence on American airwaves. But Current TV had a limited presence to begin with. And there’s no serious reason to think that Al Jazeera America will do much better than the BBC, from which it was originally born.
Like RT and PressTV and Xinhau, Al Jazeera is regime propaganda. The difference is that American leftist media has decided to ignore the fact that Al Jazeera is just another network owned by a totalitarian regime looking to spread its propaganda. Maybe now they’ll be forced to stop ignoring it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christie's Big Fat Mouth

He wants Congress to pass this pork-laden bill under the guise of hurricane Sandy relief. Big mouth Christie never attacked Obama in such a way and in fact aided him in getting a photo-op and embraced him before the election even though Obama did nothing deserving of credit.  How about Christie's own responsibilities to his state? Don't the people of NJ pay state taxes? Why don't the funds come from Trenton? Why must it only be the federal government? Both establishment parties are going to bankrupt this country.