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The Dutch Media's Antisemitism

Even as their own countries are faced with muslim gang rapes, sharia law, threats of terrorism and other forms of violence caused by the influx of muslim immigrants, the Europeans conclude that the greatest danger to the world is Israel. This can only be the result of extreme ignorance, Jew-hatred and moral depravity on the part of most Europeans.
The Dutch media’s sin of omission
Many major Dutch media publish trivial items about Israel, as long as they are sufficiently negative. Both the abject belief of about 5 million Dutchmen and the media’s silence on the extreme hatred of Israel reflect aspects of what is radically wrong with Dutch society. However, I received some private reactions. Several were from whitewashers who said the findings were wrong. They ignored not only this German study, but also a 2003 Eurobarometer study which found that 59 percent of Europeans thought that Israel was the largest threat to world peace. The percentage in the Netherlands was the highest among EU countries at 74 percent.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Britain's muslim Rape Gangs

It enrages me that the British government facilitated this horror upon the nation's little girls in the name of multiculturalism and diversity. British parents should be up in arms and demand an end to any further muslim immigration. Western men have become emasculated in allowing this savagery to be inflicted upon their wives and daughters.

Muslim Gang Rapes, Brutalizes Kidnapped 13-Year-Old over 4 Days: 'You treated her like a piece of meat' Judge's fury as he jails Muslims who forced her to be their sex slave

Add this to scores of other Muslim cells of child sex trafficking and rape rings.
Hundreds of 11- and 12-year-old girls. Stolen. Drugged. Raped. Bought and sold by scores of Muslim men. This is just the latest in a long line of Muslim sex-slave gangs. "These men were enjoying the sex slaves allowed by the Qur'an (men may enjoy 'what your right hands own,' 4:3) and Islamic law from among unbelieving women" (here).
'You treated her like a piece of meat': Judge's fury as he jails trio of men who abducted girl, 13, and forced her to be their sex slave

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mother of Boston Jihad Bombers Plays Victim Card

So her sons murder and maim Americans and she's angry with America. The nerve of this witch. The father says he's not angry, as though we are supposed to be thankful to him, as though HE'S the one who has a reason to be angry with us instead of the other way around. Typical islamic supremacist reaction in making themselves out to be the victims after one of their own slaughters infidels. Why even give a platform to these wretched people? Yesterday she was screeching that she didn't care that they killed her son and doesn't care if they kill her other son or kill her, allahu akbar!

'America took my kids away': Mother of Boston suspects insists sons not responsible

Rand Backtracks on Drones

It’s precisely because of instances like the Boston jihad bomber why I did NOT stand with Rand on drone strikes. After all, the younger jihad bomber brother is an American citizen. So according to Rand he should be given due process. It’s funny how all those conservatives who blindly stood with Rand during his filibuster are now upset that this “American” jihadist is NOT being tried as an enemy combatant. They were singing a different tune a month ago when they were foolishly arguing for due process for terrorists who are “American citizens”. In my view that was simply unthinking reflexive partisanship. Now it appears Rand himself is backtracking on the drone issue.  Although I would not go so far as droning someone robbing a liquor store.

Banning Objects Instead of Jihadis

So this is how we deal with terrorism, ban objects instead of profiling the type of people who we know are committing terrorism and barring muslim entry into America. This is a how a defeatist nation deals with a war being waged against it.

Kentucky Derby Bans Backpacks, Large Purses, Coolers... Hats Still OK


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As sporting events increase security measures after the Boston Marathon bombings, the Kentucky Derby will ban backpacks, large purses, weapons, tents, luggage, and coolers for this year's annual "Run for the Roses" on May 4th.

According to an Associated Press report, authorities at Churchill Downs said most of the security measures will be the same as in years past, but new items have been added to the list of banned items.
Flamboyant hats will apparently still be allowed on the grounds.


Boston Jihad Bombers Terror Tied Mosque

Does this come as a surprise to anyone?

Suspected Boston Bomber's Mosque Founded by Convicted Terrorist


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The Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) has become the center of attention since it was discovered that now deceased suspected marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a member of the mosque. ISB is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

The Islamic Society of Boston was founded in part by Abdurahman Alamoudi in 1981, according to the New York Sun, and was the first president of the mosque. Alamoudi is currently serving a 23 year sentence in federal prison as he was convicted in 2004 of participating in a Libyan plot to assassinate Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.
Additionally, according to the Sun, Alamoudi raised funds for Al Qaeda:
In July, Alamoudi was cited in a Treasury Department press release designating the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia, a U.K.-based Saudi oppositionist organization, led by Saad al-Faqih, as providing material support for Al Qaeda. MIRA "received approximately $1 million in funding through Abdulrahman Alamoudi," the statement said.
"According to information available to the U.S.Government," the statement continues, "the September 2003 arrest of Alamoudi was a severe blow to Al Qaeda, as Alamoudi had a close relationship with Al Qaeda and had raised money for Al Qaeda in the United States." The Treasury Department has declined to provide further information, saying the material is classified.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Richard Falk Praises Boston Jihad

Shut down the UN! It is a platform for terrorists and tyrants. No more American taxpayer dollars to enemies of America.

Richard Falk, UN "human rights expert" and terrorism apologist
Boston deaths justifiable "blowback"

This article by Anne Bayefsky originally appeared today on FOX News.

A UN “expert” of the UN Human Rights Council, Richard Falk, has announced that Boston had it coming. America’s “fantasy of global domination” justified what he has labeled “resistance.” Boston’s “canaries” happened to be the ones the resisters decided “have to die.”

Appointed in 2008 as the UN “Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967,” Falk spends his time as a professor emeritus from Princeton University, responding to speaking invitations, collecting awards from around the country, spouting antisemitism, and supporting 9/11 conspiracy theories.

In his latest tirade in an online journal, Falk says the Boston attacks make sense when one properly understands that “the American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world.” Consequently, he argues, we should all be “meditating” on poet W.H. Auden’s apt line “Those to whom evil is done/do evil in return.”

According to Falk, what happened in Boston was a mere “blowback.” Not only that, it will get “worse” if America does not fundamentally alter its “relations with the Islamic world.”

Falk has been peddling his grotesque opinions from the UN platform for years. Because the truth is that antisemitism and anti-Americanism is his Human Rights Council job description. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) controls the balance of power on the Council by holding a majority of seats in the African and Asian regional groups, which in turn comprise the majority of Council members.

Now Falk has pulled Boston into his twisted terrain, where fighting back is itself indefensible. He called the police action in Boston a "hysterical dragnet." Similarly, Falk has analogized Israeli responses to Palestinian terrorism to the “Nazi record of collective atrocity.” His website has sported a cartoon of a dog wearing clothing marked with “USA” and a star of David, devouring blood spattered bones and urinating on a statue of lady justice.

Richard Falk, however, did not materialize out of thin air. Less than two weeks ago, a top UN committee charged with drafting the first comprehensive convention against terrorism, ended in disarray because Islamic states insisted that there is a distinction between terrorism and “legitimate struggle” against “colonial or alien domination.” Morsi’s Egypt led the way in pressing for a world conference on “root causes” of terrorism and “the conditions conducive to terrorism.” OIC countries insisted that these conditions include “political and economic injustice, marginalization, poverty, hunger and alienation.”

In short, the real victim becomes the terrorist, not Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi, Martin Richard, and Officer Sean Collier.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration has become a lead champion of the UN Human Rights Council. While President Bush refused to join a human rights body that had no human rights credentials for membership, joining and supporting the Council has been a signature foreign policy move of President Obama.

The State Department has approached the experience of belonging to the Council as a game of whack-a-mole. When the unimpeded election of Colonel Gadhafi’s Libya to the Council finally became too embarrassing, they had Libya temporarily “suspended.” When the permanent bash-Israel agenda item of the Council comes up three times a year they sit mute, and send assistant secretaries of state to Jewish events across the country assuring the community they feel their pain. When Iran wanted a Council seat, they traded the country for a seat on the UN’s top women’s rights body, the Commission on the Status of Women.

The question is what are they going to whack now? Richard Falk is emboldened by a UN “human rights” Council that is emboldened by the participation and support of the world’s leading democracy. It is time to put an end to America’s support for the Council now.

Anne Bayefsky is director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust. Follow her @AnneBayefsky.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pathetic Dhimmi Kerry Compares Boston Victims to the Dead Jihad Flotilla Terrorists

Moron dhimmi Secretary of State lurch compares the justifiable killing of jihadi terrorists aboard the Mavi Marmara to the innocent victims of the Boston jihad bombing. This is just sick and twisted. This is the problem we have in the west, "leaders" unable or unwilling to make moral distinctions between terrorists and victims, between the self-defense of free nations and the actions of jihadi savages who deliberately target innocents, especially when it comes to Israel.

At Istanbul, Secretary of State makes jarring comparison between Boston Marathon terror victims, IHH terror activists killed by Israel.
By Arutz Sheva
Speaking at Istanbul, Turkey, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a jarring comparison between the victims of the Boston Marathon terror bombs and terror activists from the IHH group who were killed when they attacked IDF forces aboard the Mavi Marmara in 2010.
Kerry told his hosts in Turkey that he understands the pain of the families whose loved ones were killed aboard the Marmara – and added that he can understand their pain well, having just dealt with the families whose loved ones were slain in Boston.

Kerry said in his speech that he hopes the Israeli apology will lead to a thawing of Israel-Turkey relations.
Representatives of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu arrived in Turkey Sunday, for talks on the compensation Israel will pay Turkey for the deaths of the IHH terror activists. The apology was brokered by U.S. President Barack Obama, as part of a rapprochement between Israel and Turkey that may include security cooperation regarding the Iranian nuclear weapons threat.

Jihad in Canada Thwarted

We should bar muslim entry into the country, period. That would be the logical step. But we will cling to our liberal, multicultural, open borders policy until it results in the end of our civilization.

Major terrorist attack on Canada averted Sun News, April 22, 2013
TORONTO - A potential bomb plot on a passenger train over the Niagara River has been averted, a police source told QMI Agency.
Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser of Montreal and Toronto were arrested, according to sources.
One police source said there were several scenarios being looked at during the year the suspects were tracked, including the train plot.
One of the plots uncovered by the RCMP and other agencies was a planned bombing of a passenger train on the bridge that connects Canada and the United States at Niagara Falls, Ont., a police source told QMI Agency.
"The plan was to take out a train with passengers on board and the crossing trestle," said a source. "It was meant to be spectacular and there would have been a lot of carnage."
The source was not clear of the planned date.
"It didn't happen," said the source. "It was stopped."
The source said he believes five people will be arrested and the investigation continues.
"There is an Ontario component and a Quebec component."
As for who was behind the terror plot, the source did not confirm al-Qaida, as some are reporting.
"I can tell you it's the big boys," he said. "I can tell you it's heavy stuff."
U.S. officials said the alleged plot was not linked with last week's Boston Marathon bombings.
The arrests follow not only the Boston bombings but revelations that Canadians took part in an attack by militants on a gas plant in Algeria in
It also recalls the arrests in 2006 of the so-called Toronto-18, accused of planning to plant bombs at various Canadian targets.

A Hole O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly blames Israel for islamic terrorism against America. After Adam Carolla spoke about how islamic terrorists target us because they hate our freedoms, our culture and so forth, O'Reilly added that they are also motivated by geopolitical reasons, because of our support for Israel. I would ask the same question to O'Reilly that I would ask Brokaw if I could. How would he explain islamic terrorism throughout Africa, Thailand, the Philipines, India, Europe etc.? It always comes down to blaming Israel. What a putz.

Minutes later he was reading letters as he always does at the end of the show, and one person rhetorically asked how many Japanese nationals did we allow in during WW2. O'Reilly responded that the difference was that there are islamic countries that are friendly with us. Sure like those 15 9/11 hijackers who came from "friendly" Saudi Arabia, the remainder who came from "friendly" Egypt. Other terrorists such as the Times Square jihadist came from "friendly" Pakistan. Is O'Reilly this much of a moron?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Brokaw, Another Clueless Moron, Blames America

This is not about alienation or anger at what America does. Terrorist attacks by muslims are motivated by islamic doctrine and have a 1400 year history behind it. Why the refusal to address this? How many thousands around the world have to be slaughtered in the name of islam for people to get it? How does Brokaw explain the numerous jihads around the world that don't involve America? For instance Thailand, the philippines, Syria, throughout Africa, the Indian sub-continent, Europe etc. People like Brokaw will remain clueless until the bitter end.

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Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw strongly suggested Sunday that America is partly to blame for the gruesome terrorists attacks in Boston, because the young, Muslim men involved may have felt “alienated” and angry over U.S. drone strikes on “innocent civilians” in Muslim countries abroad.
Brokaw, who has been playing the role of media elder statesman since retiring, went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with host David Gregory to discuss last week’s Boston bombings, which killed three and injured 183.
“There are a couple of things to remember here, David, I think for all of us,” Brokaw intoned. “With the death of Osama bin Laden, Islamic rage did not go away. In fact, in some ways it’s more dangerous. This is a perfect example.”
He said Americans need to take a hard look at “the roots” of why so many Muslims, including Americanized terrorists like the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, want to kill them.
“There’s a lot that we still need to know about what motivated them, obviously,” Brokaw said, noting the Muslim faith of both bombers. “And the fact is that that Islamic rage is still out there.”
Added Brokaw: “But I think that there’s something else that goes beyond the event that we’ve all been riveted by in the last week. We have to work a lot harder (to understand) a motivation here.

Those of us not stuck within the media, government and academic bubble know perfectly well what the motivation was. It's written in islamic texts.

EU as Clueless as Ever Still Pressures Israel For "Palestinian" Terror State

Even in the midst of Mideast upheaval and a global jihad raging, the Europeans continue to harangue Israel in pursuit of creating another islamic terror state. The Europeans remain detached from reality.

Why Europe Can’t Bring Peace To The Middle East

by Elliott Abrams, CFR
Lady Catherine Ashton, the EU’s top foreign policy official, has received a remarkable letter from the “European Eminent Persons Group on the Middle East Peace Process.” This self-selected collectivity might more accurately be called the “Formerly Eminent Persons Group,” inasmuch as the first word describing each one of its members is “Former,” but I suppose that these Formerly Eminent Persons do indeed also represent the views of Currently Eminent European Persons. The letter and its list of signatories are copied below.
The letter is important in one way: it shows that European official and elite thinking continue to blame Israel for everything related to the so-called Peace Process. To take one example, the letter states that:
    We have watched with increasing disappointment over the past five years the failure of the parties to start any kind of productive discussion, and of the international community under American and/or European leadership to promote such discussion. We have also noted with frustration and deep concern the deteriorating standards of humanitarian and human rights care of the population in the Occupied Territories.

The failure of the parties? Five years? Five years ago, in the spring of 2008, the parties were negotiating, apparently seriously, as part of what was then called “the Annapolis process.” That failed when Mahmoud Abbas refused an extremely generous offer from Israeli Prime Minister Olmert.
The Formerly Eminent Persons appear to have forgotten this, or far more likely to be seeking to avoid that truth.
Equally inaccurate is their line about the “failure of the parties,” a phrase which refuses to acknowledge that only the Palestinians have refused to negotiate in the last four years, not “the parties.”
In any event, the Formerly Eminent Persons soon arrive at their key insight, which is “that the Peace Process as conceived in the Oslo Agreements has nothing more to offer.”
What does this mean, actually? Turns out, rather unsurprisingly, that it means we must all get tougher now with Israel. We must all insist that Israel’s borders are the 1967 lines and everything beyond that is illegal and illegitimate. Everything– including, therefore, such things as Israel’s control of the Western Wall and the Jewish sector of the Old City of Jerusalem, from which Israelis had been kept away when Jordan controlled the Old City. The Formerly Eminent Persons wish above all to erase the letter to Prime Minister Sharon from President Bush in 2004, where he called the major settlement blocks “new realities on the ground” that all efforts at negotiation had acknowledged Israel would keep.
There is more in the letter that is wrong, such as the notion that human rights conditions in the West Bank are deteriorating due to the Israeli occupation. One can make a good argument that they are deteriorating, in Gaza due to Hamas and in the West Bank due to the growing pressure from the PA against journalists. The letter does not appear to consider the possibility that any problem in Palestinian areas might possibly be the fault of Palestinians.
The letter’s greatest sins are those that are quite familiar in letters from Europe, whether from Formerly Eminent Persons or from Currently Eminent Persons: the sin of blaming everything on Israel and blaming nothing on the Palestinians, demanding nothing of the Palestinians, and treating the Palestinians like objects rather than people.
Nowhere does the letter mention the issue of anti-Semitic broadcasting and hate speech in Palestinian official media, nor the matter of the glorification of terrorism and terrorists by the PA, and the impact such conduct has on prospects for peace.
The letter takes a shot at President Obama, saying that all he said and did during his trip to Israel “gave no indication of action to break the deep stagnation.” Just talk from the Americans, you see; we are all, including Mr. Obama, seen as coddling Israel (and we do not even have Formerly Eminent Persons writing letters).
This letter is a useful reminder of European attitudes, at least at the level of the Eminent: Blame Israel, treat the Palestinians as children, wring your hands over the terrible way the Americans conduct diplomacy. The Israelis will treat this letter with the derision it deserves, and the Palestinians will understand that because this kind of thing reduces European influence with Israel, the EU just can’t deliver much. Indeed it cannot, and the bias, poor reasoning, and refusal to face facts in this letter all suggest that that won’t be changing any time soon.
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EU Labelling "Settler" Goods

While islam is waging a global jihad, morally bankrupt Europe focuses on boycotting products from Jews living in the Jewish homeland. There's a complete disconnect from reality in the west.

Leading EU countries to stigmatise Israeli settler goods

Today @ 09:26
  1. By Andrew Rettman
  2. Andrew email
BRUSSELS - France and the Netherlands have joined an initiative by 13 EU states to help European consumers boycott goods made by Israeli settlers on Palestinian land.
  • Dutch shoppers - Timmermans' arrival has seen the Netherlands switch sides (Photo: zoetnet)
Foreign ministers from the group - which also includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and the UK - put forward their ideas in a letter to EU foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton on 11 April.
The text - seen by EUobserver - says they "welcome [Ashton's] commitment to work with fellow [EU] commissioners to prepare EU-wide guidelines on the labelling of settlement produce."
It notes that: "the correct labelling of products is necessary to ensure our consumers are not being misled by false information." Continue reading

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sweden's War Against the Jews

The Jews of Sweden should make aliya and leave the Swedes to wallow in the cesspool of their own making. I hope they enjoy their future under sharia law. Sweden’s nanny state has produced a population of emasculated men. It is therefore not surprising that islam is so easily taking over.

Islamicized Sweden Has Declared War on the Jews

By Giulio Meotti, INN
In 2003, Azzam Tamimi, a Hamas member from Hevron, delivered a sermon at the Great Mosque in Stockholm, expressing support for suicide attacks against Israeli civilians. Outside the mosque, militants distributed leaflets containing calls to “liquidate the Jews in Palestine in the name of Allah”.
Why did the Swedish authorities allow this Arab anti-Semite to deliver a homicidal sermon in their capital’s main mosque if not to help foment a new war against the Jewish people?
Ten years later, and Sweden, long famed as a shelter for U.S. draft resisters, Arab immigrants, political refugees and other exiles, has become one of the most anti-Semitic countries in the world.

A recent poll found that 68 percent of Swedes have a negative opinion of Israel. No other nation in the West has a higher anti-Semitic public opinion. Everyone is welcome today in Sweden, except the Jews.
France and the UK registered many more anti-Semitic incidents than Sweden last year, but Sweden, like the Netherlands, is a kind of laboratory of Europe’s general trend.
The Jews of Malmö, a community of about 1,500 in a city of 300,000 led by an anti-Semite like Reepalu, is a microcosm of what is happening elsewhere in the West.
In Sweden, which has one of the largest Muslim communities in Europe, the Jewish communities spend 25 per cent of their funds on security measures. It is a ghettoized and dying community.
Violence dominates the streets and a Jew in Sweden today feels like a Jew in Berlin in the ’20s.
A Swedish mayor working to stop anti-Israel propaganda from being sold at a municipal cultural center was just phisically assaulted. Mats Green, mayor of Jonkoping, was wounded outside his home by two men who struck him and kicked him. His “guilt”? Trying to stop the sale of T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Burn, Israel, burn” at the Book Cafe, a shop operating inside a city-owned cultural center.
Not only is Swedish culture deeply anti-Zionist (Swedish bestselling author Henning Mankell was part of the pro-Hamas Flottilla), but also Sweden’s political mainstream is imbued with anti-Semitism.
Omar Mustafa, a member of the Social Democratic Party’s governing board, called Sweden to send fighter planes to bomb Israel. In the same week another politician, Alexander Kieding of the Swedish Democrats party, an alderman in the Stockholm suburb of Jarna, declared that the Holocaust may have never happened and that “Israel inflated the number” of victims.
The European Jewish Congress has warned that the Jewish community living in the Swedish City of Malmo is in grave danger. Police presence is essential to enable Malmo’s Jews to celebrate any ritual in public and in safety. Last year, when the world remembered the infamous Nazi pogrom of Kristallnacht, in Malmö and Helsingborg, the manifestations took place without Jews, since the event had become a playground for gays, Muslims and leftists.
The Swedish government funds anti-Semitic publications without any shame – like the anti-Israel booklet “Colonialism and Apartheid – the Israeli occupation in Palestine”, funded by the authorities in the sum of $104,600, under the guise of “humanitarian aid”. The brochure accuses Israel of racism, ethnic cleansing and segregation, and calls for a boycott of the Jewish State.
The national religious authorities promote anti-Israel hate. The Kyrkomötet – the Church Assembly of the Church of Sweden – has just called for a boycott of Israeli products manufactured in Judea and Samaria. Archbishop Karl G. Hammar, heading the Swedish Lutheran Church, was among the first Western Protestant leaders to call for a boycott.
The press too is totally lost to anti-Semitism. Swedish liberal publications are unilaterally imbued with anti-Jewish sentiment, but the conservative Svenska Dagbladet too published articles that invoked the image of Jews as child murderers. We can count an infinite number of anti-Semitic publications in the Swedish press which can challenge the hate of Nazi papers like Der Sturmer or the Soviet Pravda.
Economically, Sweden has passed many boycott initiatives against the Jewish State. A large Swedish pension fund divested from Elbit over the latter’s role in building Israel’s security fence. Meanwhile, the Ethical Council of four Swedish buffer pension funds urged Motorola “to pull out of the Israeli-occupied territories in the West Bank” or face divestment.
Unfortunately, many Swedish Jewish leaders have capitulated to the ghetto mentality as well.
When popular daily Aftonbladet falsely charged the IDF of harvesting Palestinians Arabs’ organs and Israel asked the Swedish government to issue a condemnation, Lena Posner, head of the Jewish community in Stockholm and president of the Official Council of Jewish Communities in Sweden, declared: “Israel caused all this mess.”
There is something rank and sour in Sweden. You see it from the artistic exhibitions, just as you could during the Nazi era.
The Martin Bryder Gallery in Lund displayed a vile “ash-painting” which used Jewish human remains stolen from the Majdanek Nazi death camp. Jewish cremated ashes for a postmodern artistic exhibition in the Islamicizied Sweden.
Previously, a Swedish Christian Art exhibition depicted Israelis as gun-toting rats devouring the “Holey(sic) Land”.
The Nazis used such dehumanization techniques to lay the groundwork for the physical extermination of those labelled “pests”, the Jews. The same is happening in Sweden.
During the Second intifada, a Swedish museum displayed an artist’s work eulogizing the Palestinian suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat, who killed 20 Israelis at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa, with a small ship carrying a picture of Jaradat, sailing in a rectangular pool filled with red-colored water, and accompanied by a piece of Bach’s music.
An Arab waiter at the Maxim restaurant in Haifa brought Jaradat a menu and took her order. The Swedish terrorist ‘heroine’ ate calmly, watching the Israeli families unaware that they were eating their last meal and taking their last breaths. Then she blew herself up. All that remained of nineteen people—including five children, along with fathers and mothers and grandparents—was a pile of indistinguishable body parts.
If he were looking at his country today, a country which has declared war on the Jewish people, Swedish legend Raoul Wallenberg would say: “If I had a grave, I’d be turning over in it”.

All Jihadist Attacks Are Connected

It’s not likely that liberals and government officials will finally get it, at least they won’t acknowledge it publicly. But I hope that law enforcement officials behind the scenes are quietly monitoring mosques, muslim communities and muslims here on “student” visas. Actually muslims should be barred from entering the country altogether. Unfortunately we won’t likely have the political will to go that far.

All terrorism is connected

The Tarnaev brothers were cruelly successful, but they are far from the only terrorists over the past decade with big ideas about carnage in America. There is a temptation with each act of terror to see it as an isolated act, connected to the mental state of the actor, but not to larger forces. The FBI used to have theories about “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” and “Lone Wolves” that were not only wrong, but also pulled law enforcement off the track.
“Sudden Jihad Syndrome” was invented by the FBI to explain why people who lived quietly in the United States for some period of time “suddenly” went berserk and killed others. Why Naveed Haq shot six people at the Seattle Jewish Federation, killing one; why Hesham Hadayet, an Egyptian with a history of radical statements, shot up the El Al ticket counter in LA; why Derek Shareef, a convert to Islam, planned to firebomb a mall in Rockford, IL; and why Bosnian Sulejman Talovic, killed five people in a shopping center in Salt Lake City. It was supposed to explain why Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad shot up an Army recruiting center in Little Rock, and Kosovar Arid Uka killed two soldiers on a U.S. Army bus in Germany. The FBI won’t call it “jihad,” but a “bolt from the blue” was also supposed to explain why Maj. Nidal Hassan killed 13 people at Ft. Hood; it doesn’t explain why he yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he did it.

According to the FBI, they were all “normal” guys until they weren’t; none were “affiliated” with terror organizations. The official version was that they were under some “unknown” mental stress that made them “snap” one day. Happily for Americans, what the FBI says and what it does can be two different things.
While sifting and learning from prior experiences, the FBI stopped the Ft. Dix pizza truck bombers and the Lackawanna Six before anyone was killed. In 2006 there was a foiled plan to flood lower Manhattan with bombs either in the Holland Tunnel or the PATH train tunnel under the World Trade Center site that would bring down the walls that hold back the river. In June 2007, seven men were arrested in a plot against the Sears Tower in Chicago and a Federal building in Miami. The would-be bombers were looking for al Qaeda connections, but found the FBI. Also in 2007, groups of men including Iraqis and Pakistanis were arrested in the Midwest and West Virginia. They had purchased more than 1,000 disposable cell phones from various stores — untraceable and used as bomb detonators in Madrid in 2004.
The FBI stopped talking about “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” and began talking about “Lone Wolves,” sick individuals, they said, who were still not connected — not literally connected — to anyone or anything that could be blamed. Well, not until 2011 Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, a 31-year-old former budget analyst from Connecticut (with a wife and child, which was supposed to make him unlikely to be a terrorist), acknowledged in court that he had been trained and paid by the Pakistani Taliban. He wasn’t told when exactly to do the deed, but he was indeed “connected.”
There is no unconnected terrorism.
In 2007, NYPD studied 11 cases of homegrown jihadists, isolating specific factors that appear to move some people — primarily young men — to radical, violent activity even as most American Muslims remain unmoved by or even repulsed by the idea of violence committed in the name of religion. The findings of Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat, were summarized at the time:
    • Salafist ideology combines Islam with a determination to solve problems through violence. Salafist institutions and literature are readily available in the West.
    • Al Qaeda provides inspiration, but generally not operational assistance.
    • Susceptible people seek an identity or a cause and often self-identify before finding compatriots. Radicalization has proceeded more slowly in the U.S. than in Europe, where even second and third generation immigrants have trouble assimilating into the local culture — but more quickly since 9-11.
    • The Internet is an enabler, providing an anonymous virtual meeting place. Sites other than mosques can provide the sense of community otherwise isolated people may be seeking.
    • A “spiritual sanctioner” and an “operational leader” are necessary to move people from the ideological phase to an operational terrorist cell.
    • Not everyone who begins the process of radicalization becomes a terrorist; there are several points at which people drop out.
For the unremarkable conclusion that professional jihadists use the Internet to find susceptible people with self-identity problems seeking causes, and that even those people often drop out of the process at several points, the NYPD was called “racist” and “Islamophobic.”
But it should be no surprise that people who listen to and venerate radical ideologies — in this case, radical Islam — read jihadist material, travel to places where jihad is taught and learned may be influenced and radicalized by jihad. People who are uncomfortable and unhappy in their present lives can be influenced by the promise of the benefits of jihad and may be moved to make it happen. Nidal Hassan had shown public evidence of his strong interest in jihad and was corresponding with Anwar al-Awlaki.
Dzhokhar and TamerlanTsarnaev were from mostly Sunni, independence-minded and often-jihadist southern Russia. They had been in the U.S. for some period of time and Dzhokhar appears to have received a small scholarship from the City of Cambridge when he graduated from high school. His Facebook page indicates some trouble finding his place in the United States.
We’re going to learn more about them both, but what we know about the process of radicalization and the connection between unhappy people, true believers, and criminal terrorist enablers is the beginning of wisdom — if we choose to see it.
Shoshana Bryen is Senior Director of The Jewish Policy Center

Boston Subsidized Jihad Bombers Mosque

Instead of subsidies, this mosque and others like it should be forcibly shut down. But we are too
politically correct, too afraid of appearing "bigoted", "islamophobic" and "racist". Surveys have revealed that 80% of mosques in this country preach violence. This dovetails exactly with the 80% of mosques in America found to be funded by saudi arabia. We also need to stop referring to islam as a religion. That is what is giving it protective cover. This is a violent, totalitarian political ideology.

City of Boston gave ‘subsidy’ to bombing suspects’ radical mosque Daily Caller
Suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attended a Massachusetts mosque that made a controversial deal with a Boston city agency that allowed it to buy land at a lower-than-market price in exchange for various token services to the Boston community, despite the mosque’s links to some radical anti-American figures
The 19-year-old Tsarnaev attended mosque at the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The Daily Caller reported Friday that the ISB hosted at its satellite cultural center a book signing April 6 featuring British journalist Victoria Brittain, who has criticized the United States and United Kingdom for waging a “war against Islam” in its anti-terrorism efforts.
The construction of that cultural center, which opened in Roxbury, Massachusetts in 2004 near Roxbury Community College, was marked by a controversial apparent “government subsidy” from the city of Boston to the ISB.
The Boston Redevelopment Authority, which is the city’s municipal planning agency and which is comprised of mayoral appointees, conveyed the land for the ISB’s purchase in 2000 at more than $400,000.
However, the city of Boston only charged ISB $175,000 for the land, with an agreement that the ISB perform other services for the city to make up the $225,000 remainder. The ISB agreed to deliver a series of lectures at Roxbury Community College, to assist the Roxbury Community College Foundation in its fundraising efforts, and to maintain a Boston “play area.”
The deal was later described in media coverage as “an apparent financial handout” and a “possible government subsidy” from the city of Boston to the ISB.
The ISB has raised concerns in the past for its ties to radical figures in the Muslim world.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Jihad Bombers Devout muslims

For those who still deny the islamic component of the Boston bombers:

Saudi Link?

Did they truly act alone? Lets review the facts. I think it’s a strange coincidence that that Saudi who’s family has al qaeda ties just happened to be at the Boston marathon. He was chased and tackled at the scene by a civilian and he apparently told authorities that he was running because he thought there was a second bomb. How would he know that? They search his apartment and carry out bags of evidence. And then Steve Emerson reveals he is to be deported back to saudi arabia. He wasn’t an actual bomber but could he have conceived of the plot and recruited Chechen jihadists to carry it out? Also I saw Bo Dietle on Hannity last night. He noticed the one in the white cap was speaking on a cell phone. Was he speaking to his handler? Was it that saudi? It's likely that our government will whitewash any saudi role in the bombings.

Boston Jihadi Bombers members of Wahhabi cell funded by Saudi Al Qaeda

Two Chechen brothers from Dagestan, members of a Wahhabi cell funded by Saudi al Qaeda, were identified as the terrorists who detonated two bombs at the Boston Marathon last Monday and carried out a bombing-shooting spree at the MIT campus in Waterton outside Boston, Friday, April 19, in which a police officer was killed in a fiery firefight.
The media is criminally silent on this. Instead they are talking about what a "good, sweet boy" he is. Abominable.
Read the rest

Media Won't Label Chechen Jihadists as muslims

The politically correct dhimmi media is ignoring the fact that these brother were MUSLIMS who's motive was jihad. They are only reporting that they are simply Chechens. The role of islam is being scrubbed by the mainstream media. It takes bloggers to report the full truth.

Boston Jihad Bomber Describes Worldview as "Islam": “Do good, because Allah loves those who do good”

Apparently targeting, mutilating and slaughtering women and children falls under that category. Even the NY Times is reporting on jihad, but I am switching back between all the major networks and there is a complete disconnect to motive. Criminal negligence. The war is here and they continue to disarm the American people. Continue reading

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saudi Connection to Boston Bombing Being Whitewashed

Steve Emerson reveals that the saudi national who they had in the hospital and who’s apartment they searched, is going to be deported on national security grounds. This is obviously a coverup to not only protect the saudis, but the administration’s own culpability for liberally granting visas to saudi “students” along with its recent decision to give special treatment to saudi nationals to enter this country without the proper security checks, people who will be vetted by the saudi government. This jihadist is a member of a prominent saudi family with ties to al qaeda. Earlier John Kerry had a closed-door meeting with the saudis. Kerry is a man who betrayed his fellow soldiers and his country during Vietnam. So what’s another act of treason to him? They say Israel controls American policy yet Jonathan Pollard languishes in prison for nearly three decades while saudis who murder Americans get sent home days after. Remember the saudis who were flown out of the country after 9/11. Our government is wholly owned by the saudis.

U.S. ‘deporting Saudi person of interest’

Obama has unscheduled meeting with foreign minister

Published: 11 hours ago
author-imageJoe KovacsAbout | Email | Archive
Joe Kovacs is an award-winning journalist and, since 1999, executive news editor of WND. He is the author of two best-selling books: “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told” and its 2012 sequel, “The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny.”

  • An expert on terrorism says the Saudi national who was the original “person of interest” in connection with Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing is going to be deported from the U.S. next week.
The foreign student from Revere, Mass., is identified as 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi.
“I just learned from my own sources that he is now going to be deported on national security grounds next Tuesday, which is very unusual,” Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism told Sean Hannity of Fox News Wednesday night.
The Reuters news agency reported President Barack Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal on Wednesday, noting “the meeting was not on Obama’s public schedule.”
After that meeting was mentioned, Emerson told Hannity, “That’s very interesting because this is the way things are done with Saudi Arabia. You don’t arrest their citizens. You deport them, because they don’t want them to be embarrassed and that’s the way we appease them.”

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Interview of Walid Shoebat on Boston Bombing

This is long but is a must listen to interview. Walid Shoebat is certain the Boston bombing has Saudi connections and that our government is covering it up.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Jihad Attack

How many terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by American “right wing extremists”? On the other hand there have been over 20,000 perpetrated by islamic terrorists around the world. Furthermore they have found nails and ball bearings inside victims. This is a hallmark of “palestinian” islamic terrorism. Logic and common sense tells us this was a muslim attack. But the media is ignorning the elephant in the room and acting as if its such a mystery as to who the perpetrator or perpetrators are. The liberals lecture us not to rush to judgement despite what experience tells us, yet they have no problem making baseless accusations against "right wing" extremists.

Germany Cracking Down On Critics Of islam

The west has gone so far down the rabbit hole that muslims are freely allowed to build mega mosques financed by terror groups and regimes, spew hatred and violence against infidels and form their own sharia enclaves. On the other hand critics of islam who are trying to preserve their freedoms and way of life are the ones being monitored by the authorities and considered a threat.  We are living through “1984″.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

American Jewish Liberals Pressure Bibi

These yentas should mind their own business.  The staggering hubris they exhibit by claiming to know what's better for Israel than the Israeli PM and the Israeli people, disgusts me. And I'm further disgusted by the fact that these liberal American Jews live thousands of miles away from Israel and will not personally suffer the consequences of the appeasement and surrender policies they advocate.  They need to be put in their place.

Deputy foreign minister tells US Jews not to pressure Netanyahu
"Pressure from overseas should not guide the prime minister in his careful management of the diplomatic process," says Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin • Earlier this month, 100 prominent U.S. Jews called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take steps to show Israel's willingness to compromise for peace.
Israel Hayom Staff
Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin says overseas pressure should not influence Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's management of the diplomatic process
Photo credit: Dudi Vaknin
Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin says overseas pressure should not influence Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's management of the diplomatic process
Photo credit: Dudi Vaknin

Media Censors Abortion "Doctor's" Murder Trial

The liberals always go on about pro-life "extremists".  The liberals act as if the pro-life side are the lunatics. Here is a stark example of monstrous pro-abortion extremism. Yet the media is not covering this.

 Photo: Empty 'Reserved Media Seating' at Abortion Doc Gosnell's Murder Trial

Friday, April 12, 2013

Army Lists Christians and Patriots as 'Hate Groups'

Not one islamic group on the list, but numerous Christian groups are listed as
well as blogs which expose the dangers of islam. Unbelievable.

FOX News Exclusive: US Army Targets Atlas Shrugs et al

If you recall, last week Todd Starnes broke the news that the U.S. Army listed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism along with Al Qaeda and Hamas.
Add Atlas Shrugs to the list that the US military is monitoring and watching. Atlas Shrugs, a news site dedicated to reporting on the global jihad, is now considered a threat by the US military. This is a sad, sad day for freedom.
I don't promote hate, I expose it. Obama's Department of Defense has made the war on free speech a priority, but this is breathtaking. If you told me on 9/12/01 that the voices of freedom would be designated the enemy, I would have had you Baker-acted.
Is the US military getting their marching orders from Hamas groups like CAIR and ICNA? Clearly, they took Ward Churchill's class.
As a fierce and passionate patriot, I am deeply disturbed that freedom lovers are listed among known terror groups -- this is the poisonous fruit of the stealth coup I have reported on for years.
Clearly a congressional innvestigation is warranted. Who is running the military these days?

Continue reading

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Frightened Jewish Leaders Cave to islamic and Leftist Bullying, Cancel Geller Speech

The fascist thugs get their way again. The spineless Jewish leaders of the Great Neck synagogue capitulated to islamic and leftist intimidation and have cancelled Pamela Geller's scheduled appearance which was to take place on Sunday. The more we give in, the more aggressive they will become in their demands until free speech in this country is gone altogether. This cannot stand. How long before we have sharia enforcers roaming our streets as they are doing in London?

Pamela Geller Event at Great Neck Synagogue Cancelled: "The Synagogue is Unable to Bear the Burden."

Due to relentless intimidation, bullying and threats, the Great Neck Synagogue is cancelling my talk at the Great Neck Synagogue on Sunday. It is a very sad day for freedom-loving peoples when fascist tactics trump free speech.
Leftist goons, pushed and prodded by Islamic supremacist Habeeb Ahmed and his co-conspirators, threatened a march on the shul (among other things) on Sunday (imagine how terrorized the Sunday school children would be).
They win. Again.
The synagogue board could not take the extraordinary pressures and issued the following statement that, as the board said, while "these important issues must be discussed, the synagogue is unable to bear the burden." The event is cancelled.

Continue reading