Monday, February 3, 2014

Waters' Continues to Call for nazi Boycott of Jewish State

As morally reprehensible as John Kerry and Obama is for easing sanctions on Iran while threatening sanctions against Israel, the vile nazi roger waters is far worse. And no I am not using hyperbole in describing waters, who's relentless jihad against the Jewish state cannot be described as anything but nazism. Iran continues working on a nuclear bomb, hanging homosexuals and generally repressing its own citizens, there's a civil war in Syria which sees both sides engaging in wholesale massacre, al qaeda is taking over whole nations, muslims are waging global jihad, threatening to terrorize the Olympic games, terrorizing the entire world, Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered in muslim countries, China represses its own citizens and occupies Tibet. I could go on and on discussing the turmoil, wars and horrific human rights atrocities around the world. Yet the monstrous waters chooses as his cause, to organize boycotts against Israel. The only country in the Mideast where these horrors are NOT taking place, where Arabs have more freedom than in Arab countries. Where is the logic? Where is the decency and humanity in ignoring millions of suffering people and instead wage a campaign against Israel? There is only one conclusion which can be drawn and we all know what that is. I'm sure Scarlett Johansson does indeed care about human rights, Roger, which is exactly why she refuses to participate in your hateful boycott campaign against Israel, which is the ONLY Mideast country NOT engaging in human rights violations. And if you actually cared about human rights, Waters, Israel is the last country you would be focused on, you fraud. If you actually cared about human rights, you would be speaking out against Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya etc. If you actually cared about human rights you would be speaking out about the plight of Christians under islamic rule.  So with all the horrors taking place around the world which I mentioned above, the Obama administration,  the EU, academia, human rights NGO's and celebrities set their sites on attacking Israel, making Israel a pariah, singling out Israel with calls for boycotts and sanctions. What is wrong with this picture? Can there be any logical explanation but antisemitism? If the west thinks it will buy its safety and security by throwing Israel under the bus, they will face a great reckoning. It didn't work when they sold out Czechoslovakia and rounded up their Jewish citizens and handed them over to the nazis, and it won't work now.

Roger Waters calls on fellow artists to join Israel boycott

In public Facebook post, former Pink Floyd lead singer Roger Waters calls on singer Neil Young and actress Scarlet Johansson to support a cultural boycott of Israel • Waters, who performed in Israel in 2006, has become an ardent BDS backer.
Saar Gamzo
Former Pink Floyd lead singer Roger Waters 
 Photo credit: AP


Anonymous said...

do you feel it the Quenelle!
also, please do not mix jewish and zionist...nor anti-semitist with anti-zionist... zionists are jewishes (shame) but jewishes are not all zionist... even far away to be the majority.
the humanity will win

LEL said...

Please do not insult my intelligence by proclaiming anti-Zionism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. I've heard that line any number of times.

LEL said...

Of course by bringing up the quenelle, you give yourself away as an anti-Semite and thus contradict your own claim that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.