Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Celebs Party with Sultan of Sharia Ruled Brunei

This is so revolting. These celebrities have no conscience, no morals, no ethics. They only PRETEND to care about human rights, women's rights, gay rights etc. What they truly are, are selfish hedonists. 

Brunei sultan introduces strict sharia penal code, Beverly Hills Hotel protest draws very few and not one Sultan partying celeb - See more at:

FIFA is Morally Degenerate

FIFA will not bar muslim countries, which are serial human rights violators. But they are considering banning Israel, the only free country in the Middle East. This is blatant antisemitism and sick moral inversion. It's a good thing I hate soccer, the sport of Eurotrash and third worlders.

Israel Fighting Potential Ban from World Soccer

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Sterling and the hypocrisy of the sports world

So Michael Vic is given a second chance after having perpetrated horrific violence against dogs. Sterling on the other hand is banned for life for merely making comments he said in private. The sports world is becoming increasingly politicized and extremely hypocritical. How can you take someone's property away because you don't like what he says? That amounts to fascism. He invested his own money in the Clippers. This nation is becoming less free and increasingly fascistic for those who don't hold politically correct views.

The bottom line is that he invested his money in the Clippers and the team will be confiscated from him. And some are not satisfied and wish he would have been fined 2 BILLION dollars so that his wife and children would be punished as well. Let's just take everything he has earned over his entire lifetime and destroy his family as well because we don't like what he said. It's sick. Does anybody realize what a dangerous precedent this sets? Does anybody realize this country is headed towards fascism? How would any of us feel if something we said in private was recorded without our knowledge and used to destroy us? In this country today, being a supposed "racist" is treated worse than being a murderer. 

John Kerry: Anti-Israel Hypocrite

The irony of Kerry's false accusation of Israeli apartheid is that he is the one endorsing an actual apartheid, Jew-free state of "Palestine". This man is reprehensible.