Friday, July 31, 2015

Jewish Guilt

I'm getting nauseated over the incessant apologies and Jewish guilt.

The state of Israel is routinely faced with violent hatred coming from Muslim terrorism. Why is it "shaken" by this? Stop incessantly apologizing and groveling. You don't need to prove anything.

We don't have terrorists. Even if the perpetrator was Jewish, this is not routine behavior as it is with Muslim terrorism. It would be an isolated incident. And why is everyone so certain it was Jews who did this? Muslims have been known to perpetrate attacks against Muslims and then have Jews blamed for it.

Brief list of muslim arson attacks against israeli Jews

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NJDC Kapos

If there was ever a time for the NJDC to take a moral stand at least one time, that time is now, regarding the Iran deal. However, the NJDC has shown it will never stand up to obama even under the most dire circumstances. Instead they are shilling for this horrific deal, placing loyalty to the democrat party over the survival of the Jewish people in Israel, and for that matter, over the security of the United States. The NJDC is an immoral, pathetic disgrace. American Jews need to end support for establishment Jewish organizations. Their actual purpose is for the advancement of leftist causes rather than the interests of Jews.

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Muslim Girls Being Led Off in Chains

Listen up feminists. While you bitch that America oppresses women because we don't want to publicly fund abortion and birth control, girls in Muslim countries are literally being put in chains and given to men for sex slavery. They call this "marriage".

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Jewish" Traitors

These are kapos who are sick in their minds and souls.  Traitors are always worse than outside enemies.

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West Betrays Kurds

Turkey occupies Kurdistan and is committing genocide against the Kurds. The Obama administration stands behind Turkey's actions. The Obama administration stands with Iran and it's aim to obliterate Israel. The Obama administration repeatedly betrays America's allies and advances Islam's jihad against freedom-loving people.

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Liberals are Antisemites

Although liberals try to paint conservatives as bigots, it is THEY themselves who are full of hate. Antisemitism is coming from the self-proclaimed "tolerant" "progressive" community. Academia is a hotbed of vicious Jew-hatred.

Abuse of Jewish students on campuses is at epidemic proportions. But the left and muslims of course, pretend "islamophobia" is the problem and that muslims are victims of bigotry. These lies are promoted in order to advance privileged status and special accomodations for muslims; such as halal food, footbaths, prayer rooms etc. Meanwhile, the real victims of bigotry on campus, Jews, are being increasingly marginalized.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kerry is Evil

POS essentially admits he's sending the Jews of Israel to the gas chambers. Huckabee was right. Kerry was a dangerous traitor during Vietnam, and he's become even more evil and dangerous as SOS. This administration is facilitating another holocaust. There's no other conclusion to be drawn.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Santorum Concurs With Huckabee

Huckabee is right not to back down. Iran has openly and repeatedly stated its desire to wipe israel off the map. And now obama and Kerry have provided the means for Iran to do just that. Invoking the holocaust is completely accurate. Huckabee's remark should not be controversial. I think what really bothers his critics, is just how true it is and therefore exposes the mendacity of the Obama administration.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Latest Fallout From Iran Deal

Another successful foreign policy achievement for this administration.

Iran responds to the deal by ratcheting up terror plots. This is to be expected when you empower a terrorist regime to acquire nuclear weapons.

Huckabee Speaks Truth to Power

Mike Huckabee is the latest candidate to upset the establishment.

Huckabee is 100% correct regarding his comments about the Iran deal leading the Israelis to the gas chambers. What do you consider the consequences of allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons will be? Obama and Kerry will be responsible for another holocaust. Iran openly and repeatedly has expressed its intention to wipe Israel off the map, and now they will have nukes. What Huckabee said was not hyperbole.

Graham Slanders Trump Supporters

And this jerk just reinforces why conservatives are furious and turning against the GOP establishment, desperately seeking an alternative candidate. We are called 'racist' for wanting to enforce the rule of law, secure our borders and make our streets safer. We are called racist for wondering why our nation of 320,000,000 people needs massive numbers of unskilled, poor, third world immigrants. And I guess it makes us racist to question why in an age of Islamic terrorism, we are allowing in millions of Muslims.

The GOP has not only failed to address the issues their base is concerned with, they contribute to worsening the problems.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Kerry Again Reveals His Antisemitism

There goes scumbag traitor Kerry, Jew-baiting again.

I'd gladly take the "blame" for  thwarting this cataclysmic deal with Iran.

American Jews Cling to Obama

Apparently, a plurality of American Jews are indifferent to a potential nuclear genocide of Jews. Disgraceful. Their true loyalty lies with the equally disgraceful democrat party. They will cling to Obama and the democrats even at the expense of the survival of Israel.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blood on The Hands of DC Politicians

These politicians falling asleep and walking out on this grieving mother, Laura Wilkerson, are beyond appalling and despicable. If I thought these malcontents had a conscience, I would say this behavior is out of guilt for their culpability in her son's death and they couldn't face her and hear her story. But the truth is that they don't care about Americans, they are globalists, committed to open borders and transforming our nation's demographics. And if Americans are killed, then as far as they are concerned, that's the price to pay for the ultimate goal of fundamentally transforming America and advancing one world government. Of course their own kids are protected courtesy of the taxpayers who's lives they so callously disregard and call "racist" for demanding border security for the sake of their own children's safety. And they wonder why Trump is ahead in the polls. They are TRAITORS!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Planned Parenthood are Butchers

We have a government that punishes bakeries for not baking gay wedding cakes, but they are hands off when it comes to these abortion clinic butchers.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Kerry is a Radical Leftist Traitor

True to form, Kerry is a liar and a traitor, selling out our country and aiding and abetting our enemies.

The problem as I see it, is that Kerry, Obama etc. are internationalists, not American patriots. They consider themselves as citizens of the world, willing to cede our sovereignty to global institutions.  This is why they are going over the head of Congress and heading straight for the UN to get approval for the Iran deal. The UN is viciously antisemitic and its "values" are the antithesis of American values. After all, the UN is run by despots, terrorists and tyrants.

Liberal Antisemites

We never hear in the media about left wing hatred, racism and antisemitism, in allegedly educated and sophisticated circles. People get the impression that bigotry only exists among white red necks waving confederate flags.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Media Insults Our Intelligence

The Tennessee Jihad shooter was just a regular good ole southern boy who loved guns, according to Andrea Mitchell. He must have been motivated by the confederate flag, yeah that's it.

It's not that Mitchell is stupid, but that she thinks we are. She knows what Mohammed youssef's  motive was. The media continuously insults our intelligence by pretending that terrorist attacks by Muslims, have nothing to do with Islam.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

McCain and Trump

I'm sick of John McCain. He needs to retire already. He's been using his Vietnam experience for years to get sympathy and votes.  He's just another entrenched Washington politician who is out of touch. Hayes talks about Trump being a conservative of convenience. That is exactly what he and the FOX frauds are. FOX personalities are nothing more than hacks for inside-the-beltway Republicans. I'm sick of ordinary Americans being attacked as racist and crazy for wanting the rule of law to be followed, for wanting to secure our borders and for worrying about the quality of life and safety of their families. None of the elite have a reasonable answer for why a nation of over 300 million people needs mass immigration in perpetuity. Attacking Trump and making him the issue just deflects attention away from that.

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Trump vs the Establishment

I didn't like it that Trump condemned Pam Geller. But now I find myself gravitating towards him. Whereas at one time he was an entrenched member of the elite, they are turning against him. If they could isolate a powerful billionaire for going off the reservation, imagine what can be done to the rest of us. I think we have to stand with Trump.

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Recall that a couple of years ago, John McCain traveled to the Middle East, posed with members of ISIS and advocated that we arm them. He even referred to them as  "freedom fighters". His judgment is completely lacking.

And to those in the media and on the left pretending to be offended by Trump's comments about McCain, these were the same people who brutally attacked McCain in the '08 campaign.

As for the other GOP candidates, they are simply opportunists who regard Trump as a threat to their own potential for the party's nomination. They see this as their chance to do him in.

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The Left and Illegal Aliens

The left doesn't care about innocent Americans like Steinle. They are an obstacle to their bigger agenda. That agenda is to flood this nation with illegals and change the nation's demographics, thereby maintaining their power indefinitely.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tennessee Jihad Murders

The media, as always, is scrambling for excuses for this latest jihad murder carried out by a devout Muslim. They are typically looking for reasons to determine how this is actually our own fault.

So Yussof's sister was supposedly harassed for her Muslim faith? Jews are being harassed and much worse, by Muslims all over Europe and increasingly here. Spare me the phony Muslim victimhood.

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Rudy and the GOP Elite

I'm for closed borders. How do you justify mass immigration in a country of over 300,000,000 people? Why is such a reasonable view regarded as  "extremist". This is the kind of thinking as to why rank and file conservatives are disenchanted with the GOP.

Rudy was a great mayor and was excellent on fighting crime and I share his views on terrorism and foreign policy. However, I'm sick of ordinary Americans being attacked by the elite for wanting our borders protected and for believing the time has long passed to put the lid on immigration.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Senator McCain, when did it become crazy and extremist to stand for the rule of law and wanting to secure our borders?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jihadist Beasts Blow Up Child

These subhuman ISIS monsters need to be ruthlessly slaughtered.

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Nuns Forced to Fund Abortion, Contraception

Strong arming nuns. This president has no shame.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

BBC 's Hostile Interview With Bennett

Typical antisemitic hate from the ultra leftist BBC. Thank God Israel has nuclear weapons. Morally bankrupt BBC can't distinguish between a civilized nation with nukes and a genocidal Islamic regime.


Kerry is a miserable anti-American traitor. He has a history of treason. A leopard doesn't change its spots. The only thing this administration HATES more than America, is Israel.

Far superior men died in Vietnam or suffered long term physical and psychological effects, while Kerry came out of it unscathed. But then again, this worthless, privileged bastard made sure he was never really in harm's way.

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Iran Deal

I am confident that Israel made contingency plans to attack Iran years in advance. When it comes to being a matter of your very survival, there is nothing greater they would be risking by taking out Iran's nuclear facilities. Israel will NOT  let Iran have nuclear weapons, regardless of the threats from Obama. Nothing he can threaten Israel with will be more serious than the potential of annihilation. So you antisemites can stop gloating. And don't be surprised that Arab countries will clandestinely work with Israel on this.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Letterman Mocks Trump

It stuns me that anyone would favor illegal immigration. I guess Letterman and others don't care if their kids inherit a third world nation. And they don't give a damn about the families who have lost love ones to illegal alien murderers. For the "progressive" movement and increasingly the GOP establishment, these aren't politically correct victims and therefore aren't worthy of their compassion. Screw all the media, entertainment and political elites.

Note to Lindsey Graham: DC is desperately in need of a wrecking ball.

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The National Review Are Sell-Outs

What does the "National Review" regard as a "stupid" view of the world? Would that be the supposedly antiquated idea that we are a sovereign nation that should have borders and guard those borders? I suppose they think our Judeo/Christian values are also outmoded, and that we  should embrace gay marriage. I guess we should also forgo the constitution. Perhaps we should welcome Muslims and sharia law. What exactly does the National Review stand for anymore? They are merely hacks for inside-the-beltway Republicans.


We are not obliged to accommodate immigrants. It is up to them to assimilate. Our grandparents and great grandparents made their way in America without bilingualism and without a "dream act". They also didn't try to transform the very foundation of this nation, as Muslims want to do by imposing sharia law.

I only wish Trump would address the Islamic threat, and not just terrorism, but the stealth jihad.

American "Leadership"

I wish I could say we are being led by stupid people. But it's more egregious than that. We are being led by traitors who want to fundamentally transform America. Stupid can be fixed.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Totalitarian Left is on a Tear

Of course they won't be satisfied. They are totalitarian. The left won't stop their assault on this nation's heritage, culture, traditions and history until they transform us into something completely different and unrecognizable.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The GOP Just Doesn't Get it

Trump may not represent the GOP elite, but he is resonating with rank and file conservatives over his stance on illegal aliens. The GOP then wonders why they can't win national elections. It is because they have alienated the party's base. But they keep getting it wrong and assume that they are losing because the more conservative wing is hurting their image, and in order to win they must shift to the left. The GOP will win national elections when they nominate principled conservatives, and then the party's base will enthusiastically vote for him or her instead of stay home on election day. When will the GOP get it that they will not win over liberals no matter how much they pander on social and cultural issues? They can never be more left then the democrats. Every time they concede on an issue, the goal posts move.

Antisemitic Greeks

The problems the Greeks are undergoing stem from their own laziness and massive socialist welfare state.

PB&J Sandwiches Are Now Racist

Pretty soon ham sandwiches will be declared islamophobic and banned from school lunchrooms. Perhaps it's time to declare progressivism a mental illness.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Losing Our Liberties

As we get ready for 4th of July celebrations, we are becoming less and less free as a nation. It is becoming an increasingly oppressive environment for anyone not marching in lock step with doctrinaire leftist beliefs. It is a far less freer nation then when I was growing up. To those GOP fools like Christie who think we need to compromise, the left is already winning on issue after issue. When will they get it that we are dealing with a totalitarian movement. There is no possibility of compromise.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The UCC is Antisemitic

Christians are being massacred by Muslims and the UCC is boycotting Israel. Are they prepared to boycott all the technological and medical advancements coming out of Israel? The UCC must be confronted and shamed over its antisemitic policy. While the PC police are busy removing confederate flags and trying to destroy anyone who has a politically incorrect view of gay marriage and illegal aliens, antisemitism is an acceptable form of bigotry as far as the left is concerned.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Obama Lies About Iran Deal Again

Not surprisingly, Obama lied through his teeth when he said the deal would be off if we are not allowed to inspect Iran's nuclear sites.

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Temple Mount Access

First of all, there should not even be a question as to whether non-muslims should have access to the Temple Mount. Secondly, why does Jordan have any say regarding Judaism's holiest site? This is the result of the foolish act of Israel being magnanimous in victory by handing over administration of the Temple Mount to the Muslim waqf after the '67 war.

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