Saturday, November 21, 2015

Leftists Are Antisemites

No matter how far removed from the Middle East issue, every leftist cause morphs into a display of antisemitism.

White House Silent on Jihad Murder of American Citizen in Israel

Just as Kerry let it slip that he believes the Charlie Hebdo massacre had justification, this administration believes terrorism against Israel is justified. So as an extension they believe anyone Jewish who visits Israel in support of the Jewish state and its military, deserves to be a terror victim, even if they are American citizens. In contrast, the administration spoke out immediately to condemn the actions of an Israeli cop who merely roughed up a muslim rock thrower who happened to be an American citizen. That muslim rock thrower was on the side of the "resistance" to their way of thinking. In so many subtle ways this White House reveals its antisemitism.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Trump is Right

Trump is right! Terrorism is coming from muslims in the name of islam. It is simply common sense to have
surveillance of mosques at the very least. No amount of carnage however will penetrate the thick skulls of politically correct elites. These clowns are just as dangerous as the jihadists because they are enabling them.

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Moral Degenerates in DC

He was a Jew and worse yet, visiting Israel to show support for the brave soldiers risking their lives to defend the Jewish state. So of course these bastards in Washington believe he deserved it. Make no mistake, they really do believe this.

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Muslims Playing the Victim Card

Boo hoo, muslims slaughter infidels regularly, but muslims feel persecuted. Always turning the tables and playing the victim after every act of carnage in the name of islam. Unfortunately, liberal westerners buy into it.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Can it be More Clear that Muslims are at War With Us?

Commentators found it "shocking"  that the muslim soccer crowd in Turkey booed and chanted "allahu akbar" at what was supposed to be a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris jihad slaughter. But there is nothing the least bit shocking about this behavior. ISIS represents the beliefs of mainstream Muslims. They are not "radical" "fringe" or a "minority". It is time we come to grips with this reality.

Lessons Not Learned

Hollande to allow in 30,000 refugees. No amount of carnage causes a reassessment of policies. The west is determined to commit suicide.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Different Reaction to Jewish Terror Victims

In contrast to the global support and solidarity France is receiving around the world, when hundreds of elderly Jews were massacred at a passover Seder, the Israelis were subjected to vicious attacks and blood libels when they went after the terrorists. Where were the displays of Israeli flags, the slogans of "we are all Israel", the support for going after the terrorists? They were non-existent. Instead they got lectures on how they had it coming because of a non-existent "occupation". They got warnings to not use disproportionate force. They got falsely accused of a massacre in Jenin, even as they stupidly sent soldiers on dangerous door to door missions so as to avoid harming "innocent" lives, as if there are any innocents among them. Jewish victims of terrorism are treated completely different and Israel's fight against terror treated as illegitimate. Every other nation's fight against terrorism is treated as legitimate.

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Swedish Antisemitism

The Swedish authorities are detached from reality as well as being antisemitic. The danger to the west comes as much from our morally bankrupt and clueless, politically correct "leaders". This is in keeping with Scandinavia's history of appeasing nazis. God help us because the west is being led by spineless jellyfish. Someone explain to these insufferable fools that the jihad terrorists motivation comes from the Koran. They are not desperate, poor or oppressed by us, they are following koranic commands. End of story.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Spain's War on Israel

Islamo nazis perpetrate massacre in France, Spain wages diplomatic war on Israel. These people are out of their minds. They have a complete disconnect with reality and a complete lack of moral clarity. And they are anti-Semitic at their core. This is why Europe is finished.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Still Refusing to Name the Enemy

FOX news commentators criticize the democrats for being politically correct by not naming the perpetrators of the Paris and other jihadist terror atrocities. But their own terminology, "Radical" Islam is also politically correct. It is simply Islam, period, authentic Islam that the jihadists are following. They are carrying out koranic commands.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Elite Remains Clueless

Sheppard Smith interviewed some schmuck from the WSJ last night who spoke of alienation and lack of opportunity in those muslim enclaves in France. Someone needs to explain to that idiot that what motivates the jihadists comes from the koran.

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Why I Can't Stand Kerry

John Kerry loves the French but hates the Jews. Never has he expressed such unequivocal solidarity and resolve when Israel is victimized by muslim terrorism. He treats it like they had it coming and proceeds to lecture them on not using  "disproportionate" force and about a non-existent "occupation".

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Jihad Hits France Again

It is not just isis, it is muslims in general that are waging war on us. It is islam itself which motivates these evil atrocities. I'm sick of hearing we are at war with isis. Its not just a matter of one particular group or another, but islam as whole. Until we acknowledge that islam and muslims are waging war against us, we will continue to lose the war and be ceaselessly attacked.

It is time to close the borders and bar muslims from our shores.

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Why is the G20 summit being held in turkey? That is a muslim country who's dictator is a committed jihadist. Turkey is not a western ally. It is an enemy. It's time we acknowledged that there are no muslim allies to be had.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Golan Belongs to Israel

Our government refuses to recognize Israeli rule over the Golan Heights. This is absurd. Syria used to shell Israeli farmers from the Golan Heights. Israel acquired the Golan Heights in a lawful war of self-defense. Syria started a war with Israel and lost the war, along with the Golan. Tough crap. They have no legitimate claim to it. Israel is not required to return territory won as a spoil of war. A war which Syria itself started, no less. What an outrage on the part of our government.