Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jewish Liberals Confronted With muslim Antisemitism

Why does muslim antisemitism get a free pass?  And why are Jewish liberals so lacking in pride that they grovel for acceptance from people who despise them?

Will they even learn from this experience that the true nature of muslim Jew-hatred is rooted in Islamic doctrine and not motivated by any alleged behavior by Israel?


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Racist, Apartheid Kuwait

Is there going to be a boycott of the racist, apartheid nation of Kuwait because Jews are barred from their airline?


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jews Denied Security Clearance by Pentagon, muslims no Problem

So muslims like the Fort Hood jihadist killer have no problem getting army clearance, Huma Abadine, who's family are members of the muslim brotherhood can be assistant to the SOS.  But Jews who have family in Israel are treated as security risks by our government. If someone of Irish descent had family living in Ireland, would that person be denied security clearance? Certainly not. Why does our government treat Israel as an enemy? Liberals talk about  non-existent descrimination against muslims, but its Jews who are being viewed with suspicion by our government, even as muslims are waging war against us and committing mass murder of Americans.


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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Americans Agree With Trump

There's a poll out, I think Hannity and Rush mentioned. 74% of Hispanics and 96% of blacks agree with Trump's idea of barring muslims. The elite are trying to make Trump into a racist, but it can't work.  Americans of all backgrounds get it. The elite try to associate the word muslim with being dark skinned so that they can make critics of islam into racists. But the public knows better that this isn't about race, it's about an evil ideology who's followers span all races, ethnicities and nationalities.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ban Muslim Immigration

To the political and media elite who feign shock and outrage at Trump's proposal to ban all muslims from immigrating here, not only is this reasonable, its a necessity. The onus is on YOU who are condemning him, to explain what need we have to welcome in thousands of potentially hostile, violent people who want to replace our constitution with sharia law. Just ask Europeans how that's working out for them. Can you guarantee who is a jihadist or not, who supports sharia law or not? We have a ruling class in this country more committed to social engineering and multiculturalism than they are about protecting the American people, our borders, freedom and way of life. How about those who are so anxious to welcome in muslims start with opening their own homes to them.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Austrian Minister Claims Jews Occupy Jerusalem

This is just outrageous. The Jews DO NOT occupy Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the holiest city in Judaism and it is the holy land because Judaism MADE it the holy land. Jewish history in Jerusalem dates back THOUSANDS of years before islam existed. Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the koran and the city was NEVER the capital of an Islamic state. Someone needs to give this creep a history lesson. Enough pandering to the historical revisionist lies of Jew killing islamo nazi savages!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

I Support Ted Cruz

Conservatives are being hoodwinked by Trump. He is a fraud, his tough guy bluster is an act. His followers have become frighteningly cult-like in their worship of him. To them he can do no wrong and there is no convincing them that they are being duped. It's as if they are under hypnosis. The more the media goes after him, the more Trump's supporters circle the wagons. So there's no point in attacking him.

We should have realized who he really is when his response to the Texas jihad at Pam Geller's Mohammed cartoon event was to condemn Pam instead of defending the first amendment. But how quickly conservatives forgot and jumped on the Trump bandwagon once he talked of building a wall on our border with Mexico. From that moment on there was no stopping his momentum. The rest of the GOP field hasn't helped with their feckless positions on major issues. Conservatives are desperate for leadership. But there is a genuine courageous and principled conservative in the race who's not simply an opportunist, and he is Ted Cruz. I really hope the GOP base will rally around him instead of Trump. I was willing to give Trump a chance, but he has lost me with this Israel speech to the JRC.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Crescent News Network

Blaming a Christian victim of a muslim terrorist attack. Can CNN sink any lower? Are they competing for al Jazeera's audience? Apparently CNN supports sharia law which forbids anyone to insult Islam, which could be just about anything.


Litmus Test

Declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a litmus test as to one's moral courage and moral clarity and true willingness to fight muslim terror. Trump has failed that test.  So too regarding his moral equivalence between Israel and the "Palestinians" by saying he doesn't know if either side is committed to peace, as if Israel hasn't made decades worth of sacrifices and risks while the other side has reponded with mass murder and declarations of Jewish genocide.

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Trump's True Colors

Trump reveals his true colors. I'm backing Ted Cruz. Israel has done nothing but make sacrifices only to be hit with more terror. The Jewish state is already miniscule in size. I guess he doesn't want to risk his business interests in muslim countries. Why is it that only Israel is expected to compromise with terrorists while every other country is allowed to fight them? Anyone not willing to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel is a coward pandering to jihadists. Trump is a fraud despite his tough guy bluster.


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