Thursday, February 25, 2016

Not Jumping on Trump Bandwagon

Wake up people, Trump IS an integral part of the establishment. He has been buying off politicians for decades, including democrats. You people are so gullible to buy into his anti-establishment rhetoric.

On the other hand, Cruz has demonstrated in actual deeds, his willingness to stand up to the establishment. He called out members of his own party as liars right there on the Senate floor when they failed to act on the promises they made to voters. Cruz is the real deal, Trump is a fraudulent opportunist.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Trump Three Ring Circus

I get whiplash from the changes in positions Trump takes. He cleverly distracts attention away from the substance of the positions he's taking by making controversial statements that upset the establishment and cause ordinary Americans to cheer him on and says things like the P word knowing the media spotlight will focus on those things while the substance of a particular speech goes ignored. Do the most diehard Trump followers actually know where he stands on a given issue and do they care? I think his appeal comes from the fact that he simply rattles the establishment and says things that we would like to say out loud. He doesn't really have conservative views. For example he supports ethanol subsidies and supports universal health care, just not Obama's version. He's not a small government, constitutional conservative. So what was the point of the Tea Party if GOP voters in the end are signing on to a big government platform? He says he'll build a wall and have Mexico pay for it but doesn't specify how he will force Mexico to pay. But it just sounds tough, so people rally to his side. He said last June that he supports amnesty. There is no consistency. It's all about bluster with no substance. But it's working. On Israel he has changed his position multiple times just since his campaign began. He refused to say Jerusalem is the capital of Israel to the RJC. Then a few weeks ago he said he would move our embassy to Jerusalem. Last week he said he was neutral on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the next day he criticizes Obama for his treatment of Israel. There is no coherent position on this and other issues. But he gets away with it because people aren't noticing beyond all the bombast and controversies he's creating as a distraction. People say he's not a politician like the rest of them, but in reality he's the most adept politician of them all.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sick of Trump

It amazes me that people think Trump is anti-establishment. He's actually more establishment than Rubio. He's been involved with the DC establishment for decades. Rubio has only been around a few years.

GOP voters had the chance to vote for a genuine constitutional Reagan conservative, but they are choosing a fraudulent blowhard instead, someone who believes in big intrusive government. What exactly was the point of the Tea Party? It seems it was all for nothing.

I don't want to hear them complain about Washington ever again when they blew a chance for real change with Cruz.

I cannot in all consciousness vote for Trump. I have become embittered by him and his followers over the way they have tried to viciously tarnish the reputation of a good man like Ted Cruz.

Anyone choosing that snake oil salesman over a genuine principled conservative, deserves to get Hillary as their president.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sarah Palin Sells Her Soul

There's a dirty campaign being waged alright, but it's by the Trumpsters. I used to be a fan of Sarah Palin, defending her against liberals. But she has revealed herself to be a total political whore with no principles and no core values. Now she resorts to smears and lies against a good man like Ted Cruz who she once supported. What exactly did Trump promise Sarah to sell her soul?

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