Saturday, March 26, 2016

Never Trump

I will not unite behind this vile pig. And there are many more conservatives who feel the same way. We don't need to be the majority, but enough of us refusing to vote for Trump, will cause him to lose. The GOP needs to be taught a lesson that they cannot just place any disgusting pig as the nominee and expect me to fall in line to support him in the name of stopping Hillary. I'm tired of having to choose between the lesser evil, and in this case I'm not sure who that is. I will not be feared or guilted into voting for Trump by those playing the Hillary card. For once I wanted to have the opportunity to actually enthusiastically get behind and vote for a candidate in November. That chance was and still is possible. We have a Reagan conservative to vote for in Ted Cruz. If GOP voters or party honchos throw him under the bus in favor of that vile degenerate, misogynistic pig, then they all deserve a world of hurt in November.

I sincerly apologize for denigrating pigs.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump Threatens Violence at Convention

But don't you dare blame trump for inciting violence should his "prediction" come to pass. How does this POS differ from Al Sharpton? Trump is a sick, mentally deranged fascist monster. If he doesn't get the required number of deligates, then  indeed it can be contested.

I pledge NOT to vote for Trump come November. I will write in Ted Cruz. Pray that it doesn't come to that and that GOP voters come to their senses and nominate the mature, morally upstanding, conservative Cruz.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sorry State of the GOP

The rise of the Trump cult mirrors that of Obama 8 years ago. There is the same fanaticism, the same thuggish treatment of any critic, the same willingness to excuse or spin any negative revelation about him. And I foolishly thought GOP voters were more strong minded individualists who would never get caught up in a cult of personality.

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Trump Cult

How did we go from the Tea Party ideals of reducing the power of the federal government to nominating someone who believes in government overreach, supports subsidies, universal health care, and opposes private property rights?

On the other hand, Ted Cruz embodies everything the Tea Party represented, yet he is being thrown aside for a crony capitalist who spent decades buying off politicians in both parties, but is pretending to be an outsider.

Cruz really is the anti-establishment candidate who called out members of his own party as liars right on the Senate floor when they reneged on the promises that got them elected.

I haven't joined the Trump cult, so my conscience is clear when inevitably GOP voters become disenchanted.