Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trumpsters Alternate Reality

I'm so disgusted about how brainwashed and confused trumpsters are. They accuse Ted Cruz of things that Trump is actually guilty of, from adultery to being one of the establishment. And why are they talking like leftists? They go on about Ted's borrowing from Goldman Sachs and the fact that Heidi works for them. So what? Why are they running against capitalism? Besides, trump borrowed from Goldman Sachs, then declared bankruptcy so as not to pay back the loan. How messed up in the mind do you have to be to believe a NY real estate developer doesn't have intimate ties to Wall Street or is not an entrenched part of the Washington establishment? He's been donating to politicians for years, MOSTLY DEMOCRATS, at that.  But Cruz is the bad guy? Cruz is the flip flopping liar who's part of the establishment and not really conservative? This is the trumpbots alternate version of the 2016 campaign. But it's the complete inversion of reality.

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