Monday, October 24, 2016

Demagogue and Dictator

Claiming the system is rigged is the claim trump made in the primaries whenever he lost a state, even as he was receiving a higher percentage of delegates than the popular vote. He also accused Ted Cruz of stealing Iowa and Colorado. All of his accusations were lies of course. The point is to delegitimize the electoral process in anticipation of him losing. Trump is doing damage to American democracy and our image around the world. He does not care because he is a narcissist who won't be denied the office he believes he is entitled to. His ambition comes before the country. Trump is trailing in the polls not because of a grand conspiracy, but because so many can't stand him. It's that simple. His ridiculous allegations are being enabled by many in the GOP and phony conservative commentators on FOX and talk radio. They have been enabling him throughout this process since he entered the race for the White House. I find them even more repugnant than Trump. They have thrown all principles they claimed to stand for, out the window.

Trump is an aspiring dictator who appeals to the frightened and weak-minded. Every demagogue and tyrant in history has used populist rhetoric and claimed to be speaking on behalf of the people. He mirrors them down to his calls for his followers to pledge an oath of allegiance to him! This is UN-American. We pledge allegiance to the flag and the republic for which it stands, not to any leader.

America needs to return to our founding principles in order to fix our problems. We don't need a strongman.


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